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Top 5 Facts of ERP to Resolve Your Business Woes

In the digitalization era, each sector is adopting new technologies, methodologies, and techniques to stay ahead of the market.
Every organization wants to provide the solution and service to customers for improving their experience.
As the world has started digitizing, organizations need to adopt new tools and software to simplify business processes and mitigate woes. Even to provide the best solution, it is vital to have a good strategy and proper software that works on the latest technologies.
The Enterprise Resource Planning Software results from years of knowledge, innovative strategies, and various technologies. The ERP software is a modular software that has open APIs which can be easily integrated with other modules as per the changing requirements.
Today, the world is attracted to technologies; every person wants quick results, which is also the demand of the time.
ERP Software is a comprehensive solution that enables enterprises to be more productive, efficient, and flexible. It streamlines all the business processes and maintains proper hierarchy in departments. IT increases the efficiency of organizations by mitigating false or duplicate data, updated with the latest information; increase the transparency of data within authorized users.
AYN InfoTech has launched Walnut ERP software and has various innovative features (link of feature page), making it apart from other ERP software.
Walnut ERP is a cloud-based software that can store massive data systematically on a cloud platform and is highly secure on the cloud platform.
As cloud users are continuously increasing every year, it is estimated that by the end of the year 2020, the cloud will manage 40 zettabytes of data.
Also, many surveys and studies have stated that cloud-based software will be the need for the future. The amazing facts of the cloud-based Walnut ERP software are as follows:
1. Walnut ERP Promotes Growth of Your Organization
The cloud-based Walnut ERP software does not require any organized infrastructure to run in the company. It is one of the best facts, which reduces the operational cost of the organization.
Thus, cloud-based software is high in demand as it provides instant solutions, and data is easily manageable. The Walnut ERP Software works with the focus to offer growth and good ROI to the business in an easy and simpler way.
The demand for ERP software is increasing in each sector. Each sector has many complex processes that consume huge time and increase hassle in the company.
2. Do Your Work in an Agile Way
The Enterprise Resource Planning Software works on a centralized cloud-based database that stores all data of all departments of the organization on a centralized database data system. This enables authorized user to access data of another department directly, which saves time and provide accurate information. Centralized cloud-based data also mitigates the possibility of data error, duplicate data, incorrect data entry, and improves the efficiency of the employees.
The employees work in an organized way, which increases the efficacy of the organization. There is no doubt that ERP Software fuels more productivity, simplify complex processes, and automate mundane tasks.
3. Blend ERP Software as Per Your Needs
ERP Software has secured API components that seamlessly integrate with your existing business application.
It has open APIs, which lets you connected any module in the future as per business requirements.
A modular ERP Solution gives a more personalized experience that can be customized as per requirements. The walnut ERP solution is also a tool for the digital transformation of the company. All the mundane tasks in the organization are automated precisely, which improves the productivity of the employees. Moreover, the organization's resources can be saved, and if cloud-based Walnut ERP software is implemented, a huge amount can be saved.
4. Work Smart with Smart Technologies
Smart Walnut ERP Solution is empowered with various technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, and blockchain. Smart solutions can be offered with smart tools.
By leveraging such technologies, we can analyze colossal data quickly, then segregate all data effectively. BI tools can analyze such data and provide analytics. This helps clients to accelerate decision making with the help of data collected through various disparate sources.
5. Minimum Investment
The cloud-based Walnut Enterprise resource planning software is highly useful for all sized companies. Most of the businesses reported that a huge amount of costs could be saved.
By implementing Walnut ERP, many projects and other activities can be tracked easily. Every process of the project can be monitored, which directly mitigates fraud, and transparency in the whole operation is maintained properly.
The Walnut ERP Software is high-demand software and has leveraged the latest methodologies as well as technologies. The ever-changing demands can be easily handled with this robust software due to open APIs. It is important to state that developers are continuously working to provide the best solution.
Reference : https://www.ayninfotech.com/blog/top-five-facts-of-erp-to-resolve-your-business/
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Top 6 Techniques to Source the Right Candidates

Here are candidate sourcing techniques to find the right fit:
#1 Leverage your ATS:
You fill your applicant tracking system with candidates who have already interacted with your brand during an interview process. By re-engaging with them and putting them in your recruitment pipeline, you will save a lot of time. But to ensure that these candidates will come back for an interview again, ensure that their first experience with you was a great one.
Here’s how you can keep them interested:
  1. Give them constructive feedback about their interview.
  2. Use the ATS to find out why they weren’t hired. (Were they not a good fit? Were they underqualified? Were they unsuitable for the company culture? Etc.,)
  3. After their initial interview with you, keep them updated about their application status.
  4. Put them in an email list and send them relevant information so they engage with your brand.
#2 Choose diverse online channels:
Recruiters might have their own channels that they use to find candidates. Referrals, LinkedIn and Facebook are some of the most common channels used to source candidates. But why not use more channels where you might find specialized skill sets of these candidates?
The internet is filled with great places where candidates lurk. 75% of the global workforce will be millennials by 2025, according to a report by Deloitte. It is exactly why you need to choose diverse channels.
StackOverflow and GitHub are fantastic places to find developers. Behance is a great place to find graphic designers, illustrators, etc. Find out Twitter thought leaders on niche topics, they might also be the right fit for you. The point here is not to restrict yourself to a few platforms.
#3 Create a candidate persona:
Finding your candidate persona helps you identify the right messaging strategy, channel and technique to source candidates efficiently. Talk with stakeholders involved in the hiring process, including the management team who will take the interviews while chalking down your ideal candidate personas. Once ready, source your candidates based on these personas and you are more likely to choose the right one.
#4 Source for roles that aren’t open yet:
A strong sourcing strategy would not only go for roles that are open now, but those that could become important for your business. The dedicated sourcing team should sit with the management and understand the business plans for the future. Based on the company’s vision for the future, you will get an idea of the skills you would require candidates for in the future. Source for these specific skill sets. So once the time comes for hiring, you will already have a pool of candidates in your ATS.
#5 Work closely with the hiring manager:
Your hiring manager is the one who knows about the INs and OUTs of each job role. They will have more clarity about the skill sets required, the person who would be a cultural-fit, and what traits the ideal candidate should have, etc. Be in close contact with the hiring manager when finding the personas of the right candidates. Regularly review the pool of candidates that are being sourced with them.
#6 Create a referral program:
Internal referrals have always been one of the strongest sources through which most of the hiring takes place. 70% of employers felt that the referred hires fit the company culture and values better. Referrals are 5 times more likely to be hired than a candidate coming from any other source. Also, they are known to be highly productive.
source: adapt.io
submitted by kavinsac to Recruitment