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Definitive list of companies to support / re-consider / avoid (and reminder that a rifle in the hands of a socialist is a socialist rifle.)

EDIT: Thanks for all the feedback. So heads up this list was originally part of this AR-15 build guide spreadsheet, hence the frequent mentioning of that gun/platform and some arbitrary shout outs to specific AR-15 makers. (Ironically I'm primarily a shotgun guy at the moment.) So PLEASE look elsewhere if you are looking for recs devoid of any political consideration. The original intention was this as a disclaimer / FYI oriented list of companies with good, iffy, or straight-up bad Ppolitical affiliations/etc. as well as US made and/or unionized companies. It's been muddled with quality mostly apolitical budget-oriented recs as well. I am likely not listing many (like dozens if not hundreds) and I don't want to open a can of worms and end up listing general gun suggestions / lists. I might even par it down for that reason.
So that said I'll leave additional recs to the comments. Will edit and add any companies to overtly avoid for shitty politics/ownership and likewise will add any that are inclusive and/or liberal or left leaning. Thanks!
The information below is aimed at informing gun enthusiasts with moral, ethical, and ideological reservations about certain supporting manufacturers. It lists reputable apolitical and professional manufacturers to consider, is then followed by disclaimers about other reputable manufacturers, then concluded with manufacturers to consider avoiding.
Full disclaimer: this effort stems from frequent and incessant debates and discussions I've seen among gun owners from center to far-left and from my own concerns personally as a leftist. That said if you are neither left-wing nor liberal but nonetheless want to support honest and sincere gun manufacturers this information is worth reviewing. This is not aimed at calling out any company with remotely right-wing political affiliation or leadership, that would be not just flippant and needless but absurdly futile. In fact the only ones I recommend to avoid have overtly engaged the following: pandered to destructive and vitriolic identity politics, bootlicked and idolized authoritarian entities and leaders, or in a few cases literally touted fascism and right-wing extremism. I would argue these are not mere red flags to myself or others on the left but more broadly sentiments that sincere conservatives and libertarians should also wholeheartedly condemn. It is my sincere belief that gun ownership rights are a not only universal right and a necessity for the working-class but also potentially a unifying ideological issue that will hopefully transcend contemporary politics. Fundamental respect for gun safety and handling and willingness to include all who want to be involved in legal and responsible gun ownership is common ground for anyone who believes in basic equality and freedom. Lastly, if you are still rolling your eyes, ready to list a litany of dismissive rants as one of those "better dead than red" edgelord dolts, than by all means F.O.A.D.
Manufacturers To Consider:
Solid Companies in every regard: Much of this intel gathered from this helpful post on reddit from u/tanksuit who help spurred on this effort and also from this extensive Something Awful Thread. Further info gleaned from a private FB group I will not name. If anyone from there sees this, many thanks. There's also a great thread here at liberalgunowners that recommends a lot of of distros, stores, and ranges.
Windham Weaponry - Mostly lateral organizing, employees treated as collective owners (to clarify no indication they are literally collectively owned). Broke off from Bushmaster after Freedom Group buyout. Wide arrange of models. Fair pricing, great customer service and high quality (Kudos to tip-off via FB Group)
Rocket Armory - Arguably the only overtly liberal AR part manufacturer. Not quite leftist (Lefties might want to skip the LGO logo lower - some elements of LGO have been adverse to leftists) but nonetheless an outspokenly progressive maker is a worth supporting IMO. Lowers and fixed mags only. Current stock shipping in mid-December 2020.
CMMG - Apolitical and high quality. Allegedly unionized (not sure but their website does tout solid benefits) Good selection of various caliber platforms both complete, uppelower reciever packages, or stripped parts. Known for their 22LR conversion kits that provide affordable training option for AR platforms.
JP - Expensive but high quality, anecdotal stories of apolitical / non-CHUD atmosphere from employee that appears to be reflected in their PR.
Whiskin Tango Foxtrot (WTF Guns) - Gun building/customization business in Fort Worth, TX in process of acquiring machinery. Veteran owned and liberal friendly.
Rainer Arms - Minority owned and straightforward online store with good selection.
Liberal Gun Club Member Business - A list of firearm accessory businesses and not manufactures but nonetheless worth looking at to support liberal gun enthusiasts
Smith & Wesson - Mostly apolitical, huge company but American made and makes solid entry-level AR-15s
Cz-USA - US distro/importer of the venerable Czech manufacturer.
Atlantic Firearms - apolitical and reliable merchant and they are helpful with compliance guns for ban states
Ace High Armory - Small CLP maker, affliated/supporter of LGO (see above)
Off Color Decals / Dorner Tactical / Red Stone Creative / John Brown Armory / Space Dog Laika / Outcast Society / Flank Left / Sleep of Reason / PraxStudio / Cultivated Laser / BetterWayTo2A / TacticalChingona / JohnBrownFunClub / Left Queer & Sticky / RiversEmbroidery / LeftFist / LGO Store / fildiDesign / Slay Shop / Liberal Gun Club - Stickers, patches, etc. Custom dust covers at Far Enough Left and custom magazines at Splatt Magz. Lot to find on Redbubble as well.
Guerilla Tactical - Holsters, Medical Kits, and apparel
John Brown Prints - Shirts and stickers, though specifically these proceeds go to BLM and bail funds
Others...There are far more smaller American AR-15 manufacturers of varying quality and pricing, consider smaller and local options as politics aside they are employing enthusiasts making firearms for fellow enthusiasts. Regarding quality: research forums and comment sections before you buy!
Colt (UAW) - The original maker of AR-15s after they bought ArmaLite in 1964 and patent holder on design until 1977. Big law enforcement / military supplier. Good but arguably a redundant consideration now with so many AR-15 options.
Savage (IAM) - Mostly non-AR-15 style rifles like bolt action, hunting semi autos, competition, etc. Good and often affordable consideration for those platforms.
Unionized Non-AR makers>>> Browning - IAM, Douglas - IAM, Winchester - IAM, Remington - UMW (Bankruptcy impending and Navajo purchase fell through, post-Freedom Group quality dip after 2007)
Solid but with disclaimers/caveats:
Aero Precision / Ballistic Advantage Barrels - Huge selection, affordable, well-touted and potentially the benchmark of non-gucci lower receivers. Not innocent, the tone deaf AF blurb for Rhodesia camo comes to mind, but otherwise less CHUD-y. Excellent "default" manufacturer to use for builds that are budget and mid-tier / entry level oriented.
Mid State Firearms - Great PSA alternative, far less knee-jerk and pandering. Offers discounted bundles and kits of cancelled orders, blemished but good parts, and "oddball" assortments. Read multiple testimonies of good customer service in response to any issues. Like Aero they aren't perfectly apolitical as they sell 3%er dust covers. Thanks for the tip datcatburd
KE Arms - Mostly solid and somewhat under the radar, competition quality oriented - collaborators in the WWSD 2020 rifle with InRangeTV's "What Would Stoner Do?" gun projects and InRangeTV is notably inclusive. Allegedly friendly staff but Russell Phagan, aka longtime SomethingAwful poster SinistralRifleman, was banned after relentlessly defending the Kenosha shooter. More FYI than anything. He still has a working relationship and focus on WWSD and has not used KE Arms as a platform, i.e. he's remained professional otherwise, especially here on reddit where he's been very transparent on WWSD updates.
Brownells - Well-regarded and has budget part options, owns a lot of AR-15 related ventures including AR15.com and family has major NRA ties and lobbying industry. Distro for InRangeTV + KE Arms What Would Stoner Do? WWSD 2020 AR-15. Again not perfect, they had a cringe-y fellowkids level nod to boogaloo shirts in a recent vid
Midway USA - Comparable to Brownells, lot of options, reliable vendor, etc. Some NRA connections but nothing crazy. More info here thanks to u/rocketboy2319
SGAmmo - not the only ammo supply company by any means but a solid bulk option with no BS apolitical tone.
Primary Arms - Another distro to consider, mostly because it's been keeping a lot of AR-15 parts in stock despite panic buying
Bravo Company USA [BCM] - Bit pricier but another solid and popular choice for upper tier ARs, had confederate battle flag engraving option. As u/mp8815 pointed out they are a great option for more serious milspec than Aero, PSA, etc.
Little Creek Trading - Distro/online store - lot of expensive / high end stuff but also good deals on lower recievers, parts, accessories, and built ARs. Pleasant website layout so worth browsing for ideas if nothing else. Sell affordable slings.
Sig Sauer- 75% +/- US made, reactionary "US anthem" anti-kneel BS commemorative models but fairly tame jingoism in context
Ruger / Marlin (Acquired in late 2020) - Excellent guns including the classic 10/22 and various other models, some have US components and assembly, well-regarded starter AR-15, major NRA donor (interestingly and ironically the late Rugar was outspoken about magazine limitations)
Glock - Universally know and solid handgun maker, USA distro / service is well regarded. Gaston Glock allegedly a right-wing donor in Austria but from his coffer. Note: Polymer80 guns are an option for anyone wanting to build their own Glock style handgun.
LaRue Tactical - Expensive but well-regarded and established, their triggers (MBT-2S esp.) are well touted and affordable ($80) upgrades over milspec; FYI they send gimmicky overt right-wing bumper stickers with orders and the owner is cozy with right-wing and GOP leaders.
Geissele makes well regarded triggers and parts but owner is allegedly tyrannical, work environment is rough and has high turnover.
BCG options: Toolcraft and Cryptic Coatings offer affordable options and appear fairly apolitical.
Primary Arms - Affordable scope options, some stereotypical law enforcement pandering but that's the case with most peers.
Daniel Defense - Update: previously reputable and touted brand but according to this previous indication of good worker environment are unfortunately obsolete. QC is allegedly slipping and ownership attitude has become negative and toxic. On the flipside recent buyers report satisfactory quality and originally I had read the work environment was unusually inclusive. Maybe opt for different high end brand? Jury's out TBH. Still likely a solid choice quality wise but keep an eye out for them.
Springfield Armory / Rock River Arms- Decent but FYI some shady legislative lobbying efforts heads via this post disregard, they've since left IFMA
Sons of Liberty Gun Works - Tip off here about one of it's owners, Mike Mihalski, being unhinged in the past - assaulting his mother and numerous threats against cops actually doing their job that were then brushed off by law enforcement superiors he was friendly with, DUIs and public intoxication at a hotel while armed (albeit he cooperated) Update: Mike has apparently been sober and stable for awhile, more a disclaimer to be aware of. It's otherwise a solid manufacturer akin to other mil-spec AR makers.
Trijicon - continues practice of subtle but cringe-y bible verses inscribed on products that spurred a military contract controversy, actually well-regarded optics though arguably getting too expensive compared to alternative options
Del-Ton - PSA alternative and alternative to cheap "iffy brands" with more notorious QC issues - def more entry-level and milspec but generally good reviews - consider if budget is a major factor
Radical (see more below) - Allegedly better but QC issues in the past...(see details below)
Ammo Supply Warehouse - good selection, pricing and service but FYI their logo on their main page has fucking SS totenkopfs on it. That said the also obliged a customer request to sing the Soviet anthem while packing their order, so perhaps they use the iconography naively and flippantly and not as a dogwhistle.
Palmetto State Armory (see more below) - *Only listed because of historically affordable parts, products, and supplies, though this is arguable. Hit or miss customer service, including customer info leaks and inadvertent doxxing customers. Most notably one of the worst offenders in cranking out right-wing and jingoist bullshit ~ MAGA drooling, ID politics crap, etc. More on this under "Reconsider" List
Others...Many, many others out there but like anything else you can easily drop a lot of money seeking out "the best," >>> mediocre rifle in the hands of a qualified shooter is a better than a high-end rifle in the hands of a inexperienced shooter.
American Made not yet mentioned:
Mossberg - Factories in Connecticut and Texas. Not sure 100% if MMR is US made. At least one model is Turkish made (SA20), and the Maverick 88 has Mexican made parts that are assembled in Eagle Pass, TX. IMHO the best pump action shotgun catalog to choose from, the Maverick 88 along with the H&R Pardner or Savage 320 are solid budget pump actions.
American made brands (non-AR-15)>>> Thompson/Center, Henry (some expensive MAGA nonsense FYI), Marlin, Ithaca, Kimber, Beretta (some models)
Reconsider / Possibly Avoid: To re-emphasize no shame if you own or bought the below and the "line in the sand" is very arguable, but these, especially if pricing is not as much of an issues, these can be easily opted out of in your AR-15 procurement and builds.
Palmetto State Armory - Mentioned again because easily the most debated manufacturer. Numerous examples of racist and fascist etched lowers aside I agree with the sentiment that their motivation is capitalism above all else and not so much right-wing worship although those pair well together. Case in point - they cancelled their planned Kekistan lower due to backlash, i.e. didn't double-down nor apologize but reaffirmed business first. They also sell some self-deprecating, humorous and more apolitical lower engraved options. Beyond this crap they have also had customer service hiccups including personal info leaks. Your call. Last ditch option for me personally but I wouldn't completely rule them out either especially as parts and new guns are increasingly expensive and hard to acquire. To sum up I rather a comrade have half a dozen of these than some sole spiffy new gucci AR-15.
Bushmaster - Quality has been criticized by many, Windham broke off to establish better quality gun line and ultimately they closed shop this year. Avoid any you might find out there post-2007.
Anderson - Popular but notoriously entry level choice (hence the "poverty pony" nickname) but bootlicking MAGA bullshit so honestly it's pointless to tout over Aero Precision, PSA, or MSF.
Tennessee Arms - Mixed feedback about their polymer lowers, gloated over Infowars showout/endorsement, dumb (like okbuddyretard level) memes on FB
Enoch Industries - 10/22 Takedown parts and custom builder, some quintessential grey area Odin/Pagan stuff that could be harmless warrior aesthetic stuff or a dog whistle.
Esstac - Solid and affordable pouch and other accessory maker including shotgun cards I rec, that said they came out as Kenosha shooter stans. Their stick on velcro loops are pretty damn solid but other teeth velcro cards can be found elsewhere.
Classic Firearms - Used auction site/seller. Not politically iffy, just often overpriced and waste of time to browse, use gunbroker.com or even cautiously use armslist instead [edit: to clarify "waste of time" for anyone looking for pragmatic deals to skim, not niche stuff to collect.]
Kel Tec - This one is tricky, the off very affordable non-AR-15 9mm carbines - same working class price niche as High-Point - but just FYI they've had cozy PR with George Zimmerman in the past
H&S Precision - Hired Ruby Ridge FBI participant Lon Horiuchi in the past
Cheaperthandirt - Tread carefully even if you see a deal - plethora of complaints about service, pricing, turnaround, etc. Check with other options first.
Note on foreign manufacturers (IWI, Canik) - This another debate point that leads to a lot gray area and arbitrary claims whether it's regarding companies based in countries with authoritarian governments, human rights abuses, war profiteering, etc. One could argue that applies to all American makes. When it comes to state made guns most state owned firearms companies of the past either have been privatized (like IWI in Israel) or are not legally importable in the U.S. (Norinco in China, various Russian companies). Ironically while the U.S. bans certain Chinese guns many U.S. manufacturers rely heavily on Chinese plants and parts. The general reality is most non-American and non-Western manufacturers are part of multinational conglomerates or distribution networks, as is the case with many Turkish guns like Canik. History ebbs and flows too, a 60s/70s era Galil is different case than a new Tavor in terms culpability, South African guns now are less arguably problematic than apartheid era stuff. Overall, it's up to you.
Companies with noted QC issues:
Radical Arms - Issues in the past but reportedly the QC is improving so could be a potential budget option and arguably the best of the iffy makes. Your call.
Bear Creek Arsenal - Formerly Moore's Machine. People have touted BCA as an effective and reliable budget rifles but their QC seems risky, others have had major issues. Apparently they have a good warranty option though so there's that as an option.
Anderson - See above. Stripped lowers are probably a-ok.
DPMS / Bushmaster - Easy avoid, dead as of Jan 2020 - another post Freedom Group brand that declined after 2007 as mentioned above - mixed reviews but needless consideration considering so many other options in the NOS and used market.
Vulcan/Hesse/Blackthorne - Easy avoid, multiple name changes and near universal dismissal or negative reviews.
Avoid if you can in the future:
Blackwater Worldwide / Iron Horse - Invested, touted, and overtly marketed by longtime mercenary, grifter, and war criminal and profiteer Erik Prince, the poster child of the present day world military industrial complex. Collaborated with Spike's Tactical (see below). Formerly Iron Horse Guns and original company unchanged product wise but they're-branded as Blackwater Worldwide in exchange for Prince's investment. At least they are honest and transparent about it I guess.
Spikes Tactical - Hysterical anti-antifa (i.e. fascist lol) CHUD to the max, many note iffy / overrated products compared to peers - don't sweat it if you have one but ditch this option in the future and spend your money elsewhere.
Fenix Ammunition - anti-Antifa hysteria and with a boog angle too boot
DS Arms - Overt Rhodesia glorifying, not just camo fetishism
4Ward Defense - Threatened to dox and call the police on a customer who was simply trying to cancel an order.
Griffin Armament - "Front Towards Arabs" engraved suppressors, lazy racist shit (notice it isn't ISIS) compared to the more snarky "infidel" dust covers and decals
Kahr Arms and Auto-Ordnance (thanks u/Oldskoolguitar) - Literally run by major cult (Moonies) i.e. the Unification movement Apparently Kahr is crappy anyway but Auto-Ordnance makes 1911, M1, and Thompson replicas so seek other options for those models (mispelled earlier, meant Kahr, not Khar)
Smith Enterprises - SS iconography sold, i.e. actual Nazi stuff not the Iron Cross aesthetics
T-Rex Arms - Quiverfall members more on that group here and Lucas has posted cheap homophobic crap. (thanks u/eyetracker)
Troy Industries - Apparently tits up but backlash for hiring Dale Monroe - i.e. FBI veteran and Ruby Ridge participant
DesertTech - Owner is fringe Mormon sect member with racist views
Non-AR makers/businesses to avoid... (Sourced from Something Awful thread above)
DE Guns - Neo-Nazi ties
Glockstore - White Supremacist organization ties
LGBT Gun Rights (facebook and twitter) - faux progressive social media run by Neo-Nazi, do not join either as they are aiming to misinform and glean info on progressive and leftist gun owners
^ these are the tip of the iceberg TBH. There are likely problematic owners of stores and companies who will never be outed. Always look out to avoid local gun stores, distros, and individual sellers with bigoted and fascist sentiments and/or scammers - this kind of trash has always been the nasty underbelly of gun culture. Def be subtle and unassuming IRL while shopping - be cautious and tactful in interactions. Alternatives include more apolitical / hunting and hobby oriented stores like Bass Pro/Cabelas, Academy, Dick's, Big 5, etc. Love it or hate some Walmarts often have good deals.
There are plenty of individuals, stores, and companies that are politically more conservative or libertarian but well-meaning and honest and worth patronage, i.e. you can hold to your ideology without limiting yourself to strict arbitrary choices as a customer. Try to embrace the shared sentiment of gun ownership as a right and launching point to reaffirm that owning firearms is an universal and inclusive right for personal and community self-defense. Opportunity to praxis is likely rare, but it might emerge.
YT personas to stop subscribing from - IV8888, Brandon Herrera, CRSFirearms, etc. (there's a shitload TBH, feel free to tell me others to avoid) - Most are coming as bootlickers in recent times (not a shock), and if a YT channel isn't focused on guns over right-wing edgelord bullshit move on. For leftist/liberal/non-right wing content check out Forgotten Weapons, InRangeTV, Tacticool Girlfriend, Armed Margins, thegunpenguin, Beau of The Fifth Column, Sapper Gentleman, and DeviantOllam has a few. More apolitical and great content but likely right-wing and/or hinted such sentiments: Honest Outlaw (no idea, he plugs a local food shelter and is seemingly apolitical), Hickok45 (arguably the nicest and least pretentious YT gun personality, old timer who is passionate about sharing knowledge with others), Luckygunner, #itsonyou, 32icon, Katharina Vikør, C&R Aresnal, Rob Ski, 9-Hole Reviews, 22plinkster, Paul Harrell, Garand Thumb(recent dogwhistles and TBH he has a weird Patrick Bateman vibe - HD content but maybe look elsewhere), gunthots, mixup98, Demolition Ranch. Wild card is Yankee Marshall - bit of a nutter but he's sincerely unabashedly pro-2A / anti-NRA and shit stirrer in away that's amusing. To his credit - although it was likely a weird fluke - he lost a bunch of subscribers for calling Garrett Foster a patriotic veteran. List of POC youtubers here - Colion Noir is probably the best known black gun YT persona, unabashedly pro-2A, like Hickok45 dropped his NRA affiliation fairly recently; the did so both over disagreements in their budget spending and ad agency contracts respectively.
Editorial / Op-ed from original AR Build Spreadsheet
Some advice and food for thought regarding reconciling ideology with present day gun enthusiasm:
If you are a liberal, progress, moderate, etc. who has come into gun ownership more recently, or has been reckoning with shifts in gun laws and gun culture in the U.S. over the last few decades, than you've likely managed to cut through the noise surrounding the debate, discussion, and frequently knee-jerk hysteria that surrounds semi-automatic rifles and the AR-15 platform. Now you're probably navigating the persistent injection of right-wing identity politics via stamped receivers, accessories and apparel with cheap shock value and superficial pandering, tacticool veering into authoritarian fetishism, tribal jingoism, etc. You've pushed aside misguided liberal identity politics that mis-characterize and attack gun enthusiasm only to have it's reactionary core shoved in your face. It can easily be reconciled with a concept you've likely seen: “There is no ethical consumption under capitalism.” It's been overused and even widely applied in dubious scenarios but I'd argue it's highly relevant when it comes to buying any new firearm or firearm component. All that aside it's still perfectly reasonable to not inadvertently throw your hard-earned cash at bootlicking goons, so when it comes to manufacturers this list should at least help you navigate and plan your purchases armed with information and awareness. If anything, supporting more apolitical and progressive manufacturers who aim to focus first and foremost on making quality firearms for all should be spurred on, not stymied.
If you're a leftist of any variety and interested in AR-15s you are likely already past the idea of committing to firearms that seemingly align with your views - AKs, milsurp SKS, Mosins, anything from cold war era socialist or communist states, etc. You've likely realized the last era of true Nazi-eliminator rifles are now 75+ years old. Futile seeking out new firearms and parts from non-capitalist states in 2020 will only reinforce this sincere but arbitrary hill to die on. A more pragmatic approach some make is to focus on buying only used firearms and parts already in circulation but this could still involve the financial patronage to a distributor, store, or individual of bad character. On a personal tangent, I first warmed back up to the idea of owning a semi-automatic that wasn't an AR-15 either by following the same arbitrary classification that deems a used M-14 or old M-1 carbine a better choice, but beyond classic value and aesthetics they are in the same niche. Even though defenders of the AR-15 sometimes veer into obnoxious and flippant ackchyually territory, especially after tragic gun massacres, they are often technically correct. The blunt fact is the AR-15 platform is fundamentally as legal as other semi-automatic rifles. It's popular for that reason and that's why it has so many fans, defenders, and apologists in so many forms.
When it comes to broader ideas of firearm ownership in relation to one's ideology, something I reflect on often is the fact that history has always involved the oppressed using the weapons of their oppressors both past and present. It's a moot point what the firearm is, it is a tool that reflects the individual who wields it. A rifle in the hands of a fascist is a fascist rifle and likewise a rifle in the hands of a socialist is a socialist rifle. To further make the case for the AR-15 many have made in some variation is that it is the present day rifle of the proletariat, the M1 Garand or PPSh-41 of it's time. When it comes to affirming your support for gun ownership, advocate for more widespread gun education, training, and positive and inclusive gun culture. Put lawmakers to task for pushing gun regulations that discourage law-abiding citizens - especially lower income citizens and people of color - from lawful ownership of guns. Support instead substantive reform and funding of mental health resources, de-militarizing law enforcement, and ending gun lobbying that side steps gun owners to only further corruption and complicity. If those who wish to do you harm are armed and will likely always be armed, there's no point in handicapping yourself or your peers.
Buying or building any gun, AR-15 or otherwise, is an exercise of one's 2nd amendment right. For those outside of the U.S., and to all lawful and well-meaning comrades, arm yourself however you can legally and responsibly. Marx put it more bluntly in 1850 than the 2A's far more nuanced wording and arduous historical establishment: “Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary”
Lastly, above all else, with tensions rising and outright violence being perpetuated by the far right, it is more imperative than ever simply to arm oneself as quickly, effectively, and safely as possible, regardless of the manufacturers, stores, and distros involved. A well made affordable gun you can acquire ASAP is a lot more imperative than your ideal build/choice. This is a guide not a plea. It's better to be armed with a gun from the "avoid" list today than to wait around for some ideologically preferable firearm weeks or months from now.
submitted by hansolojazzcup to SocialistRA


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One Week After the Battle for Hesstla
Brentili'ik looked at the document and sighed.
Private Kelvak, in defiance of personal danger and extensive physical injury, used his physical therapy frame and, with the help of two green mantid engineers, held the Precursor autonomous war machines at the south gate at Striker Base Boop to enable the medical evacuation of over two hundred military and civilian wounded.
Despite grave injuries, Private Kelvak fought, often alone with the exception of the Mantids 222 and 640, for nearly two hours. At the end, according to records recovered on site, Private Kelvak, with the remainder of his ad-hoc fire team, defended the landing pad against overwhelming odds. Once the last patient was evacuated Private Kelvak and his team of wounded human compatriots, despite mortal injury, continued to draw enemy fire until finally he was struck by a 52mm high velocity burst and killed.
For his valor in the face of overwhelming personal danger as well as his persistence despite mortal injury, the Telkan Marine Corps has determined that Private Kelvak's actions upheld the highest traditions and expectations of the Telkan Marine Corps, the Confederate Military Services, and the Telkan People.
It is with solemn regret that I record this.
--Signed: Admiral NGwark, Space Force, Task Force Commander, Hesstla
Another one. Hesstla had been a disaster as far as she was concerned. Out of fifteen thousand troops nearly two thousand had been killed.
She had to admit, not as dramatic and heroically as this one, many of them killed during deployment when the Task Force dropped into an ambush, but still, too many for her liking.
The fact that nearly 1/3 of the deaths were listed as "Temporal Warfare Casualty" and some of them had apparently served aboard Space Force vessels for over sixty years before expiring of old age, just made the entire thing stranger.
Brentili'ik had spoken to Colonel Harvey, who had told her that the casualties were severe, but not unexpected for an unblooded unit facing their first deployment under fire in a surprise ambush.
She looked at the list of next of kin for Private Kelvak and nearly cried.
Two broodcarriers and four podlings nearly two years old. He had a step-mother and a step-father, as well as step siblings, but according to the records his mother, father, and siblings had all been killed during the First Telkan War.
He had been old enough to join the first class of Telkan Marines by exactly forty-two minutes when he had taken the oath.
Added was a recorded message for his next of kin.
Brentili'ik didn't want to, but she listened to it.
"When mom and dad died, when my siblings died, you made me feel like someone still loved me. I love all of you, and I'm sorry I can't come home. Podlings, take care of your broodmommies, and I love you." played at the end.
Brentili'ik dried her tears and authorized the recording for release.
Poor kid, Brentili'ik thought. Not even a body to recover.
She tabbed the file to be printed and sent out and moved on to the next one.
Citizenship is a heavy duty, she thought to herself.
Hesstla System
Time/Date Error In Progress
Specialist Grade-Four Thom Dunmet had been Graves Registration for several decades. The promotion point score was a tough one, but there was a high enough turnover that a being could gain rank somewhat frequently. He'd made Sergeant several times, but sooner or later he'd get drunk and get in a fight and find himself in the back of a military police car about to lose some rank.
Still, he was Graves Registration, and allowances were made.
He had to admit, this had been a rough deployment. Nagging headaches were least of it.
It was all the locals, the civvies, coming in missing the tops of their heads and their brains, that had really made it tough. The most common cause of death was 'cerebral extraction' among the civilians.
Then top it off with everyone's SUDS going on the fritz, he'd found himself checking off 'clinically deceased' less and less and 'permanently deceased' instead.
He would eject the SUDS memory cartridge and pack it up, although more and more as time went on the cartridge had error telltales blinking.
It was late, he'd switched shifts to handle night casualties after working day shift for quite some time. The morgue was dim and cool, not to mention quiet like he liked it.
The Clankers and their masters had been pushed back, giving the Terrans time to breathe and regroup. Which meant the casualties had come in thick and heavy for the last two days, leaving the morgue full of bodies.
SP4 Dunmet had finished the last autopsy, wheeling the corpse into the refrigeration unit, and had moved over to start on the paperwork. He moved over to his desk and started downloading his notes from his datapad to his console, making sure the files were loaded onto the correct casualties.
The lights flickered and Dunmet looked up, switching to a different screen.
The door slid open and black mist rolled in, pouring out of the doorway.
Dunmet moved his thumb over the icon that would summon base security.
Robed figures moved in and Dunmet heaved a sigh of relief.
Religious personnel, probably from the Chaplain's Office, he thought to himself. He went back to his paperwork, keeping one eye on the six robed figures.
They were all obviously Telkan under the robes, shuffling forward. They had black robes that seemed to shine in the dim light, matte black masks over their faces rather than the normal Telkan tan and brown, and moved slowly in a single rank of four with one to each side slowly swinging a thurible that left trails of incense smoke.
They moved up to one of the drawer doors, the lead one opening it. They pulled out the drawer, revealing a covered corpse that was only half the normal length of a Telkan. When they pulled back the sheet they revealed the ravaged body of a young male Telkan, missing below the bottom of the rib cage. The Telkan male's jaw was missing teeth, a cyber-eye was crudely jammed into an empty socket, wired led from the back of his skull, cut free a few inches from the exposed spinal column.
Dunmet watched as they stood around the dead Telkan, one holding a heavy tome marked "The Book of Telkan" close to his chest with black gloved hands.
"This is the one we want," one of them said, his voice low and serious.
They all nodded.
Dunmet was looking up when it happened.
The three that were not carrying items touched the dead Telkan.
There was an eruption of purplish black smoke that then sucked back in on itself.
The Telkans, including the corpse, were gone.
Dunmet hit the security icon.
The scribe was blind, had been blind since a Precursor machine had torn out his eyes and tongue to broadcast his agony over GalNet. His delicate fingers, sensitive beyond reason after the Precursors had torn out his vestigal claws, traced over the long strip of bronze/warsteel alloy. His tools were delicate but precise as he began slowly carving another rune, a rune that burned with white fire in his mind's eye. Each tap of the hammer against the engraver made his soul sing, each curl of dark bronze metal brought the joy of vengeance to his heart.
The strip was nearly two feet long, a handspan wide, with a single column of runes engraved down the face of the inch thick metal strip.
As he finished the strip it was passed to the worker next to him, who would inlay the graven runes with molten metals that would never cool.
Around them the faint whispering could be heard.
soft podling warm podling brave podling strong one and one is two two and two is four red shape is square blue shape is round soft podling smart podling clever podling warm
None of the workers could hear the song as it was sung, they had been made deaf by the cold steel claws of the Precursors.
But they heard it in the depths of their souls.
Each of the robed figures had learned their lessons. Taken by those who understood the secrets of dark forbidden science to a place where they had all the time they needed to understand the nature of life and death and the dark science in between.
All of them looked as if they were wearing close fitting armor that was somehow biological yet mechanical at the same time. A light drinking black material that pulsed with a life of its own. All of them had the burning eagle in molten warsteel on their chests. There eyes were burning chrome that leaked smoke as violet as the skies they had stared out for eternal moments.
Shuffling silent workers brought forth heavy pieces of equipment. Each piece of equipment was put in its proper place and slowly a form took shape.
Heavy footpads with four claw-like toes evenly spread. Heavily armored legs, the thick armor concealing pistons, gears, drive-belts, and struts. Articulated hips to allow the legs to move and provide stability to the torso portion. The torso was large, blocky, heavily armored. Gaps were in the armor, the weapons that would normally be mounted there missing. The arms were missing below the elbow, the implanted weaponry being built to the side by technicians who had devoted lifetimes into studying exactly how to put the custom built jewel mechanism machinery together.
It had no head. No reason to provide a small target.
The torso was open, the main hatch opened to reveal the armor was a foot thick of warsteel laminate armor. Inside the torso were complex mechanisms with a dark and terrible purpose, created and imagined by dark minds unfettered by something as simple as morality.
Finally, the mechanisms were prepared, the massive machine trembling slightly, not with the power of the reactor that drove its mighty heart, but with terrible purpose.
The rent and damaged body of the Telkan was brought forth. The wound below the ribcage, where the rest of his body had been obliterated, was sealed with thick biomechanical tissue. The missing arm was sealed at the stump. Covering his face was a heavy mask, more akin to a skull than a living creature. It was bolted to the Telkan, the heavy warsteel bolts sunk into the bone structure.
The chest rose and fell slowly as the mask inflated and contracted.
On the bare flesh of the chest implanted metal gleamed and shined. Cybernetics, something largely unheard of for the Telkan people, invaded the body, giving purpose to the surrounding tissue.
The body was lifted, kneeling Telkan reciting prayers from the Book of Telkan, and placed in the opened torso of the massive machine.
Technicians dark and terrible moved in, connecting the quasi-corpse to the machine. Heavy probes went into the skull, the drill bit biting deep into the bone to bring forth a gush of blackish blood. The probes were sunk deep into the neural tissue, microscopic filaments squirming out of the probes to link up with neural tissue.
The one remaining eye opened at one point, the pupil contracting, and the quasi-corpse writhed for a half second before going limp.
The technicians secured the damaged body into the massive machine, sometimes cruelly with heavy warsteel bolts, other times with gentle webs of cloth woven from the shed down of podlings, other times without emotion using plasteel straps.
The body was protected from kinetic shock, radiation, sound, biological hazards. One by one each threat of the modern battlefield was negated as best as the silent technicians could create it. Once it was done the empty internal spaces were packed with specially woven cloth inscribed with runes, prayers, and symbols of faith and devotion.
The inner lining was closed. Parchments inscribed with prayers were pasted to the metal alloy. More shock dampening was added.
The outside of the hull was closed. Two black armored foot tall mantids were lifted up and placed gently in the twin housings on the upper rear of the torso, covered with padding, and the shells closed.
Computers, nearly covered with strips of paper inscribed with prayers, whirred to life. Ancient style storage platters spun up with a scraping whine. Nanorelays and cyberware linkages clattered to life, clicking to themselves.
The gathered Telkan, one of which still reading from the Book of Telkan, watched as the great machine shuddered and shivered.
The blackish-bronze alloy square in the middle of the chest, just above the burning eagle, suddenly lit up with a gold light.
A rune slowly inscribed itself on the alloy square.
"Arise, Kappa, and serve!" the Telkan with the book cried out.
There was silence for a long moment.
"Beyond death, I still serve, buoyed by the laughter of podlings," the massive machine intoned.
In the wreckage of a city on a small planet a puff of purple smoke erupted, billowing out to cover a large area before suddenly vanishing, sucking back into itself and disappearing with a purple flash.
Standing in the wreckage was a massive war machine. One arm terminating in a powerful four fingered clamp with a plasma napalm ejector at the palm. The other arm a heavy tri-barrel autocannon capable of tearing through the heaviest armor. Its chest contained mortars to provide indirect fire support, battlescreen projectors better fit to ships of the line, and was covered in runes.
It stood still for a moment, the only sound the wind making mournful noises as it moved over the heavy armor.
Finally it raised a thick antenna and broadcast a simple message.
"Warbound Kappa. Online and awaiting instruction. Even beyond death, I still serve."
I don't know about that. Are you sure you should do that?
What's wrong with it?
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The Imperium of Wrath guys that Daxin leads.
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I still don't know about this.
I wish TerraSol and the others were here to talk about this.
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