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For those who are having reCAPTCHA login issues

For those who are having reCAPTCHA login issues

If you try to login before linking accounts,it will ask you to create new accounts.So to keep using your normal accounts first link the third party apps and then proceed to login. And yes,google login doesn't work.

What third party websites can be linked ?
  • Twitch,Discord,Facebook ,Google,Twitter,Vk,YouTube and Reddit.
How and where can i find the option ?
  • lite.pubg.com -> Login -> Account or go to accounts.pubg.com and login.
  • Scroll down to "Your Linked Accounts" and you can link whatever site you prefer there.

Available Third party websites
Been there,done that.So, what now ?
  • Go to the launcher and click on the website icon you linked to your pubg account.
  • You'll be greeted with a login page.
  • Enter your credentials (the linked account ones) and Sign in.
Example - If you linked your reddit. Go to the launcher,click on the reddit icon and enter your Reddit credentials.It will ask whether reddit should grant access to reddit username and signup date (you'll be greeted with this upon every login).Press allow and you'll be logged into lite your lite account.
Reddit permission grant dialog
I clicked on the wrong icon and i don't see a close button anywhere ?
  • Just hover your mouse on the pubg taskbar icon and you'll see two thumbnails.
  • You can close the third party website login windows from there.

I made a new account while trying to login directly via the launcher without linking.
  • Go to accounts.pubg.com and log in to your new account.
  • Unlink the third party websites from it.
  • Log out.
  • Now login to you old account and link those websites to it.
  • Go to the launcher, click the desired third party website and enter it's credentials to login.
Session Expired Error
  • You left the pubg lite login too long without login in.Just close and open (relaunch) it.
For those who are wondering wth is this session thing ,i added a small explanation sorta thing at the end.Totally unnecessary but it won't hurt to add that plus ik there are some curious ones like myself.
For ones who made new accounts
  • Relaunch the lite login before trying to login using the linked accounts or you'll most probably get the session expired error.
Btw personally i recommend making accounts via accounts.pubg.com rather than the pubg lite login/launcher which makes things much easier.
What does some mean " clean login from previous failed attempt " ?
  • Simply delete the email and password from the login.
  • Or simply relaunch the login.

What they mean by clean login
Link accounts doesn't work ?
  • Go to accounts.pubg.com and see if it's really linked.
  • If it's just one account try linking another and see if it works.
  • If multiple linked accounts doesn't work,drop a support ticket.(One user reported that support did fix his login issue).
Do i recommend a certain login ?
  • Reddit or discord,whichever you're mostly anonymous in.
Did you link and check everything ?
  • I linked and checked Google,Facebook,reddit and Discord.Google login doesn't work due to connection not secure.
  • I didn't make a new account so didn't check that process.
Anything else to add ?
  • Start using two step authentication,specially if you're linking Twitch,Youtube,Facebook,Vk or twitter. I personally use this android app (open source).It's simple,light weight and does the job. (Btw read on two step authentication and how it works before jumping the gun,imo it's easy to set up and use)
Idk why but for me just pressing enter after typing my username and password works. (No,i don't have a high end router with a block list or a pi hole running and yes,reCAPTCHA doesn't show anything for me as well.)
Btw ik this was overdue like a week back,sorry about that.I was busy plus i didn't want to make a post without properly checking/testing things out.

Additional info on the session thing and connection unsecure error
Idk how man of you guys have noticed but pubg lite login (i'm talking about the pc app) is more or less of a small web page.(Aldo the launcher land page,the one with the start button) There are multiple reasons for telling so.
  • Lite login doesn't launch offline spits out an error.
  • Vpn ing to countries like japan changes the app language.Can be done withing the app by checking the religion,etc but it also shows region based tournaments & stuff which are dynamic and can't be hard-coded to the app.( If you know before hand you can but afaik lite devs aren't organised or active/motivated enough for that)
  • They implemented the linked accounts to the launcher without needing us to update/patch the game so it should be done from dev side.
  • Implementing that many logins to an app can be a huge pain in the ass while it's relatively much easier for a website.
  • Google login said can't login since the connection is unsecured/app or browser may not be secured. It's an authentication error with google integration. Devs need to fix that or maybe play around with google setting and you might stumble upon something.(I didn't have the time to check the google settings, so it's either a hit or miss)
Since it's more or less of a web page,sessions and cookies can be used.Session is simply a time limit given to do perform some activity,it can either have a short time out or a really long time out depending on how it's coded and how long the pc keeps the cookie. Cookie is something that have some potions of information. If you take a shopping site it will use sessions and cookies to keep track of carts while sites like fb and reddit will use them to check if you're logged in among other stuff. (There's a ton of stuff but i'll keep things simple) That's why you'll get logged out if you clean your cookies.
In this case the login means entering your username and pw which shouldn't take that long,so the session timeout is most probably few minutes max.So sessions are kinda acting as a security measure as well.so when you're making a new account the login is left open and the session is expired by the time you're done with the registration process.

Edit 1 - Added what to do if you made a new account without linking things to your normal one.
Edit 2 - Clarified what i meant by credentials once you're done with the linking process. Explained the login process in more detail along with an example and a screenshot.
Edit 3 - Added For ones who made new accounts and Additional info on the session thing for further clarification.
Edit 4 - Updated the google integration error plus it's explanation.
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[Table] I am a (almost)former Wal-Mart employee that knew the more then an average overnight employee should. AMA!! (:

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Date: 2012-10-29
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How can we bring Wal Mart down? Hahaha, you have to get the heart of the walmart in electronics.
Randy Marsh: "My God." <3.
She sent me a '<3' Wants to bang me! LOL! <3 <3
1) Do customers acutally look as ridiculous as I have heard? 1: Maybe its because I live in Delaware I don't see it all, but we do get a good ammount of strange people, mainly slutty girls, cat ladies, and drunks, alot of just loud ass kids.
2) Ever seen 2 people doing the dirty in the store? 2: Yes -.- Managers too!
3) Ever been 1 of the people that i have refferenced in question 2? 3: LOL! No, Me and my fiancee worked in the same store same shift.. We'd save that for home (:
Well no wonder. the walmarts here in DE are extra horrible!! Yes, yes they are.
Let me guess... the WalMart in New Castle? BTW, how are you holding up in the storm? Nope and, its okay down here! (: Just some wind, obv xD
How would you describe working at Wal-Mart in comparison to other jobs? Its not the best job I've had but its one of the top 3 worst. They treat you like shit, they don't care about any problems that happen to you. Your parents can die or your significant other can die and they have NO pity. I enjoy my co-workers, well some of them. The managers can go to hell... Don't get me started on their workman comp problems
I worked for walmart and had a completely different experience. Best place I have ever worked actually. Well, consider yourself lucky.
Walmart employee here, I can confirm this. I've been put in the freezers before for four hours without a coat or gloves. They don't give a shit about anyone under them. Seems like everyone who makes it to management becomes a complete asshole,With the rare exception. They did that shit to me all the time. I'd have on capri pants and a tshirt and be like oh? Go bin in the freezer. I'd get so sick -.-
You mentioned a back injury on the job.. How'd that happen? Is this injury making you quit? I being a female not a body builder was put to work in a new area. It was on a poorly stacked pallet and i went to take a heavy box from the top, the pallet crumbled and It slipped from my hands, If it fell from that height it'd explode everywhere..I twisted and grabbed it and popped my back, I ended up with a hairline fracture in my hip/SI joint and severe joint damage. I've been getting injections in to my back of Cortizone and Lidocane to numb the pain. It's doing nothing.. they're pressuring me horribly in to getting back to work so they can fire me. At that, they can.. I will still get paid my wages like I am now, I haven't quit yet but I am NOT going back! I still just collect my workmans comp money. I can't get a second job because I'm considered "Disabled"
EDIT: To conceal who I may be -.- Dont want creepers creeping.
Well, I do now have a lawyer, I am just afraid of getting screwed over... You know? I was told I will ahve people following me and shit, my aunt had it too when she got beat up by a kid when working at a school for handicapped. She was in her early thirties and has had over 20 back surgeries, hundreds of MRIs all sorts of experimental things and no luck, she ahs such bad bad problems and workmans comp is horrible for her. She has such little pay! Workmans comp is always crappy but I do have a lawyer now that will help me with my case more then I expected. I'm happy!
You really should contact a personal injury lawyer and start documenting the pressure they're putting on you. I already have a Workers comp lawyer :D
You need to get a lawyer to sue them for fucking up your back for the rest of your life. See a lawyer now! I already have one :D.
BUT sadly delaware has a law where its very difficult to sue your employer.
Has anyone ever referred you to trees ? I wish I knew people where I lived >_>
Cortizone has been killing people. Over 25 have been killed and over 300 have been made ill. Its not the cortizone, its the steroid injection in the shot that's giving people meningitis. They've pulled ita ll from the shelf though.
Here's how workman's comp works: If you get injured on the job while doing your job, you get money. These are the only two questions: Did the injury happen at work? Did the injury occur while you were doing your job? If yes to both of them, you need to get a lawyer so you can get some money. Thus is why I have my lawyer (:
From experience, you should reduce/stop the Cortizone shots to your back. I plan on it. Its not doing shit!
I take it for chronic pain and I can't believe what a difference it makes. Before being on it I was on narcotic pain medication and it was horrible. I hope Delaware will legalize it for medical purposes at least. Is it at least in discussion in your state? I heard it was for a while then it got pulled. Im new to the state, im from NY where I feel it will be the last state to legalize it -.-
What was the craziest and or grossest thing that you have seen or that has occurred while you were working? Well being I work overnight and I've worked black friday. I'd say woman shit on the walls, Like this bitch shat her brains out all over the floowalls/toilet and everything. It was horrible. I've seen used condoms... girls who stick use tampons on the wall covered in blood...
EDIT: I've also seen people shit on the floors..
On the subject of black friday: fuck that shit. That 'holiday' is such fucking capitalistic blasphemy and bullshittery. On the real though, how high would you estimate the prevalence of shoplifting to be on that or any other major holiday and have you ever caught anyone? Well, on the subject of what they call "event day" They have TONS of AP strolling around, tons of cops, there's always people stealing. I have seen people steal but we're not allowed to stop them. There's been times people walk out the doors with 55'' flat screens and we can't even stop them. I fucking hate that holiday though. Our last one some woman who just had open heart surgery (Why the FUCK is she at walmart IDK) she got hit in the chest with a 12V battery operated car for children. Stitches popped, blood everywhere. On the subject of getting caught. I wasn't caught (: So, I'll let your mind do the thinking. OVernight in my store dosn't have an AP team. No one watches the cameras at night nor really ever looks them over.
Again, I find myself asking "What in the fuck is wrong with people?" I agree.
My best friend worked there for years, he says people shit on the floors of dressing rooms constantly. Also when he told me about the morning meeting song I about puked. THAT FUCKING SONG! I hated that shit, they'd actually coach people in my store that wouldnt do it!
Is it cool to do these things at Wal-Mart? : Link to chainletters.net. It drives me nuts when kids play around and do stupid shit like that, Because we have to clean up after it all.. -.-
How would you react to number 10 of that list? Codes are in colors (: Not numbers, unless its breaks.. so I'd giggle and be on my way.
How DOES the store work expired products? Well, normally... you're supposed to throw away items with in 3 months of expiring... Does that happen? No... I've gone through the meat coolers and seen meats 3+ months expired... they smell HORRIBLE.. I've seen in the deli area the same thing... incredibly expired meats and cheeses... Some of hte workers don't care they just cut it and sell it.. Managers dont want to lose their money...
Its worse when some people working in Dairy or Frozen leave the food out too long while working it ... it can go bad..
We had a guy who never gave a damn working the eggs in dairy and that pallet sat out for 7 hours.. I was half expecting the chicks to hatch!
I may have worded that wrong, not F&D with the 3 months, it was like the candy, and other foods in isle. F&D you throw that shit away when its opened or leaking. Thats it! I am sorry I wasn't really clear with that hahaha!
But my fiance works F&D and they always leave stuff out WAY Longer then they should. They don't care.. XD
Fuck that my meat dept isn't like that. Yea I rarely get meat from walmart, I go to another store, It always depends on who works the meat wall on that day. We have some good people and a few kids who know NOTHING.
I have a couple. First, what happens when people loose things? Do you actualy look for it? Second, ever saw someone do something from of those "Things to do in Wal-Mart" lists? If so, what was the craziest? 1: Well, I myself I'd take the time to find wallets/lost phones because it sucks when people lose shit, I had my wallet stolen so I know the pain of losing shit. But generally, we look for lost things, Alot of lost items go in the Cash office.
2: I see people attempting it, or playing with toys.. normally they get yelled at because its just annoying as hell to have to go over and clean it all..
I thought of another after reading other comments. Ever seen anyone sleeping anywhere in the store? And also, did you ever have to work register? How did people treat you if you did? Well, our store is like a connecting bus area for asian people that go to delaware (Tax free state) and shop buying thousands of dollars in electronics and taking a bus back to NY so we always see them sleeping where the carts are in the store. x.o it wasn't awful.
Also, I've worked every hourly aspect of that store. It wasn't bad, I'm very polite... being overnight we got alot of people who get their foodstamp money in, and drunk people, kids.. I worked the register by the front door. So, alot of people would just have small things... not a shit load so it was quick and easy. I had alot of people that when they paid in WIC they never learned how to read what they can get... so I'd always have to tell them go get said item... that they have the wrong things blah blah, stupid people wooo...
Oh wow. Thank you for answering! I saw your response about your injury, so, I hope you feel better! Those people are evil >_< No problem! I have nothing better to do then prepare for this hurricane and sit at home! XD.
I also work as a night shift employee stocking freight. Ours is only 2 years old. I hate our managers they have done some of the stupidest bullshit I have every seen. (It was so bad I "open doored" our store manager and asked her if a pile of rocks could run night shift for a while). What is the (or at least the most interesting) worst thing your management has done to a "loyal" employee? We have one girl who works on the inventory team. She would hang around the managers, go out with them when not working (Which is not allowed). She ended up tearing her rotator cuff and had bad bad bad nerve damage in her arm, that it would turn purple, she was out of work for 6 months and came back having to take muscle relaxers and pain pills. They ended up calling the cops on her saying she has "non-prescribed pills" because they wanted to get rid of her with out firing her so they didn't have to pay Unemployment.
That or one of the woman who worked as the Personal Manager who was there for 25 years they fired her for doing what htey told her to do with one of the law-suits they had.. She speaks to me on facebook and is VERY bitter about it, she was the best employee and everyone loved her... They only fired her because she has been working there for 25 years and makes fucking bank.
Also, Im sorry you work overnight too. I was still considered a stocker when I left, I just did everything because I'm smart and sadly... i let them know -.-
If she lawyered up, she would have made it very unprofitable for them to do that, plus got the person who made the false police report go to jail. She's not the smartest. ._.
Yeah if they do that 6 month inventory with us we'll all just get fired a lot more quickly. They like to blame us for everything and we just look at each other going "um we stock freight right ? ... how is it our fault that departments aren't being looked after and people are just looting the place?" ... shrugs Our stores problem was just the department managers never did their jobs. It was annoying, overnight was forced to do everything! I hated it, they were such angry assholes.
We have no 3rd shift asset protection fyi and most of the kids in our area know it and love it. Cell phone here, toys there, bad DVDs ... etc. and our instructions are "you must exercise aggressive hospitality" (we still really don't know what that means) XD I enjoy no AP.. Same thing, cell phones, ipods.. XD and the aggressive hospitality... I guess they mean be overly nice? o__o
So does this mean that you would take cell phones, iPods etc etc? If I would working at a place that literally would shit on me, I would be robbing the hell out of that place. I'm not from the states, but everytime I went there, I refused to shop at Wal-Mart. It seems like corporate evil incarnate. Well, taking a cellphone is useless, they have to be activated at registers. I find it funny when people take them.
The phone has to be activated? So a phone from walmart with and old sim-card would not work at all? Phones where I am from don't need to be activated that way. Anyway, working in IT, I am 99% sure that there is a way to get around that activation. That Im not 100% sure about but the majority of the phones that are in electronics that are pre-paid wont work with out activation. I am sure you can get around it.
Ha. I used to work at seaford walmart and I'm fairly certain I know that manager. But she cant totally be blamed for her behavior. One manager got a d-day for "improper delegation" because he was working freight rather than shovelling it onto the already overworked staff. She wasn't a manager when she left. She was an employee. She moved up to Support.
Does a typical Walmart have a high turnover rate for managers? I feel like there's a new manager at mine every time I go in. I've never really seen the same one twice. Well, its easy to move up. You become a Department manager or a support manager (Overnight bitch basically) and move to a ZMS (A manager over all of Fresh area/Grocery/ or the GM side) and they can send you to the 2 month long training program for the assistant manager. Or they can like cycle managers through stores in your region.
How come every thing I buy at Walmart breaks within 2 weeks? I bought a bike there for my birthday and it broke in 2 weeks, I bought weight lifting gloves there and they tore apart in a week. It's walmart... They're products made in middle-east countries by 5 year olds with poor quality materials... I've gotten pants there several times and they always rip/shred...
Sooo... which cameras are real/how easy is it to steal from Walmart? During the day, not so easy. Generally the register ones are all real, jewerly area, electronics area and some of like 2 or so in the grocery area, 1 in produce, 1-5 in the GM side of the store, MAYBE 1 out of the 10 in lawn and garden. Alot of them if theyre the big big globes on the ceiling, not the ones that hang from a stick, are fake..
Its easy if no one see's you, and if you go to lawn and garden, its sketchy to sit out there at night.. -.- Best thing to do is avoid cameras, also another good area, sporting goods well in our store in like a corner. Go for corners of the store not populated, Sporting goods, Hardware, Automotive at night. Not many people.
Thank you, You taught me how to steal in walmart <3! HAhahaah, I'm not advocating it!
What about the other end? Is there someone watching the feeds or are the tapes simply just reviewed or searched if something comes up? Depends on the store, they're generally someone watching them, Are they ACTUALLY watching them. No ideaa!
Can you elaborate on what the managers do/say and perhaps a nice story about the other various things? I would like to hear the best things you got. Also I hope you get better soon, I too have screwed up my back in the past and it is no bueno. Wait.. Do you want a nice manager story or a mean one :P
Both but if only willing one then a mean one. Also I really want to hear about the "various things" you referred to. Okay!
Nice story: I'd have to say one manager generally cared when I told them about my mom having breast cancer and me being able to take off to go see her.. Thats as nice as it gets!
Mean: A friend of mine whos 30 now, his mother died, she was all he really had AT ALL. He went in that day to tell them she's passed and he was left all alone to make arrangments, they said too bad you have to go to work because that previous month his grandmother died and he used his 3 allowed bereavement days... So he took off for 4 days because he had to go to NY for some stuff, and they ended up demoting him. It was so shitty. ;-;
Various things; I guess like knowing what cameras are real. I'm really not sure at the moment. I've always been a nosey person. I know what managers do drugs, I know all about home problems with some of them, what ones are binge drinkers. Stuff like that, I read papers I shouldn't I've gotten in to the managers office before and read open files. It was interesting! Not the nicest thing but hey! Dog eat dog :D
Good stuff on the various things. Do you happen to know anything that we might want to know about walmart that we dont or walmart tries to keep secret? Another thing they don't want you to know is, if you get hurt at walmart, like a trip slip or fall. They will pay you hush money to not sue them, generally $10,000 + depending on the severity of the fall.
How often do people try to "trip" for hush money, I worked at CVS and we'd have meth heads do that shit all the time. Literally walk in and just fall onto the carpet uh-ing and oh-ing, almost like this. One time I walked in from my break and some woman "slipped" and smashed her face on the thing the bags go on at the register, had an ambulance called blah blah. They reviewed the tapes and she just slid it looked like and fell forward. It looked SO fake! It was hilarious, they ended up denying her everything because she faked it.
Do you stock the meat department regularly? How about the deli? I'm curious about your obvious speculation on the quality of the goods. I personally never stocked it I've worked with it, I've seen nasty things that even come in to the store, I've seen once a clear bag of chicken have a blade in it I guess from the factory. Stuff like that, the quality isn't awful but I can get coldcuts from better places!
It amazes me what people go through to make a quick buck. Even hurting themselves considerably just to not work, when legitimately hurt people go through hell trying to get whats owed to them because of those bastards. I concur!
People are just shitty. Very very shitty.
How did you hurt your back? >I being a female not a body builder was put to work in a new area.. We have these huge cases of stuff somtimes , It was on a poorly stacked pallet and i went to take it from the top, the pallet crumbled and It slipped from my hands, If it fell from that height it'd explode everywhere... I twisted and grabbed it and popped my back, I ended up with a hairline fracture in my hip/SI joint and severe joint damage. I've been getting injections in to my back of Cortizone and Lidocane to numb the pain. It's doing nothing.. they're pressuring me horribly in to getting back to work so they can fire me. At that, they can.. I will still get paid my wages like I am now, I haven't quit yet but I am NOT going back! I still just collect my workmans comp money. I can't get a second job because I'm considered "Disabled"
EDIT: To try and conceal who I am :
That really sucks, and I'm sorry that you were injured on the job. My dad's gone through that bullshit before. Shit happens. Shrug I may have a life long back problem but oh well!
Aren't they afraid people will sue for the bad meat? That's worse than tripping or something I would think. Wouldn't be surprised... -.- alot of the deli meats you can't see an expiration date... so, you don't know its expired...Its also easy for some of them to scratch the expiration date off.. -.- I've seen that done!
even if they did get sued, Wouldn't they just be anal about it for like a month and then all of the stores would go back to using exspired meats? Basically. Whenever they get introuble they get anal with problem for a while and it just goes away.
You guys over there forget what you learned with CBLs? Health is not something to sacrifice because of laziness. Wut?
To instruct them to be calm? :P We just haul most of w/m's crap : it's the devil's advocate. More along the lines of... how things are set up, where people are placed, where the items coming out are placed, It wont tell us what they are yet, mainly they're called Game System 1,2,3,4 Then [Size] TV blah blah blah.
Were you approached to promote work stoppage during the recent "strikes"? I never heard anything in my store about any of it.
Have you ever partook in or witenessed employees stealing merchandise? Also what is the most annoying customer you have ever had to deal with? I always see employees steal. Hey they steal us of our sanity. XD.
Worst customers are the ones who (Sorry) barely speak english... come in with their nails done, hottest kicks, nicest phone put pay with their $500+ in food stamps and pull out a wad of 100$ to pay for items not covered by EBT. Not annoying, more ... pisses me off..
Annoying is just like the other person said, kids... I have come to loathe teenagers. Running around in carts and shit, dressing up and making a HUGE mess, I've seen a kid in an electric cart knock an entire end cap of Gatorade over and keep rolling. My manager yelled at him tell him to pick it all up or he has to pay for it. He moveed quite qiuickly :O
My friend used to steal the baked goods and little items all the time from Wal-Mart. When asked about it, she said she only stole small items because if you steal something with a worth under a certain dollar amount, they don't bother trying to catch you because it isn't worth it. Is there any validity to this claim? It depeneds who catches you, One of my managers just flips the hell out screams at the person says if you get out now, I wont call the cops. It always depends on how they react though. I've seen people arrested a few times.
1.) what is the sickest, nastiest thing you've seen while working? 2.) Do people actually monitor the cameras? 3.) how easy is it to steal items from there? 4.) Do employees cut corners with their work, or do they acutally do what they're supposed to? (ie. catch people stealing, etc.) 4: I go by the phrase "Work like your paid minimum wage" Am I work 7.50? or 8.20? No.. Ill work like it! But we're really not supposed to stop people stealing, best thing to do is find a manager and call them. Or... watch XD
Tell me about the loss prevention tactics. If a particular item gets stolen on a regular basis, do they concentrate on that area? Add cameras? Is the "loss prevention" team just a group who strolls around the store looking like genuine customers, or is there a way to "make" them? Tldr; I steal a particular item almost twice a week, mainly from walmart. How do I try to ensure I never get caught? Well ,generally cameras are pricey, they also use all the managers and anyone with a walkie to call in security issues. We usually had 2 people in the security room which ours is in the back back of the store. They also had people all over the place walking. They'd normally make rounds around high shrink area, watching what everyone does, whats in peoples carts.. Its normally people who don't have carts.. and they're watching everything.
What's the absolute weirdest experience you've had working at Wal-Mart? Prob an old support manager who popped percs went batshit one night was running around the store freaking out screaming about people stealing and stuff, sweating his ass off. Was just going crazy.
My fiance just reminded me of this. He was reading this too giggling.
Do you live on your own? If so, how ofter have you been short on money to the point where you would eat expired foid that you were about to dump down the drain or throw in the garbage? (I used to stock overnights and found myself doing this several times a month). Well, I am 21 I've lived with my fiance since i was 19 far from my parents, we both work at walmart and we have a brand new car, rent, student loans over 30K, nice cellphones, cable/internet/ and a few store cards. We're just good at saving money, we always have food... We have had trouble paying rent but our account would just go negative and we'd deal with it. Only thing that'd expire in our house is milk. Im not a big milk drinker we'd just throw it out. But short on money A LOT. We live pay check to paycheck and learn how to REALLY stretch a dollar.
Have you ever stretched a dollar so thin that you couldn't see it? Yes ;-;
Did you ever goof off during the night-shift? I've seen a couple YouTube videos of Wal-Mart employees getting bored and doing stunts and generally fooling around. I'd mess with some employees and stuff, throw things over isles to hit other people, but alot of the people we worked with were generally older people, with kids and such.
If I need to make money, am a lazy ass and pretty good at playing dumb this sounds like I could make some money as well as steal random crap. Is that accurate? Im not advocating stealing from walmart, but you can. Though you don't want to gget caught selling it because thats a big big fine. It can be jail time.
I heard a rumor that on saturday nights the cameras set up to stop shoplifters turn off at midnight. is this true? I never heard of that. I know they're always recording like the other person said, like for employee/customer accidents.. or to fire an employee and have proof of things.
They're not used too frequently overnight.
What code do you Dial on the Walmart phone system to get onto the intercom? Is it the same for most walmart stores? Theres a "Page" button. Just press it.
Why does Wal-Mart hate outside vendors? My store didn't like them too much, they're pushy, always wanting more shelf space, rude as hell, never cleaned up after themselves, Left trash everywhere... Some of them have gotten in to fights too, Always the people who do bread. Most annoying is when Pepsi/Coke comes in before big events... Our back rooms are fucked..
How hard is it to get fired? I have a union job and its pretty difficult Easiest way to get fired is get Coached [Written up] 3 times in a year and then fuck up, weather its miss too many days, or any simple mistake. I've seen people get fired not frequently because then they have to pay unemployment.. Its gnerally people who've been there for a long time that get fired or REALLY fuck up. Employees are so indisposable.
Is this a job that you're both doing while going for school or is this your career? I worked there because where I live I was brand new to the state I am not sure where to get jobs. Its always difficult. We're there because it pays us and its a stable job.
Did Wally World take out an insurance policy on your life? I heard they do that - and if you die the money does not go to the family. What bro said below (:
So what do you know that could get a lot of managers fired? 1: Happy Cake Day :D.
2: I've helped them with computer problems and stuff before, They know my knowledge in that field and they had some questions. they left me in the room with their PCs and passwords on a notepad for email login. I'll leave it at that. Being able to do anything on their compuers. XD
Good for you. FYI... a nurse may be very labor intensive. You may want to stick to the PA position. Thats fine with me, I'd rather be a nurse before a PA, thats alot of schooling D:
I, too, was a third-shift employee at Walmart. OP, what is the best part of your job? Mine was always spray painting the cardboard with our store number; my manager allowed me to expand my artistic horizons... I'd have to say... working registers was the best. I generally enjoy interaction with people more then sitting there stocking "I pick things up and I put them down" that routine was getting to me. That, or when we get a nice bonus (:
Did they write you up for not teamlifting? The product didn't have team lift on it. It was motor oil not overly heavy but equal to a big bag of dog food. It was just the way I handled it, and handled a falling pallet of freight.
What would you consider your least favorite? I believe mine stocking all the tiny items, and then having to go through and face them. I did, however, love to solo-lane the cereal aisle. I hated the cereal isle. Idk why I just did, worst area to stock can be.. pets... I just dont like dealing with all that heavy shit.
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