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Xcelsius 2020 keycode serial key https://translate-centre.ru/forum/?download=2201. And then send that file to Appcake. Search video capture key more information. Get Paid Apps for FREE. Most IPA files cannot be installed on the iPhone Simulator because they do not contain a binary for the x86 architecture. Step 23 Copy the file to ReProvision.


FAQs / Installation / Tips

Installing PokeGo++ 2.0 on non-jailbroken iOS devices.
  1. Download both Cydia Impactor (http://www.cydiaimpactor.com) and the latest tweaked IPA (https;///globalplusplus.com).
  2. If you have the original Pokémon Go app on your iOS device, remove it from your device. if you are jailbroken
  3. Connect your iOS device to your computer. Your computer must have iTunes installed. If your computer is not trusted by your device, you should get a prompt to do so - select Trust.
  4. Open the Cydia Impactor program and ensure that the correct iOS device is selected in the drop-down menu.
  5. Click and drag the tweaked IPA you downloaded onto Cydia Impactor. It should prompt you for your Apple ID and password and ask for permission to start signing the IPA.
  6. Once the tweaked IPA is signed, you should see it on your device, but it should not work immediately.
  7. On your iOS device, open settings, and navigate to General > Device Management / Profiles / Profiles & Device Management. You should see the Apple ID you used to sign the IPA. Click on it and select the option to trust the ID. You should now be able to use the tweaked IPA.
  8. Please note that you will need to repeat steps 3 to 5 every seven days.
Notes for installing on a non-jailbroken iOS device.
· The tweak must be re-installed every seven days due to restrictions imposed by Apple. However, for re-installation, you need not remove the existing tweaked IPA on your iOS device.
· The tweaked IPA you downloaded should be at least 100 MB in size. If not, the download might have been corrupted, and you should re-download the file.
· The computer you use to install the tweaked IPA must have iTunes installed for Cydia Impactor to work.
· If you get a provision.cpp:150 error, the easiest solution is to create a new Apple ID and use that just for installing the tweaked IPA. Otherwise, see https://www.reddit.com/jailbreak/comments/4w6oftutorial_fixing_the_provisioncpp150_please_sign/.
Sniping with Poke Go++ 2.0.
Sniping is not the same as teleporting for Poke Go++ 2.0. Sniping refers to only catching a specific Pokémon in such a way that avoids a soft-ban. Teleporting refers to jumping to another location.
  1. Wait two hours without doing anything (no spinning, catching, feeding or battling, you can however hatch eggs).
  2. Teleport to a Pokémon you want.
  3. Catch the Pokémon OR stay in the location and catch/spin/battle. (If you want to continue to snipe, proceed to the next step)
  4. Wait two hours.
  5. Teleport home, or to another Pokémon, Raid or Gym. Note: Two hours is absolute maximum cooldown for large jumps. For small jumps, the cooldown will be smaller. Consult the cooldown chart which lists the time you must wait based off how far you want to go.
Cooldown chart
NOTE: Is sniping safe? No one knows for sure. Do it at your own risk. Don't ask questions that cannot be reasonably answered. If you want it to be totally safe, please consider playing legitimately instead.
Where to find Pokémon coordinates.
Please do not copy this list (entirely or in part) and share elsewhere without including a link to either our Discord, Reddit, or website.
NOTE: A more updated extensive list is available on the Discord.
A. General Discords
· Pokedex100: https://discord.gg/txfXsf7
· Global ++ Coordinates(Donor): http://discord.gg/yZNn66
Installing PokeGo++ 2.0 on a jailbroken iOS device
These instructions are now new and different from before. Please make sure to read through.
  1. Make sure Pokémon Go is installed.
  2. Check installed tweaks and remove xCon and PokePatch if they are installed.
  3. Open Cydia and add the source http://pokego2.com/. Navigate to sources and click on the PokeGo++ 2.0 repo, open the Tweaks tab, and install PokeGo++ 2.0. If you are on Unc0ver, Electra or Meridian you will Download the Electra version of ++. If you are not you will download the regular ++ version.
  4. Once PokeGo++ 2.0 is installed and your phone has resprung, open Cydia and go to the Installed tab. Check the recents to confirm that PokeGo++ 2.0 is there.
  5. Enjoy!
What are the buttons in Poke Go++ 2.0?
From top to bottom, on the left:
· Pokeball: Toggles the menu buttons listed below.
· Gear: Opens the settings menu.
· Map: Opens the internal map - which you can use to walk to certain nearby locations.
· IV: IV checker for your Pokémon.
· Flag: Toggles patrol mode - your character will walk around, and gain distance walked for egg hatching. Set your walk speed (below) to 1x or 2x for best results.
· Routing Path: See release notes for 2.0-r17 for details (https://www.reddit.com/PokeGo2/comments/5yreqz/version_204r17_for_12740574_is_out/) or the associated FAQ.
· Walk Speed (1x/2x/4x/8x/Egg/Custom): Character walk speed. The egg icon is a best guess at the optimized walking speed for egg hatching between 1x and 2x using the patrol function. It should get the most distance in the same amount of time compared to 1x and 2x. You can also set a custom speed in settings.
· Man (Tap to Walk): This enables the character to walk to where you tap on the screen, so you can move without using the joystick. The compass at the top right corner should be set to north (at the 12 o'clock position) for best results. This option must also be disabled when entering gyms as it interferes with the gym mechanics.
· Scope: This opens the sniping function - see the other associated FAQs for more information.
· Cooldown Timer: For setting a preset time of your own. This is for counting down the time so that you know when you are done with a cooldown or softban.
· Return to Previous Location: Self-explanatory!
· H: This hides the menu and joystick. Triple tap to un-hide.
Additionally, while walking around, your character may come across Pokémon that will appear on buttons at the right side of the screen. Click on these Pokémon buttons for your character to walk directly to that Pokémon.
What are the settings in the Poke Go++ 2.0 settings menu?
· Language: Set tweak language to other languages. Incomplete but mostly done.
· Fake location: Set to on to allow the movement of your character with the joystick, tap to walk (the man button), or the map walk here function. You can turn this off so that the app functions like the legitimate app and follows your device location.
· Time to save location: Sets the time for the game to save your location for. Any setting but "Startup/Forever" will reset you back to your actual location on startup.
· Forced Location Updates: Will enable GPS location on devices that do not get a GPS signal such as WiFi only iPads.
· Show joystick: Self-explanatory. Note that the compass at the top right corner must be set to north (at the 12 o'clock position) for the joystick movements to match those on the screen. The joystick will not appear unless fake location is turned on.
· Joystick Delta: Edit to move the joystick Y up (+) or down (-), X left or right.
· Dismiss map on “Walk here": If this is set to on, Poke Go++ 2.0 will close the map after walk here is used in the map screen.
· Enable teleport: This enables the teleport function in the in-game map.
· Dismiss map on “Teleport here": If this is set to on, Poke Go++ 2.0 will close the map after teleport here is used in the map screen.
· Enhanced Throw: Donor + Jailbreak only. Will give great or excellent catch bonuses after the catch randomly. On raid bosses the throw is always excellent.
· Hide Gym Mode Button: Donor Only. When enabled you will no longer see the blue "Gym Mode" button when entering gym mode. To enable gym mode press and hold for 10 seconds on the screen. To get out of gym mode press and hold for another 10 seconds.
· Disable IV Notification: Removes the notification bar at the top of the screen with IV and other information when entering the capture screen for Pokémon.
· Special Pokémon List: Donor + Jailbreak only. Upon game restart this option will rename the Pokémon in your bag to their IV and move set. To disable it toggle it off in settings and restart your game.
· Custom Speed: Set your custom speed with a value of between 0-16. can include decimals. When set change the speed setting until you get to a torso with a head (after Egg speed)
· IV notification length: This sets how long the notification bar will stay around after encountering a Pokémon.
· Show coords button on map: This enables a button in the in-game map that allows you to get the coordinates of where the map pointer is.
· Enable Radar ...: Enable this to allow the option to fetch data for stops, gyms, and Pokémon data for the map.
· Hide ... button: Hides the toggled button from the dropdown menu.
· Coordinates server feed: See the other FAQ for more information.
Where can one nest data?
· https://thesilphroad.com/atlas
Teleporting with Poke Go++ 2.0.
For Poke Go++ 2.0, teleporting is not the same as sniping. The sniping function is based on the method above, which is dependent on you having a base location to snipe from, so all your actions are effectively in the same place. Teleporting, on the other hand, could be described as simply moving to and staying at a new location. So, if the latter is what you want, use the teleport function and steps outlined below. You can also use this teleport function on the log-in screen when you are logged out if you would like to log-in directly at a new location.
  1. In settings, turn on fake location on, save location to forever, and enable teleport.
  2. Open the in-game map and find a location you want to teleport to.
  3. Select teleport here.
  4. You will be at your new location - if you want to be safe you can wait out for a time period equivalent to the flight time from your old location to your new location.
  5. A restart of the app is suggested but may not be necessary.
Please note that this is not sniping, but just teleporting. You will likely face an extended soft-ban (after the teleport) before you can do anything in-game. Wait out the soft-ban, which can take a couple of hours - see the timer chart elsewhere in this thread.
Alternatively, if you want to teleport using coordinates:
  1. Set fake location to on and time to save location to forever.
  2. Open the snipe function. Enter your coordinates of choice and continue.
  3. Once at the target destination, force close and restart the app.
NOTE: As should be clear, you teleport at your own risk. Asking if it is safe to do so is asking an impossible question. If you want it to be totally safe, please consider playing legitimately instead.
Does Poke Go++ 2.0 work with the Pokémon Go Plus?
· The Go Plus should work with both JB and non-JB from r27 onwards. The Gotcha will also work.
Does Poke Go++ 2.0 work with the Apple Watch app?
· Currently only spinning stops on the watch works.
· If you are getting the GPS signal not found error or if the joystick doesn't work even after enabling Fake Location and restarting, ensure that your Apple Watch does not have the app installed.
· Support may or may not be included in the future, but most likely not. In our view, this is a luxury feature that most of our users will not be able to take advantage of, and we would rather focus on the other aspects of ++ that all users can use.
Does Poke Go++ 2.0 work with iPhone 5 and lower
· As of r63, 32-bit devices are no longer supported by Niantic's Pokémon Go. Since our tweak is layered onto the Niantic app, this also means that Poke Go++ 2.0 will obviously not work on 32-bit devices.
· 32-bit devices that are no longer supported by Niantic: iPhone 5 and older, iPhone 5C, iPad Mini (First-Gen), iPad (4G and older), iPod Touch (5G and older).
How can I buy coins in PokeGo++ 2.0?
If you are non-JB, you will have to use the official Pokémon Go app. You have three options. One, try using an alternative device with the official app; or Two, do the following on the same device:
  1. Delete PokeGo++ 2.0.
  2. Install the official app and buy coins.
  3. Delete the official app and install PokeGo++ 2.0.
NOTE: This only applies to non-JB users.
IV Checking.
IV on Jailed non-jailbroken devices is a Donor Perk. However, the MITM method works for both jailed and jailbroken iPhones.
What is the coordinates server feed?
Please see the documentation in the #announcements in the Discord.
The coordinates server feed allows Poke Go++ 2.0 to get coordinates from a source. Users can build their own automated list of Pokémon coordinates into the format documented and access these coordinates directly within Poke Go++ 2.0, making for easier sniping. You can choose to load up to 5 URLs if you are a donor, and 1 if you are a free user.
Once a coord list has been loaded, the option will be available when you click on the snipe button, which gives the list of coordinates. Use the crosshairs to snipe Pokémon from the list, and the sniping procedure should follow.
Note: You can also create a coords list consisting of favorite teleport locations and use that to keep track of your favorite locations.
Creating and entering a routing path.
Here is a method to create a GPX route for the routing path function. In general terms...
  1. Use http://www.geoplaner.com/ or http://gpxgenerator.com/ and build a route. This site creates GPX files that include elevation, which is good to have.
  2. For efficient looping, make sure you close your loop such that your route returns you to your starting point (the first point is the same as the last point).
  3. Download the WPTs (geoplaner) and open the file in Notepad or generate the GPX (gpxgenerator).
  4. Copy the GPX code you end up with and paste the GPX code into PokeGo++ 2.0's GPX route editor.
  5. Before you start your route, it is probably ideal to make sure you are near your starting point. So, if you are not, you may want to teleport to your starting point.
  6. Click start and observe your avatar walking the route!
As an example, here is a route in Melbourne, AUS. Teleport to -37.81481,144.96896 and use the following GPX code:






Potential fix for constant crashes and crashes on launch for JB devices.
First try either of the following:
· Uninstall the tweak, application, and dependencies, then respring. Use iCleaner to clear the cache, then respring. Then install the tweak, dependencies, then the application last.
Donation FAQ.
Donor Benefits:
Donor Features include (Our donor versions are working in all our tweaks. You DO NOT have to donate for each tweak separately):

  • GPX Routing: PokeGo++ 2.0 will walk your character following a GPX route you enter.
  • Auto Generate GPX
  • Teleporting in Pokémon GO++
  • Enhanced Throw (Pokémon GO++ + Jailbreak only): If enabled, Raid Boss captures will always throw Excellent throw maximizing success rate
  • Extra coordinate lists: 4 more lists to help with your sniping.
  • Partner Coord Feeds: Partner Coord Program (PCP), we have opened our sniping tool to various coords providers who wish to partake.
  • Hide Gym Mode Button (Incognito): gives you the ability to hide the Gym mode button when activated. This is a donor only feature. Please be sure to hold the screen for 10 seconds to activate/deactivate.
  • Special Pokémon List (Pokémon GO++ + Jailbreak only): This feature requires you to restart the app when enabled/disabled. If enabled, we will override the nickname of all mons in your list with their IV and move set.
  • Exclusive gyms and raids coords lists: You can search for all raids including level, start time, end time, Pokémon and CP within a target radius. This is important now that legendaries are released as raid bosses.
  • Exclusive nest coords list: You can search for hotspots with Pokémon that match your filter criteria. You can look for areas with the most :100: Pokémon, with the most Pokémon that could be shiny, ...
  • JWAlive++: Only Donors can use our tweak for Jurassic World Alive
  • Magus++/ Only Donors can use our tweak for Maguss
  • WalkingDead++: Only Donors can use our tweak for Walking Dead Our World
  • Other features to come...
Activating Donor.
Discord or Patreon
In order to activate using the new Donor system, make sure you are on the updated version and then do the following: DISCORD Donor
  1. Go to ++ settings (gear icon) and tap "Activate Donor Version" at the top in red.
  2. A Safari window will appear - login to your Discord account and authorize. Remember, a Discord account is required.
  3. The Safari window will direct to a page with 3 options.
  4. Choose which game you are trying to activate (for example, PokeGo++) and follow the prompt to open the app you chose.
  5. Tap "Open" and the activation mechanism should follow.
Note: If you are jailbroken, you will need to do the plist edit for deep-linking in order for deep-linking to work. The guide for that can be found in this thread.
Donor - Common issues.
· White screen and app crash on activation attempt: This was a known bug that has been fixed. Otherwise, reduce RAM usage on device and retry.
· Activation popup saying not a donor: You may have logged in with the wrong Discord account. Log into the wrong Discord account on PC, go to user settings > connections > authorized apps and revoke PokeGo++ 2.0. Then try again with the correct account. Otherwise, the authorization server may be down, please try again in a bit.
In order to activate using the new Donor system, make sure you are on the updated version and then do the following: PATREON Donor
  1. Make sure your pledge is $5 and active, if you pause it you will not be able to activate
2)Enable Patreon's Two Factor Authentication (2FA) -login to your Patreon Account, Profile > Settings > Account -scroll down to Enable SMS Two Factor Authentication
3)Make sure your Safari Browser is NOT on Private Mode, also close all the open tabs you have in Safari.
4) Now restart the game and follow the Activation Steps: -Tap Activate with Patreon -Log in to Patreon if needed then Tap "Allow" -Hit the "Copy" button under the Key/Code to copy it. -Return to the game, tweak settings -Paste the Key in the field named "KEY" -Tap Activate with Patreon again (VERY IMPORTANT STEP)
NOTE: If you still cannot activate then:
5) Log in to your Patreon Account -Membership -Global ++ -Edit Pledge -Scroll down and tap "UPDATE" -Repeat step # 4
What is PokeGo++ 2.0?
· It is a tweak for the Pokemon Go app that is overlaid / attached to the app.
· Bot actions (such as automated spinning and catching) and bot features are therefore not applicable for PokeGo++ 2.0. Bot features are also therefore not necessarily feasible, and what might work with bots may not work with the original Pokémon Go app.
· However, as long as the underlying Pokémon Go app is updated, the tweak is generally not affected by server-side changes.
· As such, we do not depend on the API or hashing keys.
· The tweak allows players to walk their character in-game with a joystick. Additionally, it also includes a IV checker (down at the moment due to Niantic changes within the Pokémon Go app) as well as other features.
· The tweak is based on the original Pokémon Go Anywhere / Pogo++ tweak.
Remember, folks: This is a third-party tweak. You use it at your own risk - so please don't ask if it is safe because we cannot guarantee it is 100% safe - and besides, what exactly is safe? All we can tell you is that we have users who have been using this or its predecessor for a long time with no issues, but keep in mind that past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Choose your own risk level - if you want it to be completely safe, maybe you should play legitimately instead. Similarly, asking if the new update is safe or not makes no sense.
Please also note that the tweak is provided as-is. We cannot guarantee that it will work flawlessly, and though we will do our best to help, there may be circumstances where we are unable to.
What are the buttons in the in-game map?
· Locate (bottom left): Focuses the map on your character's current location.
· Nearby Pokémon scanner list (bottom right): Brings up a list of nearby Pokémon that you can choose to move to. You can filter this in the top right of the list screen.
· Walk here / Teleport here: self-explanatory. Teleport here only appears if it is set to on in the settings menu.
· Favorite locations (black globe, top right): You can save your current map locations to favorites here with the plus sign at the top right. An import list where coordinates of your favorite locations can be typed in is also available.
· Teleport to coordinates (below favorite locations): Teleport setting required. This allows you to teleport to a set of coordinates.
· Coordinates of location on map (below teleport to coordinates): This button brings up the coordinates of the map pointer. These coordinates can be copied.
· Map data fetch (last of the four on the right): Work in progress. Click to fetch map data from server.
· Radar settings (gear, top right): These are settings for the map, see below.
The radar settings are as follows:
· Favorite Pokémon: Set favorite Pokémon to display on the right-hand side when they appear near you.
· Common Pokémon: Set common Pokémon to hide on the right-hand side when they appear near you.
· Restore Purchases: Ignore this, please.
· Pokestops: Shows Pokestops around you on the map.
· Gyms: Shows gyms around you on the map. Click the gyms to see gym's prestige and top Pokémon.
· Hide Common: Hide the common Pokémon selected in the Common Pokémon settings.
· Show Only Favorite: Set to show only the favorite Pokémon’s selected in the Favorite Pokémon settings.
· Show Distance, Show Time, Show Timer instead of Time: These affect the Pokémon displayed on the in-game map.
We recommend limiting the number of types of Pokémon to show. Showing all the Pokémon can lead to crashes due to the large amount of processing power and memory it might require.
If you see Pokémon appear on the map, the outer rings of the icons indicate the IV level of the Pokémon. If the ring is gray, the IV is unknown. The IVs increase from red to blue, with light blue being 100%.
submitted by King-Thundur to PokeGo2

Icaughtu pro issues

I can't seem to get fake mode to work. It just blocked access completely like normal.
I've tried using the search, but couldn't find anything.
I'm running iOS 7.1.2, iPhone 5s, tweak list below.
7-zip (POSIX) - 4.57-3p AccountChanger TS - 2.4.2-2 Action Menu - 1.2.14 Action Menu Plus Pack - 1.2.14 Activate Command - 1.2.0-1 Activator - 1.9.0 AdBlocker - 1.60 adv-cmds - 119-5 Alkaline - 1.3 AllDrop - 1.4 AltKeyboard 2 (iOS 7) - 1.0.8 andrewwiik's Cydia Icon - 1.0 animate - 2.0.1b-23 AntivirIOS - 1.2 Apex 2 (iOS 7) - 1.0.10 AppInfo - 1.6.2 Apple File Conduit "2" - 1.0 AppList - 1.5.8 AppStore plus - 1.0-1 AppSync Unified - 4.5-1 APR (/uslib) - 1.3.3-2 APT 0.6 Transitional - 1:0-23 APT 0.7 (apt-key) - APT 0.7 Strict - APT 0.7 Strict (lib) - AttachmentEncryptor - 0.1 Audio Recorder - 0.5-1 Auto VPN - 0.2 Auxo 2 (iOS 7) - 1.2.3 awIRC - 1.0 Barrel - BarrelRoll - 0.1 Base Structure - 1-4 basic-cmds - 48-2p BatteryLife - 1.3.2 Berkeley DB - 4.6.21-4p BetterPowerDown - 1.0.0-6 BetterWiFi7 - 1.0.1 BigBoss Icon Set - 1.0 bluePill - 1.0-160 Blur Remover - 0.0.3-18 BookSong - 0.0.1-10 Bourne-Again SHell - 4.0.17-13 Bridge - 1.1.6 BytaFont 2 - 2.1.4 bzip2 - 1.0.5-7 CallBar - 2.3-480 Capture View - 1.3-1 Centripetal Color - 1.0.3 Centripetal timeless - 1.00 Circulus - 2.0 CokePokes's Cydia Icon - 1.0 Core Utilities - 8.12-12p Core Utilities (/bin) - 8.12-7p CrackTool - 1.1 cudia pls - 6.66 cURL - 7.37.0-1 Cyanide & Happiness Loader - 1.0 Cycript - 0.9.501 Cydget - 0.9.4012 Cydia Installer - 1.1.12 Cydia Substrate - 0.9.5001 Cydia Translations - 1.1.12 Darwin CC Tools - 286-8 Darwin Tools - 1-4 DathKeys - 1.0.4-3 Deadpool IOS 7 Slider - 1.0 Deadpool Respring Logos - 1.0 Debian Packager - 1.14.25-9 Debian Utilities - 3.3.3ubuntu1-1p Decode Camera For iOS7 - 1.2-2 Diff Utilities - 2.8.1-6 diskdev-cmds - 421.7-4 Display Recorder - 1.3.12 Eclipse - 1.3-6 EqualizerEverywhere - 1.2 Erica Utilities - 1:0.4.2 f.lux - 0.990 file-cmds - 220.7-3 Filza File Manager - 1.2.1-2 Find Utilities - 4.2.33-6 Flex 2 - 1.938 FlipControlCenter - 1.0.1~beta2 Flipswitch - 1.0.4 FullForce for Phone - 1.1.2 GameGem - 0.4 Gawk - 3.1.6-2p Giffy - 2.0.2-37 Glairy Font iOS 7 - 1.0-1 Glissez - 0.0.1-1 GlowBoard - 0.1-569 Glu - 1.1-2 GNU Privacy Guard - 1.4.18-1 grep - 2.5.4-3 guilty - 1.8 gzip - 1.6-7 Habesha - 1.3 handyDialer - 1.2.2-1 HASHBANG Productions Common - 1.1 Hermes - 0.0.1-121 hid-support - 1.1-1 Hide Newsstand iOS 7.1.x - 0.0.1-3 HideMe7 - 1.3-17 HomescreenDesigner - 1.1-100 iCaughtU Pro - 2.7-2 iCleaner Pro - 7.2.1 Icon for Reddit repo - 1.0-1 IconSupport - 1.9.4-1 iFile - 2.0.1-1 iJarvis - 3.0 iLEX R.A.T. (iOS 7) - 2.0-2 Insomnia Pro - 6.0.1 InstaLauncher - 1.2-5 Interactive Message Notifications - 0.5-1 InTube - 1.5.2 iOS 8 CC Toggles and Shortcuts - 1.0 iOS Firmware - 7.1.2 IPA Installer Console - 2.3-1 iPhone Firmware (/sbin) - 0-1 iPhone Metrognome Remix - 1.0-2 iSSB - 2.2 iTouchSecure - iTransmission 4 - 4.6 libfinder - 1.1-4 libhide - 2.4.1-1 libobjcipc - 1.0.0-17 libPassword - 2.2.0-2 libstatusbar - 1: libsymbolicate - 1.3.0-1 libzip - 0.11.2 Linkin Park Slider 7.1.X - 1.0 Liquid Swag - 1.0 LocalIAPStore - 1.4-1 LockHTML3 - 1.2.t-1 LockScreenGestureCleanUp - 0.2-1 LZMA Utils - 4.32.7-4 MobileTerminal - 520-3 Monstercat Zeppelin Logo Pack - 1.1 MouseSupport - svn.r217-1 MultiIconMover+ - 2.3.0 Musiex - 1.0 My3G - 7.1.0 MyWi 7 - 7.06.01 MyWi 7.0 (iOS 7 Library) - 7.06.01 MyWi OnDemand - 7.06.01 network-cmds - 307.0.1-6 New Curses - 5.7-13 Nitrous - 2.4-5 NoAnnoyance - 0.2.0~beta5-1 NoDelay64 - 1.2-4 NoPageDots7 - 1.0 NoPlayerBlur - 1.0.2-14 NoSlowAnimations - 3.1.1 NoStatusBar - 2.3-1 Notific8 - 1.1.0-1 OneByOne Contacts - 2.1 OpenSSH - 6.6p1-1 OpenSSL - 0.9.8za-1 Orangered for iOS 7 - 1.2.1-1 PAM (Apple) - 32.1-3 PAM Modules - 36.1-4 Pangu 7.1-7.1.x Untether - 0.2 pcre - 8.30-5p pincrush - 0.9.2-1 PkgBackup - 7.0.4 PredictiveKeyboard - 2.7-55 PreferenceLoader - 2.2.2 PreferenceOrganizer 2 - 1.7-1 Priority Hub - 1.1.5-1 Profile Directory - 0-2 Protect My Privacy - 3.2.5 PwnTunes for iOS 7 - readline - 6.0-7 Remote Messages (iOS 7) - 3.0.1 Repo Icon - 1.3 RocketBootstrap - 1.0.2 RoundScreenCorners - 1.1-1 Safari Download Enabler - 3.1-9 Safari Upload Enabler - 1.4-5 SBRotator 7 - 7.0-159 Scrub Radio - 0.0.1-45 SearchLoader - 2.2 sed - 4.1.5-7 shell-cmds - 118-6 Shou - 0.1.16 Smart Search - 1.1-4 Social Duplicator - 2.1-1 SpringBoardAccess - 0.3-5 Springtomize 3 - iOS 7 - 1.1.2-2 Statusbar CS (Wifi and Signal) - 1.0 Substrate Safe Mode - 0.9.4000 Sudo - 1.6.9p12-4p SwipeSelection Pro - 0.9.6-1 symbolicate - 1.5.0-1 syslogd to /valog/syslog - 1.0.2586-2 system-cmds - 433.4-12 Tap Tap Reloaded - 2.0 Tape Archive - 1.19-8 TapTapPass 7 - 2.0.0-1 TapTheAt - 0.0.1-8 The Last Digit - 1.0 TinyBar - 0.0.4-1 ToneEnabler - 0.0.1-33 top - 39-4 TypeStatus - 1.2 UIKit Tools - 1.1.8 unrar - 3.6.8-2p Untrusted Hosts Blocker - 3.1.3 unzip - 5.52-5p UUID Generator - 1.6.0-2p Vag Rounded Bold LS Clock Font iOS 7 - 1.0a Veency - 0.9.3402 VideoPane - 1.1.3 Volume8 - 0.1.2-2 Watch Dogs Boot Logo (White) - 1.0 Watch Dogs Zeppelin Pack - 1.0 WeeLoader - 1.2-1 WinterBoard - 0.9.3915 Zeppelin - 2.0.2 zip - 2.32-5p
submitted by BobDole261 to jailbreak