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It was the successor to Mac OS 9, released in 1999, the final release of the "classic" Mac OS, which had been Apple's primary operating system since. Mac Os X 10.6 0 Dmg Download Dmg To Iso Linux Ubuntu Mac Os X 10.11 Dmg Dmg Compassion Oversampling High Frequencies Homebrew Class Scaling Dmg Abilities Apple Os X El Capitan Dmg 10.9 Mac Os Dmg Mountain Lion Direct Download Bootable Dmg Open Office Dmg Free Download Skyrim Torch Does Insane Dmg. Game face fifa 11 pc patch.

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Hands on with Mountain Lion's OS X Recovery and Internet

If a macOS installer can't be used on your Mac, the installer will let you know. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge. Cinema 4d cracked 64 bit 2020 best. Stops printing the specified document. El Capitan OS X allows you to access public transit information in Maps. Travian pro hack 2020.

Apple Mac OS X 'Mountain Lion' takes more bites out of iOS

Ask our knowledgeable Tech Support Team questions about how to get your AFH 1 study guides up and running! The $20 OS upgrade for Intel-based Macs goes a long way to bringing iOS applications and capabilities into the Mac OS, and. Otherwise, select the hard drive you want to install OS X Mountain Lion on, and click "Install". Internationalization certification for non-English desktops is also in. Mac OS X El Capitan Download System Requirements. I haven't tested with any other LDAP setup.

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Winzip Serial Code 17.5. OS X Mountain Lion was released on July 25, 2020 for purchase and download through Apple's Mac App Store, as part of a switch to releasing OS X versions online and every year, rather than every two years or so. OS X Mountain Lion: 5 Most Exciting New Features Apple's Mountain Lion update to Mac OS X is an affirmation of just how important the cloud and iOS integration has become to anyone who uses a. If so, you may find this article helpful. OS X 10.10 Yosemite; Windows Server 2020 Unleashed; Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System, The, 2/e; macOS Catalina For Dummies; OS X El Capitan Guidebook; OS X Mountain Lion; Windows 8 - Trucs et astuces de blogueurs; Mac OS X Directory Services v10.6; The Once A Month PC Maintenance Plan; The 101 Most Important UNIX and. Enter your Apple ID.


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There is a big one (144 x 144) # for the OS icons, and a small one (64 x 64) for the function icons in the # second row. Best website to cracked ios apps https://translate-centre.ru/forum/?download=5637. If you enter a URL and enter then nothing happens. Progress in biomolecular x-ray crystallography continues to provide important protein and nucleic acid structures. OS X Install program with Spotlight. He did, it succeeded, and rebased on this smaller, smoother and faster platform, Mac OS X launched forward into the Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite and El Capitan releases that followed it. Smaller, smoother and faster – these were just the attributes I was looking for to breath new life into my struggling MacBook Pro.

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As of 6 March 2020, it was still in development and available for download exclusively to Apple Developers with a paid membership for free as a beta version. If your Mac is from before 2020 or never had OS X Lion, click here to jump to the next section. Macworld points out that with the launch of OS X Mountain Lion today. Domdomsoft anime er keygen photoshop. Open a new Finder window and select the external drive you would like to encrypt from the panel on the left, under Devices. Note that installing the JDK on OS X is performed on a system wide basis, for all users, and administrator privileges are required.


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Hack os x mountain lion progress. Follow the onscreen instructions in the installer. Macs, including the notes and reminders apps. Mountain Lion requires Lion or Snow Leopard (OS X v or later), 2GB of memory and 8GB of available space. Iphone games cracked android learn more. The full operating system is a free download for anyone who has purchased Mac OS X Snow Leopard, Lion, or Mountain Lion or has a Mac preloaded with OS X Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra, or macOS Mojave.

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If your Mac runs Mavericks, Mountain Lion or Yosemite, then it should be able to run El Capitan. Vertcoin optimum conf for R9-290 tri-x. Keyboard shortcut keys list er. It brought many developments made in Apple's iOS, such as an easily navigable display of installed applications, to the. Chinese study posters for marking your progress. Counter strike source non steam hack more about the author.


Mountain Lion up-to-date program

What do you receive: An email with a content code for the Mac App Store. More Info iOS 5 review Apple unveils iOS 6 at WWDC, launch apps with Siri, Facebook integration, Maps iOS 6 coming to iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, new iPad, iPad 2 and iPod Touch on September 19th Starting. Discover new features for Maps and Messages. The new version of Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) is now available on the Mac App Store at. As powerful as it is, Mountain Lion OS does not come with comprehensive data recovery programs or tools. This model is capable of running macOS High Sierra (10.13), and it supports HEVC.

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To register the Carrara 8.5 Beta you will need to use the serial code listed here: CDZCPRO-085-0031103-AEM. STEP 1: Purchase OS X Mountain Lion The operating system is not free. Aobs hack transformice steam this post. I'm running the latest build on Lion and Mountain Lion on an iMac and a new MacBook. When the user runs the Corel DRAW X7 Portable, it decides to crash out anywhere without saving the progress. Speed hack para transformice their explanation.

New Player FAQ & Event Overview

So you're new(ish) to Disney Magic Kingdoms and you want to know what on earth is going on with this game? What is this event? What’s best to do next? Then you've come to the right place! Here are some FAQs this subreddit sees all the time from newbies!
Last update: May 30, 2019 (post-update 30, happiness changes edited)


A Quick Guide to Common Abbreviations
  • DMK = Disney Magic Kingdoms
  • EC = event currency
  • IP = intellectual property
  • Longer past event/collection names often get abbreviated: NBC = Nightmare Before Christmas / BATB = Beauty & The Beast / TLK = The Lion King / AIW = Alice in Wonderland / WTP = Winnie The Pooh / BH6 = Big Hero 6 / TLM = The Little Mermaid / WIR = Wreck It Ralph / PATF = Princess & the Frog

How do I unlock ____? How do I keep the storyline moving forward?
Always work on the quest at the top of your list--this will always be the one you need to work on to keep moving the story along, whether it’s an event storyline or a main storyline. Main storyline quests are marked with a small castle icon in the corner, side quests show a forked arrow icon. Event quests have a different colored background. You should never need to level a character up in order to make a storyline-progressing quest appear. If your character is not a high enough level, the quest will appear in your list and your character will just not be able to complete it until they’re the appropriate level.
The DMK Wiki is a wealth of information and provides a great overview of the storyline, quests, characters, tokens, etc. If you feel stuck and want to know what quest comes next, or what quests earn what tokens, or who needs to be what level to do something, check it out.

I don't have enough magic! How can I get more magic quickly?
Later in the game, magic is plentiful, but early on it feels like you never have enough. Don't worry. Also, don't spend gems on magic, there are far better things to spend your gems on.
Focus first on spending your magic on things to move the storyline forward. Also keep in mind that only certain land plots are necessary to move your plot forward, other side plots can be unlocked at any time when you have more magic built up and need more land to build attractions, etc. If you find yourself short on magic, try to avoid sending characters home, since this generates much less magic than if you had them actively out on quests.

How can I get more gems?
There are five main ways to earn gems for free rather than buying them: (1) leveling up characters and completing quests, (2) parades, (3) watching daily ads, (4) daily calendar rewards, and (5) leaderboard prizes during mini-events. You get gems each time you level up a character, with 5 gems for reaching level 10, and Hamm gives you 20 gems (since he’s a piggy bank!).

What’s the best way to spend my gems?
Gems can be spent on finishing tasks early, parade slots, enchanted chests, chest pedestals, characters, attractions, and limited time content. It is generally suggested to unlock parade slots early, as this actually provides a return on your gem investment since parades occasionally drop gems. Most players find that buying two enchanted chest pedestals is enough to get by, the third is an unnecessary place to spend your gems. Many players also save up their gems to spend on the limited-time content during events. Occasionally, Gameloft will have attraction sales, usually around Cyber Monday and once or twice more throughout the year. Premium attractions are discounted 0-50%, with most discounts in the 20-40% range.
Below is a table summarizing the prices, bundles, tokens, and general player advice regarding the premium characters and attractions available in the game. I've tried to summarize the majority opinions that players have expressed here, but of course there will always be some debate!

CharacteAttraction Price & Bundle Token drops General advice
Pluto 150. Collection completion gems: __. Bundle with 60 gems for $?.99 or Pluto Starter Pack bundle with Pluto's House and 40 gems for $?.99. Merlin bags, Mickey balloons, Daisy bows and ears, Minnie ears, Donald hat and ears, Pluto ears, Woody stars and ears, Jessie lassos and ears, Bo Peep bonnets and ears, Fairy Godmother wands, green dot fabric, Oogie dice, Golden Trophies. A good early game purchase, very helpful with much of the early content. Helps with Golden Trophies and TCs. Most players advise buying Pluto.
Rex 295. Collection completion gems: __. Bundle with __ gems for $7.99. Merlin book, Toy Story ball, Buzz blaster, Hamm hat, Sarge bucket o' soldiers, Rex hat, Zurg blasters and ears, Mike ears, Prince Charming ears, Fairy Godmother ears, Tinkerbell ears, Golden Trophies. Also very useful with early game content, TCs, and Golden Trophies. A good buy.
Lady Tremaine 300. Collection completion gems: _. Bundle with __ for $. Pumpkins, Cinderella ears, Prince Charming ears, Fairy Godmother ears, Anastasia ears, Anastasia feathers, Drizella ears, Drizella feathers. Useful for only Cinderella characters, has been used in a TC before.
Captain Hook 550. Collection completion gems: __. Bundle with the Jolly Roger for $14.99 Pixie dust, Wendy ears, John Darling ears, Peter Pan flutes, Michael Darling ears, Golden Trophies. Expensive, but his bundle includes an attraction. Both drop Golden Trophies. Helps with the epic/legendary Peter Pan collection tokens. One of the more useful expensive characters.
Jack Sparrow 450. Collection completion gems: __. Bundle with 100 gems for $9.99. Pirate flags, Will ears, Elizabeth ears, Barbossa hats, Tia Dalma ears, Davy Jones ears, Captain Hook ears, King Louie ears. Helpful with the Pirates and other premium characters.
Davy Jones 450. Collection completion gems: __. Bundle with 100 gems for $9.99. Pirate flags, Mickey gloves, Pete ears, Jack Sparrow compass and ears, Barbossa ears, Tia Dalma locket, striped fabric, Michael Darling bears. Only way to earn striped fabric for the pirate costumes other than buying it with elixir in Merlin's shop.
Boo 395. Collection completion gems: 12. Bundle with 130 gems for $9.99. Scream canisters, Mike hats, Sulley drawings and ears, Boo Little Mikey, Roz glasses, Celia headset, Randall ears. Can earn EC in many events, usable in TCs.
WallE 475. Collection completion gems: 10. Bundle with 80 gems for $9.99. Plant symbols, Eve's plant and ears, Bullseye ears, Flora hats, Flynn ears, King Louie palms. Biggest use is participating in TCs. Otherwise, skip unless you're a huge WallE fan/completionist.
Maximus 575. Collection completion gems: 25. Bundle with 150 gems for $9.99. Tangled banners, Rapunzel lanterns and ears, Flynn satchels, Mother Gothel daggers, Flora ears, Prince Philip ears. Most expensive premium character, most players agree he's not worth it unless you just love Tangled. His longest solo quest is only 4 hours so you may keep him at home a lot once your Tangled collection is maxed out. Does help with TC.
Merryweather 240. Collection completion gems: 40. Bundle with 150 gems for ___. Spinning wheels, Bullseye saddles, Fauna hats and ears, Aurora tiaras, Philip shields One of the cheapest characters, you get a good bonus of 40 gems for completing the fairy collection. Doesn't help with a lot but she's very affordable.
Flash 420. Collection completion gems: 20/ Bundle with Zootopia Race Track and 120 gems for $14.99. Pawpsicles, Judy carrot pens and ears, Nick ears, Chief Bogo badges, Prickly pears, Mowgli baskets. His bundle is the only way to get the ZRT without gambling for it via platinum chests. If you get the ZRT in a chest, his bundle will be unavailable.
Flower 450. Collection completion gems: 16. Bundle with 100 gems for $9.99. Autumn leaves, Thumper ears, Bambi ears, Tia Dalma ears. Limited utility and higher price, but he does help with the difficult Bambi and Tia Dalma ears.
King Louie 500. Collection completion gems: 16. Bundle with 100 gems for $9.99. Prickly pears, Bagheera branches and ears, Mowgli baskets and ears, Baloo coconuts and ears, Shere Khan ears. Expensive, does help with the difficult Shere Khan tokens, has been used in a TC.
Ringmaster 500. Collection completion gems: 16. Bundle with 100 gems for $9.99. Dumbo delivery bundle, Shere Khan torch, Timothy ears, Dumbo flags, Dumbo ears. Expensive, helps with Dumbo tokens (legendary), has been used in a TC.
Pluto's House 60. Bundle of Pluto + House + 40 gems available for $?.99. Cinderella pumpkins, Zero tombstones, Golden Trophies. Enables Pluto quests for Daisy bows, Bo Peep ears, Oogie Dice. Useful if you have Pluto, drops Golden Trophies. The Pluto Starter Pack bundle is a great deal when you're just starting the game.
Aurora's Spinning Wheel 65 Tangled banner, Spinning Wheel, Pawpsicles, Golden Trophies. Enables Merryweather's quest for Bullseye's saddle. Drops Golden Trophies every hour, cheap. Worth picking up especially during an attraction sale.
WallE's House 95 WallE ears. Not really worth it unless you're a completionist/love WallE.
RC Racers 125 Hamm ears, Pete hats. Enables Jessie's quests for Pete ears and Rapunzel lanterns and Hamm's quest for Randall drawing. Gives Bo Peep an extra quest that usually earns EC during events.
Mike & Sulley to the Rescue 130 Roz glasses, Rapunzel ears. Enable's Boo's quest for Roz glasses, Mike's quest for Roz ears, Sulley + Randall's quest for Mother Gothel ears. Helpful with Monsters Inc tokens.
Haunted Mansion 150 White & Blue fabric, Orange fabric, Sally ears, Oogie ears Helps with getting the fabrics for Donald's Halloween costume. Classic park attraction most people like to have.
The Kraken 150 Pirate flags, Will hat, Elizabeth hat. Enables Davy Jones's quest for Pirate flags. Drops Golden Trophies. Has helped with pirate-themed mini-events to earn Goofy's Pirate Costume.
Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop 175 Sarge ears, Celia headsets, John Darling umbrellas, Golden Trophies. Enables Alien's quest for his claw, Hamm's quest for Tink's thimble, and Sarge's quest for Buzz ears. Necessary if you don't want to spend tons of elixir for Alien's tokens--he can earn his own claw token with this attraction once he's level 3 or 4. Drops Golden Trophies. Recommended to buy by the time you welcome Alien.
Chip'n'Dale Treehouse 200 Chip Ears, Dale Ears. Enables Chip and Dale quests for Chip Ears, Dale Ears, Roz glasses. Most expensive, there are better attractions to spend your gems on unless you're trying to complete your collection.

I defeated Pete/Zurg/Gothel, but it says to complete more quests to unlock them?
The villain characters are first defeated, and then will be spotted wandering around your kingdom. This is different than unlocking and welcoming them. Welcoming them will happen later in the storyline, don’t worry, just keep working on the top quest in your list and they will eventually become available.

What is the "Go Home" feature and when does it unlock?
Go Home is only available after you defeat Zurg and have started to accumulate enough characters where managing all of them starts to get time consuming. You can choose to send characters "home" at any time, where they will earn a small amount of magic. You can collect all the magic from your characters at home once every 12 hours. You can send characters home and return them to your kingdom at any time, this does not affect the amount of the magic they've already generated for you at home if you take them out before the 12 hours is up. When a character is at home but has quests that can collect tokens for you, a "drops tokens" bubble will appear by their card in the "at home" menu in your character book.

What are these triangular tokens that just started appearing?/I’m still getting ear tokens but I already have enough to level up my character?
Those are probably fabric tokens for earning a costume for your character. A few of these costumes unlock with no fanfare as you level up certain characters. For example, when you level Donald up to 5, his Halloween costume unlocks and you will start seeing a white/blue patterned fabric dropping from certain quests and chests. Check the costume shop on Main Street if you’re getting mysterious new tokens that you don’t recognize. You will also need ear tokens for that character to earn their costume--that’s why the game is still dropping ears even though you’ve hit the max needed to level up. They’re going towards the costume.

What's the deal with parades? They cost a lot of magic and I noticed I actually lose magic running my parade?! What are the best floats to run?
The parade serves a couple of very important purposes. One, you get a 5% boost on magic that you collect while the parade is actively running. Two, parades are one of the biggest gem generators in the game, but they're not great for farming magic. The parade floats cost magic to run but sometimes don't drop all of that magic back. The numbers you see when selecting the floats are the maximum amount of magic the float can drop--it is not guaranteed to drop all of this magic every time it generates magic. This can be frustrating early in the game when magic is more in demand and parades feel like an expensive diversion of your hard-earned magic. But parades are a critical way for you to turn magic (which is free) into gems (which otherwise cost real money) and most veteran players recommend running as many parades with as many floats as you can afford. Buying parade slots is often recommended as one of the early ways you should spend your gems. Which floats should you run? Run the ones that are dropping tokens that you need. After that, pick the floats that drop the max number of 5 gems. Some people recommend running the cheapest floats that drop 5 gems--even though they drop less magic, you're hoping for gems anyways and that'll give you the lowest magic to gem exchange rate in the long run.

When and where do enchanted chests drop? How many will there be in my kingdom?
You will always get one chest delivered to the train station at the front of Main Street once a day, 24 hours from when you last tapped it. There can then be up to 3 other chests scattered throughout your kingdom at any one time, for a maximum total of 4 possible chests out in your kingdom at once. These 3 chests drop at random times and in random places--look around the edges of your kingdom, even in greyed out areas that you haven't unlocked yet. Unlocking new chest pedestals does not change your chest drop rate/frequency.

My chests keep dropping tokens for characters that I already have ready to level up? What's the deal with that?
In October 2018, a change was made to the enchanted chests so that the tokens that drop from the chests will continue to drop until the character has all the tokens they need to level up to 10. This does NOT apply to regular character quests--those will cease dropping tokens once the character has enough to level up, same as always.

What's in the Amber Chest I see in my calendar rewards streak?
Concessions. For a list of which concessions, as of 5/30/19, see this post.

What is this "balancing" everyone keeps talking about? Which collections have been balanced already and which ones have not?
Gameloft has been slowly "balancing" older collections in anticipation of a yet-unannounced new feature. Older collections need(ed) much lower numbers of tokens to reach level 10 compared to the newer collections. All collections are being balanced so that all characters will need 50 or 100 of their common tokens at level 10, and usually between 30-60 of their other tokens. The first of the balancing changes were made with little warning during the Mayor Tower Challenge, and created quite a backlash amongst players. Gameloft has since been more upfront with announcing impending balancing changes and has been posting these changes 1-2 weeks in advance of an update. You may choose to turn off auto-updates on your device and can usually delay installing the update with its changes for 3 days before you are forced to update to continue playing. It is best to level up as many characters to level 10 as you can before they are balanced, as a majority of the token requirements increase with these balances. A few token requirements have decreased, usually in the low-mid levels.
The following collections have already been balanced:
  • October 2018: Nightmare Before Christmas, Aladdin, Alice in Wonderland
  • January 2019: Mickey & Friends, Toy Story, Monsters Inc.
  • March 2019: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty & the Beast
Unlikely to need balancing (token requirements already in line with what the balances have been): Big Hero 6, The Little Mermaid, Wreck It Ralph, Princess & the Frog, Dumbo, Moana
Collections that have not yet been balanced (as of March 2019): Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, WallE, Tangled, Zootopia, Jungle Book, Bambi, The Incredibles, Frozen, Mulan, The Lion King, Snow White, Winnie the Pooh, Lilo & Stitch


DMK frequently runs small 2-4 day challenges during which you compete against other players to earn prizes. These happen routinely during larger events and periodically pop up between events without warning. There are three main types of mini-events:
  1. Tappers: Tapper events require you to tap on small items that pop up throughout your kingdom. These items usually appear 8-10 at a time with 2-4 hr respawn times. You cannot click on the quest logo on the left to locate these items but have to manually search your kingdom to spot them.
  2. Golden Trophy: during these events, certain quests and attractions will drop golden trophies in addition to their usual magic/EC/tokens. Your prizes are based on how many trophies you collect. Newer players typically struggle more with these events since how many golden trophies you can collect is directly related to how many characters/attractions you have unlocked.
  3. Happiness: your goal during these events is to grant as many wishes as possible. Happiness earned from chests/daily rewards does NOT count towards this event.

What are some strategies to succeed at the mini-events?
A common strategy employed by players here is to delay your entry onto the leaderboards. If you do not begin the mini-event by not clicking on any tappers/completing any golden trophy tasks/clicking the smiley faces, you are more likely to be placed into a group of players who play less frequently and have an easier time reaching the top of your leaderboard. As soon as you click on one thing, the game enters you into a leaderboard group and you are stuck competing with that group of players.

What characters and attractions drop Golden Trophies?

Characters Attractions
Buzz 60m “Scan Area with Laser” Goofy’s Playhouse 60m
Chip 60m “Where’s Dale?" Mickey’s Philharmagic 2h
Dale 60m "Where’s Chip?” The Incredibles House 2h
Hamm 60m “Coin Collector” Al’s Toy Barn 4h
Jessie 60m “Hey Howdy Hey” Primeval Whirl 4h
Sarge 60m “Scouting” Zootopia Race Track 4h
Tinkerbell 60m “Inspect the Castle” Jumpin Jellyfish 8h
Bo Peep 2h “Surprise Visit at Jessie’s” Splash Mountain 8h
Goofy 2h “Attend a Show” The Jolly Roger 8h
Mickey 2h “Play Trumpet” PREMIUM Aurora’s Spinning Wheel 60m
Woody 4h “Go on Duty” PREMIUM Pluto’s House 60m
PREMIUM Pluto 60m “Stop and Sniff” PREMIUM Fantasia Gardens and Fairways 2h
PREMIUM Rex 60m “Happy Dance” PREMIUM San Fransokyo City 4h
PREMIUM Captain Hook 60m “Bellowing Orders” (need the Jolly Roger) PREMIUM The Kraken 4h
PREMIUM Happy 60m “Washing Up with Happy” PREMIUM Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop 4h
PREMIUM Dopey 2h “Play the Cymbals” PREMIUM Enchanted Tiki Room 6h


There are two types of events in DMK: what I’ll call “classic” events and the newer “Tower Challenge” events.


Classic Events are about a month long and give you the chance to unlock new characters and attractions for a limited time only. After the event ends, the characters/attractions cannot be earned through normal gameplay, but can be purchased from time to time in the Legendary Chests in the shop. A few items from past events have also returned as rewards during the Tower Challenge events.
Gameloft typically posts teaser hints on their social media pages a week or two in advance of an event. These hints lead up to a livestream, with the update rolling out and the event beginning a few days later.
During the original DMK events--The Incredibles (summer 2016), Nightmare Before Christmas (Halloween 2016), Frozen (winter 2016), Beauty & The Beast (spring 2017), The Lion King (summer 2017), Aladdin (Aug-Sep 2017), Alice in Wonderland (fall 2017), and Snow White (winter 2017)--the goal was to defeat the villain of the series in order to unlock the character to welcome to your kingdom before the end of the event. During 2018 events, instead of defeating the villain and rushing to unlock/welcome them, you work towards unlocking one of the main characters of the collection by collecting their tokens throughout the entire event. This character is the most difficult to obtain and has the hardest tokens to collect. The events that followed this format were Winnie-the-Pooh (spring 2018), Lilo & Stitch (spring 2018), Big Hero 6 (summer 2018), and The Little Mermaid (fall 2018). Princess & the Frog (winter 2019) saw a return to the defeat-the-villain format. Future events may follow either format.
Events do not use magic but instead use a special event currency that can only be earned and used during the event. The quests that earn EC will be highlighted a different color in the quest menu.
Each event also has a featured “helper collection”, which is a past event collection whose characters each have a quest that can earn EC/tokens. These characters will also get a side quest storyline during the event to earn you extra EC. Having these extra characters and completing their sidequests is NOT necessary for completing the event. The featured “helper collection” is available for purchase in legendary chests usually starting on the second day of the event, with a free legendary chest given away as your daily calendar reward that day.
Try to earn as much event currency as you can, as everything you purchase during the event will need the EC, and anything left over at the end of the event gets converted into gems, at a rate of 1 gem per 2,000 EC (max 40 gems).


How do I get the event/start the event?
The update usually rolls out a day or two before the event begins, make sure you update your app before the event begins. If you are an Android user, note that Google Play will roll out the update in batches to various devices (not all at once like iOS or Windows), so some users get it 24 hrs in advance, other users won’t have it available until <1 hr in advance. DON’T PANIC, this happens every event and people always panic about it. It’s stressful having to wait, but it will show up in your app store eventually.
If you're brand new to DMK, you need to have unlocked California Screamin' and Mickey's Pirate costume to participate.
Events begin at 11 am EDT, and Merlin will typically pop up and introduce you to the first character to unlock. There’s nothing special you need to do to trigger the event if you’ve done all of the above.

What should I do to prepare for the event?
Typical advice experienced players give includes:
  • Stop leveling up main storyline characters, particularly early game characters. This frees up your character book for welcoming/leveling the event characters as soon as you are ready. It also decreases the amount of other tokens you have dropping from character quests/chests, so your chances of getting an event token are increased.
  • Focus on earning the EC, not magic. Magic seems scarce at the beginning of the game but you begin to have an abundance of it after a while. If a character can be earning EC, always be sending them on that/those quest(s) during the event. Continue sending your other characters to earn magic if they can’t help with the event. Remember, the main storyline isn’t going anywhere, but these event characters disappear in a few weeks.
  • Make sure to have your characters ready and free at the beginning of the event, don’t send someone on a 24h quest or level someone up to level 10 right before the event begins!

Should I buy the premium character(s)/attraction/parade float? How many gems will I need?
The premium items are EXTREMELY helpful, but not necessary. Typical costs are:
  • Parade float: 50 gems (bundle with 1500 EC $1.99)
  • First premium character: 200 gems (bundle with concession stand $3.99)
  • Second premium character: 300 gems (bundle with EC $5.99)
  • Premium attraction: 150 gems (bundle with EC $3.99)
If you don’t buy any of the premiums, expect to have to check in to the app very frequently (every hour or two) if you hope to get all available content. It will be difficult, but not impossible. Several events have required the premium characters AND the premium attraction to run 2/3 of the quests to earn the last token for the last character, more recent events have changed this so that the premium attraction enables characters to go on faster quests to earn the same tokens (hopefully this trend will continue). It is often very difficult, though not impossible, to reach the end of the event without these premium purchases. Many players suggest stockpiling gems for use during events--run parades, watch ads, and compete in mini-events in between events to build up your stash. If you play on Android, you can use Google Opinion Rewards to earn free Play Store credits that you can use to purchase event bundles; I believe Apple also offers something similar on iOS.

How do I unlock the grand prize character bundle?/I almost have enough tokens but not quite!! Is there anything I can do?!
If you’re worried about earning the grand prize character in time, there will be a bundle that lets you purchase them, but this does not become available until you reach the point in the storyline where you can unlock them. You must have their “Welcome” quest available, then the bundle should show up when you go their page in the character book. You can sometimes also purchase any missing tokens and the welcome timer with gems; the cost of the tokens varies with the rarity as follows:
  • Rare tokens = 30 gems/token
  • Epic tokens = 40 gems/token
  • Legendary tokens = 45 gems/token
  • Skip the welcome timer of 60 mins = 4 gems

What happens to my EC/tokens at the end?
Event currency gets converted into gems, at a rate of 1 gem per 2,000 EC (max 40 gems). Any tokens you’ve collected remain in your possession, but you can’t unlock the characters or earn any more. If you get the character in the future from a legendary chest, those tokens will be there for you to use to level up. This does NOT apply to the grand prize character's first token; this token will be replaced by the collection's common token after the event and those first tokens earned during the event simply disappear.

The Tower Challenge was a new style of event introduced in June 2018. There are three “chapters” in this style of event lasting 5 days each. Characters from varying collections challenge Maleficent in her tower to earn event currency, with different character collections used each chapter. Each chapter also features a different past event collection, with one character and one attraction from the collection available for purchase using event currency. This offers new players a way to earn (rather than buy in legendary chests) characters from past events.
To entice old players to keep playing, one new character is added to a past collection--Jack Jack, Christopher Robin, The Mayor, Cri-Kee, LeFou, and Rajah have joined the game in this way. The tokens to welcome this new character are only able to be purchased with event currency during the event, with a new token unlocking during each chapter. If you miss out on this character during the TC, the new character will eventually be available through legendary chests and any tokens purchased during the event will remain in your inventory to use for leveling the character up.
During each chapter of the event, there are 4 character collections that can be used to “challenge the tower” (3 are comprised of characters from the main story, one is a previous event collection). One character from each collection can be sent on this quest at a time, plus the “featured” character, for a total of 5 characters max challenging the tower at a time. This quest lasts 2 hours. Characters earn Maleficent points and EC for completing this quest; how many points/coins are earned depends on the levels of the characters you send out. Level 10 characters earn maximum points/coins. It is beneficial to have as many characters as possible at level 10 for this event. The points progress you through the chapter, there are rewards as you earn more points (EC, decorations, concession stands, etc.), and to officially complete a chapter of the event, you need to reach the final point goal. The EC is used to purchase the featured characteattraction/tokens for the new character in the event shop.
After completing the quest to challenge the tower, characters become “tired” and will need to be “refreshed” before being sent out on the quest again. There are two ways to refresh your characters: (1) refresher tokens can be earned by certain quests, one token is used to refresh one character one time. (2) once a day, you can refresh all of your tired characters by using the daily refresh button at the bottom of the challenge screen. This is best used when all of your characters are tired, it resets once a day at 11 am EST. The “featured” character during each chapter does NOT get tired and will never need to use refreshers.
Each TC has had minor modifications from the last one. It seems very likely that TCs will continue to evolve and test out new features going forward.


How should I prepare for a Tower Challenge?
Level up characters to level 10 if possible, as the higher the character's level, the more EC they earn when they challenge the tower. Focus on early/mid game characters, including Mickey & Friends, Toy Story, Cinderella, Monsters Inc, Pirates, and WallE--these characters have been utilized in nearly every TC. Once it has been revealed which event collections will be featured, try to get the first character of the collection to level 10 if you already own them, since they will be the featured character during their chapter and can be used repeatedly without getting tired. These characters are:
Elastigirl from The Incredibles, Jack Skellington from NBC, Anna from Frozen, Li Shang* from Mulan, Beast from BATB, Pumbaa from TLK, Aladdin from Aladdin, Mad Hatter from AIW, Doc from Snow White, Rabbit from WtP, Nani from Lilo & Stitch, Hiro from BH6, Sebastian from TLM, Eudora from PATF, Sina from Moana
*During the Mulan TC (January 2019), Mulan was offered as the featured character instead of Li Shang.

What happens to my EC/tokens at the end?
Any extra EC after the event ends is converted into gems but at a much lower rate than during classic events; the conversion rate has been 5,000 EC = 1 gem. Some of the tokens you have purchased for the grand prize character will remain in your inventory--the first token disappears, as the character will use their collection's common token from now on. The later two tokens remain the same; any purchased during the event will stay in your inventory to use for leveling up in the future after you obtain the character from a legendary chest.

Helpful Resources

The DMK wiki can be found here and is a wealth of information.

Here is a collection of useful resources developed by the wonderful members of this sub!
Character level tracker by u/Onnoel This spreadsheet helps you keep track of what level your characters are and how long it will take to get them up to level 10. Original thread here. UPDATE: 4/15/19, includes Moana.
Token conflict app by u/thepiratemermaid This handy web app tells you which tokens drop from the same quests so you can avoid leveling up characters whose token drops will conflict with another. Very useful during events or when you're trying to improve your drops for a particular character. Original thread here.
Land map spreadsheet (Google sheets) by u/TeelMcClanahanIII This spreadsheet is a map of the kingdom that you can use to plan where to place your buildings. Original thread here.
Costume Guide This shows how to get costumes, what fabric is for what costume, and which costumes enable token-earning tasks.
Index of Animated Tasks This is a guide to which tasks have associated animations!

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Switching Fusion drive from APFS to HFS+, progress seems frozen

So I foolishly updated my 2012 27" iMac w/3TB Fusion drive to Catalina, & the machine became almost unuseable; jerky UI, audio dropouts, lots of beachballs. I decided to restore back to the OS that it shipped with. Made a full Time Machine backup to external, (which took about 3 days), then booted into recovery. OS restore only gave me the option to reinstall Catalina, I found out that I needed to boot into online recovery. There, I could reinstall Mountain Lion. But I needed to reformat the drive to HFS+ first. In Disk Utility, I could see the SSD and HDD. I selected the SSD, planning to reformat it first, then the HDD. The process started, progress bar got about halfway through in a few minutes, but it's now been sitting there frr a good 6 hours now, nothing happening but a spinning beachball.
Can I do a hard shutdown, boot into offline recovery, which has a newer version of Disk Utility, and try again? If I do a hard shutdown, is there a risk of making my Fusion drive unuseable?
This process of downgrading the OS is turning into a week long ordeal! Thanks in advance for advice!
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