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Counter-strike, the popular Half-Life mod, received yet another update, moving it up to 1.6. AMX Mod X (AMXX) is a Metamod plugin which allows you to write modifications for Half-Life with Small scripting language. Live TV from 60+ channels. Here you can download for free Radars [total entries: 12].

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Are you looking for Hacks and Aimbot to use in Counter-Strike Steam Version? The exclusive background was created specifically for the Cs 1.6 LongHorn. Original cs 1.6 factions looks like we have provided screenshots. Download the Counter strike 1.6 weapon skin of your choice, must be a weapon in-game though.


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Pes 2020 patch 2020 chevy. Counter-Strike Global Offensive folder(not to csgo folder). To plant a bomb in Counter Strike 1.6, find a bomb site, select the C-4 bomb in the weapons slot (default is 5), crouch, and press and hold the primary attack key until the bomb is planted. From the best players or teams in the world.


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This turns the radar on: fastsprites 0: Sets the complexity of the smoke sprites for the smoke grenade - The range is 0-2, with 0 looking the most like actual smoke. Take rest after a gaming session of 2 hours max. Of Counter Strike 1.6; Bots (Controls: "H"); Garanteed to run on Windows 8.1; 48 proto. Unlimited recording storage space.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (or CS: GO, as most people call it) seems to only be getting more and more popular. Featuring a Aimbot, Triggerbot, 2D/3D Radar, ESP and much more. FAQ About the game Create the server. Project2DFX is a set of plugins for GTA III, Vice City, San Andreas and GTA IV(EFLC) which adds LOD corona effect to a game map, making LOD-world look a lot better.

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Guide/tips for Communist Mexico (and conquest of USA) [1.6.2 MtG]

After having around 14 runs and putting 30+ hours intoCommunist Mexico in MtG – I decided to make a sort of a guide, for anyone interested in making in-game reality of American nightmare that is Texas, occupied by commie Mexican revolutionaries. Or maybe you want ‘proper’ way of beating USSR for this nice achievement with Trosky. It turned out to be really long, but I hope it could be of help.
First off, before MtG and 1.6 it used to be really easy to beat USA as Mexico, so dlc addressed that – now Mexico starts really crippled internally. Not unlike USA, when you think about it. You have (if you are going commie way) to deal with 2 big things – Cedillo rebellion and religious uprising. It is 100% possible to have quick-win in civil war, but lost time and equipment in this conflict is not worth it, so best to avoid it.
If we are going proper commie way – we need to exile Calles, since a)this leads to ‘arrest Cedillo’ and there is no dealings with rogue generals in communist reality and b)event with Trotsky joining the government is only possible that way, if you are going this way. This is top priority, since we need to arrest the General as quick as possible – this would get rid of -20% PP debuff, and we would need a lot of PP.
Next thing is avoiding the religious guys going nuts – and there are 2 ways of doing this. Either we have 60% stability – which is doable, but only barely, with converting war support for stability and a lot of wasted PP on decisions and then we have -30% during war with USA which is really hard to counter. After lots of testing I found out that, overall, you can get to 60 stability by the time war hits. You need to do 'reconciliation committee' once, do 'improved worker conditions' twice (once as early as possible, second as soon as it's ready) and 'prosecute clergymen' 3 or 4 times, plus all NF with stability, them being, apart from the ones needed for our direct NF paths, 'rent freeze' and 'control the army'. This way you still have PP to hire Trotsky, Infantry guy, go next conscription law and change economy law (although due to way the strategy is, economy and construction is pretty low priory).
The other way of dealing with church is to do a little trick. Thing about religious war – it’s supposed to more or less happen if you are going communist route – a lot of communist focuses reduce ‘church power’ and if it’s at the lowest – atheist state AND stability <60% 150 day timer start ticking. What we need to do is to complete the unpronounceable Antidisestablishmentarianism NF before our church power falls to the ground. This NF takes 35 days, it’s prerequisite is ‘control the army’ which is needed for later ‘trump over cristeros’ and research slot, so not a problem. And this NF allow us to raise church power for 75 PP – thus avoiding the religious civil war! What’s even better – the timer for civil war is 150 days, so say we have a few NF we need to do that lowers church power. So we do the first one, church is now at ‘atheist state’ and timer starts for civil war. Then we do the next two, making sure we would have 75 PP in the bank by the time the second NF is done - and then enact the ‘transfer land to church’ decision. It instantly rises the church power and timer for civil war stops (and if our church power drops again – the timer would go from the start). Coupled with 2 events (they have a mtth, so appear at random in the span of first 2 years of the game) where you could rise the church power for no cost at all this gives us the tools to make sure we would never have ‘atheist state’ if we are not ready for it yet. In theory that’s a lot of wasted PP, but in practice this greatly speeds up the process of both taking over Central America AND USA, since we could rush ‘Bolivarian Alliance’ and Red Shirts with no regards to our stability. That’s the biggest tips, really.
The strategy itself is not at all fancy, but here it is.
First, army preparation. Disband all the divisions except one, start training it, add one inf, duplicate it (for normal infantry), then continue to add inf division until combat width is 28 while not stopping training. Then accumulate 25 army exp, stop training, add 4 line art to this template, set it on high priority in division designer, and create 3 more of this template – this would be our 4 poor man’s punch through divisions. At the same time as this create 3 ‘bad’ inf divisions (the smallest one, with reduced priority symbol) for guarding 3 ports at the ‘pacific’ side of the country – US AI sometimes tries naval invasions there but never in the Caribbean. Then you need to aim at one full 24 army and (during the war usually) spew out around as many as possible undertrained divisions to fill the spaces. Important to note - not under-equipped! If they are both, then they cave in like paper, not able to hold the line at all. So when you are low on manpower and stockpiled guns - stop. The last thing - create new mobile division with a single motorized and make 2 of them. These ‘Pan-American Bus tour line’ is your quick way of winning the war. But more on that later.
In regards to the Spanish civil war – in theory it could break out by the time ‘good’ division is ready, if it does AND you already have ‘Red shirts’ NF done – go for ‘internationalism’ NF asap, queue up 11 'bad' divisions and rush them, then send your division - and then disband the rushed divisions, no need to waste equipment training them up. You might make it in time to send your best division there – I once managed to do that and was able to singlehandedly turn the tide of war with only one division. Arguably this division smashed through every battle since Spanish civil war usually is a senseless bloodbath on both sides with constant fighting, so enemy is usually low on ORG and sometimes even STR, but still – use it to level up division, general and grind some land exp. But this is not guaranteed – sometimes I was only halfway done and war was already over, plus if you already have 1 good division ready – it’s almost time for central American conquest and you would need all 4 divisions to be done quickly, so don’t force yourself to helping Spain.
Industry-wise build a line of 1 lvl forts on USA border just in case, but keep in mind that you would shorten the frontline by abandoning the little peninsula, then build a few MILs, but it matters very little, really, since you would gain a few by conquering Central America and the war with USA must be really quick. Remove CAS line and throw everything at guns, but don’t touch arty, 1 factory is enough. When tech is done - have 1 factory on motorized. Later you can start making support equipment but you would have enough only for 4 punch guys, so not that important.
Research the infantry guns first (and switch to them right away, you would not lose that much considering most of the guns would be captured ones buy still they could help out when punching through with your ‘breakier’ division) and better production. Then you could go many ways, but keep in mind that you would need 5 things – both infantry techs from 1938, superior firepower first tech (it’s nice to have more but you won’t make it in time), motorized and naval invasion tech. Have 1 factory on motorized as soon as tech is done – remove one from the guns if necessary. Naval invasion is for Panama, there is NF with naval tech discount but we need stuff to happen fast. Also it’s good to have engineers (and suppor eq) so that at least our ‘good’ divisions would have them.
As for internal politics beside controlling the church power: as soon as you have PP do 'improve worker conditions', it's +12 stability, the most PP-efficient way of raising stability. Avoid Mexico-specific events for gaining stability or war support - there are much better ways of doing these things. As soon as Trosky arrives, go for the third option and hire him, he is really nice Chief of staff and gives 0.10 communism support per day, and he is only 75PP. When two church-related events happen (death of a cardinal and publication of a paper) go for increased church power. You would need to have at least Limited conscription by the time war starts, later would have to rise it again. Economy is not crucial at the start, unlike most other nations on account of you having almost no factories - so go for early/partial mobilization when you have the chance, but don't rush it. Last thing - you really need infantry general in the army staff, plus the division recovery guy is good to. The rest would be after war and is up to your preferences.
NF order is this – first go all the way to Arrest General. Then Control army->Antidisestablishmentarianism. [!Important note - if you want to get Trotsky, DON'T do this NF unless you already have him. The event with Trotsky fires in around 3 months after 1936.8.28. You could afford to go first NF on the way to communism plus at max 2 from national bank branch. If event still not fired - it's better to restart, sadly - you loose too much time]. After that go through the commie route on the right – the ‘legacy of revolution’ and everything needed to get to ‘refugees of a Spanish civil war’. [In theory you could get there via ‘revolutionary women-soldadieras’, but you would need ‘red shirts’ for faction flip either way and the former gives you few civ and mil's which is nice on paper but the time is the most crucial and added factories don’t give you much.] Then proceed to Bolivarian alliance and right down to ‘unify centoamerica’.
As for the Alliance itself – it’s your pick, really. Later down the line you could declare on USSR (via NF) and Germany most likely would invite you – this way you could support the Barbarossa enough for peace conference to leave you with puppeting the one-state USSR (since Germany would just takes stuff for itself), plus you get some tank research bonuses and you can buy nice licenses for stuff.
Or you could bid your time, wait for Germany to finish off USSR and the DoW on Germany regularly. Coupled with NF (Royal dutch) Allies could invite you. But it’s not guaranteed, gobbling up USA is a really bad PR move apparently. Nonetheless, same thing, you would puppet the USSR form Germany plus you can get into the Allies techsharing even without continuous ‘faction research’ NF to gain free boost to some techs.
The third option is to have our own faction and invite Argentina and Brazil – they both have decent fleets (for a minor nation) while you have squat in terms of both techs and ships, and you would need navy to invade, well, anywhere really. Plus you could license the basic hulls, cruiser and battleship from them. Don’t bother with the rest on the continent – AI have a tendency to hog up supply limit, which is maddening when trying to fight with tanks and trucks since they have all sorts of problems when even slightly over the supply capacity of the region. And you invite them via decision –each one is 25PP plus you need to have at least 50 opinion, which is usually around 20 to 30 PP to improve relations to this point. I did in hopes of getting big research bonuses for ships (and for giggles), had the whole South America in a faction – it totaled me around 300 PP I think, and it was not worth it at all, bonuses were not present and only Brazil and Argentina had some fleets to help out, plus they once ruined an invasion attempt.
Back to the NF order. Around the time you would get start working on ‘march southwards NF’ you should already have researched naval invasion tech, so prepare naval invasion into capital of Panama with your regular divisions (since ‘good’ ones would be busy). Start the literal march southwards, waging war with everyone in the way, one at a time, using your 4 good divisions - when this is done early your enemies won’t have any forces basically, with the notable exception of San Salvador and even it would be dealt with the same 4 divisions. Keep in mind that the guarantees of US don’t mean anything for you before around 1940 – the AI needs the last NF in ‘reaffirm Monroe doctrine’ NF branch to actually declare war if some Central/Southern American country wages war on a neighbor. IIRC it works only on countries outside of said region from the beginning – which is not openly stated, I read it up in forums. So, conquer all, one at a time. While at war go for revolution (the rightmost one, since there are 2, one is 'aggressive one' and the other is more 'peaceful'), by that time you would have >40% communism surely. By the time war is over – so should be the NF. Go for ‘seize the Panama channel’ and place your 4 divisions on both sides of the channel. As soon as you enact the decision (unlocked by NF) – the border conflict starts. The border mechanics are taken from China – and they are vague and stupid, but overall with 40width divisions you have to win the fight. After the winning the border conflict you get the channel – and a few days later USA should declare on you, understandably not being able to withstand the humiliation. So you have to be ready – troops in place, fleet at the port. [If you lost the border stuff or USA is not declaring – then prepare some more troops while you fabricate on Philippines. It takes around 70 days, as soon as it’s done – declare. Defensive war is preferable since it allows you to enact a free decision that gives you bonus defense on core territory, but that’s not a deal breaker].
So, here we are – the WAR is here, you have one full 24 army on shortened border (again, abandon the small peninsula to shorten the frontline), your punch divisions are ready to take a lone tile in the rightmost part of the border, you have your tour buses (if they are not done yet, rush them anyway - they are needed for speed (heeey)) and you have some more divisions preparing - rush them out too as soon as war breaks out and assign them to the ever-expanding right part of the frontline. How do we win this quickly – because we have to be quick, in a 1-1.5 years from the war start US could join the Allies and you don’t want that? The key is to take most of the east cost. The way I found works is this – plan so that your better army on the left flank would have 2 divisions per tile and limit this army by not extending it’s frontline. Their role is to play the staring game with US border troops. You have lvl 1 forts, mountains and entrenchment – they have same mountains and entrenchment, plus the air superiority/CAS, so that’s a tie for both sides. All the action would be happening on the other side of the country.
The idea is to constantly move into empty tiles, using the fact that AI don’t have enough troops to properly hold the line. The trick is – you don’t have either, but that’s not a problem. AI is usually pretty cautious in taking free land – and so should you. After gaining some land you need to wait a bit – so that your touring buses and undertrained Mexican hikers would not run into fresh US troops. Sometimes they will – and in these cases you have to use the fact that these troops are very dispersed. So you can actually encircle them by simply walking to the sides while leaving 2-3 troops behind to pin them down. As soon as encircling is done – delete the frontline, attack with the nearest 2-3 troops and move the rest forward. If you see that enemy have 3-4 divisions in the same tile – use your punch through guys to make the encirclement with the proceeding wiping out – try to avoid using regular troops, they are needed elsewhere. The whole strategy is this – at the very start try to take out, by the way of encirclement, at least 5-8 US divisions. This would bring their total number to around 20 – all the while you have one full 24 army, one partially full, 4 punchers and 2 touring buses. Use this to gain land – but be smart about it, it’s really risky to send said buses right into the capital – there might be a lone division on the way, one wrong move and your own guy is now trapped. So try to take land in a balanced manner. Take Florida, move halfway to DC both with buses and troops. By then you would've taken out a few more divisions. And when you could see 90% of the enemy force in front of you – on various parts of the front – then you could rush like madman. The goal here is to focus on victory points, using motorized on favorable ground – see, they are only fast on a flat terrain, in forests/mountains/river crossings they are as slow as leg infantry, if not in some cases slower. So send the buses into flat ground and take the forests/mountains by ordinary infantry. If the war is done really quickly you don’t need to take out the whole country – the east coast would suffice: Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, plus Denver and Chicago and a few other cities around. If US war support is relatively high – then you would have to take out part of the west coast too – San Francisco and maybe even Seattle. This could be done with the troops stationed there – by that time AI would leave this part of the frontline scarcely defended. Worst case – you would have to bring the punch trought guys. But that takes time – all the while AI is recruiting new divisions and maybe even deploying them in a really bad (for you) places. So it’s all very micro intensive – you need to keep an eye on the enemy movement all the time, if they start taking the land back, it’s really easy to lose the upper hand. In that regard every single encircling counts. That and speed – so pause a lot.
Important note - AI is abysmal in relocation troops, both your own and of the enemy. The biggest problem is AI sending troops by foot instead of railroading them. And that's what you need to keep an eye for. If it's >2 tiles away - railroad them. Usually railroading into the province the enemy is trying to get into (a lone division) would actually win the defensive battle, if you manage to get there before enemy of course. After which you can encircle the poor guy who failed to win a battle again a freshly-out-of-train division.
And that’s it, the war is done. The peace conference opens up a few interesting things. First thing to note is that by not doing anything with it you could release Philippines – so that Japan would not go after you right away (they still are very interested in a few Pacific islands though). Or, to mostly ward off against future Japan war you can take all the land stuff and leave US with the islands (and fleet that they now have no way of sustaining in terms of fuel, sadly you can’t take even 25% of their fleet in a capitulation). Another way of doing things is to puppet the US and leave them with one or two provinces (for example capital one and the closest to the Canada). This way, at the expense of some of the factories, you, indirectly, gain the US fleet and some research tech bonuses. And you use some of their manpower in divisions too. I didn’t check it, but I think you can license stuff from a puppet too. But this way you opens up yourself to future war with Japan (at least with historical on, but even without it they have a lot of stuff that leads to Pacific war).
Next thing is either USSR naval invasion into Siberia – a very tedious thing due to big distances and low supply, I personally hate waging war in a few places on the planet and Siberia is one of them. Or crushing down Germany early on, maybe even getting into Allies via NF – and then, with a foothold in Europe, go after USSR later on. Or (the worst scenario in my mind) waiting for Germany to crush the Soviets and going after them yourself. This way you would have to really quickly put out some long range ships – since after this little incident with US nobody really likes you in Europe, so no docking rights for poor Mexican communists. And naval invasion into Germany itself is a tricky thing, so better – go after Spain first. If done around 1942/43 Spain won’t immediately join the Axis, so you have few months to do this. But even when taking Rio de Oro first and using Brazil as a starting point (when in faction) we still need IIRC 2500 km range to get enough naval supremacy for invasion to happen – at that’s at least 1936 cruiser or early heavy ship, none of which we have initially.
Which brings me to the other thing – license stuff. It’s Death or Dishonor thing, so not everyone has it, but Mexico have a specific NF (after any of the two Oil concessions things) that almost negates the license production debuff, and when coupled with license from faction member you almost don’t need to research stuff, or at least can start making stuff a lot earlier. In case of ships it’s really important – so, if you want to build up forces quickly – be it navy, air or tanks, consider licensing stuff. The paradox of Mexico-conquered USA is that you have tremendous CIC capacity, which translates into MIC/NIC plus you have an abundance of resources. But, since you had to rush to get the US and you are at a really poor starting point in regards to tech and research slots – you might find yourself with factories without important things to make. Guns and artillery is good, but you need planes – almost all of them even, not just CAS and fighters, heavy are good for air supremacy at the sea, land navy bombers are still gods in sinking the enemy fleet and TAC bombers have great range which gives you air support when CAS won’t be able to provide one due to range. And ships – for any invasion you need at least some ships, not the best and not a lot – but a single light cruiser with one gun is not going to cut it. Eventually you could develop stuff on your own, but you need stuff right now. So, a good idea is to license stuff from faction members, ideally from UK/US. As for the navy – from my understanding you can get away by researching basic depth charges, torpedoes, improved aircraft catapult (you need light cruiser for that tech sadly, but a dedicated spot CL is almost a must-have for patrol duty) and sonar, maybe go fancy and research better armor for cruisers, improved secondary battery and better light cruiser guns. Plus radar – but that’s a useful thing to research anyway. By doing so you can license the ship’s base hull (maybe even pick one with the best engine/armor with no regards to installed stuff) and then modify it by your needs. The cost of naval modification is double for licensed stuff, but as a holder of US oil you can train your navy 100% of the time – you just need to make a little swarm of the most basic destroyers. [Make a minelayer variant and have around 40 of them to quickly mine the hell out of a single sea tile, you can start making them almost day 1. And have around 60 to protect convoys at the sea – due to mechanics of the game it’s actually enough to have a basically naked destroyer to ward off subs from the convoy, so, again, you can make then from the very start. As soon as they are produced – send them to train, allow your fleet to split to repair and by the time you are ready to start making some decent ships – you would have exp to both boost a few techs (like depth charges) and refit licensed hulls].
The very last thing – navy. After reading some guides and topics on the navy here is my take on it – a lot of barebones DD for convoy escort, a decent number of universal DD for screening (AA, ASW, torpedo), quite some universal light cruisers as screens(they are A LOT better as screens due to armor) , which, as you have a LOT of NIC, is preferred screen actually, so you could aim at 2 LC-2 DD or even 3 LC-1 DD (since ASW DD could prove useful as a screen). But the most important thing is to have some battleships. They are required for your own light cruisers to survive an eventual encounter with an enemy BB. It’s much better to lose a few DD and sink enemy BB with a torpedo then to sink in with the same torpedo but loose half of the fleet light cruisers – since if both sides have BB, they engage in an honorable duel, but if any side don’t it’s huntin’n’hurting time for BB. Plus BB range is good, which might be enough to get into the region to start the naval invasion. Subs are good for convoy sinking, but to be REALLY effective, as I understand it, a sub should have >60 torpedo damage to one hit a convoy ship. It is modified by the individual ship exp (so a simpler model still could reach 60 dmg) but overall they only way to get to this number is to have 1940 sub with at least 2 mk3 and 1 mk1 torpedo tubes. Carriers require a LOT of NIC investment coupled with planes and research and.. well, you get get by without them, at least when dealing with USSAxis without going into Japan on your own. Your aim in naval battles is to NEVER go into heavy air controlled zones – NAV bombers are crazy dangerous to any ship, but particularly BB. As people researched the subject on forums – dedicated AA light cruisers are not enough to cover your ships, and even having decent heavy fighter air force might not be sufficient. So, since your fleet is small and precious – don’t try going ‘all out’ at the shores on Spain/occupied France. NAV bombers would tear to pieces your battleships that you spend 1.2 years to build. Stick to places where you control majority of the airfields or have a very decent coverage in fighters/radars and use nave mostly to gain naval supremacy just to make an invasion happen. After which (if successful) – escort convoys with disposable early DD while hiding the fleet/returning to comfortable zones. Your goal is to have a small fleet – few spot patrol fleets [ideally single battleship to save LCs from enemy BB, few spot LC, one or two universal LC and a few ASW just in case], one or two heavy patrols – BB, few LC and ASW DD, and one strike team – up to 8 BB, as many as 3 LC per BB and a 1-2 ASW per BB. This is doable, and due to ‘positioning’ bonus during the fight there is no immediate need to put as many ships as possible in a single fleet. This works in your favor in a way – you can start building around 4 BB and their screens plus spotters as soon as you take US, the only limiting factor would be tech for stuff, so license is your savoir. You can even plan on adding stuff later via refit – it is inefficient in regards to time to build, but lack of any decent ships makes your situation dire, so the sooner even half-empty ship is ready (provided it would have the range to actually help with the planned naval invasions) the better.
And that's it. BTW, I still didn't get the achievement itself - I took US quite a lot of times, but sometimes it was war with Allies, sometimes is was late game boring grind or one time - CTD during peace conference at which I had to get the USSR as puppet from Germany..
Edit: added a paragraph about laws/advisers and decisions, plus some minor edits and corrections
Edit 2: added info about Trotsky event being incompatible with 'Antidisesteblishentaritatism' NF
Edit 3: after extensive testing I can say that, sadly, random element is pretty high, especially with historical off. Sometimes US would have >45 divisions by the end of 1938, thus you would have hard time thinning the line enough to make comfortable gaps in the enemy lines. Sometimes there would be a justification for >15 WT on part of someone else in the world. Once I tried going the 'left' branch for revolution - justification for Philippines took 285 days, way too long and by that time WT was almost 50 already. So, for easier life stick to historical and stick to the main tactic - spend the first few months of the war carefully encircling enough enemy troops to force them to have gaps in lines, all the while spamming under-trained (but fully equipped!) divisions until you run out of stockpiled guns and free manpower. When enemy have 10-15 divisions while you have 2 full 24 armies + 4 punch divisions - you can freely march. But don't get overconfident, if you don't have enough troops to hold the line (even 1 green division per tile is enough when enemy is equally stretched out) and you don't have overwhelming numerical superiority over US - your own troops could be easily caught. Also edited the section about religious stability
submitted by shatikus to hoi4


[Suggestions] About Matchmaking. Improvements, new game modes etc

Well greetings. This is going to be a big post so if you dont care to read it go to tl'dr section.
Matchmaking is one of the best things that happened to cs community to be honest. It brought casual, competitive and sometimes pro gamers all together, a feature that we didnt have in 1.6. We used mIRC back then hahah. Anyway when it firstly came out it was ok i guess and after a few changes it is ok overall but it became boring somewhere in the process and 2 game modes became obsolete, Demolition and Arms race. So lets analyze what could be changed, added or tweak in the current game modes first.
Or team-deathmatch as it should be called correctly. Well deathmatch in csgo uses a kill-point system(good +1) and you play on official and operation maps which is kinda good i guess. But it doesnt offer the basic things.
  • you cant buy every weapon. which is kinda lame because when you Deathmatching you want to refresh your aim a little bit with every weapon m4a1s, p250, ak, awp, m4a4, five-seven, cz blah blah. Deathmatch in GO is kinda limited in that aspect.
  • its not actually a deathmatch because if it were you would be able to kill everyone. 1vsALL. this is how it is supposed to be a DeathMatch, quakestyle ofcourse where you insta respawn.
Suggestion about deathmatch.
  • Tweak the buy menu to allow everyone CT or T to buy all the weapons in game.
  • Tweak Deathmatch to be a real deathmatch. meaning 1 vs all without the cheeky radar to see your teammates and prefire :P
Arms Race
arms race is the same as gungame in 1.6 and css. While the game mode is fine as it is, it needs more maps. Really a game mode with 3 only maps is boring as hell. Also, AR would be better if it had the newer guns CZ-75a , m4a1s and also zeus before the gold knife.
Suggestions about Arms Race
  • Add all the new guns + zeus. it would sum up to 30 guns
  • Add more maps. Like 8 or 10 or even more maps.
This game mode is really really fun! its a shame that it is so limited.
p.s ** add cs_deathmatch as ar_deathmatch**
Casual and demolition
Casual is the old "public" . In my opinion valve did a good job in it. Its not that boring as it is in personal servers with these 50 minutes dust2 games. The only thing that maybe i would like to see is to have more rounds like mr12 or mr10. other than that casual is as it should be.
Same goes for demolition. This game mode as it is, is good enough for me as it fulfils the fun aspect of it. They could add though more guns and some newer maps as the ones we currently have are a little bit old.
The big dog of Matchmaking. the much flawed competitive. This game mode promises the competitive experience of counter-strike according to your skill. That why we have skill groups. Awesome so we have everything right? well NO.
First of all why is it even called competitive if it doesnt have competitive rules. 1:45 roundtime and 35 bombtimer is being used since i can remember myself playing counter-strike. I think it was midway that established these "timers" back in 2002. ( im not sure about this though). Anyway, the thing is that every online league, lan tournament big or small, and even valve's majors use 1:45 and 35 timers for roundtime and bomb detonation time. So i just dont see why we should use different timers in a mode that promises the competitive aspect of the game. here are also previous SUPERVOTED threads about it
Another problem with competitive is that when you are going solo most of the times you end up facing premade teams or just premades 5s. this results in unwinnable situations especially if your teammates are all solo queueing. We should have different game modes. 1 that would be team-competitive where premade 5s, 4s, 3s and 2s can enter and play against teams in 128tickrate servers and 1 the current game mode that would be only for solo queueing.
Suggestions about competitive matchmaking
  • Seperate competitive into team-competitive and solo-competitive. Teamcompetitive should be a more pug like where you will play into 128tickrate servers with !ready command available. It should have a different rank system and also more available options like ladders, pugs(simple 5vs5 ranked matchmaking), scrims . I will analyze it more in the other game modes.
  • Add competitive timers 1:45 and 35 bombtime.
Different game modes
one great game mode that has been mentioned before is BRush or B-rush. In the following video Warowl explains it in detail what is it and how it is being played.
In brief you have a team that is allowed only a sniper and you are playing in official maps with only B site available. It is worth looking it valve.
Team competitive is a game mode that is long awaited in the csgo community. Along with the 128-tick rate servers this is an essential addition to the current matchmaking agenda. So how should it be?
Well it should have its mini game modes it self
  • A ladder where a registered team can compete in an European or NA or Asian or whatever online ladder. And it could be with seasons. But to stay competitive it should have levels. Just like esea Open, main, invite. This should be pay-to-play and strickly in 128tick rate servers with official rules and pug systems(commands like !pause, !ready !unpause). Also the invite ladder section could be used as a qualifier for the 8-16th placement of the majors. e.g 8 invites 8 qualified through this ladder. This is just one idea. valve can make it much better than me im sure
  • A something like-pug system where players can enter with their mixed 5on5 teams or just 2 friends that want to play together. It should have its own Skill Group(different than competitive). This would be mainly for players that want to play as a party on a saturday night or teams that want to warmup before they play a ladder match. This "pug" system should allow 2s, 3s and 4s people to play with combinations (e.g me and my mate want to play vs a premade team. we should be able to search for other 3 players in the same skill group as us and form a mixed team and search for another team). This mode could be in 64 tickrate server with the option to upgrade it to 128ticks.
Capture the Flag
For those that dont know what capture the flag is, its a game mode that your team must score flag captures by taking the enemy flag from the enemy base and returning it to their own flag. If the flag carrier is killed, the flag drops to the ground for anyone to pick up. If your team's flag is taken, it must be returned (by touching it after it is dropped) before your team can score a flag capture. This was in Unreal Tournament 2004 and a guy has made a game mode in beta version like a year ago.
Onslaught was a really nice mode of the Unreal Tournament 2004. this was a vehicle-based game mode in which the objective is to capture a series of power nodes connecting your and your opponents’ bases and destroy the power core located within their base. First team to destroy opponents’ power core wins. A nice scenario would be terrorists trying to detonate multiple C4s in classic themed onslaught maps and CT would try to defend it.
here is the onslaught UT2004 gameplay . Also maps could be like that this is from borderlands2
Well if Valve would change the competitive into 2 divisions (team and solo) then elo should be revised as well. Elo takes into consideration win/loss ratio and how well does your team overall with your personal score coming as a third priority factor. So if they are going to change it anytime in the future personal KDR should affect your rank more. Take an example the esea ranking. It takes into consideration total damage per round, your kdr, if you plant or defuse, if you win or lose. you can read it thoroughly here . I would like to see something like that with skill groups.
  • Add more maps and newer weapons(cz,m4a1) to Arms Race
  • Add more maps and newer weapons to Demolition
  • Make Deathmatch are real deathmatch, meaning (FFA and being able to buy all guns in game)
  • Divide competitive into team and solo competitive. team competitive could have 2 more divisions (a ladder and a pug-like matchmaking)
  • add newer game modes like BRush, capture the flag and onslaught
  • revise Elo
If matchmaking experience was better than now we could possibly have like double numbers of players most of them casual but i could also see more competitive players (and from other titles) to spend more time in the game. Having a mathmaking that can offer you more fun, more options and the absolutely competitive aspect of counter-strike is what we all need right? Im waiting for suggestions in the comment section
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