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The real push for Montu happens when the government makes sports a. Know All about Neelu Devi of Banka Constituency of Election Results. Neelu came to Naina and handed her keys. Show will have a feature that lets viewers skip the Trump jokes.

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Boss Bird - Part 21

Part 20
I stumbled along, wiping tears from my eyes before we made it down the expanse of the hall. Danuel wasn't moving very quickly, his stubby legs unable to carry his massive body at any pace faster than a walk when rolling his chair. I followed numbly, still reeling from everything I'd been told so far. My trial. Boss's execution. And the worst part was that I had no idea where he was being held. He could already be dead. The thought made me have to fight back more tears.
As we turned the corner in the hall, I was blasted by the bright white lights of the room. After my eyes adjusted, I realized that we were in a mini courtroom. There were rows of perches for the birds all along the walls, going up as far as right below the ceiling. In the front was a much larger perch, like the branch of a tree, hanging empty while birds flew in every direction around it to find a good seat. At the top of the room, in front of a stained-glass window was a red seat, much like a throne for a mouse. Or a bird, I suppose. In front of the large perch were two tables, one with a small plastic footstool and a perch behind it, the other only with perches sitting behind. Danuel dragged me forward and directed me to sit in the footstool. I didn't even question him, and plopped myself down in it, not caring about anything that was happening around me.
I sat in a wad of bird poop. It would have been hard to miss considering the whole room was covered in it and feathers. I looked by over my shoulder to see that Danuel had rolled his way back up to a spectator level, birds flocking to him to use as a good viewpoint of the room. He gave me a respectful nod and I turned back around, embarrassed. The room began setting down and the quieter it became, the more disquieted I felt. Where I felt indifferent to it all a moment ago, shame began to wash over me. As they stopped chirping at one another, the birds' attention turned to me. The flaps lessened and their tweets subsided until the only thing I could hear was the clanging of my heart inside me. The heart of someone who killed a bird.
Suddenly, a larger bird made its way to the front of the room and landed on the branch at the front. The judge. It was a parrot. It looked around the room, its eye dilating wildly. It twitched a dozen different directions before it felt the need to begin speaking.
"Scraw I, Judge Polly, call this court into session scraw!" its voice boomed, clean and articulate. It occurred to me that Danuel had probably been talking to birds that could talk back to him in order to understand as much as he did about their society. I was with Boss for multiple days and felt like I knew less about him the longer I remained with him.
"Scraw, as we are in the presence of a human defendant, I shall be conducting this court in his spoken tongue. Scraw! Should we receive any witness testimony in our language, we will translate it for our defendant," Judge Polly began nibbling under his wing. A bird spooked me as it landed on the empty perch next to me. It was a parakeet. I stared at it quizzically.
"I am Neelu, your court-appointed translator. I am under obligation to inform you that I will not give you any legal advice nor aide in your defense. I am only here to translate anything you may not understand," it said robotically. It was a light blue bird, beautiful enough to photograph and austere enough for me to have my jaw drop when it spoke as eloquently as it looked.
"I... I thought parakeets couldn't learn to talk English that well?" I asked, more to myself than the bird. It tweeted a laugh.
"It's 'learn to speak English that well.' What you said was grammatically incorrect," he corrected. My face flushed red.
"Scraw. As this case is one of a single man against all birds, the prosecutors will be any bird that comes to speak at the perch," Judge Polly explained. I blinked a few times in confusion.
"I don't-- I don't understand-- I... Does that mean anyone can prosecute me?" I asked.
"It means every bird who is not myself or Neelu is your prosecutor unless you have one set as your lawyer, scraw," Polly responded. I looked around the room, only to freeze and turn back to Judge Polly. Every bird has a fiery gaze on me. I missed Boss.
"That sounds nothing like a court," I whined quietly.
"This is nothing like your courts," Neelu agreed.
"We call upon our leader to observe what transpire today, scraw" Judge Polly continued, "so that we may confirm that it adheres to the new laws he's recently placed. Please cease any flapping of wings or chirping until our leader enters."
My heart lept. Something clicked in my head all at once. After all of this time, I think I understood what was going on. Boss was the leader. That's why they wanted to get him, they wanted to bring him back to the headquarters. That's why they hated me, it's because they thought I was keeping him prisoner. And that's why he wasn't here now, he was awaiting his entrance.
Faster than I could follow, a sparrow flew above us and landed on the throne in front of the window. The silhouette of Boss! I was so glad to see him I almost began to cry. Then, when I squinted a bit further, I saw that he was unhappy to see me. And upon further examination, I saw that he was not Boss.
The leader in the throne, Scar, tweeted gravely and started the session of the court.
Part 22
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Boss Bird - Part 24

Part 23
Boss spun a loop in the air and I stood up in anticipation to run from the room with him. He landed on my shoulder proudly, and only then had I realized that he was able to fly again! His wing was healed. The pigeons were holding back a mass of agitated birds who tried to get at me and Boss while I looked at him for the next move. Boss gestured for me to sit down. I looked at him in confusion and gestured at the open door, making sure he didn't mistake the next step to this plan. Boss shook his head and pointed downward again. I took a hesitant seat.
Judge Polly let out a cry but was drowned out by the growing pandemonium of the room. I looked at Scar who was watching us closely, but not with the hatred I assumed he would have. More like curiosity. When the sound of the birds behind me seemed like they were going to overwhelm our defending pigeons, Boss tapped me lightly on the ear. I nodded to him and closed my hands over my ears.
Boss let out a screech as he did in the alley when we were attacked by crows. All the birds in the room either calmed down or fell to the floor, disoriented. Judge Polly was the first to rise, watching Boss with a sharp eye and then looking down at Scar. Scar gestured forward with his head that we should proceed. As birds climbed back to their perches in anger and frustration, I turned around to look at Danuel who had blood running down both of his ears. I winced, remembering the pain of Boss's screech, then remembering that's what gave me the opportunity to kill a crow and went sick to my stomach.
"Scraw!" Judge Polly called, pecking his sound block. The ostrich was walking back in, returning to the door behind Judge Polly and settling in. "What is the meaning of the interruption Kwakaru?"
Boss tried to respond, but only a whisper came out, barely quiet enough for me to just make it out. Neelu looked upset when he turned up to the judge.
"He says that he is here to defend Sean," Neelu said.
"Scraw?" Judge Polly called in surprise. He looked down in thought for a few moments while Scar watched us smugly. "I'll allow it."
Scar's head shot up and chirped in protest.
"Scraw, we have no rule dictating that prisoners cannot defend someone in our court," Judge Polly answered him.
Scar chirped again insistently.
"I will not change any laws on the spot, even for you. You know the proper channels, go through them scraw!" Judge Polly said, annoyed. He looked back up to me expectantly. I stared back nervously.
"Proceed, scraw," he said patiently. I swallowed hard, looking to Boss. Boss nodded encouragingly.
"Ummm... what..." I couldn't remember the line of questions I had been asking and bit my lip. After breathing rapidly for a few seconds, I went with the first thing to come to mind, "did you try to kill us?"
Scar looked appalled.
"I never attempted to kill anyone, unlike the one questioning me," Neelu translated his response. I frowned, confused.
"What... when we were in the alley... umm... why did crows attack us?" I asked.
"To capture a fugitive and his voluntary accomplice," Scar said through Neelu. Boss nudged me. He flicked his head and tweeted.
"He says you should tell the Judge you have no further questions," Neelu relayed, Boss nodding. I looked at him confused and nodded.
"No further questions, Judge Polly," I said, Scar flying back up to his throne. Boss looked at him with distaste then tweeted in a whisper.
"He calls the human Sean up to the stand," Neelu said for everyone to hear. I looked at Boss, shaking my head slightly. The only thing I could think of that would be worse than being the center of attention behind this makeshift desk would be the center of attention being drilled questions. Judge Polly bobbed his feathered head.
"Scraw. Unorthodox for the defense to call a witness so soon, but we've never had someone being represented in the defense. I'll allow it, on the condition the prosecution both accepts the witness and asks the questions first" he said. The room brought up no protest. The judge raised a wing for me to take the small stand beside him.
I waddled over, shaking with adrenaline and squatted behind their stand awkwardly. The crow with one eye cawed with murderous intent.
"Did you kill a crow?" Neelu translated.
"I-- yes," I nodded, ashamed. The room was silent. The crow cawed again.
"No further questions," Neelu relayed. I was grateful for how succinct they were but was equally uneasy. I had no way of knowing how this would end. And I really didn't want to die.
"You may cross-examine the witness, scraw," Judge Polly flapped his wings. Boss chirped once, quickly, his question full of confidence.
"Have you told the court that you are my hired mercenary?" Neelu said, surprise in his voice at hearing what he was saying.
Part 25
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