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"A Modest Disposal" -- weird manifesto supposedly found on audio tape in NYC shop, purporting the idea of disabled people as pets, circa 1970s

Hi there, this is my first post so I hope this weird thing I found fits in here.
[Content warning: use of the word "retarded"... it's an old document, sorry]
I'm active in researching the Troubled Teen Industry, the rehab industry and how these for-profit "institutions" benefit from deception, corruption and mistreatment of children. This is documented stuff, not just conspiracy theories or even 'just' testimonies. In my reading, I found this meaty court document from 1979 called "The Abuse and Neglect of Children in Institutions". It's a powerful testimony of the system's failures to protect abandoned, neglected or disabled kids.
One thing stuck out as very strange to me, early on in the document. Starting on page 15 (sorry I didn't know how to link with it starting on a specific page), we are introduced to "A Modest Disposal"
The following paper is a translation from a tape discovered in A dusty back corner of the "Ad-Hoc Object Shop (Leftovers from A Machine-Age Banquet)" on Sixth ave and Canal St. in New York City. After extensive research, I was able to uncover the following information. Ruskin Petrovich Goodenoff was born in 1903 in Rumania and migrated to the United States to study psychology' at The New School of Social Research. For many years he worked as the founder and director of the Institute of Mental Myopics, dedicated to furthering research in the field of mental retardation. Anticipating the response to his proposal, he later began training in Veterinary Medicine, and was last heard of studying bird life in South America, where it is rumored that he died from stomach cramps after eating the native dog soup. A suggestion for advertising the proposal was also found with the tape . "The late apparent spirit of humanism, or love of psychology, so abounding of late, has produced a new scheme wherein the author ingeniously advises that one-fourth of the retarded population be bred and this remainder be sold for pats reasoning they will be much happier than their current miserable life as human beings." -- Medora Rorick, translator
Heh. Few things are more mysterious than a manifesto found "in a dusty corner" on a tape, eh?
So from pages 15 to 24, there's this strange supposed transcription (and translation, assuming from the Romanian language but it doesn't specify) of a treatise proposing using intellectually disabled people as pets, and how they would be "happier that way".
The pages immediately after lead into a testimony from a woman who survived 33 different institutions (including juvenile hall and psychiatric hospitals) for no other reason besides that her mother abandoned her. It has nothing to do with the aforementioned "Modest Disposal", and as far as I can tell there are no other mentions in the rest of the court transcription mentioning "Medora Rorick" or "Ruskin Goodenoff".
The piece by Mr. Goodenoff is introduced as being found in somewhere called The Ad Hoc Object Shop , and says they discovered at least where the author came from with "extensive research". I can't find anything about this guy, the translator, the "Modest Disposal" piece itself, or this odd store (which probably is long gone now that NYC has been fully gentrified and turned into a police state-shopping mall, these fun little junk shops are no more).
Now, I presume that "A Modest Disposal" was probably written as an old-school troll, based on its title (a play on "A Modest Proposal" by Thomas Swift, a satirical piece about using children as food). It's also reasonable to assume that whatever (likely kinda square) person found this took it seriously and that's how it ended up in this congressional hearing. I think it's pretty strange though that its essentially presented without context, albeit part of the whole court document talks about the problems children with intellectual disabilities face while institutionalized. It's also my guess that Ruskin Goodenoff's "Institute of Mental Myopics" wasn't really an institute but some kind of jokey/counter-cultural publishing or zine distribution thing. Or at least that's my theory based on the name, which sounds like something from the Church of the SubGenius.
I wanna know more about this Ad Hoc Object Shop, we got any old school New Yawkers who remember this place that allegedly was at 6th and Canal St? What kind of "extensive research" led them to finding out that "Ruskin Goodenoff" is supposedly a real person? Where's his "research" from his "institute" (which is being described as totally real)?
I can't find any mention of Ruskin Goodenoff, Medora Roric(k), The Institute of Mental Myopics or anything else about this. Not sure if this is worthy to post but I thought yall might find it interesting.
Source: https://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/ED188371.pdf

UPDATE: GroundbreakingSafe90 found this informative link. Dr. Phyllis Kaplan appears to be a real person, who had come across this piece because it was submitted by one of her students. While it seems like the piece disgusted her, it looks like it was absolutely meant as a biting social commentary satire about the system, the "know it all"-ness of psychiatrists, and how people view disabled kids. Some people in comments apparently didn't read my post, it's an obvious satire, the mystery was "where did it come from and why is it in here?". Thank you GroundbreakingSafe90! Unfortunately, we never did find the real author, but it's quite interesting anyway. Opinions are still divided on whether or not "dog soup" exists in South America. It's unlikely, but it's been suggested maybe Aztecs used to eat it. Take that as you will.
submitted by blood_4_gorgor to InternetMysteries

Nov/4/2020 wrap-up: \\ War in Artsakh (Karabakh) \\ gyorbagyor \\ battlefield & analysis; combat footage \\ geopolitics & diplomacy \\ Ibrahimov suspended; Adidas cancels deal \\ donations & demonstrations \\ international media coverage \\ Turkey loses GPS suppliers \\ winter is coming \\ more...

Your Wednesday report contains 4908 words. 19-minute read.

how does Russian media cover the Artsakh conflict?

Five major Russian news outlets were analyzed to learn how they cover the conflict.
RIA Novosti had 40 articles: 16 written by Azeris. 18 by Armenians. 5 international neutral. 0 international pro-Armenian. 1 international pro-Azeri.
Regnum had 24 articles: 5 by Azeris, 11 by Armenians, 5 international neutral, 3 international pro-Armenian. 0 international pro-Azeri.
Lenta.ru had 14 articles: 3 by Azeris, 8 by Armenians, the rest neutral.
Gazeta.ru had 12 articles: 1 by Azeris, 4 by Armenians, 4 international neutral, 3 international pro-Armenian, 0 international pro-Azeri.
TASS had 11 articles: 4 by Azeris, 6 by Armenians, 1 neutral.
https://www.facebook.com/MediaAdvocate1/posts/1123066998107940 , https://news.am/arm/news/611484.html

second captured Syrian jihadist tells the story / "long knives" for beheadings / no bulletproof vests

Yousif Alabet al Haji was recruited by Turkey and Azerbaijan for $2,000 and given an extra $100 to behead Armenian "kafirs" (infidels) in Artsakh. He was given a translator and a lawyer before interrogation. It appears he was a member of the same 500-member group as the first captured jihadist.
Born 1988 in village Al Ziadieh, Jser al Shahour, Idlib Province, Syria. He is completely illiterate. Married, has four sons and one daughter. He worked on land and farm in Syria.
"15 days ago, in the evening, an acquaintance of mine from the neighboring village of Sahan, whose name is Ibrahim but we call him Abu Ahmad and whom I had known for a long time, came to see me at my place.
Abu Ahmad offered me to go to Azerbaijan for money. Asked about the trip's purpose, Abu Ahmad said it's for taking part in military exercises, and I could be paid $2,000 a month. My family members, my wife, my father, were against my leaving; my brothers were not aware of it.
Abu Ahmad said that there were other young people from the neighboring Sararif and Saham villages some of whom had been in Azerbaijan for a month now. Abu Ahmad told me not to take anything along with me. Neither my identity documents nor anything else.
At midnight on the same day, a car designated by Abu Ahmad parked near our house, which took us all from the village to the Bab Al Salam checkpoint in a territory controlled by Abu Hamsha. About 500 people, all of whom were Syrian Arabs, gathered at the Bab Al Salam checkpoint.
At 8 clock in the morning, Abu Hamsha's brother, whose name was Saif, came over there. When Saif came, he first announced that the they were not forcing any of us; we were being recruited for a monthly salary of $2000. He added that whoever wanted could return, but if we accepted the offer to go to Azerbaijan, and then wished to return, he would shoot in the foot and would not let us go back.
After his statement, Abu Hamsha's brother started selecting who would go to Azerbaijan. The selection was made according to an age criterion: people between 20-40 years old were chosen. Abu Hamsha's brother, Saif, selected 500 people.
He accompanied us through the checkpoint and told us to get on 10 large buses already parked at the checkpoint. Saif also told us that a group of 500 people had already left for Azerbaijan a month before us.
We crossed the border between Syria and Turkey via the aforementioned checkpoint,. While crossing the Turkish border, the checkpoint was inspected by Turkish military personnel and people in civilian clothing, who did not ask us any question, did not check our passports; they only counted.
After doing some 2.5km in half an hour by bus, we reached the first airport, which was a civilian one. None of us was asked to produce a passport or other document. There were Turkish soldiers there. We, a total of 500 people, quickly boarded two civilian planes, which bore Turkish flags.
The plane landed at a civilian airport, where again no one asked us anything; we were not asked to produce a document; we all boarded on a large civilian plane, which bore the Azerbaijani flag. The plane landed in Azerbaijan.
The army servicemen of Azerbaijan and Turkey welcomed us at Azeri airport. We then boarded buses, accompanied by Turkish and Azeri soldiers. We were taken to the central military base, where again, Turkish and Azeri soldiers were stationed. We could distinguish the Turkish military because of the flags on their uniforms.
We stayed at the military base for three days. On the first day, they gave us necklaces with numbers written on them, and then took photos of us with the necklaces on.
On the second day, in the same military base, we were provided with uniforms and weapons. Russian-made machine guns, PKS, RPG, snipers and bullets were provided. High-ranking Turkish and Azeri servicemen were wearing bulletproof vests, but we were not provided with any. We were told to get ready to move the following day.
Let me mention that we arrived in Azerbaijan by plane on October 18, 2020.
In the mentioned military base, Azeri and Turkish servicemen were undergoing preparatory military training. Our leader in the military base was Sheikh Ibrahim. On the third day, we left with Sheikh Ibrahim to another military base which was 4 hours away.
Sheikh Ibrahim and Abu Hamshen were in the second base with around five armed men walking around. Both of them, as well as 500 Syrian Arabs who were also at the military base, had come to fight for money.
Besides them, there were Turkish and Azeri soldiers in the base who were in touch with Sheikh Ibrahim and Abu Hamshan. Abu Hamshan was the leader of the group, leading the mercenaries coming to Azerbaijan from Syria, and he was responsible for them.
We were divided into groups. Abu Hamshan had been telling us not to spare anyone's life. He said that all Armenians should be slaughtered and killed. At the same time, Turkish and Azeri soldiers were also giving us similar orders, to kill and slaughter Armenians. Abu Hamshan, as well as the Turkish and Azeri soldiers, were telling us that each person who beheads an Armenian, would receive $100 for each beheading. Let me also mention that we were armed with long knives.
For those of us who were scared, the Azeri servicemen provided special drugs, which inhibit fear. I have personally seen how the soldiers of the Azeri army were distributing the pills to our Syrian boys. They were round, they looked like normal pills. I have not used it myself but many of the boys in our groups have drunk it in my presence.
On the seventh day, at 4 o'clock in the morning, by the order of Abu Hamshan and Sheikh Ibrahim, we went out with 150 people, got on pickup trucks and moved. After getting off the pickups, we walked about 7 kilometers. We were instructed to stand in a line, about 6 meters apart. We were prohibited to speak or to make a sound. We could only signal each other with our hands to talk to each other. [even jihadists respect COVID measures... wear your masks, kids j/k]
We were accompanied by Sheikh Ibrahim and two Azeri soldiers. Sheikh Ibrahim had told us that we must capture the Armenian village located in front of us and we must slaughter the civilians and the military personnel there.
When we approached the Armenian village, they started firing at us. Besides that, they were shooting in our direction with mines that were exploding during which 15 of us were killed. The operation failed and we had to flee to the mountains.
When we fled, I was not yet wounded. We went astray for a moment until we found the Azeris who were accompanying us. They escorted us, took us to some road, during which, the Armenians started shooting at us.
I was injured, I remained in that condition for days. No one asked or was interested in me. After staying for three days, I moved towards the Armenian bases. The Armenians signaled to me from afar that everything was normal.
I approached them, they took me in, treated me, gave me water and food. They assured me that they won't harm me. They only treated me well, may God bless them. I want to thank the Armenians, they helped me, healed me, revived me. We were wrong to come here. The Armenians are much better than we imagined.
I, Yousef Al Abed Al Haji, state that any person who is willing to go to Azerbaijan should not do so, because Armenians are very kind people. They saved me from death, they helped me.
I advise everyone, if they try to deceive you, try to lure you with money against this country, do not come to fight against Armenians, even if you will live in poverty. It is better to stay poor rather than go to Azerbaijan to fight for money. The Azeris call the Armenians infidels, but they are the infidels [shots fired].
We are the infidels that came to fight against these kind people [best tourism commercial ever]. I stayed wounded for five days, no one helped me but the Armenians did and healed my wounds [buy Armenian products in grocery stores near you].

few things from yesterday

UN Human Rights Watch: Turkey is inciting against its Armenian citizens, and hundreds are being forced to leave. Turkey’s representative is President of the 2020-2021 U.N. General Assembly. Why, @antonioguterres [UN leader]?
This is the moment when Azerbaijan bombed the capital Stepanakert yesterday. A children's center was targeted.
Sasna Tsrer party volunteers are in the front lines. They neutralized an Azeri colonel and published a photo of his uniform.
An unverified report by Russian military reporter Kotenok says that Armenians began using smoke-screen vehicles [like the ones in the link below] that create dense clouds to block the enemy's sight.
Fox 11: LA doctor details handling a pandemic in midst of a war in Armenia:
The french-Armenian community of Marseille, France has sent three jets filled with humanitarian aid.
Painter Alik Asatryan was recording the First Artsakh War on videotape in the 1990s. Today he lives in the Netherlands. He sold paintings and donated $19,000 to www.HimnaDram.org
Famous actor-comedian Vardan Petrosyan joined the "Ողջ Մնալու Արվեստ" team. His son went to the front lines:

November 4 // battlefield & analysis // international response & diplomacy // donations & demonstrations

00:02: Netherlands MP Peter Omzicht has urged the govt to consider sanctions against Azerbaijan for the use of banned phosphorus weapons and the import of jihadists. He cited the Genocide Watch agency's conclusion that the population of Artsakh is facing a threat of genocide.
00:07: the entire province of Lombardy, Italy has officially recognized the independence of the Artsakh Republic. "Lombardy Region is the first European region to support the recognition of the Artsakh Republic," said Councilman Michele Usuelli.
G.R.A.Z.I.E: https://www.facebook.com/m.usuelli.regione.lombardia/photos/a.387784631757763/863196244216597/?type=3
8:42 MoD: In the direction of Shushi, operations are being carried out to blockade and destroy the enemy group.
Stepanakert was bombed last night. Here are the photos:
9:24 army: the night was stable-tense on all fronts. The enemy continued to bomb not only army positions but also civilian settlements at night; Shushi was bombed. There are casualties.
At midnight, the infiltrators tried to advance near Shushi but were found and thrown back after suffering heavy losses. There is an ongoing operation to surround and destroy the group. Our army is in full control of the situation on all fronts.
Photos of Shushi bombing: https://factor.am/304985.html
https://t.me/infocomm/25369 , https://t.me/infocomm/25370
10:22: Armenian-Americans demonstrated in front of the "BGR Group" lobbying group with calls to drop the contract with Azerbaijan.
10:26: a group of hairstylists in Prague has collected $20,000 in donations for Artsakh and hospitals.
Some 40% of capital Stepanakert has been damaged by bombing. www.HimnaDram.org helps to recover it.
https://news.am/arm/news/611425.html , https://www.lragir.am/2020/11/04/596091/
11:29: experts advise family members not to discuss anything other than personal topics while calling relatives in front lines, because the calls can be easily intercepted by the enemy,. "The soldier should be at least 2km away from the area where the rest are gathered at the time of making the call."
11:39: singer Forsh has entered the chat with a new clip:
11:52: 85 judicial and 100 Investigative Committee officials have joined the front lines.
https://factor.am/304741.html , https://factor.am/304819.html
12:02 Russian WarGonzo reporter citing the source in Istanbul: several Azeri generals were "fired" by Turkey earlier. They plan to бунт (rebel) against the Turkish takeover. The officers, who are Shia, are unhappy that their soldiers are being managed by Turkey and Sunni jihadist commanders brought from Syria.
Aliyev is also losing control of the situation. There is a conflict within his clan. The Pashayev wing (Aliyev's wife's people) wants Aliyev to expedite the complete pro-Turkish transition, while Aliyev wants to imitate a balance between Russia and Turkey to avoid a scandalous severance of ties with Russia.
Either way, Aliyev understands that in any case, he will have to lie under Erdogan. In short, the Azeri leader is in a multi-vector situation.
12:12 Justice Minister Badasyan: there are international conventions against recruiting terrorists and a FATW global taskforce that fights the financing of terrorism. We are discussing possible action against Turkey for financing terrorism. There is evidence that Turkey hired and paid terrorists from Syria. Some other work is being done in the European Court for Human Rights right now.
12:21 political analyst Voskanyan: Azerbaijan is distorting Iranian Supreme Leader's words. During a yesterday speech, while speaking about the 7 regions of Artsakh, Khamenei did not use the harsher term اشغال (eshghal, "forceful occupation") which is often used in politics to describe Palestinian lands. Instead, he used the word تصرف (tasarrof), which is a milder term closer to "capturing" and is more apolitical.
12:27: doctor Sasha Rustamyan was ambushed and killed while transporting a wounded soldier. A group of Azeri infiltrators, dressed in Armenian uniforms, imitated an incident near a road. The ambulance vehicle was targeted when it stopped to help. Yerevan State Medical University paid tribute to their colleague. [this is possibly related to the earlier infiltration near Shushi forests]
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033941.html , https://med.news.am/arm/news/27599/razmakan-bzhishk-sasha-rustamyany-zohvel-e-tshnamu-gndakic-isk-hakarakordi-kraki-tak-haytnvats-shtapognutyan-meqenan-glorvel-e-dzory-epbh-rektor.html
13:19: the Personal Data Protection Agency recommends enabling 2-factor authentication for social media accounts, in addition to passwords. Hackings are common these days. The hijacked accounts are used for stealing data and spreading fake news.
13:29: video showing some of the destroyed drones belonging to Azerbaijan:
13:30: producer and actors Arsho Harutyunyan and Babken Chobanyan are also in the front lines.
13:31 Artsakh Ombudsman: Togh village resident told an international media reporter that one of his neighbors, whose name is Maior, had been beheaded, and 82-year-old Misha Stepanyan was murdered. We are investigating the case.
Hatred of Armenians is so ingrained in Azerbaijan that the killing of any Armenian or mistreatment of corpses is welcomed by the general public. This deserves special attention from the international community. The danger of genocide is very high.
50 civilians have been killed, 148 wounded, and 19,000 pieces of property damaged from Azerbaijan's indiscriminate bombing.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033872.html , https://factor.am/305004.html
13:38 army: Azerbaijan has lost 7,155 soldiers, 6 TOS, 697 tanks and armored vehicles, 25 aircrafts, 18 helicopters, 252 drones.
13:53: Azeri resident Zamig Mamedli complains about corruption that hinders aid to soldiers in frontlines. He says there is no proper organization of aid distribution, people don't know if it ever reaches the front or gets stolen and sold elsewhere. Those to drive there are stopped by highway cops and asked to pay a bribe to proceed. [Zamig deleted the Facebook post]
https://t.me/infoteka24/10835 , https://www.facebook.com/zamig/posts/10223697641499277
14:05: The National Academy of Sciences has asked their international colleagues to condemn the violence against Artsakh, the bombing of civilians, and to urge their respective countries to recognize its independence.
The Union of Writers has joined the initiative and asked public figures around the world to condemn the terrorism.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033877.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033882.html
14:13: Russian-Armenian media magnate Aram Gabrelyanov sites a source in the Dagestan region who claims that a cloud of doubt is forming around Ilham Aliyev, who is in a hurry to end the war before the cold (and possibly cloudy) winter begins.
14:17 army: At 10:30, three enemy tanks were destroyed in the area south-west of Berdzor (Lachin). At 12:55 they attacked again but retreated after losing 2 more tanks and 2 armored vehicles. The battles continue.
Part of the Lachin-Shushi road is closed. We are scanning to make sure there are no infiltrators left.
https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033868.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033881.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033901.html
14:54: the Greek City of Larissa has adopted a resolution condemning Turkey's meddling in the Artsakh conflict and expressed willingness to aid with refugees.
15:05: the European Student Union, consisted of unions from 40 states, has unanimously adopted a resolution that calls on the EU countries and institutions to take concrete steps to condemn and prevent Azeri-Turkish aggression.
15:13: some prisoners applied for early release citing their military experience and willingness to defend Artsakh. 21 have been approved so far.
15:20: Armenia's HR Ombudsman met the French ambassador and presented the evidence of Azerbaijan's use of cluster bombs and bombs containing chemical elements. He expressed condolences for the recent terror attacks in France.
The French ambassador condemned the attacks against Armenians in France and informed that The Council of Ministers of France has voted to ban the Turkish ultra-nationalist/terrorist organization Grey Wolves.
15:35: activists have counted $1.9b in damages to the Azeri army from the destroyed equipment alone.
15:36: video showing the aftermath of Armenian soldiers destroying an armored vehicle and capturing a bunch of infantry equipment/weapons.
15:37 president of Iran Rouhani: Our two neighbors have been in military conflict since September. Our Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been active in this issue, and the Armed Forces are vigilantly controlling the security of our borders. The security of our borders is very important to us. It is very important for us that there are no terrorists near our borders.
16:10: video from the southern Kubatli area:
16:43: Italian city Carbognano has officially recognized the Artsakh Republic.
double-g.r.a.z.i.e. today: https://t.me/infocomm/25413
16:44: recently, a group of Turkish-Azeri special forces was neutralized in Shushi forests. Open sources have identified Cəbrayılov Sübhan Rahim oğlu, an Azeri "Yashma" special forces officer, as one of the deceased.
16:52: the second group of Yezidi volunteers have finished the training and prepare to deploy:
17:17: European soccer regulator UEFA has temporarily suspended Ibrahimov, the PR manager of Azeri club "Qagabag FC", over his comments that encouraged a genocide against Armenians. UEFA's final verdict will be made when the investigation is over. For now, he is not allowed to participate in any activities relating to soccer.
Adidas has canceled the sponsorship contract with Garabag FC after a social media campaign by Armenians and foreigners who were equally outraged.
Spain's most popular sports outlet "Marca" covered the topic and called it terrorism. "Investigation into Qarabag after terrorist statement: Kill all Armenians, old and young".
https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/200222 , https://factor.am/304926.html , https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033929.html , https://t.me/infoteka24/10858
18:04 HR Ombudsman: The reaction of international organizations to Azerbaijan's military actions against Artsakh is disproportionate. Political interests prevail over human rights.
We're working with the institutes. The UN Human Rights office has made three statements.
18:23 army spokesman Artsrun: "Gyorbagyor" is what we call the operation to find and destroy Azeri infiltrators near Shushi. Friends, use the term #Gyorbagyor.
The army published a video recorded from an Armenian drone showing groups of Azeri infiltrators near Shushi. Strikes were conducted against them during operations gyorbagyor: https://youtu.be/hYIT3jgFeUM?t=11
18:25: Danish-Armenians held demonstrations and sent ambulance vehicles as humanitarian aid:
18:40-19:07: Azerbaijan targeted capital Stepanakert. A civilian was wounded. Armenpress reporters managed to take cover and weren't harmed.
Aftermath video: https://youtu.be/PEYEJMzglFA
Post-bombing photos: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033932.html
19:19 MFA Mnatsakanyan during Council of Europe session: Turkey and the hired terrorists take part in the conflict that's accompanied by human rights violations aimed at ethnic cleansing of the native population.
We tried to establish a ceasefire several times, but Azerbaijan violates it. We agree that hate speech is bad, yet Turkey and Azerbaijan have been teaching Armenophobia for decades.
Statements are no longer enough. The Council of Europe should display decisiveness and help defend Artsakh residents' right to live, as it was ruled by the ECHR court after Armenia's petition. I urge the Committee of Ministers to take decisive steps and be worthy of the legacy of the founding fathers of the Council of Europe.
https://t.me/infocomm/25431 , https://t.me/infocomm/25430 ,
19:37 famed Austrian conductor Ernest Hoetzel: I am really saddened by the news about the conflict in your country. I remember with great pleasure all my visits to your beautiful country and, especially, my visit to Artsakh, where it seemed to me that I was really in paradise. And to see it destroyed because of a military problem really hurts my heart. I wish you, your families, all the best, and God willing, this issue will end soon. God bless you.
https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2676038099281057 , https://style.news.am/arm/news/74748/mets-hatchuyqov-em-hishum-arcakh-katarats-im-aycelutyuny-ortex-indz-tvum-er-drakhtum-em․․․-ayn-avervats-tesnely-cavecnum-e-im-sirty․-avstraci-dirizhor-ernest-hoycl.html
19:55: a political analyst is urging the army to purchase Chinese-made Wing Loong bomber drones "that are superior to Bayraktars and will allow Armenians to launch a counter-attack more successfully".
20:23: Armenian soldiers singing a song:
20:27 Armenia MoD: we shot and Azeri drone over village Shatjreq in the Republic of Armenia's Gegharquniq province (near Qarvachar).
20:40: the National Security Services units are also in the front lines. They released footage showing the destruction of Azeri armored vehicles. One of the vehicles notices the nearby artillery strike and tries to make a u-turn, but it's too late. Another tank gets penetrated by a missile.
20:52 Armenia MoD: at around 20:15 we shot the second Azeri drone in the Republic of Armenia's Sotq-Mets Masrik area.
Half an hour later: the third Azeri drone was shot in the same area.
21:03: the Italian city of Campobasso passed a resolution to condemn Azerbaijan's military aggression against Artsakh.
21:39: Colonel Argam Gevorgyan and Lt. Colonel Davit Harutyunyan have received the Order of Combat Cross medal.
21:46: Artsakh HR Ombudsman was the main guest of a special online session held by the Netherlands Parliament. Turkish-Azeri aggression was presented. The humanitarian crisis was highlighted. The Parliamentarians were briefed about Azerbaijan's war crimes.
https://factor.am/305161.html , https://www.armtimes.com/hy/article/200255
22:00 army spokesman Artsrun's briefing: throughout the day Azeris and terrorists attacked in several directions. A limited quantity of air force and artillery was used today.
In north-eastern forests, they launched an attack with groups but were thrown back after sustaining several deaths.
Small skirmishes in the center-east.
Today you saw footage recorded from our drone, showing the operation 10km from Shushi. The infiltrators were being destroyed with artillery fire followed by other types of fire, but that specific footage showed the artillery fire.
We picked a name for it. Gyorbagyor2020. Turks know what it means. It will continue. These gorges and forests near Shushi and Stepanakert, which Azeris present as a "small" area, will become Hell for them.
In the south, along the Vorotan river basin (that stretches from Araks to Lachin), near a specific hill, Azeris used a detachment and armored vehicles to attack. They lost 2-3 armored vehicles and retreated.
Three Azeri drones were shot in the Republic of Armenia within a very short period of time. No other military events in Armenia.
Q: we saw an Armenian drone footage today. Are they a permanent part of the Armenian arsenal now? Are they made in Armenia?
A: We don't always show videos of how the enemy is neutralized. The war is often about local battles that should not be publicized. People should not interpret this war as a virtual game. The main task, in the end, is in the hands of infantry and the power of human will to defend his own land. We will publish more footage if necessary; it's not like there is a shortage of it.
Q: is the road between Lachin and Shushi closed?
A: parts of it are temporarily closed for civilians although we've already neutralized the infiltrators. We're making sure there aren't any leftovers. There are other roads you can use. We're going to pick and destroy these groups one by one. These gorges will be their cemeteries.
Q: how safe is the Qarvachar road?
A: I used it today and it's safe.
[talks about Azeri propaganda and their attempts to stoke doubt and claim there is panic in Artsakh]
Q: does Armenia use satellite imagery provided by its allies?
A: Maybe [big grin]. I couldn't disclose such information.
Q: how many infiltrators died during Operation Gyorbagyor?
A: it will become clear tomorrow. There might be a video.
Q: how is the wounded former Artsakh MoD Jalal Harutyunyan doing?
A: He is recovering. The breathing tube was removed yesterday. He breaths on his own.
Full: https://youtu.be/XjA66-sKDrY , https://www.facebook.com/ArtsakhInformation/videos/452372449075038/ , https://youtu.be/O3AlqmmVqJ0 , https://youtu.be/yy0MU_Zk_JA
22:41: photos of soldiers from the front lines
23:10 ANNA reporter: Azerbaijan claims they stopped an Armenian infiltration in Zangilan (far south of Artsakh). In other words, despite all the news, Artsakh continues to resist and act behind the enemy lines. It somehow does not fit with the reports from Baku about the general state of war.
23:13: American company Trimble Navigation will stop selling GPS technology to Turkish Bayraktar drone producer after a protest by Armenian activists.
23:46 army: we shot the 4th Azeri drone in Armenia's Gegharquniq province around 21:30. Photo:
00:07: GPS product maker Garmin has also condemned the use of its technology in the aggression against Artsakh.
"It has been brought to [our] attention that one of our products has been incorporated into drones that are being used in Bayraktar UAVs to kill innocent civilians in Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh). We condemn this violence in the strongest terms [full message in the link]."

regional news

Erdogan's regime continues the political persecution of Kurdish politicians and wrong-thinkers. Kurdish HDP party's high-profile former members Selahattin Demirtash and Figen Yuksekdag have been in prison for four years now.
HDP released a statement saying the party stands strong and will resist despite the ongoing persecutions.
Kurdish PKK rebels launched a missile attack in Derecik, Hakkari Region, Turkey, close to the Iraq border. One dead, two wounded.
The earthquake in Izmir has lifted the Greek island of Samos by 20 centimeters.
4.5M earthquake in south-central Azerbaijan
Turkey promised a "firm response" after France banned the Turkish extremist group "Grey Wolves".

other Armenian news

Professional activist-protester Vardges Gaspari has been acquitted of charges relating to March 1st, 2008. The Cassations Court has also acquitted another activist Aslan Avetisyan.
COVID stats: +4,565 tested. +2,374 infected. +1,212 healed. +35 deaths. 36,502 active. 853 serious. 178 critical. 75 on lung vent.
https://med.news.am/arm/news/27606/hayastanum-arden-75-koronavirusov-pacient-miacvats-e-tao-sarqin.html , https://factor.am/304695.html
Court cases involving disputes between people or businesses have sharply increased in recent times. The judicial official believes it's due to increased trust towards the institution.
It went from 49,000 cases per year six years ago, to 200,000 cases nowadays.

War vs Economy & Inflation

Wars have a negative impact on a country's financial sector. It often devalues the national currency because of investment reduction, reduction in exports, and outflow of capital. However, this can be mitigated by taking into account the specifics of the country.
In Armenia, the financial sector is stable, even during the war, because the banking system is stable; most of its assets are liquid.
In situations like these, it's important where the country borrows the money from: external debt with Dollar, or internal debt with Dram? In recent years, the govt began borrowing internally by issuing Dram bonds, which is later also paid back with Drams. This process slows the Dram's devaluation.
Another stabilizing factor has been the inflow of transfers from abroad into the Armenia Fund or private domain. There is also the Central Bank which made some "injections" during this time.
However, there will come a time when things will need to change if the war drags for too long. There could be pressure in the market that could devalue Dram.
Also, every currency in the region is devaluing. Turkish Lira, Azeri Manat, Georgian Lari, Iranian, and Russian. As a result, products produced in those countries become cheaper to buy than the Armenian products. This harms the Armenian producers.
On the other hand, the devaluation of Dram would make imports more expensive, which would cause social issues. Therefore, the currency policy will need to be carefully reviewed and changed very slowly to balance the interests of producers and consumers.
Full article: https://armenpress.am/arm/news/1033832.html

How to help Artsakh & Armenia

www.1000plus.am (international, medical help for former soldiers)
www.HimnaDram.org (international, for Artsakh)
www.ArmeniaFund.org (U.S. tax-deductible, for Artsakh)
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