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Mid/late 90s death metal - a look into the "dark ages"

There is always a lot of controversy and discussion with regards to when musical genres are at their peak and when exactly they decline. Different people will come with different answers. Some say NWOBHM was at its peak from 1979-1981 whilst others would stretch that period to 82 or even 83. The same logic applies to every other subgenre in metal. When it comes to death metal, the genre arguably began its golden age around 1989 which saw many legendary debuts/follow ups (Altars of Madness/Leprosy/Severed Survival/Consuming Impulse/etc). The end period is more difficult to discern, but in my mind it ended after 1993. The genre had reached its maximum commercial limit at this point. Several Earache acts had signed on to subsidiaries of bigger labels and it seemed for a brief moment that death metal might take off. Entombed's "Wolverine Blues" was being promoted with Marvel's characters and songs off Morbid Angel's Covenant appeared in shitty horror films.
But by this point, the genre had become excessively saturated. Just like thrash, too many indistinguishable bands kept popping up, which bored audiences hungry for something new. The emerging second wave of Black Metal scene injected a lot of excitement into the extreme metal genre and many people drifted onto that. Others abandoned metal altogether and explored other genres of music (e.g. Karl Willetts got into D'n'B around this time). Many small and mid-sized acts began calling it a day seeing as how the scene was stagnant - bands like Autopsy, Atheist, Pestilence, Brutality, etc.
Was Death metal "dead" though? Not really. Many stalwarts continued to release great records in this period, like Morbid Angel, Death, Dismember, Sinister, Incantation, etc. It's just that because of the backlash, it was a very difficult period for any new band to gain any kind of recognition. There were still a number of labels dedicating themselves to releasing quality releases, such as Repulse Records (formerly Drowned Productions) or Wild Rags. After a few years of stagnation, death metal slowly emerged once more around 1998 as the big labels began once more to sign new death metal acts.
In hindsight, this forgotten era is not as bad as people make it out to be. As people got fed up with the early death metal sounds, this epoch was more characterized by its experimentation and branching out. Many of the bands featured here reflect that, playing very different styles of death metal such as death/doom, NYDM, "melodic" death metal (not the gothenburg sound), black/death metal or sometimes just playing traditional styles with a fresh take.
Not every release mentioned here is a "forgotten classic", but all are in mind at least good releases that are worth a spin.
Some notes before you comment:
One release per band
No compilations (that's why there is no Imprecation or Darkified)
Although it can be somewhat subjective, I don't want to include big bands in this list as I feel those are too obvious and most people are aware of them. These include, but are not limited to: Morbid Angel, Death, Sinister, Krisiun, Suffocation, Nile, Cryptopsy, Vader, etc
Timeghoul – Panaramic Twilight - Generally hailed as one of the forgotten relics of the early DM scene, TImeghoul were making out of worldly technical death metal that defied most of what was common at the time. Thanks to the power of the internet, their legacy has been revived but they still remain a tragically underrated band that should be mentioned in the same breath as Atheist, Cynic and other tech death bands of the day.
Infester – To the Depths…In Degradation - Infester were one of the first US bands to begin embracing black metal elements into the music. Their full length is NYDM ala Incantation sprinkled with synths and dual vocals that result in one of the most hellish listening experiences known to man. An absolute classic
Death Squad – Into the Crypt - An overlooked band from the Netherlands that played an amalgamation of the two broad styles that have always dominated the country – crunchy, Celtic Frost guitar tone mixed with thrash tempos. At 26 minutes, the album is short and sweet.
Gorement – The Ending Quest - Sometimes bands defy their national sound. Gorement was one such band in the land of the HM2, opting more for a debut of mid-paced death metal that had more to do with Paradise Lost’s “Gothic” than it ever did with Left Hand Path. Dark and brooding death metal of the best kind.
Uncanny – Splenium for Nyktophobia - In 1994, Uncanny’s debut came at an important crosspoint. The traditional Stockholm sound was dying out and instead being replaced by the harmonized riffs in Gothenburg. This album represents both of best worlds, bringing together Entombed and At The Gates into a fantastic blend.
Sadistic Intent – Resurrection - From the recesses of SoCal came Sadistic Intent, a band dead set on keeping faithful to the early sounds of Morbid Angel and 80s death metal. Mike Browning would be proud.
Hazael – Thor - If you want proof that Swedeath was essentially dead by 1994, look no further than the fact a Polish band released the best album of that style in this year – defying their fellow countrymen who were more interested in the sounds from the Florida underground. Hazael’s take on the sound is the moodier and more atmospheric kind, sort of a marriage between Desultory and God Macabre.
Doomstone - Those Whom Satan Hath Joined - While King Fowley was still in Deceased, he kept himself busy participating in this quartet of musicians that somehow managed to blend death metal, doom and traditional heavy metal in one package. Sometimes reminiscent of Nunslaughter, sometimes Mercyful Fate, always great. It’s not strictly 100% DM, but does it matter?
Ahrimah – Ain Soph Aur - A bizarre fusion between traditional death metal and 70s prog. Think less of Opeth and more of Morbid Angel with some long meandering Pink Floyd-esque passages and it summarises the nature of Ahrimah’s music fairly well.
Anathemized – Disdain - Dreamy, ethereal and doomy death metal that invokes a lot of elements from early Septic Flesh.
Sarcasm – A Touch of the Burning Red Sunset - Sarcasm decided 3rd rate Autopsy worship wasn’t their thing and in their last demo went for a radical change in sound, one which was more reminiscent of fellow compatriots Dissection – but in a much more atmospheric direction.
Exoto – Carnival of Souls - A more thrashy version of early Morbid Angel. Great stuff.
Discrucior - Mundus Subterraneus - An Estonian band that decided to pay tribute to the early Paradise Lost demos. The production is fairly poor, but most definitely worth a listen if you enjoy the haunting sounds of early death/doom.
Charlie Christ – Symphonies of Blasphemy - Before Erik got involved in Decrepit Birth, he tried his hand in this absurdly named band which played a pretty decent technical take on the Florida sound.
Conscious Rot – The Soil - An obscure band from Lithuania, Conscious Rot were at the intersection of various styles – Swedish, Finnish and American. It has the an early Death meets BOSS HM2 guitar sound with passages that sound straight out of God Macabre.
Cianide – A Descent into Hell - From the home of Master, Cianide provided nothing but exceptionally heavy death/doom with loooow vocals. An absolute treat for those who love their death metal with a lot of Celtic Frost influences.
Mortem – Demon Tales - As the old pioneers of the South American scene were withering away and become groove monkeys, Mortem was just getting started by unleashing their archaic death metal that brought about the best elements of Slayer, Possessed and Morbid Angel. Peruvians legends now and forever.
Abramelin – Abramelin - Aussie death metal of a high calibre, ridden with riffs for days on end.
Solemn – Asaru Brethren - Solemn were a little known band from Jersey that happened to share a rehearsing room with Incantation. This common thread translated into their sound as with “Asaru Brethren”, Solemn produced one of the earliest caverndeath releases – largely indebted to the first two Incantation albums with its own touches. Extremely underrated. Their drummer even briefly played in Incantation and was the drummer for Deteriorot.
Septic Grave – Caput Mortuum - One of the lesser bands that were playing a deathier take on the black/death sound of Unanimated/Sacramentum. Fairly good demo.
Disaffected – Vast - An extremely bizarre and progressive death metal album from Portugal. If you like early ATG, give this a go.
Mythos – Pain Amplifier - Mythos were from Finland, but opted not to play their country sound. Instead, Pain Amplifier is a either a death metal-influenced black metal album or a black metal-influenced death metal album depending on who you ask. Regardless, it’s great.
Morbius – Alienchrist - Before Arghoslent, there was Morbius (seriously, their drummer played for them). Like most Virginia bands, there is a strong HM sensibility in Morbius’s take on the genre. The end result is almost like an American version of The Chasm (although not as good).
Vomiturition – A Leftover - The grooviest take of Finnish death metal possible. It’s got the Finndeath morbid melodies, but coupled with the mid-era Bolt Thrower groove. Not the pinnacle of the scene, but definitely way above what was available in 95.
Lepra – Leprosos Satanicos - A disgusting maelstrom of thrashy death/grind. Think Suffocation circa Human Waste era. The band released one album and vanished into thin air, as was typical of bands that era.
Agony – Apocalyptic Dawning - Quebec death metal from the mid 90s. Can you guess how this sounds? Very competent technical death metal. For fans of Crypstopsy, Atheist and Suffocation.
Necrotic Mutation – The Realm of Human Illusion - A small Quebec band that paid homage to Covenant-era Morbid Angel mixed with the technicality of Suffocation. Solid material.
Experiment Fear - Assuming the Godform - Jeff Loomis was in this band at one point. Coming from the Midwest, Experiment Fear played a sort of fancier version of Deicide replete with multiple changes in time signature, but never being excessively flashy for the sake of it.
Scum - Purple Dreams & Magic Poems - Scum’s second album came in the midst of the decay of the Finnish death metal scene. As their fellow compatriots were departing further from death metal, Scum struck a nice balance to deliver a doomy tinged death metal release that would be the missing link between The Karehlian Isthmus and Tales of a Thousand Lakes.
Succubus – Destiny - Succubus’s 1995 EP brings together the technicality of Atheist/Cynic with the frostbitten and chilling sound of Sentenced’s North from Here. Not the best production in the world, but enough to enjoy the twists and turns of the music presented here.
R.U. Dead? – Nothing Will be Forgiven - Arguably the worst name ever, R.U.Dead? was founded from the remains of Poison (Ger). But rather than play black/thrash, R.U.Dead? practiced a very tech/proggy version of DM reminiscent of the first At The Gates album. Expect weird time signatures and abrupt changes of pace.
Uncreation – Death to Humanity - A Spanish band that released a short EP of groovy NYDM worship. It’s sufficiently distinct to actually be discernible from among the hundreds of bands playing this style in this era.
Horgkomostropus - Lugubre resurreccion - Remember how I said Solemn were one of the first Caverndeath bands? So were Horgkomostropus, but the difference is that they were from Honduras – one of the poorest Central American countries. The fact a band from this era could unleash such a fine piece of dark death metal is a testament to the dedication of the musicians behind this project.
Lustful – The Almighty Facets - From Brazil, Lustful were a band that were typical DM for the time, very Morbid Angel/Deicide influenced. However, Lustful distinguished themselves from the pack by incorporating some of the old Minas Gerais sound of early Sepultura and Sarcofago to add in an extra kick. Not super revolutionary, but good enough for this list.
Symphony of Grief – Our Blessed Conqueror - Symphony of Grief were one of the best signature bands from Wild Rags – playing a style that merged Incantation NYDM with Disembowelement death/doom. Worth a spin.
Perpetual Doom – Sorrow’s End - Before Phil Lambonte was making awful music with All That Remains, he fronted a kind of quaint death metal band that brings together elements of Grave, Bolt Thrower and Carcass in a blender. Definitely better than anything he produced afterwards.
Ceremonium – Into the Autumn Shade - Yet another devastatingly heavy, grinding and crushing death/doom that will leave you a sombre mess.
November’s Doom - Amid Its Hallowed Mirth - November’s Doom are more known nowadays for incorporating 70s prog and more clean vocals into their brand of death/doom. However, in their debut, there are barely any signs of what was to come. In fact, this is pure early PL/Anathema worship of a very solid nature.
Dusk - Majestic Thou Art in Ruin - The type of slow, engulfing death/doom that will depress you. Dusk's death/doom leaves no room for optimism, it is simply a half hour debut of pure, tormented slow-paced death metal.
Adramelech – Psychotasia - I consider this album the final hurrah of the original Finnish scene. By this point, all the bands in the scene had essentially split up or changed their sound drastically. Adramelech stuck to their guns, to deliver the sound which made Finland a haven for DM in the day – dark, twisted melodies mixed with deep guttural growls and furious drumming.
Sacramentary Abolishment – River of Corticone - Before Vermin blessed us with his vocal delivery in Revenge, he was in this Canadian band that faithfully integrated doomy death and Blasphemy BM into a neat package. It has the chaotic solos and percussion, but mixed with slow and melodic passages. Very neat.
Inquisitor - Walpurgis, Sabbath of Lust - Dutch death/thrash with some of the most over the top vocals heard by anyone.
Damnation – Rebel Souls - For me, a lot of Polish DM falls into the trap of taking the Morbid Angel/Deicide sound and making it too faceless/dull without any identity. Damnation do follow this sound, but are much flashier, their percussion is tighter and songs take completely un-expected turns with the use of keyboards. The end experience is a very memorable death metal album.
Golem – Eternity: The Weeping Horizons - A German band that tried to mesh the sounds of Necroticism and Heartwork into a neat package. Sometimes it feels like you’re listening to Heartwork 2.0, but I don’t feel this is a bad thing.
Fallen Christ – Abduction Rituals - Have you ever wondered what Altars of Madness would sound like if it was more grindcore sounding and they added a pinch of black metal? This essentially encapsulates the sound of Fallen Christ’s only album, which features some of the best early David Vincent imitation and impeccable drumming from Alex Hernandez (former Immolation drummer).
Rise – Shadow of Ruins - A relatively unknown USDM band that played very competent Covenant-era Morbid Angel worship spliced with some Bolt Thrower groove on top.
Fleshcrawl - Bloodsoul - In 1996, your best hope when it came to listening to a new Swedeath album was waiting for Fleshcrawl to drop a new full length (or listen to Dismember's brief attempts at death'n'roll/melodic death metal). While this sound was deader than dead in this era, Fleshcrawl never gave a shit and continued to deliver the punishing riffs of Grave, Dismember and Entombed to a small crowd of devoted Swedeath lovers.
Insatatinity – Divine Decomposition - Insatanity were one of those early NYDM bands that took on a more dark atmosphere – sort of Morpheus Descends meet Infester. The only drawback from this effort is that drags on too much. If it were an EP, it would be one of the most underrated pieces of 90s death metal.
Asgard – To a Golden Age - A French Unleashed, complete with the archetypal Viking themes on top.
Crimson Relic – Purgatory’s Reign - After the dissolution of Divine Eve, some of the members formed Crimson Relic whose objective was the same – Pure, undistilled Celtic Frost worship of the death metal variation. If you’re already a fan of Asphyx, Obituary, Sempiternal Deathreign, etc, you will derive great pleasure from this effort.
Bloodstone – Hour of the Gate - Bloodstone were another drop in the mid 90s Swedish black/death scene. They tried to distinguish themselves through a more “brutal” approach with more emphasis on frenetic tempos and heavy use of percussion.
Tempestas - Euphony of Contradictions - In the mid 90s, Chuck Schuldiner continued to slowly depart from death metal with each successive release in a more heavy/progressive direction. Tempestas’s only debut is what would happen if we lived in alternative reality where Chuck busted out one more pure progressive/technical death metal album similar to Spiritual Healing/Human. Tempestas try to distinguish themselves through the use of keyboards and more creative solos, but the influence is undeniable. A good homage nonetheless.
Thorr’s Hammer – Dommedagsnatt - Cult demo in many circles. Thorr’s Hammer played some of the slow, gruesome and earth shattering death/doom coupled with a Norwegian female vocalist. The demo drags you through the darkest abysses of the genre and leaves you somewhat drained at the end of those +20 minutes.
Avernus – Sadness - Barney Greenway soundalike fronts a gothic laden death metal ala early My Dying Bride/Anathema. If you can tolerate some occasional cheese in the form of melodramatic female vocals, this demo is certainly worth a listen.
Decrepit – Acrimonium - Decrepit were an Ohio band with some members of Nunslaughter. Their early material was pure death metal, but by “Acrimonium”, they had pushed in a more black metal direction with the use of dual growl/shrieking vocalists and liberal use of tremolo picking. A good listen for those who want a more mid-tempo Angelcorpse.
Pessimist – Cult of the Initiated - Cult legends in the underground, Pessimist were a technical death/thrash band that added some black metal sensibilities in the form of dual vocalists (growl/shriek). If you wanted to hear Brutality’s “Screams of Anguish” with a black metal touch, this album is for you.
Dominus - Unchaining the Ancients' Black Prophecies - Chile has a great tradition of underground metal and Dominus was one of the country’s best kept secrets of the 90s. They were one of the first bands that took the Incantation formula and applied it to their brand of ferocious and brutal death metal.
Caducity – Whirler of Fate - A Belgian band that have always described themselves as “epic death metal” and their debut shows this. You have your typical death metal passages mixed with soaring solos
Shub Niggurath – The Kinglike Celebration Blackened death from the depths of Mexico. Essentially take the best elements of Morbid Angel with a more dark and occult vibe.
Violation – Beyond the Graves - Violation’s debut was on the shitty Last Epitaph, but proved to be one of the hidden surprises of the label. Their sound can best be described as “brutal” melodic death metal, taking Hypocrisy’s mid-era sound (Peter Tägtgren produced this) and made it even darker.
A Mind Confused – Anarchos - The band formed before Kaamos. Fairly heavish melodic blackened death metal.
My Sovereign – My Sovereign - A French act that only released one demo of dark and filthy atmospheric death metal of the Immolation/Incantation variety.
Centinex – Reflections - Everything about this release feels so emblematic of 1997. From the cheesy SNES cover to the blackened death metal sound present here. Centinex were always one of the laggards of the Swedish death metal scene and their albums always reflected the sounds of the time, but they arguably peaked in Reflections with their own take of Hypocrisy meets Dissection. It can get slightly repetitive in places, but hits the spot when you want your death metal with a succinct black metal touch.
Intestine Baalism – An Anatomy of the Beast - As melodic death metal was flourishing, Intestine Baalism were one of the few bands that wanted to try their hands at it without abandoning the foundations of death metal. The vocals are guttural, the rhythm is frantic but the songs throughout the album are abundant in non-saccharine melodies that add to the overall atmosphere. Simply fantastic.
Maze of Torment – The Force - Maze of Torment are another of those Swedish acts that pumped out a ton of albums throughout the 90s/mid 00s but are seldom remembered. While “The Force” is not necessarily revolutionary, it’s a pretty robust death/thrash effort which takes queues from the Gothenburg scene. It’s less In Flames and more Merciless’s “Unbound”.
Maleficarum – Demo 97 - A very unknown Italian band that were playing a “melodic” death metal sound around the time of the Gothenburg explosion, but still firmly death metal with a doomy touch. One of the best demos from 1997.
Defleshed – Under the Blade - As the 90s advanced, a new microgenre was slowly forming. Traditional thrash was dead in the water and wasn’t touched with a ten foot pole other than some niche acts. However, a new generation of artists took on the heavier side of the genre (primarily Teutonic ones like KreatoSodom/Destruction) and made it more “contemporary” sounding – i.e. aping Slaughter of the Soul. A few acts were decent (Darkane, Dimension Zero) and others not so much (everything else). I wouldn’t necessarily lump Defleshed in this category, but their sound undeniably had some melodic death sensibilities. Nonetheless, “Under The Blade” will satisfy both more traditional death/thrash listeners and those who wanted a more modern take on the genre.
Scenery - The Drowning Shadows of Mankind - Czech band that played technical death/thrash, sort of a hybrid between Coroner and Atheist.
Misery - Revel in Blasphemy - Poorly produced Aussie death metal that compensates with its distinct take on the Deicide school of death metal.
Deceased - Fearless Undead Machines - One of the most unique death/thrash bands. King Fowley has always loved traditional metal and has absolutely no qualms about fusing it into this album. Catchy and memorable.
The Chasm – Deathcult: Triumph for Eternity - The Chasm are underground darlings and for good reason. They are a band that fits no particular mold and songwriter Daniel Corchada is adept at bringing forth elements of death, thrash, heavy and black metal into an explosive package. Deathcult is an album where the cover says everything, as you are taken through a cosmic journey replete with beautiful solos and evocative doomy passages.
Runemagick - The Supreme Force of Eternity - Runemagick’s debut was a much needed kick to the somewhat stale death metal scene of the 90s. They took the grinding and warlike sound of early Bolt Thrower, mixed with a keen sense of melody to deliver one hell of a debut.
Soulburn - Feeding on Angels - As Asphyx was slowly withering away, Eric Daniels formed Soulburn to torment the world with more good old fashioned Celtic Frost influenced death metal. Martin Van Drunen may not be providing his vocal delivery here, but Soulburn stand on their own feet with exceptional songwriting and the guitar tone you know and love.
Anasarca – Godmachine - One of those forgotten bands that decided to fuse several different styles into a single album. Throughout the course of Godmachine, we get FLDM, Stockholm death metal and even a tinge of Gothenburg. Not a bad experiment at all.
Appalling Spawn - Freedom, Hope & Fury (The Second Spawn) - The precursor to Lykathea Aflame who essentially deliver the same formula: brutal technical death metal with beautiful Middle Eastern melodies.
Ritual Carnage – The Highest Law - Just like Defleshed, Ritual Carnage arrived in the late 90s to deliver a brutal death/thrash assault taking the teutonic sound to an extreme conclusion.
Amorbital – Invidia - Essentially, a Czech version of Intestine Baalism. They can be best described as “brutal” melodic death metal. No syrupy melodies here.
Crucifixion – Paths Less Taken - This one is pretty frustrating. Crucifixion started as a death/doom act in their debut, but the follow up is crushing NYDM ala Dawn of Possession. They still hold on to their old sound in their solos, which are reminiscent of those found in Paradise Lost’s “Gothic”. So what’s the issue? The somewhat poor vocal delivery. If they got someone more characteristic of the style (think Craig Pillard-esque), this would be one of the best late 90s DM albums.
Decerebration – Decerebration - Quebec brutality, but mixed together with melodic death metal. Imagine Suffocation incorporating riffs from Eucharist/early Dark Tranquillity and Decerebration’s debut would be the closest thing imaginable.
Engrave – The Rebirth - A bunch of dudes from Coffins Text and Sadistic Intent pay homage to 80s death/thrash ala Possessed and Slayer, albeit with a less demonic sound and more on the thrash side.
Pentacle – Rides the Moonstorm… - A monolith in the Dutch scene, Pentacle always stuck to their convictions and just delivered pure, unadultered Celtic Frost worship (pretty much the default sound in the Dutch scene). Pentacle was a notch up thanks to their thrash influence which was evident by the fast tempo of most of the songs.
Apophis – Heliopolis - As Nile was releasing their debut, so too was Apophis releasing their first full length which paid homage to Egyptian mythology. While Nile was firmly a brutal death metal sound, Apophis’s take on death metal was abundant in melody and memorable songwriting.
Arghoslent - Galloping Through the Battle Ruins - Arghoslent's debut demonstrates how to effectively embed traditional heavy metal ala Running Wild into your death metal without taking away the core sound.
Dehumanized – Prophecies Foretold - One of the premier NYDM bands at the end of the century. Dehumanized had all the traits of the genre – the groove, the technicality, the low guttural vocals and the insane percussion. But unlike many of their peers, Dehumanized knew how to write memorable songs and not just +30 minute indistinguishable blastfests. Even if you dislike Suffo-inspired DM, I urge you to give this a listen.
Abhorrence – Ascension... - Brazilian death metal became a hotbed for demonic death metal of the Deicide school towards the mid/late 90s. Krisiun, Rebaellivn and Nephast were a few of the names. However, Abhorrence’s demo embodies what made the first two Deicide albums so legendary – the straightforward, hammer-on riffs, set to sterile snare and relentless pedal blast beats and a guttural vocalist spewing blasphemies.
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