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If you're in the mood to relive your glory days or for a touch of retro gameplay, then you're bound to love this. Counter strike was first released by Valve on the Microsoft Windows platform in 2020. Counter Strike 1.6 ohne Steam 1.6: 60. Steam Complete: 61. STEAM key Grand Theft Auto V [April 2020] 62. PORNOZAO DA STEAM KEY: 63. Steam Activation COD: 64. Half Life: Counter Strike and Steam CD-Keys all: 65. Steam 1.6: 66. Counter Strike Condition Zero Steam Activation: 67. Steam Brick Rigs: 68. Half-life 3 Steam Key: 69. Steam reusable key. Half-life v1.0 [us] no-cd/no key (13.6kb) Search for related No-CD & No-DVD Patch No-CD & No-DVD Patch troubleshooting: The most common problem getting a No-CD/No-DVD patch to work is ensuring that the No-CD/No-DVD patch matches you're game version, because the games exe is changed when a patch update is applied previous versions won't work. This guide will assist you in installing Counter-Strike: Source. Counter-Strike 1.6 v32.1 FULL Non-Steam. Airmagnet survey cracked software https://translate-centre.ru/forum/?download=4962.

Something off my chest about type-c

Unlike most people with uncertainty with 1 port, I love laptops and small devices in general. I love it because it's portable and you are not really attached to a desk, maybe like a car - a expression of freedom by many. I care about function before art because function bring out the beauty, that's why a circle looks beautiful to me. For people to have unrealistic uncertainty of not having extra USB ports, I never had doubts that I will need to use a thumb drive time to time. I don't complain about my car not having crazy trunk space, even though I may need it .001% of the time. I don't remember the last time I needed to use a USB key, because I haven't used it at all this year. I have a physical drive, a sata 2.0 hdd, but that's at home and the case for the housing stopped working and I use a sata to usb connector for it to work. I could need to use 500gbs and it be nice, but I'm not going to lug around 3.5 hdd around with sata to usb connector for the 500 gbs in name of portability.
I have a 2010 MacBook 11" Air. It is so beautiful, it makes me drool over thinking how light it will be when I first saw it at best buy. Just as the size of the laptop amazed me in a day dream, friends asked me that you only have 2 USB ports and it wasn't a real computer. Don't care and maybe I am a fanboy. I like being a Apple fanboy, because it's stupid easy to use and makes my life better. Funny thing is that my Mac Air boots up in 25-ish seconds as my friends 12gb i7 dell cased windows takes 40-ish seconds. Yes I'm running osx Yosemite on the mighty feather mouse.
So if I do buy this new MacBook, will I be happy? I was in tears when I saw the 11" Mac air, so surely I was having a wet dream when Cook told the audience: "can you even see it?!"
Will I need a extra port? If I haven't used a thumb drive since somewhere... Last summer, highly I won't need a USB port let alone, another USB-C port.
Theoretically they can get rid of the headphone jack and put another USB-C port, but will I ever need it? I don't know, I probably miss the headphone jack more then anything else, unless USB-C headphone comes out, but rest of my headphones are the regular headphone jack. It's like when they switched the iPhone connector, and when cd drives wasn't dvd compatible. Regardless I have all lighting port devices and pretty happy, unless my friend wants to play his 2007 iPod on my car, my car.
I recommended my friend a 11" MacBook Air and everyone who wants a laptop for portability, the same year I bought mine in 2010. Still today I recommend apple more than anything else, because stupid simple usability.
He hates the Air, he complains that there is only 2 USB port, and not enough power and ram.
So I asked him, when was the last time he used the USB port on his desktop? He told me something like a week ago, and I asked for word document? Yep, and I said I can save you the hassle of putting the document in a physical drive and just email yourself to save the hassle of owning a USB key, because I hardly use it, and it's like having too many keys on a keychain. He doesn't own a USB key, but hey his sister needed to use his Mac Air when she pulled her word document out of his air.
He also wants to play counter-strike on the air, and I asked why? He told me he likes games, well so do I! But it would be ridiculous playing games on a machine for portability. I installed c.s steam 1.6 and it ran fine. Just old PC games and it runs butter smooth. I didn't buy it for cpu power.
So will you want those extra USB ports? Yeah, you may need it. Will you use those ports like they have the purpose of hdmi port on a dedicated graphics card hooked on to a 4k monitor? No, it won't.
If you want this laptop, buy it.
Essentially I was buying into a segment of the market that didn't existed for apple, an 11" MacBook and 11" air that was first generation and still using it today, that's 5 years coming up May. Who cares its first gen, when are you going to buy it? When it's 8th generation iPhone? But two months go by and I could be waiting for next year! Buy something that fits your needs and wants, especially if it brings weight down, size down for the sake of portability to make your life better when you need a PC on the go. Especially when you know touch screen iPhone and iPad isn't enough. Life expansion on a Mac in my experience will last you, your expectation how long a PC can go for.
If you have the money to buy this new MacBook for its portability and feather weight mass, you won't be disappointed. Just ask yourself when was the last time you used a USB key? Do you need thumb drive in your life? Can you email yourself that 50kb document or air drop it or drop box it, instead of using a thumb drive?
Physics drive will always have its place, but I don't know the last time I touched one, certainly not this year.
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The Death and Rebirth of Korean Counter-Strike — Translated article from DailyEsports

Original article (Korean): http://esports.dailygame.co.kview.php?ud=2016082401325511723
Written by Lee Siwoo of Daily Esports
This is part 2/2 in a series on Counter-Strike. Part one focused on introducing the international CS:GO scene to an unfamiliar Korean audience, so I left that out. I have taken many liberties in this translation, and added some explanatory notes where needed.
◆ Why was Counter-Strike Buried in Korea?
CS:GO is creating a ton of buzz internationally, but the Korean scene remains noticeably silent. The game has simply failed to catch on. Even though the player base is increasing slowly through word of mouth, its popularity is still a far cry away from the heyday of CS 1.6.
In 2001, Counter-Strike began to gain popularity in Korea with PC Bangs (Korea’s version of the net cafe; an enormously important place in gaming culture) as the focal point. Though the game didn’t exactly enjoy “explosive popularity” at the time, it steadily attracted players through word of mouth. Counter-Strike’s biggest advantage was that one PC could run 2~3 servers, and PC Bangs utilized this capability to provide servers for regular customers. Thus, groups of players who wanted to play in a low-ping environment flocked to PC bangs on weekends.
At the time, Korean publisher Hanbitsoft sold a retail version of Counter-Strike 1.5. PC Bang owners could purchase dozens of CD’s and make back the cost in a short amount of time, making the game popular within the PC Bang industry. Hanbitsoft itself made a pretty profit through Counter-Strike sales.
However, following the 2004 release of Steam as Valve’s new gaming platform, Counter-Strike began to walk down the road of decline in Korea. Valve shutdown CS 1.5 support through WON.net and forced players onto the new Steam platform and CS 1.6. A legal dispute between Vivendi Universal Games and Valve ensued, regarding the distribution rights for Counter-Strike. Vivendi would lose the case, and the distribution of the Steam platform commenced in Korean PC Bangs. At the same time, Valve introduced a new, per-time pricing policy for Counter-Strike in PC Bangs (PC bangs must pay the publisher a fee for every minute a game is played. This is a more-or-less standard policy now, but was a big deal at the time).
◇ PC Bang owners kill Counter-Strike and back Special Force
Previously, PC Bang owners could make a one time payment and get hundreds if not thousands of hours of playtime out of each copy of Counter-Strike. There was no chance the introduction of an hourly rate would go over well. The CD’s they had previously purchased became effectively worthless. PC Bang owners pushed back in unison, initiating a boycott against the Steam platform. Instead, they decided together to push the recently released Korean game, Special Force. This was the basis for Sudden Force establishing itself as Korea’s unofficial FPS of choice.
Players who had previously enjoyed playing Counter-Strike logged onto Steam from PC Bangs using their personal accounts, but PC Bang owners did not subscribe to Steam services themselves. As a result, Style Network—the Korean operator of Steam—ceased their Steam operations after a year and transferred the rights to GNASoft.
◇ Sudden Attack ascends as the ‘National FPS Game’
Even though Special Force initially declared it would be ‘free forever,’ it too brought the ire of the PC Bang industry after announcing a paid, premium service called ‘Peanut PC Bangs.’ When a new Korean FPS game in Sudden Attack was released in 2006, it rose to the forefront and dominated the scene for years afterward.
Nexon’s 2007 release of Counter-Strike: Online garnered some popularity, but its growing focus on ‘Zombie Mode’ content drove fans of the original Counter-Strike to slowly leave the game.
At its peak, Korean Counter-Strike was popular enough that 120 teams applied for the 2003 WCG Korea qualifiers. However, by 2010, the scene had lost much of its player base and momentum, and many teams and clans began to disband while tournament participation dipped noticeably as well.
◆ Baby Steps: CS:GO in Korea
While the Korean player base slowly increased following the release of CS:GO, it entered a fractured scene where clans with over 10 years of history had already disbanded, making it difficult for the players to come together. The community, as well as community tournaments, were nonexistent.
Despite being the successor in a long series of games, the existing user base had largely quit the game, and CS:GO was forced to start from the bottom. Obviously, that means the number of aspiring pro players and teams was limited as well. At last April’s CS:GO Asia Minor Korean qualifier, only 20 teams entered. It was the first offline(live) CS:GO event ever held in Korea, yet the fan reaction was as cold as ice. Claims that “Korea needs to grow CS:GO and become internationally competitive”could only seem embarrassing in retrospect.
Of course, the lack of a star player to draw the fans’ attention was a large part of the issue. Even though MVP—a successful team in other esports disciplines—has founded a CS:GO team called MVP Project, the roster is filled largely with newcomers and will require much time to become competitive.
A rival is needed for quick growth, but outside MVP, no team provides a stable practice environment. Even with successful CS 1.6 players such as Kang “Solo” Keun-chul and Kim “Glow” Min-soo returning to join MVP, it’s unreasonable to expect noticeable results from MVP within the year.
For Korean teams to grow, there needs to be a regularly held Korean tournament. Recently, Twitch teamed up with Versus Gaming to hold the VSL CS:GO Beginning series of tournaments, filling that need to some degree.
Recently, Blizzard’s latest game Overwatch has dominated the spotlight, and CS:GO continues to be low-priority. However, if tournaments such as the VSL continue to be held, Korean teams should be able to slowly increase their competitiveness and eventually achieve results on a global level.
submitted by TL_Wax to GlobalOffensive