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Pimp rogue’s nuclear-powered bullshit or how a "that guy" ruined my rep with the local pathfinder community. {minally NSFW due to drug, sex and crime refs)

This was one of the few times in my younger years that I wish that I wasn’t so naive. It started with me getting laid off from my school job for the 3rd time due to dumb paperwork reasons and needed a new one for the time being... So just my luck when one of the local dnd Facebook groups had someone offering to pay anyone to run a game for him, his “girls'' and their “friends.”
He was going to pay me in cash about 20USD an hour for one or two sessions a week for about 6 to 8 hours a game. Pathfinder with the basic handbook to start and adding books from there depending on the players, players which we had a very high turnable of, the one player who was consistent enough was the host I will just call the pimp rogue.
He lives on the edge of a very well-off neighborhood leading into the poor, gang-infested half of the city I lived in. The shared living room was full of different anime, video games, comics, sex toys and drug paraphernalia neatly put away on shelves. At first, I thought this was strange but remembering that I’m in California and everyone at the house was of college-age I figured this was normal-ish.
Mr. Rogue was a thin man in his late 20s who dressed and sounded like shaggy from scooby-doo, he owned the house turned boarding room, with a massage parloTraditional medicine shop, or at least that’s how he explained how he knows everyone’s drug habits in the local area.
He was studying at the local community college to improve his current property management skills and hopfully to convert some investors to help him open up a hotel...in the middle of the drug and gang filled area of the city. That plus his addiction to WoW (world of warcraft) and he hasn't had any time to run games for his “girls” or there “friends”
He had me run a test game with some of his top girls, which at the time seemed either not too interested or had other things on their mind, like pot or food. Also, I was rusty at the time and was hoping that I didn't have to be the living rulebook at the time. The three college-aged girls seem to wear very revealing clothing for their work who were “very progressive” about dress code and wear heavy amounts of makeup despite as far as I can tell they were on their day off.
I felt like this was kind of strange but reminded myself that for the 2nd time that I live in California and nothing is normal here.
So I run one of the free mods off of the pathfinder website. Me and Mr. Rogue helped the other three players make characters, a barbarian, a fighter, a bard to the begrudging agreement from his top “assistant” girl.
It was a simple clear out of an old tower for the local lord, the girls seemed to understand what was happening and what to do but needed some reminding of the rules... A lot.
They didn't seem too inquisitive about what was in the tower, just that they wanted to kill the few monsters that were there and get out of there. The rogue went off by himself and looted everything he would find ways to avoid the traps and monsters as the girls would run to whatever the monster were because of the heavy amount of meta gaming and kill them. I tried to throw in descriptions of the ruined halls and destroyed rooms but all I got from Mr. Rogue was “yeah, that's cool but what is in here that looks valuable” and I'll give him a roll for the loot he found.
By the end of the game session and a brief closed talk in another room, I was told that I got the job. I was to run 4 to 6-hour pathfinder sessions once a week at 20USD an hour. He would pay for the pizza, drinks, and even offered his own meds from his “herb side hustle” which I refused, not fully understanding what he really meant.
He also wanted me to find more players for the group seeing as his girls may have to do some long shifts from time to time and would like to get more business for his natural med and massage “hustles.” he said I had that “innocent kid look” and would be better if I asked around.
Asked some friends to help join the game as I looked for more people to join from the local groups. The host asked me to run an urban campaign that didn't go too far from the main location. I had a homebrewed city out in the middle of a stormy tropical isle i was building in my spare time and now a group to try it on.
It was made to be very drop in and drop out but had a story involving the group going from poor outcast to wealthy Respected members of the city's political class. I had months of Content already and Excited that I could finally use them for a game that I was DMing. At least I had be excited as I underestimated how much of a “that guy” the host was as he somehow bypassed most of the contact I had planned for the group. I'm not sure if he was doing this on purpose or because he wasn't at the table for large chunks of it as he would pop in after taking care of some business around the large house/apartment. Here are some notable examples of what he did to personally ruin or outright bypass everything I've planned for the game.
The inheritance...wasted
When the party first arrived at the tropical city the first thing I wanted to do is give them a proper base as the starting tavern I had them start at “the rusty floater” which was more of a flophouse than a proper inn. Some of the other players have said they had some noble background and wanted to check in on them.
The hook was that they went to the family manor to see it in ruins and an old butler who had a small shack near the front gate of the manor would tell the party how the noble paladin and wizard’s family lost their home to less than noble means. The party can begin by getting the key to the manor to find that the documents have been faked and a quest to get the manor back from the evil rival noble family.
What happened was that as most of the party was looking at the ruined manor, Mr. rogue spotted the old butler coming out of his shack and looking at the party, spotting the paladin's seal on his back. That's when the pump rogue told me “I'm going to sneak up to the creepy old man and slit his neck open.”
Me: wait what?
Pump rogue: it's a creepy man waiting in the shadows, I know what he wants and I'm not letting him hurt anyone in the party!!!
So he sneaks up and crits the old man, killing him Instantly before any of the party members' characters could take note of him. He then looted the old man’s shack where the butler's journal, key, and some papers I had made into handouts that were meant for the group. I gave them to the rogue who at the very least could pass them onto the rest of the group after looking them over. He asked if there was some kind of hidden code in the documents that he wasn't seeing and asked to do some skill checks which I Told him did not apply here and then burned the documents in the fireplace as well as set fire to the shack.
“If I don't deserve whatever code in the docs and no one else has as high skills as me might as well destroy what other assassin codes and orders he had,” he said to me as he throws out the handouts only he saw and got the party back a tavern to plan to guard a beekeepers farm. I tried to salvage it by having a 2nd servant of the old family be in the same tavern and ID the nobles of the group to share the same info I tried to give them beforehand.
The rogue who said beforehand he was “looking for anyone watching them” picks up on the old woman and decides to split from the group to talk to her. Opening up by giving her some wine from his personal stack.
The old woman: thank you kindly, is that man…
Rogue: please drink first then we can talk
Me as an old woman: what
Rogue: I offered you a drink and in halfling costumes, it is an insult to talk without drinking first
One diplomacy check later the old woman is shamed into drinking the wine
Old woman: o this is great, now is that young man…
Rogue: she has to man a Con save or take stat damage.
The Rogue used his earnings from earlier to buy poison that would weaken normal monsters but would outright kill normal non-player characters like a level one commoner, so she fails her save and outright dies from Constitution damage. As the rogue props up the body of the “spy” before rejoining the party with the wizard and paladin glaring at the rogue who defended himself by saying out of game “they were clearly assassins and spies for some kind of cult, that's how I would DM it anyway”
It didn't help that later that session as the rest of the party was gambling and fighting in the rusty floater basement fight club, the rogue sneaks into the manor the (former) future base of the party, looted the different rooms like the training room, the library or the lab, interrupting my description of the rooms to “speed up the looting of the assassin lair” and then set the whole place on fire.
Yes, I did talk to him after and he continues to say that he knows it was the assassin’s but that I gave it my best try at hiding the fact and took his money.
The quickness gang war ive ever seen
The next big hook was a gang war between two rival gangs and the city watch trying hard to keep the peace, the party had done a number of smaller jobs and one of the new players a dwarf fighter, desired to have his big character arc be rejoining with his brother who was the Captain of the watch.
The plan was to slowly dig up info on the two gangs by intrigue and combat missions ending with a big raid on at least one of the bases with the surviving base becoming one of the big bad for the campaign.
The pimp rogue who was the unofficial leader desired to mail the captain a drawing of his ass saying that “we would never work with piggies” and forge the dwarfs signature on the latter burning that players plot arc for “his own good”
They did do a great job of plotting out and following a number of members of the gangs to find the HQ of the gangs. The pimp rogue then got one of his girls playing a bard to use a charm to get into the base and a 2nd charm spell to get the leader to lead a charge of the other gang's base. He then called the watch who had their top NPCs come to join in on the raid of the base in the hopes that they get the reputation needed for the next step of the campaign but then got Blind sided when the pimp rogue ordered the girls to “as soon as we are deep enough we set the building on fire and lock everyone inside officers and master criminals alike.”
Everyone fled, excluding the dwarf fighter who was trying to RP at least his honor-bound bond to his brother and tried to warn his brother of the trap. He died with his brother and the player quit outright.
The pimp rogue was kind of proud that he not only made the city safer from crime but completely decapitated the leadership of the watch as “a good pig is a dead pig” which was a bit of a shock for me as I never encounter someone who had a deep hate for law enforcement as this was years before the BLM movement got started.
Finally, the thing that derailed the whole thing: the exposition for the deep dwarves
It was after the party completed at least one of the major quests breaking up a demon cult operating out of a cursed item shop. They were able to loot a large amount of gold and the pimp rogue had taken a few levels of a cleric by burning some demon summoning scrolls, so seeing as 2 of the three major quests got killed horribly by the holy pimp rogue I decided to start stage 2 early.
The plan was that after getting a rep for being great, noble, and reliable problem solvers they will be sought out by a gnome scholar who was trying to set up an exposition to the local ruin to look into an extinct race of dwarfs that lived so far down that the light of day never touches them. He's been trying to find funding outside his homeland who had some fascistic religious types take control of it by a military coup.
The idea was simple, they go to each of the guilds and trade unions to ask for assistance in supplying the exposition with men, gear, and supplies to make it to the dig site to begin the dungeon diving as a different actively when not running the holdings that would come from the money and fame generated from completing the dig.
First, they would have to complete a quest with the tropical traders who were having dire fruit bats moving onto the three growing islands with druids protesting the farmers trying to make a living off of the fruit and crops there.
Second, they were to help the craftsman make their surveying and digging tools if they found out why one of their trade settlements was being weirdly quiet and the inspectors they sent hadn't shown up. Turning out to be that a Lovecraftian cult moved in, killed off or converted the leadership to suvre the elder ones then started making a pair of lens that would be used to bring dark beings into the world.
Three but finally was the labor union that wanted the party to clear a rock quarry that had raptors move into it to make a nest, but in reality, the raptors were attracted by the lizardfolk and naga who didn't take kindly to the quarry company coming in and destroying there temple for building materials killed everyone in there sleep and now trying to place a dark curse onto the city. The runners who were sent up there to see what the delay was and only saw the raptors and mutilated bodies and called that in.
I figured that this would be a great chance for some morally gray RP, to get the party as a whole more XP seeing that they were flying through most of the planned contact and story. It also could have gotten the party the magical upgrades I was trying to give them as they barley exploited there surrounding except for the rogue and a few of the vets who would lose out on the checks to the min/max rogue or to the votes on who gets the loot as his girls would outnumber the client players every time. He would then sell off the magic items seeing as he can't use them or even rent them out to the other players who saw it as the exploitative bull that it was.
So guess what happened….guess what the divine pimp rogue did.
Pimp rogue: hell no, deal with your own F***ing bullS*** you commie parasites.
The Rogue didn't want to do any favors with any of the guilds or unions nor did he want to pay them for the use of any of their man, equipment, or goods despite them controlling nearly 90% of each of their respective markets. So he put it to a vote to just do the bare minimum seem like a leader to the new players and win 5-3, the three no’s being the paladin who was just there to see how this trainwreck goes. And two new guys who I had tied there introductions to the guild and union quests respectively who than left after this seston for how blindsided of a derailment this was for there backstories and saw that this wasn't going to be a Role Play heavy game as they fought it was going to be.
The pimp rogue got the cheapest gear, gathered the poor, crippled and elderly, demanded that the people coming on the trip do the grocery shopping as a buy-in, which turns out by the luck of the die mostly spoiled meats and donated food by the evil gnome cult I would have following them and did the medieval equivalent of wire fraud in the name of the professor who he had tricked into being his legal posy for anything else he thought we needed. On the day of the departer, He and his girls broke into each of the guilds and unions to steal their lagtors and then set fire to the record rooms with the leaders inside for good measure.
So they were off 3 to 4 months ahead of schedule and now having to figure out what statue to put the city in when they return or if they return as most of the hands-on leadership is dead, the economy had been halted, the underground had a massive power vacuum to fill. The city folk were at risk of starving as food would have to be imported from the mainland months away. The worst of it is that two cults of pure evil were about to attack the two.
At this point as well paid as I was for this, it was getting onto my nerves, I was having to plan more on the fly, it was affecting my hunt for a more effective job, it was affecting my sleep and my school work to the point I was having frequent arguments with my folks. It came to a head session later.
Its been about a week in-game since they took off for the dig site and were about a few hours away from making it to the site when I desired to mix up the encounters by having a small bandit fort set up in the middle road they been using and need to pay them or take a long way around. So I set it up either for them to one fight the fort, talk them into getting them thought, pay or go the long way.
They choose to find the small form of 500 or so untrained thieves, 30 in the form and the rest slowly trying to sneak behind them with the two leaders they had at least 100 saraband guards with basic training and at least and at least 5 to 7 (the paladin friend, a guy new to the area and dnd, the pimp rogues, and at least two to four of the rogue's min/max combat monster girls) party members of about 3rd or 4th level. The party was interested in some of the newer books of pathfinder. So decided to test out the mass combat rules and thought that everyone would enjoy leading the guards into battle….
That's not what happened
Turns out being interested does not mean reading the rules, even if you print them out for them. The pimp rogue decided the best plan was to trick the workers into fleeing into the ambush with some of the guards to sell the bluff.
He told the paladin character that he had his back to take the fort to plan a counter defense which he had the spell power, creativity, and gold to make taking the fort easy. This was a lie, hoping that it would be a good enough diversion. He and his girls fled for their lives as "you said that fleeing may be an option at any time" which I did say but for more obvious reasons like rolling stone traps, or the sewer monster they never cleared because of the pimp rogue "neat freak" character trait.
So the easy mass combat encounter became a bloodbath as the noob and paladin blindly charged the fort with no support as most of the guards being disorganized, to say the least, made an easy fight turned into a bloodbath. The paladin and noob were shot down by tower archers as the leak of real leadership made the guards' squid rolls useless as they were easily overwhelmed despite the better training and gear.
The rest of the party made it to the dig site alone, and after auto rolling for the rest of the battle more than 70% of the caravan was wiped out with only a handful of carts left with nearly all of the key NPCs excluding the professor and a kid that one of the former players befriended. on the trail had been killed. As the decimated caravan rolled in the pimp rogue asked me “so how much gold did I save getting all the guard and trail guides killed” I don't think I ever found out if this was his plan the whole time or I didn't explain the encounter right. I know that I wanted to hurt this guy (in-game) for all the stress of his nuclear-powered sananagins.
So for the next few sessions, the rogue and the girls (at this point I was running out of gaming groups to pull players from) had them digging up the entrance hall to the dungeon as one of the massive skips in content left me no time to design the dungeon and that I wanted to unleashed the gate guards on them. The gate guards were too massive black marble statues made by the deep dwarfs ritual blood rites to drive back anyone who dares try to unlock the door to the elevators. The gate guards acted as high leveled necromancers that would cause the excavators to go mad then kill each other or themselves by sabotaging the digging in some way. As the dead mounted the necro magic would kick in to turn the dead bodies of the people and animals in the area into undead monsters and horrors to defend the gate.
I may have played my hand too early, for when they were clearing room for what was happening in the area I rolled on the random encounter pool to get a couple of trapdoor spiders. The spiders grasped the rogue into their hole, and started to well on the halfling rogue and nearly killed him. His girls were able to break into the hole and kill the spiders before they can finish off the rogue. So I might have fugled the undead creation rules a bit and ask they were leaving from the cave rogue in the back, the spiders with newfound undead vigor, jumped the rogue and rolled a nat 1 on both of their surprise attacks. The rogue who I forgot was a cleric up to this point used “turn undead” and forced the spiders as far back into their hole as possible and the 5 of them set the webs on fire. This quads him in that something was off, did a scan for magic, and found the status 20 feet below the ground. I got to say that at this point, it got interesting again if not fun as it was full on me vs. him instand me running for the party. I know that sounded bad but the amount of stress I was under at the time and frankly I was mentally and emotionally done at this point 20 dollars an hour be damned.
I tried to have the statues, whisper dreams of unionization, and coffee breaks. He and the girls scouted out one of the unions, took the leaders out of range of the statues for a hunting party to take about better pay, and murdered them in their sleep, and burned the bodies. Tried to start heated racial tensions in the caves with charm spells, rogue makes an example of a few of them by burning them alive saying he won't tolerate bigots and reorganizing the teams to be least racially diverse. Had a few cave-ins and accidents seeing it's the best way to make bodies. He and his girls wound the risks to saving them and if he cannot he found a way to get to the cave, fill it with oil, set it on fire, and reseal it to be a make-shift cremation oven complete with smoke coming out of holes on the surface. I even had a rebellion do to all the nightmarish acts of cruelty and wanted better treatment or they all walk, the rogue and his girls hit everyone with sleep spell seeing as there were about 50 or less of them and all were low-level common folk excluding the professor who was fearful of his life and tortured a few time on hints that he may be planning something. He and his magical girls reformed the walls and defenses set up earlier to keep people in as well as keep critters out and murdered more by fire to make it clear who was in charge.
Finally, the day came where they broke the seal to the door after a week of death and torment. He was proud of himself and was making a speech to the workers with no spirit left or even will to live, some figuring that they’ll be killed after or made into food seeing as no one was sure were the fresh food was coming from seeing as all hunting and fishing stopped long ago and this point figured canimalism was at play (it was some druid spell I forgot the name of but the pimp rogue didn't tell the workers that) and were just waiting for the end with there follow workers which had been widaled down to 20 or so. (if your wondering there were about five to seven hundred of them to start)
This is when I sounded in the dead that the pimp rogue missed, you see in the digs they were using birds to see if enough air in the shafts, tropical vermin moved in looking for food and a shelter. Even bigger hunts like ferrets to control the vermin problem. The only thing they checked for is if the horses and other pack mules were dying so that they can be burned as well as the other bodies.
So you should have seen their surprise when packs of shadow rats, swarms of undead birds, and dog-sized ferrets their bodies fused together. As some of them had given resistance to divine magic it made it harder for the pimp rogue to just use his holy pimp slap on them. It was a long and heavy battle as they were attacked by air and ground both under and above. The birds didn't stand a chance as the mass casting of turn undead made them flee wildly but still was enough of a distraction to have the meat ferrets sneak attack from underground and the shadow rats turned control to move around the tank in front liners and get to the squishes of the pimp’s squid of casters. I don't remember much of that battle, just that I nearly got two of the four girls downed and the rogue had to spend the last of his healing bursts to get everyone on their feet again.
The main boss was a flesh golem as when the fighting started some of the workers hide in some of the utility tunnels which collapsed during the fighting killing all of them. Giving the black statues the bodies need to make one. I figured this was it, a TPK, there wasn't anything I thought they can do as the big mass of hateful flush dig its way out and was going up one of the two entryways to the dig site. That is until the rogue called on the earth bender. Now originally I wanted to have it be the main handbook. As the game went on and on, one of the girls who seemed more interested in the game than the others would talk to me after games about the rules and the more complex classes. She even kept in contact with me on Facebook to talk about other nerd or anime topics. One of the classes she really wanted to multiclass into was the Elementalist, I decided to allow it seeing as out of all of the players she seems to have a spine and willing to give herself real agency even if it was just to be better at support casting.
So she used her earthbending to collapse the entry on top of the flush monsters face than kept the monster in place so that the rest of the party ganged up on the monsters head and beat it into a bloody pulp as I failed to save after save to get out of the mud and dirt it was trapped in.
The rogue and earthbending bard high fived as they finally entered the dungeon that I barely designed and at this point know would just be stumped on by the rogue’s BS, but I had to try. Seeing as I had an idea for what he would face with the cult chased up with them and find witnesses in the remaining workers still locked up at the camp that would give them the blackmail needed to turn the city august them. As part of the cultists turned to bring the survivors back to the city and the rest stayed to wait for the party to come back.
A week passed and I came in with all my gaming gear to see that another DM was in my place. The rogue felt like I was burning out and decided to have an old friend come in to replace me. He at least gave me money for the last game and for the game I was going to run. I played for the first game, the new DM seems to have taken my dungeon idea and expanded it and seems to be about to counter the rogue’s BS better than I ever can. I left the group and never went back.
The epilogue
Months later I ran into the new dm trying to join a game as it seems like I had some kind of rep hanging over my head, keeping me from joining. So it was refreshing to be about to join a game again. I asked how the old game went and if he made any money from it, he seemed confused as I told him that I was being paid to run games for him as well as the shenanigans he pulled on me.
He figured as long as he had known him the pimp rogue had been a huge “that guy” and min/maxer. He would have him take “breaks” as he would found ways to skip major encounters and dungeons.
I asked “how did you solve that problem?
The New DM: “o he got too busy with his drug and pimping side gigs”
The new DM: I thought he told you, I mean it was pretty obeasue.
Turns out he was trying to get a dnd based prostitution thing going on where nerdy clients would play with his hottest girls and maybe return for some “one on one” sessions. He soon found out his normal clients weren't that nerdy and drugs don't move. He also ground addicted to the world of warcraft and it barely gave the pimp rogue time to plan.
That was when I came in, I had the most innocent person he had even made and thought he could use me to get in more nerdy types and get them onto the whole RPG/SEx/drug thing he had planned. So the players that I attracted to the table he turned to offer them some private sessions with the girls for how poorly the game went. They would decline and stop coming over, giving me weird looks and excuses as to why they no longer wanted to be in the game anymore. Turns out my friends and colleagues assumed I was this guy’s partner in crime at best or at least one of his underlings and slowly ghosted me.
So that's how I updated my expectations and was a black sheep for my local gaming groups for a number of years.
TL;DR got hired to run games for a massive "that guy" and a real pimp and drug dealer was trying to expand his client base to the local nerd community.
Got kicked after trying to TPK the party with undead critters.
Edit1: for the people wondering how this "over the top" story is real as "any same man could see this come" I'm autistic and miss social signals that normal people would pick up on. It did help that my mother who works with law enforcement and courts shelter me to the point that my idea of a pimp was the stereotype 50s to 60s black guy in a big fur coat and hat simular to the boondocks and never to wear red or blue unless I wanted to be gutted by "the gangster folk"
Starting to understand that my mother has some underlings descrmaion problems
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Let's Go More Xtreme Amped! RetroArch, PPSSPP, HD PCSX, MAME 2003, Amiga, and More! Core Set Release for Mini MD/SNES/NES/PSC Classics! Many Fixes and Additions, Enjoy!

Release Link way at bottom of this Post!
Today is your lucky day. I meant to post this on October 6th. But, I finished a little earlier, and didn't want to have you all waiting 2 more days! So, enjoy the Update, 2 days early, still dated for October 6th!!! Looking forward to the feedback!
First Off, let's get some HORROR 'Stravaganza 2020 Edition in:)
Next Up
Staind Song, "It's Been Awhile", sums it up. But, here we are, again, almost 4 months later...with another truly kickass Update! There were quite a few variables in play, this time around, which made this particular Update take longer than the norm. These included real life reality and work debacles, meticulous testing phase scenarios to ensure what I wanted to pull off was feasible, with as little chance of buggery and such. You will see some of the things I have contended with, as you read the Release Notes! So, sit right back, and you will read a tale, a tale of a fateful modding trip...You get the idea:) Have fun with this Update, after you get through the Notes, whilst downloading it:)
I have been switching it up between Work, Modding, and trying to get in some fun "binge watching" of TV Shows, here and there. What shows have you ever "binge watched"? And, yeah, there is that joke about Netflix emailing people for watching too many episodes of Orange is the New Black and/or The Office, in a row:) In recent times, I did:
Ozark (truly looking forward to the next season..great crime drama about money laundering),
Lucky Pete (Bryan Cranston is a fun villain in season 1! Show is about someone who takes someone elses identity to escape his sordid past...not realizing the guy's life he took is potentially worse than his own!)
Anger Management Charlie Sheen in classic, crazy form:)
Greatest American Hero (Grew up on this show! Superhero loses instruction manual and learns as he goes, while crash landing in humorous ways, each and every time:)
I will probably do Ray Donovan next, as it is clearly a good show that I simply did not get into, as of yet! I'd absolutely love to know anything and everything any of you have binge watched!
Now then, you know the drill...Bullet Points, then clarity. Time to lift off and get into this Update!
  • Personal Appreciation for those who helped make 5000 Subscriber YouTube Milestone!
  • TRUE Metal Gear 1 and 2 for MSX Controls Implemented! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • MAME 2003 Xtreme Virtua Fighter Arcade Support Added! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • MAME 2003 Xtreme Hunting Games Support Added! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • MAME 2003 Xtreme Golfing Games Support Added! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • MAME 2003 Plus Midway Fixes (WWF Wrestlemania Arcade! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • MAME 2003 Plus Midway Fixes! (Terminator 2, Revolution X) (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • MAME 2003 Plus Food Fight Proper Controls! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • PSP Xtreme Amped! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • PSP Sonic Rivals 1 and 2 Finally Playable! (Mini PSC)
  • PSP Standalone! (Mini PSC)
  • PicoDrive 32X Support Fixed! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • Genesis Plus GX MSU-MD CD Soundtrack Support! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • Commodore 64 Vic-20 Support Added! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • Commodore Amiga Revamped! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • Driver PSX No Longer Crashes on Restart! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • PSX Bugs Fixed! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • PCSX ReArmed .ldci Support! (Mini MD-S-NESC)
  • PCSX ReArmed HD Xtreme Suite! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • Boktai Light Sensor Support for mGBA! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • RetroArch Xtreme Amped! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • RetroArch Xtreme Amped Sound Check Mode Activate! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • Xtreme Virtual Ram Updated! (Mini MD-S-NESC)
  • Other Additions! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
  • MD Mini 6 Button Controller Mostly Fixed Up! (Mini MD)
  • Next Update WIP (DraStic MD Mini Controls/MAME 2003 Xtreme Amped, etc)!
  • The Videos!
Personal Appreciation for those who helped make 5000 Subscriber YouTube Milestone!
I am giving a tremendous personal thanks to all of you who have helped get me to the 5000 Subscriber YouTube Milestone. The combination of your pure, unadulterated awesomeness, Liking, Subscribing, Commenting, has gotten me to that fun junction in YouTube Time:) Thanks so much! And, I will be doing a 5K Celebration Video, wherein I take on a multitude of games with many many enemies, in fact...5K, give or take:)
TRUE Metal Gear 1 and 2 for MSX Controls Implemented! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Those who followed the Releases for awhile, will have known Turrican for C64 was the game that truly made me want to have keyboard to controller mapping, of which fr500 and r-type were both graciously amazing in helping out with! In any case, I set up controls (most optimal for PS2 style controllers!) so that you can easily play the TRUE Metal Gear 1 and 2 via MSX! You simply add the games, per normal, then run them, and go into RetroArch Settings, Quick Menu, Controls, Load the Mapper, BlueMSX, Kojima Metal Gear 1 & 2! I streamlined things, as best I could, such as putting the Item/Weapon Menus onto L1/R1, Codec on Select, Action/Start/Continue Buttons on A/B/X/Y. I can do same for any other MSX/DOS, etc, computer relative games that any of you have difficulty setting up or running, for that matter! Just let me know:) Enjoy! Legal BIOS will install automatically with Xtreme Injector for PSC. For the MD/SNES/NES Classics, go to Modules, KMFD Mod Hub, BIOS Tab, and install the appropriate BlueMSX Bios Module! Thanks Devarchivist for pushing me to get this done this time around:)
MAME 2003 Xtreme Virtua Fighter Arcade Support Added! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
It is no secret that 3d Arcade Fighting Games run like crap on pretty much all of the Minis, aside from Dreamcast/Naomi/Atomiswave interpretations! Virtua Fighter is one I really wanted added. And, it runs best with MAME 2003 Xtreme, especially on PSC! So, it is officially, the one and only 3D Fighting Game that runs well on the MAME Cores! Hopefully, we can get more added, in the future! Personal thanks to Arcadez2003 for helping with the nuances of clocking it, especially so, to handle the lower spec Mini Classics! You will see in my video, below the notes, the few builds I had to go through, just to get things right!
MAME 2003 Xtreme Hunting Games Support Added! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
American Sammy's fun Arcade Gun Games, such as:
  • deerhunta
  • deerhuntb
  • turkhunt
  • wschamp
  • wschampa
  • trophyh
Personal thanks to Arcadez2003 and Grant2258 for helping with this addition. I will likely finetune the precision of the controller, Next Update! But, this is an excellent start! You can see similar revisions if you try running Duck Hunt VS, which I made far easier to manage on a controller, in recent Updates! I will do same for these fun Hunting Games, where no real animals are injured or maimed or killed!
MAME 2003 Xtreme Golfing Games Support Added! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Incredible Technologies' fun Golfing Games, including:
  • gt3d
  • gt97
  • gt98
  • gt99
  • gt2k
  • gtclassc
Thanks for the assist Arcadez2003 and Grant2258, you both rock!
MAME 2003 Plus Midway Fixes (WWF Wrestlemania Arcade! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Personal thanks to Mahoneyt944 for helping make this incredible addition possible! WWF Wrestlemania Arcade now has proper, and nice, and loud sound!
MAME 2003 Plus Midway Fixes! (Terminator 2, Revolution X) (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Two of the most notoriously annoying Arcade Gun Games to get up and running, due to pesky controls and/or sound issues! No more! Thank you Mahoneyt944 for helping make this possible to now have Auto Calibrated Controls for both Terminator 2 and Revolution X, as well as Loud, Nice sound for Revolution X! MAME 2003 Xtreme Amped, in the Next Update, will reflect these amazing changes, too! That is currently WIP, as I didn't want to delay this Update any longer!
MAME 2003 Plus Food Fight Proper Controls! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Thanks to Mahoneyt944, you now have the ability to go into MAME Settings, and set appropriate "stop and turn on a dime" controls, to really have more finesse and finetuned precision in this highly addictive game. Be sure to check out the video below Release Notes for more details!
PSP Xtreme Amped! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
First we had PPSSPP Legacy, for stubborn games, then PPSSPP Xtreme, for a combination of stability and compatibility. Now, we have PPSSPP Xtreme Amped, which takes things to the next level! This cranks performance and speed to whole new levels and the NEXT Addition is one of the fruits of this labor! On MD/SNES/NES Classic, you can now finally and reasonably play Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins, as well as enjoy boosted Performance/Speed on a ton of games! One main caveat is that on the MD Mini, running games with PPSSPP Xtreme Amped from the Main UI can lead to a glitch where you are running the game and Main UI simultaneously! Check my YouTube Channel for a Video showcasing the workaround for this! PPSSPP Xtreme Amped for MD/SNES/NES will be in Mod Hub, KMFD Xtreme Tab, where other specialized, non-typical End User Stuff will be stored, moving forward!
The other thing to contend with is that games that have FMVs in them, such as God of War, may crash! You can workaround this, much like with Metroid Prime Hunters, where you utilize save points to bypass crash or non-passable points. In this case, run God of War Ghost of Sparta with PPSSPP Xtreme, get to the first save point, THEN reload same exact game with PPSSPP Xtreme Amped, and you will have a great while before having to worry about any FMV Crash Points! I played for a good couple hours swapping between the Xtreme and Amped, and thoroughly enjoyed some good ol God of War, pre Last of US rehash:) Not that that is a bad thing! I just enjoy the classic GOW, too:)
PSP Sonic Rivals 1 and 2 Finally Playable! (Mini PSC)
This is ONLY possible on PSC due to the Xtreme Timing Differentials to account for with these 2 very tricky games! They are now both quite playable! If you use my Xtreme Injector setup for PSC, you will be immediately in action for both of them, upon load! Results elsewhere may lead to crashes, freezes, burns, and whatnot! Remember, things are most finetuned to avoid crashes, with the Xtreme Injector setup. So, keep that in mind, and enjoy both of these fantastic PSP Games!
PSP Standalone! (Mini PSC)
We have had a great amount of Drama in the Scene. But, when it comes down to it, it is all about you, the End User, that matters most! Our groups have worked on our various projects, and conflicted, creatively, on occasion! But, I need not humble myself by saying thanks for your efforts with PPSSPP Standalone, Swing and Wraith. It is a true thanks! And, also thanks Genderbent for the critical Retroboot Installation Protocols which make APPs much more seamless in execution! In any case, I added my own personalized Xtreme Tweaks to help out a bit with some of the more Stubborn Games, such as Rock Band Unplugged! Be sure to watch the Rock Band Unplugged DLC Video Below Notes, as an example! Feel free to ask me for help, if you have any trouble getting DLC going on ANY game! I enjoy testing these fun things out, for sure!
Install, from my Release, in PSC Folder, AB, AutoBleem, then Xtreme Injector, then RB Apps, PPSSPP Standalone, then simply navigate to where your games are, and have fun running them! I got Sonic Rivals 1 and 2 running a tad better. Rock Band Unplugged considerably better. But, I definitely recommend most games be run via PPSSPP Xtreme or Amped, and the stubborn ones like Rock Band Unplugged via Standalone! Be sure to inform me of personal results of testing between these 3 incarnations of PPSSPP, so I can test, and confirm, and update things accordingly!
PicoDrive 32X Support Fixed! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Pesky Butterfly Mod Effect broke 32X Support in the last Update...All good now!
Genesis Plus GX MSU-MD CD Soundtrack Support! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
This is pretty tricky to set-up. I may have to do a Tutorial Video on overall setup and patching! But, the video below notes shows this awesome sauce in action, especially the amazing Michael Jackson's Moonwalker with Real Songs! I will do my best to make running these as easily as possible. These will ONLY work with Genesis Plus GX Plus, NOT Xtreme. Xtreme is set up in such a way that it favors Speed and Performance for games, such as Sonic Spinball, and is not meant for stuff like MD-CD! Some Sega-CD Games also benefit with Xtreme.
Commodore 64 Vic-20 Support Added! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
This was a tricky one. Now, both homebrew AND retail games mostly run, as well as MegaCarts (which can contain nearly the entirely library of any game you'd ever want to play Vic-20 wise! If I can legally post the MegaCarts, I will to Mod Hub! I will display them in a video, then post on Google Drive, temporarily, if need be...to avoid any unnecessary delays in bringing you more awesomeness to play on your Minis!
Thank you Sonninos and RSN8887! And, thanks robbalvey for helping test these additions for a few hours!
Commodore Amiga Revamped! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Amiga will continue to be Revamped, each and every Update. Performance and Speed is better, flickering fixed up, other fun tweaks and fixes, making it a better all around Core! Thank you Sonninos and RSN8887!
**Driver PSX No Longer Crashes on Restart! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
What is more irritating than the unpassable Tutorial Mission in Driver!? Well, that would be going to Restart, after failing, then having the entire game crash! No more, all good to go now, with ALL of the Updated PCSX Builds! You can also play the Japan Version, to entirely skip the Tutorial Mission, as a great bit of wisdom someone passed along to me in YouTube Comments! Just, after that, game won't be in English! But, still very damned cool! Thanks!
PSX Bugs Fixed! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Disk Swapping wasn't 100 percent reliable and crashed for some more often than not. Everything is fixed now, and I had multiple people test. Disk Swapping works flawlessly and quite effortlessly now! Also, if attempting to run games without BIOS, crashing was more prone to occur. Now, the games that DO work without BIOS, will run fine, without any surprise crashing on startup! Again, Butterfly Mod Effect, per usual. Gotta deal with a break, here and there, with the awesome new additions. But, once the occasional breaks, such as Disk Swapping crashes, or 32X no longer functioning properly, we quickly get off our asses and fix them, if we reasonably can:) Thanks saitax and stefantx and bslenul for testing and confirming the bugs no longer exist:)
PCSX ReArmed .ldci Support! (Mini MD-S-NESC)
Thanks bslenul! This is genius:) For PCSX, which is really cool for multi-discs games, now it will remember the last disc inserted so for example you're playing FFVII (from a m3u/pbp) and you're now on disc 2, next time you'll start the game it will boot on disc 2 directly, no need to swap and restart. This may make it hard code wise for PSC, too, upon more appropriate testing. But, works fine for MD/SNES/NES, for now!
PCSX ReArmed HD Xtreme Suite! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Here, we have a masochist's haven suite of specialized PCSX Core Builds, for you to peruse and try out and enjoy! For MD/SNES/NES Classics, go to Mod Hub, KMFD Xtreme Tab, like with PPSSPP Xtreme Amped...stuff that may not be for every End User, will be there for the elitists who wanna try out the extra oomph up for offer! You will have NEON, PEOPS, UNAI Xtreme, HD Xtreme, HD Xtreme Amped, HD Xtreme FS, HD Xtreme Amped FS. Amped Builds will ONLY work with Suspend or RetroArch Saves, NOT in game. That is a sacrifice that needed made to ensure better performance and speed! Graphical glitches may also occur. Think of the cache being overloaded. If you exit the game and reenter, or restart RetroArch, the game should run fine! I have to personally say, some of the "not too often" graphical glitches I got, were pretty funny. One had stormtroopers in Jedi Power Battles being covered up like a certain character that we need not name, that can't be shown, in South Park! Speaking of South Park, the Covid 19 episode was in top form, highly enjoyable:)
In any event, first try PS1 Games with the standard suite of Cores, then Xtreme, if need be. And, as far as HD Builds, FS has minor frame skipping involved, to help on games like R-Type Delta, which will run way way way better on MD/SNES/NES, with FS Builds! And, I tell you, R-Type Delta looks fine in HD! Feel free to offer feedback, as I have had absolute fun trying out hundreds of games on the various builds, and finding the appropriate and most masterful build for each. Again, for PSC, simply running HD Xtreme or HD Xtreme Amped will be all that is needed for MOST PS1 Games. FS is more practical, execution wise, for MD/SNES/NES. Have fun, I definitely did, getting these all set up for you to all enjoy! One can never have enough PS1:) PS: Blood Omen, like in my Video, runs absolutely amazing with HD Xtreme Amped! I just use RetroArch Saves for it, as I WANT that additional performance and speed, and accountability for HD Upscaled Visuals, to boot!
Boktai Light Sensor Support for mGBA! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
Who the friggin hey wants to take their GBA outside in the sun! Well, it was still a cool, not very well known gimmick, for this subset of Boktai, Action Adventure Games! Make sure your Core Option is set to 1 for Light, then calibrate, confirm, in game, and you should be able to simply hold L1 or R1 to adjust light up and down! You can also utilize the "hard perm patches" in my Release, in Xtras/PERM-CHEATS-PATCHING, to make sure it is enforced, always! Boktai 3, you will probably want to English Language patch, as well. I didn't include that patch, for now, as the best patch of it, includes something I cannot post:) I will try to throw into the Next Update, the most appropriate patch, along with any others I come across, that are impactful:)
RetroArch Xtreme Amped! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
For MD/SNES/NES, Mod Hub, KMFD RetroArch Tab for Ozone, the most User Friendly Build! KMFD Xtreme for my specialized for better performance/speed builds of Amped/RGUI (RGUI Loads games approximately 2-3 seconds faster than any other build. But, it is not the most pretty interface. It just doesn't need to load as much into memory, before running the games! For PSC, Xtreme Injector will get you up and running! For MD/SNES/NES, I have 181 and 190 Xtreme Amped. PSC, just 181 Xtreme Amped. I personally found 182-190 still have a few bugs to sort, that make me favor 181 for now on that platform. You are welcome to try 190 with Genderbent's awesome RetroBoot, however. But, til I am satisfied the bugs are sorted out, 181 is where I will stay, firm, for now...on PSC!
Additionally, those of you who play N64 the most, may best prefer 181, since you can directly go into RetroArch, Video Settings, SRGB Toggle On/Off on games like Killer Instinct/Paper Mario, to instantly kill slowdown, and reinstate full speed mode activate! Higher than 181, you have to go through 2 additional submenus, which can be a little more less endearing. Again, use whichever one you most prefer. I will get 190 or higher up, once I am comfortable enough with some of the bugs being gone! These same bugs don't necessarily affect other platforms, as MD/SNES/NES are absolutely fine! But, for the record, there were some bugs in 184, such as 50+ MB Memory Usage, which in some instances, affected certain games. That is completely resolved for the 181 and 190 I posted! It was due to a "RetroAchievements" bug.
RetroArch Xtreme Amped Sound Check Mode Activate! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
This is not as much about the music, as it is about memory usage! Whenever you enter RetroArch Menu, in ANY of my Amped Builds, cool, very kickass 1980s style music will play. If playing a more intensive game, such as Dreamcast, opening RetroArch Menu may cause this music to stutter or slow down. Anytime you stutter or slowdown, this signifies memory usage, sort of like CTRL+ALT+DEL on a Windows PC! Depending on where you are in a specific game, it will be best to resume that game to avoid crashing from it, due to too much memory usage, such as with Fist of the North Star...one of the most cpu intensive games, period! Or, just stop touching your controller for a second or few, til it cleans up! As long as the music stays smooth, you are generally in no immediately or imminent danger of crashing! I have found this one of the most practical solutions for surveying exactly how the memory is currently behaving! Even the built in Memory Usage Detector is quite erratic and unreliable, in contrast, due to how some Cores gather the data.
Xtreme Virtual Ram Updated! (Mini MD-S-NESC)
With this installed, you will now have incredible performance and better compatibility! Doom Sigil will load without crashing, Custom Arcade OSTs, such as NBA Jam and Street Fighter II will properly work. Naomi/Atomiswave will go from potential 2FPS slowdown, slideshows, to near seamless! I ran, even Fist of the North Star, quite nicely...on the lower spec MD Mini! You will have the double whammy of Zfast as well as Swap, along with Turbo Refinement, to help ease along the previous choke points in games for PSP, such as Burnout Legends, which run quite nicely with PPSSPP Xtreme Amped, now!
Other Additions! (Mini MD-S-NESC-PSC)
I made the Load Content more concise, so you don't have 100 characters listed at a time, when seeing what content or Core is loaded. This harkens back to my Prefix System which I showcased on NESC in 2017. IE: NES: Blaster Master, rather than Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System - Blaster Master, or Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System - Nestopia, now is Nintendo - NES - Nestopia! I really love this, as I don't want to sit there for 2-3 seconds on every Core, waiting for it to scroll by to see what the hell I am working with! This doesn't affect Ozone as much. But, with my preferred Amped XMB Builds, it is a little more confined for scrolling sections!
MD Mini 6 Button Controller Mostly Fixed Up! (Mini MD)
Thanks ReyVGM and bslenul for helping with this very frustrating addition. Many have encountered buttons being wonky or off by one! We did some extensive testing. And, with RetroArch Install from THIS Update, your MD 6 Button Controllers, should perform properly. Note: there are purportedly 4 different 6 Button Controller Types that came with the MD/Genesis Minis. We did the ones we had access to. If any of you have ones that still do not work, contact us, and we can help you with the appropriate process of generating a control scheme, which we can put into the install, so you and others can utilize it! Also, if running MD Games with Genesis Plus or Xtreme GX, you may sometimes need to go into RetroArch Settings, Quick Menu, Controls, and choose between 3/6 button there, depending on game. Variables. But, you get the idea! ' Next Update WIP (DraStic MD Mini Controls/MAME 2003 Xtreme Amped, etc)!
DraStic, currently, is quite limited in "what controllers" will auto work with it, for MD Mini! So, this is a top priority to get fixed up, right after this Update! They work absolutely fine for SNES/NES. But, a little additional work is needed to rectify things so they are more appropriately geared for the MD Mini. For now, you can access the DraStic Menu via holding reset on your MD Mini, for roughly 2 seconds. And, from there, if you have a working and supported controller, you should have no trouble navigating, and mapping, yourself. You can also use a keyboard, to make things fast and easy. And, TWO controllers can actually be used, one in each of the front controller ports, as well! Again, this is one of the top priorities to fix up, as soon as we reasonably can! Thanks for all the feedback and input!
I will have 2 MAME 2003 Xtreme Builds, Next Update. One will favor performance/speed, the other compatibility/stability. If I can get the better performance/speed on the latter build, I will relegate it to just one build. But, sometimes, it works best not trying to fix what isn't truly broken! SO far, in my personal testing, things are looking pretty tip top, as far as a nice Xtreme Amped Build. I just need to do more recoding, which I don't want to delay this Update, to do. But, I will certainly showcase this stuff. Stuff Like Virtua Fighter, etc, may run even better, too, once I am done!
I will get more Games onto the Mod Hub, including some very nice handheld games! I have wanted to do this for awhile. This will be the third priority for this followup Update, which won't be 3 months later, like this one was!
Refined Cheat Support for several Cores! I will showcase this in a few videos. Some of the most grueling and frustratingly difficult games, will be more approachable with easy access invincibility and/or infinite lives, etc, on the fly:) You will see:)
The Videos!
Be sure to go to my YouTube Channel, look at most recent, and go backwards, to cover pretty much everything shown in this Update! But, here are a few stand-out ones to check out, for now:)
Playstation Classic - Sonic Rivals 1 & 2 Actually Playable!!! Xtreme Amped FTW!!
Playstation Classic - PSX HD Xtreme Amped! Blood Omen Legacy of Kain! + SNES Steven Seagal?
Hell, just go to most Recent on my Channel, as mentioned above, and you will see the dozens of other videos posted within the last few months!
Enjoy the Friggin' Update! I will do a 5000 Subscriber Celebration Video when I get the chance!
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