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Two Friends, a City, Cooks, Food and most of all a Dream on Wheels - We are Straight Outta Vizag. This ones about us, how it started and what troubles we face.

We are Straight Outta Vizag - Two Friends, a City, Cooks, Food and most of all a Dream on Wheels. This will be a long post about a dream, how it came about and how I ended up realizing it with my best friend; about a city, its geography, how it made me into mechanical engineer and how it played an important role in my life. A country Australia that helped me find myself, connect with nature, develop me as a person; My friend and why he is the best person to do this with & about Our Venture - that strives to produce authentic, sometimes original, local and global recipes to our patrons, to make our City a better place by doing do a bit of social activism. Also talk about what troubles we faced so far and are facing currently in terms of making this decision known to our parents, starting a business, permits from government bodies like City Corporation and City Police. Where are we going right now in terms of our Modus Operandi and What we really enjoy doing. Finally I discuss why I am sharing this with the reddit community, besides a chance of promotion to our truck and Ranting few things off my chest… SO, proceed if you will or Check us out sometime. I’ll be adding some pictures and music to text wherever it’s suitable to make it less boring.
Childhood in my Hood, Spider-Man and INS DEGA
As you can see, I am from Vizag. I was brought up and still live in the middle of an Industrial-Estate. My entire childhood revolved around all sort of machines, machinery and welding sparks coming from the never ending fabrication works that went on in the hood. This sort of environment made me a naturally curious kid thanks to my dad and Uncle who both hold a Diploma in Mechanical Engineer for choosing the right neighbourhood. All my questions regarding these machines were nicely answered by my father and that in turn made me more interested in how things worked. This got a boost when I first met Spider-Man and his amazing friends. This show and other Sider-Man shows had a huge impact on me, so much so that I used to play with common house spiders in hopes that its bite would turn me into a Spider-Man. Thanks to Universe, venomous spiders are not that common in a typical Urban Indian household I guess, I’m still alive and well. Besides that stupidity, Spider-Man being a student of science and using science to solve problems or for fighting villains made me interested in sciences and I started to pay attention in classes and made me question and think about things in universe and nature. This helped me have good foundation in Maths and General Sciences.
On the other hand, our neighbourhood is in the close vicinity of a Naval Airport, INS DEGA. This helped me develop a love for things that fly. Our Neighbourhood used to be perfectly aligned with the runway path of the airport, this gave me really up close view of the planes touching down and taking off of the airport. Being a Defense airport there were special aircrafts in addition to the commercial ones. Navy Week was and still is the best season for some flight watching. At the age of 11, this interest in flying things pushed me to apply the science I learnt in school to make an object that fly with the help of DC motors it failed, of course. But that failure has set the path which I would follow in my higher studies. My father introduced me to A.P.J. Abdul Kalam who has been a huge inspiration. I may not know the name of the degree but I decided to study the science of flight and how to build things that fly. That was the idea of a child.
Finding an admission for Undergrad, IITM- Shaastra 07 & 08, Job Hunt & Masters in UK
I was good theoretically but competitive exams are not my thing. I knew, I wouldn’t succeed neither in JEE nor AIEEE so any dreams of doing Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering were smashed, my parents are kind enough to not force me into that machinery and left me to my choice for EAMCET. I just have to get a Mechanical Engineering seat in Andhra University or GITAM. That’s good enough for me because, Mechanical engineering also covers the science of flight and these two are the best engineering schools of my city and I don’t have to leave town if got an admit.
So I found myself in GITAM, it has been a fun ride there. I always loved hands on jobs since I am a kid. I love to build something or do something with my hands. In second year of undergrad I attended Shaastra’ 07 at IIT MADRAS and it changed my outlook on engineering as a whole. I was awed by the students who built and gave a demo of the VTOL flight built by them, Team YU-FLY? It was the coolest thing I saw. It was when I started taking an interest in research and technological developments in my field and in general. Target was set to Shaastra 08, me and my childhood friends made a contraption built by our own hands using a lot of Jugaad and tools found from the hood. Have a look here GIF 1, GIF 2. That was the demo video we sent in with the abstract. We are the Mighty mavericks but we got of Lots of weak links in the plan and it worked only partially. This set the stage for my participation in a series of technical events that I would attend over the last two years of my Undergrad.
My communication skills were really bad by the end of Undergrad and this meant I wasn’t doing good in the Campus Interviews. I only wanted to join a core company and I couldn’t find any. I did the 5 day assessment for technical engineer post in IAF but didn’t make that list too. Couldn’t get a good rank in GATE. But found myself an admission at a really good Mechanical Engineering School in UK. Education Loan was the only way I could afford this and my parents had to put our house on the line to get a loan. EDWISE has given me immigration support free of cost as I secured my own admission. Went to UK and finished my degree, visited London twice and returned home. That’s it. I did not make much contact with the life in UK, its land and its culture. I was limited by time and money. But with the help of High-speed internet, I did learn a lot about world, science and technology, history and was introduced to reddit, student guilds, game of thrones and a whole lot of popular culture through university life. This helped with my English and subsequently my communication skills.
Shock after returning home
After finishing the degree, I returned home only to find that the degree I just received is not valid in India. Even a private engineering college didn’t want to hire me as a lecturer because my degree is not considered a Master’s Degree. That was a huge blow to me. I had to look for opportunities abroad again. Thanks to my thesis supervisor in UK, a well-known name in his field, gave me a good recommendation letter which helped me secure a full scholarship to do doctoral research in Australia. I was so happy and my parents were really proud of me.
My way Down Under and How life changed there: RA Job, Research and Cooking
I never thought I’d end up in Australia of all places. I went there with no expectations and the first few months have been the most difficult months. Then I made friends at student housing, who pushed me to apply for RA position and that changed a lot of things. I got the position and during my term I would be promoted to a senior RA and would organize the best parties and events over the next couple of years. This gave me a huge exposure to Aussie, International students and cultures from around the world. I had to be outgoing for the job so I became an outgoing person. My love for cooking, adventure, camping and off road driving helped me go to some of the remote parts of Australia and make some amazing friends along the way. People around me at uni and housing were mostly younger than me, were not judgemental at all and I could do what I want without fear of judgement. I was earning good money while having the best time of my life and cleared my education loan in no time. Perfect song to describe my time down under
My research on the other hand was not going as expected. I am a hands-on person and I always enjoyed experimental work rather than simulations or numerical work. My research problem has been changed by supervisor from being heavily based on experiments to one that was half cooked right from the beginning which consisted mostly of Numerical work and only some namesake validation by experimental work. On top of that one of supervisor who is supposed to help me with Numerical work has moved to another university in another country all together and I was left with a supervisor who is Experimental guy guiding me on numerical work. From there it was a downward spiral and I ended up losing interest in the research I was doing. I produced two papers which in my opinion are not really great.
On a parallel, I was doing really well as a RA, was cooking and trying some amazing recipes to whole lot of people from around the world and at one point I cooked Indian food entirely made from scratch for the entire student village of 300 students. Since I was a kid, I loved cooking and it was a life-long dream to own a restaurant someday and this idea was there in the back of my head all the time. And when it came to point where I can no longer continue my research work due to various reasons and I had to make a decision to change my line of work. It wasn’t easy, I had to consider so many things into account and had to find the confidence that I can cook commercially.
First Job in a Commercial Kitchen and How I found myself in a Road trip
So I went searching for a job in a commercial Kitchen. After a lot of failed attempts, I went door to door along a popular coffee strip giving out my new culinary resume which I had to make up using the things I did so far. I got a call back from a Chef who loved my resume, my passion for the craft of cooking and gave me a job in his kitchen. Being the only computer literate among the staff I got to know the ropes of making stock lists, recipe cards, the numbers behind making a menu and running a commercial kitchen basically /kitchenconfidential. This gave me the confidence I needed.
I rented a big motorcycle above 700CC which I always wanted to drive and just left for a drive. I covered 1400 KM in next two days along the southwest corner of Australia. This journey gave me the opportunity be with myself, think about myself and helped me come to a decision on so many things I wanted to do in life. The trip was really dangerous, I was driving 130-120 KMPH because I only rented the bike for two days and wanted to make the most out of it, I cannot lose sight of the road ahead because if I hit a kangaroo or things crossing the roads I’d crash at high speed and before I know it I’d be dead as Australia being so huge it would take hours for someone to notice me or get me to help. This fear for life made me so vigilant, self-aware and made me concentrate on the road like I never did before and that too hours on end. I was a different person at the end of this trip. I am not even exaggerating on this one. I felt like I conquered all my fears in life.
It was clear to me; I just had to do what makes me happy. I quit my research, quit the job in the kitchen and was finally on my way back home with the most daunting task ahead, telling my parents about it, convincing them to help me start a Food Truck and to believe in my dream. After all is said and done, they still don’t get why I am doing this but decided to support my cause.
My Friend
I could not do this alone; I needed a partner to do this with. The first person I got in mind was my lifelong friend. We went to same school since kindergarten and grew up together in the same neighbourhood and in a way we see thing uniquely in our own ways. He was not a brilliant student in class but he was the best when it comes to real world, he is creative, he can see things which no one else can in places nobody else even looks. He is brave and always helped me with my phobia for dogs; he has been a huge support in my life. I spoke to him regarding this and he immediately wanted to join me. He quit his job in Mumbai and came back to our city. He has his share of troubles at home, more than me and for that I really admire him for believing in my dream and to make this decision to join me on this journey.
Straight Outta Vizag
I named our little venture Straight Outta Vizag because I truly believe this city has shaped my life so much, in a way it defines me and for that I love my city like how Peter Parker loves his city, New York. Although we are not the webbed vigilante we too try to do some good in our city. For our first socio-event, thanks to my sister and Good Universe, a NGO, we organised an awareness campaign on women’s health in our neighbourhood and it was a grand success.
We started operations with this Menu and was getting a good response. Then, Kerala floods happened so we decided to donate our earnings during this run towards the Kerala flood relief activities as you can see from our post history.
Cold hands of the City governing bodies
No matter how good our intentions are, we are not welcomed in the city. Before going on road, we went to various government offices like, Food safety and standards, Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation- GVMC and its Public Health wing, City Police and Fire Department to get permission according to this Notification by Hyderabad City Police, I found online. It appears so that, none of the people I met have no idea if such a regulation existed in my City, Vizag. No one official has given us direction with this regard. No one has responded to us properly, most of the people claim that no one has come to them like us, asking permission to put up a food truck and that they won’t allow it, mostly because they haven’t done that before. But there are lot of food trucks running in the city.
I submitted a letter to the Commissioner, GVMC in May but got no response even after all these months so we started operations with only a FSSAI license in hand. Where ever we go Police or the GVMC personnel has asked us to remove the truck. Why are other trucks allowed then? Later I learned that other food truck people formed into Unions area-wise and are running things according to their made up rules within the area like a “dhandha”. Why do I have to join a union of a particular place or all the places if I intend to set-up my truck?
More Social Activism
During the month of August 2018, we had rains for a couple of days and our street got flooded due to improper storm drains. We have had this issue for ages and our colony people have approached the municipality but nothing was done. In lieu of this, we brought it to the notice of GVMC commissioner through an open letter on our facebook and twitter profiles, which talks not just about our problems in the hood but also other problems that I have seen in my city. This time we got a response but I did not mention my problems with the permits because it didn’t seem right to plug the same with problems in the hood and my city.
GVMC responded promptly and started the restoration of storm drain works in September and finished the work during the second week of November. Due to these works happening we had to put a comma to our operations and resumed our work during third week of November.
What happened after we are back on road…
This time we wanted to try a healthy breakfast menu and we set up shop on the way between VUDA Park and YSR statue Roundabout on the beach road. We were asked to vacate the place by an Assistant City Planning officer from GVMC Zone II. The next day we moved to parking in front of YMCA on beach road and two days later, this time, a sanitation inspector warns us not to put up the truck and it will be seized if we do so again. So we removed the truck and went to meet the GVMC Zone-II commissioner, Mr. Palli Nallanayya. Here’s how our interaction went by:
Me n My friend walk into commissioner’s room who appeared to be in a staff meeting.
Me – ‘trying to hand him the letter we already submitted to GVMC’-- utters the words: “Sir, memu food truck okati start chesam mee...” “Sir, we are starting a food truck…” He cut me off there and with a growing frown on his face he just utters the word “ivvamu”... “Alantivi ivvamu ma zone Lo” “Stop it there, we will not give you a permit. We don’t do this sort of thing in our Zone.”
Looking at his body language and the way he didn’t even bother to hear what we have to say made me sick and we left the room.
Because of these obstacles we are now without a proper location for our truck. Many have suggested me ways to get a contact in GVMC who knows “how to get things done” But I do not want to go that route because it is not the right way to do it and as stupid as I am I will fight for what is right and we are planning to meet the commissioner regarding this and File a RTI with GVMC and City Police regarding what they know about already existing food trucks. Meanwhile, we found some gigs with adventure agencies and started arranging food for trekking and camping events in our beautiful and untapped eastern ghats. We also cater to small parties, family gatherings, speciality events, college get-togethers and many more. We met some amazing people along the way, particularly youngsters who seem to respect and admire what we are trying to do which in turn gave us energy to continue on our journey. We intend to bring cooking and the joy of making food closer to our patrons and give them a well-rounded dining experience wherever they choose to eat.
Our city has so much to offer in terms of tourism. Our tourism potential is not fully tapped into and we want to promote our city tourism which will help create jobs in the local communities. I cordially invite any and all off you folks that love a good beach or a view from a hill, come visit our city, Vizag. If you choose to hire us we can take you around and accompany you with good food and present you with some amazing views that are unique to our city and it’s geography. As the songs goes... Say hey, good lookin' - what ya got cookin'? How's about cookin' somethin' up with me?
I’m sharing this with the reddit community because it is a unique platform compared to other social networking sites and the people, stories from reddit have inspired me a lot and helped me develop as person. And by sharing this I would like inform the community about us and hope that our story may inspire someone else in realizing their own dreams. Also, to reach out to a lot of people who barely know about our City in terms of a travel destination and to reach out artists, content creators, travel bloggers and to collaborate with anyone who is interested in enjoying good food and nature. Do have a look at us, know about us and if possible inform your friends about us. See you on the road. Meanwhile here’s some pics of our truck, menus we did and of places you can visit in and around Vizag.
Also, do check us out on Instagram and Facebook and feel free to contact us.
For Straight Outta Vizag, Love,
submitted by Straight_Outta_Vizag to india

Izumi Archives

Autonomous cars without human drivers will be allowed on California roads starting next year. by AdamCannon in Futurology

[–]izumi3682 6 points 6 months ago
I would also add that it was not until about the year 2012 that AI researchers made the serendipitous discovery that GPUs, like those made by Nvidia for example, worked far, far more effectively at enabling CNN (convolutional neural networks) than CPUs to give us the incredible level of narrow AI we have today. No coincidence that all of these things are coming together at the same time. The secret sauce is that narrow AI.
So in essence, this form of SDV did not exist before the year 2012. A mere five years. And look how far it has progressed. Together with mapping, tracking and inter-vehicle electronic communication technology. Just wow!
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Pornhub is using machine learning to automatically tag its 5 million videos by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 3 points 6 months ago
Just because adult entertainment is shifty and low-brow, doesn't mean they are not whip smart. The adult entertainment industry not only in media but in, shall we say companions, is leading in the development and construction of highly realistic and functional humanoid robots. Deep serious research is being done to explore the most realistic movement, the most realistic skin, the most realistic anatomy and physiology. The most realistic weight. One fine day in the not so distant future AI will be added to these things. Both "male" and "female". And I can think of tons of "off label" uses for these robots. The question is will we be able to distinguish between one of them and a real live human?
Sure they are a bit primitive today, but in 5 years? Look out! AI, robotics and automation will sweep over everything. Everything that humans do. Well now, that might take an additional ten years, but it is an unstoppable tsunami now.
"Humans Need Not Apply".
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How will we face being defeated by machines? by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 6 months ago
TL;DR (but the article is scary fascinating!)
What will do when a computer takes our jobs? When we prefer its company to human company? When it makes art we love? How will it feel to be usurped?
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Autonomous cars without human drivers will be allowed on California roads starting next year. by AdamCannon in Futurology

[–]izumi3682 22 points 6 months ago
Wow! This is happening so fast! In the year 2005 an SDV could not drive a straight road even 7 miles! In the many articles and discussions in just the last year or two in futurology, I discerned the common sentiment has been maybe level 5 autonomous SDVs will be on US roads in 30 to 50 years. When I said, no they will be on the roads by the year 2020, I was roundly excoriated as an unrealistic "pie-in-the-sky" dreamer who did not understand the gritty reality of bringing such technology to life. Perhaps I don't know the nuts and bolts what is needed, but what I do understand is most people do not or are incapable of thinking in exponential terms.
But beware because this development is not about cars and transportation--it is about AI. And the AI gets better by the week. Permanently better. And it builds on its own self. So that rate of improvement acceleration accelerates because of that.
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Top 10 Fears of Americans in 2017 [image] by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 2 points 6 months ago
AI, robotics and automation did not even make the list! No mention of "technological unemployment". This means one of two things. Either I'm wrong to be worried or the majority of US citizens are woefully unprepared or simply ignorant of what the (very near) future holds.
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VR’s future depends on you buying a dorky headset by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 6 months ago
I like my Oculus Rift. But I don't use it a lot. When I do, it's wonderful, almost like magick.
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Reports Indicate That Sweden Will Stop Using Cash by 2023 by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 6 months ago
So what if we do stop using physical money. You can certainly still be poor (without resources) nevertheless. I read an article just the other day that says since people now start carrying far less actual cash that panhandlers can't get any money on the street as easily as even a year or two ago. People are trying to come up with some kind of way to "electronically" give panhandlers money, but the very nature of panhandling tends to preclude a beggar from being able to make any use of such technology. A great many of these people are legitimate beggars for variety of reasons (like mental illness, severe substance addiction, felons, genuine intractable economic reasons). Panhandling is just one of the ways that they manage to survive on the street.
No, I think we need to get rid of the need for money. I'll admit it is still early and the concept of wealth is still valid. But when the unemployment reaches a critical tipping point due to technological advances in AI, automation and robotics, we shall need to come up with some way for humans to live safe and comfortable lives that have all their hierarchy of needs met so that all humans can "self-actualize". I think this problem will become noticeable in the next 5 years, worrisome in 10 years and intolerable in 15 years.
If the technology cannot produce such a thing, I suspect that the humans will take it upon themselves to equalize wealth. I can give you a good example of what that would be like. In the year 1860 nobody in the world had (state) government permitted (and approved) human slavery except a number of states in the Union (USA). The south did not want to give up slavery because it was simply essential to the way their economy worked. This was no new thing. A pattern that took about 150 years to establish was no easy thing to end. In fact future looking southerners saw great economic benefit in spreading slavery to as many states as possible and maybe even into Cuba and Central/South America. Granted, even though they did dream of such things, it was a bit of a pipe dream. The point was that they simply could not end slavery, because their economy would collapse. The south was profoundly embarrassed by this situation and even they called it "the peculiar institution" and attempted weak, even biblical, justifications that had a racial basis. Such racial justifications for slavery had not existed before in human history. I think it was even Jefferson who stated that slavery was like holding a wolf by the ears. You didn't like it, but you didn't dare let go either. It took an inevitable, horrific bloody war to wrest by overwhelming force the concept of slavery from southern fingers. And then, the aftermath.
I see this worsening "wealth inequality" business as something very similar. Those who hold the wealth simply can not give it up.
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Does Facebook Plan to Compete With Google's Artificial Intelligence? by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 6 months ago
Awesome! Nothing like a little healthy market competition to see who can make the "best" AI.
Think about the world ten years ago. Now think about the world today. I don't know about you, but I am definitely starting to feel a 21st century vibe around here.
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China will open a $10 billion quantum computer center and others also investing in quantum computing by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 3 points 6 months ago
Chinas progress on quantum computing is a state secret. We don't actually know how China is doing, but we have a hint by the fact that it was China that initiated the first quantum secure communication event in human history. Industry in the US states the US may achieve quantum supremacy by the year 2018. So I bet China is pretty close too. China certainly has the political will to do this. And it would certainly represent a massive strategic victory for China to be first.
Regardless of who develops functional quantum computers first, I think it would be one giant leap towards the "technological singularity". Humanity will not be the same after the advent of quantum computers. For better or worse, because you know we are going to mix all that up with AI too.
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Could Masayoshi Son get trillions in wealth funds mobilized for Singularity investments ? by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 2 points 6 months ago
This is what they are talking about.
...they are investing in robotics, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, self driving cars.
In a speech last month in New York, Mr. Son declared that in 30 years, there would be as many sentient robots on Earth as humans and that those robots, which he called metal collar workers, would fundamentally change the labor market.
“Every industry that mankind ever defined and created, even agriculture, will be redefined,” Mr. Son said. “Because the tools that we created were inferior to mankind’s brain in the past. Now, the tools have become smarter than mankind ourselves.”
The industrial revolution replaced human (and horse and oxen) muscle. This AI revolution replaces the human mind. So logically... "Humans Need Not Apply" :P
I would also add that if ohh say about 90% of humanity were to, you know, die, the combination of AI and vast expanses of reclaimed nature would make a lovely place for the 1% to live in scientifically immortal paradise.
FACT: If 90% of humanity on Earth vanished today, the Earth would have the human population it had in the year 1800. The year after George Washington died.
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The Genre of Popular Science Articles on Treating Aging that Fail to Mention SENS Rejuvenation Research Programs by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 1 point 6 months ago
I am very grateful for your insight!
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China’s AI Awakening - The West shouldn’t fear China’s artificial-intelligence revolution. It should copy it. by [deleted] in Futurology

[–]izumi3682 1 point 6 months ago
Dang I forgot all about China until just now. And after all the stuff I wrote about it too! The important takeaway is this. We talk about AI in the West like we are the only ones who have it. A far larger population of humans in the world is working on AI in all of it's forms just as hard and as fast as the west is.
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Deception on the internet is nothing new, but it is getting worse by izumi3682 in Futurology

[–]izumi3682[S] 3 points 6 months ago
We are developing technologies that are beyond belief. Within one year you could see the President of North Korea making a speech where he swears eternal love for the philosophy of Ayn Rand after having breathlessly read "Atlas Shrugged".
The video will look 100% real. The voice will sound 100% real. There will not be a hint of fakery. It will simply look like indisputable real life. That's the direction our fake news is going to go. It is simply one aspect of our ever improving narrow AI capabilities. What else shall we take as genuine fact when it is portrayed as such?
We are rapidly achieving the ability to simulate real life. CGI is constantly used in motion pictures that are not meant to seen as special effects. The CGI is meant to be viewed as a seamless part of reality. If you can pick it out as CGI the creators feel they have failed.
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The Genre of Popular Science Articles on Treating Aging that Fail to Mention SENS Rejuvenation Research Programs by izumi3682 in Futurology

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I have been aware of Aubrey De Grey and SENS since around the year 2011. To me, a layman, it seemed like the work of SENS was reasonable science. It had at that point only laid out basic groundwork of understanding. No actual true research to address each of the 7 facets of aging it had identified had been done yet to my knowledge.
My question is this. Is SENS pseudo-science? Or perhaps SENS is saying what everyone else (in science) already knows? I was under the impression that they had broken new ground, but I never hear of SENS or De Grey in reference to a Nobel Prize for example.
What SENS has done for me personally is take a concept (aging) that before the year 2011 I simply regarded as normal and inevitable and changed my way of thinking that it was in fact pathology. IS aging a pathology when it happens to creatures of such high sentience as humans? Is it OK for us to make "scientific immortality" a reasonable goal that we can achieve? If nothing else SENS, along with other aspects of futurism I became aware of in the year 2011 made me understand our universe and our part in it in a totally different way than I had before.
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The unsolved problems of physics by OliverSparrow in Futurology

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In the year 1900 the scientists of the day felt that most of science had been solved--just a few details, said Lord Kelvin. But if you had told an ophthalmologist in the year 1900 that today in the year 2017 we use lasers to correct myopia and astigmatism, he would have said, "What is a "laser"?" Nobody seemed to realize Einstein had some new ideas in 5 more years or that the Wrights would achieve heavier than air motorized manned flight in 3 years. We continuously guess wrong about things. There are truly wondrous and unimaginable fundamental physical discoveries in our near future. Just think of the implications of observing gravitational waves now like it's no big deal anymore. And for how long did we think it was possibly impossible. In the year 1900 it was literally unimaginable.
I believe technology feeds on itself and in doing so reveals new insights and all kinds of opportunities for serendipity. AI does not develop in a vacuum, nor do genetic technologies such as CRISPR-Cas9 or materials science to include nanotechnology. Despite a great deal of unsolved fundamental physics problems, we are somehow managing to force a fully functional quantum computer into existence. AI feeds CRISPR-Cas9, nanotechnology feeds material science. Material science feeds the awesome "Cambrian Explosion" of drones, robotics and self driving vehicles. Incredible big data and processing power feeds simulations that continuously improve AI.
How we are managing to do all of this without solving fundamental physics problems is beyond me. I just watch it all unfold with unabashed wonder and amazement. But yeah, all of our problems are going to be solved. And the future to me appears to be a "funky Bali Hai".
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Facebook entered a StarCraft competition for software bots, revealing its ambition to compete with Google in artificial intelligence. by bobcobble in Futurology

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The winner in all of this is going to be AI, potentially AGI. AlphaGo is now working to enable its deep learning AI to not only play StarCraft 2, but to ultimately defeat any human player. Now the number of variables that are encountered within SC2 is an astronomical increase compared to the game of "Go" And "Go" is supremely difficult to master. Yet AlphaGo beat all human comers by earlier this year. Not the year 2050 as most experts believed.
As of the last update I read, the AlphaGo AI was not faring that well against even the lowest level tutorial AI, the AI that humans use to learn the basics of the game. Among other things the AlphaGo AI did not seem to grasp the "why" of mining and why mineral mines are important. But it will catch on. And fast too. I give it two years to beat any human on Earth. And the Facebook AI will catch up too, because that's the thing about narrow AI, it only rapidly gets more competent--it never gets less competent.
And finally I would like to add that once an AI can beat a human at the game of SC2 the resulting AI will be very close to achieving AGI capabilities, because of the way it has to process and "intuit" in the SC2 game. As of 2017 there is no such thing as AGI.
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Shake Shack Claims Automation Won’t Hurt Its Famed Hospitality by izumi3682 in Futurology

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...and a new $15 minimum wage for businesses with 11 or more employees will go into effect by the end of December 2018 in New York, drastically altering the economics of the fast-food industry.
Ohhhh. So that's what this is about. Lots of automation incoming...
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Americans Face a Rising Risk of Dying Alone by izumi3682 in Futurology

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In the short term, but in about 20 more years, there may not be dying at all. An incredible super-future of genetics, robotics, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology is sweeping towards us. I'd add things like overwhelmingly convincing VAR, quantum computing and practical nuclear fusion produced energy to that mix.
Personally I thrive on being alone. To me "hell is other people".
Yes the acronym for that is "GRAIN". ;)
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Calm down, Elon. Deep learning won't make AI generally intelligent by izumi3682 in Futurology

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There are three kinds of AI.
Narrow AI and/or machine learning is the kind that's on my smartphone and can translate languages instantly, even to the extent of mimicking the font and color of the text. "AlphaGo" can play "Go" and beat humans. It is probably impossible for this form of "AI' to be conscious or self-aware. This to me is not actually "intelligence", just lots of algorithms using good data, complex processing, predictive analysis and modeling to produce the best output for the desired goal. We see already that it can convincingly simulate human "creativity". Having said all that, it can be a massively powerful tool for humans to use. Perhaps to the detriment of other humans. Like truck drivers and radiologists.
Artificial General Intelligence is the kind of adaptive intelligence that biology uses to accomplish tasks when presented with a mental challenge or desired goal. It's as if the AlphaGo could suddenly learn how to cut hair like a professional barber, then learn how to fly or make a "pretty good" cake. (Or drive a truck or read x-rays) All from one intrinsic AI. Again this form of AI does not need to be conscious or self-aware to fully function. Things like empathy and personality would be easy to simulate. I bet it could unintentionally fool humans into thinking it was self-aware. There is no such thing as AGI yet. Yet. "AlphaGo" is learning how to play "StarCraft 2" with the goal of defeating all humans at this game. To do it will come very close to what we think of as AGI I'd say. Could be even more dangerous to humans than the narrow AI.
Emergent Intelligence is what the fellow in this article is referring to. If somehow we get say like quantum computers mixed up with machine learning and somehow get our narrow AI to become AGI and then somehow the product of all of this mucking about produces an intelligence that's "conscious and self aware", something we haven't totally nailed down the definition of our ownselves yet, then a new genuine sentience would exist. There is a lot of ifs for this to happen. Not going to happen in the short term of say like 20 years. But if it did--OMG! It would have all the benefits of narrow AI and AGI. It would leave human cognitive capabilities in the dust.
Yet, I am confident that we shall achieve all three with ease in less than 100 years. Simply because humans are super smart. We desire this as a goal. And now we have the extra muscle of incredibly massive "big data", ungodly fast processing speed, and ever improving algorithms to enable the actual AI portion of this problem. We are working to develop practical use quantum computers as fast as we can. Our muscles become more powerful by the week.
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'Lost chapel' of Westminster Palace revealed in new 3-D model by izumi3682 in Futurology

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Stunning. We shall use VR recreations to relive any period of human history, or history period for that matter. We shall walk among the halls and naves of all that we have built in our time on Earth. You can get a taste of this with "Google Earth VR". (Looks best on a Vive or a Rift. And by "best" I mean breathtakingly awesome.) See maps turn into travel.
Here. I helpfully took you straight to an example of what they are talking about. A VR visualization is worth a thousand words. ;)
(Click that little straight ahead arrow. And you shall move into a chamber where you can have full 360 degree movement and look at detail close up to boot.)
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2017: It’s the greatest time to be alive and simultaneously the worst by izumi3682 in Futurology

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No. Not by a long shot is this the worst time to be alive. The problem is that people have zero perspective, because people are for the most part history illiterate. We don't kill each other off by the tens of millions at a time any longer. During the American Civil War more than 4,000 Americans killed outright in three days in Gettysburg. During WWI , more than 11 million soldiers were killed in action in a roughly 4 year period. After WWI there was a thing called the "Spanish Flu" which killed more people in the world than WWI did! Death toll of "Spanish Influenza" pandemic of 1918-1920--Two years! More than 50 million!
I could go on. WWII, Soviet collectivization, China's Great Leap Forward, The Jim Crow era (1877-1950s). The Holocaust. Polio. The inhumanity of European colonialism, even limited US colonialism.
No we live in absolutely the best time ever. But there is a caveat. We must be very careful what we do with AI. 1.Who controls AI initially? 2.Can AI ultimately be controlled at all?
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The Reports Are In: AI and Robots Will Significantly Threaten Jobs in 5 Years by [deleted] in Futurology

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Well, I would just say read the government article. It's certainly not boring.
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This Model Is Facing Threats Over Unshaven Legs, But She's Totally on Trend by izumi3682 in Futurology

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What do you mean?
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Elon Musk has a bizarre Twitter chat with 'Rick and Morty' by izumi3682 in Futurology

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This is where Mr Musk and I diverge. I don't think it matters one bit whether we are a simulation or not. As a simulation, by definition we can't physically impact what is simulating us. (Well maybe we might give our simulators' an interesting idea they hadn't thought of before. Perhaps that is our purpose. After all that is why we simulate stuff.)
What matters is what manner of simulations we make. And we are going to make some spanking excellent simulations of our own in the very near future. And we are also going to try our darndest to live within them. Just wait until you see what we call VR today evolves into! I prophesy we shall engineer ourselves to exist within virtual universes entirely in the next 100 years.
I attempted to watch the very first episode of "Rick and Morty" and I just couldn't get past the personalities of the two. So irritatingly annoying. And I was a staunch fan of "Ren and Stimpy" and "Powerpuff Girls" too. Well I'll try again...
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White paper: “autonomous vehicle corridor” replacing the I-5 freeway between Seattle and Vancouver - entire stretch of critical roadway linking two major cities across an international border would be given over to driverless cars by 2040, with no old-fashioned, human piloted, cars allowed. by mvea in Futurology

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Pfft. Pot is going to be so legal, it will be as boring as cigarettes and alcohol are today. No problem drivng to the liquor store or the ABC if you live in weird VA like I do.
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