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Rescue Princess Peach from Bowser, who plans to marry her with force. There are Mario Classic Games. Homepage; Standard: Easy; Standard: Normal; Standard: Hard. Super Mario War 1.8 is still well on it's way.

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Pirates the key of dreams wiiware redirected here. This was intended as a joke hack at first but apparently it was turning out really good. All DSP RAM tests now pass, winspike sound now works. Vso er ultimate crack pipe.

Patch sMW Hack - Mario Gives Up - Episode 9 - [Coop MLDEG]

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Registration key super Mario World for Wii U - Nintendo Game Details

In addition, each yellow coin will fill Mario's health bar by 1. There are 8 red coins in every stage, collecting all 8 will give a Power Star, in addition each red coin is worth 2 yellow. Tags gives hack mario mldeg super up world. The buttons work, but the dpad y axis gives its output as axis 5, and the dpad x axis shows up as axis 1 and is duplicated on axis 2, 3, and 4. axis 0 is just always on. All controllers effected. I used SMM2 Luigi as a base (But I made him thinner and gave him his old flesh tone back) and incorporated sprites from SMAS+SMW, SMA2: SMW, and SMM2.


Activity code sMW Hack - Mario's Amazing Adventure - Episode 24 [Fin]

I'm actually highly interested in seeing the rest of Mario Gives Up. As has been stated, SMWCP needs a little time to "work it's way in", so to speak. Smw hack mario gives up. However she is no where to be found. Mario Gives Up: Added: 2020-12-28 07: 33: 53 AM: Authors: cyphermur9t: Demo: No Featured: No Length: 86 exit(s) Type: Standard: Hard Description: Mario has had it with saving Princess Peach.

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To aid him, Yoshi gives Mario a cape as they begin their journey. Windows 7 manager keygen photoshop. If Mario is going fast enough, he can actually fall through the block. When he is right next to you, he looks up; the player can.


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Brutal Mario World - Nota: 9, 8 The Tale of Elementia - Nota: 9, 8. E000h: EEPROM Output (W) Exxxh: PROM Input AND Output AND Program Code (RST opcodes) (R/W/EXEC) Note: For some reason, Nintendo has stored the 8K INST-ROM in 32K EPROMs - the first 24K of that EPROMs are unused (usually 00h-filled or FFh-filled, and EPROM pins A13 and A14 are wired to VCC, so. If you press a key, the next line doesn't appear until you let go of the key. Sometimes, beginner hackers tend to create bonus rooms with a ridiculous number of 3-Up Moons; this has become a source of.

The SMW Glitch List - Kaizo Hacks - SMW Central
1 Shygal in 1.9.3 (Port) [Sonic Boll] [Skin Mods] 3%
2 Mario Gives Up - Super Mario World Hacks Games 51%
3 Evocreo Hack Apk Level 100 46%
4 Super NES Pro Action Replay codes: Super Mario World 78%
5 TASVideos / Game Resources / SNES / Super Mario World 2%

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Sayori has gone missing and it's up to Monika to get to the bottom of things by exploring a new game that appeared in the files called "Sonic Boll" in a effort to see if that's where Sayori went. Super Mario World listed as SMW. Fire Flower, Carrot, and other items only appear if you have this Also see: Poison Mushroom. Key Jump Mario can stand on a key in midair, and jump off it. By pressing Y and B on the same frame, he will regrab the key while jumping, and the process can be repeated arbitrarily.

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Nero vision xtra 10 keygen. Sonic Painful World Spikes Kazio. Because you're a donator, you can have early access to our in-progress language system. He gives special support for advanced statistical modelling and data analysis.


Cracked wings & Block Duplication - Super Mario World Speedrunning

Discover items, including a feather that gives Mario a cape that allows him to fly and a flower that lets him shoot fireballs, in layers upon layers of 2-D scrolling landscapes. First and foremost, Mario has Peach marched off to her death into prop lava at the. Super Mario World - Mario Gives Up is a game on Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), play Super F-Mario - Galaxy Cup (super mario world hack). Surrealistic commentary to a T, even moreso if one doesn't know about the plethora of insider jokes with which the community could not help but fill the game.

A list of New Course Parts for Super Mario Maker 3

And oh Lord, is it a list. Mario Maker 2 is a big step up from the original, what with people now being able to create entire Mario games nowadays. But I’ve been wondering, what’s gonna be in the threequel of the Mario Maker series? Well, I’ve brainstormed a list of some far-fetched and some brilliant ideas for the sequel to the sequel, so let’s begin shall we? (P.S., the reason a lot of these parts debuted in 3, World, and the New series is because 1. 3 and World have a bunch of fun ideas that’d fit perfectly in Mario Maker, and 2. New Super Mario Bros Wii is my favorite main series Mario game of all time.)
[Grab Block] (alt of Brick/Rotating Block) This blue block comes all the way from Super Mario Bros 3, and can be picked up and thrown across the floor, mowing down any (small) enemy in the process, until, that is, until it hits the wall, in which then it shatters. When you pick up a Grab Block, it’ll start flashing every color of the rainbow, and you’d better throw it quick because the block will evaporate in four seconds. (Some of you may be typing “but u/prettyposhperson, Mario can’t pick up Jack Smack in the SMB1 game style, so they’d be worthless there.”, But don’t fret, I’ll tell you an alternate use for them later).
(Hard Block update) You can put items enemies and traps inside Hard Blocks now, and to release them, you’d have to bump the sides like in Super Mario Bros 3.
[Flimsy Donut Block] (alt of Donut Block) Another blue reskin of a block, this one coming from the DS title Super Princess Peach. These Donuts fall the moment you put your toe on them, so ya gotta go fast! (In Super Peach, you’d have to get Peach BWAAAAHHHH’ing her eyes out in order to dash across these dang dropping donuts).
(Frozen Coin update) Rather than being an alt of a regular Coin, in Super Mario Maker 3, in order to get a Frozen Coin, you must put a Coin in an Ice Block. This also means that anything that’s one block tall and one block wide can be put inside an Ice Block, giving us stuff such as Frozen Mushrooms, Frozen Yoshi’s Eggs, Frozen Goombas, Frozen Munchers and even stuff such as Frozen Lava Bubbles or Frozen Twisters.
[Hidden Coin] (alt of Coin) They may look like the Ed-Edd-n-Eddyesque boiling outlines of a Coin, but when you touch ‘em, REAL Coins appear in their place. Under the effects of a P Switch, the wobbly lines become solid squares, hinting that they are currently blocks right now.
(Superball Flower update) This monochrome flower is now available in every game style, allowing for classic Mario Land action in every game style. Also, loads of bumpin’ music tracks from Super Mario Land have been added to every course theme and even some sound effects: Ground (Birabuto Kingdom) Underground (Coin Room) Underwater (Marine/Sky Pop) Desert (Birabuto Kingdom) Snow (Chai Kingdom) Sky (Marine/Sky Pop) Forest (Muda Kingdom) Ghost House (Coin Room) Airship (Easton Kingdom) Castle (Easton Kingdom) Peaceful (Princess Daisy) Bonus Music (Bonus Game) Boss Music (Boss Battle, complete with a sprite of King Totomesu) Final Boss (Tatanga, complete with his sprite). And for game styles AFTER the original SMB1, there’ll be not only 8-bit/16-bit/512-bit remixes of the Land songs, but also some tunes from Super Mario Land 2: the Six Golden Coins as well: Ground (Birabuto Kingdom + Marine/Sky Pop) Underground (Coin Room + Marine/Sky Pop. The U and 3D World game styles will have it sound like Grunty’s Lair from Banjo-Kazooie) Underwater (The Moon) Desert (Birabuto Kingdom + Marine/Sky Pop) Snow (Chai Kingdom) Sky (Athletic Theme) Forest (Muda Kingdom) Ghost House (Haunted House) Airship (Easton Kingdom) Castle (Easton Kingdom) Peaceful (Princess Daisy) Bonus Music (Bonus Game) Boss Music (Six Golden Coins Boss, complete with the sprite/emblem of Wario) Final Boss (Tatanga. The U and 3D World game styles will have a Coin Room + Marine/Sky Pop style remix of the final boss theme from Banjo-Kazooie)
(SMB2 Mushroom update) While it’s not a new game style, the community will take what we get. Anyway, this heart-racing shroom is now available in every game style, allowing for not only more Mario 2 action, but also All Stars music and 512-bit remixes. (In the game styles after SMB1, Mario’s shirt and overalls will be inverted, just like in the Super Show!)
(Frog Suit update) Underwater SMW Courses got you down? Well, you’re in luck! Because the Frog Suit from SMB3 is being added to every game style that came after it. (NOT before it, because a frog suit in SMB1 would just be too cool for my tastes.)
(Magi-I mean, Power Balloon update) deviantArt’s gonna have a field day with this because the Power Balloon is now available in the 512-bit game styles. (NOT SMB1 OR SMB3 because that’d look ridiculous in 8-bit.)
(Rotten Mushroom update) the Zombie Shroom from Super Paper Mario is now available in the daytime as well, this time as an alt for the 1-up Mushroom. (At night the role is reversed, with the Rotten Mushroom coming first and the 1-up Mushroom being the alt.)
[Winged Blue Yoshi’s Egg] (Egg + Wings) Give a Yoshi’s Egg wings and now he’s blue (Da ba Dee Da ba Da). Blue Yoshis can flutter higher and longer than all of the other Yoshis (and in Super Mario World, he’s the only Yoshi that can flutter altogether).
[Para Yellow Yoshi’s Egg] (Egg + Parachute) Yellow Yoshi has got to be the strongest Yoshi of the bunch, since whenever he ground pounds, he flattens even the hardest of obstacles such as Bill Blasters and Cannons, and when he DOES hit the floor, he sends out little dust cloud monsters that can out-chomp a Muncher (and in the SMW game style, he’s the only Yoshi that can actually pound the ground)!
[Nipper Plant] (alt of Muncher) These baby Piranha Plants may look harmless, but don’t let that fool you, cause if you try to hop over a Nipper Plant, it’ll jump up and take a bite out of Mario’s spaghetti & meatballs! The trick is to trick them into jumping first so that they’ll be too busy falling when you jump over them.
[Thwimp] (alt of Thwomp) These fun-sized Thwomps continuously jump 4 blocks ahead until they reach a ledge, in which, they turn around and repeat the same process again to the left. When given wings, Thwimps will be able to leap 7 blocks instead of 4 (and contrary to popular belief, Thwimp + Mushroom does NOT equal Thwomp).
(Monty Mole update) Give a Monty a Mushroom and it’ll become a Mega Mole. These shades-clad gophers can’t be crushed with your feet, use them as chauffeurs instead (Fun Fact: Monty Mole is named after a series of games for the Commodore 64, proving that Nintendo can indeed, mock other games)!
[Dino Torch] (alt of Monty Mole) They pursuit the plumbefungus you play as, ready to breath fire in front of them. And don’t try to jump over one and call it a day, because they know how to look up and breath too! Their shroomed-up counterparts, the Dino Rhinos, aren’t as quick as them and can’t blow fire, but they make up for that by splitting into 2 Torches when stomped, ala a Big Goomba.
[Buster Beetle] (alt of Rocky Wrench) As it turns out, beetles CAN evolve, as Buster here figured out that he can use his two front legs to pick up and throw things, and he’s done this so much, that his front legs have evolved into arms. And Buster’s been putting ‘em to good use, what with throwing stuff at the Pepperoni Plumbers such as Grab Blocks (I TOLD you they’d be useful in every style) and POW Blocks (which stun the bros in place for a couple of seconds). Unlike the other beetles, however, Buster can’t enter his shell or withstand the heat of a fireball.
(Hammer Bro update) The twin tag-team terrors now have hammer sprites for both the SMB3 style and the SMW style, and likewise, the Sledge Bros now actually live up to their names and hurl sledgehammers, except in the styles I mentioned above because judging on their sprites, they’re basically the same thing.
[Boomerang Bro] (alt of Hammer Bro) Much like how Hammer Bros throw hammers, the Brothers Boomerang lob boomerangs that fly in an arc before returning to them... and that’s it I guess.
[Fire Bro] (alt of Boomerang Bro) FIN-AAA-LEE, HE’S HERE FOR YOU, after being exclusive to the 3D World game style for so long, the Fire-tossing-Brothers-in-law have arrived to every game style to give those Lasagna Lovers a taste of their own medicine, along with the Heavy variants that I forgot to mention in the Boomerang Bros section.
(Spike update) In the Snow theme, Spikes spit up snowballs to chuck at the players. Naturally, in this course theme, they take the appearance of Snow Spike from New Super Mario Bros. This applies to every game style.
(Lava Bubble update) In the forest theme, Lava Bubbles become Poison Bubbles from Super Mario Run, and in the snow theme, they become the light blue Frigid Bubbles. When Yoshi tongues them (I’m sorry, that was revolting.), he’ll be able to spit out balls of poison/ice.
[Fire Snake] (alt of Lava Bubble) Well, they move in slow leaps, they’re immune to fireballs, and they glow in the dark, what’d you expect? (Oh yeah, and at night, instead of four little flames that follow them, there’s nine.)
[Bony Beetle] (alt of Fish Bone) After walking a couple of blocks, these skeletons stop to stick spikes out of their shells, shielding them from stomps (as if they weren’t already because when you DO stomp on them, they get back up shortly after).
[Rex] (MECHANA-STRONG! ahem I mean, alt of Magikoopa) These two-block tall dragons can’t fly, even if you give them wings (they just bound). Anyway, stomping one will cut it down to normal enemy size, but this also makes them faster. (When given a mushroom, they take 4 stomps to squish instead of 2, as stomping a Big Rex twice causes it to split in 2, ala Big Goombas and Dino Rhinos.)
[Green/Yellow Pokey] (alt of Pokey) Unlike a normal Pokey, these Pokeys are silky smooth, so you can jump on them without fear. However, unlike a normal Pokey, which fall apart if the head is destroyed, Yellow/Green (depending on the game style) Pokeys have the segment below it become the new head of the one on top pops, allowing to rack up points and even a 1-up!
[Smooth Snow Pokey] (alt of Snow Pokey) In the snow theme, Pokeys become Snow Pokeys that can be stomped on, turning them into throwable snowballs. And as for Yellow/Green Pokeys, well, they get icicles on their head, making jumping on one a pretty stupid idea. But, however, their bodies are completely spike-less, allowing for one to just walk up and take a snowball from the Pokey, making for some interesting ideas.
[Sumo Bro] (alt of Boom Boom) In the blue corner, THE SUMO BROTHERS! These guys are heavily trained in the art of shiko, which means that whenever they stomp the ground, lightning strikes and ignites a raging fire, giving them the nickname “the Fiyah Sumos” (unless we’re in New Super Mario Bros U, then they just cause a literal shockwave)! I can 100% assure you that these two have no weaknesses WHATSOEVER, as they’ve got spikes on their heads and have fireproof shells. “Psssst, hey Mario, try to get under the ring and bump them from below, they’ll never expect that in a million years! I should also warn you that they might preform the Fusion Dance to become Boss Sumo Bro, who is quite agile for a 4x4 freak.”
[Porcupuffer] After being exclusive to a game style they didn’t debut in for 1 year and three months, Porcupuffers are FINALLY added to all of the other game styles. These fat fishies swim around the bottom of the screen, occasionally jumping out of the water every now and then (they don’t try to eat you like in 3D World, as that behavior’s been given to a completely new fish).
[Cheep Chomp] (alt of Porcupuffer) THESE are the fish I was talking about! They act exactly like Porcupuffers in every which way, with the only difference being that they’re trying to eat you (in Super Mario Bros 3, they take the appearance of purple Boss Bass).
(Lakitu update) You can now put these ridiculously human Koopas into pipes (which causes them to act as they did in Super Mario World) and Koopa Klown Kars.
[Swoop] Bats, they’re bats, they’re the bats. And when they hear you coming, they dive (not swoop) down and start flapping straight for you, unless they weren’t on a ceiling to begin with, in that case they’ll fly completely straight (UNLESS the Swoop has white wings, in that case the fly will be wavy). And in the darkest nightmare hour, when not moon nor sun has risen, they’re yellow/white eyes are the only thing you’ll be able to see coming.
[Crowber] (alt of Swoop) When you cross a Crowber, it does a u-turn and then swoops down to peck you... and that’s it I guess.
[Ninji] (I’m sure that when Ninji Speedruns are over, they’ll be added as a course part, but as for now...) These little devils jump in place... and that’s OH YEAH, I REMEMBER, they have an alternate version of them that’s blue with white buttons instead of black with red buttons. Anyway, Blue Ninjis will Naruto run (in the 512-bit styles) at you, and if you jump over them, they’ll turn around with a swift jump.
[Fuzzy] These spiky, bubbly, bug-eyed downright wacky balls of living lint circle round and round platforms and blocks at the speed of a barefoot jackrabbit on a hot greasy griddle in the middle of August, and when they have wings, they go EVEN FASTER. (Both the Fuzzy and Ninji sprites in Super Mario World have been touched up to look more 16-bit).
[Li’l Sparky] (alt of Fuzzy) Li’l Sparkies act just like Fuzzies, rolling round the terrain at the speed of a hare (or if given wings, the speedah va cheetah). When given a mushroom, Li’l Sparkies become Hotheads, which move at a turtles pace. The only differences between a Li’l Sparky and a Fuzzy is that Sparkies are indifferent about fire and can be spin jumped on (Nostalgia Critic shrugs), Fuzzies however, are not.
[Scaredy Rat] They prey are night, they stalk at night, Scaredy Rats, they also live up to their name, as when Mario (or whoever you main) approaches, they start to slow down, and if even one Rat in a pack of Rats croaks, the other Rats retreat until they’re a safe enough distance from the disturbance (or they run into a wall/enemy, whichever comes first). Also, in the dark, their eyes are the only things you can see.
[Scuttlebug] Purple and Yellow spiders with boxing gloves? Now there’s something you don’t see every day, unless you live in the Mushroom Kingdom. Scuttlebugs usually walk round and around the floors, walls and ceilings, but when you put a Scuttlebug on the ceiling in Maker Mode, then they behave totally different. You can choose how long a dangling Scuttlebug will hang, in which they’ll bungee up and down the chosen area. (And much like a lot of other enemies, when you stomp a Big Scuttlebug, it splits in 2.)
[Fishing Boo] The ghost of a Lakitu forever draws out his line, hoping that one day, something is stupid enough to take a bite out of the blue flame at the end of his hook. You may advise him to use better bait, and you’re right! In Maker Mode, you can replace the blue blaze with something more appetizing like a mushroom, OR you could remove him from his faceless cloud and put something ELSE in. For example, you could do something bland like make a Fishing Lakitu (Lakitu + Fishing Boo’s Cloud + 1-up Mushroom) or you could do something exotic such as a Spike baiting with his own Spiked Ball. (By the way, you can stomp a Fishing Boo and jack his cloud if you’re wondering.)
[River Piranha Plant] The closest thing to a Ptooie we’ll ever get, they blow green balls with yellow prickles up and down (the height the ball goes is up to you, the Maker), if said ball gets smacked by, let’s say, a tail, they’ll just sit there, looking dumbfounded. As their name implies, they float on any surface, whether it be water, frigid water, poison, lava, sewage or quicksand (actually, they’d sink in quicksand, but still).
[Stalking Piranha Plant] (alt of River Piranha Plant) Piranha Plants have figured out that their roots are oddly leg-like, so this breed decided to put them to good use. These Venus Guytraps extend their necks (it’s your decision on how long its neck is, but one things for sure, it can’t be longer than 10 blocks) then they start walking around, and hey, if you put a River Piranha Plant on top of one, then the result is a makeshift Ptooie.
(Bill/Bull’s-Eye Blaster update) Blasters can now be put in Pipes, this causes them to act like Gina Cannons from Super Mario Land (come to think of it, Bullet Gina sounds like a Paper Mario OC).
[Smart Cannon] (an addition to Cannons) Identified by a yellow light where the screw used to be, these technologically advanced Cannons will actually aim at those Eggplant-Eatin’ Idiots. Can be added to both African American Cannons and Native American Cannons (I would’ve used Black and Red, but if I did, I would’ve enraged the PC Party).
[Foo] (alt of Twister) The old Twister designs are finally getting used! The clouds of clouds will attempt to blow you away periodically, much like the Ty-Foos from 3D World... and that’s it I guess.
(Cursed Key update) Much like the SMB2 Mushroom, the Cursed Key has been added to every style. You cannot escape the Phanto of the Key!
[Gray P Switch] (alt of... you guessed it, P Switch) These switches from Super Mario World will turn every flammable enemy into gray coins that equal to 14 regular Coins. Other than that and the fact that they don’t do much to Blocks and Coins, they’re pretty much the same as regular P Switches.
[Stone] At last, the previously Story Mode exclusive block has been added to every single game style. Stones are so heavy, that it makes jumping a chore to do while carrying them. In the SMB1 style, they make good decorations as Mario can’t for the life of himself, pick up stuff. Also, when they’re mushroomed, they can’t be picked up regardless what style you’re in, and if a Big Stone just happens to land on you, you’re boned.
[Triangular Block] Confusing name, isn’t it? When [Your Main Here] runs up one of these, he/she will run right up whatever wall it’s attached to. Triangular Blocks can also be placed on walls and ceilings, making things like Sonic loops possible now.
“...Well that’s it! There isn’t any more. Now leave, PERMANENTLY!” - Robotnik
submitted by PrettyPoshPerson to MarioMaker


The Paper Mario Color Splash Rewrite Project

Before you downvote this with hate, let me tell you that Color Splash was an improvement over Sticker Star, yet people still hate it. Here are some concepts that could widen the improvement even more: (I didn't play CS. I watched footage on YouTube and the rewrite was inspired by people at Mario RPG Central that said that CS was rushed.)
  1. Gameplay: Categorize the cards and give Mario some basic attacks in the scenario of no cards. Additionaly, the bigger a card's "attack size" is, the more paint is needed, thus requiring Hammer Scraps even more.
  2. Story of the black paint: Instead of it covering Bowser the moment it was mixed, I decided that he collected some paint and mixing it created the black. It was studied by Kamek, but a spell gone wrong makes it come alive. Having memory of the experiments and noticing that its color is not found in most objects, it possesses Bowser to make its color supreme and for revenge on the experiments. It also becomes the new Phase 2 in the final battle when it drains Bowser of his color and uses a special cutout shape that it prepared prior to sending the Big Paint Stars away.
  3. Luigi's role: An idea is that instead of the mailman Toad at the start, he gets drained and sent as the letter instead and he is a requirement in recoloring before the left district in Port Prisma. After getting a Big Paint Star, you can talk to him and he will have his own story, which is playable this time. It uses the same battle system as the main story and he has areas in levels exclusive to him. Here is the full story: Red Chapter-Luigi goes on a quest to help out Mario in retrieving the Paint Stars, but he gets trapped in a lower area of Crimson Tower. In trying to find a way out, he stumbles upon a strangely prophetic mural that foreshadows the black paint entity. Yellow Chapter-On his way to Chateau Chanterelle to meet 2 professors for the mural, Luigi stumbles upon two Yellow Squad members and he helps them retrieve the Bone. Unlike most chapters, he'll tell that part of the journey after Mario finds and enters the room. Blue Chapter-After being saved by the paint duo from a troop of mean ghosts that torment the kind ghosts, Luigi runs off to Cobalt Base and finds a secret passage to Fort Cobalt. He sneaks in secretly and he finds a strange machine. He shuts it down while everyone else is distracted by the fight and escapes before the guards notice. Violet Chapter-While the crew sets sail with Mario and Huey, the younger bro takes his own boat and washes up on Fortune Island out of luck. He finds yet another hidden area and learns of the dark properties of black paint. Orange Chapter-Luigi rides on the Sunset Express and helps the other passengers of the train escape. Unlike most chapters, he'll run into Mario and Huey before the Unfurl ramp. Green Chapter-The younger bro finally reaches the professors, but both of them along with him end up trapped in the dark secret of Emerald Circus. While the fighting goes on, the professors decipher the prophecy and then he learns the reason why Bowser and others are acting strange along with the black paint and bomb making, which he'll tell to Mario and Huey at the fountain right before the big kidnap.
  4. Peach's role. In the original version of the game, the Princess is captured again, but in Paper Jam, she and her regular counterpart escape. In the rewrite, Peach sneaks past the troops to see what's going on and she remains in stealth, usually appearing to Mario and Huey again when on a Big Paint Star course and at Prisma Fountain. She gives intel on what has happened to Bowser and the chaos going on within the Koopa Troop. After collecting all 6 Big Paint Stars, the possessed Bowser comes down and the black paint straight up drains Peach of her color & takes her colorless corpse along for the ride to bait Mario and Huey. Also, Peach does not friendzone Mario, but rather, when Huey asks her about the relationship between her and the plumber, both of them look down and blush at the question.
  5. Enemy motive and design: In this one, the paint makes false promises to the troops and if possible, the moment they realize something is wrong with Bowser, the paint makes part of it take over them. As for Kamek's reason, the paint fools him into believing that it can teach him a greater magic and the Koopa Troop soldiers have their families at drainpoint (can be described by the Sunset Express train car with the enemy NPCs you interact with). Also, unfriendly ines can use the new designs while friendly ones use the old designs.
  6. Things in battles: In SS, it's possible to defeat Chapter Bosses without Things, but in CS, it's not. My idea is that defeating a boss without using the "needed" Thing would give you an extra bonus, like a card of the boss or extra hammer scraps. There are also changes with the Koopalings for this: Mor-I mean Leston-Reduce his fire damage from 40 to 15. Iggy-If the Bone is not used after he returns, Mario gets a chariot of his own. Ludwig-Keep the Raccoon bit, but replace his OHKO missile overkill with a faulty missile that goes back to him when hit. Wendy-Make the ring blockable or jump over it with the Frog Suit. Larry-Have the conductor Toad plug up the hole himself (takes 3 turns). Lemmy-Remove the dodge ability when on the Wonder Ball and in some scenarios, using the Spike Hat can pop it. Roy-Splatters only himself with black paint instead of the entire room, increasing his attack.
  7. Continuity/Past characters: Yoshi Kid, Rawk Hawk, Goombario, and his family can hang around at the Golden Coliseum (partially a Skawo reference), Goombella and Frankly could be at Chateau Chanterelle and Emerald Circus, the Shadow Sirens with Dooplis and Flurrie could be at Plum Park performing alongside Birdo, Bow and Mimi can be at the Dark Bloo Inn, Watt, Parakarry, Lakilester, Kooper, Koops, and his father could be at Ocean Fest, Ms. Mowz, Sushie, Cortez, and Bobbery could be at Fortune Island with Flavio as the Legendary Captain (credit to truenorthstar for the idea), Bombette, Pennington, and Kolorado can hang around by Marmalade Valley, O'Chunks could be in the dojo with Nastasia managing the museum, the Koopa Bros, Lord Crump, Grodus, and Jr. Troopa can be at Blissful Beach, Don Pianta, Jolene, and Prince Mush could be riding in the Sunset Express, and the Pixls could be at Starlight Cape.
  8. Design of NPCs and enemies: For Toads, pretty much reuse the N64/TTYD designs. The Rescue Squad could have a mixed bag of different species which is why they tend to get seperated at some points in the rewrite. The chief could remain hidden until the formation of the paint bridge, which in the rewrite would be either Toadsworth or Daisy as the chief. As for enemies, keep the modern designs with some of the old as variants. Old style Goombas could be the ones wearing the spike helmet, old style Koopas will be more brash and swift with attacks, but not accuracy, old style Dry Bones would have higher attack and defense, but a weakness to fire, old style Pokeys can have less attack, but sharper spikes with a chance of poison, old style Boos would have a counter ability (due to their mouths), old style Bros would attack only if the attack that matches them is used, and more.
  9. Black Paint Impact. Pretty much give it more of a threat by dedicating levels where you avoid the paint. Sunglow Ridge (Huey can only clean spots but most of the black is still there.) Fort Cobalt (Turn it into a factory of Black Paint Bombs along with black-infected enemies. The machine there is a black paint mixer, which Luigi turns off.) Redpepper Volcano (Gotta give Draggadon more obstacles along with it being another bomb factory with black spots.) Emerald Circus (Turn it into a trap where the audience is being used as test subjects for black paint enhancement.) Black Bowser's Castle (Same as normal, but bigger with more rooms, black paint spots, & black enemies.)
  10. Level Design: Step 1-Change the Cutouts. Take out the Luigi Cutouts, keep the necessary ones, and make the card Cutouts drop Hammer Scrap Cards. Step 2-Paint Star Placement. Don't put some of them too close to each other. Just make alternate pathways. Step 3-Big Paint Star Courses: Crimson Tower-Make it more like an SMW castle. Golden Coliseum-Use some sort of tournament system in the battle arena. Fortune Island-Make it bigger and put in secret passages that contain rare cards. Sunset Express-More platforming areas.
  11. Minibosses: Big Spiny is replaced with Mouser, Petea Piranha is replaced with Galaxy's Dino Piranha, the Shy Ninja (Black Shy Guy) is replaced with Wario and Waluigi, and the Big Lava Bubble is replaced with Fryguy.
  12. Roshambo: The temples have more unique designs and each temple has its own replacement for the Rock Paper Wizard. Temple 1-Link Temple 2-Kirby Temple 3-Samus Temple 4-Fox Temple 5-Captain Falcon Temple 6-Pit Temple 7-Little Mac Temple 8-Inkling
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Shoutout to truenorthstar for the idea of Flavio as the Legendary Captain! Thank you for the unintended suggestion!
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