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[Tutorial] Remove almost all tweaks at one go

Hi, I ran thru google search & /jailbreak to find such a tutorial, and only found one such tutorial on Google.  
It was dated about 3 years ago, and mentioned to remove Mobile Substrate since almost all tweaks depends on Mobile Substrate.  
My reason for wanting to do this is cuz the tweaks that I excitedly downloaded are lagging my phone, and which I don't think I'll have the time to go thru one by one to find out which is the culprit, and neither do I have sufficient knowledge to understand exactly what CrashReporter is telling me nor what should I actually do with the culprit. I'd rather start over again and download stuffs that I really need, and to purchase those tweaks that I have tried (illegally) that I really love (shoot me all you wish, I am all for purchasing the original copies now, cuz it doesn't hurt to pay a little and it sucks when the illegal stuffs are cocking up your phone).  
And so I decided to go for this method after ALOT of hesitation and consideration.  
It seems to work, thus I would like to share this with anyone looking to do it this way.  
A warning, I am not an expert in programming and stuff like that, thus if you followed these steps, please do so with caution. Please refer to a more experienced person prior to following these steps should you must.  
Please do highlight to me should this tutorial is actually not suitable for /jailbreak for any reasons whatsoever, and it shall be removed by myself or moderators. Personally the reason for me sharing this is for those who have the same kind of reason for doing it, but should it actually be illegal and not abiding the rules of the subreddit, I am all for the removal of this.  
Do note that I was running this on my iPhone 4S, TaiG jailbroken iOS 8.1.2.  
WORD OF CAUTION. Please read thru this tutorial fully and understand the steps BEFORE proceeding.  
Disclaimer. I will not be held responsible for any mishap that happens to anyone's iDevices should anything happens. Since I've only had this done about half an hour ago, I have not witnessed any abnormalities thus far, and am quite sure these procedures are safe. As mentioned in above warning, I am no expert in these field, just using my logical common sense to proceed with this method. Thus, please proceed with CAUTION.
Step 1
1.0 Ensure you're iPhone is charged thru-out  
1.1 Set your Auto-Lock to never (this will be a little important when you're uninstalling the tweaks).  
1.2 BackUp your iPhone thru' iTunes  
1.3 BackUp whatever necessary information you require from your jailbreak (like plists, diy themes, etc) iPhone from iFunBox (or any other similar applications)  
1.4 BackUp your Cydia tweaks and packages using AppInfo & email-ing to yourself  
remember, backups, backups backups  
Now, take a deep breathe & say a little prayer.
Step 2
2.1 Open Cydia on your SpringBoard and browse to Cydia Substrate on your installed list of tweaks  
2.2 Click on Modify and uninstall it  
2.3 Read thru the list of items it will be removing, which is almost 90% of your tweaks, including Substrate Safe Mode. Screenshot if you must, and figure a way to send that photo to yourself before doing anything else. Or perhaps jot them list out somewhere, which ever way suits you.  
2.4 Click CONFIRM. Enjoy the fast and furious action you're witnessing on that familiar black screen.  
2.6 Once done, you will see REBOOT  
Now, this is VERY IMPORTANT. Do NOT Reboot.
Step 3
3.1 Click your Home Button to go to the Home Screen. You will see some of your tweaks gone.  
3.2 Wait a moment, then get back to Cydia. Please note, this might work a little differently on a faster iPhone. You might need to wait a while longer. If you cannot get back to Cydia by clicking on the icon, double click your home screen to go into the AppSwitcher and get back into Cydia.  
3.3 Once back in, Cydia will not show that black screen but the usual Cydia screen. Search for Cydia Substrate and install. It will automatically show to install both Cydia Substrate & Substrate Safe Mode. Note: You might want to check any other tweaks that you might want to remove and remove together in this step.  
3.3 Click Confirm, and wait.  
3.4 Once it's done installing, click on the Respring  
3.5 Wait for your iPhone to get back to the lock screen
  ps; you might want to do a reboot once done
Voila~! You're all done! :)
For those who'd prefer an even more thorough "cleansing", and want to redo your preferences and settings with your tweaks, you might want to remove the plists as this will clear your previous preferences and install your tweaks like new. Caution, only remove plists which you know what it is for.  
I understand there is some disagreement with the usage of iCleanerPro, thus I'd would only personally recommend using it instead of putting it as part of the tutorial. I believe you can also use iFile or Filza, or perhaps iFunBox or any of those desktop applications.
All the best for anyone trying! :)
submitted by fireshamie to jailbreak