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The Tale of a TR Soldier (2016-2020)

The Tale of a TR Soldier (2016-2020)
So I'm approaching my 1000th hour Planetside fighting for the glorious Terran Republic. I've gone through my typical phases as any angsty young Republic Soldier would be excepted to. This game destroys new players, so back when I joined sometime in 2015, I mained Engineer and drove the Prowler as much as I physically could on Connery.
Since then I've switched to Emerald (for better ping) and got tired of constantly losing in any one on one fight, so I got off Engineer when I realized that Carbines were shared with Light Assault and for the next year I played Light Assault, and only Light Assault. Anyone remember back in the day they used to give you that little Survey when you first joined and it asked you a bunch of stuff and then gave you a goodie for free? Well for me, they just happened to fork out the LC3 Jaguar to someone who had zero understanding of how the weapons in this game work.
Two years ago now I built a new computer and have been playing on and off, but since there's nothing better to be doing right now since my country is in lock-down, I've been playing effectively non-stop. The double XP weekend didn't help either. It only occurred to me recently that though that I cannibalized my old Desktop and turned it into a server, I never got around to uninstalling Steam on it, so I remoted it and found all my Screenshots as far back as 2016. Before then I wasn't playing through Steam, I was on the Gamepad launcher from their website, so I don't have anything before that. Browsing through it, it was a trip down memory lane so I thought I would share it.
Rookie numbers, I know. This was huge for me, I've never made that many Certs at once before. (Taken during the Double XP weekend they gave us recently)

New player experience aside, there's no material in the game that actually tells you what the numbers mean. I mean, they don't even tell you how much Shield and Health you have and what their combined strength is unless you install a custom HUD, as I far as I know. While the information is there for interpretation, I haven't found any actual resource within the game itself that tells what the numbers actually do and mean for you. This stands in contrast to every newbie guide I've gone through over the years, Kamikaze, Wrel, and the Cyrious Commander himself that have said "start with Engineer, and then play Medic."

I honestly have to disagree, but in retrospect now that I've played the game, I understand where they're coming from, and their giving you what they think as someone that knows the game. But as someone who went into this game completely blind and survived the grinder that obliterates new players, I've gotta say if weren't for the game literally handing me the Jaguar for free and my eventual switching to Light Assault, I can say I probably would've uninstalled out of pure frustration, some of which still surfaces today but I'm willing to deal with, but moments like this always kept bringing me back:

A Swarm of Mosquitos, look out, they'll bite ya. (Also back when Tech Plants had AV turrets, the new planetlads and planetladdesses won't ever know about that) 17/01/2016

Only the TR could pull something like this and still lose the continent. 02/07/2019

I've been in and out of a few outfits, nothing's really stuck. I like minor amounts of organization but nothing beyond "Hey, go here attack this base, maybe hack some turrets and bring a GSD Sundy for funzies." Otherwise, I play mostly solo. Even then, without direction the game can get a little boring, so I got into chasing directives. Despite never having been a member, I've probably dumped close to 300 dollars in the years I've played this game to get Station Cash since I save all my certs for the stuff Station Cash can't buy, primarily upgrades for vehicles and slot stuff of infantry. My biggest regret is buying stuff for the Liberator. I'd undo that if I could (I can't fly worth a damn)

And as much as the enjoyed my time as Light Assault...
I regret this achievement immensely. 29/10/2016
The Jaguar, Cougar, Lynx, AMC, and TRAC later, I got this thing out and got my K/D above 1.4 doing it. Underwhelmed and disinterested in the class, I thought it time for a change of pace. Did that mean actually being helpful and not just being the occasional C4 Fairy (even back before the Rocklet Rifle). Did I switch to Heavy Assault and actually push the objective? How about Combat Medic and keeping my team in one piece?

No, I played SMG infiltrator because that's the exact kind of jerk I am. 22/01/2017
And lemme tell you something right now, I played every SMG the same. Silencer, Extended Mag, Soft-Point Ammo. Of the four that gotta do to the the Shuriken, the only one I actually hated was the Hailstorm, I have fond memories of the MKV for some reason probably because I didn't have to dump the certs to buy the silencer.
This photo pretty much sums my feelings up on the Hailstorm. It's funny because we're at the warpgate doing zero damage and the Vulcan has extreme bullet drop and feels sluggish at distance. I'm going to keep explaining the jokes until you laugh. 14/01/2017
If you ever feel like you can't hit anything with the Gauss Rifle at distance, just remember the Bullet Velocity on the Hailstorm running SPA is 324m/s which isn't even super-sonic (~340m/s). Comedy is just tragedy plus time. By that logic, regret is just misery plus time. I regretted the Hailstorm the moment I picked it up.
This game gives me stuff right out of my nightmares sometimes. 21/07/2016

More bad dreams that came to reality. 26/11/2016
But sometimes there's good dreams too. Look at that, ain't that beautiful? 50% off Aircraft, Vehicles, Consumables, and whatever Hossin was at the time. Can't remember if it was Maxes or the Ammo Tower bonus at that point. 05/01/2017
Even the Rebels get their day in Planetside. 12/05/2017
Back when continent lock bonuses meant something. Hahhaha, :(. Hey Rogue Planet, why not do what Hossin did and just make it a Quality of Life thing or some sort. Ammo towers and Airpads healing was a nice touch, but not too OP, IMO. Maybe for Easmir, whoever locked it gets Eisa first when it unlocks next? I think that'd be good.
Why is it always an Infiltrator? 28/04/2017
So I do like the Shuriken, but this was back when it had better ADS accuracy than it does now. I don't use it enough to know whether or not it's still alright. But even back then it didn't feel particularly engaging to use. I can't speak of all Auraxium weapons at this point, but are any of them functionally different from their default counter-part on TR? I got T.K'd by a guy with the Butcher and I was just absolutely enamoured with the thing, though I wonder what it's actually like. Unlike the TRAC-SHOT, I did get a lot of use of the... but something happened. I'll get to that in a bit.
Whenever I got bored playing for the Shuriken I dabbled about in the sniping, which resulted in this.
I like it, I think they're neat. It's fancy, and can't be bought so I can say I earned this. 05/05/2017
And all that sniping and time as Infiltrator let me hack consoles and I run Sweeper Hud almost full time, so that's deployables too. Force Recon was the first Directive I finished where I went \"That was actually a very good challenge\". 22/05/2019
I also dabbled around in Construction, a bit.
Well, you know what was coming. Combined Arms. Unstable Warpgates meant that the times I played at since I worked nights there weren't any good fights. I also distinctively remember playing on Indar during Instability, starting at Ceres, driving a Sundy up the hill to fight the NC at Ti Alloys, only to have the VS from the Crown show up with an entire squad and C4 my bus. I stopped playing for over a year, and went back to TF2 since I could actually get a game of that at 03:00 in the morning when I was up overnight on my weekends to keep my sleep schedule good for work.
The progress from my outing as Infiltrator got me the Plating in 2017. I didn't finish the Force Recon Directive until 2019 when I started playing again. Anyways, I put my Sniper back on the rack, placed the Shuriken on the shelf and moved on. After close to 4 years of playing, 3 of that on Emerald. I went into Combat Medic.

The TORQ-9, SABR-13, TAR, T1B Cycler, and T1 Cycler later, I finally did it.
This was mostly thanks to the binge sessions I had during the double XP, I was on the verge of maxing out my cert limit since I'm F2P and had to dump a few thousand Certs into things I thought I'd never get to buy like final reload speed buffs and Vehicle Stealth 4 on the Prowler. 22/03/2020
A lot of my inital progress started about a year ago playing on and off, and before CAI dropped I actually finished the Gold medals on 6 ARs, and got the expert banner, the extra one being the TRV. I abandoned that one and I didn't really like it. And it's still sitting at like 900 kills. My starter into Combat Medic used exclusively the Shield Recharging Emitter, or whatever they call it. But I realized if I wanted to do the Medic directive I would need to do healing, so I switched to the Nano-Regeneration Field and just kept it on as much as I could during group fights.
Does anyone remember that TI Alloys fight on the 23rd of March, where the TR were upstairs and the NC were downstairs litearlly just a couple of days ago? There was a Sundy parked to the South that the VS tried to destroy but every one went Engie to keep the Sundy in one piece until 2 more repair Sundies showed up. 23/03/2020
A load of res nades and a bunch of running around with just the Medical Applicator later, I finished off the final stint of reviving people and got the aurax plating.
I gotta say, I really do like the T1A Unity. It's the first Directive Weapon I've got my hands on that actually felt decently rewarding to use. The 580m/s is already pretty quick, so the special SPA that only drops bullet Velocity by 5% instead of 10% is nice. Though I wonder if it's because they never got around to updating the bullet velocities on the directive weapons that have preinstalled ammunition on them.
Of the TR ARs, I've got my opinions on all of them. I'll start with the one I dropped.
Cycler TRV, had its moments in close range, but I also ran the TAR with a Adv. Laser and just hot-swapped between Laser and Grip depending on the situation. I became disinterested when I realized it was just the TAR, but kind of worse. The Fire Rate was the only thing going for it, and I play at a fairly low DPI so there were times I was pulling my mouse off the edge of my desk. I don't regret buying it, it's not the Lynx by any measure, but damn I and this weapon just couldn't built a working relationship.
SABR-13. The Assault Rifle that thinks it belongs to the NC. This was the first AR I bought for Medic and I dabbled around with a 3.4x scope but I always just ended up going back to 2x. I liked the power behind it, and found myself actually standing a decent chance against Heavy Assault if I went for Headshots, and it's the first weapon I've used where I felt like the Semi-Auto function on it actually served its purpose, but there's no way in hell you're clicking 10 times a second without a micro. The 5 clicks per second for 2x burst was pushing what I could comfortably handle, so I doubt I was actually shooting this thing at the advertized 600 RPM it was capable of *all* the time.
T1B Cycler. I had a love hate relationship with this weapon. I was frustrated that I was always coming up short, but then something happened at Crimson Bluff Tower, where I just went on a damn rampage with it. I think I may have got somewhere close to 70 kills in less than 20 minutes. Unlike the TRV, the T1B actually made its moments worth while and I finished this weapon off without a bad taste in my mouth. Unlike the SABR, you only need to be clicking lightly more than 4 times a second to empty the magazine at its fire rate limit, which was feasible for me.
TAR. I originally picked this thing up and ran a grip full time. Then I switched to SPA and put a Laser Sight on it and ran it in Biolabs full time. Then my IQ went up and I started actively swapping out attachments based on the situation. Its still my go-to for Biolab fights, but it had its day in court out on the battlefield and while it's not my first choice for that sort of engagement, it can hold its own. I will still prefer to run some of the other weapons though.
T1 Cycler. I actually had this thing furthest along to Auraxing it at one point but got super addicted to the SABR-13. I don't know if the extra bullet velocity makes it worth using over the T1A, I'm really not sure. Is the extra 29 m/s worth the better usability up close? This is the only default weapon for the TR I feel really is truly worth its weight in salt. That being said, I see no reason to use the Cycler over the Unity, not because the Unity's straight up better, but because they're so similar I may as well use the one I worked so hard to unlock. (I'll get more into this when I get to the Unity)

Funnily enough, the AR I auraxiumed first, was actually the one I purchased last. My original plan was to two sets of two, close and far together alternating which one I used until I finished the Auraxium. I did the same thing with Light Assault: Jaguar and Cougar together. AMC and Lynx together. And then Vanilla last. Well I finished Vanilla last for Medic as well, my original pairings included the TRV.
I felt like million dollars after I finished the Cougar and Jaguar. And then the Lynx happened. This was the worst for me until I hit Hailstorm, but I kind of knew how to play the game at that point, so the Lynx was hell. Remember when I said the game has nothing to tell you what the numbers mean? I ran the Lynx with a forward grip, just like I did with the Cougar and the Jaguar. I, like the TAR, eventually came around to running Laser + SPA, but I exclusively used it in Biolabs, and I still don't use it anywhere except Biolabs. After the Lynx, I told myself that I wouldn't use a 125 Damage weapon again (for SMGs I didn't have that choice, damn you NC and the Cyclone being a much needed variety to what was at the time, an effectively identical weapons pool). So I grabbed the T1B and planned to run it with the TAR. And the SABR-13 and the TRV were originally supposed to be done side-by-side.
This leads me to the TORQ-9. After watching a few videos and looking at the wiki, I decided I would give the TORQ-9 its day in court. And holy crap, I love this gun. Only drops one level of damage, is accurate when ADS despite its fire rate, and has controllable recoil? I've dropped people with headshots at a range further than what I'd expect to get out of the AMR-66 or any of the Scout Rifles. It's one of two weapons I have that I run compensator full time on and have zero regrets about it. This thing is a marvel and worthy of any Medic's armoury. The reload speed, bullet velocity, manageability, and reliability is astounding.

So what's this entire blocky discussion leading upto? I'm entering my fifth year of Planetside, and I don't have many certs to spend, and I can't go blowing my money on Station Cash at a time where I need every penny. My question is other than what you think, is what now? I intend to keep playing Combat Medic, I just can't seem to get into playing Light Assault, despite not having the Auraxium plating, what with the absurd implants and jumpjet sets that have come into existence since I got the TRAC-SHOT all those years ago. And I have no love for Shotguns in this game.

Look I have a hard enough time driving on the roads to begin with using Racer Chassis on everything, how the hell did you manage to drive on the bridge roof. 25/11/2016

I've got a couple of options. I could switch classes again. I do like the look of the Butcher, and I wouldn't mind "gitting gud" at Heavy Assault. But I plain don't know what I need. From the time I started Planetside to literally two days ago, I found that I hate dying to explosives, so I've ran EOD/Sweeper Hud full time on pretty much everything. Running two implants, the second one almost always went to Battle Hardened. I'm not sure what I'll need for Heavy Assault, but I'm sure someone can tell me what and how.
I don't even anymore =/ 18/05/2017
That being said, I really like the T1A and its the first time I've wanted to stick around on a class after finishing its assosiated weapon and class directive. Also I don't own 5 LMGs, I own 3: CARV, TMG, and MSW-R. My other option is going back to Infiltrator and going after the Big Horn, I do have 5 sniper rifles, all of which I've gold medaled. 99-SV, KSR-35, TSAR-42, M77-B, and the RAMS .50, and I do enjoy all of them, but as much as I enjoy sniping at distance, I myself hate being sniped. The Ghost and the SAS-R are the bane of my existence, and there's nothing satisfying to me about "ping in the head, you're dead, try again" from any distance close or far in a game with, as far as I know, client side hit detection. It's actually why the 99-SV is my favourite of the bunch, because you have a fighting chance against it.

I do like the Vehicles, but I found the hard way you can't really run a Solo Prowler, even with a gunner, ever since they circumcised Lockdown mode. If you wanna run armour, you gotta move in a squad of at least 2 separate vehicles. I also have a hard time finding a decent gunner for Harasser, and I'm not much of a Harasser gunner (or driver for that matter) myself, my DPI is too low to aim comfortably on a vehicle that moves that quickly. I've actually been running the Lightning either with the Skyguard or the HEAT with full upgraded reload speed since it cycles in less than 2 seconds - it reminds me of the old Prowler. It's really nice, actually. After over 5 years of playing, the Lightning's the only vehicle I've got up to Gold Directive, and the first Vehicle Weapon I think I'm going to auraxium is probably the L100 Python HEAT for it. I've gone so far into this Lightning as to call the loadout "Budget Prowler"

Additionally, I'm level 98, and I want to ask the subreddit. Do I stick out for 120, or do I ASP and if I do ASP, what do I grab? The 20% off Prowlers and Lightnings looks real good to a F2P, 270 Nanites for a Lightning, are you kidding me? That sounds AWESOME. But my question is, I don't want to pay the 10,000 Certs, I'd rather put those into vehicles and save them for new goodies in the future. My question is, if I buy a month of membership and then ASP do I get to keep it when the membership expires? Even after all this time, there's no material that actually tells me what I need to know. Some things change, but other things they just seem to stay the same.
Anyways, this thing's telling me I can't stuff more than 20 images into a post, so I best be submitting this or it was a few hours work all for nothing.
submitted by ReplicaBishop to Planetside


Patch Notes 1.6.7

Frag Pro Shooter - 1.6.7 Patch Notes
A fresh Frag update is now out, and it brings a brand-new interesting character and lots of improvements!
[Frag News is coming on Aug 27]
If you never want to miss cool Frag videos, then be sure to subscribe to our channel and click on the bell button so that you get notified whenever we post!
New Common Character → Cipher
In case you missed it, here’s our latest teaser:
Cipher is a new Digital Attack card that's particularly strong against Mechanized targets.
He has fast movement speed, a quick burst fire rate, but a low magazine (8-8-8-reload).
Cipher Outfits
His ability consists of activating a digital wave which slows down enemies, makes them take increased damage, and keeps them from using their abilities for a few seconds!
Cipher Transparent
STATS (level 6) Hitpoints → 231 Damage/Second → 48-71 Speed → 11.6 km/h Speed while shooting → 7.8 km/h Respawn Delay → 22 sec WEAPON Ammo → 36 Reload Time → 1.4 sec Fire Rate → 628.6 Base Damage → 9.0 Weapon Range → 35 m ABILITY Cooldown → 12 sec Duration → 10 sec Radius → 30 m Slow Effect → x0.5 Damage Bonus → x1.5
As always, you'll be able to try out the new character during 2 Random Draft events, each lasting 3 days.
"Play with Cipher" dates: Friday, Sept 11 → Sunday, Sept 13 Friday, Sept 25 → Sunday, Sept 27
Cipher will be released in chests on October 4th 2020.
Nerfs & Buffs
Main Gun max ammo from 8 to 6
HP +30%
Ability duration from 7 to 6
Ability heal is fixed value instead of percentage
Ability speed effect only apply to allies
Speed while shooting from 4.8km/h to 7.8km/h
Ability Cooldown from 20 to 16
HP +10%
Speed while shooting from 7.8km/h to 11.6km/h
Speed from 12.6km/h to 13.6km/h
Main Gun damage +30%
Ability stun ball is easier to aim with
Ability damage +15%
Main Gun max ammo from 6 to 4
Main Gun dmg +50%
Dmg reduction -30% during ability
HP +20%
HP +15%
Cooldown decreased on frag: -2s
Decrease reload time from 1.6s to 1.1s
Increase firerate
Speed while shooting from 3.9km/h to 8.7km/h
Main Gun dmg -15%
Bug Fixes & Improvements
Fixed T4NKBOT’s hitbox
Fixed a bug that showed duplicated characters during the endgame cinematic
Fixed a bug in the main menu that caused the missions button to change position
Fixed a bug that caused the damage multiplier to not work properly
Fixed the default matchmaking time set to 30s for some users (should be 20s)
Fixed some issues with trophy gains in 2v2
Fixed some issues which could cause new users to be stuck during the tutorial
Fixed an issue where the game wouldn’t be able to reconnect to the server until rebooted
Fixed the cancel button sometimes not working and the user getting stuck in the matchmaking screen forever
Fixed a rare bug where the arena ground is white when starting the game and stays white until changing the arena or rebooting the game
Fixed the Donation medals (bronze, silver etc.) not showing up in the game anymore
Improvements related to disconnecting (Wi-Fi users will now experience fewer disconnects)
Added a timeout to avoid players changing their names too often
Game default quality now set to high or very high on various recent devices (ex: OnePlus 7, Galaxy S20, etc.)
That's it for this time, don't forget to share your thoughts in the game, on Discord, or on our channels:
submitted by 48Monkeys to FRAGProShooter