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Now that hulu and youtube tv dropped it and att tv now is 80$ a month what are you guys using?
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Has anyone else added a feature to their game, worked on it until it works exactly how you imagined in your head, only to find that it just isn't that fun in practice without ever figuring out why it's not fun?

It's only after I take a break and come back to my game and play it with fresh eyes that I can sense that these mechanics just aren't as fun as I had anticipated. But what drives me crazy is I can't put my finger on why they aren't fun, If I think about them they SHOULD add to the game, they are things i wanted in other games, but in my own game they just don't elevate the play.
Usually i can find some satisfaction in failure, i can look back and learn something from it, but sometimes everything goes exactly how you planned it and it just doesn't work. It's just wasted time and energy and a bit of frustration that game dev really is damned hard after all.
This is my first real attempt at making my own game and I have to say it's been eye opening. It's easy to be the critic, to critique a game that's already finished and say X,Y, or Z should be a bit different in a fully formed product, but actually trying to innovate with new systems and play and bring them together amidst the high standards and burnout on your own is tough.
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