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My suggestion for a fix on the Resin issue.

TL;DR: -Increase cap based on WL or AR -Increase Refresh rate a lot -Use it as a drop booster and let people farm pretty much everything for 1 tier lower rewards without Resin. -Remove AR as a reward for things like domains, bosses etc, unless Resin is spent. -People saying "But wut about people maxxing out too fast in a mostly single player RPG?!" - Look at actual numbers, not possible! /end
So, like almost everyone else, I am having issues accepting the Resin system in it's current format.
Personally I'd love for it to be removed entirely but I think most of us can agree that that is very unlikely to happen so long as it remains a revenue stream for Mihoyo, so I'm going to share my thoughts on what I think should be done with it to both make it bearable and continue to be a revenue stream for Mihoyo. But also mainly to avoid a massive amount of players simply just leaving the game due to frustrations over it, which ultimately negatively affects their bottom line too so I imagine they won't want that.
There are many reasons that this system needs to change but the main one is that Genshin Impact is NOT just a mobile game that you check every few hours, spend 10-20 minutes using up your resources to gain a few things, and then turn it off until the thought to check it again crosses your mind hours later. It is a multiplatform RPG with a massive open world, dozens of characters already with more to come, and quite literally years of farming to achieve (even without Resin) to experience all that the game has to offer at it's highest level. And there's only going to be more content and events to come which expands this already expansive game. A Resin system does not work for a game in this format, people do not want to log into a game on their PC or Console for 20 minutes at a time two times a day, with the odd day spending a couple hours farming plants and world elites that don't require Resin. They want to log into a game and play it for hours, not be restricted in how much they can achieve in their game, and even set goals and targets with friends that they can work together with to achieve in Domains and against Bosses. Resin works fine in a mobile only game with autoplay, but Genshin Impact is much more than that and we need to accept that such a system just isn't welcome in it and it needs to change to accommodate what it truly is!

Anyhow, moving forward, I'll now explain how I'd like to see it changed to become something positive for both us players as well as Mihoyo's game!

1 - The obvious: Have the Resin cap increase based on some progress factor, ie. Adventure Rank or World Level.
  • Adventure Rank: Simply increase it by 5-10 per AR, this will eventually set it at 420(blaze it) - 720(HD)
  • World Level: Increase it by 60 per World Level, if I'm not mistaken then the maximum World Level is 8, making the final cap 600.*All of these numbers are far more fair and reasonable than the current unmovable cap of 120.
2 - The other obvious: Increase the refresh rate, drastically. Change it from 8 to /at least/ 4, preferably 2 or 3 minutes.
  • 4 minutes cuts the wait time for the current cap recharge from the unreasonable 16 hours in half to 8 hours
  • Realistically to keep a fair and suitable recharge rate in line with point 1's increase to the total cap a more suitable refresh rate would be 2 minutes, 3 tops.
3 - The game changer: Have Resin be used as a drop booster rather than a key to gaining anything at all. Even adding some separate timers or something along those lines to keep things at a steady, but realistic rate.
  • Leylines (20 Resin): Zero cost entirely, no boost, no resin required at all. These offer two artificial roadblocks to almost all content, XP Books and (more importantly) Mora. Just slap a short cooldown of around 5-20 minutes onto them (separate per blue and gold, and per region). This will be the filler content, players will hit up their leylines regularly in between bosses and domains, or in between just hanging out in Coop or afking in Mondstadt or Liyue city. I think you'd find people would be far more inclined to stay online, even if it means idling around the place, if they can hit up their leylines every few minutes per region/color. EDIT: An extra option to spend 10-20 Resin to refresh the timer instantly, for those times you're in dire need of Mora or XP and you're willing to spend your valuable Resin to gain it!
  • Weekly Bosses (60 Resin): Leave them as they are but remove the Resin Cost entirely, there's no logical or reasonable excuse for these to cost Resin, let alone 60. They're already on a week long cooldown and drop some of the most important materials in the game.
  • World Elite Bosses (40 Resin): Two looting options.
  1. Spend Resin - If you choose to spend Resin on them then you gain the loot as you do now.
  2. Don't Spend Resin - If you choose not to spend Resin on them then the loot they drop, and the chance of that loot dropping, will be lowered down a world level tier; as in you gain the same loot you would have if you killed the boss in the previous world level.
  • Domains (20 Resin): Same as the World Elite Bosses.
  1. Spend Resin - If you choose to spend Resin on them then you gain the loot as you do now.
  2. Don't Spend Resin - If you choose to not spend Resin on them then the loot you get, and the chance of that loot dropping, will be lowered down a tier; as in you gain the same loot you would have if you completed the domain and spent Resin in the previous Tier of Domain.
  • Events: Play it by ear. I don't mind some Events having a Resin option for certain rewards after completing certain tasks (only if changes 1 and 2 are implemented though), but there should also be events that don't require Resin at all.*This alleviates all sides! People that want to farm for hours on end can do so, at a slightly decreased drop rate/rarity chance. People that only want to hop on for 20 minutes at a time can still do so and gain the maximum reward from their resin that is available to them. And Resin remains a valuable commodity to Whales that want to pay for a massive advantage, continuing to buy refreshes so they can get the best of both worlds!
  • Adventure Rank: Anything that you currently spend Resin on that also grants ARXP simply remove the ARXP as a reward if you don't spend Resin at all, even if the reward is 1 tier lower. This way the rate that people will level up through their Adventure Rank will not change at all, in any way.
To the people that think some players will simply "max out" in a few days or a week and stop playing due to boredom let me enlighten you.
  1. People are far more inclined to return to new content or events if they burn out at their own pace, their own way, doing what they want to do. Sure there may be breaks (hold that thought until you read further though), but player retention will be superior. This means more people willing to buy the Battle Pass, The Blessing of the Welkin Moon, Genesis Crystals for rolls on new characters, Skins if they're added, other banners for other rewards that may be added in the future, etc etc.
  2. People that leave over frustration with a system like Resin? Far less likely to return, even if new content comes out but the Resin system is not fixed to a suitable extent. No one wants to go back to a game that just pisses them off in the long run. But plenty will return to one that they enjoyed and got a sense of accomplishment from.
  3. Now read this one very carefully because this is probably the most important point to that "maxxed out in a week" claim. It is literally impossible to "max out" in anything less than 4 months and 2 weeks assuming you have the best luck in the world with drops, and that's only character level. To ascend past level 80 you need 18 items that ONLY drop from the world bosses, cannot be crafted, and will have an assumed drop chance of 25% because each boss can drop 1 out of 3 of the potential items, or none at all, each single character needing 18 of ONE of the 3 potential drops. So let me run it down for you, even if you get perfect luck with drops, every single week, then "maxxing" a character (only levels) will take 4 and a half months at level 80, that's one out of 4 characters in your team, out of 8 needed for the Abyss (possibly more if they expand the Abyss even further and make a 3 team, or even a 4 team split in the future), and out of currently just short of two dozen potential characters with many more on the way that most of us want to level up and experience playing the game with. This is all before working on talent levels, weapon levels, building a good (even perfect) set of artifacts which if I'm not mistaken to get a perfect artifact drop/enhancement the current chances are around 1/2500, and each INDIVIDUAL character needs 5 of them. So no, if resin is removed or even reworked in the way I laid out in this post, no one will be "maxxed out" in a few days or a week. There is years of work to be done to reach a point that could be considered maxxed out or current endgame and there's so much more content yet to even come!
One final point I'll make which I feel is very important is the Whales, the people that are funding this game more than the rest of us. The thing they are spending most money on, as far as I can assume, are the banners for weapons and characters, now this is all well and good but I'm seeing increasing amounts of people make the very fair point that that may slow down drastically if these new weapons and characters they get are nothing more than Expedition fodder or a waste of bag space. If they can't farm the things they need to advance these characters because they only have enough Resin Time to focus on their main team, then why would they spend their money to get them in the first place? Food for thought at the very least I think!
Finally I'll ask everyone reading this to respond by using the poll, do you feel this is a suitable alternative? Do you like parts of it but not like other parts? Would you just want to see Resin removed entirely no matter what alternatives are presented?
Share your thoughts, dissect the idea and let me know what you'd change to better streamline the issue. Either way though thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion.
View Poll
submitted by OliveLover112 to Genshin_Impact


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