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A Comprehensive List of Changes in Persona 5: Royal (5/3 to 6/5)



I wanted to create a comprehensive list of every last change I could find between the old game and the new game both to help players discover things that they may have missed, and to give people making walkthroughs or optimal daily guides an outline that will save them some time when writing up their own material.

Methodology and notes about this list

This list is intended to document changes on a semi-specific level. I am simply listing things that I notice while playing through the game. I am being pretty meticulous with my documentation, but this list is not designed to document every single minor detail (such as individual stat changes to weapons and items or arcana-type changes to personas, for example). I am noting whatever I can as I go along and looking things up to verify that they have been changed if I can find a video or wiki article on the old game.
I also intend for this guide to be as spoiler-free as possible in regards to the story, so even though I am writing down all the new things I notice, I will leave information about cutscenes and story elements as vague as I can so as not to ruin the experience for anyone.
To keep things maintainable, I have broken up the list up into logical date spans from the last deadline of the previous palace to the deadline for the next palace; the first list covers the prologue to the deadline for Kamoshida's palace, the second from the day after Kamoshida's deadline to Madarame's deadline, and so on and so forth.

About the author

I played Persona 5 and am currently playing through P5R on a PS4 Pro but have not tried the PS3 version of the game. I completed my first run and New Game+ back-to-back on 11/11/2019 and 1/12/2020 respectively, so the game is still fairly fresh on my mind. I spent ~250 hours on the base game, a good chunk of which was devoted to optimizing a perfect roster of personas for Joker in NG+. I have gotten the Platinum Trophy for Persona 5.

Changes (5/3 to 6/5)



  • The Wilton Hotel Buffet now has updated lighting and new models/textures.

Saves & PSN

  • Achievements for completing palaces don't pop until the associated deadline/confession. Previously, the achievements would trigger immediately after finishing the palace.

Sound Effects & Music

  • The driving sound effect that morgana makes when moving around while in bus form has been changed.


Thieves Den

  • You unlock the Thieves Den on 5/5 once you finish the follow-up story events after completing Kamoshida's palace.
  • The Thieves Den introduces the player to Jose for the first time if they haven't already met him in Mementos.
  • The Thieves Den is an in-game area that acts similar to a rewards gallery from other games that show off the player's accomplishments and let you view a lot of extra content from the game.
  • Most of the extra content in the Thieves Den must be unlocked using a unique currency called "P Medals". P Medals can be earned by completing a variety of achievement-style tasks in your daily life, in the Velvet Room, in Mementos, and in Palaces.
  • There is a variety of extra content included in the thieves den:
    • There is a vending machine that allows the player to purchase and display models of characters, personas, buildings, items, and a variety of other assets.
    • The player can change the background music that plays while wandering around the Thieves Den to any of the games songs. Songs cost anywhere in the range of 3-10 P Medals based on their popularity and length.
    • The anime and in-game cutscenes, as well as the trailers and anime opening, can now be unlocked for viewing in exchange for P Medals
    • There is now an art gallery that showcases in-game art, concept art, and some of the art used in marketing and promotional materials.
    • There are tiles on the second floor of the Thieves Den that will allow you to change into unlocked outfits for Joker, or will allow you to change into other characters entirely while within the Thieves Den.
    • There is now a new card game called Tycoon that can be played to earn P Medals. P Medals are awarded based on the difficulty level (of Tycoon, not the overall difficulty) and performance during the match. There are also challenges that can be completed within Tycoon to earn bonus P Medals.

Story & Cutscenes

  • On 5/5, more of the VIP's from Shido's palace are now at the Wilton Hotel Buffet for you to eavesdrop on.
  • Ryuji now sends a group message with a photo of the Phantom Thieves' celebration at the Wilton Hotel.
  • There are more NPC conversations that hint at Madarame's appearance and the scandal about his art students.
  • "What's bonkin'?"
  • The new Councillor confidant, Dr. Takuto Maruki, is introduced on 5/13 during a school assembly.(I AM FERDINAND VON AEGIR)
  • There is another brief cutscene on 5/13 involving the player, Maruki, and Kasumi.
  • There is now a new cutscene on 5/24 of Ryuji and Dr. Maruki
  • There is now a cutscene on 5/30 where Kasumi is being harassed by Eren Jaeger.
  • There is a special Shujin-sponsored park cleanup event on 5/30 involving a large chunk of the cast. (And some slightly stale(...or perhaps salty?) memes) This event causes you to skip to the evening time slot, so be aware that you will miss out on your afternoon activity and cannot infiltrate the palace or go to mementos on this day.

Daily Life

  • From 5/6 and onward, you can no longer earn guts points for studying at the library, and will earn extra knowledge points instead.
  • Hot Coffee has been replaced with Surprise Sando for the same price(¥700). It also still gives the same amount of guts. (Maybe this was to avoid association with GTA's Hot Coffee mod? I have no idea why they changed this.)
  • Ore no Beko (the beef bowl shop) now has a special Yakiniku Day, which is a particularly busy day that can earn you bonus proficiency points if you manage to remember all the customers' orders.
  • You will now also receive some Big Bang Burger consumables as an additional bonus for completing the Comet Burger (the first BBB challenge)
  • Dr. Maruki will now teach and ask questions on some days.
  • Kichijoji is a new explorable area unlocked on 6/5, and introduces a variety of new shops and activities.
    • The Penguin Sniper bar is where Ryuji takes you on 6/5, which also introduces you to the rest of Kichijoji. There are a couple activities at the bar.
      • Playing Darts will increase your Baton Pass rank. (see the combat section below for details) It will also grant you proficiency points based on your performance, and will grant points towards social links with all applicable attending party members.
        • You can play darts with one other ally at a time. Sometimes a second party member will ask to join in, allowing you to rank two party members up in a single time slot.
        • There are three levels of difficulty, 301, 501, and 701. Each difficulty level indicates how many points you must score exactly to win. Going under 0 points on a game (i.e. scoring more than 301 on a 301 difficulty game) will cause a bust and any points you scored during that turn will be voided.
        • The game uses motion controls for aiming, and you can flick your controller or press X to throw your dart. I highly suggest using X as I found it to be far more responsive than the flick method.
        • If the remaining poitns left on your teammates final turn is beneath a certain threshold, (I found it to be around 100 points or so) you may be given an opportunity to encourage them. Choosing the right response will increase their rank to 3 immediately if they are also able to finish off the game. The lower the score is, the more likely they will finish off the round, so be aware.
        • There are a couple of items, a book and unique dart set, that will make playing darts easier. (See the Items & Equipment section for more details)
      • Playing Billiards will increase your technical damage rate. (see the combat section below for details) It will also grant you two points towards a random social stat, and grant points towards multiple social links with attending party members. Billiards is not a minigame, it is treated as a basic activity that you can perform like the diner so there are no new mechanics associated with it.
    • There is an information clerk available during the daytime who can provide information about Kichijoji.
    • Mitsubachi Bungu (the stationary store) sells a handful of confidant gifts.
    • Furigi no Neuchi (the secondhand clothing store) will buy sooty equipment from you in exchange for money and shop points. Shop points can be exchanged for a variety of items, or for a "Clothing Grab Bag" that contains four random pieces of gear.
    • The Hagoromo Meat Shop has cheap SP-restorative consumables that can only be purchased during the evenings.
    • Houraku (the Chinese bun shop) sells a small selection of single-ally, HP-restorative items.
    • MealPort (the imported grocery store) sells a variety of all-ally, HP Restorative items.
    • Stoneon (the crystal healing shop), sells a variety of accessories that provide passive Amp skills. They also sell Black Rocks which can be used for persona itemization.
    • The Mantra Ganda Incense Shop is locked as of 6/5, when Kichijoji is first introduced.
    • The Jazz Club is locked as of 6/5, when first travelling to Kichijoji. (it is also only open in the evenings)
    • The Temple in Kichijoji is also locked as of 6/5.
    • Makoto can be seen following the player and Ryuji around Kichijoji on 6/5.

Palaces & Mementos

  • Morgana can now dash while in bus form in Mementos.
  • Shadows will now respawn while wandering around the same floor in Mementos.
  • Jose is introduced on 5/7 right before heading out of Mementos. He informs you that he will trade you items and other perks in exchange for finding flowers in Mememntos. He also says that he will come up with some games for you to participate in in exchange for these bonuses as well.
  • Jose also gives you a mysterious star item, that he claims can grant a wish. It is unclear at this point how exactly it can be used...
  • Chests in palaces now look like the surrounding scenery in the palace, instead of using a generic model.
  • Madarame's boss fight now has a new second phase.
  • There are new Mementos requests that now have investigation phases in the real world to ID the target.


  • Technical damage to enemies will now cause them to be downed as if they had been crit or had a weakness exploited.
  • Baton Pass Rank is a new mechanic that, when ranked up, increases the effects of a baton pass. On first rank, damage is increased when performing a baton pass, on second rank, damage is increased further and you will recover a little bit of HP, and on third rank your damage and HP recovery increases again, and you now recover a bit of SP.
  • Technical rank is a new mechanic that, when ranked up, increases the effects of a technical attack (combination attacks that are triggered when combining status effects and various damage types on an enemy) You start at rank 1, and can achieve higher ranks by purchasing and/or using certain items (see the Items & Equipment section for details) At rank 2, technical damage is slightly increased. At rank 3, technical damage is increased further and there is a slightly higher chance of downing enemies with a technical attack. At rank 4, technical damage is increased even further, and hitting an enemy with a technical attack guarantees that the enemy will be downed.

Items & Equipment

  • There are now more books available at the bookstore, likely due to being able to access Speed Reader earlier than in the previous game, which required you to purchase and read all other 3-step books in Jinchobo (Book Town) first.
  • After playing darts for the first time, (not including the event on 6/5 with Ryuji) you can buy a book and a unique dart set from the bookstore in Shinjuku and Next Ace in the underground mall, respectively.
    • The specialty dart set is available immediately, and will allow you to use third eye to slow down time when aiming. The book is not available until unlocking Shinjuku, so I have not been able to access it yet as of 6/5.
  • After playing billiards for the first time, the clerk approaches you and mentions that there is a special book that can improve your proficiency at the game, but it is only sold at Next Ace (the sporting goods store). You can also buy a Jump Cue from Next Ace in the underground mall, allowing you to perform jump shots. The book and the Jump Cue are required to increase your technical rank to 2 and then 3, respectively. After rank 3, the club owner will give you a book on massé trick shots. After reading it and playing billiards again, you will achieve Technical Rank 4.

Personas & The Velvet Room

  • Persona traits are introduced upon officially entering Madarame's palace for the first time after 5/18. Traits are special bonus characteristics of individual personas that imbue the persona with a variety of effects.
  • Traits can be inherited when fusion occurs, three traits can be selected; the trait of the first persona, the trait of the second persona, or the trait unique to the resulting persona.
  • The Electric Chair (persona itemization) ritual will be unlocked once you secure a route to the treasure and return to the entrance of Madarame's palace.
  • The Electric Chair can be used multiple times a day, rather than just once per day. You will still require a black item or blank card to perform the itemization, however.
  • Advanced fusion is now significantly easier from a persona management perspective, and is consequentially much cheaper. (see the Dialog & UI section for details)


  • Mishima's confidant now requires you to complete Mementos requests in order to make progress towards his social link.
  • Mishima now hangs out at Central Street on most nights until Shinjuku is unlocked.
  • After the initial cutscene with Maruki on 5/13, you will gain him as the new Councillor confidant. You will also be railroaded into your first confidant rank cutscene with him on the same day. Based on the first bonus you get with him, I assume that his confidant perks will be related to nullifying status ailments, restoring SP, and granting buffs to the party.
  • Each rank up with Dr. Maruki will increase your SP by 5, and give you a free consumable item.
  • After completing the first rank of his social link, Yoshida's schedule is adjusted so that he only gives speeches on Sunday evenings.
  • The personas (and the associated skills) required to advance the Strength confidant have been altered.
  • Sojiro's confidant now requires you brew coffee at LeBlanc at least once before being able to advance his social link past rank 2.
  • The Faith confidant (Kasumi Yoshizawa) is unlocked on 5/30. She initially can only achieve a max rank of 5. I am unsure if it changes to a normal 10-rank social link later on in the story or not.
  • Working at Ore No Beko can occasionally grant points towards Yoshida's social link.
  • The time for Operation Maidwatch is now up to the discretion of the player, and be initiated by speaking to Mishima at night. The initial flyer event with Ryuji seems to occur after finishing up Madarame's palace and stealing the treasure.

Dialog & UI

  • There are no longer empty lines of "--------" in selection menus to indicate hidden options that have not been unlocked yet.
  • There is now a "¥" indicator in the group guillotine interface that lets you know if one of the requisite personas for an advanced fusion is available in the compendium.
  • Advanced fusion/Group Guillotine now will automatially prompt you to purchase personas that are not in your current stock if they are already registered in the compendium. This makes the advanced fusion process FAR easier than before, where you would have had to release multiple personas from your stock to hold all the sacrificial personas required an advanced fusion.


u/Fluxriflex, u/TenebrisTempestas, u/kn0bbulo, u/IndigoGamma, u/heliphael, u/DerpDepartment, u/SSJ5Gogetenks, u/AkhasicRay, u/Fall_of_89, u/muda_muda_muda_, u/VerbingWeirdsLang, u/Salti_Fish
If you would like to contribute, feel free to submit any changes at this github repository, or, for small changes, feel free to message me or leave a comment. You can also report innacuracies or missing information through Github's issue tracker if you are not familiar with how Git works.

Final Words

Due to Reddit's character limitations on posts,these change lists have been broken up into separate posts, with the deadline for each palace being the delimiting factor. You can find the previous list here and the next list here.
Thank you so much for reading, and a huge thanks to everyone who has helped out so far!

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