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My review as a disgruntled member of the community.

Some back ground. I was a kick starter (like many of you) and was incredibly frustrated and vocal about the Epic deal. Most of my comments or posts in this subreddit stopped after realizing my negativity was putting me in a dark place with the game. I used to work in video games, myself, until making the move to private software.
Forgive my lack of Reddit editing. I tried to do chapters but the numbers are just being weird. You can skip through to find the content you might be looking for.
I came to the game fresh having not played any of the backer builds or reading this subreddit for a while. I sat down last night and played a substantial amount of time.
This game isn't nearly as bad as people are making it out to be. Reddit is an echo chamber of negativity. You can see it in the comments with people believing something without investigating themselves, or looking at actual playtime of the person involved. A recent post hit top marks for their "review" but then admitted in the comments that they, " only got a few hours in before I gave up." They make points in their post that go against everything I've experienced thus far, and then go on to say, "it's great that the game is spooky and slow burn and the badguys are mysterious, the problem is that there's nothing to grab you in those first two hours - we don't get a voiceover before the mission even give us some info."
This is, of course, absolutely not true.
Many reviews are filled with the most micro of complaints. I feel like this comes from an already angry subreddit of people looking to pounce on the first hint of a mistake. I urge you to consider this from a more broad spectrum of "gaming" than from the subreddit already being angry (rightfully so) about the Epic move.
Here are a few of those mentioned in almost every post:
1. Bugs
You'll see a ton of comments about how much more polished the new X-Com games are (they are - and for a good reason), but don't take the time to measure or realize that those games were filled to the brim with bugs or issues upon release. X-Com 2 had bugs that were so game breaking I had to put it down when it was initially released. I also had several campaigns come to an end in the original X-Com due to enemies bugging out and refusing to move on their turn, etc.
I come from software. Bugs should be understandably crushed. But they happen - bugs happen. It's an unfortunate part of software. Additionally, most gaming companies don't have the presence of mind to take the steps to build protections against them. Things like unit tests or integration tests don't exist for their code as much as they do for other software shops.
Expect that bugs will occur. Expect that crashes will occur. This is especially true the more the game widens to a larger audience. The company I worked for had what was considered one of the most polished video games of all time. We playtested it well - 10 of each console, and about 50-100+ PCs of different builds, but even that still has a large subset for customization and change. Consider every person that ever might pick up a game, and how every computer is running different software, different applications, hardware, etc. The pool for mistakes is large.
Give them a break that they will solve out the bigger issues. As a side note, and I know the game type is unrelated, but one of the biggest game drops / purchases was filled to the brim with game breaking bugs: Diablo 3. And it's now considered one of the most polished experiences out.
2. Sound issues / OST / Music:
2.1 Voice:
I think there is room for improvement from some of the voice actors. I really don't like New Jericho's voice actor. It doesn't fit the character and I really expected something substantially different when I saw the image. The other voice actors are JUST FINE. Symes sounds like a nerdy, reclusive creepy scientist. The church's lady sounds creepy and wavering... none of these voices are bad at all. This is SUCH a nitpicking point that a lot of reviews are making.
2.2 Music
The OST has been enjoyable. The geoscape has some fantastic 80s synth-style horror going on, and the in-combat / in-mission music is JUST LIKE THE ORIGINAL X-COM. I love it. I actually felt like I was sitting in 10 year old StamosLives' shoes listening to the music. I can understand others finding this bizarre, but please understand, this was absolutely a choice and a throwback to UFO Defense.
2.3 Other sounds
Nothing here has bugged me. Squishes sound squishy. Explosions sound explosive. I do wish alien death cries were a little more... more. I remember the death cry of the X-Com aliens more than any other sound in the game. I do get this from a few of the critters, but I would want "more" from that.
I used my cannon heavy dude at one point to kill a worm and it was glorious sounding.
3. Gameplay
3.1 Missions repeat**
I've seen a little of this and it's a valid point. Specifically, cargo missions are very similar and could use some modifications in making them different - mostly from how the objectives are done.
Yet I've had several game types beyond just cargo missions. I've run into terror attacks on nearby havens which had different objectives each time - protect silos, or protect humans. I've helped several havens with varying missions including mind controlled soldiers and killing saboteurs off. Each of those units has had different models and some modes of attack. There's a lot of room for improvement, yes, but it's not nearly as bad as what people are making this out to believe.
I mean, once you did one UFO down crawl in X-Com EU or UOD, you did them all. I don't know what people are expecting, here...
3.2 "Cover"
I legitimately don't understand how people are having difficulty with cover. This reminds me of individuals who boot up software, don't RTFM, and proceed to get frustrated that they don't understand what's going on.
I have had no problems with cover or line of sight. Later, when your characters multiclass, you get some unique and awesome methods of dealing with enemies due to their combined abilities - making the utilization of cover less important than X-Com itself. Still; the LoS markers are clearly visible.
It IS possible, because of the way the real-shot system works, that you have line of site but it's a BAD SHOT. This makes sense to me and isn't game breaking. Why shouldn't it be possible to see the head of a foe, or an arm, and take a shot but risk missing?
You can blow out cover on enemies, too, making them even easier to deal with.
My only problem is a small gripe / nitpick. And that's that they should make it more clear that your shot might hit one of your allies. You can usually tell, but sometimes it's not exactly clear - like when my sniper blew the head off of one of my other dudes.
3.3 "Is it fun?"
I've been having a blast with the game. It doesn't quite have the depth of some of the X-Com games, but I don't expect that it will at the beginning.
I was surprised when I picked up a new character that didn't fit the class of any of the other characters I had. I definitely hope to get some more mission types and some more interesting "choices" between the varying factions. It's neat to have to pick and choose between them.
3.4 Characters
This is where the game needs some work and polish. The hair styles and options for characters are abysmal. Some of them just look like plastic tops. The thing is, this didn't really matter or shouldn't really matter because the reason X-Com did this was so that you had action sequences of your person shooting. Those only kind of exist in PP. You rarely see your character that close unless on their screen. So it seems... weird. The models with armor look great. So I don't mind throwing a helmet on my dudes, but the faces and hair styles are god awful.
They also need to keep track of data for your characters. This was one of the most fun parts of X-Com: being able to see who is cleaning house, and who you're just dragging along because they might do something good. Maybe.
I would even double down, here. Go beyond what exists in current genres. Show many how many aliens a unit has discovered. How many steps they've taken. Doors they've opened. How many hits to the head or mindgrabber dudes have been on their heads. This data is fun. Show us everything! Open up that database, baby!
3.5 Base Design
This part seems a little lacking. The base construction in xcom UFO Defense always felt like kind of an afterthought, but it some very specific and necessary elements to it. It was vital, for instance, to be able to protect it. It was vital to build more research labs and factories to build things faster. It's important in this, too, but seemingly a little less so since items are global and research isn't done by many scientists but by automation.
Base construction bonuses should be a thing. Make base construction a bit more of a mini game that matters.
I admit this might matter more later. Thus far it hasn't mattered at all for me.
3.6 Aliens / Lore / Urgency
The top review on this subreddit mentions there isn't any. It's patently false. There's a growing meter that, once finished, will cause you to lose and fail. There are tons of research articles on aliens to inject lore, and missions that do the same. After missions where you help the varying factions they inject you with lore and more research.
This, to me, made it clear the dude didn't even play the fucking game. Which, if you're going to bash it, at least be fair to it.
I've seen some typos here and there. That sucks. It happens, though. I've probably typo'd in this post alone. But outright lying about there not being lore or story or information on aliens or a sense of urgency is... unnecessary.
3.7 World Map
I really like the geoscape. There's a lot more to do on it. They just need some more mission types. I feel like this will come and I'm fine with what I have right now.
Scanning around looking for havens, old bases and other missions is really neat, though. I like being more active. In the original X-COM UFO defense you literally sat there until something came to you. Not in this. You take a much more pro-active stance like in X-COM 2: WOTC / base game. That's fun. It's well done.
4. Graphics
I've not had any issues with stuttering, animations or anything else. The graphics seem fine to me. Squishy stuff looks squishy. Maps look fine.
I should note that this sort of thing always seems really, really, really, really fucking nitpicky to me when I see people complaining about it. I grew up in the Atari / NES era and love Dwarf Fortress so I'm not a person to ever care about the actual graphical output of a game. That should tell you that I'm not the best vector for talking about graphics. I just don't care.
4.1 Aesthetics
This is what I care about more. The aesthetics of the game are great. When I'm dealing with or in the creepy octo-church place it FEELS like I'm in a creepy octo-church place. The missions and creatures have a level of sea-like creepiness to them that I love. It all reminds me a lot of X-Com UFO Defense combined with TFTD. I haven't had any issues here outside of the aforementioned voice of the New Jericho dude. His voice takes me out of the game.
4.2. Crashes?
I haven't had any malfunctions, here. I thought this was surprising considering what I was reading but there hasn't been any issue thus far.
5. Summation?
If you enjoy this style of game you'll probably like Phoenix Point. It's well worth the price tag of 40 dollars for what the game provides - that's 20 dollars cheaper than most triple A games. I see people in mobile gaming subreddits spending twice that on the chance of getting a character in a gocha game.
If you don't have a lot of cash then this might not be your immediate purchase right now. Yet it's a fine addition to this realm of game, and many of the comments toward it are from people who clearly haven't put a lot of time or effort into it. The cover comments especially so. Hell; I don't even feel like I need cover right now - the snipers are that crazy strong.
I just wish the game was on the workshop so we could have had the modding community go to town on some of the complaints above.
submitted by StamosLives to PhoenixPoint

Respect Mikoto Misaka, The Railgun (Toaru Majutsu no Index)

"This isn’t an issue with how risky it is. If one side is putting all their efforts into killing a normal high school student and the other side is putting all her efforts into saving that normal high school student, which side do you want to be on?"

Mikoto Misaka

Mikoto Misaka is the 3rd ranked Level 5 in Academy City. Generally a good natured kid, Mikoto uses her great powers to help patrol the city, stopping incidents that threaten to upturn the peaceful nature of the lives of her and her friends. Because of her immense power, she's known as "The Ace of Tokiwadai."
Mikoto's esper power is Railgun, the power to control electricity and electromagnetic waves. Her signature move, The Railgun, involves her firing an arcade coin at over three times the speed of sound, though she can fire other objects like a Railgun as well.


Note: If she fights for too long, she can run out of electricity to use.


Non-Coin Railgun


Standard Bolts
Stronger Bolts
Electricity Output

Lightning Spears



Water Wings



Iron Sand

By manipulating Iron Sand particles, Mikoto can use them offensively. She mainly uses them as a sword, but has manipulated them in other creative ways.
Large Amounts
Other Uses

General Magnetism

Metal Manipulation
Weapon Manipulation
High End

Electromagnetic Waves

Radar Scan
Due to outputting electromagnetic waves, a small barrier is formed around her.

Anti-Art Attachment

Misaka comes across a mass of weapons, both magic and technological in nature, designed to fight magic gods. She repurposes these weapons to her own benefit, though needs to be wary as Espers experience painful side effects if they try and use magic. Description of the weapons
The AAA can function autonomously, which aids Mikoto when she can't control it on her own.






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