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Foobar2000 Media Player is a very very recommendable player. Foobar2000 ui hacks in minecraft. Here is the UI mock up I made to illustrate some of my ideas. Travel across fields. Foobar has an extension system called components. Fifa 12 lan play patch.

[Request] Mod for switching music playlist during in-game events

I've created different music playlists for different atmospheric situations in the game (Night, Day, Cave and Combat). I would like to play music in the background continously during gameplay, but also not have to switch to each playlist manually.
Does anybody know a mod that can detect whenever one of said events occur within the game and switch to the according playlist automatically? I imagine that switching between a day/night playlist at least would be possible, "combat" and "cave" might be difficult situations for a mod to detect.
I'm running the Java version of Minecraft on Windows with foobar2000, iTunes and VLC as my music players.
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The Homelab, Updated! Now with HA

The Homelab, Updated! Now with HA


ESXi 6.7 HA Cluster (Updated): Finally filled the hole in my rack with another server to complete the HA cluster!
  • R710 - HA Master (2x E5640, 48GB RAM, 2x 146GB RAID1 15K SAS for ESXi, 10GbE) Windows server 16 DC #1 [DHCP, DNS and AD], Foobar2000 Server, Windows 10 Management Jump VM for DCs, and VCSA.
  • R710 - HA Slave (2x E5640, 24GB RAM, 2x 146GB RAID 1 15K SAS for ESXi, 10GbE) Windows server 16 DC #2 [Failover DNS, VPN, and Unify Controller] Minecraft Server(s), and APC Powerchute.
  • R710 - HA Slave (2x E5640, 24GB RAM, 2x 146GB RAID 1 15K SAS for ESXi, 10GbE)

  • R610 - (2x E5640, 16GB RAM, 2x 146GB RAID 1 15K SAS for ESXi 6.7) Windows 10 VM for XCP-ng Center for remote client Now a test server for new builds of ESXi 6.7 and test Backup server eventually using Veeam
  • R710 LFF FreeNAS - (2x E5640, 24GB RAM, 2x 2TB RZ [Mirror] for Media and ISOs, H200 in IT for server backplane, H200E in IT mode to MD1000 with 8x 250GB drives in RZ2 for VMs for testing.
  • 2x APC 1400 XL UPS 1500VA 1100W
  • Quanta LB4M 48 1G, 2 10GB Core Switch
  • Quanta LB6M 24 10G, 4 1G, Storage and vMotion traffic
  • 2x Unify AC-AP-Lite
  • Adtran NetVanta 1333P PoE 24 100M, 2 1G Switch for Cameras (inactive until storage update complete)
Plans for upgrade:
  • Replace all disk in FreeNAS server with 19 NAS grade 2TB HDDs (cheeper and really all the space I need)
  • (DONE) Get another R710 to complete vSphere cluster (Nodes are currently not clustered)
  • Get Precision R5500 and install ESXi and passthrough Dual AMD S9150 for cloud compute and complex rendering server and VDI with Horizon.
  • Replace all E5640 Xeons with low power L series 6c/12t CPUs in all servers
  • Add EdgeSwitch 48 Lite to replace LB4M as core switch and move LB4M to layer 2
  • Upgrade all 146GB 15K drives to SSD for OSs (pushed to low priority due to ESXi's low disk access)
  • (DONE) Add uplink to NetVanta for Cameras and run VM to capture footage and put on FreeNAS volume
  • (DONE) Add WSUS/Distribution server to domain for quick deployment and to control windows updates.
  • (NEW) Testing Horizon 7.5 without vGPU on the HA cluster
EDIT: Changed door on front of rack to rear door instead of plexiglass door for better airflow.
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