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Booking the Intercontinental Championship From Now to WrestleMania 37 (Part Six: Riding Off Into the Hollywood Sun)

The Miz had retained the Intercontinental Championship at Fastlane due to the antics of Seth Rollins, and this meant that The Miz had now officially become the longest combined reigning Intercontinental Champion of all time. To celebrate this achievement, Miz was to host a coronation on SmackDown alongside tag team partner John Morrison. In the final few shows before WrestleMania, would a worthy challenger pop up?

Booking the Intercontinental Championship From Now to WrestleMania 37 (Part Six: Riding Off Into the Hollywood Sun)

SmackDown – 12th March
The Miz partakes in an over-the-top ceremony to celebrate Miz’s achievement of becoming the combined longest reigning Intercontinental Champion in history. The Miz gloats about his success with the belt, and how he has achieved all of this by his own, and without the help of anyone else or any interference at all.
The ceremony reaches a conclusion, as John raises the hand of his tag team partner, proud of his accomplishments. However, a tension is building. The Miz turns to John Morrison, taking an extended glance at him, before looking at the WrestleMania sign, and then the Intercontinental Championship.
Miz and Morrison hug, before Miz mimes the word “I made it here. You’re a leech.” And all of a sudden, MIZ LOW BLOWS MORRISON! Morrison collapses to the stomach of the Miz, who looks up at the disgusted crowd. Morrison exclaims “Why would you do this?” Miz backs into the corner, and strikes a vulnerable Morrison with an exposed knee.
He grabs Morrison by the chin “You were just a leech! You’re taking my spotlight!” Miz hits a Skull Crushing Finale on Morrison onto the Intercontinental Championship, The Miz walks away while John Morrison staggers to his feet, deeply saddened. Before he leaves, he looks at the WrestleMania sign, which gives him some reassurance.

SmackDown – 19th March
As we converge onto WrestleMania, at the start of the show, John Morrison comes out and explains his emotions after being betrayed by The Miz, and how he should’ve seen it coming. The tone of the promo transitions from a sombre tone to a more frustrated one, as Morrison says that “ever since he has returned, he has gave Miz relevance.” Referencing retaining the SmackDown Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania, helping the Miz win the Intercontinental Championship and all of the other scandals.
“Accept my challenge, beat me at WrestleMania and you’ll have no doubters. Come and face me, and finish off the biggest cancer of your career.” Morrison stares deeply into the camera, but Miz appears on the titantron. He’s in a room backstage with a pair of security guards tailing him, the room has a red fabric background and a luxury sofa.
Miz chuckles, before taking off his Aviators and saying that he doesn’t have to face John Morrison at WrestleMania, because Morrison hasn’t earnt a shot at WrestleMania. Miz can be seen later in the show being escorted through the arena by security, as MIz constantly checks his back to make sure there’s no sign of Morrison.
They eventually spot eachother, as Morrison chases MIz through the arena. The Intercontinental Champion gets a group of security guards, but Morrison uses his parkour skills to maneuver past them. The Miz locks himself in a room, refusing to confront his former tag team partner which he betrayed last week.
Towards the end of the show, The Miz can be heard asking if the coast is clear, in which a security guards confirm. The Miz walks out and begins to strut to his private trailer, with a security guard either side of him. He eventually reaches the trailer, and a security guard is ordered to open the door for him. The security guard takes a long time, and The Miz begins ranting at him.
The guard pauses, turns around, and takes off his cap… It’s John Morrison! Morrison takes down the other security guard, before fighting Miz in the car park. The Miz hops on a buggy which rides around the backstage of the arena, Morrison chases the buggy around the backstage before hopping on it and brawling with Miz.
John and Miz fall off the moving buggy, as Morrison begins to enact his revenge on Miz, eventually hitting a powerbomb on the Intercontinental Champion through a table. SmackDown GM Christian arrives on the scene and encourages Morrison to move away as Miz receives medical attention.

SmackDown – 26th March
The go home show before WrestleMania, storylines are beginning to wrap up, but one still looming in the air is the ongoing feud between former tag team partners, former tag team champions, The Miz and John Morrison. At the start of the show, SmackDown GM Christian arranges a ring segment later in the show, where both Miz and Morrison will have to attend, and they will settle their differences inside the ring.
When we reach the segment, Morrison is the first out, followed by The Miz, who has a group of security guards with him. Morrison goes to speak first, but Miz swiftly interrupts him and says “Adults first.” Before speaking himself. “John Morrison is a fabricated, self-indulgent moneywhore, who came back to the WWE, because AEW didn’t have any interest in signing him.” Miz claims to the shock of the crowd. Morrison replies, saying that Miz claims to be a gatekeeper of the WWE, but he got here through reality shows, and in-ring, he doesn’t stand any chance, which is why he relied on John Morrison to do his dirty work.
The promo war becomes personal as the two begin to go into eachother’s private life. Morrison said that he respected The Miz, and in a pool full of sharks, The Miz and himself used to ride together. But, The Miz got too arrogant and caught up in fame, which is why he’s betrayed Morrison twice. Morrison pleads for Miz to face him at WrestleMania 37, but Miz still isn’t budging.
“If you loved them both enough, you would have left this place already.” John Morrison says as The Miz goes to exit the ring. Miz stops and slowly clocks on to what Morrison was referencing… Miz’s children. Miz turns around, takes off his shades, throws his title on the floor. “You wanna get personal with me, huh? You think the Miz is illegitimate?
John, you should be careful what you wish for!” Miz says, as John urges him to finish his sentence. “This Sunday. John Morrison versus The Miz, for the Intercontinental Championship.” THE STAGE HAS BEEN SET! John Morrison will challenge The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship at the Hollywood themed WrestleMania 37 this Sunday at SoFi Stadium!
The crowd cheers as they begin to talk more trash to eachother, Morrison goes to attack Miz, but a security guard stands in the way. In response, Morrison attacks the Security Guards, The Miz uses this opportunity to try and hit a Skull Crushing Finale, but Morrison slides out of the ring and begins to go up the ramp.
The Miz points at the WrestleMania sign. John Morrison and The Miz have a staredown.

WrestleMania 37
“Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the biggest sports extravaganza! Careers will be defined, moments will be created and legends will write their name in the history books. Hollywood has laid out its red carpet for WRESTLEMANIA!”
There is 90,000 packed in SoFi Stadium, throughout the night the commentary mention the Intercontinental Championship clash between John Morrison and The Miz. For two men that have forever indulged themselves in the fame and glamour of Hollywood, it only seems fair that they clash at WrestleMania tonight.
We eventually get to the bout, which is fifth on the card. There is a promo package showing John Morrison’s return to the WWE, his rise to the top with The Miz and the downfall, then John Morrison helping Miz out, and The Miz ultimately turning on his long time tag team partner at The Miz’s coronation.
John Morrison makes his entrance first, he is wearing white-and-gold gear with sky blue streaks, his slow motion pyro is more extravagant and there is a conflict of emotions in Morrison. Part of him is happy of the place he is, baited by the opportunity of winning the Intercontinental Championship, but the other part of him is full of anger. He wants to destroy The Miz. Speaking of The Miz, the champion then makes a Hollywood worthy entrance.
The Miz comes out in a limousine, which rides out adjacent to the stage. In all of his glory, The Miz pops out of the top of the limousine, wearing grey-and-red gear, he trots down to the ring, Intercontinental Championship gripped tightly in his hand. As he gets into the ring, a row of security guards form, separating the ring, so Morrison and Miz don’t brawl eachother immediately.

This is what it all comes down to. The Hollywood stage for a Hollywood match.

John Morrison vs The Miz © for the Intercontinental Championship
The security guards flee, Miz stays in his corner while Morrison strides towards him, he goes for a stiff right but Miz dodges, Morrison falls into the turnbuckle as Miz begins to deal stiff shots to the stomach of Morrison. Miz irish whips him, leapfrog, Morrison holds onto the ropes before the rebound, staggering The Miz as Morrison throws him out of the ring. The challenger rebounds off the ropes, then instead of going for a suicide dive, stops himself and jumps over the top rope onto the apron.
Morrison goes for a moonsault from the apron, Miz dodges, Morrison lands on his feet, Miz then RAMS Morrison into the barricade, then flooring him with a sidewalk suplex. Miz gets into the ring first, posing with the crowd as Morrison stumbles into the ring, the Intercontinental Champion then overwhelms his former tag partner with kicks and strikes, Miz goes for an early neckbreaker, Morrison slides out, pushes Miz against the ropes, roll up pin, 1…2… Kickout from Miz, who then goes to connect the signature Figure Four Leglock, however, Morrison has an efficient counter as he pushes Miz out of the ring before he can apply the submission, Morrison rebounds off the ropes, CORKSCREW PLANCHA!
All of a sudden John Morrison has the advantage, he slides Miz into the ring and has a flurry of offense, damaging The Miz. Morrison goes for a middle rope tilt a whirl DDT, connecting it, he goes for the pin, 1…2… Kickout from The A-Lister. Miz goes out onto the apron, while Morrison fills himself with adrenaline, absorbing the energy from the Hollywood crowd.
Out on the apron, both Miz and Morrison are exchanging blows as the match reaches its midpoint sequences. Morrison goes for a spike DDT, but Miz slides out of it, he then hits Morrison with a PILEDRIVER ONTO THE APRON?! The Miz grins as Morrison suffers in pain, the referee giving an ‘X’ sign to the medical team, who rush down to help the Number One Contender.
The medical team advise Morrison to forfeit the match, and to Morrison’s chagrin, they begin leading him up the ramp. However, halfway up, Morrison turns back, fighting away any medical team in sight and sliding into the ring, he then hits a Lou Thesz Press on Miz, and BEGINS LAYING INTO THE PERSON WHO BETRAYED HIM WEEKS AGO! Morrison goes full steam ahead, Miz goes for a last ditch Discus Punch, but Morrison dodges, kick to the back of the head! The Intercontinental Champion is suddenly overwhelmed, as he backs into the corner and the referee is forced to pull Morrison away to avoid disqualification.
In midst of the beatdown, The Miz’s wife, Maryse, rushes down the ramp to assist her husband. However, she is seen trying to hand over brass knuckles to the Miz, the same way they beat Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam, the referee catches on and begins confronting Maryse, Miz gets to his feet, LOW BLOW TO MORRISON! Miz hits a Skull Crushing Finale, 1…2… MORRISON KICKS OUT! MORRISON KICKS OUT!
Not many people kick out of the Skull Crushing Finale, but Morrison has! Over the next few phases of the match, John Morrison fights his way back into the bout, using the energy of the Hollywood crowd. He lays Miz out onto the announce table, MORRISON GOES FOR A SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE, BUT MIZ IS PULLED OUT OF THE WAY BY MARYSE! Morrison’s ribs cave in, as Miz slides him into the ring and connects the Figure Four Leglock! Morrison sprawls for the ropes, trying to get out, and he may be forced to tap here! Morrison turns over the submission!
Miz goes for a roll up pin immediately on Morrison, Maryse puts her husband’s feet on the ropes for extra leverage, 1…2… The ref catches on, and EJECTS MARYSE! She’s already had her influence, but now, she has been ejected! While the ref argues with Miz, Morrison hits a Moonlight Drive on him, Morrison goes to the corner, STARSHIP PAIN! STARSHIP PAIN! 1….2… The Miz kicks out of the Starship Pain! This is absurd!
The Prince of Parkour doesn’t know what he has to do to take out his former tag team partner! Morrison lays out Miz in the middle of the ring, he goes for a Standing Shooting Star Press, but Miz gets his legs up, damaging Morrison even more! Miz lays Morrison out with a Mizard of Oz, but he doesn’t go for the pin, instead, he pulls down his knee pad. The crowd wait in anticipation, as Miz intends for the Running Knee Smash. Morrison is seated, Miz turns towards Morrison, who springs to his feet and hits a NITRO BLAST! Morrison hits former finisher, a superkick, he goes for the cover, new champion! 1…2… Kickout from The Miz! What does the challenger have to do to take out the champion! Morrison goes for another Starship Pain, but Miz moves out of the way, he goes for a Skull Crushing Finale, Morrison slips out of that, he seats Miz with an Enziguri, HE HITS THE RUNNING KNEE SMASH, WHICH ECHOES AROUND THE SO FI STADIUM!
With Miz defenceless, Morrison goes into the full guard, and begins caving Miz in with repeated elbow strikes! A cut eventually opens on The Miz, as blood spills out onto the canvas, Morrison doesn’t stop in the full guard, repeatedly striking and striking Miz, letting out all of the anger from the betrayal and the suffering from all these years! The ref has no choice but to stop the match, we have a new Intercontinental Champion!

John Morrison def. The Miz © via referee stoppage (25 minutes)
Morrison went to great lengths to win here, even causing a referee stoppage, and it all ends with John Morrison as new Intercontinental Champion! The crowd pop, while some may have seen Morrison’s acts as villainous – it goes to show, there is no good or bad in this climate, there is only the Intercontinental Championship, and everyone wanted the Intercontinental Championship.
Morrison celebrates with the crowd, he has finally got his moment in the WWE. For years, WWE mistreated him, overshadowed him, he had to go to the indies and rise back up, and now, he is back in the drivers seat as Intercontinental Champion! He was able to let all of his anger out on Miz, as he is stretchered to the back.
This story didn’t have a Hollywood ending, but the hero has ended the tyrannical reign of The Miz as Intercontinental Champion. John Morrison walks out of WrestleMania with a belt around his waist, which perfectly complements his gold, white and sky blue gear.

Also at WrestleMania, The Velveteen Dream retired John Cena, The Undisputed Era defeated Seth Rollins and his disciples, Samoa Joe won the WWE Championship from Kevin Owens, and Brock Lesnar was able to best Matt Riddle. Nevertheless, the match of the night was considered The Miz versus John Morrison for the pure storytelling at bay, and the amazing spots in the match.
It was a match worthy of not only the WrestleMania stage, but also the Hollywood stage.
John Morrison would have a good reign as Intercontinental Champion, before dropping it to Isaiah Scott around July. Nevertheless, the Workhorse Status of the Intercontinental Championship had been restored, and it became more relevant then ever.
submitted by OneWingedDevil28 to FantasyBookingElite