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[Request] Order & Chaos Duels - Trading Card Game
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The best cheats, codes, guides and answers for all consoles, PC and mobile platforms. The game and the hack is available on Android and iOS. In this game you play Skip McFly, a grasshopper who explores the areas inside and around a house, and encounter both friends an enemies. This Order & Chaos Duels Hack will also work with the latest verion of iOS or Android installed on your smartphone or tablet. Buying all the stuff you want or need in the game is the first priorityso that you can progress easily while focusing around the more fun and.


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Sci-Fi fantasy universe divided into 2 axes (order/chaos, magic(psi)/non-magic(tech)) and 2 races so far, a Uber everything infectious race and a psionic race that can bend reality to their will.

Hello Everyone!
I am trying to create a world for one of my projects and I would love to hear some thoughts or brainstorm!
World: Within the multiverse (am hoping to keep options open) there exists a place called the Jardenverse. It is thought to be a disk or collection of disks like the Milky way but the darkness outside of it has never been successfully traversed even though there is no physical reason preventing space travel there, ships venturing too deep have simply never been heard from again. Some legends mention that the Jardenverse is a garden maintained by 'the dark ones' who live in the void and prune any 'branches' that grow astray... (I am trying to find consistent reasons why map corners are naturally safe areas with an attack from behind being impossible but also leaving open opportunities for interesting lore expansion).
The laws of physics are not constant throughout the Jardenverse, some places are deterministic, others chaotic(where physics itself is unpredictable and often 'mischievous'), some work according to immutable physical laws while in others physical laws change depending on thought so mere thoughts can shape reality( thus the world is divided into 2 axes, OrdeChaos, Mechanical/Magic. Ok actually I am looking for Scientifically plausible reasons why I can have magic, technology and mythology in the same universe).
The change between areas is usually gradual but some places have visible and non-traversable 'tears' in reality and a step change in the physical laws to go with it(I would like there to be some weaker species but why would they survive without some sort of natural barrier to protect them?).
  1. "The Aelsyr", a psionically gifted race, occupying a order-magic corner of the Jardenverse (corners are fortified) where thoughts can shape reality. They are said to be prideful and arrogant and they have good reason to be because their will will could shape the universe(or at least their own part of it. I guess I want the Aelsyr to be magician space elf's and I want their personality to be snobbish but for good reason(they are accustomed to bending reality to their wills), would make for some fun stories of 'Aelsyr without their magic having a hard time living like peasants who cant simply wish desires into existence').
  2. "Phyracondrion", an aggressive expansionist scourge of the universe having all of the best characteristics of all the races 'the uber alien'(I think it would be fun to have something that on paper can steamroll everyone but for various 'reasons' is unable to do so). They are actually tiny life forms that colonize bodies (infect) and they have a hive intelligence. Their smarts grow in proportion to their quantity. Thus they can steal bodies, abilities and are super smart, in theory they may posses all the technology and abilities of all the races they assimilated BUT (ok I need to nerf them somehow otherwise there would be no reason for the continues survival of other races) it is unclear how well or for how long the assimilated abilities can be preserved by the Phyracondrion. Also, they occupy the order-semiMagic part of the Jardenverse so the psionic permeability of their space is not as high as the Aelsyr's and it is unclear how far the Aelsyr can warp reality to their wills. The Phyracondrion are also prevented from expanding into the non-magic part of the universe because space tears bar their way, and expansions into the chaotic part of the Jardenverse have always proven unpredictable.. plus there are 'denizens of chaos' there that thrive on the chaos and drive them out(order and chaos are like water and oil, even though the Phyracondrion may be 'strong water' it is still incapable of cleaning out the oil..). Also, expanding into the void never works due to the 'dark ones' so they are boxed in and can only fight the Aelsyr and Chaos but perhaps the defenders advantage is too high for them to overcome.
In case anyone prefers audio with some unoriginal images, I also made a slideshow commentary video but I think this post is more detailed.
submitted by RillmentGames to worldbuilding

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