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2020 Washington Gun Law Summary


I am not a lawyer nor an expert. While I'm confident overall in my interpretation of state firearms law, I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy. I cannot and will not defend you in court. I suggest you read the referenced sources yourself and come to your own understanding. If you have any specific questions regarding personal situations, ask an actual lawyer.
Also, due to the Reddit character limit, I am not able to go in depth on these. If you have any questions about the content of this post feel free to ask me in the comments.
Finally, this information is subject to change. I will update this as necessary as things change or more clarification is received.

General Information

Does the State Constitution protect the right to keep and bear arms?
Yes. See Article I, Section 24 of the State Constitution.
Where can I find state laws on firearms?
Generally, in RCW chapter 9.41, though some provisions exist elsewhere like 77.15.460 which regulates possession of a loaded rifle or shotgun in a vehicle but is in the Fish & Wildlife chapter, and WAC 332-52-145 which regulates target shooting on public lands managed by the Department of Natural Resources.
Where can I find state firearm definitions?
Generally, definitions related to firearm laws are contained in RCW 9.41.010.

NFA Firearms

Are short barreled rifles (SBRs) legal?
Yes, provided the SBR is in compliance with federal law. See RCW 9.41.190 part (2).
Are short barreled shotguns (SBSs) legal?
No. SBSs are prohibited outright in RCW 9.41.190 part (1), unless acquired before July 1, 1994 as provided in part (4).
Are machine guns legal?
No. MGs are prohibited outright in RCW 9.41.190 part (1), unless acquired before July 1, 1994 as provided in part (4).
Are Any Other Weapons (AOWs) legal?
Generally yes. State law doesn't define these and doesn't otherwise prohibit them. Of course they must otherwise comply with federal NFA requirements.
Are destructive devices legal?
State law doesn't define these and doesn't otherwise prohibit them. However, explosives are regulated by the State Explosives Act.

Bump Stocks

Are bump-stocks legal?
No. Bump-stocks are prohibited outright in RCW 9.41.190 part (1).


Are standard capacity magazines legal?
Yes. Washington has no magazine capacity restrictions.

Semiautomatic Assault Rifles

What is a semiautomatic assault rifle?
Simply, any semiautomatic rifle. The full definition is located in RCW 9.41.010 (26), but the definition applies to any semiautomatic rifle except for antiques, deactivated firearms, and manually operated rifles. There is no exception for caliber or magazine types, so even a tube-fed .22LR rifle meets the definition if it's semiautomatic.

Untraceable Firearms

What is an untraceable firearm?
Generally, any firearm made after July 1, 2019 without a serial number applied by a licensed manufacturer. See RCW 9.41.010 part (34) for the complete definition.
Are untraceable firearms legal?
Yes, except when made with intent to sell. See RCW 9.41.190 part (1)(d).

Undetectable Firearms

What is an undetectable firearm?
Generally, any firearm that is not equivalently detectable to a specific example steel alloy by a metal detector or any firearm where the major components are not identifiable as such in an x-ray machine. See RCW 9.41.010 part (32) for the complete definition.
Are undetectable firearms legal?
No, they are prohibited outright by RCW 9.41.190 part (1). This basically mirrors federal law in 18 U.S. Code § 922 (p).

80% and Polymer Lowers and Frames

Are 80% lowers and frames legal to possess?
Yes. However, HB 1739 passed last year has caused some confusion, in particular with RCW 9.41.325.
How do the untraceable firearm and undetectable firearm laws affect 80% and polymer lowers?
In my opinion, they don't. I do not believe lowers are firearms under state definition -- see RCW 9.41.010 part (11) -- so they could not be undetectable firearms or untraceable firearms on their own. However, a complete gun made from such a lower could be subject to those laws depending on how it's constructed.
Can vendors ship 80% lowers to Washington residents?
Yes. However some choose not to because of RCW 9.41.325 which prohibits helping a prohibited person acquire or make an undetectable firearm or untraceable firearm and considers failure to run a background check evidence of recklessness in that regard. It should be noted that failure to run a background check is not a crime in itself here, but it is evidence of recklessness for a charge of violating this statute. As a result, some vendors have decided to avoid any potential risks by refusing to ship to our state.


Is there a waiting period when purchasing firearms?
Yes and no. RCW 9.41.092 part (1) requires a dealer to wait until either approval of all required background checks or ten business days have elapsed, whichever happens first, before delivering any firearm other than a semiautomatic assault rifle. For a semiautomatic assault rifle, part (2) requires a dealer to wait until ten business days have elapsed even if background checks are approved earlier.
Even for CPL holders?
Yes. The legislature passed HB 1465 in 2019 which removed the waiver to the waiting periods on pistol purchases for CPL holders. Without getting too deep into the weeds, this was in response to changes in FBI process which would've created a scenario illegal under federal law unless the state made changes. That bill, however, provides that the CPL waiver will return when a state centralized background check system comes online or July 1, 2022, whichever happens first.
Can someone under 21 purchase a pistol or semiautomatic rifle?
No. RCW 9.41.240 part (1) prohibits a person under twenty-one from purchasing a pistol or semiautomatic assault rifle.
What is the process for purchasing a semiautomatic rifle?
  • Proof of safety training completed within the last five years — RCW 9.41.090 (2) (a)
  • A completed firearm transfer applicationRCW 9.41.090 (6)
  • A background check conducted by the law enforcement agency local to the buyer — RCW 9.41.090 (2) (b)
  • An $18 fee — RCW 9.41.090 (7)
  • An implied waiver of health data confidentiality — RCW 9.41.094
  • Yearly background checks — RCW 9.41.139
  • Mandatory ten business day wait — RCW 9.41.092 (2)
What is the process for purchasing a pistol?
  • A completed firearm transfer applicationRCW 9.41.090 (6)
  • A background check conducted by the law enforcement agency local to the buyer — RCW 9.41.090 (1) (a)
  • An implied waiver of health data confidentiality — RCW 9.41.094
  • Yearly background checks — RCW 9.41.139
  • Up to ten business day wait or approval, whichever occurs first — RCW 9.41.092 (1)
What is the process for purchasing a shotgun, manual action rifle, or other type firearm?
  • Federal form 4473
  • An on-the-spot background check through the federal NICS
  • Up to ten business day wait or approval, whichever occurs first — RCW 9.41.092 (1)

Frames and Receivers

How should a dealer classify AR-15 lower receivers or pistol frames during a transfer?
Generally, lowers, pistol frames, and other receivers, whether completed or stripped, should be transferred as an other firearm by the dealer as they do not yet meet the federal or state definitions of a pistol or a rifle.
Do the semiautomatic assault rifle provisions of I-1639 apply to AR-15 lower receivers?
No. A lower does not meet the state definition of a rifle or semiautomatic assault rifle in RCW 9.41.010 (23) and (26).
Do the state requirements on pistol transfers apply to pistol frames?
No. A pistol frame does not meet the state definition of a pistol in RCW 9.41.010 (22).
Is an AR-15 lower receiver with attached stock considered a rifle?
No. The ATF has specified that a lower is not a rifle until assembled with a barreled action. See this article for more.
Are upper receivers considered firearms subject to background check and transfer regulations?
No. Upper receivers are unregulated by both federal and state law and may be shipped directly to your door.
Aren't frames and receivers going to be subject to the state background check process similar to pistols soon?
Yes. The Legislature passed HB 2555 earlier this year. This bill took effect June 11th, but it's provisions won't actually take effect until 30 days after the state centralized system becomes available. At that time, a dealer will be required to transfer a federally-defined firearm frame or receivers similarly to pistols through the new state system.
What happens on July 1st with lowers and other frames or receivers?
According to this AR15.com post, the FBI and the state have finally agreed to another extension and lowers will continue to be processed by the FBI on behalf of dealers. According to this more recent post, the extension will last until the state's new centralized background check system is available or January 31, 2023, whichever happens first.

Curio & Relics

Is a Curio & Relic purchase exempt from universal background checks?
Yes. RCW 9.41.113 part (4)(i) exempts transfers of C&R firearms to someone who holds a valid C&R license. Federal law also exempts C&R transfers from the typical dealer background check process.
Is a C&R-eligible semiautomatic rifle subject to the semiautomatic assault rifle provisions of I-1639?
This is a complicated question with no definite answer. In my opinion, partially. See this comment chain for more discussion on this topic.
Can a C&R holder purchase a C&R-eligible semiautomatic assault rifle from a dealer and walk away with it the same day?
I don't have an official answer, but in my opinion no. See this comment chain for more discussion on this topic.

Health Information Waiver

What is the health information waiver?
RCW 9.41.094 provides that a signed application to purchase a pistol or semiautomatic assault rifle constitutes a waiver to release health information related to determining if the purchaser is eligible to possess firearms under state or federal law. RCW 9.41.070 (4) provides the same implied waiver for CPL applications.
Is the health data waiver a violation of HIPAA?
No. The waiver required by RCW 9.41.094 is not a HIPAA violation. HIPAA includes many exemptions where information can be released with or without your consent, including:
To report PHI to law enforcement when required by law to do so...
In addition, RCW 9.41.097 compels health agencies to release information relevant to firearms eligibility to law enforcement agencies and courts regardless of whether or not you have signed a waiver.


What counts as residency for gun purchases?
State law doesn't address this, but federal law considers the buyer a resident of whichever state they are currently residing in. Active-duty military members are considered a resident of whichever state their permanent duty station is located in, and college students are considered a resident of the state where they live and attend school during the school year, and of their home state when returning home for breaks. See this ATF FAQ for more information on residency for gun purchases. Keep in mind this is different than residency for other purposes like taxation, voting, or in-state tuition rates. Those have different definitions.

Out-of-state Purchases

Can a Washington resident purchase guns over the internet from vendors in other states?
Yes, however the gun must be delivered to a dealer in Washington first who will then process and deliver the firearm to the purchaser according to federal and state law.
Can a Washington resident purchase guns in person in other states?
Depending on the type of gun, yes. RCW 9.41.122 allows Washington residents to purchase a rifle or shotgun in another state. Under federal law, a resident of one state may purchase a rifle or shotgun in another state provided the sale complies with the "legal conditions of sale" in both states.
Can a Washington resident purchase a semiautomatic assault rifle in another state?
As a matter of academic legal discussion, possibly, there's room for interpretation and debate about state and federal law here. However, as a matter of practice, no. Federal law allows a resident of one state to purchase a rifle or shotgun from a dealer in another state provided the sale complies with the "legal conditions of sale" of both states. The ATF has interpreted this to preclude Washington residents from purchasing semiautomatic rifles in another state and has explicitly told FFLs in other states not to perform transfers of semiautomatic rifles to Washington residents.

Purchases by Non-residents

Can a resident of another state purchase guns in this state?
Yes, but only shotguns or manual action rifles. RCW 9.41.124 specifically prohibits the sale of a semiautomatic assault rifle to a resident of another state, and federal law prohibits a dealer from selling any firearm other than a shotgun or a rifle to a resident of another state.

State Centralized Background Check System

Isn't the process for purchasing firearms changing soon?
Yes. The legislature passed HB 2467 earlier this year which creates a centralized state background check run by the Washington State Patrol. Once this system is created and becomes available, dealers will no longer contact either the buyer's local law enforcement agency or the federal NICS directly. Instead, dealers will contact the new state system for all firearms.
When do dealers have to start using the new system?
Thirty days after the WSP notifies dealers that the system is available. We don't yet know exactly when that will be since the implementation of the system is still in its infancy. The legislature passed the requirement for the WSP to make such a system earlier this year and funded that process in the budget beginning July 1.
What will the sale or transfer process be in the new state system?
Roughly the same as the current process for pistols. There will be a firearm transfer application for all firearms, the implied waiver of health data confidentiality, up to ten business day wait, and the dealer will submit the paperwork to the WSP in all cases. There will also be a fee up to $18 on all background checks to pay for the system. And the provision of I-1639 will still apply to semiautomatic rifles, though the old fee will be replaced by the new fee.

Annual Background Checks

Who is subject to the annual background checks?
RCW 9.41.139 requires the DOL and WSP to conduct annual background checks on anyone who has acquired a pistol or semiautomatic assault rifle according to the rules of chapter 9.41 of RCW.
When do the annual background checks start?
RCW 9.41.139 requires the DOL and WSP to start performing these checks by July 1, 2020.
Does this apply to past purchases?
We don't know. I-1639 did not specify which records are subject to the background check process. Since the DOL has retained pistol purchase records for decades, and private pistol transfer records for about 5 years, they have the data they need to apply this retroactively if required.
Personally I believe this should only apply to purchases made since July 1, 2019 when this provision took effect, but it doesn't explicitly say that.
What are the guidelines for being placed on that list?
There is nothing official that I know of yet, but I assume it includes anyone who's filled out a firearm transfer application since those are the records retrained by DOL.
Does having a CPL make any difference regarding whether you are subjected to the yearly background check?
No. A CPL is completely irrelevant to the annual background checks required in RCW 9.41.139.

Private Sales and Transfers

Are background checks required for private sales or transfers?
Generally, yes. RCW 9.41.113 requires most private transfers to go through a dealer who will transfer the gun to the recipient as though the dealer was selling it directly from their inventory. There are some exemptions, however, listed under part (4).
Are sales to friends and relatives exempt from the background check requirements?
No. See RCW 9.41.113 part (4).
Are gifts and loans to friends and relatives exempt from the background check requirements?
Bona fide gifts and loans to immediate family are exempt by RCW 9.41.113 (4) (a). In general, other gifts and loans are not except for the temporary situations listed in (4) (c), (d), and (g). However beware this only applies if both persons are residents of Washington.
Is a C&R transfer exempt from the background check requirements?
Yes. See RCW 9.41.113 (4) (i).
Does sharing guns at the range require background checks?
No. By RCW 9.41.113 (4) (g), there are several exceptions that could apply here, including a temporary transfer that occurs at and never leaves an organized competition, a temporary transfer that remains in the presence of the original owner, and a temporary transfer to someone under 18 for sporting purposes while that person is supervised by an adult.
Are there any other exemptions?
Yes. For instance, a temporary transfer between spouses or a temporary transfer to prevent suicide or other imminent death or bodily harm. See RCW 9.41.113 part (4) for the complete list of exemptions.
Is a background check required when selling a lower?
In my opinion, no. I do not believe a lower meets the definition of a firearm under state definition RCW 9.41.010 part (11). If true, this means it's not subject to state firearm laws, including universal background checks.
However, I highly advise speaking with a personal lawyer before deciding to transfer lowers without a background check. It is still safest for your legal future to transfer a lower through an FFL just as you would any other firearm. A lower is still a firearm under federal law, and while federal law does not require background checks for firearm transfers between residents of the same state, I would not rely on others to understand the distinction between federal and state definitions and where one applies versus the other.

Interstate Transfers

How does a resident of another state legally transfer a firearm to a Washington resident?
Federal law requires a dealer to facilitate a transfer between residents of different states. Generally this requires delivering the firearm to a dealer in the recipient's state before the recipient can take possession of it. However a rifle or shotgun can be transferred by a dealer in any state provided the firearm is legal and the transfer complies with laws of both the state of residence of the recipient and the state of business of the dealer. Note that the ATF has interpreted this to prohibit a dealer in another state from transferring a semiautomatic rifle to a resident of Washington, so those must go to a dealer in Washington first in all cases.
Is there an exemption for gifts between immediate family who reside in different states?
No. Federal law has no exemption to interstate transfer rules for gifts, even between family members.

Moving to WA

What guns and accessories can be brought into Washington during a move?
The state currently only prohibits machine guns, short barreled shotguns, bump-stocks, and undetectable firearms. See above for more on undetectable firearms, but these have also been illegal under federal law for awhile so you most likely do not have one.
Do guns needs to be registered after moving?
No. Washington does not have an ownership registry. We have a de facto transfer registry for pistols and semiautomatic rifles, but no ownership registry.
Does state law require anything else to maintain legal possession after moving?
No, there is no paperwork or anything you need to file to keep guns you previously owned in another state after moving into Washington.
How does someone establish residency for gun purchases in Washington?
By moving here. As soon as you're here with an intent to make a home you are considered a resident for gun purposes. However, you will need some kind of government-issued document with your current address to establish proof of residency to satisfy federal law for gun purchases. Any government-issued document is legal, but many dealers choose to only accept a driver's license or state ID, so be sure to apply for a new driver's license as soon as possible.
How long does a new resident have to wait before purchasing guns in Washington?
There is no wait. You can begin purchasing guns in Washington as a resident as soon as you have proof of residency. However, beware that for residents who have been here less than 90 days, a dealer must wait up to 60 days before delivering a pistol instead of the normal ten business days. Though they can still deliver earlier if background checks are approved earlier. See RCW 9.41.092 for more.

Open Carry

Is open carry legal?
Generally, yes. As far as I know state law makes zero mention of open carry. There are some location and age-based possession restrictions, however. More on that later.
Can cities or counties implement their own restrictions on open carry?
No. RCW 9.41.290 establishes state preemption and prevents subdivisions of the state from enacting laws that are more restrictive than or inconsistent with state law.

Concealed Carry

Is concealed carry legal?
For a pistol, yes, though you generally need a Concealed Pistol License. See RCW 9.41.050 for more information and RCW 9.41.060 for a list of exceptions.
Is a CPL required to carry concealed at home?
No. RCW 9.41.050 specifically exempts concealed carry in a person's "place of abode or fixed place of business".
Is a CPL required to carry concealed while engaged in outdoor activities?
No. RCW 9.41.060 part (8) provides an exemption to the CPL requirement when a person is lawfully engaged in outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, or hiking.
Can cities or counties implement their own restrictions on concealed carry?
No. RCW 9.41.290 establishes state preemption and prevents subdivisions of the state from enacting laws that are more restrictive than or inconsistent with state law.

Concealed Pistol License

What is the process for obtaining a CPL?
Generally, obtaining a CPL requires filling out an application, providing fingerprints, and paying a fee of $36 plus whatever the fingerprinting costs. See also RCW 9.41.070 for the full CPL requirements and this DOL information page for a summary.
How long does it take to get a CPL?
By law the issuing authority must issue a CPL within 30 days, unless the applicant hasn't been a resident of the state for at least 90 days or doesn't have a state provided ID, in which case the issuing authority has 60 days to issue. See RCW 9.41.070 (1).
Is Washington a shall-issue state?
Yes. An issuing authority must issue a CPL unless the applicant is prohibited by state or federal law from possessing firearms. See RCW 9.41.070 (1), paragraph 2.
Who is eligible for a CPL?
Anyone who is at least 21 years old and not otherwise prohibited by state or federal law from possessing firearms. See RCW 9.41.070 part (1) (a-g) for the list of disqualifying factors.
Are non-residents eligible for a CPL?
Yes. There is no distinction between a resident and non-resident CPL other than where a person applies and how long the issuing authority has to make a decision. Unless the person is prohibited, the issuing authority must issue the CPL within 30 days to a resident and within 60 days to a new resident or non-resident.
Where do I apply for a CPL?
Residents of any city or town may apply at either the police department of the municipality where they reside or the sheriff of the county where they reside. Residents of unincorporated counties may apply at the sheriff of the county where they reside. Non-residents may apply at any police department or sheriff office in the state. See RCW 9.41.070 part (13).
How is COVID affecting CPLs?
Unfortunately, most police and sheriff offices are closed right now and not accepting applications. Some are open for renewals only, but not originals since they require fingerprinting. However this is by determination of each authority, so check with your chosen police department or sheriff office for more information.

Vehicle Transport

Is carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle legal?
A person with a valid CPL may possess a loaded pistol in a vehicle. Otherwise placing or possessing a loaded pistol in any vehicle is illegal. See RCW 9.41.050 part (2). See RCW 9.41.010 (17) for the state definition of loaded, but generally this means no ammunition in the chamber, cylinder, or in a magazine inserted in the action. It does not include loaded magazines which are removed from the firearm.
Long guns may not be loaded in a vehicle except for hunters granted a disability designation while hunting and otherwise in compliance with hunting regulations. See RCW 77.15.460. Note that in this specific case loaded detachable clips or magazines may not be attached to the rifle or shotgun, either.
Does this apply to public transportation?
In my opinion, yes. State law doesn't contain an exemption for public transportation in the laws prohibiting placing or possessing a loaded firearm in any vehicle. See RCW 9.41.070 part (2).
Are there any exemptions?
Yes. See the exceptions listed in RCW 9.41.060.
Does state law require separating guns and ammo in a vehicle?
No. State law only requires that guns are not loaded in a vehicle, except for pistols with a valid CPL. In general, a gun is considered unloaded if there is no ammunition in the action, cylinder, or fixed magazine. Detachable magazines do not need to be unloaded themselves, but they cannot be inserted into the action of the firearm and, for long guns, they cannot be attached to the firearm. See RCW 9.41.010 part (17) for the general definition of loaded and RCW 77.15.460 for part (5) for when a long gun in a vehicle is considered unloaded.
Can an AR pistol be transported loaded in a vehicle with a valid CPL?
In my opinion, yes. Provided the firearm in question meets the definition of a pistol in RCW 9.41.010 part (22), it should be legal to have it loaded in a vehicle with a valid CPL. I do not know of any cases where this has been tested, however, and you should consult an attorney for clarification.

Possession Location Restrictions

Are firearms prohibited in schools?
Generally, yes, RCW 9.41.280 prohibits possession of any firearm on school grounds, in school facilities, in school transportation, or in other areas being used exclusively by schools. Part (3) (e) exempts CPL holders in possession of a pistol while picking up or dropping off a student. In addition, part (3) (f) exempts any person who is not a student and secures and conceals from view a firearm inside a vehicle.
Are firearms prohibited in day care facilities?
Effective June 11, 2020, yes. RCW 9.41.282 prohibits possession of any firearm on child care center premises, on child care center transportation, or in other areas being used exclusively by child care centers. Part (3) (b) exempts CPL holders in possession of a pistol while picking up or dropping off a child. In addition, part (3) (c) exempts any person at least 18 who secures and conceals the firearm from view inside a vehicle.
Are there any other locations where firearms are prohibited?
Yes. RCW 9.41.300 part (1) prohibits possession of any firearm in other places, including jails; court rooms; mental health facilities; bars, lounges, and cannabis shops; airports; and others, though common entry areas are usually exempted.
RCW 9.41.300 part (2) (b) allows cities, towns, and counties to prohibit possession of a firearm inside a stadium or convention center operated by a city, town or county, but exempts CPL holders in possession of a pistol.
Do gun free zones have force of law?
Only for the situations mentioned above. Otherwise, no, but trespassing law still applies.

Possession Age Restrictions

Can a person under 18 possess a firearm?
Generally, no, but there are exceptions. RCW 9.41.040 (2) (a) (vi) prohibits possession of any firearm by someone under 18 except as provided in RCW 9.41.042.
Can someone at least 18 but not yet 21 possess a pistol?
Yes, but with limitations. RCW 9.41.240 (2) restricts possession of a pistol by someone at least 18 but not yet 21 to their home, fixed place of business, or property under their control unless one of the exceptions in RCW 9.41.042, 9.41.050, or 9.41.060 applies. These exceptions include situations like safety courses, target shooting, competition, hunting, on a parent or relative's private property, or while engaged in a lawful outdoor activity.
Can someone at least 18 but not yet 21 possess a semiautomatic assault rifle?
Yes, but with limitations. RCW 9.41.240 (3) restricts possession of a semiautomatic assault rifle by someone at least 18 but not yet 21 to their home, fixed place of business, or property under their control unless one of the exceptions in RCW 9.41.042 or 9.41.060 applies. These exceptions include situations like safety courses, target shooting, competition, hunting, on a parent or relative's private property, or while engaged in a lawful outdoor activity.

Secure Storage

What qualifies as secure gun storage?
In general, any locking box, safe, or other container should qualify. See RCW 9.41.010 (25) for the complete definition.
Does state law require guns be stored in secure storage?
Technically, no. However, RCW 9.41.360 can provide criminal penalties if a prohibited person actually gains access to guns and uses them to injure, kill, threaten, intimidate, endanger others, or to commit additional crimes. But there are exceptions provided in part (3) including when the guns were stored in secure storage or when the guns were taken as a result of unlawful entry, provided that the owner reports the theft within 5 days of discovering it.
Does state law require reporting stolen guns?
Again, technically, no. However not doing so may result in criminal charges under RCW 9.41.360. Specifically, the unlawful entry exemption in (3) (d) does not apply if the stolen guns are not reported within 5 days of discovering the theft.

Using or Displaying Force

What constitutes deadly force?
RCW 9A.16.010 (2) defines deadly force.
When is force justified?
RCW 9A.16.020 specifies when force is justified. Parts (3) and (4) are likely the most common justifications for a private individual not otherwise working law enforcement or security. Beware that part (3) only allows using force to prevent or resist injury or other offenses against you when the force is no more than necessary.
When is deadly force justified?
RCW 9A.16.050 specifies when lethal force is justified. Please read this statute yourself and consult a lawyer if you have any questions. Lethal force is a life changing event and carries significant legal and financial risks. Beware that even if you are not criminally charged, you may still be sued in civil court which has a lower burden of proof.
What constitutes "brandishing"?
Washington state has no crime named brandishing. However, there are two statutes that criminalize actions commonly referred to as "brandishing".
Under RCW 9.41.230 it is illegal to aim a firearm, loaded or not, at another human being and to wilfully discharge a firearm in a public place where others might be endangered.
Under RCW 9.41.270, except in a person's home or business or in lawful defense, it is illegal to carry, exhibit, display, or draw any deadly weapon in an intent to intimidate another or in a manner that warrants alarm for the safety of others.
The courts have generally interpreted that "warrants alarm" has a reasonableness requirement, meaning that any reasonable person would also be alarmed. This is important as it defends against frivolous claims. See State v. Maclolek (1984), State v. Spencer (1994), and State v. Owens (2014).
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[A Fractured Song] - Book 2 Chapter 8 (72) - Fantasy, Isekai (Portal Fantasy), Adventure

Cover Art!
Story Summary: After years of beatings and neglect from her parents, 13-year old Frances was summoned with her entire class to the fantastical world of Durannon to fight the monsters invading the human kingdoms and defeat the "Demon King." If she succeeds, she might have the home she never had. But if she can't overcome the trauma and self-loathing inflicted on her by her abusive parents, Frances will die, and be summoned back to the home she escaped, on the day that she left.
Teaser: MASQUERAADDE! Frances and Ayax go to a masquerade ball, but Ayax seems to have contracted Frances's protagonist curse.
[The Beginning] [<=Book 2 Chapter 7 (71)] [Chapter Index and Blurb] [Book 2 Chapter 9 (73)=>]
Index of Windwhistler Family Members
Fractured Song Discord Server so you can ask me questions and just hang with other fans. We have a meme channel. It has memes of the serial. They are glorious.
Day of the Masquerade…
Frances steadied herself as the carriage she, Ayax, Edana and Alexander was sharing trundled down the road. Don wasn’t attending the ball as he was staying home with Ayax’s younger adopted brother, Ben.
The costume Frances was wearing was meant to cast her as a fairy. She had a bright blue silk dress with billowing puffed sleeves. The silk had a shimmering effect that Don said was due to how it was manufactured with magic and other materials. Wire-framed silk wings, a gold crown, a white half-mask embedded with blue gems, and Ivy’s Sting masquerading as a wand with a fake star at the end, were her accessories. She’d wanted something less… gaudy, but Don wasn’t having any of it.
Edana was going appropriately enough, like a dragon. She had a maroon dress with a scale-like pattern that wrapped around her and ended in a long tail-like train. Don said that the pattern was because the dress was made from crocodile and alligator skin, though, there were real-life dragons. Her mask mimicked a dragon’s head and had this amazing snout protrusion that could open wide for food or snacks.
Ayax’s father Alexander, and Ayax had matching costume themes. They were going as a kind of musketeer-gentleman theme. Alexander was decked in black silk doublet, black gold-trimmed breeches and wore a bandit-style eye mask. A black, wide-brimmed hat, made likely out of beaverskin and with a red feather tucked into it, completed his costume.
As for Ayax, she was completely decked out in brass-buttoned, dark blue leather shirt and trousers that were polished to a lustrous shine. On her left arm was fastened a decorated leather pauldron emblazoned with a city surrounded by an ocean, Erlenberg’s sigil. To complete her costume, she had a fake floppy rapier and a black eye mask and hat that looked taken right out of a Zorro movie (Author’s note: known in our world as Cordovan hat).
“How are you not sweating under all that?” Frances asked her cousin.
“Fashion is pain.” Ayax let that statement sink in for a second, before she ruefully added, “I’m also using a cooling spell.”
Alexander sighed, “I’m sorry Don got a bit carried away.”
“Oh no. I love this. Can I keep it?” Ayax asked, glancing at her father.
The older troll chuckled, “Of course.”
Their carriage came to a stop and a footman opened the door for them.
“Showtime,” said Edana, levering herself up with her staff.
Frances followed her mother out. According to Eleanor’s briefing, Avery Ironhand, the ball’s host was an up and coming merchant who was making a fortune creating cheap mass-produced weapons and armour for both the Kingdom of Alavaria and Erisdale. Essentially, an arms merchant.
Frances imagined that such a character would look either like a fat balding man out of a cartoon or nothing like that. The reality, however, subverted both expectations. Avery was chubby, and his hair was receding. However, the broad-shouldered man still cut a fine figure in his jester-themed costume, complete with bells on his hat.
Oh, and as to how Frances figured out he was their host, he was greeting them personally by the door. Right now, he was shaking Eleanor’s gloved hand. She was dressed up as an evil queen, which… across from Edana’s dragon, seemed oddly appropriate if the theme was fairy tale villains.
“Madame Windwhistler, always a pleasure,” said Avery.
“Thank you for having us.” Eleanor, behind her purple mask, gestured to Edana and Frances. “This is my daughter, Edana the Firehand, visiting from Erisdale, and her daughter, Frances.”
Avery smiled and shook Frances’s hand. “Oh the Firehand and her Otherworlder daughter, welcome to Erlenberg both of you,” he said.
If Edana and Eleanor were surprised, she hid it well, because Frances was caught off guard, and only her mask hid her widening eyes.
“It seems our reputation precedes us,” Edana said, smiling beatifically, even as she took Avery’s hand and squeezed ever so tightly.
Avery seemed to get the hint. “Your daughter made quite the impression when she beat Ophelia Voidsailor. Quite a few people are eager to meet her.”
“Well, it’s a good thing we’re at a masquerade then,” said Edana coolly.
After greetings, the Windwhistler party entered the ballroom. At the moment, people in costumes were chatting around a dozen small tables with snacks and drinks on them. It was a wash of colour, feathers, hats and a rainbow of silks and fabrics. Finery Frances had never seen much less grasp.
“We’re going to have to be careful here, Frances. They seem to be interested in you,” said Eleanor brusquely. “You and Ayax need to stay close to one another.”
Frances nodded, schooling her expression. All she had to do was blend in. She was good at that before she’d come to Durannon, though at the time, she hadn’t had the right outfit to do so. Now, she did.
Ayax muttered, “Yes, Grandmother.”
Because of Avery’s warning, for the most part, Frances and Ayax stayed quiet and close to their parents, while the adults in their party introduced them to other adults. The two girls greeted these people politely, but it soon became nearly impossible to keep track of their names, especially since these adults were more interested in talking to Eleanor, Edana, or Alexander. It meant that both soon found that their main source of entertainment was watching the amazing costumes of the other guests and the snack food.
But while Ayax seemed only tangentially interested in learning who these people were, Frances did keep track of their names, or at least she tried to. Avery had invited a whole host of men and women, lords, ladies, mages… Edana and Eleanor were only introducing her to a few, mostly researchers and mages of Erlenberg who told Frances of their work. They told of a magical experience quite different from that of a war mage. Often, being a mage didn’t actually mean fighting, it often just meant solving problems that normal means couldn’t solve quickly.
Frances had just said goodbye to Fairbanks, a mage specializing in constructing and improving Erlenberg’s canals when Eleanor seemed to glower at a group of people approaching them.
“Oh here comes a shit parade.” Eleanor turned to Ayax and Frances. “You two need to get away. Quickly. Those are the Voidsailors.”
Frances blinked. The group of people who were approaching all seemed to have the colour purple as a theme, which gave a sense of unity to their clashing, extremely outlandish costumes. “Who?”
“You beat their champion, Ophelia. They will not be happy,” said Ayax, taking Frances’s hand and steering her away. Frances let her, coming to the same conclusion.
“I’ll call you later, mom,” said Frances as they left.
Edana waved her daughter goodbye and turned to the approaching party.
“Anything I should know, mom?” she asked.
“Let me do the talking,” Eleanor hissed. She stepped in front of their group and smiled. “Oscar Voidsailor. You’re looking spry.”
The leader of the party, a tall man with greying hair dressed as a berserker with dyed purple furs, stepped aside to reveal a much shorter figure; a half-goblin-half-human male with a sharp grin and a costume meant to evoke that of an armoured knight.
“Eleanor Windwhistler,” said Oscar, his voice had an odd, almost raspy quality to it. Then again—Edana mused—perhaps it was appropriate given his size. He was just four and a half feet tall. “It’s been a while. Heard you did a number on the Seaskimmer’s SS Stormfly.”
“It’s not us doing a number if they copy the wrong designs,” Eleanor said airily, only, the Windwhistler matriarch was grinning a bit like a shark that could smell blood in the water. “So, what’s the occasion for this meeting?”
Oscar chuckled. “I want to talk to you about the Winter Tournament and congratulate you on finding two worthy champions.”
Edana frowned. That sounded like a compliment, as in, a proper and polite compliment. Maybe Erlenberg court customs weren’t like Erisdale’s and she wasn’t hearing things properly. Her mother, however, was narrow-eyed as well.
“Thank you. What is it that you would like to discuss, Oscar?” Eleanor said in a cool, stately tone.
Oscar smiled and Edana instantly tensed. As well-intentioned as this seemed, she suspected the smile was a prelude to a more sensitive topic.
“I want to discuss how to restrain some of our more… impulsive younglings from escalating things in this year’s tournament,” said the half-goblin.
Edana bit back a sigh. If she knew her mother…
“If I recall things correctly, the ‘escalation’ was initiated by your grandchildren.” Eleanor inclined her head. “I admit, perhaps my grandchildren were overzealous in their response, but I can hardly blame them. After what Basileus did to Eva, I nearly… overreacted.”
Edana frowned. What exactly had happened last year?
Alexander, Ayax’s father leaned closer and whispered, “During the tournament, in a break between matches, Basileus tripped Eva as she was walking through the stands, causing her to roll down a flight of stairs and be seriously injured. He did not mean to hurt her so badly and made an appropriate apology, but needless to say, we considered starting a House War over attempted murder.”
Edana glanced at Alexander, gawking briefly, but there was no exaggeration in the troll’s eyes. House Wars were essentially formal, private wars between Erlenberg’s commercial families, enabling any two or more families to declare war on each other, as long as their fighting didn’t damage public property, take place on public property, or kill any member of the opposing family. That, however, meant that the destruction of the enemy’s property and the maiming or wounding of any family members was still within limits.
Edana could barely recall the House War her mother and late grandmother had fought when she was but a child. All she knew was that it bloody and dark, and her mother never mentioned it ever again. Only in passing.
Oscar had said something that Edana missed, so she returned her attention to the conversation again. It was her mother speaking this time.
“That… you’re apologizing…” Eleanor groaned and leaned on her walking cane. “Alright, you know what, screw this fancy language. I can’t make head or tails of what you want. What do you want, Oscar?”
Oscar shook his head at Eleanor and opened his hands. “I want detente. Deescalation of tensions. We are never going to agree on the immigration and citizenship issue. You Windwhistlers need cheap labour, and we bankers don’t want to funnel more money to the public institutions than we already are. That’s a reality we both have to face. However, I’m promising the Voidsailors will stay neutral in the Council on that issue if you support our new tax for the army and military spending bill.”
Eleanor gave Oscar a thoughtful look and stepped closer to her counterpart. “We were going to support that anyway. Apart from the Windstorms, who I get because they’re hemorrhaging money, no sane House would reject that.” She leaned down, former contempt went, all business. “What do you actually want, Oscar?”
Oscar glanced over his shoulder and beckoned Edana to come over. “Firehand, you need to hear this too. It concerns Erisdale.” Edana, frowning, walked up closer and bent down so the two Windwhistler women were eye level to the Voidsailor patriarch.
“Erlenberg’s relations with Alavaria are getting frostier by the day. Our persistent neutrality is apparently something King Thorgoth cannot abide by. I will not let war come to Erlenberg, but I’d rather not be caught staring at the moon while being robbed,” Oscar hissed, using an old goblin turn of phrase.
“Yeah, but we both know that. That’s why this bill is being brought up and debated. You’re going to get it through.” Eleanor’s eyes widened. “Something changed hasn’t it?”
“Yeah. Only the Gods of Sea and Sand know why, but the Seaskimmers are voting against it and they’ve brought some others to their side.” Oscar fixed Edana with a glare. “Firehand, I must ask, does Erisdale have a contingency if that damned Demon King invades Erlenberg?”
Edana pursed her lips, took a deep breath and made a snap decision.
“You’re assuming we have the resources for a contingency.”
Eleanor’s attention snapped to her daughter. “What do you mean, Edana?”
“Two years of constant warfare has been extremely hard on what trained soldiers and mages we have. The War Council has assumed however that the war must be equally hard on the Kingdom of the Alavari, and so based on what we know of your fleet and your army, the War Council assumed Erlenberg should be able to hold out in the event of an invasion.” Edana felt a deep pit in her stomach form. “Are you saying Erlenberg can’t?”
“Some think we can, but I don’t. We’re well equipped, but what armed forces we have are painfully green in comparison to your troops.” Oscar fixed Eleanor with a serious look. “This Winter Tournament cannot deteriorate the relationship between your house and the rest of the council. We can’t afford it this year.”
Eleanor arched an eyebrow. “What’s stopping you? We have never thrown the first hit. And if you’re approaching us, you know we agree with you about the war.”
“I’m asking you to reign in your typically vicious counter-attacks, because I don’t think I can reign in my more moronic grandchildren and children, Eleanor.” Oscar wiped his brow with a kerchief and sighed. “Basileus’s father Basil is chafing at the bit to get at you as is Olivia and her children. I’ve argued with them again and again. Only my heir, Oliver and his children see the bigger picture.”
“That’s why you want to talk… so that we can come to an understanding,” Eleanor realised. She pinched the bridge of her nose. “Right, consider me in accord with you for the moment, but we need to discuss what happens if our children or grandchildren do something stupid. And I fully intend on helping my grandchild and grand-niece win the Winter Tournament.”
Oscar breathed an evident sigh of relief and extended his hand, which Eleanor shook. “Excellent. Though, your Frances and Ayax don’t stand a chance against Ophelia. She’s done nothing else but prepare to fight your champions.”
“I think they will both surprise you, Oscar,” said Edana, grinning.
“When do you think it’s a good time to call them?” Frances asked Ayax.
“It’s too soon. They’ll be discussing things for a while.” Ayax sipped a glass of some sparkling wine. “In the meantime, it’s best to just lie low.”
Frances nodded and sipped from her glass. “Yeah, I didn’t quite expect the ball to go like this. I thought we’d see more people of our age.”
Ayax nodded. “It is kind of boring.”
“I didn’t say—”
“You implied,” Ayax said bluntly, though, she was smiling as she said so,
Frances blushed. “It would be nice if we could find some other people to talk to.”
“Let’s go then,” said Ayax. She strolled forward and Frances quickly followed. As they made their way through the glistening ballroom, both girls scanned the crowd. But neither could see anybody that looked their age. All they could see were adults, men and women clearly older than them chatting in their own social circles.
Suddenly, like an island rising out of an ocean, Ayax spotted a trio of teenagers sitting together at a round table beside the ballroom wall, chatting quietly.
“There, let’s go,” said Ayax. Frances nodded and the pair walked towards the group.
As the pair approached, they could see the three teens turn towards them. One looked to be a troll going as a pirate. The other was a half-orc, also going as a pirate, but more of the flamboyant and calico buccaneer style. The only female in the group was dressed as a farm girl. Of course, no farm girl had such a high quality and somewhat tacky red-green tartan dress, fine leather boots, an orange silk apron, and floppy head bow, also of orange.
Hold on. Orange? Frances felt she’d seen that colour recently. It certainly wasn’t a colour most people would wear, not even to a costume party.
“Are you bored too?” the troll asked, grinning.
“Very. Brought here by your parents, or grandparents?” Ayax asked, smiling with relief.
“Oh the Gods yes,” whined the half-orc. “Got to show our house is still here, show we are still great. We’re going to get plenty of opportunities to show off at the Winter Tournament.”
“Oh, are you entering?” Frances asked.
“Yes. Are you also contestants?” the human girl replied, in a wary tone.
Behind her mask, Frances narrowed her eyes. There was something about that voice that made her feel like she’d heard it before. She’d met this person, whoever she was behind this mask. But she knew all the Windwhistlers here, and the only people who she had met in Erlenberg apart from the library people, was—Frances froze.
Ayax was nodding. “Yes, I’m—”
“Perhaps we should not reveal from which houses we are,” said the human girl.
Frances nodded and smiled. She knew it wasn’t her most convincing smile. Then again, she didn’t blame herself for failing at that.
“Yeah. I mean, might as well play into the whole masquerade theme of this ball,” Frances said.
After all, she was quite sure that Ophelia Voidsailor was the girl standing across from her, and she somehow recognized Frances.
Ophelia was smiling, and hoping she didn’t show her uneasiness. This… wasn’t good. Frances had seemed surprised by Ophelia, and so, her rival must have recognized her. Somehow the two lugs, Jeffrey and Robert, didn’t realize they were talking to their rivals. Neither did the troll beside Frances, who had to be her rival’s cousin, Ayax.
Wait, Frances recognized her? Oh! Her rival actually remembered her! Ophelia was so giddy with glee that she almost didn’t notice Robert ask:
“So what shall we talk about then?” the troll asked congenially.
“The party maybe?” Ayax suggested.
Jeffrey laughed. “What’s to talk about? It’s an adult party and we are bored out of our minds.”
“The costumes are pretty, though,” Frances quipped.
“Nothing compared to mine,” said Ophelia grinning widely. “I made mine myself.”
“Oh?” Ayax gave Ophelia a once over. “Did you make the boots too?”
Ophelia grinned. “Oh yes.” She absolutely loved talking about her handmade clothing. It was a hobby of hers, aside from pulling pranks on her family members. She had no idea why but every time she started talking about her skills her family members would ask to leave. However, as she launched into a very very detailed description of her making the costume, Ayax only sat there and listened attentively.
“Oh dear, she’s going to be like this for a while,” said Robert.
Frances nodded slowly, though, she was also rather glad Ophelia’s attention was now off of her. “I bet. Um, well what would you like to talk about?” asked the troll and half-orc. Sure, they were friends of Ophelia but… they didn’t seem too unfriendly.
Jeffrey snapped his fingers. “Oh, I know! What do you think about the war?”
Frances’s stomach’s contents were now doing the equivalent of food being churned by a blender. Swallowing, she braced herself. “Um, you mean the Great War?”
“What other war is there?” Robert asked. He didn’t begrudge this strange human girl, however. Not all Erlenberg citizens knew about the war, though, it was becoming a regular discussion topic in circles. It was strange however that she seemed so hesitant to discuss the war. “It looks like the Human Kingdoms are pushing the Alavari back. They won at Westfall this year, defeated them at Crimson Cliff, retook Kwent and the Blue River crossing.”
“Not to mention they repulsed the Alavari at Freeburg,” said Jeffrey. The half-orc crossed his arms. “I think we ought to support Erisdale and the Human Kingdoms.”
Frances stared at the half-orc and murmured, “But why?”
Robert grumbled, his tail stiffening with annoyance. “Jeffrey thinks that Alavaria will declare war on us. Our relations are… not great, yes, but they wouldn’t be so insane to do so. He and his family think it’s a good idea to involve us in an expensive fight.”
“We’ll be involved with it anyway, Robert,” Jeffrey shot back.
“That’s…it’s just…” Frances gently touched Ivy’s Sting, trying to calm her thoughts, and sort out the myriad of emotions she felt. “Why would you want to fight a war?”
Jeffrey’s thick brows, a product of his half-orc heritage, furrowed. “Because we’d lose out if we don’t enter? Better enter on our own terms.”
“And you’d fight in the war?” Frances asked.
Jeffrey shrugged. “Well, if I have to.”
“And kill people?”
Ophelia stopped talking and Ayax’s head whipped around. Blinking, Ophelia’s eyes widened as she took in Frances’s cold look, barely hidden behind her mask. There was something so discomforting about the sight of a multi-coloured fairy, with a look like that.
Jeffrey’s eyes were wide and he was visibly lurching away from Frances, who sighed and said simply. “If you can’t, then you shouldn’t wish for war.”
“You’ve… killed?” Robert asked. His tongue felt so numb, he barely got the words out.
Frances swallowed. She ought to lie, but… she wasn’t sure if she could do so convincingly. If she could make up an excuse of some kind though…
“Yes. In self-defence.” She shot Ayax a meaningful look, and her cousin gave an imperceptible nod.
Robert nodded, frowning. “Ah, you’re a war refugee.”
Frances blinked, hesitated, and nodded. It wasn’t true, but it would be a convenient excuse. However, the two boys were giving her looks of pity, mixed with disdain.
“So am I. Do you have a problem with that?” Ayax asked.
Ophelia coughed, glaring at Jeffrey and Robert. “I don’t. How can they help themselves if they are refugees?”
Jeffrey glared at Ophelia. “Come on Ophelia, you know that refugees like them are a drain on Erlenberg’s resources and the more we create citizens from them, the worse off we will be.”
“Erlenberg would benefit from new taxpayers and workers,” Ayax hissed.
Robert shook his head. “Not those who have no loyalty, or sense of propriety. You refugees do anything to become citizens, even exploiting marriage if necessary. Once they do, all they want to do is live off our institutions.”
“I think that’s more of a problem with citizens than the refugees,” Ayax shot back.
Robert spluttered at that retort, but Jeffrey muttered, “Perhaps. Still, if war does come to Erlenberg, the true citizens will stand and fight, but people like you, recently adopted, preying on our kindness, will just cut and run. Your oaths of citizenship to this city mean nothing.”
Ophelia slapped her hand against her face, while Ayax flinched. Frances found herself standing, Ivy’s Sting in her grip. She forced herself to breathe slowly, deeply. It would not do well for her family to lose her temper here. Shaking her head, Frances momentarily reflected that two years ago, she would probably not have gotten angry at such a thing.
It was hard, having pride, and the anger that came with it.
Curtsying, Frances enunciated, “Goodbye sirs, and Lady Voidsailor. I will see you at the tournament.” With that, she turned on her heels. Ayax, giving a short bow, walked beside Frances, glaring daggers over her shoulder.
“Like you will. You’re too scared to go to the tournament!” Robert jeered.
Frances rolled her eyes at the juvenile insult. “Oh, I’ll be there. I promise,” she called without looking. Ayax stuck her tongue over her shoulder, barely breaking her stony expression.
“Yeah, but your parents won’t be!” Robert retorted.
Frances flinched and forced herself to keep walking, reminding herself this wasn’t a competition for who could get the last word in. Only… Ayax was no longer beside her.
“Oh. Did I hit a nerve?” Robert chuckled. “What did daddy and mommy die of?”
Frances spun around. Ayax’s fists were balled, her eyes narrowed at the troll across from her. The half-orc beside the troll looked alarmed, whilst Ophelia looked aghast and rather frustrated.
“Roranoak raiders.” Ayax strode toward Robert, her voice quiet. “A company of Roranoak raiders sacked our village. They raped my mother. They killed my father. But before that, my father and I beat every single one of them to a bloody pulp.” Ayax smiled joylessly. “Do you know that even if a human’s guts are spilling out, they can live for some time?”
Ophelia looked sick to her stomach, but she still inserted herself between Ayax and Robert. “Lady Windwhistler, I apologize for my friends’ thoughtless remarks. I hope we can meet on better terms in the future.”
As Ayax stared at Ophelia and Frances tried to formulate a response, Jeffrey blinked. “Windwhistler… You’re Ayax Windwhistler. And that must be Frances.”
“Yes.” Frances curtsied and gently took Ayax’s elbow. “Apology accepted, Ophelia. See you soon.” She shot Ophelia a grateful smile and tugged Ayax again. The troll reluctantly turned away and the pair strode away from the trio.
Ophelia turned to glare at her friends. “You idiots. You nearly started a fight at a ball. On neutral territory—where’s Robert?”
Jeffrey pointed at Robert, who had as Ophelia turned, slid by her. Cursing, the human mage reached out to try to stop her friend, but she was too late.
“I heard your father was called Allaniel the Valiant. Valiant enough to die, but not skilled enough to stay alive.” Robert sneered as Ayax froze. He must have hit a nerve, so he had to be right. His research had indicated that Ayax’s father was a famous war mage. If he’d died, he clearly wasn’t as good as his title portrayed him as.
“Robert, that’s a bit too far,” Jeffrey stammered.
Robert groaned. “They’re just Windwhistlers, and they’re not even proper Windwhistlers. One got taken in because she can’t go back home. The others just had parents who failed to stay alive long enough.”
Frances stiffened and punted the fury and shame she felt down her throat, even as she felt had her hand reaching for Ivy’s Sting’s holster.
The problem was that Ayax, well, she didn’t.
A second after Frances had relaxed her hand, Ayax lunged at Robert, four-fingered hands reaching for his throat.
“You’re wrong! I failed them!” she screamed.
Author's Note: So today we saw Frances and sidekick for this arc Ayax in some great costumes. Also yes, Edana in a dragon costume, cause she's a literal mama dragon that can breathe fire. The Uncle Iroh parallels to Edana are very very strong... and I actually didn't intend that lol.
For question of the update, what is your favorite fictional costume, or costume design? It doesn't have to be like a ball gown, it's just your favorite costume period.
  1. From Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow's Costume -cause it's so Jack Sparrow
  2. From Garth Nix's The Old Kingdom, Sabriel and Lirael's Abhorsen outfit with their magical bells, scale mail, and surcoats with silvegold keys.
  3. From Violet Evergarden, Violet Evergarden's day dress.
Otherwise, I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Again, a reminder that we have a discord server, with a meme channel for the story. There are already lot of memes for you to crack up at.
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