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201123 2020 Enquete 20 -NCT Members’ Answers Translations

NCT 2020 Enquete Translations
Let me know if there are broken links or links that I double posted. Please take out with proper credits to the translators, not me
A compilation of the Enquete answers.
Questions c/o u/leesooman_oppa
  1. Who is the most neo person?
  2. Who is the hidden dancing machine?
  3. Who seems to have a lot of aegyo?
  4. Who do you want to get to know more?
  5. Who do you think has the best chemistry with you?
  6. Who do you want to travel 10 years from now?
  7. Who do you want to go for a late night walk with?
  8. Who is the person that best matches my taste?
  9. I want to live as this person once
  10. My bias in nct
  11. Which member had a unique first impression on you?
  12. Hidden weirdo in nct
  13. Person I want to see everyday
  14. Who do you always think is interesting?
  15. Who would be the cutest if everyone goes back to 5 years old?
  16. Who laughs the most?
  17. Which member has the name that matches well with his appearance?
  18. Person you want to be your younger sibling
  19. Who is on your mind right now?
  20. Person you look forward to for nct 2020 promos
  1. Taeil
Credits to: @ekfxodlf
Credits to: @nctstairong
  1. Johnny
Credits to: @209_archive
  1. Yuta
Credits to: @NYTBASE
  1. Kun
Credits to: @lovekun960101
  1. Doyoung
Credits to:@nctdaoying
  1. Ten
Credits to:@chowoozeus
  1. Jaehyun
Credits to: @jaehyunbom__
  1. Winwin
Credits to: @winwinistan
  1. Jungwoo
Credits to: @captainuwu
  1. Lucas answered himself for everything in typical Lucas fashion 😂
  2. Mark
Credits to: @MARKxJENO
  1. Xiaojun
Credits to: @xiaojunpics
  1. Hendery
Credits to: 99D3RY
  1. Renjun
Credits to: @renminrise
  1. Jeno
Credits to: @4ljn23
  1. Haechan
Credits to: @sevendreamiess
  1. Jaemin
Credits to: @jaemjenarchive
  1. Yangyang
Credits to: @archiveyangyang
  1. Shotaro
Credits to: @sukishotaro
  1. Sungchan
Credits to: @JSCFILE
  1. Chenle
Credits to: @wangmoriz
  1. Jisung
Credits to: @fluffssi
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MONSTA X Appreciation Post (Warning : VERY LONG)

I've actually wanted to do this for a while because I don't really see them getting mentioned much but haven't had the motivation. Thanks to Monsta X dropping a killer album, I am now motivated! So in this post I am going to comprehensively cover Monsta X and all the reasons I love them (and why you should too)


Monsta X are a boy group that debuted in 2015. The current line up consists of Shownu, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon and I.M. Wonho is a member who left in 2019 but Monbebes will always consider MX as OT7 while still supporting his solo releases. The group was formed through a survival show called No Mercy in which Starship trainees compete for the right to debut. The group is best known as "beastly idols" due to their strong, manly image and hard-hitting music.


When discussing the topic of how male k-pop artists have the stigma of being perceived as "less masculine, the members had this to say.
Minhyuk : I don’t think the world appreciates things in the right way, in my opinion
Jooheon : People talk about masculinity and femininity but, at the end of the day, Monsta X is there to perform a show and we don’t let that affect us
I.M : It’s about loving yourself, caring about yourself. That’s first. And we don’t think that women should be like ‘this’ and men should be like ‘that.
I.M : Showing the audience what we want to show is the most important thing. We’re not ashamed. We’ve done a lot of sexual items, like harnesses and chains. We’re comfortable.
Hyungwon : We’re stage performers, so I like wearing something that shines from head to toe.
  • They never forget to acknowledge and appreciate their male fans. They never think it's "weird" or shame them.
Kihyun : It’s the same way when you see a good-looking actor on screen,” he says. “You can say, ‘Wow. That’s a good-looking guy.’ And that’s how you become a fan.
  • Have proven themselves to be supportive, caring human beings countless times which include supporting the LGBT community, being protective of fans etc. (this video sums it up well)
  1. Doesn't want to do anything after he has his glasses on.
  2. Takes dad angle selfies.
  3. Weirdly honest when he doesn't have to be like about pooping and watching porn as a kid.
  4. He's just so awkward.
  • Another underrated vocalist
  • Triple threat who can sing, dance and produce music well.
  • Is so ripped that even other idols stan his muscles.
  • His personality is the complete opposite of his looks.
  1. Is a legit baby and #1 fake maknae in Monsta X.
  2. Cries easily and is the most sensitive and emotional member of MX.
  1. He never forgets to acknowledge male Monbebes and even tells them he loves them.
  2. Defended his right to wear a headband because it's not something only girls can wear.
  3. Says that Shownu is beautiful and beautiful isn't just a term to refer to girls.
  4. His ideal type is anyone who can cook ramen, gender doesn't matter.
  1. Got visibly angry when a fan was telling him about how her male superior would pressure her into drinking.
  2. Told a fan to curse at a man who was leering at her weirdly on the subway no matter what, despite the age hierarchy.
  3. At the airport he noticed some fans on a glass railing who were wearing skirts that could be seen from underneath and he told them to move back to protect them.
I had no idea which title I should park this segment under so I'm just going to put it under I.M. Any Monbebe who was a fan of MX since debut or has watched their debut/pre-debut vids would know this but I.M and the rest of the MX members used to have a very strained relationship. This was due to the survival show they were on, No Mercy. Please don't hate on the members for what happened on this show, both sides were actually understandable, I am not bringing the show up to incite criticism. I really value how far their relationship and group chemistry has come since then, and I want other people to understand the context of why I appreciate how far they've come.
For the uninitiated, No Mercy was where MX members + other Starship trainees who were their friends were competing for the chance to debut. I.M was only added into the show during episode 8, and a day after one of their trainee friends was eliminated from the show (there were others eliminated before this as well). They added him and introduced him to the others when they were filming a scene at a restaurant. I.M has mentioned somewhere (I can't find the source, I think it was an old V-live) that he didn't know he would be getting introduced to the members/partaking in filming that day, he was called to have dinner with a Starship employee to discuss his joining the show. That was super shitty on the show's part but anything for drama, I guess.
Needless to say, the boys did not take it well and they made it blatantly clear they could not support the fact that he was added in and did not like him.
Jooheon : I didn't want to look at the new kid's face. I hate what happened to us, so what can we do but hate right now? As of now, I don't really want to be friends with him.
Shownu : I can't really put into words the feelings I have. I can't think of anything else but "this is unfair"
Minhyuk : This isn't his spot, so why is he here? I kept cursing in my head, I couldn't say much else. I'm not going to be friends with him.
Kihyun : To be honest, I didn't like him. I felt like he was freeloading on what we've set up so far. We lost Minkyun yesterday and to think that you're replacing him, we can't be nice to you just yet.
Wonho : You came at the worst timing.
Hyungwon : I feel way too sorry for Kwangji, Yoosun and Minkyun to become friends with the new guy
Trust me, as an I.M stan I was lowkey worried on whether they would be able to get along after No Mercy. He has mentoned before that No Mercy is a memory he would like to erase. The members are very honest and don't try to sweep under the rug the fact that their first impressions/meeting was not good. In the early days of their debut, they do mention that I.M was still awkward with a lot of the members except Jooheon. But having stanned and followed them since debut, I can say that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Watching their friendship grow throughout the years has been a delight and satisfying af as an I.M stan. For one of their concerts, he finished his speech with "I have gained new older brothers" it was super sweet, and actually caused Hyungwon to cry (also have this clip of JaeJae and the other members clowning him about it. Here are more clips of I.M being loved by the other MX members.


Monsta X Ray [Season 1|Season 2|Season 3]
Amigo TV [1]
Amigo TV S4 [1|2|3]
Weekly Idol [1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8]
ILOGU in Jeju Island [1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8]
Monsta X Right Now [Full Playlist]
Dingo School [1|2|3|4|5|6]
MMTG (interview with JaeJae) [1|2]
Hello82 aka MX tries speaking/singing in Spanish [1|2]
MX in the US [Buzzfeed with Puppies|Tower of Truth|Friendship Test|Song Association|CapitalFM] (trust me none of these are cringy, they're all hilarious/entertaining!)


Whew that was a long write-up, I'll be surprised if anyone actually reads the whole thing word for word. Sorry to subject everyone to my long ass crazy rant about how much I love Monsta X. Actually, recently I have been feeling slightly guilty because I have been paying more attention to other groups (namely Ateez and NCT) but them dropping their new album and revisiting content to make this post has been a huge reminder of why I love Monsta X and why they are irreplaceable to me. This is 100% my opinion, but imo since 2PM is currently inactive, no other group has adopted the 2PM style of beast-dol sexy as well as Monsta X have. They just have a very distinct image that applies to all their songs no matter the genre. They're a group that I can rely on to always deliver, whether it be music or performance-wise. They were the group that kept me interested in kpop after I started losing interest in kpop as a whole in 2016-2017, and I will always be super thankful for that.
TL;DR Monsta X are amazing, y'all should check them out. Love Killa is a bop and a half.
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