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Tower Ball 111 APK + Mod (Unlimited money) for Android. Nokia Lumia 1020 Mobile Review & Price with Speci. Introduction on Pixelgun 3d. pixel gun 3d mod apk is one of the royale battle survival shooting games developed by Pixel Gun 3D. It is an FPS game with high 3D graphics.

PLayer Sitrep 10-14-20

Hello to all of my fellow snipers. This is Sniper Dave (Gold Skull) a fellow sniper since 2016 with our first Sit Rep. As many of you know the game that we love has had numerous issues this past year and most of us have been very frustrated and on the edge of quitting this game. Yet we continue to hang in there week after week for hopes of improvement. For many of us S3D is more then just a game. We have developed strong friendships and bonds with fellow snipers and that is why it is so difficult to quit playing this game. Below is the current state of the game. 1. Nobody receives recruits, sent request to developers to add filter to search by countries and key word search for squad. Also requested that the random invasion of ravens, scorpions, and wolves be turned back on. For every 100 of these recruits there are usually 2-3 worth keeping and mentoring.
  1. Zombie and big gun cheats all over the place. Requested that all APKs be banned.
  2. Trophies broke: Requested this be fixed immediately. In addition, compensation of 1000 diamonds was insult to players for the loss of trophies.
  3. Switching Captains causes squad chat to break: Requested that Captain be able to change without leaving squad.
Wildlife response-They have come out with fix for IOS and Android fix coming soon
  1. Several squads cannot play in PVP all of a sudden and have to start new squads
  2. Players get stuck in promote cycle and cannot do anything until kicked from squad.
  3. Ticket numbers no longer assigned, most tickets go unanswered. Wild Life response: They are not happy with this and are in process of hiring additional support.
  4. Players lose diamonds for no apparent reason. Submit ticket that goes unanswered
  5. Players experience several game issues such as losing round 26 of challenge even though they finished in top 6.
  6. Squads still facing dead squads for opponents. We requested that war switch default be turned in the off position to prevent this.
  7. Wild Life continues to give us worthless daily gifts of gold that we cannot spend. They are not in touch with customer. We have requested larger diamond rewards for wars and to add diamonds for daily gift.
  8. Reported Hogs of War for continually using cheats to win podium in World Ops..... . Wild Life Response: is aware of this and have received several complaints and are looking into. Our response: and yet they continue to collect in podium preventing legit players from collecting.
  9. Wildlife wants us to wait for the issues to be fixed. We have been waiting the past year for this and the game gets worse. This Sit Rep doesn’t include all of the issues by any means.
  10. At the end of the war on the 14th of October over 200 Captains and there squads will be posting reviews of S3D in either the google play store or the Apple App Store. They will post the tag below followed by comments on the issues above. Please feel free and post your review at the end of the war. Hopefully if we remain united we can get the game back that we once all enjoyed.
submitted by DaveHunter54 to Sniper3D


Texts Update - Megas, New Special Research, Invite Locked Raids & More!

Some exciting text updates today all about Megas.
This is a long one, we trimmed it down as much as could but there is just so much that was added its crazy!
These texts do however confirm a lot of what we have previously datamined in our APK teardowns


  • Megas
  • Megas
  • MEGAS!
  • Seriously there is so much about Megas
  • Mega Badges
  • New Mega Special Research
  • How to Mega Evolve
  • Mega Raid affect - Bonus Damage
  • Mega Pokedex
  • Mega Raids
  • Megas Banned in GBL (for now at least)
  • Region Locked raid invites (Booooo)
  • All this and more!


We recently mined the new badges and now we have some information on them
The first badge is called Successor and it for the number of times you have Mega Evolved Pokemon
RESOURCE ID: badge_total_mega_evos_singular TEXT: Mega Evolve a Pokémon {0} time. RESOURCE ID: badge_total_mega_evos_title TEXT: Successor 
The second is called Mega Evolution Guru and is for Unique mega evolves
RESOURCE ID: badge_unique_mega_evos TEXT: Mega Evolve {0} different species of Pokémon. RESOURCE ID: badge_unique_mega_evos_singular TEXT: Mega Evolve {0} Pokémon. RESOURCE ID: badge_unique_mega_evos_title TEXT: Mega Evolution Guru 

Special Research

A new special research is coming related to Beedrill and Mega Evolving
RESOURCE ID: quest_title_megabee_0 TEXT: A Mega Discovery (1/4) 
We pulled a few interesting extracts from the quest dialogue
Mega Evolving will use Mega Energy and each Pokemon has its own Mega Energy
RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_megabee_1_2 TEXT: I see you were able to get some Beedrill Mega Energy, my theory there is Mega Energy for different Pokémon and that each Pokémon needs a certain amount of Mega Energy to Mega Evolve. 
As Expected, Mega Evolving is Temporary
RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_megabee_1_3 TEXT: It also seems to be a temporary state where the Pokémon seem to return to normal once the Mega Energy is depleted. 
And it would appear that the more friendly you are with your Pokemon the lower the energy cost
RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_megabee_1_4 TEXT: At first it may be difficult to gather all the Mega Energy needed to Mega evolve, but it seems that the amount of Mega Energy you need to gather is reduced over time. RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_megabee_1_5 TEXT: Maybe it’s because of the bond you have with your Pokémon? 
It appears our first set of Mega Raids are the Kanto Starter Final Evos, this also suggests that Megas will slowly be rolled out
RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_megabee_2_3 TEXT: Now, I’m sure you are going to ask “Professor Willow, how do I get more Mega Energy?” RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_megabee_2_4 TEXT: Well, don’t worry, Trainer. It appears as though Mega Venusaur, Mega Charizard, and Mega Blastoise are appearing to challenge in Mega Raids all around the world. 
Megas will not be able to be used to GBL at least for now
RESOURCE ID: quest_special_dialogue_megabee_3_3 TEXT: I will note that these are extremely powerful Pokémon, and for the sake of keeping some activities you do as Trainers fair and balanced, I think it best that for the time being we don’t bring our new friends into GO Battle League just yet, at least until more research is done. 
If you want to read the whole dialogue you can do so by viewing our Pastebin https://pastebin.com/T8TqwwvU

Mega Energy

It looks like we'll get special Daily Research and Field Research that awards Mega Energy too
RESOURCE ID: beedrill_mega_energy_bonus_research TEXT: Daily Bonus Research rewarding Beedrill Mega Energy RESOURCE ID: beedrill_mega_energy_field_research TEXT: Field Research rewarding Beedrill Mega Energy 
Mega Energy is limited, you can only have so much and your raid rewards will be reduced/removed if you hit the limit
RESOURCE ID: mega_energy_above_cap TEXT: You have reached the maximum amount of Mega Energy. RESOURCE ID: mega_energy_cap TEXT: You can collect up to {0} Mega Energy. RESOURCE ID: mega_energy_cap_singular TEXT: You can collect 1 Mega Energy. RESOURCE ID: mega_energy_not_awarded TEXT: You received only {0} Mega Energy from this raid because you have reached the maximum of {1}. RESOURCE ID: mega_energy_not_awarded_singular TEXT: You received only 1 Mega Energy from this raid because you have reached the maximum of {0}. 
We previously mined Mega Candy and posted the asset, we believe that this has been renamed to Mega Energy now possibly in an effort to make it clearer it's different from Pokemon Candy

Mega Raid effects.

It would appear that Megas will also increase the damage of other Pokemon in Raids
RESOURCE ID: mega_type_attacks_boosted_msg TEXT: {0}-type attacks are now boosted! 
However, the fact that there's only space for one type suggests it might only be the type 1 that's boosted. (E.g Charizard is Fire/Dragon so only Fire would be boosted)
Either that or they need to update this to allow two types
Also as we discussed before Mega Raids will reward you for speed! (Insert Sanic Meme here)
RESOURCE ID: mega_speed_bonus TEXT: Speed 
Looks like you'll be looking for those full lobbies for Mega Raids.

Mega Evolving

A pretty standard do you want to evolve prompt
RESOURCE ID: pokemon_info_mega_evolution_confirmation TEXT: Do you want to Mega Evolve {0}? 
You can only have one Pokemon Mega evolved at time. Evolving more will unmega your previous one
RESOURCE ID: pokemon_info_mega_evolution_replace TEXT: Your {0} will no longer be Mega Evolved. RESOURCE ID: pokemon_info_mega_evolution_replace_detail TEXT: Only one Pokémon may be Mega Evolved at a time. 
We don't know how long it lasts but it seems like it will be at least 2 hours by default.
RESOURCE ID: pokemon_info_mega_evolution_time TEXT: Mega Evolution lasts for {0} hours. 
Warning if you don't have enough Mega Energy
RESOURCE ID: pokemon_info_mega_evolve_need_resources TEXT: Need more {0} Mega Energy RESOURCE ID: pokemon_info_mega_resource_label TEXT: {0} Mega Energy 
And you can't trade your Megas (Not sure why you would want to)
RESOURCE ID: pokemon_info_transfer_mega_evo TEXT: You cannot trade a Mega-Evolved Pokémon. 

Mega Pokedex Entries

Megas will be separated in the Pokedex it seems with a Mega Pokedex
RESOURCE ID: pokedex_filter_button_all TEXT: All: {0} RESOURCE ID: pokedex_filter_button_mega TEXT: Mega: {0} RESOURCE ID: pokedex_mode_name_all TEXT: All RESOURCE ID: pokedex_mode_name_mega TEXT: Mega RESOURCE ID: pokedex_registered_to_megapokedex TEXT: Registered to Mega Pokédex 
It would appear that all Megas have had their Pokedex entry added
Interestingly they also added Primal Kyogre & Groudon as well as Mega Diancie
RESOURCE ID: pokemon_name_0382_0001 TEXT: Primal Kyogre RESOURCE ID: pokemon_name_0383_0001 TEXT: Primal Groudon RESOURCE ID: pokemon_name_0719_0001 TEXT: Mega Diancie 
The descriptions were also added
RESOURCE ID: pokemon_desc_tmpevo_0009_0001 TEXT: The cannon on its back is as powerful as a tank gun. Its tough legs and back enable it to withstand the recoil from firing the cannon. 
You can view all the Pokedex entries and descriptions on our Pastebin https://pastebin.com/SG4XYB1Q

Mega Quests

New quests were added relating to Mega Pokemon
First up for Mega Evolving
RESOURCE ID: quest_mega_evolve_blastoise TEXT: Mega Evolve a Blastoise RESOURCE ID: quest_mega_evolve_charizard TEXT: Mega Evolve a Charizard RESOURCE ID: quest_mega_evolve_venusaur TEXT: Mega Evolve a Venusaur RESOURCE ID: quest_mega_evolve_plural TEXT: Mega Evolve {0} Pokémon RESOURCE ID: quest_mega_evolve_singular TEXT: Mega Evolve a Pokémon 
And finally for winning/battling in Mega Raids
RESOURCE ID: quest_mega_join_raid_plural TEXT: Battle in {0} Mega Raids RESOURCE ID: quest_mega_join_raid_singular TEXT: Battle in a Mega Raid RESOURCE ID: quest_mega_win_raid_plural TEXT: Win {0} Mega Raids RESOURCE ID: quest_mega_win_raid_singular TEXT: Win a Mega Raid 

Raid Restrictions

It would seem that Niantic wants to limit some raids to not allow invites. This to me would be really disappointing I was looking forward to raiding raids like the lake trio with my friends around the world. Hopefully this never comes to fruition
RESOURCE ID: invitations_not_available_special_desc TEXT: You cannot invite friends to Raid Battles against certain Legendary, regional, or event Pokémon. RESOURCE ID: invitations_not_available_special_title TEXT: Cannot Invite Friends to This Raid 

Misc Mega Texts

Mega Pokemon can't be assigned to gyms
RESOURCE ID: mega_gym_defender_warning TEXT: Mega-Evolved Pokémon cannot be assigned to defend Gyms 
When a Mega Pokemon enters a battle all trainers are alerted
RESOURCE ID: mega_entered_battle_msg TEXT: {0} has entered the battle! 
Mega CP will be shown as boosted like best buddy and will be interesting colour https://imgur.com/PTH9lz7
RESOURCE ID: mega_evo_cp_increase TEXT: CP {0} → {1} 

Today View Updates

An event that increased friendship damage, we've seen this before but it didn't have a today view entry
RESOURCE ID: friend_damage_raid_increase TEXT: Increased Friendship damage bonus in Raids 
"Mega Battle Challenge" event - seems mega duration will be increased for this event
RESOURCE ID: mega_battle_event TEXT: Mega Battle Challenge RESOURCE ID: mega_buddy_event TEXT: Mega Buddy Challenge RESOURCE ID: mega_duration_triple TEXT: 3× Mega form duration 
A Mega Raid challenge as well!
RESOURCE ID: mega_raid_event TEXT: Mega Raids Challenge RESOURCE ID: mega_raids_increase TEXT: Increased number of raids 
Photobombs and Poffins
RESOURCE ID: photobomb_special TEXT: Event-themed Photobombs RESOURCE ID: poffin_duration_double TEXT: 2× Poffin Duration 

Misc Updates

Some updates to previously reported texts
 RESOURCE ID: item_sticker_inventory_desc -TEXT: Stickers don't count as items. There's no need to delete them! You are only able to carry a certain amount of each sticker. +TEXT: Stickers don’t take up space in your Item Bag. You can carry only a certain number of each sticker. RESOURCE ID: iap_item_unavailable -TEXT: Item is no longer available to be purchased. +TEXT: This item can no longer be purchased. RESOURCE ID: titan_scan_validation_failure_reason_too_slow -TEXT: Too slow. Please scan again, ensuring you move around the PokéStop. +TEXT: Movement not detected. Please scan again, ensuring you move slowly around the PokéStop. RESOURCE ID: collect_ar_data_message -TEXT: You can help collect AR Mapping data at this location. If you spin the Photodisk, you can get an AR Mapping task. You can also scan this Pokéstop anytime from the Pokéstop ‘Details’ page. +TEXT: You can help collect AR mapping data at this location. If you spin the Photo Disc, you can get an AR mapping task. You can also scan this PokéStop anytime from the PokéStop’s details screen. RESOURCE ID: filter_label_appraisal_0 -TEXT: Appraisal: 0 +TEXT: 0 Stars RESOURCE ID: filter_label_appraisal_1 -TEXT: Appraisal: 1 +TEXT: 1 Star RESOURCE ID: filter_label_appraisal_2 -TEXT: Appraisal: 2 +TEXT: 2 Stars RESOURCE ID: filter_label_appraisal_3 -TEXT: Appraisal: 3 +TEXT: 3 Stars RESOURCE ID: filter_label_appraisal_4 -TEXT: Appraisal: Best +TEXT: Perfect 
Well that was an awful lot, but this certainly seems to suggest Megas aren't too far away, thanks for reading and see you next time
submitted by lewymd to TheSilphRoad