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Opinion : trading GFE/6*/whatever cards in monster exchange is fine.

Really, it's ok to get rid of stuff you don't use for stuff you will use. Not an unpopular opinion because a number of players already think so.
WARNING : words. A lot. In the parallel universe where I come from, "Yamakyu" means "I cannot be both comprehensive and concise, very sorry everyone" TLDR at the end.
EDIT : Forgot to mention it but this post is not too much dedicated to new players, but rather players who have a somewhat developed box with some options. Like idk, rank 400-500 at the very least. If you lack options, trading is likely straight up bad for you. This very important yet I made no mention of this matter in this massive post, and that is bad. Still, it might be an interesting read. Maybe.
With Final Fantasy collab finally back @NA with its numerous awesome buffs, shiny new cards (Aerith, my gosh) and most importantly great REM rates, I thought it was a good time to discuss this matter.
It's far from the first time I bring this up, as I've had the opportunity to talk about this with numerous people, but I don't dig too much the general advice regarding trading GFE/high collab prizes in monster exchange.
In general, it is usually recommended to think twice, then twice again (then repeat this process twice), before considering trading cards in monster exchange if what you get isn't super ultra strong, or meta defining or game changing, or whatever. I'm not making this up, you've probably seen these kinds of terms yourself if you keep an eye on community reviews and advice, either here on reddit or maybe on FB PAD Global, or Mantastic's blog, or Bakadata's aggregate tier list, or pad.protic.site, or Miru bot, or one of the PAD discords, etc... (which are all great places to seek for advice from experienced players, and keep track with the massive constant flow of new content and strats (I'll never say it enough but kudos to all the people maintaining these resources, your time and effort is making us players enjoy the game a lot more)). The idea is : such an expensive trade should be thought thoroughly, while taking in consideration that you might want to keep a few copies of your GFEs because you don't know what buffs/evos GungHo will release the second you press the trade button. You don't want to regret trading for something because your fodder suddenly got a massive buff, or simply because you actually didn't expect to need it 3 months later. Regrets sucks. It is usually recommended to be very cautious with trades so that you don't make light decisions that you end up regretting later.
And I don't need to tell you it's good advice, actually.
Like, really. I mean, it's true. Trading GFE/hig collab prizes in monster exchange is inherently expansive because you need at least 4 cards to get 1, so obviously it's big commitment and you must triple check the card you're getting has big value. But here's the thing that bugs me. Value.
It's hard to estimate/calculate. Should you look at a card's awakening ? Stats ? Active skill ? Leader skill ? Cooldown ? Art ? (let's be real we all play this game for the waifus and husbandos) Yeah, sounds good. That's a fair way to think of what a card can bring.
But this "value" is ultimately non-existent if this card bring stuff that isn't useful to you. It's not about what the others say about a card, it's about what good it can do to your game. I'm not saying that GFEs suck and you should trade them (I repeat, ultimately I 100% agree that trading in monster exchange should be thought thoroughly). I'm saying that the decision is yours to do so, and while it's great to request advice from more experienced players or players who've already gathered some experience using a given card (or just players who have noticed a possible use for a card you didn't notice), it's ultimately your game and your cards and only you know how useful a given card can be to your gameplay because it's your playstyle and your game strategy. And if a card brings nothing useful to you, then it has no value. If you don't have a use for a card, it has no value. If everyone says a GFE is amazing but it's accumulating digital dust in your box it has no value. If a card can bring a lot, but this "lot" doesn't affect you, it has no value. On the other hand, if you're going to use the card you're exchanging for, it has value.
EDIT : Value as a game card I mean.
Trading 4 cards of zero value for 1 card of some value is a good trade, is what I'm trying to say. Math checks out.

  • "Ok but Yamakyu, it's bad to think that way because you never know what is coming next, and you might regret trading a card that received a fantastic evo".
(rip my Viz, I'm waiting for you to come back home)
VERY. TRUE. That is why advice from experienced players is important. Truth is, nobody here (except maybe the fine peeps @GungHo NA) know what is coming next. Nobody could have predicted the cards we have now, nobody could have predicted the buffs they received (look me in the eyes and tell me you knew for NY Yomi's awoken bind clear AS buff). But we can try to see some things coming. Wait, no, this is poorly worded. We can expect some things to not come. Or not anytime soon that is. I'm positive Red Odin is never becoming a cross lead in the next 3 years (prove me wrong GungHo JP, please), if not ever. It's a pure guts assumption, but I've been here since early 2014 and I've seen things. And while nobody can declare "I know what is next" (because ultimately we don't), numerous players have learned through the years to observe evo/buffs/release patterns and pace. That is how we guess that a given card is overdue for a new evo/buff. Most of the times we're lacking the when (even though we usually have a rough idea), but the what can be somewhat speculated in some degree. It was expected from Mega Scheat to be TPA-based/favorable, it was expected from Mega DKali to be rainbow based, it was expected from Mega Paimon to be a cross lead (and so was Mega Dantalion, but that's a case to remind us that ultimately we don't know), and I could go on. It's not that we know the future (because we don't), it's just that the designers at GungHo JP are humans, and so are we (except you, time traveling alien from area 51 reading this e_e). It's not impossible to get a little idea of what they have in mind at a given moment, thanks to the way they do things for the game. The day GungHo JP change the way they do things and make a 450° turn we're all fucked. But in the meantime we have a number of experienced players (and especially those who've been here since the dark 2014 days) who are somewhat familiar with how new content gets released, and can help you weight whether or not it's a wise idea to get rid of a GFE. Taking their advice in consideration is really important.
BUT. With all that said. On the other hand. Is it wise to abandon the opportunity to get a card available for a very limited amount of time, when the cards you would use as fodder can be obtained in any godfest (which there are more than 25 a year, and some are several days long or with 2 lineups) ? Seasonal REMs (Halloween, NY, Xmas, PAD Island, June Bride, PAD Academy) are available once a year. Special REMs (Heroine, DBDC, Dragon Orchestra) typically are available twice a year. Collabs ? Nobody knows. Monster Hunter seem to come back pretty often and that's great but other than that you cannot expect much regarding collab schedule because it's not a regular thing (Hello Kitty has typically been absent for years, same with FF) ; it seems to depend on events related to the licence/IP in question. But GFEs ? You can get them in any GF.Point is, time limited events are special opportunities.
EDIT : Though if you DO trade, it is important to do it at the end of the event if you plan to roll during the event (so that you pull the card you traded for xD). If you don't plan to roll during the event and just want to start saving stones right away (questionable but respectable choice) it might be fine to trade early and move on. I actually do it sometimes, but I really don't recommend it.
So should you just trade to your heart's content ? Nope. But should you also not trade because the general advice is to not trade for anything that isn't meta defining/game changing ? That is wrong too.
For me it's simple. If I don't use a card, then it has no value. If I know I won't use a card, then it has no value. If I know I will use a card, it has value. Trading a million cards with zero value for a single card with some value is worth. I still win in the end, because a million times nothing is still nothing.

  • "Ok But Yamakyu, you cannot know what's to come, you cannot know what you're going to use in the near or far future."
VERY TRUE TOO. Or well, no, wrong for me, but true in general. I know I'm into crosses and I'm going to play that and only that till the end of PAD because GungHo JP has yet to design a new playstyle funnier than crosses (they're kinda trying, and I'm eagerly looking forward to it), and I know precisely what I need to play crosses (it's easy, about 5-10% of the GFEs are good for crosses, either as subs or leads). But for other playstyles (and especially meta strats and leads) yeah, you can't know. It's a gamble. Trading cards in monster exchange is a gamble. You're just hoping you won't regret it. That is why it is advised to not trade in general. Mega evos can turn a meh GFE into a very desirable one.
But my point is it is fine to actually gamble on that. Especially if you get rid of GFEs which have already received Mega evos and LB/SA ; for these it's safe to assume you're likely to get them back before they receive a new evo/buff, because it will likely be in at least a year or two. But even for cards which have yet to receive their final form™ it is fine. Ask beforehand of course, because trading is still a big commitment that shouldn't be committed lightly, but it is fine. You'll get rid of cards with zero current value, for a card with some actual current (preferably big) value. But you want to choose this card wisely.
Trading is the only moment -outside of rerolling- when you have a choice, when you can choose what you're getting. It's fine, really. Don't do it lightly, think it twice, try to estimate the value your fodders have for your game, and try to estimate the value you're getting out of the card you're trading for. If you have more value after the trade it's worth gambling that you won't regret it.
I also want to address something I've seen repeatedly and this time I genuinely disagree with this (and you're invited to disagree with me so we can talk) : trading GFEs away in monster exchange is bad especially for NIAP players (I'm talking as a NIAP myself (thanks to all the players allowing me to play PAD NIAP (seriously))). I absolutely understand the reasoning behind this, but while I agree with the general trading advice, I disagree with this. NIAP players have less opportunities at getting stuff because they don't invest money in the game, so I think we should try to make the most of the fewer pulls we can make. Because NIAP players pull less often doesn't make these pulls of any more value (EDIT : except when you have nothing in your box to begin with, that is). I'm thankful, I got tons of great stuff in the game in general, and in FF today, but like, had I pulled 5 sephiroths (which I have no use for) out of my 5 pulls (didn't happen lul) they would have been traded away because 5 sephiroths is 5 times 0 value and that is still 0 ! Even if I only had 5 pulls (not the case, I had 35). Then again, my personal example is an edge case because my playstyle isn't what the designers design most of the cards for, but my point remains (just in a lesser extent). For someone who do IAP, 4 GFEs (or more, depending on the collab/REM) has an actual monetary price and value. For NIAP it doesn't ! The only value it has are the time invested in getting the stones (though we do say time is money, which is true), and the usefulness of the said cards. So it is fine for NIAP players to trade in monster exchange.
EDIT : I initially forgot to mention it but this doesn't apply at all if your box is still empty because you just started the game.
Since monster exchange has been added to the game I've traded plenty. I've traded in
  • Wedding REM
  • Heroine REM
  • NY REM
  • SF Collab
  • Yu Yu Hakusho collab
  • and today FF collab
  • (and I'm probably forgetting a REM or two)
And among these trades is an extremely expensive and committing one, that I made for Best Girl Planar (I don't recommend doing such a trade, but ultimately the value equation still worked out favorably, I would do it again). I traded 2 Zela despite everyone saying she's an amazing sub (I believe you all), because I have zero use for her so ultimately she has no value. All the cards involved in that trade had little to no value because I had little to no use for any of them, and Planar has plenty (I mean she's Best Girl Planar for reasons). Similarly, for this FF collab I just traded away a Baldin and 2 Cottons because I have never used them.
I'm not trying to flex. I'm trying to raise awareness that I think what matters is whether or not you use cards.

Last thing, and probably the most important part of this post : It is especially important to trade for future-proofing a lead you like. Even if it's not rare. Future-proof everything you like. Seriously. This game has taught me something and that is you never know what is coming (never in my wildest dreams would I had expected Karin Kanzuki to exist), and how the community will react to it. Meta leads can change pretty fast, sometimes all that is needed is an evo or a collab to drop and half of the community will stop playing what they're playing and switch to something else. And if you like a lead and want to play it for longer, you want a duplicate of it, because you can play with your own duplicate cards as helpers and that is i-n-v-a-l-u-a-b-l-e.
GungHo introduced monster exchange trading, and later the feature to play a dungeon with duplicate cards as a helper and people pointed out how it didn't fix fully the friend system, which is fair. It still has problems. But it does address the #1 problem with it, and that was playing leads your friends don't play, which is magnified a million times when you play rare leads. This feature fixes that, and in combination with our ability to trade GFEs away in monster exchange, we can future-proof our use of any lead, and that is absolutely invaluable.
I'll be honest, I'm t-i-r-e-d of seeing people saying "I want to play X lead but nobody has it up". I'm genuinely tired of it. Not because it is annoying to see people complain, but because I feel this struggle, I feel it so much and it sucks really hard. Been there, experienced that. Last year when I switched gears to crosses full throttle (about 15 months ago ? Time flies !) I dived head first in the realms of rare leads, and struggling to find friends who 1/ play them 2/ won't switch to something else the second you add them. This struggle is absolutely awful. I want no one to experience it because I experienced it and I hated it. I hate when I see people wanting to play a lead and they can't because it is usually recommended to not trade. Until the friend system is properly "fixed", future-proofing your fav leads is important. The reason why I made this awfully committing trade for Best Girl Planar was to future-proof my ability to play her. Even though I'm all about Karin Kanzuki now (who wouldn't), I also strongly think that 6x5 crosses have a special feel to them (it has to do with the columns setup), and I'll like this feel forever, so future-proofing my ability to enjoy playing Best Girl Planar was a top priority when Heroine REM came back in late 2018. Since then I also future-proofed Karin Kanzuki, as well as Wedding Rushana, and I'll future proof all my rare leads by trading if necessary.
Future-proof any lead that you genuinely like and would like to play for a long while. Because at some point they'll be outdated. It's a fact. Unless it's Diablos. This guy just doesn't seem to be giving up.
And in the end, the amount of trades I've made is likely a bit high compared to average (especially for a NIAP I guess (though ultimately I have no idea of how much you all trade)), but the amounts of trades I regret having made is whopping zero ! Nothing !
The only card I once "regretted" trading for was Yusuke, which is ironical because it was also one of the first cards to be said "maybe worth" trading for (it was still recommended to be cautious, but like, some people and experienced players actually recommended him in some extent, which was kinda a first I think ?). I ended up not using him, like, ever. And then he got a split ult which is amazingly suited to be included in my gameplay, which ultimately reduced the amounts of trades I regretted from 1 to 0.
If anything, I would like to get back my Fenrir Viz at some point because his Mega evo is amazing for AA3, but I'll likely get him in an upcoming GF, and AA3 isn't available @NA yet anyways so, again, it's fine. It's 1 card out of probably 40+ or so I got rid of. I can deal with it. Especially when on the other hand my 3 fav leads are future-proof, Yusuke has helped me beat a lot of stuff (including Machine Noah), NY Yomi is straight up my single best sub or close to it wtf, and I now have amazing equips from FF collab to make a Karin Kanzuki team v2.0. All of that in exchange for regretting one card.
(a damn fine doggo though...)


ANYWAY. That was a big post, as usual. Sorry I can't be more concise, but at the same time I feel like I can always point people to this post when they ask me whether or not it's worth to trade for something.
It might not be a good post in the end e_e
Still, I felt like getting this out of my chest. Good day everyone, enjoy FF collab !Thanks for attending my Ted Talk.


  • Trading is fine.... if you already have options. Newer players should, indeed, not trade. Because trading remove 4+ options of your box, and gives you 1 in exchange, which is a bad move when your box is strongly underdeveloped.
  • Trading is a gamble. When you trade you're just hoping that you made a decision you will not regret later.
  • Something that has no use for you has zero value.
  • Something that has uses for you has value.
  • Limited time events are, well, limited special opportunities to get something rare and hardly available, in exchange for stuff you can get in any godfest. At best these REMs come twice a year, often only once a year, and for collabs we just can't know.
  • Do the maths.
  • Getting rid of stuff with no value for something that has (preferably big) value is worth considering.
  • You can't know what is to come in the game, but you can have an idea, or ask for advice to experienced players : as a human being you're flawed and can't see all the uses possible from a card, so getting external input is important (which is why I appreciate feedback and ideas for my Karin Kanzuki Guide (self-promotion wink wink)). But ultimately the choice is yours.
  • FUTURE-PROOF YOUR FAV LEADS. Only suffering awaits people who don't future-proof their fav leads. Seriously, this rare lead issue sucks, and at some point your fav lead is going to be a rare lead, because the game and meta evolves, and if you don't follow it you'll be left behind. Future-proof your fav leads. If it's for future-proofing, the output value of trading is further increased. Just think twice of what lead you want to future proof, because you'll use at least 4 bullets to do it.
  • "Trading is fine" doesn't mean trading should be taken lightly. It just means that while it is advised to not do so you can still do it. You can. You just have to think it carefully.
  • Should you choose to trade, it's far far safer and recommended to do it at the end of an event, so that you don't "accidentally" pull your desired card. Sometimes I don't do that (for FF I traded frame 1), but really, unless you know precisely what you're doing it's far better to trade at the end of an event.
Oh, and while I'm at it.If you read these lines my good friend Cheechaman, I ain't removing Rin Tohsaka from my BF slot until you're so tired of her you can't see her in picture, because I'm so grateful you kept Fujin up so long back then, I owe you this one.
submitted by Yamakyu to PuzzleAndDragons


Alternatives to Syncfusion and Grialkit

Hey fellas!
Since I am all, but no design expert (and never will be haha) I really appreciate solutions like syncfusion or grialkit, where I can focus on code and design will be done automatically (just by adding a Login Form for example)
Those 2 I mentioned, are the only design helpers I found. Grialkit is way to expensive in my opinion just for developing a free for all app, and syncfusion ... well. Their support starting to annoy me to be honest. They mail me EVERY day with stupid questions like what company I am working for or if I downloaded their solution for me or a client or whatever ... which imho simply is none of their business. Period I have a community licence there so the rest is my business and not theirs ... to be honest. I am afraid that if I continue simply not answering them their questions, they will cancel my licence one day ... and then my whole development progress with their forms will be messed up (I don´t want to have the insert everytime when I start the app)
Do you guys have any ideas for a "wysiwyg" like solution for designing Xamarin Forms?
Like one of them ... "Add Login Form" and voila ... there it is and code behind is "open" Free or very low cost (Grialkit is 300$ and thats way to much imho)
submitted by hattabatatta to xamarindevelopers