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Game Development by Eduardo Leandro

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Lots of things expected today, but I expect delays. Windows 8 activator kj 121105. Scheduled to release this September, the demo recently landed itself on the Xbox Marketplace and the team got together to see what all the fuss was about. Just replace all of that with the IP address of your TP-Link TL-WR1043ND_DDWRTv24SP2 router. After entering the IP address of your router you can simply press enter.


[Job] Data Extrusion <2016-11-11><16:30 EST>

{2016-11-11 16:30 EST}
Player count: 3-5
Duration: 4-6 expected 9 hour hard cap*

Communication: Skype (OOC) and Roll20 (IC)
Edition: Shadowrun 5e and assorted books
In Game Location: Seattle
Game theme: Data-Dive / Cyber-Noir Investigation
Threat Level: Highly Dangerous
Prerequisites: Understand the rules relating to your character’s profession, if you still learning your role, please inform me when writing your application. Have the core book and any relevant ones on hand. Make sure your mic is working.
IC Teaser:
As you're browsing the Jackpoint, you manage to stumple upon a job posting attached somewhere to one of the crevices of the host. A pre-recorded video of a Matrix persona whom you may recognize as Neon appears, however you are interfacing with the Matrix.
Hey, this is fragged. Something big is going on in this city. There's a story to get to behind the recend Redmond Restoration Act. I've got some info on what's going on, but I've still yet to get a full picture. Somewhere in the background, there's a chessmaster, and I think we'd all like to know what his game is.
People are going missing.
Footage from the inside of the aid camps is getting scrubbed from the Matrix as if it's blacksite drek going on in there.
Mages are reporting an atmosphere of total human despair, on a level above anything we've seen before in the Barrens.
Don't believe me? Just try checking my facts. You won't find anything, I promise. So, getting to the business of things, I think I've got a lead on this, but it's going to need a couple trained Matrix professionals to go through with this.
The pay's not going to be much, but knowing what's really happening in the shadows is valuable intel. If we don't find this out and expose it to the world, then we might start to get caught up in this. You in? Send me some info about your skills to <> and I'll shoot you the meet info. I don't know how deep this goes, so don't say I didn't warn ya ahead of time on this one.
The recording snaps finger guns at you several times before flicking out of your vision...
OOC Information: Please do not bother me with your karma or last job. Give me an in-character response with as little or as much fluff attached to it as you want, the only OOC information I want is your character’s role and how familiar you are with it. If you want to up-sell your character, do it in character please. As this is a player-funded run, picks will be left up to the instigating player.
Disclaimer: The sixth world is dangerous. Every run carries the risk of death. Don’t apply if you aren't comfortable with the risk of losing your character or having them suffer grievous injury.
Rules Disclaimer: I do not allow the use of stim patches to heal stun damage from fading or drain. End of discussion.
*Yes that is an actual hard cap. You should plan as if that is the maximum length of the run. I will not award any GMP or karma to a player who leaves early without a substantial reason. (I didn’t expect it to go this long) is not a substantial reason.
submitted by tarkthesharkjr to RunnerHub

2015-11-16 05:30 UTC

2015-11-16 05:30 UTC
Player Count: 3-5
Duration: 4 hours
Communication: Skype and Roll20
In-Game Location: Downtown
Game Theme: Trenchcoat and Mirrorshades. There will be combat. It will resemble the opening to Saving Private Ryan in tone.
Game Type: Social Infiltration and Datacracking
Prerequisites: Up to date pdf char sheet and token linked in application, handle on mechanics, and appreciation for narrative play. You will also be ready and available 15 minutes before stated start time.
A job posting goes up on jackpoint:
Hoi, chummers, we got some megahot paydata we pulled out of a blacksite, but it's wired and encrypted to heck and back. We're going to need some people to help us do some old fashioned work to get the keys else it's going to destruct and this is too hot to waste.
We've got part of a crew together but we need a real matrix wiz and maybe some legworky and social types. Shouldn't be a combat jobby unless it all goes wrong.
Send us your details if you're interested and we'll select and meet with the runners in the next day or so. Contact is through the fixer: 'Onest 'Ank.
Notes: 1 application per player, preference for <100 karma characters. Preference for characters that Cleaned out the Cobwebs. Please note general archetype for the character. Your character has a goal that they'd do if they could just get out of the shadows, roleplay about it in the application. Also note if you're not ok with me streaming the run.
Runners Selected:
submitted by LeVentNoir to shadownet