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What are some good professional-quality drum machines?

I'm interested in making electronic dance music (like IDM except harder and maybe more aggressive, though not quite industrial), and I'm looking into getting a good drum machine. I had a Korg Electribe Er-1 mk2 for a bit, and while it was good and fun, I felt the sounds were a little chintzy and didn't satisfy me for what I was looking for.
I've been looking into the Elektron Machinedrum, and have good feelings about this, though they're a bit pricey. I figure it's worth it, but I'm interested in my alternatives. Any suggestions?
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About a year ago I shared my 11+ Drum & Bass Spotify Playlists on r/DnB and people seemed to enjoy them. Here's the updated and expanded collection of 19 Drum & Bass Playlists (and 12 non-DnB) for you to enjoy [Updated Weekly]

Hey again /DnB . Roughly a year ago, I posted this thread in here with my D&B playlist collection that seemed to be taken fairly well from the community. A lot of people were appreciative of the collection, so I thought to post once again with even more playlists, along with the expanded older ones for those who missed the thread.
Drum & Bass Playlists:
1. Absolute Favourites [1,259 Tracks]
A playlist of my favourite tracks from all of my playlists. Lots of variation in genres but the big majority is D&B (If I had to guess, about 75% is D&B). Probably the best playlist from the list to find the biggemore influential tracks in the scene, and you might end up finding something you didn't know you would enjoy.
2. Dark Drum & Bass [1,324 Tracks]
One of the two biggest and most extensive playlists I got. Anything dark goes in here, including various subgenres of Drum & Bass, from Halftime to Jungle. If it's dark, it's in here. Probably the playlist I update the most often, along with the Liquid D&B one.
3. Dark Liquid Drum & Bass [385 Tracks]
Liquid that is on the heavier darker side. Lots of Alix Perez, Enei, Monty, Halogenix, etc. Love that this style of Liquid has been on the rise recently as a middle ground for heavier drum & bass that you can still listen at home while chilling. Always looking for new tracks for this one to add, so any suggestions that are missing from the playlist are more than welcome.
4. Drum & Bass [773 Tracks]
As dumb as it sounds to have a "Drum & Bass" Playlist when you have 17 playlists for all of its subgenres, I use it to collect some of the more generic but influential tracks in the scene. Think of tracks that Andy C will play in his shows. Tunes that everyone in the scene enjoys, but don't necessarily come under a subgenre label.
5. Drum & Bass with MC's [130 Tracks]
My latest playlist. I'm using this one to add tracks where the MC's are a focal point. There's still a lot of tracks I need to add in this one so if you are finding the collection to be lacking at it's current state, maybe check back in a week or so when I have added more stuff.
6. Emotional Drum & Bass [206 Tracks]
As cheesy as the playlist name sounds, it's one of my favourites. Think of tracks like London Grammar - If you wait (Calibre Remix). Tunes that everyone gets the chills when are dropped live in a set. Ends up being mostly Liquid Drum & Bass of course.
7. Halftime Drum & Bass [259 Tracks]
Probably one of the most divisive subgenres of Drum & Bass along with Jump-Up. People tend to either hate it or love it. Definitely check Ivy Lab's newer stuff as a helpful introduction to the subgenre. They've been putting out some great Halftime tunes, even with Halogenix leaving the group.
8. Jump-Up [455 Tracks]
Again, not everyone enjoys Jump Up but there are some great tunes in the playlist, both recent and older. Jump Up seems to be moving into this weird hybrid between rollers, and I've noticed a lot of people enjoying it more now. The most recent track on the playlist is a good example of that actually (K Motionz - Golem).
9. Jungle [457 Tracks]
Loving the resurgence of Jungle lately. There's some amazing stuff coming out recently so I'm always trying to be on the lookout for new releases. Going to be focusing on expanding this as often as possible. The playlist is roughly 90% jungle and 10% Ragga.
10. Liquid Drum & Bass [1,353 Tracks]
The most extensive playlist I have. Liquid is what got me in the genre and still remains my favourite part of it. Also, obviously, Calibre is love, Calibre is life.
11. Mellow Liquid Drum & Bass [227 Tracks]
When it comes down to a playlist of 1335 Liquid tracks, you're bound to have a lot of variation, so I made the mellow liquid playlist for when I want to chill out.
12. Minimal Drum & Bass [450 Tracks]
Pretty self-explanatory, love me some minimal. Think of artists like Bredren, Arkaik, Fre4knc, etc. Most of the playlist ends up being minimal rollers, but there are some liquid and experimental stuff in there too.
13. Neurofunk [396 Tracks]
Not the biggest neurohead, but the collection is fairly extensive. Has lots of the bigger names so it should be a helpful introduction to the subgenre for anyone not familiar with it. If you're big into your neuro, you might find the occasional new stuff in here too. Any suggestions to expand this one are again, more than welcome.
14. Office Drum & Bass [119 Tracks]
I work from home, so I always have some D&B playing in the background while working. Playlist is just for when you want to focus/study/work with less obtrusive tracks. Still, 100% D&B.
15. Old School Drum & Bass [193 Tracks]
A playlist of mostly older tracks from the scene, but I am also adding any newer tracks that have that old-school feel to them.
16. Pop Drum & Bass [245 Tracks]
Mostly pop/dancefloovocal D&B that is easy to listen to when you're with others who aren't necessarily into the scene. I've always found it to go down well with people who don't even like D&B, so it can be a nice introduction to the scene.
17. Reload [164 Tracks]
Again, self-explanatory. Crowd-pleasers. Tracks that are bound to ask for a reload when dropped live in a set.
18. Rollers [784 Tracks]
Lots of variation in this one. Including both old-school rollers and the newer foghorn KOTR style stuff.
19. Summer Drum & Bass [130 Tracks]
So this is coming out of season for the majority of people, but still including it. Lots of ragga, and summery feel-good tunes.
Electronic Music Playlists:
1. Chill 140bpm [178 Tracks]
Mostly chilled out UK dubstep tunes. Lots of Deep Medi stuff, Calibre, DBridge, Burial, Breakage, Kryptic Minds, Mount Kimbie, etc. Real nice for chilling out if you're into your UK 140bpm scene.
2. Chill Electronic R&B/Soul [214 Tracks]
Think of artists like FKA Twig, Kaytranada, Nao, Ravyn Lenae, etc. Again, mostly for chilling at home.
3. Comedown [787 Tracks]
Hands down, my favourite non-D&B playlist. Started it at university as something to listen to when coming back home from night outs. Now, I mostly use it as background music for when I'm working, or just for chilling out. The playlist has some huge variation of electronic genres, from IDM to D&B and Dubstep. Definitely check this one out if you're into the electronic scene in general.
4. Downtempo [196 Tracks]
One of the few playlists I don't update very regularly as I'm quite happy with the current selection in it, and would prefer keeping it narrow. Any suggestions for this one are more than welcome though.
5. Dubstep [507 Tracks]
The /RealDubstep kind. Lots of dark and heavy stuff. UK Dubstep is the genre I listen to the most after D&B so the playlist is fairly extensive and has a lot of good tracks in it. Definitely worth checking out for any fans of Dubstep.
6. Electronic [387 Tracks]
Lots of variation in this one. In here, I include everything that I enjoy listening to as long as it comes under the Electronic Music label and doesn't fit better in one of my other playlists. You can find lots of hidden gems in here, from house and disco, to IDM and Footwork.
7. Garage [79 Tracks]
I'm very particular with the kind of UK garage I listen to, so short playlist. Mostly enjoy garage with vocals you can chillout to. Think of artists like Sticky, COnducta, MJ Cole, Jorja Smith, Jacques Greene, Roy Davis Jr., AJ Tracey, etc.
8. Techno [167 Tracks]
Not very often updated as I'm not hugely into techno, so on the rare occassion I find a track I enjoy, I add it in here. Would absolutely love some suggestions on artists to check out that are similar to the artists in the playlist. Don't know enough good techno sadly and always looking to expand my knowledge on it.
9. Trip Hop [130 Tracks]
This one has a similar state to the Downtempo one. Not updated very often as I have a small selection of artists I enjoy listening to and stick to those for the playlist.
Non-Electronic Music Playlists:
These ones are updated much less often than the D&B and Electronic Music playlists, as it's music I used to listen to when I was younger and I just occasionally listen to now. The only exception is the Dub & Reggae one that I still enjoy listening to a lot and update it fairly often.
1. Blues Rock [172 Tracks]
2. Chill Hip-Hop [210 Tracks]
3. Dub & Reggae [118 Tracks]
4. Indie Rock [460 Tracks]
5. Lo-Fi Hip-Hop [244 Tracks]
Hope everyone can find some use in any of the playlists posted here. Suggestions for new additions to any of the playlists are more than welcome. You can find all of my playlists on my Spotify profile, here (Including the non-DNB ones). Happy Listening!
PS. Do let me know If I have fucked up any of the links for any of the playlists. I more than likely have messed up at least one of them and might have not noticed.
EDIT: Updated the post to include all the non-D&B playlists. Again, do let me know if any of the links are not working or are linking to the wrong playlist.
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