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[META] New to PC Building? - September 2018 Edition


You've heard from all your gaming friends/family or co-workers that custom PCs are the way to go. Or maybe you've been fed up with your HP, Dell, Acer, Gateway, Lenovo, etc. pre-builts or Macs and want some more quality and value in your next PC purchase. Or maybe you haven't built a PC in a long time and want to get back into the game. Well, here's a good place to start.


  1. Make a budget for your PC (e.g., $800, $1000, $1250, $1500, etc.).
  2. Decide what you will use your PC for.
    • For gaming, decide what games and at what resolution and FPS you want to play at.
    • For productivity, decide what software you'll need and find the recommended specs to use those apps.
    • For a bit of both, your PC build should be built on the HIGHEST specs recommended for your applications (e.g., if you only play FortNite and need CPU power for CFD simulations, use specs recommended for CFD).
    Here are some rough estimates for builds with entirely NEW parts:
    1080p 60FPS ultra-settings modern AAA gaming: ~$1,200
    1440p 60FPS high/ultra-settings modern AAA gaming: ~$1,600
    1080p 144FPS ultra-settings modern AAA gaming: $2,000
    4K 50FPS medium/high-settings modern AAA gaming: > $2,400
    It's noted that some compromises (e.g., lower settings and/or resolution) can be made to achieve the same or slightly lower gaming experience within ±15% of the above prices. It's also noted that you can still get higher FPS on older or used PCs by lowering settings and/or resolution AND/OR buying new/used parts to upgrade your system. Make a new topic about it if you're interested.
    Also note that AAA gaming is different from e-sport games like CSGO, DOTA2, FortNite, HOTS, LoL, Overwatch, R6S, etc. Those games have lower requirements and can make do with smaller budgets.
  3. Revise your budget AND/OR resolution and FPS until both are compatible. Compare this to the recommended requirements of the most demanding game on your list. For older games, you might be able to lower your budget. For others, you might have to increase your budget.
    It helps to watch gaming benchmarks on Youtube. A good example of what you're looking for is something like this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eLxSOoSdjY). Take note of the resolution, settings, FPS, and the specs in the video title/description; ask yourself if the better gaming experience is worth increasing your budget OR if you're okay with lower settings and lowering your budget. Note that you won't be able to see FPS higher than 60FPS for Youtube videos; something like this would have to be seen in-person at a computer shop.
  4. Make a build on https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/. If you still have no idea how to put together parts, start here (http://www.logicalincrements.com/) to get an understanding of PC part tiers. If you want more info about part explanations and brief buying tips, see the next section below.
  5. Click on the Reddit logo button next to Markup, copy and paste the generated text (in markup mode if using new Reddit), and share your build for review!
  6. Consider which retailer to buy your parts from. Here's a table comparing different retailers: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L8uijxuoJH4mjKCjwkJbCrKprCiU8CtM15mvOXxzV1s/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Buy your parts! Use PCPP above to send you e-mail alerts on price drops or subscribe to /bapcsalescanada for deals.
    You can get parts from the following PC retailers in alphabetical order:
  8. After procuring your parts, it's time to build. Use a good Youtube tutorial like this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhX0fOUYd8Q) that teach BAPC fundamentals, but always refer to your product manuals or other Youtube tutorials for part-specific instructions like CPU mounting, radiator mounting, CMOS resetting, etc. If it everything still seems overwhelming, you can always pay a computer shop or a friend/family member to build it for you.
    It might also be smart to look up some first-time building mistakes to avoid:
  9. Share your experience with us.
  10. If you have any other questions, use the search bar first. If it's not there, make a topic.

BAPC News (Last Updated - 2018/09/20)


Intel 9000 CPUs (Coffee Lake Refresh) will be coming out in Q4. With the exception of i9 (8-core, 12 threads) flagship CPUs, the i3, i5, and i7 lineups are almost identical to their Intel 8000 (Coffee Lake) series, but slightly clocked faster. If you are wondering if you should upgrade to the newer CPU on the same tier (e.g., i5-8400 to i5-9400), I don't recommend that you do as you will only see marginal performance increases.


Z370s will now be phased out for Z390s boards, which will natively support Intel 9000 CPUs (preferably i5-9600K, i7-9700K, and i9-9900K).


RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti benchmarks are out; they provide ~10 and ~20 frames better than the 1080 Ti and also feature ray tracing (superior lighting and shadow effects) which is featured in only ~30 games so far (i.e., not supported a lot); effectively, they provide +25% more performance for +70% increased cost. My recommendation is NOT to buy them unless you need it for work or have lots of disposable income. GTX 1000 Pascal series are still relevant in today's gaming specs.

Part Explanations


The calculator part. More GHz is analogous to fast fingers number crunching in the calculator. More cores is analogous to having more calculators. More threads is analogous to having more filing clerks piling more work for the calculator to do. Microarchitectures (core design) is analogous to how the internal circuit inside the calculator is designed (e.g., AMD FX series are slower than Intel equivalents even with higher OC'd GHz speeds because the core design is subpar). All three are important in determining CPU speed.
In general, higher GHz is more important for gaming now whereas # cores and threads are more important for multitasking like streaming, video editing, and advanced scientific/engineering computations. Core designs from both AMD and Intel in their most recent products are very good now, but something to keep in mind.


The basic concept of overclocking (OCing) is to feed your CPU more power through voltage and hoping it does calculations faster. Whether your parts are good overclockers depends on the manufacturing process of your specific part and slight variations in materials and manufacturing process will result in different overclocking capability ("silicon lottery"). The downside to this is that you can void your warranties because doing this will produce excess heat that will decrease the lifespan of your parts AND that there is a trial-and-error process to finding OC settings that are stable. Unstable OC settings result in computer freezes or random shut-offs from excess heat. OCing will give you extra performance often for free or by investing in a CPU cooler to control your temperatures so that the excess heat will not decrease your parts' lifespans as much. If you don't know how to OC, don't do it.

Current Products

Intel CPUs have higher GHz than AMD CPUs, which make them better for gaming purposes. However, AMD Ryzen CPUs have more cores and threads than their Intel equivalents. The new parts are AMD Ryzen 3, 5, or 7 2000 series or Intel i3, i5, or i7 8000 series (Coffee Lake). Everything else is outdated.
If you want to overclock on an AMD system, know that you can get some moderate OC on a B350/B450 with all CPUs. X370/X470 mobos usually come with better VRMs meant for OCing 2600X, 2700, and 2700X. If you don't know how to OC, know that the -X AMD CPUs have the ability to OC themselves automatically without manually settings. For Intel systems, you cannot OC unless the CPU is an unlocked -K chip (e.g., i3-8350K, i5-8600K, i7-8700K, etc.) AND the motherboard is a Z370 mobo. In general, it is not worth getting a Z370 mobo UNLESS you are getting an i5-8600K and i7-8700K.

CPU and Mobo Compatibility

Note about Ryzen 2000 CPUs on B350 mobos: yes, you CAN pair them up since they use the same socket. You might get an error message on PCPP that says that they might not be compatible. Call the retailer and ask if the mobo you're planning on buying has a "Ryzen 2000 Series Ready" sticker on the box. This SHOULD NOT be a problem with any mobos manufactured after February 2018.
Note about Intel 9000 CPUs on B360 / Z370 mobos: same as above with Ryzen 2000 CPUs on B350 or X370 boards.

CPU Cooler (Air / Liquid)

Air or liquid cooling for your CPU. This is mostly optional unless heavy OCing on AMD Ryzen CPUs and/or on Intel -K and i7-8700 CPUs.
For more information about air and liquid cooling comparisons, see here:


Part that lets all the parts talk to each other. Comes in different sizes from small to big: mITX, mATX, ATX, and eATX. For most people, mATX is cost-effective and does the job perfectly. If you need more features like extra USB slots, go for an ATX. mITX is for those who want a really small form factor and are willing to pay a premium for it. eATX mobos are like ATX mobos except that they have more features and are bigger - meant for super PC enthusiasts who need the features.
  • AMD Ryzen CPUs: go for X470s for Ryzen 7 and B450s for everything else. B350s will also work as a sub for B450 mobos and the same can be said for X370s for X470s, but they are being phased out and may require a BIOS update to support the Ryzen 2000 CPUs if it doesn't have a "Ryzen 2000 Series Ready" sticker on the box.
  • Intel Coffee Lake CPUs: go for Z370s for unlocked -K CPUs and B360s for everything else.
If you are NOT OCing, pick whatever is cheap and meets your specs. I recommend ASUS or MSI because they have RMA centres in Canada in case it breaks whereas other parts are outside of Canada like in the US. If you are OCing, then you need to look at the quality of the VRMs because those will greatly influence the stability and lifespan of your parts.


Part that keeps Windows and your software active. Currently runs on the DDR4 platform for new builds. Go for dual channel whenever possible. Here's a breakdown of how much RAM you need:
  • 2x4GB = 8GB is the minimum recommended
  • 2x8GB = 16GB recommended for gaming
  • 2x16GB+ for workstations
AMD Ryzen CPUs get extra FPS for faster RAM speeds (ideally 3200MHz) in gaming when paired with powerful video cards like the GTX 1070. Intel Coffee Lake CPUs use up a max of 2667MHz for B360 mobos. Higher end Z370 mobos can support 4000 - 4333MHz RAM depending on the mobo, so make sure you shop carefully!
It's noted that RAM prices are highly inflated because of the smartphone industry and possibly artificial supply shortages. For more information: https://www.extremetech.com/computing/263031-ram-prices-roof-stuck-way


Part that store your files in the form of SSDs and HDDs.

Solid State Drives (SSDs)

SSDs are incredibly quick, but are expensive per TB; they are good for booting up Windows and for reducing loading times for gaming. For an old OEM pre-built, upgrading the PC with an SSD is the single greatest speed booster you can do to your system. For most people, you want to make sure the SSD you get is NOT DRAM-less as these SSDs do not last as long as their DRAM counterparts (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybIXsrLCgdM). It is also noted that the bigger the capacity of the SSD, the faster they are. SSDs come in four forms:
  • 2.5" SATA III
  • M.2 SATA
  • M.2 NVME PCI-e
  • U.2 PCI-e
The 2.5" SATA form is cheaper, but it is the old format with speeds up to 550MB/s. M.2 SATA SSDs have the same transfer speeds as 2.5" SATA SSDs since they use the SATA interface, but connect directly to the mobo without a cable. It's better for cable management to get an M.2 SATA SSD over a 2.5" SATA III SSD. M.2 PCI-e SSDs are the newest SSD format and transfer up to 4GB/s depending on the PCI-e lanes they use (e.g., 1x, 2x, 4x, etc.). They're great for moving large files (e.g., 4K video production). For more info about U.2 drives, see this post (https://www.reddit.com/bapccanada/comments/8jxfqs/meta_new_to_pc_building_may_2018_edition/dzqj5ks/). Currently more common for enterprise builds, but could see some usage in consumer builds.

Hard Disk Drives (HDDs)

HDDs are slow with transfer speeds of ~100MB/s, but are cheap per TB compared to SSDs. We are now at SATA III speeds, which have a max theoretical transfer rate of 600MB/s. They also come in 5400RPM and 7200RPM forms. 5400RPM uses slightly less power and are cheaper, but aren't as fast at dealing with a large number of small files as 7200RPM HDDs. When dealing with a small number of large files, they have roughly equivalent performance. It is noted that even a 10,000RPM HDD will still be slower than an average 2.5" SATA III SSD.


SSHDs are hybrids of SSDs and HDDs. Although they seem like a good combination, it's much better in all cases to get a dedicated SSD and a dedicated HDD instead. This is because the $/speed better for SSDs and the $/TB is better for HDDs. The same can be said for Intel Optane. They both have their uses, but for most users, aren't worth it.


I recommend a 2.5" or M.2 SATA ≥ 250GB DRAM SSD and a 1TB or 2TB 7200RPM HDD configuration for most users for a balance of speed and storage capacity.

Video Card/GPU

Part that runs complex calculations in games and outputs to your monitor and is usually the most expensive part of the budget. The GPU you pick is dictated by the gaming resolution and FPS you want to play at.
In general, all video cards of the same product name have almost the same non-OC'd performance (e.g., Asus Dual-GTX1060-06G has the same performance as the EVGA 06G-P4-6163-KR SC GAMING). The different sizes and # fans DO affect GPU OCing capability, however. The most important thing here is to get an open-air video card, NOT a blower video card (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0domMRFG1Rw). The blower card is meant for upgrading pre-builts where case airflow is limited.
For cost-performance, go for the NVIDIA GTX cards because of the cryptomining industry that has inflated AMD RX cards. Bitcoin has taken a -20% hit since January's $10,000+ as of recently, but the cryptomining industry is still ongoing. Luckily, this means prices have nearly corrected itself to original MSRP in 2016.
In general:
  • 1080p 60FPS high-settings modern AAA gaming: GTX 1060 6GB = RX580
  • 1440p 60FPS high/ultra-settings modern AAA gaming: GTX 1070 / 1070 Ti = Vega 56
  • 1080p 144FPS high/ultra-settings modern AAA gaming: GTX 1070 Ti / 1080 = Vega 64
  • 4K 60FPS medium/high-settings modern AAA gaming: GTX 1080 Ti
Note that if your monitor has FreeSync technology, get an AMD card. If your monitor has G-Sync, get a NVIDIA card. Both technologies allow for smooth FPS gameplay. If you don't have either, it doesn't really matter which brand you get.
For AMD RX cards, visit https://www.pcworld.com/article/3197885/components-graphics/every-amd-radeon-rx-graphics-card-you-can-buy-for-pc-gaming.html

New NVIDIA GeForce RTX Series

New NVIDIA 2000 RTX series have been recently announced and will be carried in stores in Q3 and Q4. Until all of the products have been fully vetted and reviewed, we cannot recommend those yet as I cannot say if they are worth what NVIDIA has marketed them as. But they will be faster than their previous equivalents and will require more wattage to use. The 2070, 2080, and 2080 Ti will feature ray tracing, which is a new feature seen in modern CG movies that greatly enhances lighting and shadow effects. At this time, < 30 games will use ray tracing (https://www.pcgamer.com/21-games-will-support-nvidias-real-time-ray-tracing-here-are-demos-of-tomb-raider-and-control/). It's also noted that the 2080 Ti is the Titan XP equivalent, which is why it's so expensive. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Irs8jyEmmPQ) The community's general recommendation is NOT to pre-order them until we see some reviews and benchmarks from reviewers first.
Looks like a couple of benchmarks are out. While keeping other parts equal the following results were obtained(https://videocardz.com/77983/nvidia-geforce-rtx-2080-ti-and-rtx-2080-official-performance-unveiled). So the 2080 and 2080 Ti are better than last generation's 1080 Ti by ~10 and ~20 frames respectively.


Part that houses your parts and protects them from its environment. Should often be the last part you choose because the selection is big enough to be compatible with any build you choose as long as the case is equal to or bigger than the mobo form factor.
Things to consider: aesthetics, case airflow, cable management, material, cooling options (radiators or # of fan spaces), # fans included, # drive bays, toolless installation, power supply shroud, GPU clearance length, window if applicable (e.g., acrylic, tempered glass), etc.
It is recommended to watch or read case reviews on Youtube to get an idea of a case's performance in your setup.

Power Supply/PSU

Part that runs your PC from the wall socket. Never go with an non-reputable/cheap brand out on these parts as low-quality parts could damage your other parts. Recommended branded PSUs are Corsair, EVGA, Seasonic, and Thermaltake, generally. For a tier list, see here (https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/631048-psu-tier-list-updated/).


Wattage depends on the video card chosen, if you plan to OC, and/or if you plan to upgrade to a more powerful PSU in the future. Here's a rule of thumb for non-OC wattages that meet NVIDIA's recommendations:
  • 1050 Ti: 300W
  • 1060 3GB/6GB: 400W
  • 1070 / 1070 Ti: 500W
  • 1080: 500W
  • 1080 Ti: 600W
There are also PSU wattage calculators that you can use to estimate your wattage. How much wattage you used is based on your PC parts, how much OCing you're doing, your peripherals (e.g., gaming mouse and keyboard), and how long you plan to leave your computer running, etc. It is noted that these calculators use conservative estimates, so use the outputted wattage as a baseline of how much you need. Here are the calculators (thanks, VitaminDeity).
Pick ONE calculator to use and use the recommended wattage, NOT recommended product, as a baseline of what wattage you need for your build. Note that Cooler Master and Seasonic use the exact calculator as Outervision. For more details about wattage, here are some reference videos:


You might also see some info about modularity (non-modular, semi-modular, or fully-modular). These describe if the cables will come connected to the PSU or can be separated of your own choosing. Non-modular PSUs have ALL of the cable connections attached to the PSU with no option to remove unneeded cables. Semi-modular PSUs have separate cables for HDDs/SSDs and PCI-e connectors, but will have CPU and mobo cables attached. Modular PSUs have all of their cables separate from each other, allowing you to fully control over cable management. It is noted that with decent cooling and airflow in your case, cable management has little effect on your temperatures (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDCMMf-_ASE).

80+ Efficiency Ratings

As for ratings (80+, 80+ bronze, 80+ gold, 80+ platinum), these are the efficiencies of your PSU. Please see here for more information. If you look purely on electricity costs, the 80+ gold PSUs will be more expensive than 80+ bronze PSUs for the average Canadian user until a breakeven point of 6 years (assuming 8 hours/day usage), but often the better performance, longer warranty periods, durable build quality, and extra features like fanless cooling is worth the extra premium. In general, the rule of thumb is 80+ bronze for entry-level office PCs and 80+ gold for mid-tier or higher gaming/workstation builds. If the price difference between a 80+ bronze PSU and 80+ gold PSU is < 20%, get the 80+ gold PSU!


Warranties should also be looked at when shopping for PSUs. In general, longer warranties also have better PSU build quality. In general, for 80+ bronze and gold PSU units from reputable brands:
  • 3 years: EVGA BT / B1 / BQ, Corsair CS / CX / CX-M
  • 5 years: EVGA B3 / BQ / G5 / GQ, Seasonic M12II EVO / S12II, Corsair CX-M
  • 7 years: EVGA G2 / G3, Seasonic Focus Gold, Corsair SF / TX
  • 10 years: EVGA G1 / G1+ / G2 / G3, Seasonic Focus Plus Gold, Corsair RMi / RMx
Any discrepancies are based on varied wattages (i.e., higher wattages have longer warranties) or updated warranty periods. Please refer to the specific product's warranty page for the correct information. For EVGA PSUs, see here (https://www.evga.com/support/warranty/power-supplies/). For Seasonic PSUs, see here (https://seasonic.com/support#period). For Corsair PSUs, see here (https://www.corsair.com/ca/en/warranty).
For all other PSU inquiries, look up the following review sites for the PSUs you're interested in buying:
These guys are engineering experts who take apart PSUs, analyze the quality of each product, and provide an evaluation of the product. Another great website is http://www.orionpsudb.com/, which shows which PSUs are manufactured by different OEMs.

Operating System (OS)

Windows 10

The most common OS. You can download the ISO here (https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/software-download/windows10). For instructions on how to install the ISO from a USB drive, see here (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-hardware/manufacture/desktop/install-windows-from-a-usb-flash-drive) or watch a video here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLfnuE1unS8). For most users, go with the 64-bit version.
If you purchase a Windows 10 retail key (i.e., you buy it from a retailer or from Microsoft directly), keep in mind that you are able to transfer it between builds. So if you're building another PC for the 2nd, 3rd, etc. time, you can reuse the key for those builds PROVIDED that you deactivate your key before installing it on your new PC. These keys are ~$120.
However, if you have an OEM key (e.g., pre-builts), that key is tied specifically to your mobo. If you ever decide to upgrade your mobo on that pre-built PC, you might have to buy a new Windows 10 license. For more information, see this post (https://www.techadvisor.co.uk/feature/windows/windows-10-oem-or-retail-3665849/). The cheaper Windows 10 keys you can find on Kinguin are OEM keys; activating and deactivating these keys may require phoning an automated Microsoft activation line. Most of these keys are legitimate and cost ~$35, although Microsoft does not intend for home users to obtain this version of it. Buyer beware.
The last type of key is a volume licensing key. They are licensed in large volumes to corporate or commercial usage. You can find lots of these keys on eBay for ~$10, but if the IT department who manages these keys audit who is using these keys or if the number of activations have exceeded the number allotted on that one key, Microsoft could block that key and invalidate your license. Buyer beware.
For more information on differentiating between all three types of keys, see this page (https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/49586-determine-if-windows-license-type-oem-retail-volume.html).
If money is tight, you can get Windows 10 from Microsoft and use a trial version of it indefinitely. However, there will be a watermark in the bottom-right of your screen until you activate your Windows key.


If you're interested in using MacOS, look into Hackintosh builds. This will allow you to run MacOS to run on PC parts, saving you lots of money. These builds are pretty picky about part compatibility, so you might run into some headaches trying to go through with this. For more information, see the following links:


If you're interested in a free open-source OS, see the following links:
For more information, go to /linux, /linuxquestions, and /linux4noobs.



Keyboards and Mice


Please note that the cost-performance builds will change daily because PC part prices change often! Some builds will have excellent cost-performance one day and then have terrible cost-performance the next. If you want to optimize cost-performance, it is your responsibility to do this if you go down this route!
Also, DO NOT PM me with PC build requests! It is in your best interests to make your own topic so you can get multiple suggestions and input from the community rather than just my own. Thanks again.

Sample Builds

Here are some sample builds that are reliable, but may not be cost-optimized builds. These builds were created on September 9, 2018; feel free to "edit this part list" and create your own builds.


Helpful links to common problems below:


Thanks to:


  • Organized news into own section
  • Formatting clean-up (still lots to do)
  • Added core design excerpt in CPU section
  • Added AMD GPU equivalents to NVIDIA ones
  • Added Intel 9000 excerpt
  • Added Z390 phasing out Z370s
  • Added RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti benchmarks
  • Added more subsections
  • Added overclocking section
  • Updated B450s instead of B350s for AMD systems
  • Fixed storage section. Thanks, red286!
  • Added my view on new RTX GPUs
  • Updated sample builds to include both AMD and Intel builds
Sorry for the lack of updates. I recently got a new job where I work 12 hours/day for 7 days at a time out of the city. What little spare time I have is spent on grad school and the gym instead of gaming. So I've been pretty behind on the news and some might not be up-to-date as my standards would have been with less commitments. If I've made any mistakes, please understand it might take a while for me to correct them. Thank you!
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An exhalation of air breathed from the sea expires in the room, infusing the silk linen curtains with billows of floral scents. They contorted into various shapes, figures of those who too had shared the same gust in the valley. It’s short lived presence was to be thanked, mitigating the severe heat of a fine Italian summer.
A mist of dust dancing in the amber rays of sun fluttered throughout the space of the room. Small, it was, although only by the creation of books, copious amounts of them. Each corner was home to an impressive collection of seemingly dusted novels, balancing on velvet cushions as a bird may perch, fragile enough that with any second blow of wind they might fall onto the more fragile wooden floorboards, failing to take flight.
It may be a weird comparison, to compare books, so aged that the corner of each page would dishevel and become stamped by the curious flicks of your finger, your fingerprint, to birds. Although anything, living or dead, motionless or in motion, would desire to escape to the view from the window. The rolling fields of the valley leading up to hills which were swallowed in a smog of plush green; sunflowers, grapevines, smears of white jasmine and swatches of lavender. Almost as if a fleet of drenched doves rose, flicking not water, but pastel pigments from their wings, decorating the forestry as if by the hand of Jackson Pollock.
Reverie was broken the instant that the wisps of nearby chatter from the piazzetta entered the room. Chatter was not a distraction, only a reminder that - despite the heavens surrounding our property - we remained on earth, something held dear to a home which was further into the valley than most others. You may only walk down the tarnished stairs to be greeted by a friendly face of a housekeeper, and may find comfort besides the gardner in the orchard, possibly serenaded by the glisten of the sea and seduced by the amazing bodies that patrolled it’s rear. Civilisation was near, albeit sparse, still in existence. To some that would be enjoyed, but with the new guests arriving, it was unsure as to whether they may bring a wrath hotter than the sands onto the grounds of the local area or be tamed by the blessings of mother nature and nestle into their new abode without destruction.
Chipped into the gate of an arch within the stone wall on the perimeter of the land was: ‘Alfonsi’. This property so famously known to the delight of visitors as the…
Tourists had named this gate the entrance to heaven, as they had named almost every other square meter of the property. Someone very fond may refer the manor to being a church, the orchard the Garden of Eden, the path winding down to the beach as purgatory; a long walk to an unsure fate of pleasant light or lingering rain.
The baleful heat of day and cerulean visage looming suggested that it was the afternoon. A time at which the signature Italian chorus of cicadas would be at its loudest which, in the town centre, would be replaced by the stomps of stampedes. Old men with skin strained by the sun departing the sweaty busses, espadrilles dragging amongst the pebbles, deprived of vigour.
In fact, the bus doors had remained open for a longer time than usual. You’d expect to hear the wheels inflate once again and see them make the ground continue to tremor elsewhere, but the engine remained off with steps grazing the floor.
A single louboutin heel takes a curious step onto the stone path surrounding the nearby statue remembering some war of the past. Scuffed by none but obscured by the glaze of the sun, twisting into the rubble as to conjure a dramatic plume of residue to enhance her arrival.
“This is glorious.”
Bella Esmeralda peers out of the vehicle, looking over to the distant mirage of water. For a moment, the lens was able to capture the beautiful hues of blue reflected in her eyes, but soon that was disrupted by a push of who followed behind.
“Alright, get on with it. It’s hot. I’m hot-” Amelia fans herself with a pedicured hand, exiting the bus “- clearly the Italians are also.”
The camera turns to the direction in which her passionate glance was sent, observing a group of overtly chubby Italian men playing a game of poker on the terrace of a shabby restaurant. Evidently Scarlet had not found mutual interest, most likely pleased enough with her Paris men at home, her brows furrowed as she gestures Amelia to rush forward, as she had just done to Bella.
[SCARLET VENOM]: We’re in Italy and this place is beautiful. I’m not quite sure what made Fantasia and Bella think UK was worth starting out in when they planned to have us here regardless.
Like a class of children on a residential trip, the competitors fled the claustrophobic premise of the bus and rejoiced besides the war memorial. It was not there for them to pay respects, only to observe momentarily whilst Bella awaited to receive direction on her phone.
“Welcome to Italy, although only known by most of you westerners for pizza, one of the most beautiful places on earth. At least for Fantasia, who has just sent me an address that leads to a house in France…”
“Oooh, there we go girls. Maybe we will finally get to do a catacombs floorshow and get to meet Bella’s family.”
Satina smirks, looking over to the others. They had all discussed the concept of a catacombs themed floorshow before, so it was to no one's surprise that the anticipation of such would resurface at the slightest of moments - even when in Italy. Speaking of, what would happen here? Does one get exterminated, even when in Italy? Are people to be left behind, even in Italy? Those thoughts should be pondering in the contestants heads right now, as it was unusual to see a move in the midst of the game.
“We’re staying?”
Leviathan gasps, having been unsure of how long their trip was to last.
“Some of you will be staying, let’s just leave it at that.”
The response from Bella did what was thought to be impossible, elicit shivers from the competitors, even in the supreme of the summer blaze. A fear that conquers all, the thought of having to travel all the way back, an extermination challenge in its own right. Defeat was already dawning upon some, a flick of black ink, slowly spreading and growing, consuming words of wisdom that once motivated them all.
Such melancholy discussion continued throughout the breach of the haze. The bus which had so graciously occupied them for hours end had risen from the ground and drove away, past the lens, whispers of their voices heard from the exhaust rather than the vibrato of the engine. With the departure of the vehicle was a transition to the time of this chatter. They had left the piazzetta and took the stranded roads that would soon, unknowingly to them, lead them to their new home.
“I felt really down about placing in the bottom again. I loved my work and I don’t know what else they expect from me.”
Leviathan shared her worries. It was questionable whether her doubts were to reason for her low spirits and lack of pride in her walk, perhaps the heat had gotten to her, as it had for the rest of the cast. A monotonous road which seemed to lead nowhere, each step simply a reward to those who had born scabs from paving the way, although to no particular direction.
“You go out there and get a win this week then.”
Satina reaches out to comfort her with a pat on the shoulder. Her hand rests there, lethargic; lack of bother to move.
“I was feeling really down about the competition too-” Amelia glances over at the pair “- I wasn’t shining and I was worried it would affect my future performance. I’m humbled to have won and now I’m ready to step outside of the box and win this thing.”
“You deserved it, I’m glad to have been against you for that spot. When I saw your work I knew it would be strong competition, it was drag.”
Amelia smiles at Scarlets response.
“I knew I was going to be safe or somewhere in the bottom, I felt like I screwed myself over slightly. In my original plan, I was going to have three people die by signs which really would’ve put me in the shits after Fantasia critiqued having two the same already.”
Vienna joins in the conversation, all now remarking the prior nights critiques. This topic would have been discussed by now, but with the late conclusion of judging, sleep that felt more like a gentle limber between a night of dreams and simply having your eyes shut with the flight to Italy in the early birth of raw sun - they did not have the time nor energy to speak of the matter.
“Yeah, it sucks. I’m just happy to still be here though.
In the midst of the group was Aurora, contributing to recall with her own thoughts. A conversation long overdue that most certainly continued for much too long, only to trespass what would be an hour ahead of them before arrival.
A journey worth taking, however. The manor stood like one of the seven wonders, tall on a vertiginous hill within the valley. Nature around the establishment had been painted with a brush, a topaz swipe upwards for the apricot trees in the orchard, the pressure and release of an index finger on the coarse bristles for a fine distribution of white stars in the darkening sky. Blue pigment smeared with water tainted green from the prior cleansing dip; algae spawning in the ponds and a sheer facade of dabbles to simulate a cooling mist of water vapour rising from the grounds.
The building itself was rather rustic. Known for having accommodated famous families, although if one were to ask, no one would care to remember their names. Only the title awarded to this home was deserving of recognition, or even the name of the gardeners and housekeepers that kept and prioritised it’s state rather than their own. With every apricot plucked was the firm grip of rigid fingers, not exactly making the fruit any juicier or more plump, but stamping it with pride and comfort.
Almost as an analogy for the season and what is to come. Although no fruit goes to waste, it is first the good apricots that are to be enjoyed and squeezed into juice from the comforts of the kitchen. It is the ones that subdue to the heat which are left for the bottom of the barrel.
“Feeling at home, Bella?”
The group were withdrawn from their hypnotic state of awe, each of their five senses brought back to life from their transfixation. Bella, ahead of the group, looked around in search of the voice. She peered towards the door, noticing only a stray chihuahua toddling out of the doors.
The lone, petite dog sat. It stared at the new arrivals for a moment, confused as to whether she was still on the pound or not, and then back to the originator of whichever voice had just spoken. A flutter of beige and maroon silks flew in the gust of air, caressing the bare lower-legs of whichever figure had just left the house. The fabric belonged to a relatively simple dress, a lengthy skirt although thin to survive the weather conditions outside. An off-the shoulder neckline showing bronzed collar bones and the delicate embrace of a golden chain pressing lightly against her tanned neck.
Her locks of brunette hair flowed naturally, as if they too had been blessed by the surroundings, the salt of the sea, loose curls partitioned to one side, reflecting the now far sunset with natural auburn highlights. Eyes emblazoned with her own forestry of green and lips as if they had been pressed against the bud of a rose.
This woman was in her casual attire, but had somehow managed to sustain the same effect of a Versace model in the prime spotlights of fashion week. Italian vogue had nothing on her, neither did the royals back home, standing with modelesque poise and greeting her dog with grace and decorum.
Only that this, this moment which just so happened to occur in slow motion, a moment when the blind were granted more blind from the impact of the house and the women, a sight too much for a pair of human eyes to handle - this would’ve continued longer had it not been for Fantasia’s sudden release of awkwardness and brazen introduction.
“Look Bella, some new friends to play with. Go bite. Especially the one that looks like a bulldog.”
To which she pointed at the human Bella, the dog following her lead. She did not bear any fangs, but instead two pits, two oblivions of cuteness that stared wide into their souls. The whore wanted a treat.
“Sequitur, sequitur.” Fantasia mumbled hastily under her breath, sighing and heading back into the house. “Is no one going to follow? Must I repeat myself? Unless you ought to stay somewhere else, but why would you want to? I know when Satina raises her arms it smells like sauerkraut but-”
Her voice had grown too distant, now belonging to the echoes within the home. The others looked at eachother, shrugging and following in. Scarlet is late to enter, quickly snagging an apricot from the nearest tree before entering, tossing it up and down in her hand.
“Ladies, Gentlemen, meet Martina and Greta.”
Two elderly ladies who seemed too used to the prosperity of new, foreign visitors stood in the large kitchen. Scarlet was first to receive a slap on the hand, Greta removing the fruit from the nestle of her grip and placing it in a bowl beside her on the counter.
The lady imperatively states, Scarlet blushing as she did when scalded as a child. Greta gestures towards the window where an even older man presses his face against the window. The group would jump upon noticing, maybe scared by his sudden appearance, or that he literally looked like Portia, only if her face had become resembling of a pensioners sac due to the course of time. Italiano. He walked away, arms further from his stomach than the fridge to the oven in the kitchen. He must’ve liked his spaghetti.
“That wasn’t even the gardner… must’ve just been a tourist.”
Fantasia, addressing the sudden appearance of a stranger outside, conjured worrisome faces from the monsters. Miss Venom seemed too concerned about the faint red mark on her hand, snarling - as the chihuahua should’ve - to the woman. Vienna and Aurora watched from the corner, attempting not to laugh. Both probably thought of warning her not to retaliate in such a matter, as she would be the determining factor of whether their food was nice or purposely poisoned with masses of garlic to keep Scarlet away. Stank.
“Grazie.” The one host smiles at the pair of women, receiving grins back. “Anywho, follow me through.”
As Fantasia toured the ground floor of the house, almost as if it were her first time too, stumbling into rooms left right and centre, she attempted to show the contestants what the rooms were. Pointing to the left, she showed the entrance to the living room. A rather vast room, walls still exposed brick with flooring that had been stained by random varnishes over time. Furniture carelessly placed but in a manner which was still logical, a vintage sofa and several arm chairs loitered near a television. Books too. Lot’s of books.
Pointing to the right, she directed their attention to the hobbit entrance of spiral stairs that would lead to an attic-like room. ‘Very dusty, probably hasn’t been touched for some years’, she’d explain to them.
This continuous motion of striking arms left to right, articulating her index finger to reveal every door as if they were hidden secrets of a biblical passage or tomb of an undiscovered pharaoh, almost became a dance. With each room shown was a circulation of whispers or laughs, whether or not Fantasia was cracking jokes, someone had made a fart joke from the creaking of the floorboards or someone had tripped was unsure. The noise itself had become replaced by blessing of piano instrumental, playing to the tunes of Sebastian Bach, maybe someone had took pleasure in greeting the contestants by sharing the acoustics from the grand piano in the living room. Piano notes floated through the house as if they were a siren call, the competitors soon turning into black-matter silhouettes that, when returning on screen, were visible again, only in their dimly illuminated bedrooms.
“This is crazy.”
Fantasia liked to keep the windows and shutters open wide in the evening, with just the swelling sheer curtains between us and life beyond, because it was a crime to block the art of a thousand shooting stars from scattering not just amongst the sky, but the walls of the bedrooms, against each crevice in the walls and illuminating each golden embellishment in the books. A kaleidoscope of galaxies that felt like they were from hands reach, only to be a million light years away.
“You really went all out with this one-” Bella removes her Louboutins, sitting on the edge of the bed, throwing them over her shoulder onto the pillows “-I can already see it in the episode.”
“See what?”
“The descriptive details of everything. You know, the stars glisten in mournful sorrow for the sun that once was.”
“You do realise these episodes are filmed, no? That’s why there’s a camera following us for every inch of this house.”
A cameraman, almost unnoticeable, blends into the shadows in the farthest corner from where she stood. The lens was the only prominent sighting, the light of night forming a white flare on the glass that, when caught by the other cameras, spread across the screen - as if when it no longer obscured the scene, we’d be transitioned to an entirely different world.
In fact, something did change. No, we did not enter an alternate galaxy or timeline, but once the flare had truly disappeared, so did the bedroom. Instead the dining room was in place, each of the contestants around the dining table on the patio outside. Nothing was to illuminate the area other than the supremacy of peak moonlight and a course of fairy lights entangled in the wall flowers.
A distant hand continued to play the piano, alternating from their index finger to their next two fingers, crossing their thumb over and then continuing the same motion to whatever notes were the key to producing such beautiful music. It was still kept to the acoustics of the background, the gentle rattle of cicadas more noticeable, as well as the lone, empty seat in the corner of the table.
“I hope you like the place, because we’re going to be here for a while.”
Fantasia dabs her mouth with a napkin, placing it back on her lap and continuing to prod her fork into the food before her, knowing several glances had just been fired her way.
“I mean, we could’ve gone to Paris, bu-”
“It’s stunning.”
Aurora kicks Scarlet under the table, interrupting her with pleasant compliments of the new home. Partially to save face for her fellow queen, but also as to say ‘it’s not going to happen, so let it go’. Not that it was that serious, if anything it was an ongoing joke.
Or at least she thought she had kicked Scarlet, the sudden touch of gummy fangs that felt more like a kiss was felt on her foot. Bella, not the human, the dog, clearly had been scavangening for whatever food was dropped under the table. Now the bitch had got a nasty taste in her mouth from that foot.
[AURORA]: If I end up having to leave the competition due to a medical diagnosis of rabies then you may want to blame the dog. Or even Vienna, who was eating like a ferrel, rabid rat at the end of the table. The way she bit that food…
She was right. Vienna, who was bent over like she was possessed, slurped up every last strand of her food. Then vacuumed the bits off the plate. It was only half an hour later when she came up for air had she noticed the empty seat beside her.
“It’s unlike me to announce the challenge at such a weird time of day, but you may want to film one of your floorshows in the nighttime, so here goes.”
Fantasia had drawn Vienna’s attention back, as well as the other ghouls.
“This week, you will be doing the ball challenge. We have came to such a beautiful area, not only for my own pleasures, but for you to use as an environment for this weeks ball categories. As you know, you have all been critiqued on needing to use more figurative language, expanding your concepts to be more ambitious and doing more glamour than just rhinestones, more filth than just cuts and blood and more horror than… what you’re currently showing a lack of.”
Scarlet, the resident vampire queen of the season, blushed slightly. For someone who was metaphorically dead should be excelling at such, and had a lot to answer for. Well, she didn’t. But that’s what her paranoia had called for.
“You must all create outstanding floorshows that accommodate the themes of…
  • The Monster That Lurks
  • The Evil Ruler
  • The Damsel in Distress
these themes seem to be quite fantasy based, although I do not want to see anyone to rely on simple witches, trolls, your classic evil queen, anything of the sort. This challenge will test your creativity, those with the most ambitious concepts that exemplify the cores and are executed the most beautifully - with some use of figurative language will succeed. The ones that continue to deem cuts and blood as proper demonstration of filth, a rhinestoned gown with little further detail to be a showcase of filth, and horror to simply be dead bodies will be in jeopardy.”
The postprandial torpor seemed to last forever that night, little action or momentum from the contestants who had pleasantly found comfort with how much delicacies they had indulge themselves in. However, not all stomachs were to rest.
The day had already reached the darkest hour, yet not all beautiful sights had been cloaked; through the aged glass panes of the window, one could see what - at first - appeared to be the Last Supper mural by Da Vinci. Only that when the camera had moved into the comfort of the candle-lit interior it had been a mock up, consisting of bloated queens around a table piled to the brim of makeup.
Walls that were undeniably unkempt with chipped paint of all sorts that had the ability to convince those nestled within their enclosure that it had been an aesthetic choice, but did a story these fine grains of plaster and feeble floorboards have to tell. One observing both the exterior and interior of this famous manor and it’s heavenly surroundings would only fantasize about how it may have been home to a queen many centuries ago, although never considered the true reality of having belonged to a lineage of criminals.
How did it get into Fantasia’s hands? That’s anyones question. Although, the real question on everybody’s minds were why there were only five queens in this replacement boudoir room.
“I wonder how Amelia’s doing…”
Scarlet places down her pen and rubs her eyes, staring at the others momentarily with her chin resting in the palm of her hand. Her elbow would leave an imprint in the olive velvet inlay of the armchair that she sat on, to which she’d find joy in contorting through many thorough swipes of her index finger.
If you’re questioning why such focus was placed on minor detail; nothing else was to be said. In fact, the others had not yet said anything. A deathly silence had only meant that the queens absence was to and part due to something serious. Scarlet did not ask a question either. Had she truly wanted to start a conversation, something way that was fueled with more spontaneity and less concern would have been needed to break the calm ambience. The fire crackles and ushers a few embers, though the only response she was to receive.
“I hope she’s fine and gets through whatever is happening at home-” Satina conjures a plume of crimson pigment from tapping her eyeshadow brush “- she’s a great contestant and an even greater friend.”
“One of us could still go home, if she doesn’t return she’ll be sent straight to the bottom, but that doesn’t mean to say we’re all safe.”
Vienna contributes. Not necessarily the best timing apparently, a slight stern look from Satina and the others mute; unsure in which way to interpret what she had just said.
“I haven’t been thinking of the benefit if she did go home by the way, I just meant to say as we’re yet to discuss the upcoming elimination. Whoever wins is choosing, and it’s going to be hard to choose regardless of Amelia’s dismissal or not.”
The focus shifts from the side shot of Vienna’s face to Leviathan, sat beside her, who, although had kept relatively quiet, nodded in agreement.
[LEVIATHAN]: I want to win this challenge. I’ve been letting myself get stressed out over not placing as well as I would have hoped, but going into this challenge all pressure is off. I want to succeed, and I’m going to have fun.
“I’m more concerned about that empty seat.”
She, Levi, reminds the rest. With many things to worry about, an empty seat at a feast in Italy, where food from home may go to waste, had been the most concerning. When most families declare ‘mangiamo!’ at the start of their dinners to commence the celebration of their taste buds, they mean it. Of course, Leviathan wasn’t Italian, but she was used to Dragula dinners. Leave any food, you get your hand chopped off.
“What chair?”
“The one which we all talked about earlier, Scarlet. Fat bitch was too into her food to even notice it.”
“You’re right. A win has a lot of calories, I’ve had two of them.”
Levi throws a nearby sponge applicator across the room at Scarlet, the two laughing as they jokingly bicker amongst themselves. Aurora is seen dodging each item thrown as she sits in the crossfire, as if they were Fantasia’s messages. She may still be in the competition, but you know that bitch is reciting the lyrics to wicked in her head. That or she’s entertaining herself with the memory of Diana getting hit by a car pre-shift at McDonalds. Who knows?
We could do a complete psychoanalysis on her thoughts, but we’d rather not. Time was passing, but for these ghouls, a long early morning of floorshow filming was ahead. Luckily for you and me, we can skip ahead a few hours. Cue one of those cliche panning montages of the house with a momentary time lapse in the back.
The outdoor patio that overlooked a view of the sea had been blessed by the touch of a gay; raised insfrastructure of grey slate panels constructed a T-shape stage with a copper metal work frame strung with spotlights. Each one lit the stage with their own neon hue, although predominantly a blend of lavender and blues, as not to harm the eyes of the contestants -
- who were already lined up at the front, standing in whatever category floorshow look they had last filmed. Some looking like deranged mental institute escapees, others appearing like rip-off Carries, some in inesplicable SFX.
The panel began to illuminate, secreting a white effervescence that illuminated the nearby area. Nothing too close was worth noticing, all of the flora too distant to showcase their beauty, instead remaining as lingering shadows that watch in fright. And so they should, a cacophony of heels clicking against stone pavements heard. They knew by now what this meant, the arrival of Fantasia, but these steps sounded different. The host herself had a modelesque stride to her walk, but the other series of steps had a deep, stomp-like intonation.
A plethora of black chiffon swept across the lens, all obscured but the crimson glisten of rubies which, with many other jewels and glass pieces, formed a mosaic of hearts and otherwise angelic embroidery on the back of Fantasia’s black jacket. The fabric of which had a denim appeal, but the ruching on the sleeves that draped excessively around her arms prior to rejoicing at the cuffs were as smooth as silk. Two completely adverse fabrics, but in the darkness of the night, the black material was undisguisable regardless.
Beneath this jacket was a minimalistic, low v-cut, obsidian jumpsuit of sorts. The intention of this neckline was not to expose cleavage, but rather to allow more space for decoration, her skin emblazoned with piercings of jewels which resemble similar murals to those on her jacket. Again, these were seen pinned into her matching beret, her hair set into a pixie-cut with baby hair curls glued to her temples. Matching jewel tone pigments caressed her lids in an outwards gradient with sparse application of red glitter, loose granules all over her face, almost as if a splatter of blood had landed and she need not wipe it off.
The suspense of who the other queen may be was diminished almost instantly, having made her way over to the second throne already, Smacahoe had taken her seat. A menacing grin forms on her face, the season two winner and season four cohost ready for action.
“Welcome Ghouls to the fourth panel of the season. Today Bella had… duties in the local town, and so she is absent from judging tonight. As punishment, she will be ordered to wait 5 more months before she can receive her crown.” Fantasia now places herself into the center chair, besides Smacahoe. “Smacahoe is here in her place, and we are also joined by…”
Indigo Child appears out of the shadows of backstage. The lights flare and he is bathed in several red spotlights.
Indigo is dressed devilishly. He is wearing a skin tight, blood red suit dripping in purple rhinestones. There is no undershirt with the suit, instead one can see the buff, bare chest of Indigo, which is also adorned with an upside down cross. This cross is made of glass with a small internal flame burning a bright orange color.
It casts a faint upward glow against his face, giving his eyelids a shadowy look to them. The fire is not the only thing making Indigo’s eyes look shadowy, his eye makeup resembles that of great punk rocker, with smeared, smokey eyeshadow taking up his whole eye socket. His eyes have red contact lenses in them. His cheeks are painted to look gaunt and skeletal.
Protruding from his forehead is a pair of young deer antlers, which are both heavily stained with dark maroon blood on the tips. They appear to be painfully growing out of Indigo’s skull. Fortunately, his well kept blonde hair is not disturbed by the antlers, it is instead swept back in crisp waves. It also appears that he has shaved off his precious eyebrows.
Each of his hands are painted with blood and bear the symbol of the Leviathan cross. He drips as he stands still.
Indigo’s blood red pants cling to his tight ass and draw the eye to his red velvet loafers, which are also adorned with purple jewels. He throws his hands to sky and flashing a blinding smile to the stage.
“Come hell or highwater, your purple reign prince is back!”
The queens made way for Indigo to step off the stage, applauding his entrance. The king of season three had definitely made his return. Now at the panel-
“I want to thank my drag brother Landon Cider for pushing boundaries out in the real world, you inspire me everyday man! Without you, I’m not sure I would be here right now on this stage. I also want to thank Dragula, both real life and online, for being such an open show for all kinds of drag artists.”
- he greets himself to all.
“As great as it is to celebrate having these two back to judge, we must roll on with the critiques. As a reminder, we remember your performance, not your placement. Whether you won the challenge or were a bottom placement, we believe you all exceeded expectations this week, and I will not remember any of these as being bad. Now, to the gates of hell.”
Submissions: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JmRSYmrX74irnmbjF6NFsdgS6nAI4B04pLK9bNfvsI8
Fantasia’s Critiques: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uPLmZoPZ6pqG_XpDAc3d2S5r3dvHG-TK6QZ5LS1QTUI
Smacahoe’s Critiques: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1djmMD8j4Q1sq8UMajcJn4lB6IKMYuRhIvnUxqwqU7Sg/edit?usp=drivesdk
Indigo Child’s Critiques: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LnwwRT5VbOPhCgDlnMvhyDXTO4PHNJVJeGcX7g8wr0c/edit?usp=sharing
Critiques had been going for some time, as signified by the topaz tones of sunset which were now mute, also suggested by the variating expressions of worry amongst the contestants faces.
Amelia, we hope and wish that whatever you’re going through at home gets better. Due to your unfortunate circumstance, you will automatically place bottom this week, but it is the challenge winners choice on who goes home.”
She nods.
Leviathan, this week you gave me something to worry about. That is having nightmares after reading your floorshows, only how much you have improved is a dream I hope we keep reliving. I think we have a silent assassin on our hands. You’re safe, good work this week.”
Levi smiles, patting the back of Vienna before heading off the stage. The nearest spotlight to her spot dims.
Scarlet Venom, you always go for the jugular, even if that desire for blood may need some control, your fangs are sharper than ever. Vienna Sausage, this has been your best week yet, and I’m just screaming to see more…”
Scarlet Venom, congratulations, you’re the winner of this weeks challenge.”
No, we were not on Platform 13, but the blood rushed to her head as fast as the tube train would have sped by back home. Relief and shock.
[SCARLET VENOM]: I honestly thought I was either high or safe for this challenge, I’m ecstatic. Take another bite of this peach.
“Time in this competition is short. This week we debated heavily to ourselves and with each other about who should win. There will still be many more chances to win a challenge, more than you may even know, but this week we did come to one unanimous agreement as a panel. Vienna Sausage you are also the winner of this weeks challenge.”
Nothing, not a single bell, lightning strike or clap of thunder could have made this anymore dramatic. I mean, that’s quite cliche, but for added effect. Vienna had clasped her mouth in shock, the last remaining spotlights.
Scarlet whispers to her whilst they hug.
[VIENNA SAUSAGE]: My first win! A few episodes ago I was saying how I was waiting for Scarlet to trip up. Now I’m besides her winning the same challenge. We’ll see how this one turns out.
“Double wins are controversial; sometimes deemed as a product of indecisiveness from the judges. In fact, we made our minds this week. It was only when in discussion post rankings that we concluded how both of you had what the other needed. Scarlet, you ought to mediate more like Vienna had, whilst Vienna, you should focus further on description in a similar manner to Scarlet than scene-like detail. Everyone in this top 3 tonight had great submissions, and as we’ve always said, we remember your performance, not what’s on the spreadsheet. Props to all of you.”
The pair smile in response to their praise, leaving the stage after being dismissed. Focus cuts back to the remaining 3 ghouls.
Satina, you’re improving, greatly, and we’re so proud to see it. However conceptually you were outshone this week. Aurora, you are improving, and we are no less proud, but some critiques continue to pertain to you - week after week…”
Aurora, I am sorry my ghoul, but you are also up for extermination. That means, Satina, you are safe.”
Both queens sighed, although one full of relief and the other full of desperation to be saved from the chaos she was soon to endure. Satina looks over to her fellow competitor and nods with support before departing the front of the stage.
“Aurora, Amelia, you are the bottom two of the week. No one deserves this, but the competition has to go on. Soon, Scarlet Venom and Vienna Sausage will unanimously decide which one contestant will be exterminated from the competition. I ask of them to talk to each of you individually, take into account critiques and prior performance, if they may.” Fantasia’s eyes glisten as they shift from the bottom to the top queens. “The elimination will be announced on this mainstage, and the respective extermination sequence will concur in the next episode. Good luck.”
OG Host Comment: I’m so sorry with how rushed this second part feels. We have been swapping computers consistently for whatever reason - out of my hands - and so all prior work I had saved has pretty much gone. I still have aspects to prior episodes and important documents, but not the work I had done weeks in advance for the results part of this. I will edit it prior to postage outside of sequester. Congratulations to all of you, especially Scarlet, Vienna and Leviathan for top 3. This was one of the first challenges in a long time where everyone performed excessively well and took great leaps in improvement. I still do not know who is going to win. I never usually do, we’ve all seen season one of RD. Good luck to Aurora and Amelia! Winners of this weeks challenge, please issue chats to the contestants and discuss amongst yourselves who you choose to go home.
This episode was written so descriptively as I was simply inspired at the time. I also was expecting an immense level of creativity from the ball submissions and so the episode ought to have inspired them.
Challenge Summary: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LxXjvUn9jxj9ZFn5ZYk-aiHnCrvf9yyfhGqQRsc9xTY/edit?usp=sharing
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