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Hello, I have downloaded some movies, and some of them are Blu-ray. There are subtitles when using VLC, however there are none when connecting it to my samsung smart tv. I have used Subedit to get an .SRT file to use for the smart tv, however it works on the VLC player, but not on the smart tv. Can anyone solve this problem? Thanks
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Last week I compiled a list of stand out matches and significant matches from 2011-2016 for new fans and fans that have not watched the WWE in the last couple of years. This week I did the same thing but from matches between 2005 until 2010.

So a few weeks ago I made a list of matches between 2011 til 2016 for newcomers and returning WWE fans and it got a good amount of responses on it so I made a follow up list between the years of 2005 til 2010. Hope you enjoy the list and the little details I've given next to each. Also I'll try adding links to matches within the next day or so.
  • Edge Vs Chris Benoit Vs Chris Jericho Vs Batista Vs Randy Orton Vs Triple H Elimination Chamber Match - New Years Revolution – The big story going into this match was would Batista be loyal to his fellow Evolution member Triple H, or would he break off on his own and try capture the World Heavyweight championship. Bonus information: Shawn Michaels who had problems with everyone in this match would be special guest referee.
  • Edge Vs Kane Vs Christian Vs Chris Jericho Vs Shelton Benjamin Vs Chris Benoit Money in the Bank Ladder Match - Wrestlemania 21 – Significant as it is the first Money in the Bank match and it featured 6 of Raws best mid-card talent.
  • Shawn Michaels Vs Kurt Angle Wrestlemania 21 – Two of the greatest wrestler’s all time face to face at Wrestlemania, what more can you ask for. I wont say much, just mainly watch this match.
  • John Cena Vs John Bradshaw Layfield Wrestlemania 21 – This was the culmination of the ‘Rise of John Cena’. John Cena’s first championship reign, and it was well deserved and would change the course of WWE forever. Discussed here in this small plug
  • Batista Vs Triple H Wrestlemania 21 - This match was meant to shoeline Batista as the #1 WWE Superstar for years to come, and for the first couple of months it absolutely did that. This match was months in the making and it payed off greatly, two former evolution members going against each other one on one in the main event of Wrestlemania.
  • Shawn Michaels Vs Shelton Benjamin Raw – Shelton Benjamin could’ve become one of WWE’s greatest wrestlers of all time if he stuck around in WWE and was given more opportunity. This was proclaimed as one of the best Raw matches in 2005. This match is pure excellence, nothing short of amazing. It also gives us one of the greatest spots of all time.
  • Batista Vs Triple H Hell in a Cell - Vengeance - This was the final in the trilogy between Batista and Triple H, and this time it was done in ‘the Devil’s favourite playground’ the Hell in a Cell. Bloody match, very underrated and rarely talked about when the conversation of best Hell in a Cell Matches is brought up.
  • Eddie Guerrero Vs Rey Mysterio Steel Cage Match - Smackdown– One of the best feuds of 2005 was Eddie Vs Rey, they were a tag team that loved each other like family. They had a barnburner of a match at Wrestlemania, but slowly the months after it Eddie would turn heel on Rey. From April until September they would face off against each other on Smackdown, Live shows and PPV’s and Rey would ALWAYS win. But not this time, this was their final encounter in a steel cage match, and I absolutely love it.
  • John Cena Vs Kurt Angle Unforgiven – Significant because the first time more than 50% were not behind Cena being the next face of WWE and also being the WWE Champion.
  • Kurt Angle Vs Shawn Michaels 30 Minute Iron Man Match - Raw Homecoming – This was the final match in these two’s trilogy of matches. Unfortunately we never got a decider, of who the winner in this feud was, but still at least their last one on one match with each other was in a 30-minute iron man match and it’s a great one at that.
  • Team Raw Vs Team Smackdown Survivor Series – This was one of the first times since the brand split that WWE decided to actually see who the dominant brand is. It took 3 years for them to get this idea, I mean not to take shots at WWE but c’mon a little earlier this could’ve been done. This match featured both talents from both brands and is actually one of the last good traditional survivor series tag matches. PSA: Stay for after the match.
  • Undertaker Vs Randy Orton Hell in a Cell - Armageddon - This was the end to the near yearlong feud between these two men. If you had stayed for after the Survivor Series match, you would have seen the return of the deadman who had been burned alive a few months earlier. This final match was in the demonic Hell in a Cell.
  • Edge Vs John Cena New Years Revolution Significant as it the first cash in ever, and would change how most people would see Edge for years to come.
  • Kurt Angle Vs Undertaker No Way Out - This is my favourite match of 2006 hands down. This is Kurt Angles best defence as World Heavyweight Champion; I can’t reiterate it enough, that this match should’ve been the Smackdown Main Event at Wrestlemania 22. I’d also go all the way to say that this is Undertaker’s best match after returning as the Dead Man persona.
  • Edge Vs Mick Foley Hardcore Match - Wrestlemania 22 – The match that helped really solidify Edge as one of the A+ players in WWE at this time. Foley six years after retiring comes back for a match with the Rated R Superstar, in one of the best hardcore matches ever.
  • Triple H Vs John Cena Wrestlemania 22 – This is the match that WWE really believed would help put Cena on the map. Not to say it didn’t, but it also helps form a strong negative audience reaction to Cena. John was the poster boy, going against the most evil guy on the roster Triple H, yet the crowd still favoritely cheered Triple H. It’s also significant cause it’s Cena’s first main event at a Wrestlemania.
  • John Cena Vs Rob Van Dam Extreme Rules Match - One Night Stand – Man oh man, this match. This had big time feel written all over it, this match was going to re-astablish that Rob Van Dam was a main event player and also help the rebirth of ECW. The crowd were electric this night cheering for their boy Rob Van Dam and were absolutely tearing Cena a new one.
  • Big Show vs. Ric Flair Extreme Rules Match - ECW – To be honest, most matches under the WWECW banner were pretty bad, but in the summer of 2006, ECW Champion Big Show would face the dirtiest player in the game, Ric Flair in a very well match that I still hold up as one of the best matches on WWECW television.
  • Lita Vs Trish Stratus Unforgiven – If you read my last post you’ll notice a decent amount of women’s matches on it, and you’re probably wondering why this is the first one listed on this list. The honest truth is that Women’s wrestling at the time (just like tag-team wrestling) was basically gone, and had very credibility. But this match is important, as it is the last match in feud between two of the best females; Lita and Trish Stratus. It is Stratus’ final match in WWE in her hometown and you can’t ask for anything more special.
  • John Cena Vs Edge TLC Match - Unforgiven – Two years before this match when Edge was in Toronto, he was booed as a baby face, fast-forward to this match he was cheered as the most despise able heel. The culmination of the feud between him and Cena was in place as the faced each other in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.
  • D-Generation X Vs Rated RKO Cyber Sunday – A slightly kid-friendlier D-Generation X were running through everyone on the Raw brand in 2006, that was until both young stars Edge & Randy Orton would team up and form Rated RKO. Good match with four excellent talents.
  • Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. William Regal & Dave Taylor vs. The Hardy’s vs. MNM Ladder Match - Armageddon– This was originally intended to be a normal 2vs2 traditional match, but on last minute was changed into a fatal four way tag team ladder match. Probably the only real credible Smackdown tag match that year, absolutely fantastic performance from all men involved, and it is not for the weak hearted I’ll say that.
  • John Cena Vs Umaga Last Man Standing Match - Royal Rumble - This match was in the middle of Cena's 365+ day run and it showed he could still work with bigger men like Umaga. This is one of the best last man standing matches of all time that makes both men look equally strong and helped grow Umaga as a threat for the champion.
  • Undertaker Vs Batista Wrestlemania 23 – Coming off winning the 2007 Royal Rumble Undertaker was placed in the Smackdown main event against Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship. Now a famous story after this match was Batista walked backstage and screamed ‘Try follow that’, and I must say in my opinion nothing did follow that, now that’s not saying I don’t have love for the main event (Shawn Michaels Vs John Cena), I just think that this should’ve main evented since there was more emotion and a title change. Also Undertaker’s streak grows to 15-0.
  • Shawn Michaels Vs John Cena Raw – This is the match everyone talks about when someone on this subedit post’s ‘What is the best Raw match of all time?’ and truth be told it probably is the best Raw match of all time. Close to an hour and just a very 50/50 match you don’t know who was going to win. I won’t spoil the result but everyone should watch this match at least once.
  • Chris Benoit Vs MVP Judgment Day - this was their third match in their trilogy of matches, but it is also there best one. Instead of pulling the trigger on MVP at Wrestlemania or Backlash the previous month, they would pull the trigger at Judgment Day. Not taking anything anyway from either man, it's a really enjoyable match and allows him to start his close to year run as the champion.
  • Shawn Michaels Vs John Cena Vs Edge Vs Randy Orton Backlash – Following Wrestlemania 23 it left multiple people wanting a shot at John Cena for his WWE Championship, and thus three men were awarded the opportunity for it; Cena’s Wrestlemania opponent Shawn Michaels, and former tag team Rated RKO, Edge and Randy Orton. Four outstanding talents that mash well together, perform in one of the best four ways of all time.
  • Edge Vs Randy Orton Raw – the night following Backlash, these two men faced off against each other in rescheduled match on Raw. Significant because it was one of the rare occasions a Heel faced off against another Heel, and really goes to show how much both men have improved over the last 2-3 years.
  • Edge Vs Chris Benoit – This is one of Chris Benoit’s last matches before his controversial incident. But lets not take it away from either man, because this is also one of his best matches in WWE. These two could’ve main evented many ppvs for the World Heavyweight Championship that year, such a shame.
  • Randy Orton Vs John Cena Summerslam - this would be the first time both men would compete one on one in a ppv (definitely not their last). This is a stellar match and helped show the direction that the company were going to be going and who their main stars would be.
  • CM Punk Vs John Morrison ECW – This was CM Punk’s last chance at the ECW Championship, after coming up short several times before. Both these men click in this match and shows how great they really were. I wish before both men left the WWE they would’ve had a feud or even a World Title match just to show how well they’ve both improved.
  • Randy Orton Vs Jeff Hardy Royal Rumble - This was WWE's decision go give Jeff Hardy a chance at the WWE Championship and to see if he could excel with Randy Orton and he definitely could, many people believed in him to win this match and this helped increase his fan base. 2008 was Jeff Hardy's journey to the WWE Championship and this was only the first stage.
  • Shawn Michaels Vs Ric Flair Retirement Match Wrestlemania 24 - Two of the greatest of all time, in one of most emotional storytelling matches of all time, also Ric Flair's last WWE match.
  • Edge Vs Undertaker Wrestlemania 24 – The Undertaker had defeated five other men in an elimination chamber to advance into this match. To show how much Edge had grown as a WWE Superstar this match really shows, he’s main eventing a Wrestlemania against the most respected man of all time The Undertaker. Also, Undertakers streak grows to 16-0.
  • Edge Vs Undertaker TLC Match - One Night Stand - I might be a bit biased with this match, but this is my favourite TLC match after the TLC matches with the Hardy’s, E&C and the Dudley’s. This is Edge’s speciality and you can damn well tell he’s aware of his ring awareness in this match, clever spots good action. There’s so much emotion in this match, if Undertaker lost he would be ‘banished from WWE’. Having La Famigla also run out and try cost Undertaker the match only to be one-by-one picked off also adds to this match. In my top 5 Undertaker matches.
  • Triple H Vs John Cena Night of Champions - this was the first time these two men would face at a PPV for a WWE Championship since their meeting at Wrestlemania 22. I'd go to say that this match is better than there Wrestlemania match, and it's good to see these two men have grown to mesh wall with each other.
  • Matt Hardy Vs Shelton Benjamin Great American Bash - Before Matt Hardy would become a crazy lunatic in TNA and feud with 'Brother Nero' he had one of the greatest mid card matches in 2008, this certainly wouldn't be his last decent match that year, and it also re-established that Shelton Benjamin was still in WWE and not just a sideshow for Money in the Bank matches.
  • Batista Vs John Cena Summerslam – The two ‘made men’ of WWE in 2005, were finally going to square off in a WWE ring against each other one on one. This is a hard-hitting match and just goes to show the great chemistry these two had against each other. Also call me a sucker for Face Vs Face matches, this was such a big time feel match for the Raw brand that it made the Raw World Heavyweight Championship play second fiddle to it.
  • Undertaker Vs Edge Hell in a Cell Match - Summerslam – This was the culmination of The Undertaker & Edge feud. This feud started back in May of 2007 and ended in August 2008. Undertaker was allowed to return to WWE and in doing so it was announced that he would face Edge one last time. This time it would be in Undertakers favourite match, the devils play ground Hell in a Cell.
  • Jeff Hardy VS Brian Kendrick VS Shelton Benjamin VS MVP VS Triple H - Smackdown Scramble Match Unforgiven - this was the second Scramble match of the night but still the best of the three (the other two were for the ECW & World Heavyweight Championship). This was an interesting and simple concept, 5 wrestlers a new wrestler comes out every 5 minutes, pin anyone to become champion and at the end of the time limit the last person to pin someone would be champion. A bit of a shame that this match hasn't been used much after it.
  • Triple H vs Jeff Hardy No Mercy - this was the match that everyone thought that Jeff Hardy was destined to win the WWE Championship off triple, that wasn't the case but it is one of his best matches against another top WWE star at the time and helped get him more fans and look forward to him finally winning the WWE Championship.
  • Chris Jericho Vs Shawn Michaels Ladder Match - No Mercy - this was a lot of people's match of the year in 2008, and rightfully so. These two men's feud that year was fantastic and every time they would meet they'd add another level too it. This time it would in Shawn Michael’s speciality, the Ladder Match. Many people have proclaimed that this is one of the best one on one single ladder matches of all time, and for me personally it's in top place right drawing Jericho/Benoit from Royal Rumble 01.
  • Jeff Hardy Vs Edge Vs Triple H Armageddon – Jeff Hardy’s rise to being WWE Champion was an enthralling story in 2008. In January that year he was placed in a WWE Championship match with Randy Orton, but had lost. Then throughout the rest of the year he was in multiple WWE Championship matches.. Which he lost? Until Armageddon, in which is one of the best triple threat matches of all time and totally made it worth being a Jeff Hardy fan.
  • Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels Wrestlemania 25 - this is on everyone's greatest matches of all time, and it's there for a good reason. Everyone should watch this match and study this match if they ever want to get into bring a professional wrestler.
  • Chris Jericho Vs Ricky Steamboat Backlash - this was a month after Jericho's 3 on 1 match with Steamboat, Snuka & Piper. But this match really is the definition of a wrestler who hadn't had a match in ages and 'still got it.'
  • Edge Vs Jeff Hardy Ladder Match - Extreme Rules – Straight to the point, this match is a great Ladder match with two of the greatest wrestlers when it comes to Ladder Matches. Also make sure to stay after the match finishes for a surprise.
  • CM Punk Vs Edge Vs Jeff Hardy Raw – The three top players of Smackdown at the time were on Raw to showcase their abilities in a triple threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship. On a personal note I would’ve loved a CM Punk vs Edge feud.
  • Chris Jericho Vs Rey Mysterio The Bash - These two men had a back and forth series in 2009, this was there best match that year, an instant classic between both men.
  • Rey Mysterio Vs Dolph Ziggler Summerslam - a young and upcoming Dolph Ziggler would be facing veteran such as Rey Mysterio in one of the biggest ppvs on the WWE calendar and it really helped showcase just how good Dolph Ziggler really is.
  • CM Punk Vs Jeff Hardy TLC Match - Summerslam - this was in the midst of CM Punks first heel run in the company, and it was exceptional to see a feud between these two, one of the best single TLC matches of all time. This would be Hardy's second last match before he left WWE.
  • John Morrison Vs The Miz Bragging Rights - These two men were a tag team for over 2 and a half years and were fantastic together. But in early 2009 these two men would be drafted to opposite brands and The Miz would attack his fellow partner Morrison. It wasn't until months later when these two would finally face off for brand supremacy, highly entertaining match.
  • CM Punk Vs Undertaker Vs Batista Vs Rey Mysterio Bragging Rights - Simple easy, fatal four way match with four of the biggest Smackdown names at the time. Good chemistry with all these men, and also is Batista’s first heel turn since becoming a face at the start of 2005.
  • Randy Orton Vs John Cena 60 Minute Iron Man Match - Bragging Rights - this was the first iron man match in 5 years in WWE between two men who had been feuding for close to 3 years, this would be their final encounter at a ppv for several years. It's a very good match on a decent ppv but there is a dull in between this match, but definitely worth a watch at least once.
  • Jeri-Show vs D-Generation X vs John Cena and Undertaker Raw – Six of the top WWE Wrestlers in 2009 competed in a triple threat tag team match in Madison Square Garden as a prelude to the two WWE Heavyweight and WWE Championship triple threat matches at Survivor Series. It is one of the greatest Raw main events of all time and it really lets everyone get their stuff in equally.
  • Rey Mysterio vs. Undertaker Royal Rumble - This would be the first time that Rey would face Undertaker in his dead-man persona and it is worth the wait in all honesty. These two had good chemistry with each other and it's a very forgotten match before Undertaker would semi retire and go onto having a very limited schedule.
  • Shawn Michaels Vs Rey Mysterio Smackdown – Shawn Michaels was basically in his ‘farewell tour’ it was his final year in 2010, he was done after Wrestlemania 26, so before he left he would face people he had never faced or rarely faced. This included Rey Mysterio, and there is a call back to a match earlier in this list of Shawn Michaels and Shelton Benjamin. Despite the so/so finish, this was actually a decent match between the two.
  • Chris Jericho Vs Daniel Bryan NXT – On the debut show of NXT the main event would feature the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho against a young pre-beard Daniel Bryan. Really goes to show how much trust Jericho had from what he had heard from Daniel Bryan before he joined WWE, and looking back its great to see how Daniel Bryan grew throughout his run in WWE.
  • Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels Streak Vs Career Match - Wrestlemania 26 – This is hands down the best re-match of all time in WWE. Back to back ‘Mania’s these two men competed against each other, except this time there was more on the line. Not just the Undertaker’s Undefeated Wrestlemania Streak, but Shawn Michael’s Career was on the line. This match really did save this ‘Mania from becoming one of the worst of all time, and it’s really goes to show how special this match is; as it one of the only non-title main events in Wrestlemania history.
  • Evan Bourne Vs Chris Jericho Fatal Four Way – This was in the midst of Jericho’s final second run in WWE and he really wanted to have a run with some of the newer talent on the roster. Evan Bourne was no exception to this, this match really showcased Evan Bourne’s great and agile abilities in a WWE ring.
  • John Morrison vs. R-Truth vs. The Miz vs. Zack Ryder Raw June – Think I’m a bit biased by listing this match, I wouldn’t go all the way to say it’s significant, but it is just a really good match with four midcard wrestlers in WWE at the time.
  • CM Punk Vs John Cena Raw – This was a viewer’s choice, this isn’t 100% significant because of that match itself, and it’s more significant for what happens near the end of the match. It’s the debut of the Nexus, the rookies from NXT Season 1 all debuted on WWE Raw and attacked both CM Punk (with Luke Gallows) and John Cena and destroyed the Raw set, as well as everyone at ringside including Justin Roberts.
  • The Nexus Vs Team WWE Summerslam – Nexus was something fresh for WWE in 2010, they were the NWO of the WWE. They ran roughshod over everyone for the first couple of months of their debut on WWE. I believe its significant because you had a new breed of WWE Superstars main eventing against already made WWE Superstars on one of WWE’s top ppvs for the year. The result well.. Unfortunate to say the least. The Nexus run after this point was pretty much a downward spiral.
  • Chris Jericho Vs Wade Barrett Vs John Cena Vs Randy Orton Vs Edge Vs Sheamus Night of Champions - This match had everything and everyone. All the top Raw superstars in one match all trying to become the new WWE Champion (or in Sheamus case trying to keep the championship). Awesome chemistry from all these men involved, fun rewatchability.
  • Dolph Ziggler Vs Daniel Bryan Bragging Rights - 2010 wasn't going great for most Nexus members, that was except for Indy-loved Daniel Bryan who took the WWE Universe by storm when he excelled in all matches he was put it. This match right here was another example of that. The mix of him and a somewhat younger Dolph Ziggler as the two mid-card champions for representing brands in the opening of a PPV made for chemistry. It also draws match of the year with Shawn Vs Taker II. Posted this match here in this short Plug
  • Dolph Ziggler Vs Daniel Bryan Raw - these two men had back-to-back matches, this match took place the following night after Bragging Rights. They also had a third match on the following Smackdown.
  • The Miz vs. Jerry Lawler - TLC Match RAW - Most of The Miz' run as WWE Champion is forgotten besides his match with John Cena in the main event of Wrestlemania 27. But this is a real hidden gem, this match was in a TLC match and it's really worth the watch. It's quite significant because it's interesting to see The Miz, who was a former Tough Enough star & MTV reality TV star who no one believed would stick around for more than a year had won the WWE Championship.
  • Edge Vs Alberto Del Rio Vs Kane Vs Rey Mysterio TLC – This match had four of WWE’s best Smackdown talent in one match, which also included new superstar Alberto Del Rio in the main event. It is significant because not only is it Kane’s last defence is his stellar run in 2010, but because it is Edge’s last World Heavyweight Championship win. (No I don’t include that Smackdown where he was stripped of it at the start and gained it at the end of the show.)
Wrestler Number of Matches
Bobby Lashley 1
Eddie Guerrero 1
Carlito 1
Chris Masters 1
Christian 1
Mick Foley 1
Rob Van Dam 1
Umaga 1
Lita 1
Trish Stratus 1
Paul London 1
William Regal 1
Dave Taylor 1
Joey Mercury 1
Ricky Steamboat 1
Evan Bourne 1
Zack Ryder 1
Bret Hart 1
Justin Gabriel 1
Heath Slater 1
David Otunga 1
Skip Sheffield 1
Michael Tarver 1
Darren Young 1
Sheamus 1
Jerry Lawler 1
Alberto Del Rio 1
John Bradshaw Layfield 2
Ric Flair 2
Brian Kendrick 2
Matt Hardy 2
R-Truth 2
Wade Barett 2
Kane 3
Big Show 3
Dolph Ziggler 3
The Miz 3
Daniel Bryan 4
Kurt Angle 4
Shelton Benjamin 4
Chris Benoit 4
Johnny Nitro/John Morrison 5
CM Punk 5
Batista 7
Jeff Hardy 8
Rey Mysterio 8
Triple H 9
Chris Jericho 9
Randy Orton 10
Undertaker 11
Shawn Michaels 11
John Cena 17
Edge 18
Star ratings mine compared to Meltzer:
Match Meltzer Rating My Rating
Edge Vs Chris Benoit Vs Chris Jericho Vs Batista Vs Randy Orton Vs Triple H 4.25 4.5
Edge Vs Kane Vs Christian Vs Chris Jericho Vs Shelton Benjamin Vs Chris Benoit 4.5 4.5
Shawn Michaels Vs Kurt Angle 4.75 5
John Cena Vs John Bradshaw Layfield 1.25 1.5
Batista Vs Triple H 2.75 3
Shawn Michaels Vs Shelton Benjamin 4.5 4.25
Batista Vs Triple H 4.5 4.25
Eddie Guerrero Vs Rey Mysterio - 3.75
John Cena Vs Kurt Angle 3 3.25
Kurt Angle Vs Shawn Michaels 3.25 3.75
Team Raw Vs Team Smackdown 3.5 3.5
Undertaker Vs Randy Orton 3.75 4
Edge Vs John Cena 1 1
Kurt Angle Vs Undertaker 4 4.5
Edge Vs Mick Foley 4 4
Triple H Vs John Cena 3.75 3.5
John Cena Vs Rob Van Dam 3.25 3.25
Big Show vs. Ric Flair - 3.25
Lita Vs Trish Stratus 3.25 3.25
John Cena Vs Edge 4.25 4.5
D-Generation X Vs Rated RKO 2.75 2.5
Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. William Regal & Dave Taylor vs. The Hardy’s vs. MNM 4.25 4.5
John Cena Vs Umaga 4 4
Undertaker Vs Batista 4 4.5
Shawn Michaels Vs John Cena 4.25 4.75
Chris Benoit Vs MVP 2.25 2.75
Shawn Michaels Vs John Cena Vs Edge Vs Randy Orton 4.5 4.5
Edge Vs Randy Orton 4.25 4.25
Edge Vs Chris Benoit - 4
Randy Orton Vs John Cena 4 4
CM Punk Vs John Morrison - 3.75
Randy Orton Vs Jeff Hardy 3 3.25
Shawn Michaels Vs Ric Flair 3.5 3.5
Edge Vs Undertaker 4.25 4
Edge Vs Undertaker 3.5 4.75
Triple H Vs John Cena 3.75 4.25
Matt Hardy Vs Shelton Benjamin 3.25 3.5
Batista Vs John Cena 3.75 3.75
Undertaker Vs Edge 4.5 4.75
Jeff Hardy VS Brian Kendrick VS Shelton Benjamin VS MVP VS Triple H 3.25 3.25
Triple H vs Jeff Hardy 4 3.5
Chris Jericho Vs Shawn Michaels 4.5 4.5
Jeff Hardy Vs Edge Vs Triple H 4 4
Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels 4.75 5
Chris Jericho Vs Ricky Steamboat 3.5 3.75
Edge Vs Jeff Hardy 4.25 4.25
CM Punk Vs Edge Vs Jeff Hardy - 3.25
Chris Jericho Vs Rey Mysterio 4.5 4.25
Rey Mysterio Vs Dolph Ziggler 3.75 3.75
CM Punk Vs Jeff Hardy 4.25 4
John Morrison Vs The Miz 2.75 3.75
CM Punk Vs Undertaker Vs Batista Vs Rey Mysterio 3 3.25
Randy Orton Vs John Cena 3.5 4.25
Jeri-Show vs D-Generation X vs John Cena and Undertaker - 3.25
Rey Mysterio vs. Undertaker 3.25 3.25
Shawn Michaels Vs Rey Mysterio - 3.5
Chris Jericho Vs Daniel Bryan - 3.5
Undertaker Vs Shawn Michaels 4.75 5
Evan Bourne Vs Chris Jericho 4 4
John Morrison vs. R-Truth vs. The Miz vs. Zack Ryder - 3.25
CM Punk Vs John Cena - 2.5
The Nexus Vs Team WWE 3.5 3.5
Chris Jericho Vs Wade Barrett Vs John Cena Vs Randy Orton Vs Edge Vs Sheamus 3.5 3.75
Dolph Ziggler Vs Daniel Bryan 3.5 4.75
Dolph Ziggler Vs Daniel Bryan - 4
The Miz vs. Jerry Lawler - 3.75
Edge Vs Alberto Del Rio Vs Kane Vs Rey Mysterio 4.25 4
Total 204 212.75
So there we have it the second list of matches for newcomers of the WWE Product or returning WWE fans, depending on the reception of this list I might even do a 2000 - 2004 list.
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