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My views on how resin can be changed for the better.

My suggestions for changing the Resin system. Multiple ways to change the system from retune, to rework, complete removal. These include every idea I could think up in a relatively short period of time, their ups and downs, and how they can benefit MiHoYo.
Almost Necessary: Blue Leylines need to have their resin requirements removed almost definitely. Yellow/Gold Leylines COULD afford to be resin removed, just spawn rarely or once every few Blue Leylines, or probably best: require obtaining special leyline energy from Blue Leylines (say 3 blues = 1 yellow run) to activate. Divorcing EXP Book costs from Mora would go a long way as well to make the Gold ones worth more.
System 1 - Retune (changes the pace of resin obtainment/spending)
-a type: Reduce the cost by 1/2. This one's a given. This gives people twice the time they can be active, but has the downside of requiring more times online to use it all up. This has its pros and cons.
----My thoughts: A stopgap measure, if anything. This is best used to cope until a final decision is made as to solving the Resin problem.
----How MiHoYo can still profit: Nothing really changes, except because they can get more done, the value of that 60 resin from the refreshes becomes more valuable, and thus the urge to spend money on it should feel less a waste.
-b type: Increase gainrate to once per 4 minutes, increase cap by 3x (360 cap), costs halved per tier. This would cap it every 1440 minutes (24 hours). At 360, this would give us roughly 6x the playtime we get now (3 * 2 = 6), and summarize it to still only needing to play about once per day for the casuals. 3x rate will not break the game as far as power scaling, just offer more chances since the system currently implies a focus on horizontal progress rather than vertical. Might need to place an AR cap based on content progress (which I am certain is already a plan for the long run).
----My thoughts: Personally like this more than the a-type, if only because it provides a LOT more to do at once. However, it also might overwhelm the casuals more. This was simply a convenient combination to fill in the cap once per 24 hours and provide more to do. We could remove the cost halving, which would still in theory give us I believe about 1.5 hours a day of work.
----How MiHoYo can still profit: Much like above, the more each point of Resin increases in value, the more likely people are to invest on spending on the Resin. Basically no diff from Type A.
-c type: Common to most Mobo games and can be used with basically every system here except Removal types A and B: Original Resin is increased by the user's cap whenever they level Adventure Level and overcaps (turns off regen while overcapped), on top of the Fragile Resin from the Adventurer's guild. This could be used with almost any of the below systems.
----My thoughts: This should have been in since the beginning, to be honest. It is considered a standard part of effectively every stamina-system in the mobile market.
----How MiHoYo can still profit: Not one bit more. This might hurt MiHoYo, but not as much as leaving the system as is anyhow as less people are likely to quit. Losing players = permanent loss of chance to gain even a single $ from that person. Retaining a person is more important as most of the profits will come from character rolls anyhow.
System 2 - Rework (involves keeping Resin but changing its purpose)
-a type: Resin becomes a reward booster. This would however need to figure a new system to somewhat limit Resin. See System 3 for potentiality.
----My thoughts: This is a common idea, and for a simple stopgap, it is effective..
----How MiHoYo can still profit: If people can just spend Resin for boosted rewards, then resin automatically increases in worth. Instead of feeling like a necessity and thus Pay to Play, it instead feels like Pay to Advance Quicker, and people are usually more accepting to this line of thought.
-b1 type: Resin is split into multiple types again. These types are Leyline, Boss, and Raid type Resins. Completing and turning in 4/4 Daily commissions restores your resins based on how often you're expected to normally complete them (IE: 100/200 Leyline/Domain ('lesser' Resin), 40/120 World Boss, 10/70 Raid Resins). Can conduct the type of activity based on the activity's cost in the game at that point.
----My thoughts: This would provide more to do, and allow people to specialize in what they want to do. However, there might be some PTSD about the 2nd Beta test I understand, what with the different types of Resin.
----How MiHoYo can still profit: By offering different resins for sale (and potentially a 'bundle' of resin), they can get people to invest more. Of course, the purchaseable resin would need to be cheaper than what we got now because it covers less, but in that respect people might still be willing to offer more of their money. By also increasing the natural flow via commission rewards, more long-term/hardcore players are likely to stay around and spend more.
-b2 type: b1 type system, but with only 'original resin'. Completing commissions would allow for additional resin on top of natural recharge.
----My thoughts: Simple but effective version of b1. Allows people to work towards more content, rather than be perpetually blocked, just like B1. It also keeps it simple, which is often a necessity when it comes to dealing with casuals.
----How MiHoYo can still profit: In this case, I'd probably just increase the paid refreshes to 120 Stamina/Resin instead of 60. People are more willing to make a purchase the more they think they're getting for it, and right now only the whaleiest whales are willing to whale on Resin.
-b3 sub-system: On top of S2 b1 (or B2) system, the system can include crafting resin in the alchemy table. Green world mats (world mats = Hilichurl masks, slimes, etc) can be (in the b1 system) converted to leyline, blue materials to boss, purple to Raid type, gold materials can restore all 3 types (in B2 type, it's general purpose and tier provides more). This gives reason to play the game casually to continue to grind while slowing progress. Would require a type of World Boss material for each type too (IE: Fatui Recruit/etc sigils for Raid Resins).
----My thoughts: Of the rework methods, my favorite. Provides the player a choice system - do they want to save the mats for ascensions/talents, or spend them for more chances at rare artifacts from say Stormterror and other World Boss items. It also would give people some downtimes to allow the adrenaline to fade, allowing for a higher chance of them relaxing and choosing to go to sleep.
----How MiHoYo can still profit: 1: StarglimmeStardust will become way more used for obtaining materials to shortcut the creation process rather than grind. Win-Win. This means more liberal use of it and some may roll even more just to replenish it.
System 3 - 'Stamina' Removal (can work with System 2 a-type rework)
-Removal type a: The blatant one that I do not suggest: remove it entirely, let the bulls run free.
----My thoughts: My god this is prone to cause complaints. The casuals will quit simply because they will have this belief that the min-maxers will obsess on getting the absolute best with absolutely no limits. The hardcores may well get bored. Needs a LITTLE restriction. IF this is to be done, it should be done MUCH later in the game's lifetime. Preferably around the time we reach Snezhnaya in order for as much content as possible to be available so people can avoid burning themselves out as much as possible.
----How MiHoYo can still profit: This is still as I said an absolute worst case scenario. At best more people will stay and play. But it also means Resin sales disappear. On the upside people may be more willing to roll with EXP/Mora problems gone, as they no longer need to worry about restraints to level their characters. It will also risk alienating the casuals as they will feel they can't keep up/suceed as much due to the unlimited progress of the hardcore players, and they may rage quit out of a lack of feeling relevant in the content. The way to turn this into profit would be to make world drops WAY less common, which makes glitteglimmer purchases on materials more valuable. Again, not a smart call in any way shape or form.
-Removal type b: Add timers to all the content types. Example: 1 Leyline per 10 minutes. 1 Domain per 10 minutes. 1 World Boss per 3 hours (each could have their own timer). 1 Raid Boss per week (as is current).
----My thoughts: Not the best choice. It effectively just replaces Resins with Timers, but does increase how much we can do by limiting all content by timers instead of resin. *The worst part is, this will force players to spread their time out. This means those who only have a short period of time will be unable to complete everything. I suggest the following.
----How MiHoYo can still profit: They don't. Again at best this provides more playtime and extends playtime, however it also means that more casual players may quit as they cannot do ALL their work in one burst in between jobs, sleep, etc. It's a really, REALLY risky move that doesn't favor the casual at all.
-Removal type c: Every form of content is ultimately unlocked to play through some sort of world activity, beyond a certain # of free activities per type per day/week. This can be tweaked around with to find a good balance so people can play and go). IE: Say we don't change leylines as I suggested. Players start with say 4 Leyline and 4 Domain clears a day, and 3 World Boss Clears. From there, players start with Whopperflower material + a Fatui Agent Blade (Mora) or Cicin Grass (EXP) to make the alchemical reagent that agitates the growth of leyline flowers, higher tier materials of both = better rewards from the leyline and higher grade/difficulty for the next step.
The leylines would drop an item of the tier you input that you use to mix with a different world item to either do a domain or fight a lesser world boss (IE: Fatui Insignia opens up the Weapon Ascension domains when crafted with this item. Flaming Flower Stamen with this item allows you to fight Pyrovine).
The Domain + World boss would drop items that when combined let you fight any Raid Boss (IE: Stormterror). This would create a growing gameplay loop that would also limit players from easily gaining power infinitely.
(Of course, the potential of changing the Leyline system as I suggested at the very beginning would allow players to say obtain special materials from Gold Leylines to do Domains, Domains to do World bosses, World Bosses to do Raids, or any sort of combination leading up to Raids. The potential's there!)
----My thoughts: A mixture of the System 2 b3 system with a stamina-style resin removal. This basically provides all the tools for modification as the creation team needs. It allows for free access on a limited 'stock' basis per day/week. This is similar to the Removal B type. In addition it borrows the System 2 b3 concept of being able to 'craft' additional access for the more hardcore players, gating them from gaining infinite power rapidly, but also allowing them to play to their own desire. In general this in my mind has the most potential to be successful, but it would probably require testing to see how successful it is. A possibility is to make the materials for World Bosses cost significantly more, like 10,000 or 100,000 mora, in order to help gate it further.
----How MiHoYo can still profit: In every single way possible. As noted below, this can be hybridized with the B-type Stamina Rework, which already has its viability. With the additional benefits of the Starglitteglimmer section, that's ANOTHER avenue. It covers casuals and hardcores. While I may not have every angle covered, I would say, without a doubt, it is the best solution I could think of to improve the game overall. The only issue is players may get tired of this gameplay loop, but that's what new content is for.
My overall thoughts: Ideally, we want players to feel incentivized to play as much as they want, but not feel punished for not grinding. We also want to make it rewarding so that the players who want to play casually can do so. To do this, we need to allow players to burst through at least once a day, and if players want, grind to their hearts content, but make it an uphill battle.
My solution would be, in that case, Removal Type C with a System 2 A-type bonus. As suggested in Removal Type C, we could say allow people a max of say 3 Leylines a day, 3 Domains a day, a World Boss a Day, and a Raid boss a day guaranteed. This would be about 30 minutes of non-commission material if I'm doing my mental math right, excluding the Raid bosses on reset (although they can shift that as they wish).
Resin, which would probably be restricted to about 120 a day refreshed on the daily reset, can thus be spent in values based on the current system, allowing for say 1 Raid Boss boost + 1 World Boss boost + 1 Domain/Leyline boost, or 6 Leyline Boosts, or say 3 World Boss Boosts. This would at least allow them to progress at their own pace. They could still sell Resin refreshes too for those who just want to progress in the shortest amount of time with the least effort (great for the whales, who would be able to potentially buy resin refreshes AND materials off the shop using Stardust/StarGlitter to get plenty of refreshes through the resin purchases AND by crafting via shortcut).
With this also, you could provide a sense of chasing down world rare mobs like the Whopperflowers - also creating a balancing act between hard grinding up for rare artifacts, or ascending your weapons/talents/etc by not investing them in the heavy grind, giving a sense of choice and making getting an additional Raid Challenge an Accomplishment. Of course, new materials can be added instead to do this instead of say using Whopperflowers, Fatui Agent Blades, etc etc, which can be obtained through new World Events that occur often (maybe once per 10-15 minutes) across the world and tracked on map/adventure book. There's a few ways to do this.
Also we could offer a Fragile Resin in most activities as a hyper rare drop. Events could offer a higher chance. We want to incentivize people to play more, because the more they play (and potentially co-op to see rare characters) the most likely they are to feel the game's worth investing in.
Adventure Rank obviously needs caps, but unsure what they plan to do in the future (Rainbow Rarity materials mayhaps?).
Overall a number of these systems (retune, rework, remove) can be mixed, intertwined, etc, allowing for a decent amount of change and depth to the gameplay loop. IE: even if you went with a System 3 (removal), you could use the System 2 B1 in the System 2 A-style to provide specific resins that can be used per content type to boost their rewards individually.
My thoughts on burnout: Who. Cares. On one end, people will quit because they burn out, and likely return because of new content unless they flat out dislike the game. On the other end, people will quit because the content is so little that there's no reason to play outside of dailies. So then comes the question of who benefits more from each? I'd argue that more playtime/content is better. The lifeblood of games nowadays is a strong community, and having streamers enhancing that community through their viewerbases only improves that. Why would streamers benefit more from more resin/playtime? Because then they could afford to play with their viewers, creating interaction with their communities and enhancing the experience moreso. They could also visit viewer worlds to gather more materials from additional Whopperflowers/etc which would have direct benefits on their progress. This again enhances the co-op experience.
My thoughts on "Gacha Game" needs limits: not an argument. My first gacha game was SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online. Literally no stamina system. There were PVE missions (generic ones based on anime concepts as well as actual anime episodes) and PVP. You played, gained coins, rolled for units. You could buy coins to also roll units. You could win blueprints at random (some PVE exclusive) or bought them from the store, and used units to make more advanced units. It was popular and only died because Koreans couldn't keep the rights to use the suits, far as we understood. So no, a Gacha game doesn't need a stamina system.
My thoughts on "Mobile Game" need limits: Not an argument. This game exists on 3 platforms: PC, PS4, and Mobile. Mobile makes up 1/3rd of the platforms. I view it more as a PC/Console game that you can play on mobile, more than a mobile game you can play on PC/Console. Maybe MaHoYo means it that way, but my thought is 'nothing's stopping them from making Genshin a Console-level game on Mobile other than preconception it has to be mobile'. The Switch works in a similar manner, a Switch game can STILL play on PC/larger console.
My thoughts on you disagree with me: Reasonable minds can differ. I made suggestions that cater to casual, hardcore, and both in this list. If you disagree with all then I'm afraid we're beyond reasonable conversation here.
submitted by Vartio to Genshin_Impact

the truth about genshin's chests

This post is a progressive study and investigation about Genshin's chest spawning mechanics, and is subjected to be adjusted to new findings and results...

... and is in no way a final say for exactly how it works yet. If any part is contradictive, leave a comment so I can edit. Thank you.
Lately there are a lot of questions, theories and rumors about Genshin's chests. None of it had any solid proof to base on, so I decided to investigate this more, to try to clear up the actual idea behind it once and for all so we can move forward instead of being confused about this matter any longer.
EDIT: Apparently, quite a lot of people didn't even read through the whole post before making a comment. Therefore, I decided to remove the conclusion from the top.
I am updating this thread from time to time as I get new findings and constructive input from other users, so please come back if you are interested to follow the research!
Another study had been done in large effort by a Chinese player, check here: https://www.reddit.com/Genshin_Impact/comments/jqmi15/a_conclusion_of_investigation_regarding_chests/
I've been playing the game actively since the beta for PC from 15th September. Yes, I'm a CN server player. I have to say, when it comes to this matter, there are a whole lot more rumors and misinformation being spread in the reddit community compared to the Chinese community regarding chests respawning or not.
The methods that I've used to investigate this is through both real data, and theories from other players and also how I experienced it myself.

For the real data, I investigated other players' chest count for luxurious chests, as there were apparently some people in reddit who claim to have them respawned, which I personally strongly doubt would do.
How I checked it is through MiHoYo's official forum mobile app - 米游社, basically just a mobile version of https://forums.mihoyo.com/genshin/ but currently only available for CN server, and since you can only check the data on my phone, I took screenshots of plenty of other players, including my own stats on how much chests we have collected in each category - Luxurious, Precious, Exquisite and Common tier. Refer to p1 below.
The maximum of luxurious chests I've ever seen from anyone to have collect is 53, for players adventurer rank below 45. It's been said that at an additional luxurious chest is granted for adventurer rank 45 world level breakthrough. I have not gotten there yet though so if anyone who's there, feel free to give your input here!
For proof of my statements, please see:
p1: https://imgur.com/a/4MRGSxL
p2: https://imgur.com/a/WEu41En
My own statistics from MiHoYo's official forum app show:
Luxurious - 53 | Precious - 147 | Exquisite - 653 | Common - 705
Which is a total of 1558 chests which I've collected so far at the time I was writing this post, which does not imply how many chests there are in the game.
Note that in the description of each parameter of the statistics in the app state about the chest collects as "chests opened" and not as "unique chests opened", so it's rather more logical to assume that even if chests respawned, it would count toward that.

My own in-game achievements shows..
Mondstadt: Seelie - 51 | Chests - 489 | Timed Challenges - 17
Liyue: Seelie - 76 | Chests - 942 | Timed Challenges - 44
Which is a total of 577 + 1062 = 1619 items. But wait, the app showed 1558? The reason to this is simple, it's just that the app did not count any Timed Challenges rewards.
So 1619 - (44 + 17) is precisely 1558 chests.
Please refer to p2 of the above link of images.

The actual maximum of Timed Challenges currently is 45 in Liyue, one or two of them are were bugs in the game which they fixed at 2nd Oct, so if you have more than 45 it should be for this reason. For Mondstadt it's 17 as maximum.

As of 16th Nov, my current statistics are:
Forum app - AR47 | 54 - 154 - 702 - 785 (1695)
In-game - M: 51 - 507 - 17 | L: 78 (79*) - 1044 - 45
* = Due to bug it shows one less than what I actually had collected.
Seems like the app's statistics and the in-game statistics no longer add up perfectly... Not sure why.
The second method I used to try verifying whether chests respawn or not was to directly ask the customer service from Genshin. Fortunately, the reply was quick, it only took less than a day to get a reply, and its source in Chinese is included in the Imgur screenshots, at the very bottom of p1.
I'll translate it here as following:
Q: before I'm asking the question, I checked the gameplay FAQ section but didn't find the information I was searching for, so I'm not sure if I can ask this here
About the saying of "chest respawn", do the same chest respawn after a period of time? Or are every single chest once-only? Especially the luxurious chests, do they respawn?
Thank you!!
A: Dear traveler hello~~
As of currently, chests do not respawn, pat pat~~

Note that there is inconsistency in staff replies, as other sources showed that their reply of the customer service said that "Common chests do respawn; Quest chests and puzzles don't". While this is an almost opposite of the answer from the customer support on my side, I'd say that the factors may have been the language barrier, or expertise or just simply that the question was not clear enough that made the answers the opposite.
We may need more people to try to ask the customer service once again but with on-point and clear question? I didn't see what question that was being asked in the reply that the customer service above said...
But, if they don't respawn, how come I'm most certainly sure that I've collected this one before?
Personally, I also have experienced something similar. But there are more believable theories on why, and sometimes you may have seen that, right beside a spot where you're sure that you've collected a chest, you see another chest that is not yet collected.
I was wrong, about the statement that I put here before, the chest that seemed to not be claimed was more just likely that I didn't want to fight a treasure guardian that I skipped it. So from the look of it I seem to just have forgot about if I cleared it or not, which perhaps is the main reason why people claim chests to respawn. I did a run to this exact place with a completely new account at AR 6.
This is likely to be a mechanic that spawns chests after each increase of adventurer rank or world level. But the chests themselves do not re-spawn. But so far no solid proof that even would support that chests spawn from the first place...

Some chests that I collected didn't count toward my total chest count in achievements?
I found that there's bug in the game which counts some of the Liyue chests to Mondstadt.
I was doing a chest hunt with my interactive map in Liyue, and Liyue only, it was not even an area close to Mondstadt, and I clearly remember when I last hunted chests in Mondstadt it was 500 chests in the achievements, but after clearing some of Liyue's chests, the counter for Mondstadt's chests actually raised by 3, to 503... This bug could be one of the reasons to why you thought some of the open world chests did not count toward achievement.
A source of an example of the above is at https://bbs.mihoyo.com/ys/article/1897103, in Minlin (the forest east of Mt. Aozang), a few of those chests which are buried inside the ground near specific red trees counts achievements toward Mondstadt instead of Liyue.
The quest that let you go below the cathedral in Mondstadt has 6 chests - 2 P, 2 E, 2C. They don't count toward achievements and don't give AR EXP.

In an additional research, I've found out that chests that you collect inside non-story domains (I haven't investigated about chests from domains that are included in the story quest yet) do not count toward your achievement counter, but you get to keep the items and Adventurer Rank EXP you get from the chests. Ascension domains chests don't count toward achievements either.
Video of proof: https://youtu.be/3rN3F7FNUT0
These domains that I ran include both the ones I had story quest in and those that don't (the ones that gives you the chests to unlock the temples for luxurious chests). So far all of those chests have been the ones I've missed, I have no memory of collecting them, especially the one that required me to use Venti.
It makes me wonder if chests respawn in domains after story quest at all? It's kinda doubtful, but it needs testing as well.

About farm routes, are they legitimate?
I really doubt so. But you are free to try out a few of those routes in Mondstadt for example. Record a video, go there, make sure you collect all the chests, come back in a week and record another video with the same procedure and see what you got. Make sure to show your time and UID. I'm sure a lot of people want that to be confirmed.
I recommend to do this after AR 40 as level progression gets significantly slower, so that you won't risk having chests spawn due to World Level or Adventurer Rank increase.

In this dungeon or specific place I found a chest on the same spot after a quest!
There is a good theory to this, which I and some other have been thinking about regarding this - It is that some chests that appear during a quest is an instance of the world, and once you finish the quest, you return to the regular world, which potentially have the chest unclaimed on the same spot.
Feel free to test this more to see what results you get!

Do Mt. Hula's amber prisons respawn chests?
They only spawn chests once in each, if we do not count the story quest's one-time instance. You may easily think it respawned there if you never kept tracking of which one that dropped.
To try to further investigate the matter, I started 24th Oct to make video of Mt. Hula run every single day for a whole week:
Day 1-1, Day 1-2 | Day 2-1, Day 2-2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7
The amber prisons respawn timer is 12 hours. There are ten of them, and you can only get one common chest from each single one, if we exclude the instance that's created by the story quest once, I can't confirm about that myself as I already did the quest a long time ago.
There are 10 amber prisons, and during 7 days I farmed 9 times, and resulted in one single common chest drop, which I highly suspect to be one I just had missed from before. The conclusion of these videos is that each of the 10 amber prisons only spawns one chest, after that, all their spawns are animal, butterfly or an enemy.

Seelies respawn? There are pictures of players having 51+ Seelie counts in achievements for Mondstadt!
There's confirmed bugs and how to do it, a Chinese thread explaining how it works. I won't translate it but if anyone really want to try to confirm that for themselves are free to do so: https://bbs.nga.cn/read.php?tid=23739319
The actual count for Seelies in Mondstadt is 51 and 79 for Liyue as maximum so far. But due to bugs of the seelie mechanics, despite collecting every seelie in the game, it's not guaranteed that you will have the same numbers, sometimes you can have more despite not actually collecting more.
If you want to check them, I suggest you can use this video: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1vv411k7NG

Some chests give primogems and some not, does that not mean that they were respawned?
This claim is proven to be wrong, refer to the video below this section.
Primogems count for each chest depends solely on what type of chest it is and what area it is located. Some exceptions may come as some chests are quest/special chest, like recipe chest or mora chest.
I recorded a video of a fresh new re-roll purpose account and collected all the chests in the town of Mondstadt only, which consisted a total of 17 common chests, and 3 luxurious chests.
Video here: Initial run | After a week
As some people claim common chests have a random respawn timer on 48 ~ 72 hours, I'll come back for another video in a week and go the exact same rotation and see if any chests respawned, stay tuned! And after one week, as I expected, nothing had reappeared into the chest locations which were collected, which means there's definitely no timer for spawn & respawn.
This video also proves the theory of new chests give primogems to be false, these chests are all completely new, and none of the common chests gave any primogems!

Additional video of the same chest route but with my CN account: https://youtu.be/bCC0275vfM4
Found completely nothing, I cleared every Mondstadt town's chests almost a month ago, wasn't the respawn rotation to be every around three days for common chests according to some people?
Conclusion so far, and not finalized:
As of currently in Genshin ver. 1.0, all chests, including common ones, do not respawn or reset.
The claim about whether a chest gives primogems or not based on it being respawned or not is proven to be wrong. It is solely based on what type of chest it is and where it is located. Some chests are special chests where it gives a quest item, recipe item, mora or anything similar will have other rewards than regular chests.
Mt. Hula's amber chests only give one common chest in each of the ten amber prisons, afterwards it will be a randomized spawn of either animal or enemy inside.
Seelies, puzzles and temples do not reset, which means that they have no ability to respawn either.
Chests can de-spawn due to bug, or irregularity of which day you are playing.

- Chests do not reset / respawn.
- Primogem drop only depends on what type of chest it is and what area it is located in.
- Daily chest farm routes are not legit. Mt. Hula chests only spawn once in each ten amber prisons.
- Seelies, puzzles and temples don't reset after you complete them.
- Chests can de-spawn and reappear after a quest that occupy the world instance for the particular area, but sometimes bug can make them de-spawn out of no reason.
If you have questions please read the post at least briefly to avoid duplicate questions to what I already answered.
I wanna say that, you should believe in your own thoughts before something is actually proven with facts and proof, always provide guides with actual data, proof and what methods you used to produce the results. It is quite disappointing and a shame that some people are spreading misinformation about the chests for so long without providing any solid proof.
Please do not forget that bugs can exist, which could potentially trigger some effects that weren't planned in the original design of things. And that happens quite often, we hope to see a more stable game from the fixes by the developers as the time passes.
If you're interested into some chest hunting, these videos and guides are great to follow:
Mondstadt (467+ chests): https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1HT4y1A7Ea
Liyue (1056+ Chests): https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1FZ4y1K7Ar
All Luxurious Chests (53 Chests):
part 1: https://bbs.mihoyo.com/ys/article/2033544 | part 2: https://bbs.mihoyo.com/ys/article/2033610
Map I use to mark chests: https://yuanshen.site/ | Contains: M - 483, L - 1057 (collectibles)
Some other relevant reference material:
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/772961257 ~03:50:00 (TW)
https://www.reddit.com/Genshin_Impact/comments/jeov1j/the_truth_about_genshins_chests/ga980ir by TheTensay
Regardless, I hope you found this interesting and had a good read!
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