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Mass Enrolling Chromebooks


Just received 550 chromebooks and was trying out centipede's enrollment script. However, it seems outdated. Has anyone messed around with mass enrollment lately? Any tips?
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I will ask you if I need any help! I know what Im doing!

Hey! Big Momma here with yet another MC callcenter story. Long one this time. Hope you enjoy.
So I received a call from an older gentleman that recently purchased a virtual assistant “Kzone Karen Echo” (product name altered to protect the company from ridicule).
He already had Kzone rep on the line helping him with the set up so I mostly spoke to him. He wanted me to check on the internet and provide them with customers wifi password which I did (after authenticating the customer ofc). Just from this short interaction I could tell that the rep is probably quite new as he didn’t sound too confident and was messing up his terminology. I asked the customer if he would like me to stick around in case they need anything else and he agreed but the Kzone rep was not happy about that.
Kzone rep: “Mr. Customer, I have all the information I needed, there is no reason to waste his time”
Me: “Oh no worries, we have customers calling about these Karens all the time, I would love to learn more about the set up process from a profesional.”
Kzone rep: “Sure, no problem”
Customer: “Oh you guys are great! With two of you working on it, I’m sure it will be fixed soon”
Kzone rep: “As I said, I have all the nescesary info already but if I need anything else, I will ask”
Me: “I’ll be here”
So there they were, working on the set up and I was just chillin and listening. I googled the Karen echo set up guide and the rep was clearly folowing the same steps with the customer but wasn’t really doing a great job. He knew the steps and the process but was quite bad at working with the customer, explaining to him what was needed from his end and leaving this older gentleman confused at times. This is a skill that takes time. Identifying what kind of customer you are working with and how to talk to him so he understands is sometimes not easy.
The call was getting longer and longer, creeping on one hour mark and Karen was still refusing to connect. From customers description I noticed he might be working with his TV receiver instead od his modem so I stepped in.
Me: “Sorry to interupt Mr. Customer, I might have spoted the problem. Can you describe to me the black modem box you are working with?”
Customer: “Sure, give me a second”
Kzone rep clearly annoyed that I am listening to him strugling for an hour: “Oh so you think its faulty internet after all? That would explain a lot.”
Me: “Not at all. The internet is running like horse on steroids. I’m checking something else”
Kzone rep: “Well can you check it later? We are in the middle of the set up here. As I said, I will let you know if I need anything”
Me: “My apologies, go ahead”
After this exchange, even this super nice and patient customer started to be audibly iritated with the Kzone rep as they were trying to do the exact same thing for the third time.
Another 15 minutes go by and at this point I am certain that they are working on wrong equipement as customer did provide few more details while working with the rep. I know that it was petty, especially considering it was affecting this nice innocent customer but “I will let you know if I need anything” said twice is pretty clear.
After the 4th try at connecting the Karen failed, customer was really loosing patience and said: “What you are doing is clearly not helping, how about you swallow your pride and finally ask for help?”
Kzone rep: He is your internet provider and he said that the internet is working fine. Karen is our product, they have nothing to do with it so unless he lied about the internet, there is nothi——”
Customer: “Enough! Ask him for help right now or give me your supervisor!”
Kzone rep: “OP? Are you still here? Can you help us?”
Me:”I will do my best. Now, Mr customer, do you have any other similar black boxes from us?”
Customer: “well I have one more at my bedroom, oh and one more in the kitchen but that one is standing upright”
Me: “awesome, that one will be your internet box. This flat one is for your TV. We just need to repeat all these steps for the last time with the one in your kitchen”
Customer: “you are kidding me right? For how long did you knew?”
Me:”I suspected it for a while sir, im sorry.”
Customer: “OP, Do you remember the steps to connect this Karen?
Me: “Yes sir, I have them in front of me.”
Customer: “Hey, Kzone rep! This will be all. You can hang up now. I dont want to hear one more word from you. Thank you for trying.”
I was expecting some backslash from the customer towards my person as well as I clearly wasted his time with my pettyness but he just said few more ugly words about the other rep and asked me to prove him right about letting the other guy go.
We repeated all the steps now with correct equipement, Karen connected and we finished the setup by following the guide I googled.
Customer was super happy and even asked if he could speak to my boss to praise my knowledge and explain to him why the call took soo long, (Aww what a nice guy) but I explained to him that it would get me into even more trouble as this issue was outside of our scope of support and that I should have hang up after provoding the wifi password. (And also my manager at that time was not taking positive escalations unless customers really insisted). I also explained to the customer that my numbers are good so he doesn’t have to worry about one long call hurting me. We parted on really good terms although I felt kinda sorry for the other rep. On the other hand, it was his ego that cost him his pride in the first place and I got a happy customer and a great story on top of that so I’d call that a win.
Thank you for reading and Big Momma Out!
submitted by UnicornSpaceStation to MaliciousCompliance