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Operation Buccaneer (AAR)

League Eagle News, October 1, 2120 - It has been reported by many of our readers that weekend passes have been revoked fleet wide. Fleet sources have been mum about it but there are heavy reports that there may be a major fleet exercise for this month. Our readers in the Jovians may remember that last years fleet exercise was view-able from Io.
Luna City News, October 2, 2120 - Fleet sources have confirmed that there was a large sortie of a odd assortment of ships that normally stayed in Luna orbit. The Jump Tenders TLSS Emma Stone, TLSS Jennifer Connelly of the Alexis Bledel class, and TLSS Claudia Black, TLSS Ingrid Bolso Berdal of the Kelly Macdonald Class along with the East of Eden Jump colony ship, the Little Miss Bonnie Space tug, and a unnamed science craft from Earth Orbit all left this morning. Fleet sources have been quite coy on the manner.
Boston-Alanta Metro Axis News October 3, 2120 - BAMA news can confirm that 45 ships of the line have left Earth Orbit, the flight plan left with antarctic flight control listed the flight plan as follows. "Destination: Hell Reasons: Personal Matters"
Breaking News: FLEET HEADING TO TAU! This is Galactic News Network. Fleet command has confirmed that The Fleet is heading to Tau to take the fight to the enemy. 4 Nile Class battleships, 12 Cape Town Class Cruisers, 10 Gondor Class Cruisers, 10 Hydra class Frigates, 3 Z-Class Frigates, and 2 of the Guderian, Churchill, and King Louis class Frigates have all left Earth orbit to go to Tau, meet the enemy, and take the fight to them.
Fleet Control 5, October, 2120 17:26 - This is Rear Admiral Shannon Marrujo, as you may have just felt, we just used the Tau Jump Gate. The Enemy is around Tau-Ceti-A IV. That is our target. It is 12 days out, but we suspect that they may come to us.
9 October, 2120 9:55 First Contact. The Churchill reports its MR640-R100 sensor has detected Iri class enemy ship. Same as Iri 001. Cross Section 197, so it just under 10,000 tons.
General quarters. I repeat, Man your battle stations, General Quarters, this is not a drill.
Speed is 9650. They are faster then us sir.
"Well we will have to blow it out of the void. We will launch a large volly at it. Z-classes, you will be launching all your tubes then breaking off.
15:36 - They turned on active sensors. Tell the Gondor class to keep there tubes ready, we might be having missiles inbound.
16:16 they have changed direction and are holding distance. Keep eyes for missile contacts, they may have fired and want to keep distance to check our point defense.
October 11, 7:21 - Five contacts inbound! random lifeboats appear as well
19:26 - Active sensors turn on. League fleet plans to make a turn when they hit 70 million KM to give the missile boats as many reloads as possible.
12 October 00:07 - with the enemy at 68 million km away, the fleet carries out it planed orders. It turns to a waypoint leading away from the ships, to give more time to reload and keep getting shots off at the approching fleet. Each battleship picks one of the smaller 10,000 ton cruisers, and is joined by 2 Cape towns, while the Z class and 3 Cape towns aim at the much larger ship. It is planned that the battleships will join fire on the much larger ship after the first reload. (6000 seconds away.)
The move is turned perfectly, however errors arrive, the fleet will only be able to shoot at 36 million km due to Em interference.
Keep burning...we will just get off less volleys
01:00 - the fleet heads back to close to 35 million km then return to the waypoint.
Due to goofs in firecontrol, the first shots are all over the place
02:30 of the first volley, of 340 harpoons, 226 hit, leaving the battleship class without active sensors and slowed down. the fleet is busy reloading.
03:49 - the fleet 2nd volley is loaded, and the Rear Admiral Shannon Marrujo reminds the fleet what synch fire means. They are aiming at the 4 cruisers who are still combat effective. 1 Nile and 3 cape towns per cruiser. Everyone but the Amazon is able to do so.
Second volley disables all but two of the craft, and the fleet rearms for a third volley. Aiming at these ships. The fleet finally carries out Synch fire.
05:50 the volley of 300+ missiles hit, leaving two wrecks.
"Hydra command wishes to know if they are cleared for cleanup" "No, we have something planned, Time to see if that Centaurus plan will work. Fleet Command - Flag. Bring in the independence, I want a trophy."
2115 - camp lejeune, Sol
"Why do you want to be in the Army Cadet!" "I want to be a citizen SIR" "I don't believe you, if you wanted to be a citizen you could have easily joined any other of the service branches, heck, I surprised you didn't join the service corps. I heard they have a nice easy job teaching Japanese somewhere." "It not what I want sir." "What do you want Cadet Mayoko?" The training officer looked at the Cadet, she was fit, her academics where excellent, but he still could not figure out why she wanted to be a officer in the ground forces. She wasn't a meathead, and she didn't have the chip on her shoulder. She even had good relationship with her parents. Even if they didn't approve of her going for service and citizenship.
"Just tell me Cadet."
"I am the best, that why, and I prove it every day."
He looked at the cadet. She was right, she was the best, but she lacked the political connections, this was the hump year, and of the five spots for ground officers, 4 had be reserved by people who knew someone. He understood she didn't want to wash out.
"Now, Cadet, there is one slot open, but that Cadet is going into a special program. Don't worry, we won't be making you a spacer gene-splice, but you will be away from the normal army. A special command is opening up, and they need driven, smart people to make it work."
"I want that job sir."
Colonel Takaoka Mayoko gave the order, and her entire force felt the burn. The 100th "Darkstars" Assault Infantry, where in Centaurus System, and they where in a simulation. However this wasn't a computer simulation, this was "if these rockets don't fire I will have a crater named after me on asteroid #82. Each locked into their assault armor, the groaned, it was so extreme even the modern force dampeners could not keep up. She tried to stay awake, but as always, she passed out, she was proud she was always the last one of her troop that passed out, but still it was a shock when the suit on landing injected her and she woke up, standing, weapon ready. The HUD showed the number, 100%.
"Good, we didn't loose anyone. Better then last week when they had to send a space tug to find Evans." She smiled "Good work team." Then she saw her Rivals, the Flying 88's, John Sigmon's outfit. They scored a 100% as well.
"Another drop in the morning, we are 2nd place, and that is NOT good enough for the Darkstars. You know our motto.
The group said in unity "The stars are dark since we are so Bright." And the group went back to the LTS Independence, the assault cutter that was their home.
October 2120
Rear Admiral Shannon Marrujo looked over the screens, the Tau where beaten, she knew or orders, and what the armed forces had been working on, and a nearly 20,000 ton ship was nearly crippled.
" Time to see if that Centaurus plan will work. Fleet Command - Flag. Bring in the independence, I want a trophy"
The two armed cutters, the Constitution and the Independence sat at the sol side of the jump point, they didn't know if they would be called on, but the call came in. Military command wanted to capture a Tau ship.
Okay, 88's and the constitution, you are the lead, You are task group Hospital #2, don't look at me, I didn't decide these names. Darkstars and Independence, you are the backup.
Takaoka Mayoko nodded, it burned her that the 88's beat her unit to the fame and fortune, they would get the first shot at the crippled battleship. Her crew would sleep in cryo unless something happened.
The Fleet did a "racetrack" around the damaged ship, keeping a eye on it as the LTS Constitution burned at over 11,000 kms to the crippled battleship. The sensors where out, so there was little worry as the Constitution began it drop.
Suddenly, the long damaged engine of the battleship roared to life, and fleet command screamed for a abort, but it was too late, the Flying 88's where already dropping from the assault ship, there last view of the hot plasma of the engine as it roared to life.
...fleet command, Colonel Takaoka Mayoko and the Darkstars, you are up.
She got ready, and asked the Independence crew what happened "They repaired a dive, the 88's burned up, they are gone."
"Better tell fleet command to make sure they know what is crippled and what is not"
"They are working on it as we speak."
The fleet was, approaching and three Cape Town classes, the Fearless, Buenos Aires, and Cape Town where low on ammo, so the each launched the remaining non-full load of weapons into the formally crippled ship. The ship after the hits was reduced to 400 km/s.
"Rio Bravo, we are go. We will guard the ship as you go in, you will pass two groups of ship heading back to Sol, and someone send a tanker for the Constitution, they are going to be out of fuel before they return. "
"Roger. Force 10 from Navarone, you are a go."
"Thanks, beats Hospital #2."
For 2 days the Independence burned towards the target, Then it was time, it was still going at 400 km/s. The Darkstars where defrosted from the tanks, and in the armored suits.
suddenly, Colonel Takaoka Mayoko found herself falling. "Remember Darkstars, the enemy gate is down!" and she heard the laughs, this was the best part of the Jump, complete freefall in the hard enclosed suits as the ship size became bigger.
"That a big ship!"
"Yeah, it as big as the Nile's. And our Job is to take it. RETROs in 3....2....1....
Then the force hit her, and she backed out. She woke on the Hull of the Alien ship. Hud report "100%"
Everyone got on board, glad you could join us Evans, This ship has been nuked to hell by the fleet and it still ticking, we don't need no Demo, there a hole bigger then your momma right in front of us, Lets kill some Tau!"
And the Darkstar's followed her into the gap.
She hefted her JRT Assault Rifle, then she saw it, her first Tau, Non-humanoid it was moving fast. She exhaled and fired, and it was down.
"Keep moving to the bridge, we can't have them blowing up this ship with US on it. MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE."
The Darkstars moved quickly and with deadly skill, the ship was in tatters, and resistance was not coordinated, but they where still slowing them down.
"Don't hit that Pylon, this ship can't take more pylons being taken out. Bridge is 80 meters that way, MOVE."
Then she ducked as some sort of blaster shot went over her. Evans quickly ended that threat and she move forward.
In the bridge she saw it, the Tau was large, and in the center of attention, she knew it was the leader.
"DO NOT MOVE" she shouted, and her armor broad cased it in something hopefully recognizable to the alien, It paused, it looked at her, and then swapped one of it arms at something, and she fired. It slumped forward, and the other Tau's dropped their weapons.
Takaoka heard over the radio, the Tau started to surrender across the ship. It dawned on her, her and the Darkstars had captured a alien battleship.
"Fleet Command, this is Takaoka Mayoko, C.O. of the Darkstars. We have taken command of the alien ship. Anywhere you want us to take it for a spin?"
She could hear the cheers as the fleet reported it was sending a tug to get it out of the combat zone. Tech crews already wanted to see what sort of tech she had on board. The League had dominated the Tau Slugs, and had a prize to show for it."
Evans looked at her and smiled "The Terran Star will look good around your neck. Just remember me when you are part of the high command."
"Well before we can talk about medals and promotions, help me figure out how to turn this torwards the sol jump point..."
OOC: First ship I ever captured in game, and a spoiler ship to boot!
submitted by Zedwardson to aurora

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