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How to Analyze and Cue Tracks in Rekordbox: 13 Steps
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Rekordbox & Mixed In Key – Pioneer DJ

How to Transfer Your Windows-based DJ Library from One Software to Another using Rekord Buddy 2 and a Mac VM

I just finished my weekend project of converting my Windows-based Traktor Pro 2 Library to Serato DJ using Rekord Buddy 2 and a Virtual Machine, and I wanted to share my experience with anyone else that needs to do the same.
If this guide helps you, please subscribe to my YouTube channel as thanks. My goal is 100 subs. Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAlCJykBMnT1bSmkx0bOkRA
First off, "What is Rekord Buddy 2?"
In short, Rekord Buddy 2 is:
  • a program made by DJs for use by DJs as a way to organize your music library with easy and intuitive controls and features.
  • You can edit your track ID3 info, rating, date added, custom tags and more.
  • Crate organization, playlist organization, and live-updating "Smart Playlist" organization all built into a fast and friendly navigation
  • Synchronize your library across different DJing platforms, such as Traktor, Serato, RekordBox, and more. It transfers crates / playlists, grids, cues, etc from one software to the next and back again, allowing you a comprehensive way to not only keep your files in check through smart playlist management and file tagging, but keep your collection cohesive across multiple platforms, all at the touch of a button
  • More features are planned for release, so this is just the starting point for an already robust and awesome software
  • Simply stated: Rekord Buddy 2 does all the extra work for you. Don't take my word for it, visit their website here: http://next.audio/ and see for yourself.
"Why would I want my library to be transferable to another software?"
In my case, I switched from a Numark 4TRAK to a Pioneer DDJ-SX2 and wanted to migrate to Serato to get the full benefit of my new controller. I may also want to be able to pull up my tracks in RekordBox on Pioneer CDJs later on, or mix on equipment that's not mine, without having to re-cue everything or guess as to where I should start a track or where I can jump into it.
"How much is Rekord Buddy 2?"
That is to be announced, but I promise you... it's well worth whatever the price is.
"What are the requirements for Rekord Buddy 2?"
In order to use Rekord Buddy 2, you MUST have a computer running Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later.
"How did you use it then, if you're using Windows?"
I created a virtual machine with OS X El Capitan on it, and that's what this post is for; to help others that need to do the same. I ask that you please keep this thread specific to the workings of the software in the VM. Pleaese direct all "Rekord Buddy 2"-specific problems directly to their support team. They want this program to be perfect, so RTFM and send the crash logs if it crashes.
"What do I need to do then?"
Here's an outline:
You're allowed to have a virtualized version of OS X if you already own OS X (eg: you own an iMac, Macbook Pro, Macbook, etc). You also need to have the Mac-based version of Traktor, Serato, Rekord Box, etc... This guide assumes you do, and I am not responsible for any activities you do while following this guide.
This method is NOT supported by Next Audio Labs, so I will do my best to support you here with any issues you encounter. If Rekord Buddy 2 crashes, please send the crash logs at the next program startup.
64-bit Computer beefy enough to run a virtual machine.
  • I'm running an i7 3930K @ 4.3GHz and 64GB RAM... your mileage and performance may vary based on your own computer. I chose to do this on my beefy desktop instead of my laptop because my laptop is only running 12GB of RAM. Again, YMMV.
VMWare Workstation Player:
  • Do NOT use Virtual Box... it was terrible. I had issue after issue (No sound, external drive problems, boot problems) and cannot recommend virtualizing OS X for this purpose.
  • Do NOT Install VMWare Tools, it will break Rekord Buddy 2's ability to write to Serato (and possibly other programs)
VMWare Unlocker: https://drive.google.com/drive1/folders/0B0i6y7qtBqWAUEFOMkdYY1cxeEk
  • This allows you to create an OS X VM
The Windows and Mac versions of the software you're going to convert from and to (Traktor, Serato DJ, RekordBox, etc)
External Harddrive formated in exFAT
  • Why exFAT? Because exFAT is a filesystem that can be read and written to by both Windows and OSX. It makes this easier, trust me.
Here's what you need to do:
0.) First and foremost, back up all your data. DJ Library, DJ Settings, do a whole system backup if you can because if you screw something up, I'm not responsible.
  • This is in the Rekord Buddy 2 Manual.. keep a backup of your entire library, and a whole system backup if you can!
1.) Copy your entire music library onto your exFAT formatted external drive. Copy your Software's root directory as well, like you're migrating to a new computer (because you are):
2.) Install VMWare and set up the VM according to this guide: http://techsviewer.com/how-to-install-mac-os-x-el-capitan-on-vmware-on-pc/
  • The linked guide revolves around OS X 10.11 El Capitan... the way it's written doesn't always read well, so just follow the pictures as best you can and ask questions here.
  • Do NOT Install VMWare Tools
  • Don't forget to edit the VMX file at the end
  • You can set your VM to your taste... mine was only running 2 Processors and 4GB RAM (4096) and it ran great.
  • Do NOT Install VMWare Tools!!!
3.) Install the Mac-version of the DJ software you're migrating from into the Virtual Machine. I'm not going to handhold you here, this is Reddit, I'm sure you can figure how to get the software installed...
  • I would recommend trying to match the version of the Windows-version, just for compatibility purposes. For instance, I installed Traktor 2.6.8 because that's what I run on my Windows Laptop.
4.) in the VM, you need to purchase, download, and install Rekord Buddy 2 from their site: http://next.audio/
  • DO NOT ACTIVATE IT YET (because you'll need to open it to activate it, and I don't want you jumping ahead)
5.) Install the Mac-version of the DJ software you're migrating to into the VM.
  • Again, try to match the version you'll be using on your PC.
6.) Now that you have Rekord Buddy 2 installed, RTFM. RTFM Again. RTFM AGAIN!! Don't know what RTFM means? PUTSB. ;)
7.) Plug in your exFAT external drive containing the data we copied over in Step 1 into a USB port on the computer running the VM.
8.) Get the VM to recognize and interact with the exFAT drive directly. While loaded into OSX in the VM:
  • Click "Player" (top left)
  • Go to "Removable Devices"
  • Go to (Your Removable Drive)
  • Click "Connect (Disconnect from host)"
  • It should now be recognized by the OS X VM and show up on the desktop as an orange drive.
9.) Copy back the Collection information you created from your Windows-based DJ software into the Mac-version (this is the second half of the migration started in Step 1)
  • Traktor users, you can just load up the software and point your ROOT Directory in "Library Management" to the (Traktor Root directory) on your external. You'll need to exit Traktor and go back into it again. This is normal.
  • Serato users, you should just be able to copy back the Serato directory on top of itself in the Users/Music folder
  • RekordBox: (can someone tell me what RekordBox users need to do so I can put it here? k Thx)
10.) Check the consistency of your files... Unless you always play off an external, they're probably listed as "Missing" now in the Mac-version of the DJ software.
  • Traktor: Once consistency is checked, just click "Relocate" and point to your external drive
  • Serato: You'll want to use "Analyze Library" I believe (someone correct me if I'm wrong please) and point it to the external to find the "missing" files.
  • RekordBox: (Someone tell me what to do here, too, please)
11.) Once the files are located, you can test a few songs by dragging them into a deck and trying to play it. Did it load and play? Great. If not, check Step 10...
12.) Once you've verified your files are good to go, you can close your DJ software in the VM but keep the VM Running.
13.) It's time to open and activate Rekord Buddy 2.
  • If you don't know where your Rekord Buddy 2 license is, you can find it on their website after you log in:
  • My Account
  • View Licenses
  • Click the KEY icon
  • Copy that random key
  • Paste it into the license area
14.) Set your preferences in Rekord Buddy 2 before Syncing. You'll need to click "Rekord Buddy 2" at the top, then click "Preferences"
  • I converted from Traktor to Serato. I wanted my Key Notation to be in the Camelot scale, so I changed that from "Musical".
  • I went to the Traktor tab and used "Set Custom Library Location" and set it to the (Traktor Root Directory) on my external exFAT drive
15.) Once your preferences are set, exit the Preferences window and click the "Sync" button.
16.) Be patient... if all went well, close out of Rekord Buddy 2 and open your destination DJ software in your VM... Everything should be there as intended
17.) Copy your settings / collection folder from the VM back onto your external exFAT drive... I recommend saving it into its own directory for versioning purposes in case something happens.
  • New Serato (came from another software): The "Serato" (root directory) you want to copy is in: Users > (Your Username) > Music. Make sure you get the whole thing, it's all important. Copy this on top of the one that should've automatically put itself on your external exFAT drive (don't overwrite "database V2")
  • New Traktor (came from another software): The "Traktor" (root directory) you want to copy is in: Users > (Your Username) > Music. Make sure you have the collection.nml file, as well as the following directories "Coverart", "Stripes", "Transients" (just try to get the whole folder...)
  • New RekordBox (came from another software): No idea... someone help me out
18.) If you haven't already done so, install your destination DJ Software into your Windows machine (the one you'll be DJing with)
19.) Plug your external drive into your Windows DJ computer and re-import the new settings you just copied over in step 17.
20.) Test it...
Like I said, Rekord Buddy 2 is a very amazing software. Mad shout out to Damien Sirkis and the entire Next.Audio crew for creating this.
I highly recommend, guys, that you keep your library organized using it. If you're on a Mac, you're lucky because you can just keep it all on the same machine. If you're on Windows, you're lucky because you had me to help you out, and we're all lucky to have Rekord Buddy 2. Windows version is supposedly in the works, so us Windows guys can hang tight and then we won't have to fiddle with VMs to do what we should be able to do natively. Just keep calm and be creative. Practice and Enjoy <3
Again if this guide helped you, please subscribe to my YouTube channel as thanks. I will be posting a video-guide for this video later this week. My goal is 100 subscribers, thanks :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAlCJykBMnT1bSmkx0bOkRA
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Denon vs Pioneer

So reading a lot of posts around this reddit I see a lot of people saying just go with Denon it outclasses the pioneer in features and is cheaper. A lot of this is true, but there aren't only positives with denon. I have had fairly extensive use with both Denon Prime Cdjs (currently own a sc5000 and x1800 set) and on full nexus setups. There are a few things that people need to consider when buying one or the other.
Mind you I have not used the new units and these may have been fixed on the sc6000s.
Are you going to be transporting the units around a lot?
Pioneer has the durability here. I have had my Denon units for close to a year and a half now and have been storing them in odyssey black label cases. Even with storage and proper setup on stable tables with no accidents or falls. I have gone through 6 Denon devices in the past year. While props to Denon for having incredibly fast rma and warranty services. Pioneers I have used and had friends who have owned have held up much better even through constant wear and tear and travel. My friends full Denon setup has had the same durability issues. Things like dead screens, platters, buttons, and faders.
Are you putting on events or using them to fly in regional or national artists?
Go with the pioneers. While Denon may have more features pioneer is the industry standard and you won't convince a national act to just try out the denons. You 9/10 times will be renting a pioneer setup and leaving the Denons at home. Even in local scenes many DJs perform on pioneer dj controllers meaning local events will be more geared towards pioneer gear as well.
Are you an at home DJ for fun?
Go with Denon. They are cheaper, more features, better screens, skills are easily transferred to a pioneer setup if you ever use them, can do 4 deck mixing without buying two new players. The Denons win here for a lot of reasons but ultimately the price is key and if you aren't performing live or running events Denon is going to work better or the same for you for less money.
All my music is in serato or rekordbox already is it hard to switch to engine prime?
Not really at all. You can import your hotcues, analysis and everything directly into engine and don't let this be the deciding factor for you. Even if you have rekordbox drives you can plug them directly into a Denon cdj and play without any setup.
Are the Denon features really that much better? The answer is yes and no. At the end of the day a cdj primarily does a few things. Plays music from a drive and provides a DJ visual feedback about that track. The nicer screens on the Denons are a great quality of life feature. From the better framerate, touch quality, and screen quality it certainly is nice. Being able to DJ on 4 decks with two units is also incredibly nice specially when DJing with another person and pioneer currently can't do this. The pads on the Denons are super nice having loops and hotcues easily mapped same with splice and rolls. With all of that said when I play on a nexus setup I don't notice the changes enough to really complain and don't struggle much to do similar things to the Denons.
Engine vs Rekordbox? Well a few things here. I think both have lots of issues and could use some work, but ultimately I've had better beatgrid detection from rekordbox, but I find Engine fairly easy to use. Neither would be enough to sell me on either product.
Which should you buy?
I think a lot of factors go into play but ultimately it's very dependent on your needs. Both are great products and perform exceptionally well. Both have tons of support and will be some of the best dj equipment you've ever used. Both have pros and cons.
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