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How to Add, Change, & Delete Registry Keys & Values
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Got hacked

3 days ago i got cookie logged and my limited and 1k have been stolen. I emailed roblox for a rollback but I dont know if the evidence is good enough. Im also worried that the hacker could still get into my account, or have access to my laptop.. does anyone have any advice I could use to make sure my laptop is safe and secure?
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Rocket heat Studios is looking for skilled scripters

Hello! My name is iRequireSomeLasanga (Lasagna for short), the current head of advertisement in Rocket Heat Studios (RHS). It is my job to spread knowledge of the studio across Roblox to garner interest and "hype" for games the studio produces. This is not one of those promotions.
Rather, it is a call to all skilled Roblox programmers out there. Rocket Heat Studios is currently looking for skilled scripters to code for its current game, A Story About Fate, and potentially any other games the studio will develop. This is a long term job. To get an idea of the quality RHS is capable of producing (and expects), please see the links below (you will need to open these links in a separate tab to see them): https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/704730788821729370/761299180437241916/unknown.pngExample of Modeling skills https://gyazo.com/760157a9a998fc9b13cfd388e21d8663 Example of VFX skills
Who will I work for?: You will be under the supervision of Red, the owner. Should you get accepted, you will start out as a trial developer on the server. Should you prove your skill and worth to the studio, you will be promoted to an official RHS developer.
What do I need?: You will require the following to be accepted into the studio - Skill as a scripter (the more the better) - Experience working for others as a scripter (more experience, the better) - A good work ethic - Ability to work off/with the code of the previous coder(s) - Willingness to Respect the RHS staff - A discord account - Some kind of showcase of scripting skills (the more the better)
What else do I need?: These are the basic requirements to even be considered as a scripter for RHS. However, some other things that could improve your chances of acceptance are: - A studio/customer that can vouch for your skill (any size/success is ok, as long as we can verify it) - Experience in developing skill-based combat systems (this one is very important to the game) - Experience in developing anime BASED (not centered, based as in inspired by) games - Experience in developing systems that are capable of being expanded on if/when needed. - Experience in the development of RPG elements such as a currency system, quests, NPCs, enemies, and a storyline.
What should I know going into this job? There are a few things to keep in mind when applying for scripter:
  1. Zero games produced by the studio WILL BE MONETIZED. This studio was created with the idea of multiple amazing, quality, grandeur projects in mind. As such, all work is expected to be fueled by some form of passion, not by the green Robux symbol floating in your head (This does NOT mean you won't be paid in this position, you 100% will be paid the amount Red promises you). If you are not ok with this fact do not apply
  2. RHS believes in a strict quality over quantity ideology. With no major monetary incentive in the minds of the founder, Red is free to take as much time as needed on his work. You should feel free to do the same. We would much rather see quality, largely error-free scripts once a month than a rushed script every other day. If you constantly rush your work do not apply
  3. Excessive"Beef" with higher members of the community will not be tolerated in any capacity. Light-hearted jabs that both parties are OK with are acceptable completely, but excessive cyberbullying of anybody will likely get you fired even if you are incredibly skilled. If you are known to be notoriously toxic DO NOT APPLY AT ALL
Who will I be working with?: The DevelopeStaff team you work with will consist of the following Modeler: Red Map-maker: Red GUI designer: Red Animator: Red Semi VFX artist: Red Official VFX artist: Kata (currently undergoing IRL issues, unknown when he will come back) Musician: TerracottaWarrior Co-Owner: Xoana Head Admin: Noob Head Admin Assistant: Gro Discord Admins: Evil and Caesar Head of Advertisement: The person writing thisIn case you haven't noticed. Red does an unfathomable majority of development work currently. Yes, multiple people can verify this. No, he does not have a healthy sleep schedule. Yes he made the model you saw in the link above. Kata made the VFX example.
How much time will I get per assignment? At Rocket Head Studios, as previously stated, we believe in a very strong quality over quantity view. You will be given more than enough time to complete whatever assignment you have currently. If more time is required to complete the assignment, that will be given. If you need a break, that will be given. Deadlines will not be heavily enforced, as RHS is willing to accept the fact that a heavily enforced deadline will not improve your work's quality in any way, shape, or form. In simple terms, feel free to work at your own pace. Just try to finish within a year.
How much will you pay? Payment purely depends on the level of quality you are capable of producing. If the work you present to our owner is the work of an exceptionally skilled and professional scripter, you will be paid as if you were an exceptionally skilled and professional scripter. The payment will also be ASAP.
I just finished reading, and I want to apply! How can I apply? Splendid! If you wish to apply for the role of a scripter, you can either: A) Send a friend request to ★ Red#8434 on discord and let him know you wish to apply (please put your discord information in the comments if you use this route) B) Join the RHS discord server (https://discord.gg/8GTtN7a) and DM Red (who will have a red name color and be at the top of the member list 100% of the time) when he is online (DND counts as online)
And that concludes this promotion. Feel free to comment if you have any questions or wish to critique this promotional message of RHS.
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