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Major Units Stationed At Fort Hood

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It is to add assets to your game. We are a relatively new clan, but we are growing quickly and have a strong core. On 14 November 1940 the Luftwaffe launched its most devastating bombing raid of World War Two so far, on the city of Coventry. Blitz keeps up with the meta for you.

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Although Wigan was spared any direct Blitz activity, firefighters from the town were frequently mobilised to assist other towns and cities during this time. Sam Browne belts, and shining boots with yellow laces, were named by the Germans the "Blitz Polizei" (Lightning Police). Drop hack league of legends 2020 championship https://translate-centre.ru/forum/?download=2884. Blitz brigade hack direct.

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Patch adobe audition cs6 keygen https://translate-centre.ru/forum/?download=4809. She reigned longer than any other Dutch monarch, and was a resistance symbol during World War Two (1939-1945), giving radio addresses to the occupied Netherlands. Additional personnel attached to the brigade rounded out the signal staff and the EW platoon. IRA member Patrick Magee, with the purpose of killing Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her cabinet, who were staying.

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Put on your game face as one of seven highly skilled classes and team up with other players to blast your enemies into the ground. Blitz Brigade cheats Direct Download. Contact our Governance team. Then you probably have wanted to get free diamonds, coins and God Mode or Double xp in the game?

[DxM Sourcebook] Chapter III - Reclaimer Factions

First off, I'd like to give some quick info. On Feb. 21, an official Daemon X Machina Sourcebook came out in Japan. This is a 256 page textbook containing a lot of story info not detailed in the game. Since there seems to be an interest from the community, I'd like to drip post translated sections when they are finished. Hopefully this will allow for new discussion content weekly. Also, if there is anyone willing to proof read my English, that'd be much appreciated. Perhaps this info can eventually be posted on the Orbital Database if allowed. I'm starting with the third chapter because this contains, by far, the most background info. If there are any questions, please post in the comments. Edit: There might be stuff considered minor spoilers.
1.About Outers
Femto particles, released by the fall of the moon, have acted upon human genes to produce a different kind of humanity. These femto particles have been released all over the world, with the entirety of humanity being affected to varying degrees.
The effects manifested in three ways:
  1. The first form has no effects or complications.
  2. The second form affects the human body in an allergy-like manner. At first there are no symptoms, but increases in concentration of femto in the human body leads to death. This fatal condition is called Outer Syndrome.
  3. The third form is those who have adapted without dying. Causing an awakening of special abilities, these people display more power than previously witnessed in humanity. Mankind fears and persecutes these people whose power is more than their own. Those who are not humans, who are outside humanity, are called Outers. Scientists, having noticed that Outers have the ability to absorb and release femto particles, as well as to have physical abilities superior to ordinary human beings, have developed Arsenals to help these Outers in a fight against AI. In losing their place in humanity, they have found a place to live on the battlefield.
2.Outer Suits
A suit developed to link the Outer’s spine and nervous system with the Arsenal. Attachments are present on the elbows, spine, and calf, and they connect when they fit inside the Arsenal. The suit itself has evolved over time, previously having first and second generation models, while the current suit has been developed to be one with the Arsenal.
3.Outer Blitz
Outers were initially supplied with handguns and other hand-held weapons, but with the advancement of technology, the application of an Arsenal's technology was downsized and became the current weapon. Like Arsenals, the Outer uses femto particle power and external femto particles as energy and operating systems. Although it is a small weapon, it is the latest weapon that uses Arsenal's technology and has higher power than older weapons.
4.The Introduction of ‘Rookie’
The Orbital has dug out suitable individuals from the Outers and registered them as new mercenaries. In addition to lending Arsenals to new registrants, the company also carries out operations such as transplanting nerve connection terminals to Arsenals.
Even if the registrants already have a proper name, all newcomers will receive the naming of "Rookie." Though independent from any reclaimer factions, a rookie's ability to stand out as he fulfills a number of orders is well known amongst Orbital, communities and other mercenaries.
And with the advent of rookies, the situation in the Oval Link will undergo major changes.
A Daemon is one who is created to handle miscellaneous things that the gods do not want to be bothered with, and performs tasks in the background. The Dominator is presently lending its power to this thirteenth entity.
The entity has been copied by Grief and contains no memory. Its memory of being a Daemon was set to revive at some point, but it became an “exception” and took free action over the Dominator and Grief's power.
6.Body Modification
Outers can improve their own abilities by undergoing body modification performed in the laboratory (p.16). Apart from affecting an Outer’s combat, body modification can also affect the Arsenal, however the complexity of the procedure can be costly and uncomfortable for newcomer mercenaries. In addition, the appearance may change significantly depending on the treatment. It is clear that the modification will improve combat abilities, but some mercenaries do not modify their bodies for reasons mentioned above. In some cases, Orbital may be subject to refurbishment if it determines that its suitability for mercenaries is extremely low.
  • Head Modifications.
The mechanization to living body parts includes implants in the eyeball, addition of an auxiliary brain, optimization of brain circuits, etc. There is also a procedure to implant a self-destruct device in the body as a final self-determination measure. Modifications relate to Outer combat, as well as the efficiency in use of particle weapons.
  • Upper Body Modifications.
In addition to the mechanization of the arm and upper body, modification to improve physical performance by implanting strengthening cells and to connect the assistive device to the shoulder with nerves. In addition to improving endurance and strength as an Outer, an Arsenal's ability to recover VP and fly boost will also increase. For Arsenals, the skill of handling melee weapons and the reduction of reload speed can be expected too.
  • Lower Body Modifications.
Modifications such as mechanization of the legs and neural connection of assistive devices. Ability to move during battle as both an Outer and in an Arsenals can be improved. In addition to improving performance when traveling normally, it will also reduce stamina consumption and allow Arsenal's high-speed "blink" movement.
Source: p.86 - 91
1.Reclaimer Factions (jp. “Liberation Brigades”) and Mercenaries.
Reclaimer factions are organized mercenaries banded together for a variety of reasons, such as for survival or to follow and join famous mercenaries. Corporations and Orbital have accepted the fact that entrusting tasks to these individuals has a higher success rate, so therefore group assistance is preferred. There is also the ability to send a request for assistance to the mercenaries of each faction. By paying the appropriate amount, you can call upon a consort to assist in sorties. However there may be betrayal, and if hostile action is taken on a reclaimer faction, expect there to be retaliation.
Mercenaries never give their real names. They are called by their names registered in Orbital, such as call sign or pseudonym. Mercenaries make a living by receiving missions from Orbital and from sometimes accepting non-Orbital offers.
Mercenaries generally receive mission information and results on their terminals. The terminal is a commonly sold item which uses a dedicated application. In many cases, the user always carries something such as a portable terminal or a watch-style terminal to receive information. AR is also progressing. (?)
2.Missions (Orders)
The mission duties are divided up and disclosed into two types; directly assigned to individual mercenaries, or offered to specific faction groups. Since there is often open disclosure about missions, requests directly from corporations are known as “dirty missions”. This is due to the delicate nature of these missions and high monetary rewards leading to jealousy amongst other mercenaries.
Generally, the term AI is often associated with elimination. However, the nuance of this word changes depending on the faction or the client. In Japanese, it is "elimination", but in English it means "extermination", "destruction", and "stamping out". (Colloquial and formal terms. Companies use the formal term, while mercenaries use the colloquial sense). The words may differ depending also on the faction individual.
Mission requests are made in this order [Client] → [Orbital] → [Mercenary]. This system is based on the idea of ​​securing the necessary finances and resources beforehand in order to avoid impairment of each group’s personal interest, along with avoiding an irreversible war. Following closely with the history of humankind in the past, disputes are settled through a type of proxy war or proxy duel, such as those during the Middle Ages.
3.Four (Face Of User Radiate)
An AI operator that supports mercenaries. It may change its calling or attitude to provide personalized support for each mercenary. It is unknown what will happen if she is infected or destroyed because the installation location and network configuration are not disclosed.
It is rumored that Four exists in a closed network to prevent transmissions from the Immortals, but if that is so, it is unknown how she assists Arsenals with external contacts and how she updates large amounts of external information. There are many mysteries surrounding what Four is doing.
One theory is offering disturbing rumors that four Outers with strong computing power have been modifying and operating Four.
4.The Truth of Solomon
Solomon has two identities.
However, due to the fact that the mercenaries treat Solomon as a myth, the truth of these two identities has become lost. Although the existence of Solomon itself has been confirmed, mercenaries do not know the reality.
One of Solomon’s identities is known collectively as a term for those who have acted on behalf of the Dominator from the past millennia to the present. A message from the Moon at every turning point, with the seekers and saviors who have emerged to guide all human life into outer space - to evolve and be seed takers in an attempt to guide humanity in a new direction. Various people who are called upon to do such assistance correspond to this definition. The predecessors of Grief, and Grief himself, are included in this identity of Solomon. Anyone who seeks to do the will of the Dominator is known as a Solomon; Grief included.
When a rookie (player) attempts to fight Solomon, it’ll be deemed "impossible" by Solomon. After the moon fell, Grief made his first encounter with the Dominator at the Space Station, and after a second meeting on the ground, has been the only person to associate with Dominate in the present day. Normally there was no way for an individual to get the power of the Dominator, however the Dominator willingly gave it's power in an act of confused self-preservation.
At the time of the moon fall, an infamous young man [the other identity of Solomon] was on the ground close to where the Dominator fell, but the physical and mental damage of this encounter were so severe that it caused an Outer ability of “predation” to emerge for his survival, along with turning him into a completely different living being - neither AI nor human.
Influenced by the spirit of humans and the intelligence of AI, he performs logical actions that are consistent but only known to himself. Also, his body fused with the Arsenal to make it resilient in any situation, and his spirit combined with the AI to create an ability to be regenerated in another Arsenal or AI system. In the past, he had worked with Grief and Brigadier General.
Source: p. 92 and 93
submitted by Muteki_____ to DaemonXMachina


[ARMA 3] - Battle of Basra - Sunday Sept 6th @ 19:00 UTC

Calendar Details:|2020-09-6 19:00 |Arma 3| Battle of Basra| REPLAY
Royal Marines en route towards Basra, during the early stages of the 2003 invasion of Iraq.


Where? PA Arma 3 Server
When? 19:00 UTC
Join the steam group!
Get the mods through our custom mod downloader, Swifty
When should I update the mods? As soon as you can, PM me with issues.
Want more info? LINK to our wiki
Recommended reading: http://ttp3.dslyecxi.com/
If you have any issues with any of them, or anything really. Do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other helpers on teamspeak. Reddit PM is the easiest way to get a hold of me.


Iraq March 2003, South of Basra
Our company of the Royal Marines will be tasked with spearheading our brigade to Basra, securing along route 26 major towns and Iraqi critical infrastructures (Hydro-Electric Dam, Oil fields etc...) threatened to be set ablaze by the Iraqi troops.
We will push into the desert at night to phaseline Excalibur, and assault at dawn Zargabad and major objectives.
An SAS recon team has already spotted several Iraqi elements of the 51st Mechanized Division; including heavy armor; and supported by the Fedayeen paramilitary groups.
To match those forces will be supported by a detachment of Challenger-2 Tanks and IFV's from the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards.
Remember, we will be operating in populated areas; so watch your fire.
Oh, and one last thing; our high command ordered us to take with us a reporter from the PABC 'PA broadcasting corporation' to cover our advance; make sure he's safe and treated well by the grunts.
AO map
  • Secure Route 26 including town of Shahbaz, Zargabad, Hazar Bagh
  • Secure x4 Oil Rigs.
  • Secure the Abe-Shur Hydro-electric Dam.
  • Secure Ba'ath party headquarters, and capture any potential HVT.
Mission specifics:
  • The Challenger-2 featured will be the Leopard2 tank from vanilla ARMA3 posing as a challenger.
  • IFV's will have in addition to carrying troops different roles:
"LANCER" group fitted with the FV510 will be on a more offensive stance with 40mm able to take out armor.
"ARCHER" group fitted with the FV432 will be more in a support role, fitted with a Heavy MG and an internal mortar system. In addition to providing mortar fire support, the crew will be tasked with fixing other vehicles when necessary and letting medics perform blood transfusion in the vehicle*.
*Epinephrine and Morphine will be administered directly on the field; however if you are too wounded and require blood you will need to be transfused into a support vehicle.


Use this in your slotting comment:
IGN: SLOT: | Alpha | MG | 
CO and squad leaders should join the teamspeak 30 minutes before the event starts for planning the mission.
You are eligible to apply for the leadership if you have participated in at least 3 events with PA.
If this is your first event with us we would also like to ask you to join 30 minutes early for a quick introduction to PA.


This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Do a quick look through the comments to make sure your slot hasn't already been claimed.
You need to have played at least three events with us for all leadership and special roles like pilots or vehicle crew.
Callsign/ Role IGN Weapons
Commanding Officer L85A2
2IC L85A2
War reporter Comrade Stalin L85A2
KNIGHT 1 Commander (Tank Plt. Lead) Bytor Challenger-2 Tank
KNIGHT1 Gunner HelmutM Challenger-2 Tank
KNIGHT1 Driver LordReginold Challenger-2 Tank
KNIGHT 2 Commander Challenger-2 Tank
KNIGHT2 Gunner Deemo Challenger-2 Tank
KNIGHT2 Driver Challenger-2 Tank
KNIGHT 3 Commander Challenger-2 Tank
KNIGHT3 Gunner Challenger-2 Tank
KNIGHT3 Driver Challenger-2 Tank
LANCER 1 GunneCommander BlitzFalke FV510 Warrior
Driver Storminwerfer FV510 Warrior
LANCER 2 GunneCommander TheRider FV510 Warrior
Driver Driver FV510 Warrior
ARCHER 1 GunneCommander FV432 w Mortar
Driver FV432 w Mortar
ARCHER 2 GunneCommander FV432 w Mortar
Driver FV432 w Mortar
1st Section Leader pato L85A2
Grenadier BoopSnek L85A2 w GL
Rifleman Poseidon L85A2
Rifleman BaconVape L85A2
Medic Klark Morrigan L85A2
LAT Riikkaaa L85A2 + LASM (M72 LAW)
MG tumor Minimi
Assistant MG Tetra L85A2
2nd Section Leader L85A2
Grenadier GORD L85A2 w GL
Rifleman HammerDan L85A2
Rifleman Juice L85A2
Medic Sas L85A2
LAT deejaya L85A2 + LASM (M72 LAW)
MG Minimi
Assistant MG L85A2
3rd Section Leader L85A2
Grenadier L85A2 w GL
Rifleman L85A2
Rifleman L85A2
Medic L85A2
LAT L85A2 + LASM (M72 LAW)
MG Minimi
Assistant MG L85A2
4th Section Leader L85A2
Grenadier L85A2 w GL
Rifleman L85A2
Rifleman L85A2
Medic L85A2
LAT L85A2 + LASM (M72 LAW)
MG Minimi
Assistant MG L85A2
5th Section Leader L85A2
Grenadier L85A2 w GL
Rifleman L85A2
Rifleman L85A2
Medic L85A2
LAT L85A2 + LASM (M72 LAW)
MG Minimi
Assistant MG L85A2
Recce Observer charlie L85A2
Sniper TomoKIN AWM
submitted by bagogoodies111 to ProjectMilSim