Review: Firefox's unofficial 64-bit variant Waterfox

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Firefox APK - Download [LATEST] v69.0 Free For Andorid

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Hello. Mozilla have official portable version?

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Unofficial Firefox Customization Kit download

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Why you should review your credit ... - The Firefox Frontier
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3 Unofficial The Great Suspender addon for Firefox 69%
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6 Hacking Firefox OS - Mozilla Hacks - the Web developer blog 8%
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Free unofficial list of unofficially updated apps.: windowsphone

Assuming you are using a Windows based operating system, first close all open Firefox browsers and tools. Although an initial check was conducted for inclusion into this list, over time the contents of a repository may have changed. Firefox Mobile Browser free download - Mozilla Firefox, MobiMB Mobile Media Browser, Ideal Browser Firefox Edition, and many more programs. These are my private builds of the Win32 version of Firefox. This is a fully free resource and unofficial website of the application.


Reddit Enhancement Suite Talk

A subreddit for discussion, suggestions, etc around Reddit Enhancement Suite, a community-driven unofficial browser extension for reddit.

Unofficial The Great Suspender addon for Firefox permissions

I just tried to install the port of The Great Suspender addon for Firefox, but it asks me for permission to access my data for all websites and my browsing history. Is this safe? Because to me it sounds a bit weird, but I really don't know about this stuff. Also, I have been using the Tab Suspender addon and I just realized it accesses my data for all websites too. Is this normal or should I uninstall them all?
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