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The Spell Binder

This essay will be a combination of tutorial and demonstration - an illustration of the possibilities of creating a lexicon of words (ie. spells) from scratch - from the (hypothetical) perspective of the original architects of the alphabet and it's associated set of terminology.
ie. how to create a written language from it's elemental primitives - mathematically - in such a fashion that one might build spells (ie. new words, phrases and sentences) upon a simple numeric basis, crafting strings of text that sum to desired numbers of tribute (which might be done for a variety of purposes: mnemonic, scientific, mystical, or religious, or perhaps, at a stretch, for the purpose of subliminal encoding, based on the presumption - or upon experimental knowledge - that hammering home a fixed alphabetic order into the minds of the newly literate - via a catchy song perhaps - might trigger subconscious calculation).
The art of combining numbers and letters is known as 'gematria', or 'isopsephy', and this practice is often described as 'attempting to find thematic correspondences in words that share the same sum total, when the letters of the word - having known numeric values - are added up'.
This tutorial works from the opposite direction - from the desire to create a dictionary full of words that do indeed share thematic connections when they share the same number.
This project requires that one define a new alphabet (a set of glyphs representing sounds or word particles) and to provide the letters of the alphabet with numeric values.
Fixing a standard alphabetic order of a particular set of letters (however many there are) implicitly provides each letter in that alphabet with a basic ordinal index:
(ie. A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4 ... Z=26, etc.)
Doing so automatically creates the most naive possible cipher: the basic alphabetic ordinal cipher. Of course, we might bring additional concepts into play, for there are such things as Prime numbers, and the Fibonacci sequence that creates an enchanting spiral Labyrinth known as the Golden Spiral. We understand, perhaps, that there are specific sequences of numbers that imply or generate geometric shapes such as triangles, squares, 5-pointed stars, hexagons, etc. Encoding such numbers would let us imply and refer to geometric foundations within the spells we construct. We might even assign an overall 'connotation' to the mathematical concept of triangular numbers, or prime numbers themselves, and then encode certain words with these numbers in order to subsume those connotations. For example, we might ensure that words to do with 'leadership' sum to selected prime numbers. We could design and encode new words for 'fire' and 'water' that sum to triangular numbers (because the alchemical symbols for fire and water are the upward-pointing and downward-pointing triangle, respectively).
Either way - letters are then chosen from our new alphabet in order to build up new spells (ie. words), such that the fledgling word aligns with existing words already having the relevant thematic numbers.
In essence this activity creates numerous layers (or strata) of meaning (ie. semantics). Within such a framework, each core theme or subject matter is indexed by its' assigned numeric value. A number becomes a symbolic representation of a particular knowledge domain (a real-life example might be the Dewey Decimal System, used to categorize books in a library).
When creating a new word to represent a certain concept, we would ponder and classify it's canonical meaning, and work to ensure that the spell sums to the number that has been chosen to refer to that domain.
We may well choose to work with multiple cipher schemas, so that every spell in our newly-crafted dictionary has multiple numeric values (ie. a spectrum), and can thus reference multiple subject domains, their priority decided by the cipher in which the numeric results appear. We might have the primary category of meaning of a particular word referenced via a prime number cipher, with less important (but still relevant) categories indexed using the triangular and squares numbers associated with it.
Depending on our desire to ensure that our coding system remains occult (ie. veiled from the everyman), we might design a rather obscure scheme, that requires certain permutative tricks to reveal. Otherwise, if we are building a simple system of mnemonics to record scientific knowledge that will be available to all, we might choose a very intuitive and on-the-nose philosophy and method of encoding: such as ensuring that in our new language, the written form of the words for 'trinity', and 'thrice' and 'three' - even if they don't all match the same number (which they might) - at least sum to a number divisible by three, or reduces to a digital root of three (for example, the number 12 reduces to 3 because 1+2 = 3).
Before we start, as an example, here are some recent alphabetic spectrum extractions, in well-known ciphers applied to the English language:
  • "The Spell Binder" = 454 primes
  • ... "The Spellings" = 454 jewish-latin-agrippa
  • ... .. ( "The Magic Words" = 454 primes )
Would you agree that there is a common theme to these spells, sharing the number 454 in what I deem are two very important ciphers?
Numeric Signposts :: Part 1 ( Prologue )
ie. keys and gateways into the conceptual archive
To me personally, there is no number that better represents the concept of numbers themselves than the number 123, or even better, 1234.
The number 1234 is a simple sequence implying all numbers, all mathematics, all numerology.
If you wanted to convince someone that perhaps there is some sort of numeric code to be found within an alphabetic lexicon, I argue that a key phrase summing to 1234 in an intuitive cipher would go a long way towards doing so, and such a construction, it could be argued, might stand as evidence, or as a signpost, that further investigation is warranted.
What might such a phrase be?
Surely, you have heard someone rattle off the (ostensibly rhetorical) question...
What's in a name?
Indeed. What is in a name? How many levels of semantics (ie. meaning) might be encoded into a word (and generally speaking, all words are names for things, be they objects, activities or relationships).
We notice that "What's in a name" is an orthodox contraction. The apostrophe-s tells us that letters are missing. Let us formally expand that, and take it's number in the jewish-latin-agrippa cipher (known also as the Agrippa key).
  • "What is in a name?" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
How do I read that?
It tells me there are numbers in names, and that I should delve deeper, for perhaps there is...
  • "Great Knowledge" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
... to be found.
In the Bible, we are told that Adam named all the animals, and it was a task appointed to him by the Lord of the Garden. In the triangular number cipher (which assigns numbers implying triangular shapes to the alphabet), we see that:
  • "The Spells of Eden" = 1234 trigonal
In terms of the number 1234 being a potential 'signpost' code, or gateway key - a hint that alphanumeric encoding has taken place in any particular language - we might ponder the number itself. If we replace the numbers with the associated letters of the English alphabet, we get:
1234 @ ABCD
The letter D (which we might argue looks like a door with it's hinge on the left) is derived from the ancient Phoenician letter called Dalet, which means... you guessed it: Door.
Furthermore, the letter Dalet, in the Hebrew alphabet, which was developed in a time before there were independent numeral signs (such as the Arabian numerals we use today) has the explicit and accepted value of 4.
Thus I cannot help but read the number 1234 (and the sequence ABCD) as three steps leading up to a door waiting to be opened.
The sequence [ ABCD @ 1234 ] also acts as a metaphor for the life cycle of the family. Based largely on accepted meanings of these letters of ancient heritage:
A is Alpha, derived from 'Aleph' (ie. Ox or Bull, implying strong masculine leadership. The Alpha male, Adam).
B is Beta is derived from 'Beth' (ie. Enclosure or House, implying the feminine. Adam's better half, Eve).
C we might see as the Child, the offspring and kin, that derived from the coming together of A and B.
D is the Door through which we exit upon Death, after (hopefully) propagating ones' bloodline into the next generation.
Letter D, and thus Number 4, indexes the 4th triangular number, 10, and the symbolic structure defined by this interpretation is known as the Tetractys.
In Roman numerals, the number 10 is represented by X, the Cross, and we all know that X marks the spot.
The Roman numeral 'X' is made of a vertical mirroring of two 'V's, and V has the value 5 in the Roman scheme:
5+5 = V+V = X = 10.
The letter V begins the name Venus, the planet of this name makes a 5-sided pentagram in the sky:
Another example of ABCD:
  • "Code of Culture" = "Culture of Code" = 1234 trigonal
Remember, the word 'code' does not only imply a 'technique for enciphering information', but also implies a 'way of doing things'.
The codes of behaviour of a civilization are it's traditions.
And don't forget that DNA is the code of living and growing things.
While not the focus of this essay (though it is a major focus of this forum), one might want to ponder if perhaps the newspaper editors of the major press institutions are aware and fond of alphanumeric spell-casting, and make more use of it in constructing those hyperbolic news headlines than you might imagine.
After all...
  • "Crafted News" = "World of Lies" = 1234 jewish-latin-agrippa
Onto another example:
  • "Build a Spell" = 1,617 squares
  • ... ( "Textbook" = 617 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... ( "Recommendation" = 617 jewish-latin-agrippa )
  • ... .. ( "The Official Narrative" = 617 primes )
Ponder the legend of the Holy Grail, and it's associated Chalice. The finding of the Grail could be said to represent the Ultimate Attainment that a man might strive towards.
Might not the "Rugby World Cup" = 617 primes ...
... be an extended metaphor for the Grail, whatever it might actually be?
The Golden Ratio is a well-known mathematical artifact that represents the Golden Spiral. Likewise, the image of the Golden Spiral, or it's appearance in nature, implies the Golden Ratio.
We note that the Golden Ratio, accurate to three decimal places, is 1.618...
Q: what does the official narrative recommend?
"A: Build a spell" = 1,618 squares ( "Symbolic" = 1,618 squares )
... this might be reworked as a statement about quantum-entangling numbers and letters:
  • "A=1: Build spell" = 1,618 squares ( "Know a textbook" = 1,618 jewish-latin-agrippa )
Note: I will take some time to work this essay into shape here, over a few days, on the air, as it were. Hence, checking back might reveal some additions or reworkings have occurred.
Building a grimoire (ie. a dictionary) :: Part 2 ( Introduction )
So you are a Wizard, a wise Sage that enjoys Number Games, and you are building the Lexicon of a new Language, a new Vocabulary of Spells (perhaps to educate the peasants that live upon your Land - because you are the giving sort - or you want to be able to Sculpt the very Contents of their Minds to Conform to certain intellectual Pathways).
Perhaps you have some important Numeric Data Points you Desire to Encode into your Words. You are a keen Witness of the Goings-on that may be Observed in Society, in Nature, and in your own Mind's Eye. After all, since you spent the last five years confirming that indeed there seem to be roughly 365 days in a year, you want to make sure the new word for 'year' sums to 365 in some key mathematical alphabetic cipher.
Perhaps you've figured out pi to three decimal places (3.14...) and thus you want to encode the Number 314 into a Key - what we might call a 'Password' entry in your Grimoire, in order to pay Tribute to the tricky transcendental geometry of the Mathematics of the Circle within your Spells, particularly since you recently became enamoured of the Life-cycle of the Pride of Lions that Hunt on the savannah beyond your Castle and it's attendant Village.
What follows is a summary description of the mental process such a spellbinder might go through as he builds his lexicon, using the most basic of Examples.
I will attempt not to burden this document with a Mess of Lists and numbers and Calculations, so it will be primarily descriptive of the Notions at Play, rather than contain Explicit Demonstrations of the Inner Workings.
While this tutorial will use the conceit that we are building a 'new' language, it actually embodies notions that I suspect do indeed lie behind the creation of English (at the least), and we will use English words as representative of some fictional 'new words in a new written language'. I leave it to you to accept or reject these presumptions, but even if you do, it does not discount the possibility of 'key notions' being used as a Scaffolding for the hypothetical Magnum Opus.
I have italicized certain words above and below simply in order that you might ponder them as key abstractions that might be selected by any particular alphabetic architect as important subjects or objects of an alphabet code, or as abstract metaphors for the actual subject(s) or object(s).
So, you, the High Wizard of the Tower, are crafting a new Written Language, with it's own Alphabet, and a Vocabulary of written Spells.
You dabble in various intellectual studies and you have a keen Interest in this and that. You enjoy fiddling with Numbers and Geometry, and enjoy looking at Maps of the Earth - places you'll never visit because you are a shut-in.
You've been Instructed by your Forefathers in the Concepts of Space and Time, of the Geometry of the Circle, the Square Foundation, the alchemical Triangle of Fire and Water. You've pondered Weighty Matters such as the Maxim of 'as above, so below', and of magic Mirrors and the Reflections there-in. You've pondered the Mind and Body of Man and Woman, and their various usefulnesses and failures. Some few of your Relatives were (and are still) great Travelers, and have brought you knowledge of distant lands and the Customs and Traditions of the People that dwell there. Perhaps you have at your disposal knowledge of a Selection of extant foreign languages and the alphabetic Glyphs that they use (or once used) to Sound out words.
Mostly you really enjoy the concept of a Great Mystery, and of Memory, and of preserving an Archive containing the Legacy of your Thought.
Perhaps you are a Man, and while solitary, your Eye occasionally goes to the Window and gazes down at the pretty lasses that bustle about the local market just beyond the Tower Walls.
Since you are a Student of as-above-so-below, you acknowledge that perhaps those lasses are the real magic - possessed of the most elegant Geometric Curves, and seem to you the ultimate extended Metaphors of Geography itself - and since you are a shut-in, they are the Essence of Mystery and of Hidden Charm. Perhaps you even Fear them and their wiles, and you castigate yourself for this weakness - indeed you acknowledge that you are perhaps wasting your Time with your spelling game, and should go out to inquire of them.
But no, you must build your lexicon - and with the lasses being perhaps the primary Objective of every testosterone-driven male, you decide that they shall be the Subject of the primary Tributes in the spells that you will Craft.... Language is sexy, after all (you think) - and since the lasses are Plato's cave incarnate, an Allegory which you heard about from a Mentor years before, your lexicon will be a crystalline Matrix - a Mother that will pour forth Children known as Words. These Sparks of abstract Intelligences will be the Fire in the Minds of Men. Or at least, in the minds of your local villagers, as you teach them the ways of your new Creation.
After gifting them with the results of your craft, the villagers will be able to Write Letters to eachother, Communicating from Afar, and Record their Deeds - but no matter what they write, they will be subconsciously reminded of the wonders of Mom, and of Sweetheart, and of Wife, and the memory and compassion of Grandmother. They will be Righted as they make use of the product of your mathematical Rite of creation. They will never forget the importance of a strong Family, and of the importance of wise procreation, and they will be Fruitful and Multiply, so that their children can tend your Fields, and write more Letters to their Friends. And they will be Projecting your Knowledge and Memory into the Future as they do so.
Every phrase they ( and you ) write will be a hidden tribute to your Arts of Magic.
The Wise amongst them, that ponder the possibility that hidden messages might lie Veiled beneath each glyphic construction, and that finally decode The Alphabet Ark that was your Labour of Love, will never forget that there are 365 days in a year.
  • "The Alphabet Ark" = "Accountancy" = 393 primes ( "The Symbol" = 393 primes )
  • ... ( "Tradition" = "Accurate' = "Count" = 393 jewish-latin-agrippa ) ( = "The Root" )
Crafting an Alphabet :: Part 3 ( The Foundational Glyphs )
Before we can begin building words, we need some phonetic symbols or ideograms that will constitute the elemental components of our new alphabet, and we need to decide upon the order thereof (for this ordering is what allows numeric indexing, and thus mathematic encipherment to occur). These glyphs could be entirely arbitrary, or perhaps derived from those of existing scripts. If you, the encoding Sage, are fascinated with the Greek myths, you might choose to derive the letters of your new alphabet from the Greek letters, twisting and rotating and modifying them to better suit your aesthetic notions.
If you already have signs for individual numbers, like '1', and '2' and '3', you might transform these number signs into letters directly, via a process of mutation (rotation, inversion, mirroring, warping), and thus physically hide the numbers within the letters themselves (ie. see the practice of sigil-making, which breaks letters and numbers into their component arcs and lines and re-arranges them to make a new sign).
Alternatively you might attempt to use your own intuition to design letters that model the position of the mouth and tongue, and the use of breathe, in forming their associated sounds.
There are many ways to go about this. Even though your ultimate goal is to simply assign these letters a numeric value (via their position in the alphabet), you might want to go further and encode certain meanings into each letter itself. You might want the 1st letter to represent 'Existence', for example, and the second and third to imply 'Sky' and 'Earth', and the fourth to mean 'Motion', etc. etc. You might encode this meaning by the shape of the glyphs, using pre-existing notions of alchemy, or tarot cards, or whatever. Either way, in doing this, when you then get to selecting letters to make up a new word, you might be guided by these individual glyphic semantics that become elemental components of the overall meaning of the word. You might design a new word with the meaning of 'fire', that is made up of letters meaning 'wood' and 'spark', for example.
In terms of encoding words for mnemonic purposes, you might be sure to encode the temperature in degrees Celsius above which your physician deems you have a fever... into the sum total of the word 'fevered'.
In basic English gematria, the word 'fevered' sums to 38 in the so-called Pythagorean reduction cipher, and which is the temperature in degrees Celsius, which if you registered it, would be above that by which many institutions will decide not to let you in, in-case you carry the so-called 'Coronavirus'. Furthermore the English word 'fire' sums to 38 in the most basic ordinal cipher. The colour of fire might be described as 'gold' - a word matching 'fire' in that same basic ordinal scheme.
Scientists tell us the the Coronavirus can be killed if heated to 56 degrees. The word 'Coronavirus' sums to 56 in reduction.
Regardless of whether this is by design or coincidence, this is the sort of numeric data one might want to encode into words as a form of mnemonic.
You might decide that the number of letters in the alphabet is itself a specific tribute to some baseline concept. This number might act as a decoding key to the entire scheme (there are many discussions about the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet and it's relationship to the major arcana of the Tarot deck, and we might examine the 26 letters of the English alphabet with relationship to the word 'God').
The number 26 reduces to 8 (for 2+6 = 8) and the number eight is a rotated form of the infinity symbol, or an hourglass set to running, implying the totality of Time itself.
In the end, the Wizard completes his new alphabet, a set of 26 glyphs:
In general you need enough signs to efficiently handle the variety of sounds in the spoken language that it will encode. Certain sounds might require more than one letter to represent, or perhaps require accent markings (which may or may not imply a numerical transformation). You might decide that a letter with an umlaut (ie. two dots above it) representing a certain sound variety, has the value of the base letter plus two (one extra for each dot).
In studying language we read about vowels and consonants. The vowels are pure open tones, each with a certain inflection, created by the voicing of breathe. Consonants meanwhile (either voiced or unvoiced) are 'closed' sounds created by some impact or pressure of the mouth parts. Some create a sense of pressure, such as 'n' or 'm', while others are explosive, such as 'p' or 'b'. The use of these different varieties of sound the alphabet architect might wish to wield as having their own implicit meaning or application. Arguably the word 'fire' begins with 'f' because the sound implied by 'f' resembles the sizzling of a flame or that being cooked within it. Onomatopoeia is a great tool for ensuring that the words of a language are memorable and applicable. They make teaching a vocabulary easier if they are used in a consistent fashion.
So, our spellbinding Wizard has spent some time analyzing the speech of the villager caste that live about his castle, and has decided that the following letters will represent the vowel signs achievable and commonly used by them:
  • AEIOU ( with perhaps Y and W, and even H being included in this list, depending on circumstance )
Meanwhile the consonants will be:
We note that many older alphabets did not have vowels at all. Only the consonants were represented by letters. This could be because the relevant languages and their words remained fully understandable even though the written form lacked vowels. This, implying perhaps that the language is or was simple enough that the meaning remains obvious. In English however, for example, we have many words that sound essentially the same (such as 'rain' and 'reign') but ostensibly have very different meanings. It is up to the listener to use context to disambiguate in the spoken meaning, while in the written form, the different spelling provides further clues to the intended semantic domain.
Another way to view this, is tied to certain understandings of the esoteric philosophy of the Language of the Birds, or the Language of Branches used by the Kabbalists. In this case, we might argue that the words 'rain' and 'reign' do not actually mean entirely different things, and that while in everyday speech they appear to refer to unrelated concepts, in actuality - in the minds of those that designed or manipulated the orthodoxy of the language - they are related, being intentional metaphors for one another. In this regard, ponder the legend of the Fisher King, who is wounded in the groin, or 'leg', and his kingdom is bereft and 'fallow'. The Knight that seeks him out and asks him a certain pertinent question heals the King, and abundance is brought back to his land. His reign is redeemed, and the rain falls. Ponder the 'rainmaker' vs. the 'kingmaker'. This conceptualization brings together ancient notions of the 'fertility cult' and sacred king, of the Sky as Masculine, that rains upon the Feminine Land, fertilizing it and ensuring the Cycle of Life continues.
Arguably, this possibility is tied to the notion of consonantal roots.
If you research the extant esoteric ideas about consonants vs. vowels, you might come across the idea that vowels are in some sense 'heavenly' and 'spiritual' (being sounds primarily driven by the outflow of breath), while the consonants are 'of the earth', because they are generally hard and impactful, implying the collision of matter.
Some have argued that vowels were not recorded in the written form of certain languages because to do so would be in some sense blasphemous, an attempt to represent the celestial breathe of God within the material realm, and so authors made do with consonants only. Others argue that certain ancient texts were recorded without vowels (or even spaces between words) in order to encrypt them somewhat - to make proper understanding difficult, and enabling the priest class to maintain their hegemony as the righteous keepers of the canonical interpretation.
It might be argued that consonantal roots provide a scaffolding or skeleton, that is then clothed with the animating spirit of the vowels. For example, the words 'run', 'rain', 'reign' and 'rune' and 'ruin' are all based on the 'RN' consonantal framework. We might argue that 'RN' is a major branch upon the tree of language, and the variety of words built upon this branch are derived twigs or leaves, with some implicit connection to each-other - a connection perhaps intended by alphabetic architects and dictionary publishers.
I sometimes argue that the complex nuance of meaning we think we possess in the English Language is an illusion, and that ultimately there are very few 'real' concepts being communicated, or intended to be communicated by these derived words.
Another aspect to consider is the ease with which the sound of certain vowels or consonants can drift, and turn into others. Vowels are generally viewed as more interchangeable, being perhaps the primary difference between the accents of speakers from different regions that use the same language.
You may have heard of the Great Vowel Shift:
This 'event' represents a major historical change in the use of vowels within the English Language, but I prefer to view it as a clue, indicative of an ongoing tradition of vowel shifting as a component of the 'Green Language' ( arguably another name for the Language of the Birds, an esoteric tradition of understanding and using language to hide double-meaning).
An innuendo-filled example:
Green GRN [consonantal root] Groin Fertility ( Green pastures ) Grin ( wink wink )
Note how the triune GRN root contains as a component the dual RN root. The Rain makes all Green again.
Yet another aspect to consonantal roots is that of mirroring:
RN @ NR - Run toward me, come Near... or... the lion is too Near, so Run away, ye Runner.
The specific 'meaning' of this reversal, or how it is used, is up to the spell-caster. Mirroring might imply opposites, but it might simply be a way of creating a new avenue of words that have the same core meaning as the unreflected original construction.
Adam, the first Man, was given the task of Naming the beasts of the field:
Man MN @ NM Name (while Simba the Lion King has a Mane)
The initial root of the name Simba is SM Semantics (ie. Meaning).
I argue the Biblical name Shem, son of Noah is the root of the word 'Semantics' (Sh being easily derived from, or morphing into, 'S', while 'Ch' and 'T' lurk not much further away). The name 'Shem' means... 'name'... and the family name going abroad, and the family tree is implied. The family grows as semen is sown. The ancient Phoenician sea-kings were virile Seamen, and each of these were carried in a Vessel. Their Tyrian-purple dye still denotes royal blood and rulership to this day.
Kings and Queens must prepare the Princes and Princess to succeed them one day. The tradition of Learning, of Schooling, is perhaps a central notion to an alphabet code, especially since Literacy is a major component of being worldly-wise.
Learning the letters is one of the first things taught in the child's first years in class.
Examine these headlines, dealing with the topic of schooling in this Age of Self-Isolation:
How to Make Remote Learning Work for Your Children
The word 'Remote' is built upon the RMT consonantal root.
The root 'rmt' happens to be an Egyptian word, meaning 'man' or 'people' in general.
ie. We might read into the headline a subtle play upon how to prepare ones' child to become an adult, and take his or her place amongst the people.
Ponder: Remote @ RMT @ Room-mate
...and see also: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/remit
... .. and: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/hermit
... .. .. and thus: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/hermetic
Via Agrippa's key in English:
  • "The Hermetic Learning" = 555 jewish-latin-agrippa ( = "Prison Planet" )
...and ponder the interchangeability of
Write @ Right @ Rite @ Holy Writ @ Read @ Rod
This hermit writes...
  • "The Hermit Rites" = 969 in the english-extended cipher
  • ... ( "Matrix Code" = 969 in the trigonal cipher )
An anagram is a word that contains the exact same set of letters as another word, re-arranged in a different order.
The word 'rites' is an anagram of 'tires' ( ie. the hermit grows old, and 'retreats into the woods')
...meanwhile 'rites' is also an anagram of 'tiers' (those of the hierarchy of Society), a word which phonetically morphs into 'tears' very easily.
Going back to the 'Hermit', consider that the consonants 'T' and 'D' are highly interchangeable, for 'D' is simply a voiced form of 'T', and we've noted above that 'H' is arguably a pseudo-consonant, which, if it does not harden to become 'Ch' or a grating 'Gh' sound, can be softened such that is eventually becomes a breathy vowel, or disappears altogether.
... thus: Hermit @ HRMT @ (H)RMT @ RMT @ RMD @ Armed...
In other words, the children of the humanity, made unwilling hermits by the government(s) of the world, are to be armed, remotely, with all the information they need to adjust to the New Order of things, and to take their place in the Brave New World of the Unified Religion of Coronavirus.
Also, since the consonant root RMT is the Egyptian word 'rmt', meaning 'man, mankind, people' we might want to avoid eating Aromat if we don't want to take after Hannibal Lector.
Lector is a Latin word for one who reads, whether aloud or not.
After all, we might point out that the name 'Coronavirus' is an anagram for 'Carnivorous', and both terms roll off the tongue in much the same way.
Thus the alphabet sage might consider, in performing his or her spell construction, working from the foundation of consonantal roots as a starting point, assigning certain roots to specific domains of meaning, and then adding vowels to create nuance:
RN @ NR root:
The Noir:
The Rains fell, and rivers Ran down the mountain slopes, and the river Rhine, swelling, crept Nearer to the villages. The flood rose swiftly, and thus Ruin fell upon the Reign of the ancient kings. Many of the folk Ran to the Round hills of Iran, those crowned with the Rowan groves of the Wren-bird - but to no avail. The constellation of Orion the hunter ascended the heavens, and the Iron clouds of storm abated, the curse of Rains having Run it's course.
As mentioned above, certain consonants too, can be easily transformed into others, especially if one was historically derived from another, such as the examples of V and W (and F), and also of C, K and G (and Q).
Some existing languages use the letter V to make the sound 'w', and vise versa.
The W, like Y can morph between vowel-hood and the realm of consonants. If expressed with less explosive force, it can turn into an O sound ( wherein the word Womb might become Oom, and thus Ovum and even form A Fem).
And as such, a Riven shield is Ruined.
In terms of numerical construction, we might pick a certain range of numbers that will represent the knowledge domain of 'destruction', perhaps for personal, religious, customary, or scientific reasons. If, after the flood, Noah sat down to craft an enciphered language for the new population, he might have chosen to enshrine this destruction domain to a number that encodes the date that the flood began on the ancient pre-flood calendar system.
Perhaps you suffered a memorable loss or injury in your 15th year, and knowing the 15th Tarot card is the Devil card, you work to ensure that numeric total of words implying the domain of loss or destruction reduce to 15.
If you knew the world experienced massive cataclysm every 10,000 years, you might encode this number into the word for 'destruction' using Fibonacci numbers, and thus signal the Deleting of civilization as it passes through the Dalet of a cyclical Door in time.
Lets say you as Wizard are master of many domains and have pondered the elemental nature of matter, spirit, activity and inactivity. You have decided there are 5 physical elements (perhaps fire, air, earth, water, and a special something you call quintessence, or 'organic life') and a number of Great Archetypes, and you've decided that all things that Begin must come to an End, and that there are Forces and Cyclical Motions. Life and Death, Pleasure and Pain. Praise and Mocking. Growth and Diminishment. To you these things are All Things. You cannot ponder any subject, topic or thematic notion that is not reducible to these elements. Some of these elements might be rather abstract, due to the limits of your knowledge, or the conviction that This is How Things Are. Perhaps you have a much larger, yet still finite set of Basic Elements of the Multiverse.
Perhaps you were visited by an Angel on one Midsummer's Eve, and through it God gifted you with the knowledge that his Archangels, visible in the world as the planets Mercury, Venus, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, played the instruments whose sounds combined to create the Song of the Seven Heavens, and each as it waxed and waned, journeyed and turned, inspired mankind with is variegated emotions.
Perhaps Neo, the One, visited you one day and broke the news (with conclusive proof) that your mind was being fed a false reality that you have lived within for 2000 years, being endlessly re-incarnated within a digital virtual world, generated on a 386 computer chip with 3 megabytes of RAM and a 22 megabyte hard drive, and capable of accurately triggering 33 human emotions within your brain, which is sitting in a fish-tank on an alien spaceship.
Neo tells you that nobody else knows it yet, but any human being, at any time, living in this fish-tank world, can inevitably defy gravity and gain the ability of flight if one rapidly ponders the numeric sequence 6, 12, 25 over and over again for 1 full minute. Of course, since you have no recourse but to continue living in this simulated Matrix world, you will be sure to encode the number sequence 6, 12, 25 into a new word, providing you with a spell you can chant that give you the power to F.L.Y.
However it is came to be, you have plotted out a schema for all human ideas. You could list them in a book of a few hundred pages perhaps.
Given that, you have decided you only care about the integer numbers 1 to 1000. You find no need to describe larger numbers of things - and if you need to, you can refer to one hundred 1000's.
You decide to divide 1000 by the number of basic elements and activities that you consider foundational, and thus end up with a number of bands or segments partitioning the number line. These separate portions of the number line will each be assigned to one of the core knowledge domains about which you've been pondering, driven by whatever strange notions or personal associations or accurate scientific data you desire to map to these domains. You might choose to map the concept of 'planning' or 'foresight' to the subset of the number line stretching from 116 to 125, for example, with a particular focus on the numbers 119, 120 and 121, because you read that 120 is the maximum life span of Biblical man, as decreed by God in the Genesis 6:3. Plan for the eventuality of your death, is your philosophy, perhaps, as you consider notions of inheritance and long-term family prosperity.
Next you will design spells that refer each to a primary domain, to one of the items listed above. You will create words and names for the superstructures built out of these elements. Complex Objects that you see around you, such as Plants, Animals and Humans, and also the Intricate Activities that you see going on, like Attraction, Repulsion, Implosion, Explosion, Idleness and Fervor, Swimming and Leaping, Eating and Drinking. You will model these Objects and Activities in a numerically-encoded symbolic form. It will be a multi-spectral mind map of your understanding of the World.
Next, we finally get to the meat of this essay, part 4, Numerical Spell Construction, continued in the comments.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dy6MpsDPKts ( "Garden of Eden" = 247 jewish-latin-agrippa ) [ 24/7 ]
'Paradise' - by Within Temptation
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fT-uWOVP5q0 ( "I Wonder Why?" = "Numerology" = 474 primes )
'Why?' - by Devin Townsend
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADtyN0G5G3c&t=20 ( "The Source" = "Vexation" = 365 primes)
The Chest, the Heart, and the Key
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9UfT0jVzNkw ( "Key of David" = "The Message" = "The Show" = 317 primes )
The Organ of Davey Jones
submitted by Orpherischt to GeometersOfHistory

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