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[Let's build] d100 events caused by magical manifestations/creatures/beings that happen in a Modern City.

Hey everyone! I'm trying to put together a game where my players will be apart of an organization that protects the human world (or really just the city they'll be playing in) from otherworldly/magical/etc. threats. The city seems to be a focal point for strange occurrences, magical creatures and beings, portals, etc. If anyone remembers Special Unit 2 from the early 00's, it's like that. (Man I loved that show.) And this is the map I'm using, just changing the name but the layout and places of interest are mostly staying the same.
Edit: Wow! Thanks guys! Totally didn't expect this to get as many as it did, this is a wealth of sidequests. Thank you so much! If you want to check out SU2 I'm pretty sure there are some episodes on YouTube. Its heavy on the cheese and it'll be really dated by today's standards but it was a good time.
  1. A connection to the Feywild has happened in one of the city parks. An elf finds his way through and finds it entertaining to enlarge small animals.
  2. Thieves have stolen an artifact from the history museum, reanimating a mummy in one of the exhibits.
  3. An unusual amount of sharks have been seen near the docks. Boats are being attacked by Sahuagin raiders.
  4. A surge of chaotic magic bursts and causes the creation of multiple Mephits. (Depending on location)
  5. An edgy teen visits a graveyard to perform a necromantic ritual. He doesnt know that the "spell book" he has actually contains an incantation that raises several undead and is now in over his head.
  6. A dead body found, torn apart, all signs point to someone summoning a low level demon and using it as the murder weapon.
  7. Somebody figured out how to brew love potions and now they are selling them on the streets.
  8. A portal to the elemental plane of water opened in the city's water supply. Now wild water elementals are pouring out of showers, sinks, and fountains.
  9. A skyscraper acquires an elemental spirit. The movements start off so subtle that they could be mistaken for the wind, but they become stranger and stronger with each passing day.
  10. Zoo animals begin take on dire traits and break out their enclosures.
  11. Goodberries become an invasive plant through runners, never flower, never fruit, just keep branching out.
  12. Turns out the royal family were lizardfolk.
  13. An a little person (Halfling arcane trickster) is hitting up all the casinos.
  14. A cleric poses as the second coming of christ, oh he also caused covid 19.
  15. An artificer constructing his own personal army of modrons.
  16. Strange events in a swimming pool, several people have died by drowning (Water Weirds).
  17. Rust monster moves into a construction site, eats and rusts the supports and the workers equipment.
  18. The Native American Thunderbird is finally spotted, its a Roc.
  19. Boogey man sighted by many families. An Oni is skulking between houses, looking for something or someone.
  20. Monsters take up residence in an abandoned circus. Medusa in the house of mirrors. Rakshasa tending to tigers. An ogre in the strongman tent. A hag in the psychics caravan.
  21. Kraken spotted near the mariana trench.
  22. Running of the bull - a famous giant bull statue is turned into a gorgon and roams the streets.
  23. A wizard has become a modern day frankenstein, constructing a flesh golem.
  24. The gargoyles of a famous landmark come to life at night.
  25. Duergar have been building tunnels in the underground and taking the tracks to increase their metal stores.
  26. A dryad protects a park after witnessing too many people littering in its home.
  27. A young shadow dragon takes offense at all the lights at night, ruining it's stealth and plans.
  28. Barlgura takes a woman hostage and climbs to the top of a skyscraper.
  29. A Bulette is reaking havoc on a nearby junction. The cars are disturbing its young.
  30. Some jackass decided to magically enlarge a chicken so he can have bigger drumsticks. The spell worked, in fact it worked too well. The chicken's the size of an allosaurus and is rampaging down town!
  31. The low income tenement housing is a blaze and the fire departments are having a terrible time putting out the flames ... largely due to the presence of an accidentally summoned fire elemental. Thankfully the elemental will return to the Plane of Fire in an hour when the spell ends.
  32. A real live dinosaur walks through the screen at a viewing of Jurassic Park.
  33. A few real zombies turn up in the middle of a walking dead (costume party / filming / LARP).
  34. A group of adventurers walk through a portal. They end up attacking a group of larpers.
  35. Dinosaur skeleton at a museum animates.
  36. Men are disappearing around the (canals, docks, river, etc). Mermaids are luring them into the water.
  37. Giant rats in someone's basement.
  38. Terracotta soldiers at a museum animate.
  39. Statues around the city have begun animating seemingly at random.
  40. A group of pixies has developed a fascination with cars and keep stealing parts from them.
  41. 3 people have gone missing on the 39th floor of the Enigma Enterprises office on 11th street. The building is only 35 stories tall.
  42. The public library’s chief librarian just won her 1,402nd consecutive Employee of the Month award.
  43. A local graffiti artist has starting to use a new tag that incorporates a design they saw in a museum exhibit on ancient writings. These tags begin acting as portals to... elsewhere.
  44. A grafitti artist who has been illegaly spraying his art work around the city has suddenly started incorperating dangerous runes into his art that have several anomulous effects (like low gravity in an area or being part of a summoning ritual).
  45. An amusement park has to shut down the log flume and other water rides due to an infestation of water weirds.
  46. A subway tunnel collapses and traps a subway train after a portal opens and releases a Purple Worm into the tunnel, weakening the ceiling. Luckily another portal opened up soon thereafter and the purple worm was transported back to whichever fantasy world it came from.
  47. A user posted the true name of a powerful demon on an old forum, and cultists are trying to steal the forum's retired servers from a warehouse before the data is overwritten.
  48. A local shut in has accidentally started and broken a contract with a brownie
  49. A blink dog is making a habit of stealing dog toys from dogs at the park
  50. A water elemental gets stuck in the sewers due to the amount of human garbage
  51. A gnome alchemist has been dosing coffee pots in cafes around the city with various potions for entertainment
  52. An elven druid has convinced the local pigeon populace to fight back against corruption in office, targeting a mayoral candidate. the druid is working for another mayoral candidate who is forcing her to work for him by holding her pet familiar hostage
  53. An artificer who came to our world has discovered firearms and has developed the world's first eldritch cannon, as such he is now being hunted by human military agencies that want his prototype
  54. Beans from a bag of beans have somehow been mixed into a shipment of green beans to a grocery store
  55. An annual dwarfism awareness event is populated almost entirely by halflings who entered the modern world illegally
  56. A magical disease that causes those afflicted with it to dance even without music until they eventually collapse from exhaustion
  57. Telepathic conversations are being picked up by cellphone calls, the snippets of audio are indicative of a plan to assassinate city's head of communications
  58. An assistant at the local morgue has been found beaten to death, and several bodies are missing. There are spots of clay all over the morgue, and all the missing bodies are of women between the ages of 18-30. A lonely and insane wizard has created a clay golem and is now using it to find the parts he needs to make a flesh golem bride from himself.
  59. There's been a series of mysterious deaths in the local red light district. Several Johns, and even a few Janes, have been found dead with no obvious cause, the only links between them is that they were all found in a state of undress, and they all had a look of horror on their faces. One of the prostitutes is actually a succubus in disguise, and she has been sucking the souls or her clients.
  60. There's been talk about a changeling in the city who, for a price, will take the form of whoever you request and frame them for various crimes.
  61. The rivalry between the goblin gang, The Sons of Gobbo, and the kobold gang, Tucker's Kobolds, is threatening to escalate to the point of gang warfare. Either peace is to be made between the two gangs, or a crackdown on one or both gangs is required.
  62. A mated pair of wyverns are staking out the local park for a nesting ground. We've got to run off those wyverns before they settle down or else we'll have to call in the national guard... again.
  63. Some poor fool bought what he thought was a monkey's paw, only for it to turn out to be the Hand of Vecna. We need to get it from him before he decides to do something stupid, like actually use it!
  64. An artist's inspiration turns out to be extraplanar in nature, causing their gallery opening to becoming a summoning ritual.
  65. A jewel heist takes a sinister turn as the pieces in question fit into a dangerous artefact. It's a race against time to find the exact location this artefact will be used and stop it.
  66. A building demolition releases Dao who originally carved out the subway system. You've either got to banish them, or offer them something they want more than vengeance.
  67. A tanker needs to be rescued before it can reach port. The cargo manifest points to illegal trafficking of Yuan-ti.
  68. A local crime boss sparks a war in the streets. His motivation is a new found patron that has given him "unique" powers (level 1 spells at best).
  69. Renovations of the university library uncovers tomes of magic causing a Revenge of the Nerds style scenario with pranks played on the local sports teams.
  70. An artist's inspiration turns out to be extraplanar in nature, causing their gallery opening to becoming a summoning ritual.
  71. A jewel heist takes a sinister turn as the pieces in question fit into a dangerous artefact. It's a race against time to find the exact location this artefact will be used and stop it.
  72. A building demolition releases Dao who originally carved out the subway system. You've either got to banish them, or offer them something they want more than vengeance.
  73. A tanker needs to be rescued before it can reach port. The cargo manifest points to illegal trafficking of Yuan-ti.
  74. A local crime boss sparks a war in the streets. His motivation is a new found patron that has given him "unique" powers (level 1 spells at best).
  75. Renovations of the university library uncovers tomes of magic causing a Revenge of the Nerds style scenario with pranks played on the local sports teams.
  76. Someone is putting religious scrolls in the heads of the statues around town. They are coming alive as golems.
  77. A necromancer has set up shop in the Natural History Museum. They tunneled into the back so are in the Human Origins exhibit, but they are headed towards the dinosaur bones.
  78. Someone is making the paintings come alive!
  79. Harpies are nesting in the dome of the Capitol building!
  80. A siren in the river is causing drivers to drive off the bridge.
  81. A bullette has fallen in love with one of the subway trains.
  82. The Botanical Garden has come alive! Awakened trees and myconids and spore servants are causing panic!
  83. If you were in NYC or Kentucky, a dragon has sniffed out the Federal Gold Reserves and is trying to make it his lair.
  84. When you’re in the metro system, which is naturally full of graffiti, one of the graffiti symbols lights up. It’s a rune that’s about to explode.
  85. The newspaper reports that every single McDonald's in the area has a working ice cream machine. It's deemed a miracle by many in the city. The newspaper credits it to hard-working corporate engineers who have perfected the cleaning and disinfection process. You, however, know the real reason. With some investigation, it turns out that the $1 $2 $3 dollar menu has a perfect storm spell coded into the registers. The codes for specific items, when entered in a specific sequence in a customer's order, are actually a conjuration spell that summons a Mimic, and, as we all know, Mimics have a fondness for soft serve.
  86. Lightning/Electric elementals have found junction boxes to be tasty snacks causing blackouts around the city. Remove them so the engineers can fix the grid.
  87. A minotaur has found the "Bull in a China shop" analogy to be racist and is now sitting in said shop and refuses to leave. The owner is distraught, and hesitant to say anything due to the red interior and the possibility of a fight breaking out. Remove the minotaur without causing any damage.
  88. Pixies have found photo bombing models to be the new prank for anyone that wants to be popular. Here's a net, catch them and give them an alternative to photo bombing.
  89. Vampires have been found in front of many Old Town homes, we believe that they are trying to either buy the home or enjoy the look of the neighborhood. In any case, the home owners want you to be there for protection while talking to the vampires.
  90. There are cultists holding rallies in the park. I need you to separate out the ones that can do harm and the ones that are less likely to be harmful. Also they need permits to do that so every one of them gets a ticket.
  91. Some wizard decided s/he was going to set up residence in the middle of the road. S/he said something about ley lines or some such being good there. Stop them from doing so and show them around town so they can find an alternative spot, they'll be a strong ally so work with them please.
  92. Ratmen have been found in the subway system. In order for the population to not explode, I need you to organize them to some degree. Find a representative that can speak for them and bring them here so we can talk.
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