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The Essential Voyager Experience according to OpticalData

Season One:
Included for obvious reasons. This sets up the entire premise of the show.
This is an important episode as it establishes the Starfleet/Maquis command structure that remains for the rest of the series, also good character development for Janeway/Chakotay/Torres
Time and Again:
If you can get past the ridiculous costumes it has good character development for Janeway/Paris. It also introduces Kes' telepathic abilities.
Introduces the Vidiians
Prime Factors:
More Starfleet/Maquis clashes. Character development for Tuvok/Torres and Carey
State Of Flux:
Beginning of the Seska/Kazon arc. Also revelation of Seska's past.
Further development of the Vidiians, Torres character development
Neelix backstory explanations. The story revealed in this episode is references multiple times throughout the rest of the series
Learning Curve:
Tuvok character development. Starfleet/Maquis clashes.
The 37's:
The first time we get to see Voyager land. Excellent episode.
Doctor-centric episode. Doctor character development.
Sets up part of Ocampan biology that is referenced throughout the rest of the series
Character development for all characters and a solid episode.
Season 2
Persistence of Vision:
Reveals character backstory. One of the few times we see the relations of the Voyager crew
Cold Fire:
Wraps up questions from Caretaker.
Torres character development, solid episode
Gives some back story to the Delta Quadrant
(OPTIONAL) Threshold:
Just to see what people are complaining about
Tuvok/Suder character development. Important for series resolution.
A small insight to the Maquis and Cardassian Technology. Janeway tries to blow up the ship.
Death Wish
A Q episode. Looks into the issues of being a Q
Backstory about the phage and Vidiians, Doctor character development. Introduction of side character
Important Paris development, also features a cameo from King Abdullah II of Jordan (Trivia, not important)
Deals with the Vidiians again, birth of a future recurring character, death of Kim prime and one of the best 'action' episodes of the franchise. Highlight: Kate Mulgrew acting vs herself
One of the creepiest episodes of the franchise.
Poses some excellent morality questions. What would you have done?
Sets up the will they/won't they element of the Janeway/Chakotay relationship. A chance to see what Voyager would be like with Tuvok in command
Wraps up the Kazon arc
Season 3
Gives Tuvok some back story and develops Tuvok/Janeway relationship. Also stars a TOS cast member
(OPTIONAL) False Profits
Wraps up a TNG open ended episode. Ferengi.
Sacred Ground
Good character development for Janeway
Future's End
Introduction of a device that will be used throughout the rest of the show. Trivia: Sarah Silverman guest stars
Worth watching just to see Jennifer Lien truly act.
The Q and the Grey
Important information about the Q continuum. Introduces a character seen later
Voyager's twist on a Die Hard like premise.
Develops Janeway
Blood Fever
Introduces a number of elements seen in later episodes
One of the few episodes that develops Chakotay properly
Before and After
Introduces the Krenim. An interesting episode.
Real Life
Character development for Picardo
Distant Origin
A solid episode, good Chakotay development
Worst Case Scenario
Wraps up Seska arc. Shows 'what could have been' with the Maquis/Starfleet joint crew
Introduction of the Borg and a major character
Season 4
The Gift
Departure of a series regular, wraps up Scorpion
Day Of Honour
Important Paris/Torres development
The Raven
Important Seven backstory referenced later
Scientific Method
Quite a creepy episode if you think about it. Worth it to see Janeway go full crazy
Year Of Hell
The best two parter of the series
Concerning Flight
Janeway development, end of a Holodeck distraction
Mortal Coil
One of the few Neelix episodes where Ethan Phillips really gets to act
Waking Moments
Chakotay development, excellent episode
Message In A Bottle
Doctor development, referenced later in series
Introduces Hirogen
Continues Hirogen story, finalizes questions about 8472
The Killing Game
Wraps up Hirogen arc
The Omega Directive
A solid episode, Seven/Janeway relationship development
Living Witness
Voyager's idea of a mirror universe but not quite episode.
A good episode, referenced later
Good Seven development
Hope and Fear
More Janeway/Seven development, consequences of Scorpion
Season 5
Introduces the Malon
Extreme Risk
Introduces the Delta Flyer**
In The Flesh
Wraps up species 8472
Once Upon A Time
Not a great episode, but re-introduces a recurring character
One of the best Voyager standalone episodes, Levar Burton guest stars
Thirty Days
Important Paris development
Another great episode, Janeway development
Latent Image
Doctor development, good episode
Bride of Chaotica
Explores a holoprogram referenced throughout the rest of the series
A solid episode, referenced later
Dark Frontier
Seven development, references 'The Raven'
Course: Oblivion
Just a good episode, continuation of 'Demon'
Someone To Watch Over Me
Seven/Doctor development
(OPTIONAL) 11:59
A solid episode, explores Janeway's ancestry and shows some of the crew relationships
References Future's End, a solid time travel episode. Some amazing beauty shots of Voyager
An excellent execution of Voyager's concept.
Season 6
Survival Instinct
Seven backstory
Barge Of The Dead
Torres development
Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
One of the most hilarious episodes in the franchise
A side of Tuvok we often don't get to see, a good episode
(OPTIONAL) Dragons Teeth
Some Delta Quadrant background and impressive CGI sequences
One Small Step
Chakotay development
(OPTIONAL) The Voyager Conspiracy
Just a fun episode.
Important for Voyager
Blink Of An Eye
Solid episode, Doctor development
More Doctor development
A good episode
Introduces a number of recurring characters
Childs Play
Icheb/Seven development
Good Sheppard
Voyagers approach to TNGs 'The Lower Decks' a solid episode
Wraps up Kes story
Life Line
DoctoBarclay character development and back story
(OPTIONAL) The Haunting On Deck Twelve
A solid episode, Voyagers attempt at Horror.
Unimatrix Zero
Development for a number of characters, mostly Seven
Season 7
Reintroduction of a ship
Another view of what could have been with the original premise**
Inside Man
A Barclay episode
Body and Soul
Jeri Ryan's acting at it's finest
Harry Kim development
Flesh And Blood
What the Hirogen did post-Killing Game
Quite an amusing episode looking back (and forward) in the series. Chakotay/Janeway development
Important Paris/Torres development
Important Torres development
The Void
Imagine if Season 1 had been like this?
DoctoChakotay/Kim development
Human Error
Introduces a relationship
Continues from Q And The Grey. Icheb development
Author, Author
Doctor development, interesting story
Friendship One
Death of a recurring character
Departure of a main cast member
(OPTIONAL) Renaissance Man
A fun DoctoJaneway episode
Post series book order:
  • Homecoming
  • The Farther Shore
  • Spirit Walk: Old Wounds
  • Spirit Walk: Enemy Of My Enemy
  • Full Circle
  • TNG: Before Dishonor
  • TNG: Destiny Trilogy
  • Unworthy
  • Children Of The Storm
submitted by OpticalData to DaystromInstitute

Alvinocarid: The Collectors

The Specific Area
Sign of Alvinocarid
Alvinocarid would normally be a frigid land, sat along the border of the northern tundra and the southern taiga the land is near entirely frost peaked mountains. The lake Alvinocarid, both the nation and body of water have the same name.
Laid upon tectonic plates their movements created thermal vents not only beneath the lake itself but in its southern thermal cold bog. Spewing toxic chemicals, that are not only highly poisonous but also heating the water to 115 degrees fahrenheit.
In a place where few would expect anything to live the Alvinocaris make their homes in their cliff face city just beside the lake.
Living for 3 centuries and standing at the same height as humans the Collectors are extremophiles unlike any other. Possessing no mouths or eyes the Alvinocaris sustain themselves primarily through algae feeding in addition to a process of chemoautotrophy converting the geothermal chemicals into added energy.
Breathing through the porous skin under their carapace’s layers the Alvinocaris absorbs water through their skin excreting acidic waste from its central reproductive appendage.
In addition to its smaller two pairs of pincered arms and its 12 clawed legs of which they move at 1.5mph yet can have short bouts of speed at 15mph.
The Collectors also possess an acute sensory system. Including a capable electromagnetic system the Alvinocaris uses a form of biosonar through the oscillation of its sensory tendrils at varying frequency patterns. In addition the Collectors possess a keen radioactivity sensory used for allocating the proper environments capable of sustaining their primary means of consumption.
Though the Collectors do possess personalities of their own their is instinctual group behavior which drives them.
Despite not having a recognized caste system there are certain classes recognized by its own members.
Their city is urban, though simplistic, the labour and production usually maintained by the common Alvinocaris. Among the common Collectors there are no real permanent professions with the workers generally fitting in whichever place is needed.
From among the most learned are the first of the Collectors to hold more permanent professions. The Studious are the expertise of Alvinocarid, they are their scientists, artists, doctors and scholars. They devote themselves to their specific field advancing in its development as a means to better understand all around them. Among them are the only true professional fighters of which act as guards of the Prime.
The Prime are the greatest from among the Studious. They’re tasked with administering and overseeing the maintenance, development and advancement of Alvinocarid.
The most learned of these are chosen to reside among the Prime Number, the 10 Seats which act as the executive power of Alvinocarid and lead the nation. The 11th of which is the Primarch, the supreme authority elected from among its ten peers.
The drive of the Alvinocaris is more akin to instinct than the tradition, yet its acts as a catalyst which defines their culture as a whole.
The Collectors travel abroad on great journeys to attain foreign knowledge, technology, artforms and culture. Yet the most sought among these is their endeavor to attain great sources of energy.
All of this is stored and collected, copied and mimicked. That of particular interest is the cultural ceremony and celebration. Things like paintings and literature are sought and copied adapting their aspects to their other work. Additionally music, dance and theater are memorized and mimicked in mock performances in Alvinocarid attracting large crowds to watch the newest high production performance.
Magic in a general sense is something that the Alvinocaris study rather than use. Their interest lies more in the advancement and development of new innovative technique and fields rather than the practical application of its uses.
However there are exceptions as those among the Prime are often magically apt. They are often the sole users of magic, this being more commonly used for advancement, production and development rather than defense. Despite this the Prime are capable of protecting themselves by magical means and those who threaten the safety of their city learn very well the offensive ability of their attack.
Among the Alvinocarid’s products exported is fine jewelery inlaid with amber gemstones and or fitted with an amber pendant. Further the Alvinocaris trade in glasswares finely crafted to export and mycelium leather produced as a capable alternative to animal pelts.
Though Alvinocarid is poisonous to most, the Collectors will seek the import of new and innovative technology as well as sources of great energy which are always prized by their kind.
Further they do also seek out pieces of art and literature that they can attain to copy and replicate to their desire.
Edited Imports/Exports:
Import: Furniture, Flora, Fauna, Unique Cultural Tools, Weapons, Devices, Armour & Attire.
Raw ore, Stone, Timber, Salt, Sulfur, Charcoal, Polycarbon Alloy (Steel/Bronze, same properties just with a fancy looking glassy opaque semi-translucent color)
Alternative Claim Format Below
Alvinocaris, or more simply known as Collectors, both names given to these extraordinary oddities as there is no known identifying name of their own origin. Names for themselves are of little interest as their highest preoccupation is their endless pursuit to acquire new things.
The purpose for this is not entirely known, yet alike much in regards to their species the reasoning is likely complicated.
One would be remiss to cast the Alvinocaris as simple creatures with only the most basic of sapience. To refer to them as a lesser kind because of their foreign crustacean appearance would be beyond negligent.
The Collectors are extremophiles capable of surviving in temperatures of 125/52 degrees fahrenheit/celsius while able to tolerate temperatures as low as 25/-4.
The vast variance of inhabitable temperatures is in large part due to the Collectors’ environment.
Alvinocarid (the super colony where the Collectors’ had first developed) resides just along the immense northern tectonic plate. Its instability would result in the formation of thermal vents warming the lake (of which their city in the mountain cliffs resides) to a comfortable 115/46 degrees fahrenheit/celsius.
The mean temperature of the air surrounding the lake is generally reduced anywhere from a quarter to half depending on the season. For a normal human however the temperature is not the only hazard of concern.
The thermal vents of which occupy the basin and the surrounding mountain sides spew a plethora of gases, primarily of which is hydrogen sulfide, a very poisonous, corrosive and flammable chemical.
Yet to the Alvinocaris this toxic, acidic and explosive compound is a part of their existence.
Consuming primarily the algae naturally growing in the lake’s thermal cold bog the The Collectors attained added sustainence through chemoautotrophy. Maintained by the combination of two sources of energy the Alvinocaris convert the consumed hostile mists into an added source of energy. Among their homeland the Alvinocaris are consistently collecting energy to allow them to go without for a month’s time.
Yet alike near all organisms the Collectors do still breath oxygen, and with the immense amounts of carbon dioxide released from the thermal vents one might assume otherwise. They however are incorrect.
From their earliest moments in development as a species the Alvinocaris has always adapted beside a symbiotic ally, microbial algae.
Naturally occuring along the thermal bog’s shallow waters the Collectors farm the microbial mats not only for sustenance but for respiration. Where once much of the outlying terrain beyond the thermal lake was inhospitable to all due to the adverse amounts of carbon dioxide the Collectors’ ancestry had determined a solution.
Coating the length of the Alvinocaris’ carapace layers are colonies of this microbial algae. Carbon dioxide breathed through the porous tissue along its rear carapace layers is now absorbed by the micro colony which produces oxygen allowing the Collectors access to the entirety of their thermal home.
The means of which this is maintained is simple. From the Collectors upper limb they excrete their body’s waste, a corrosive viscous resin is spread along the length of its carapace layers ensuring the microbial algae’s continued moisture.
The algae living in highly acidic environments is resistant to the corroding properties of the Alvinocaris’ excrement while the acid breaks down the substance into proteins which the algae use to create glucose in the absence of direct sunlight.
It is because of this mutualistic relationship that the Collectors are able to extend their duration beneath water by half of its average 30 minutes.
So from their birthing grounds among the lake’s shallows to the thermal springs among the outlying taiga forests and the mountain heights the Alvinocaris have settled their home vents’ exterior lands. Yet all a pass none too swift.
Striding upon a dozen clawed appendages the Collectors advance at an astounding 1.5 mph, numbering at about half of the normal speed of a human. Their legs protected by flexible chitinous plates.
However the Alvioncaris is capable of swift bouts of greater speed totaling at 15 mph allowing for quick action when necessary. Yet the cost of using this sudden acceleration expends far greater amounts of energy limiting its duration to 15 seconds before the speed is halved and at most 30 seconds before forcing them to a stop for an extended time.
It is because of their dexterity weakness that travelling can pose a danger forcing the Collectors to often travel in small groups using numbers to protect one another. Though capable in number, their comparative strength is lacking yet.
More concerning than expending the extent of their energy is depleting their hydration.
Like most organisms the Alvinocaris do also still need water to survive. This they absorb through their pale squishy mottled skin of which its moisture is maintained through the excretion of a liquid composition similar to their excrement. This process allows for the consumption of both fresh and saline water as the sodium’s density separates it from the water.
This allows hydration while the sodium content is gradually absorbed over time as new layers of the liquid replace the drying old. The process of desalinating water can take an extensive amount of time usually demanding the Collectors remain relatively inactive for nearly an entire day.
Storing excess water within their hind tissue beneath their carapace the Collectors can go at most a month remaining active without regaining hydration. Though after a week much of the physical capabilities are reduced as functionality is allocated primarily to movement at its normal pace.
Under these conditions the duration and velocity of the Collectors bolts of speed are halved while consuming a number of times more of its energy.
If for some reason an Alvinocaris will be unable to remain active due to its hydration constraints the Collectors will shift into a form of metabolic stasis. If not able to find suitable shelter the Alvinocaris will dig itself a hole where it will bury much of its body entering cryptobiosis in a usually vain attempt at self preservation.
Maintaining itself at the utmost minimal capacity the Collectors can remain in stasis for years. Yet under the circumstances requiring one to enter anhydrobiosis they are unlikely to ever be found with most dying in their place.
Movement abroad can be difficult for the Collectors for they must rely on their peculiar senses.
Unlike humans which use sight the Collectors have no eyes. Instead the Alvinocaris possess sensory tendrils of which passively oscillate at rapid varying frequencies of which the biosonar system (of which appears as its head) spots the specific string of frequencies return from all other surrounding frequencies to identify solid objects.
The signal sent to their brain contained beneath the top most layer of its carapace shell the process occurs within microseconds allowing them instant reaction time. This not only allows them full ‘vision’ of their surroundings but also acts as the means of the Collectors communication.
Yet because of the nature of their ‘sight’ the range of which they’re able to process solidity is limited to at average a quarter or a third (among those naturally more perceptive) of the distance that a normal human can see. The extent being at most half of a human’s distance, this only seen among the most sharp and wisened of elder Alvinocaris.
It is out of necessity that the Collectors had developed a system to sense sources of radioactivity. Possessing no true taste and a poor sense of smell the only means of determining the proper environment to host their primary means of consumption is through their isotopic sensory.
Using the inert chemical gases from thermal vents a pulse is sent to neurons producing a electric charge signalling the presence of isotopic radiation.
Making up the larger top half of their head like appendage the Collectors have a keen ability honed to find the fissures capable of producing the algae which they sustain themselves on. Yet the system is not exclusive to radioactivity as their ability to sense electromagnetic fields acts alike an eyesight of their own.
Though their ability to sense the lifesigns given off all living things rivals the distance of a human’s vision the description is limited. Over an extent can only a general size of a field be determined, further they are unable to sense through thick solid objects. The Alvinocaris is required to near at least three quarters the distance of a human’s sight to have any real idea of what it belongs too with most required to near at half the distance.
Yet when used in tandem with its biosonar system the two make for an effective pair to navigate through the world at large with.
This added with their apt intellect and expansive memory the Alvinocaris often grouped together are in near constant travel between various sustaining sources. This stringing together a trail of which future generations will come to tread upon after.
Throughout the Alvinocaris’ extensive 3 century long lifespan they will make continuous travels. Some may even spend a large portion of their life abroad, yet they haven’t settled except in Alvinocarid itself.
Their endless pursuit of new and fascinating things drives them abroad to the far reaches of the planet. They collect all things knowledge and cultural, technology and art. To this degree if they can not directly acquire the source to copy they will mimic from memory design and function from their precise memory.
Yet most treasured of all to them is the sources of immense power. This they seek primarily and will do much to attain such power to return back to Alvinocarid.
The reason for this pursuit is unclear, yet despite the seemingly instinctual drive of exploration all Collectors will return home eventually. One of these reasons is to deliver their successful findings, this task temporarily sated the Collectors fill what roles are needed in maintaining their humble society.
Yet only over a number of success can their drive be forever fulfilled, their hunger for things new and inspired return after years of complacent.
Though never driven to the extent of abandoning their home in a time a need. In this regard it is quite opposite often drawing more to return and remain for time while any problems are resolved.
The Alvinocaris’ travels often expressed early into their lifespan, the second more pressing purpose for their return is the reaching of their sexual maturity often ensuring their return to the homeland to propagate.
One might be mistaken looking upon a side profile of an Alvinocaris or having the chance to witness one live using its retractable upper most limb to manipulate objects with its extending tentacles. Yet that is no true limb (those are the two smaller pincer clawed appendages below) but its reproductive organ.
The Collectors are hermaphrodites, possessing both male and female sexual organs the Alvinocaris meet among the shallows of the Alvinocarid lake. Finding a suitable mate each of their limbs extend with the fleshy tubous base (of which the tentacles surround protruding) extends suctioning to one another exchanging genetic code. The tentacles wrapping around the other’s suctioned tube ensuring the reproductive cycle is continued by both partners.
Along the shallows of the thermal cold bog the eggs are deposited upon the microbial mats nesting them to ensure their safety.
Opposite to humans the Alvinocaris have no maternal nurturing, this leaving the newborns to fend for themselves by instinct alone. This usually lasting their first few years until they have successfully maintained their symbiotic relationship allowing them to be welcomed by their kin beyond the algae mats.
Because of the nature of their environment there is seldom a predator to prey upon the young Collectors as they grow within the safety of their spawning grounds within the coming year.
It is not uncommon that following after the Alvinocaris’ first dozen years that the Collectors begin their stray from home beyond their elder’s tutorship and abroad in search of innovation of interest.
Culture, Society & Politics:
Sign of Alvinocarid
It wouldn’t be unexpected for one to assume that the Alvinocaris does not possess a culture of its own. Whether it’s for their abnormal appearance or presumed because of their mimicry of other’s cultural aspects the notion is still incorrect.
Culture for the Collectors is as developed as it is for any other race. A large part of their heritage is the mimicry of cultural aspects from other nations. Their mimicking done to such an extent that it has developed into a unique culture itself.
Abroad the Alvinocaris will often observe gatherings of local populace noting common aspects from among the varying native castes. It isn’t unlike them to observe closer a locally unique celebration or ceremony. They are often quite willing to wear local accessories as a means of being a part of their custom. The dressing of which is usually done regardless of context and native significance.
Holding a particular interest in artforms, whether it be theater, literature, art, music or dance the Collectors enjoy witnessing and attaining such things. Among Alvinocarid itself the Collectors will often spread the aspects of whatever they have gathered adding the elements to their own artforms.
Mock plays reenacted and attempts to mimic dance and song are often enjoyed by the Collectors of Alvinocarid who gather in large numbers to witness the high production displays made into a public event. Yet even further they will transcribe works of literature and recreate paintings or even carve sculptures and cast glassware.
Incorporating elements from many cultures together the Alvinocaris amass a wealth of aspects foreign and uniquities that are all combined to shape their own creative expression.
Despite this the Collectors do possess cultural elements that have formed from among their own development. These often being the results of necessity more than the adaptation of their own uninfluenced design.
The Collectors speak through the oscillation of their sensory tendrils. Reading the movement patterns of the varying frequencies the language is just as complex and capable as any other’s.
Most however are incapable of perceiving the frequencies that are beyond their hearing capabilities. However the air exhaled from their tendril’s base can mimic a more familiar, though simple, means of vocal communication.
Because of this a number of more experienced Collectors will have learned native written languages using that as their primary means of communication.
In the same regard the Alvinocarid written language is also more legible being made up of glyphs symbols. Cuneiform depicting the image of a noun is in depth and can often appear similar in detail and likeness to another. This makes the written language a challenge to decipher accurately by foreigners.
Adding small and specific characters around a noun creates a complete sentences with verbs and adjectives. Their numerical system character based is the only of its kind to be placed beside the cuneiform nouns.
The extent of their writing is generally limited to non-fiction and documentation as all works of fiction are only ever transcribed from the works of other cultures. Regarding the added literary devices specifically within fiction these can often be copied literally, using the language that the piece is transcribed from.
The Alvinocarid written language is one purely of practicality with little flavor and ability for clever expression.
On the note of writing it is of particular note that the Collectors do not use paper nor parchment. All recording is done on stone slabs using a small chisel, dipping the tip in a container of their own corrosive waste to create their intricate imprint.
Most works purely factual can be contained on numerous slabs to form a collection, that of fiction differs. Generally a large scale project many Collectors will record fiction attained from other cultures on massive walls of smoothed stone which acts as a public display recording the foreign tale.
Similarly their documenting the Alvinocaris also use their acidic excrement in building. Where the use is far more alike in the Collectors’ sculpting the waste’s application in construction is done in a larger mass.
The city of Alvinocarid is built into the cliff face that resides just beside their thermal lake. Using their eroding excrement the Collectors amass in groups to produce excess of the corroding agent. Spread upon a rock face the viscous erodes the rock making it far easier to pick through.
It is because of this that the aesthetic of the Collectors’ architecture is simple, generally appearing as cubical or rectangular prism structures.
Much of the Alvinocaris’ own developments often involve the challenges faced from their environment where they arose to better their peculiar circumstances(if not defeated them entirely).
Among these is their production. Faced with the reality of life without metal tools the Collectors devised an adaptation.
Because of the high contents of hydrogen sulfide in their environment the Alvinocaris created their smelters within tall structures. The room sealed from exterior access the chemical contents are limited, heavier than air the Collectors created a space below for the limited contents to settle so that once lit the smelter can operate as intended.
Yet these furnaces are used in the creation of mineral compounds and the removal of impurities, this done because the Alvinocaris use a base unique solely to them.
Using the viscous resin they deficait the Collectors create a kind of polycarbon alloy combining the natural carbon found in iron and the proteins in their waste creating an opaque chrome glasslike metal.
This similarly done with tin to create a similar alloy of a bronze coloring as well as using sediment to create a more glasslike construct. The Alvinocaris use this method to create all of their tools, weapons and even armour of which are equal in likeness to the steel of any other nation.
In a like manner do the Collectors crystallize their resin creating a fine amber of which when is purified can be molded into a clear gemstone. Most jewelery is made from the polycarbon bronze often of which will be inlaid with the amber gemstone and or placing it as a pendant.
Other than their algae mat farms the Collectors’ produce a mycelium leather, the Alvinocaris maintaining a large array of fungi. Within the cliff face city the Collectors keep fungal farms where they grow, develop, study and harvest varying fungi colonies.
Many of these contained environments housing varying molds which feed on wood fibers shaped into sheets gradually taking its shape. The mycelium is then introduced which feeds on the mold expanding over top it to create a multi-layered ‘hide’. The mats are then harvested and killed using the thermal vents’ heat to ensure their growth ceases.
The mycelium leather is then crafted into practical attire to protect the body or shaped into sack containers or torso packs and bandoliers. Normally the Alvinocaris wear no clothing, yet if their work is hazardous they do garb gloves and footwear as well as aprons when necessary. This leather is also fitted beneath the Collectors’ polycarbon alloy scale armour and also worn as protective pads over each layer of their carapace.
These are among the most notable of products exempting their smooth stone furniture, each an element to the whole which represents the oddity that is the Collectors’ culture.
The ‘whole’ is not only the Alvinocaris culture, but is their society of which the two are entwined.
Though an individual among the Alvinocaris will display traits that make up its personality there is some almost instinctual responses and group behavior which defines nearly all of the Collectors.
These traits often regarding the benefit of the whole, Alvinocaris will often fit into whichever place in society is needed at the time with specific true consistent professions among them.
The more permanent professions often involving expertise work such as that of science, art, medicine, magic and soldiery. Where many are the labourers and the gatherers there are only a number of minds Studious. Though the Alvinocaris seek knowledge in general only the select can maintain it.
The highest of the Studious are among the Prime, the elite from among the three castes. They are tasked with administering and overseeing all of the city’s affairs leading the common Collectors and Studious in their tasks, mentorship and projects ensuring all is maintained to the highest aptitude.
The Prime are made up of the most learned and often eldest of the Alvinocaris (the recognition however is based purely on merit and not seniority). Generally magically apt there are none wiser among their kind then. Their lives protected by those Studious which make up the Alvinocaris’ only true armed professional of which are experts in martial prowess.
Yet even the Prime answer to its council, the Prime Number, which hosts the greatest of the greats as its 11 members. They are the executive power of the Alvinocaris society deciding on the course of the nation entirely. Made up of ten Seats the eleventh is reserved for the sole authority elected by its ten peers, the Primarch.
The council votes on matters of course and affairs concerning development and affairs abroad. In the case of the Seats’ stalemate on a decision the Primarch is given preferred choice. Further, in times of need the Primarch has authority to recall any near Collectors abroad and assemble a force to face whatever challenge or conflict might threaten Alvinocarid.
Despite the clear difference in purpose the Alvinocaris do not think less of one another as all are seen as a necessary part in their people’s functioning as a whole. It is because of this mind set that the Collectors do not live outside of their own kind’s domain.
The Alvinocarid society is one of community and group benefit, all working towards the advancement of their nation’s development and their people’s understanding of all things around them.
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