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A cup-shaped rock formation towers over a small plateau and several hills covered in black houses. These houses made of mud and wyvern bones are obscured by the long shadow cast by the main rock formation. A small staircase connects the hills to the small plateau and a ramp leads the plateau to the top of the rock formation.
The shadow causes the lower city to be in constant darkness, so the people use the Continual Flame spell inside blue and pink lanterns to illuminate the streets, and most of the city gets hit by “rain”, which is actually the water from the upper levels falling into the city.
The dragon queen, Hwang-geum Tongchija, was born on the top of this weird rock formation in the beginning of Parabellum. She is one of the first beings to exist. To end her solitude she created five metallic dragons to keep her company, and when they saw the need to accumulate wealth they decided to create creatures to work for them, Hwang-geum created the kobolds herself, while the other metallic dragons created the dragonborn.
The lead poisoning of the dragon queen is creating a magic field that reaches far from the city and is changing the draconic nature. Dragonborn who feel guilt over mistakes they made and dragonborn with evil alignments are starting to become corrupt and losing their metallic scales for chromatic ones. There is a 25% chance that when entering the city a chromatic dragon shows up. Roll a d6 to decide the color of the dragon, 1 - Black, 2 - Blue, 3 - Green, 4 - Red, 5 - White, 6 - Shadow. Choose an “age” for the newborn dragon according to your party level.
Ariadne is a three levels city governed by metallic dragons, as chromatic dragons are yet to come to life. The dragon queen, Hwang-geum Tongchija, rules together with a council, whose members together have the same power as her. Dragons live in a plateau above the draconic city, oblivious to most of what trespasses among their creation, the dragonborn.
Dragonborns live in the lowest level of the city, building houses over the hills below the plateau where the highest houses are owned by the richest and most powerful citizens. They have to pay tribute to the dragons in the form of treasures they buy, steal or conquer. Some dragonborn became proficient in making jewelry for those ends. The dragonborn never meet their masters, instead the treasure is collected and given to a special group of dragonborn living in the castles blocking the entrance to the plateau, these dragonborn were created differently, much weaker than a dragonborn but also smarter, they call themselves kobolds.
Most dragonborn speak only draconic, and those who speak common are usually of a higher education. Most magic tablets are written in common so they are out of reach for most of the common folk.
Terrasys (Terraforming system) is a satellite orbiting Parabellum, looming above Ariadne around 4pm. It was repurposed by the kobolds to scan the surface in search for wanted criminals.
The system was originally created by humans as a means of finding sources of carbon and turning it into gas with a powerful beam. However the inventive kobolds found this system in Ariadne and took control of the beam, targeting their enemies instead.
Whoever has control over the terminal on the third level can make a DC 22 intelligence check to command the satellite to attack a specific point in the world (as long as the satellite is over that place). The beam causes 55 (10d10) fire damage and 21 (6d6) force damage.
The kobolds at the third level discovered ancient data about Tiamat and became cultists of the devil dragon queen. Their plan is to poison their queen Hwang-geum so she goes mad, and then proceed with a sacrificial ritual to turn her into the avatar for Tiamat.
The ritual includes lead poisoning a gold dragon until it goes mad, then make it devour a copper dragon, a silver dragon, a bronze dragon and a brass dragon, then chanting a call for Tiamat while the gold dragon bathes in dragon blood.
Sanjeog is a group of criminals who steal treasure from travelers and use it to pay the taxes and live better off than compared to their hard working compatriots. Their hideout is a series of tunnels under the largest hill, with the one secret entrance being inside their bakery, called Miànbao, owned by the master baker Miànbao Ji.
Their leader is Lupi An-ui, a **blue half-dragon veteran** who travels around with a wand of fireballs ready to fire. He has a deal with the kobold named Fangpi, from whom he buys magical items in exchange for part of their loot.
Yi Jí Zhànshì
The Zhànshì are a revolutionary group who are planning to overthrow the kobolds, their current plan is to try and smuggle someone inside with stories of how the people are living poorly, in hopes the council learns about their harsh lives and decide for change. Their leader, Gemìng Hónsè is a golden dragonborn **veteran** who believes correctly that the kobold are filtering the information the council receives so to keep them from changing the social structure that maintains the kobolds in power. However he is worried that some of his golden scales are falling and being replaced by red scales, the unknown reason behind it is that Gemìng is becoming corrupted by the guilt of killing an infant during a rebel attack to a kobold caravan.
First level - Diyiji
The first level, called Diyiji, is composed by several hills of different sizes and hundreds of houses, made with bones of large beasts and dried black mud and placed over these hills in a disorganized manner. The leftover of the food the dragons eat gets thrown on the lower levels, leaving the city with the aspect of a landfill.
The players can meet some notable personalities from this level, like:
Gemìng Hóngsè, the leader of the Zhànshì revolutionaries, spending his free time at the library reading war tablets.
Miànbao Ji, the master baker of the city, responsible for feeding the hundreds of inhabitants of the city, with bread way below the regular price (thanks to the sponsorship of the criminal group Sanjeog).
Nosugja Namja, a homeless dragonborn **commoner** with 1 hp who went mad after drinking poisonous water from a spring in the cerberus forest, he asks for money and if he receives anything, throws the money at the person saying he won’t accept disrespect from others.
Agmaui Yeoja is a city watch **guard** who passes his free time in DRAG in the city’s pub. He is a secret spy for the Zhànshì revolutionaries.
Ming, a copper dragonborn **commoner** who wishes to run away from the city and live a life of crime, but he couldn’t join the Sanjeog for his lack of stealth and inability to lie.
Locations in the first level:
A.G. is a huge factory where 96% of the dragonborn work, receiving 1% of the jewels produced by them as payment (barely enough to cover the taxes demanded by the kobolds). A giant sweatshop with long tables where thousands of gemstones and gold bars are melted with dragon breath, beaten and molded into jewelry by the underpaid workers. Jaebeol is the white dragonborn **noble** owner of the place, but he is nowhere to be found, as most of the time he is traveling the world with the money he makes.
Hoseutel hostel is the only place available for travelers to sleep, and is full of the weirdest customers. Each room costs 1 gold piece per day per person and has the bare minimum to be considered a hostel. Food can be ordered apart, and is always served cold and soggy. Among the people staying here are a dwarf **druid** called Qazam from Apollinaris selling every uncommon potion in the DMG, a githyanki **mage** called Inigida looking for the book of vile darkness he believes fell into this world, and a halfling **commoner** called Viśrānti traveling around the world.
Miànbao bakery is the secret hideout to the criminal group Sanjeog, who steals money from the hardworking dragonborn and foreign travelers to get magical items, among other things, from the kobold on the third level.
Accessing the hideout demands that a dragonborn say the password to Miànbao Ji, which is “Eggless bread”. Characters who spend some time in the bakery will get glimpses of some members entering the back of the store by saying things like “I came for the eggless bread” and “Can I buy an eggless bread, boss?”
Nun-ui Yong pub is a run down pub made out with what seems to be dragon bones and dark wood. The holes in the ceiling causes rainwater to fall over customers while they drink watered down beer and sweet sakê. Being the only real pub in the city, most people don’t care about the quality of the food or the conditions of the place, just so as long they get what they ordered.
The police station is where lesser criminals are kept before being judged. Gyeongchal is the corrupt chief of the police, a white spotted silver dragonborn **berserker** with an unattuned belt of dwarvenkind he recently got from Sanjeog and gloves of missile snaring which allow him to reduce ranged weapon attacks by 1d10 + his dexterity modifier. If the characters are caught for any crime, like stealing or murder, they spend 1d4+2 hours waiting for a trial, where Gyeongchal decides they are guilty and put their names for extermination by Terrasys, as he really doesn’t care enough to keep criminals locked at his place increasing his work, and sending them to be targeted by the magical light in the skies is his way to go.
The Second level stairs are long and large stairs made out of bones and mud that take people to the second level, a plateau 100ft. above the tallest hill.
Silheomsil is a lab hidden in the base of the plateau, see more below.
Taiteuhan Maejang is the city’s market, hundreds of dragonborn spend their day crowding the four streets that compose what is nicknamed the dirt market. Dozens of street vendors have their items over wooden and bone tables, yelling at each other and calling customers to try some fruit or meat they just got. People sell and use drugs openly on these streets and it’s not uncommon to see someone passed out being robbed. Sanjeog members make money in this market by selling uncommon and rare magic items they don’t want anymore.
Quests on the first level:
  1. Mosquito bite
Sanjeog operatives discovered a magic item called “Mosquito Bite” (in the Items section) is in the possession of a gith traveler **noble** who is passing through the city looking to buy drugs. The githzerai, who goes by the name of Nullak Azarzig gets assaulted as the PCs are passing through the market. He gives them 400gp if they protect him and save his dagger. If they don’t do anything, the next day the dagger will be available for purchase at the market. The group of attackers consist of three copper dragonborn **bandits** and one bronze dragonborn **bandit captain**.
  1. Lost child
Eomeoni is a copper dragonborn **commoner** whose son ran away into the second level, she’s willing to part with three days worth of rations (all the food she has) in exchange for her child. The child, Adeul, can be found on the second level within 1d4 hours and is willing to go back with the characters if they are friendly.
  1. The oblex
Sasil is a gold dragonborn **noble** living in one of the highests hills in the city. She is worried about her copper dragonborn maid, who is acting weird. She asks if anyone can talk to the maid and investigate. The maid, named Gajeongbu is distressed after finding out her boss’ husband, a silver dragonborn called Geojis has been replaced by an adult Oblex, although the maid doesn’t know what an oblex is, she knows the dragonborn smells and talks weird. Upon being found out, the oblex kills and assumes the place of Sasil, tries to dismiss the heroes and then consume the maid too.
  1. Weird door
A homeless dragonborn whose name has been long forgotten says he saw a door at the base of the third level’s stone, if characters investigate with him, they find the door to the Silheomsil lab.
  1. Help the Stormcloaks
Banlangun is a silver dragonborn from the Zhànshì group who is trying to get a box of highly caloric food from Apollinaris into Ariadne, to feed the poor in their region of control, but the caravan got attacked by a wyvern on their way and lost the food. He pays the characters who help with any one +1 weapon.
  1. Help the bakery
The Miànbao bakery is hiring suspicious people to beat up two young **bandits** who didn’t pay for their “bread”. The young junkies are two copper dragonborn named Malih and Wana and they can be found using drugs at an abandoned house.
Second level - Dierji
The second level, called Dierji is the place reserved for lesser dragons who are still considered superior to the dragonborn. It is a mile wide and two miles long. To reach this level you have to go up to the second level stairs or fly 100ft. from the highest hill in the city. From the stairs characters are met with a golden road that leads to the third level gateways, while in this road, characters are not attacked by any creature from the second floor.
Here drakes, wyverns and pseudodragons live in a forest of sparse trees and rocky floor, with most food being the rests of the dragons’ banquets on the higher level. The large mount covered in plants and moss seen in the middle of this floor is a dragon turtle sadly created by Partum Lapis far from the water. Unable to leave the plateau, the dragon turtle rests, awaiting some change to come and allow it to either fly away or teleport to the ocean, the dragon turtle’s name is Olaedoen San.
For each hour moving through this level roll for the random encounter table:
| d100 | Encounter|
| 1 - 25 | Nothing. |
| 26 - 40 | 1d4 + 2 blue guard drakes. |
| 41 - 55 | 1d4 - 1 wyverns (min. 1). |
| 56 - 70 | 1d6 pseudodragons. |
| 71 - 99 | 1d4 black guard drakes lead by 1 red guard drake. |
| 100 | Olaedoen San |
To reach the third level characters must walk over the golden road, a one hour walk made by the kobold to exhaust anyone who tries to reach them. Leaving the trail shortens the trip to 20 minutes, but cameras in the woods register the characters’ faces and send it to Terrasys. Noticing a camera before being recorded takes a DC18 Wisdom (perception) check.
Third level - Shenji
The third level, called Shenji, is the home of the real metallic dragons. They live in ignorant bliss, receiving treasure and food from the kobolds, who are slowly poisoning the queen into a greedy evil monster, for their ritual. This poisoning makes the her sometimes act as her evil counterpart would.
The kobold plan
Thirty kobolds live on the third floor, commanded by Lashi, a red skinned **kobold artificer** with a +1 shortbow. Their plan is to have the dragon queen Hwang-geum devour her subordinates during a double eclipse (when both moons cross the sun at the same time).
Fangpi, a red skinned **kobold sorcerer** with a cape of mountebank, is the responsible for the ritual and the food poison, he never leaves the throne room.
Chuwanwei is a blue skinned **kobold inventor** with a ring of protection and an intelligence of 23 who is the only one capable of commanding the Terrasys, using an old computer she fixed using books found in the laboratory.
The players can meet some dragons on this level:
Huang Tóng is a talkative and curious **adult brass dragon**, she quickly learns new languages ​​and loves to ask about the local culture. She is too afraid to go against the queen and will fly away in case of a fight.
Qīng Tóng is a lively and contented **adult bronze dragon** who likes to take on the race of the person whom she is talking to. She can be convinced to come to the players side if they seem curious and adventurous.
Long Tóng is an **adult copper dragon** always surrounded by fairy dragons that she calls her children, they love to play practical jokes on other dragons and kobolds. She will try to stop any fight that happens, to the death.
Yín Dàshī is a lazy **adult silver dragon**, who spends most of her time sleeping and contemplating her reflection on the jewels she has. She is loyal to the dragon queen and will defend her at all costs.
Jīn Tàiyáng is a studious but cautious **adult gold dragon**, she pretends to eat the food the kobolds bring her but at night she hunts birds to feed herself. She is thin and weak, but she already has her suspicions about the plots of the kobolds. If she can get an excuse to leave the palace and investigate, she’ll go. She is the only one who would help characters with anything they need without convincing needed.
Hwang-geum is the dragon queen of Ariadne, she has been poisoned by the kobolds and her body shows signs of the corruption. Instead of being completely covered in gold, Hwang-geum has dark energy flowing right under her scales, which is visible to anyone looking closely at her body or in plain sight when looking at her eyes. Her gold scales are also becoming chromatic, with different colors growing in different places. She behaves like a gold dragon most of the time, however, the longer a conversation is the more impatient she becomes, and the more violent.
Hwang-geum is an **adult gold dragon** with the following breath attack in place of the fire breath:
> ***Plasma Breath (Costs 3 Actions).*** Hwang-geum breathes a hot plasma blast in a 90-foot cone. Each creature in that area must make a DC 21 Dexterity saving throw, taking 72 (16d8) fire damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. Every metal object in contact with the breath begins to glow red-hot. Any creature in physical contact with these objects takes 9 (2d8) fire damage. If a creature is holding or wearing the objects and takes the damage from it, the creature must succeed on a Constitution saving throw or drop the object if it can. If it doesn't drop the object, it has disadvantage on Attack rolls and Ability Checks until the start of your next turn.
If the kobolds succeed in corrupting Hwang-geum, she becomes a Failed Tiamat (see Monsters).
Locations in the third level:
The entrance tunnels are a series of intricate corridors carved and guarded by kobolds to stop anyone from seeing the dragons without permission. Moving through the tunnels guarantees encountering at least one patrol of 2d6 **kobolds** and 1d4 **kobold inventors**.
The throne room is connected to the laboratory via the elevator and connected to the outside through the entrance tunnels. Three dragons are always here, talking frivolously about philosophy and life, sometimes fervorously discussing ethics and good and evil. However once every month Hwang-geum comes to the throne, and they all sit quietly while the queen gives incoherent speeches about treachery and conspiracy, after which she returns to her lair to eat and have delirious rants all by herself, planning and uncovering non-existing plots to overthrow her.
Magic fountain
This magic fountain shines a bright yellow light over the gardens as it creates 1d4 grams of gold every hour.
The council lair is a gargantuan garden where the council lives, each dragon has a favorite spot, Huang sleeps over a huge tree bordering the walls of the garden, Qīng built houses of different races to live, and each day she sleeps looking like a different one, Long lives among the flowers and sleeps in a mount close to the forest, Yín sleeps all day among its treasure close to Hwang-geum and Jīn almost never sleeps, instead flying down to the first level and hearing the talk on the streets.
The Great Wyrm Lair is a satellite dish that communicates with Terrasys, which also serves as Hwang-geum’s lair. The dish is 1.000ft. wide and filled with treasure from the taxes the dragonborn pay, each month her treasure increases enormly, but her greed never ends.
A character can access direct control of the Terrasys at the base of the satellite dish with three successful DC 20 intelligence checks used to comprehend and take control over the satellite, each check takes an action.
Treasure: 42.000 gold pieces, 3.300 platinum pieces, a chain mail +1, a vorpal sword, a child coffin made of pure gold (7500gp), golden longsword with platinum scabbard (7500gp), 5000gp in golden scales, a crystal throne made by elves from Granicus (5000gp), a glowing marble made out of pure ether (4000gp), the bejeweled head of the first giant born into this world (4000gp), a golden chain (2000gp), a masterpiece harp from Granicus (2000gp), a bronze shield with a diamond in the center (500gp).
Lab Silheomsil

  1. Entrance
To enter through the first door characters must pass a DC20 Intelligence (investigation) check which allows them to find a hidden button still working. The door at the end of the entrance will only open once everyone directly outside enters.
The hall pumps the room full of air and opens the second door to the changing room.
The changing room is full of torn and rotten clothes, most still inside the metal wardrobes. Characters can advance to the second floor via stairs, as the elevator vault is empty in this floor.
A **spectre** of a dead scientist called Moriana Bohn roams this floor, attacking at first sight.
  1. Storage
The storage contains dozens of wooden boxes filled with rocks and dirt that used to be studied by the scientists in this laboratory.
A character who investigates the room finds papers detailing studies about terraforming a planet called Mars, about the amount of oxygen and hydrogen in the soil and blueprints for a powerful heating system to be put in a satellite. Characters can advance to the third floor via stairs, as the elevator vault is empty in this floor.
  1. Laboratory
A single computer lies broken on the floor and the stairs for the fourth level are buried under tons of rocks. Over the metal table papers full of calculations for the satellite lie under the body of a scientist, who holds a headband of intellect. Interacting with the body awakens the **ghost** of the scientist, who believes the characters are trying to steal his research. In life his name was Edd Murray and he is as unforgiving in death as he was in life, when he would throw interns into the desert martian planet with only one tank of oxygen if they didn’t get the results he expected.
Characters can enter the elevator on this floor and crawl through a hole in its ceiling to reach the fourth floor
  1. Dining hall
Food rotten for three hundred years lie on the central table while a gas cooker fills the room with explosive gas. Any fire spell or spark created inside this room explodes the entire room, causing everyone inside to take 2d6 fire damage and the room to become depleted of air for three minutes. Two **shadows** attack good aligned characters as soon as they reach the table.
Characters can advance to the fifth floor via stairs, as the elevator vault is empty in this floor.
  1. Bedrooms
The bodies of three scientists lie on this floor, still in their beds. Two of them were married, and the husband is now an **Allip** after a dream showed glimpses of the future, the demise of humans and the birth of magic. He tries to put in character’s minds visions of humans touching a meteorite and then becoming tieflings.
Characters can advance to the sixth floor via stairs, as the elevator vault is empty in this floor.
  1. Bedrooms 2
Five scientists came back to life as mindless **zombies** and roam this floor trying to eat anything they can see.
Characters can advance to the seventh floor via stairs, as the elevator vault is empty in this floor.
  1. Control center
A functioning laptop on this floor is run by Ling Yao, a **kobold artificer (see new monsters)**. A large data center records everything, from positions to faces of wanted criminals. Ling inputs criminals in here as to allow the Terrasys to eliminate them.
He is accompanied by his turret, ten kobold **guards** and one kobold **veteran**. The data center has an AC of 20 and 200 hit points. Once destroyed, Terrasys is incapable of targeting any specific person. Characters can use and modify data on the computer with three successful DC 20 intelligence check.
Characters can reach the council room level through the elevator shaft.
submitted by jvcscasio to parabellumDnD

Deep dive into Shadowverse anime episode 2. Over-analysis of Dragon vs. Blood.

Edit: u/JayTord raised some valid points in the comments on how the turns might actually make sense, so just enjoy this post for my confusion alone I guess. I'll pay more attention next episode!
...uh, it's me again. I'm re-energized, so let's do this a second time. Second episode? Second episode. Let's see if I can keep my sanity this time and what dirty tricks our protagonist is using in a battle of...
Dragon (1st) vs. Blood (2nd)
T1 Dragon: He plays a 1/1 Bejeweled Dragon (how cute!). After that last weird match, let's keep watching his hand.
T1 Blood: Ambling Wraith is being played. The nerfed 1/1 variant at that. Dragon and Blood HP: 19
Also we should keep Blood's hand in mind, as well. Since it's rather small, we have Hungering Horde, Blood Wolf, Vampiric Kiss and old Yurius.
T2 Dragon: Dragon draws a Sandstorm Dragon and this time his hand stays the same. Let's give him credit for not hacking the game here. He then plays the Fire Lizard, destroying Ambling Wraith and goes face with Bejeweled Dragon (how cute!). Blood HP: 18
T2 Blood: He plays Yurius.
Now things start to get weird (again), so please bear with me.
T3 Dragon: We see the Fire Lizard attacking Yurius, probably finishing him off, because he's "wide open" afterwards, so I think it's safe to assume that he also traded the Bejeweled Dragon (how cute!). Also he most likely plays the 1/4 Sandstorm Dragon.
T3 Blood: Goes face with Blood Wolf, dealing two damage to both leaders. Dragon HP: 17 | Blood HP: 16
T4 Dragon: COUNTER-ATTACK! What I mean is, Dragon trades the Sandstorm Dragon into Blood Wolf, leaving a 1/2 body behind. He probably also plays a 2/2 Roc, because of the evo trade in Blood's turn. It sure can't be the Imprisoned Dragon, because Ward and all.
I'm going with that, because (again) the players keep dumping their hands into the aether and we have to stitch the game pre-Ignis Dragon together.
T4 Blood: He can evolve now and so he does. By playing and evolving a Metal Gargoyle which trades into the Sandstorm Dragon, leaving a 4/4 body behind.
Also note that both players play off-curve apparently. At first I thought Blood also plays Vampiric Kiss to remove Roc, but that would be 5 mana worth of cards, so scratch that.
And then the Battle Log comes along. Battle Log And this is where I'll probably lose my sanity again.
Since both players are at 5 play points and we see Dragon playing a 6-PP card in the next scene, the board state that's shown to us, is post-T5.
Thanks to u/VasiliArthur and a comment in a different thread, we know that Blood played Hungering Horde to kill Imprisoned Dragon on T4 and evolves a Blood Wolf to go face, dealing 4 face damage...wait a second.
First of all why does it T4 when they just finished T5? Nevermind, I guess I was wrong concerning Roc being played on Dragon's T4 and he actually played Imprisoned Dragon. But no, that would mean Gargoyle wouldn't have been able to trade into the Sandstorm Dragon.
Let's try to recreate Dragon's T5 then. They definitely play an Ironscale Dragonfolk, dealing 2 damage to Metal Gargoyle. We know about that, because of the T6 trade. Gargoyle is at 2 HP.
Dragonfolk's effect only works with an evolved follower in play, though. This means Dragon either aggressively evolved his T4-follower or played another 2-PP follower alongside Dragonfolk. Eitherway...only the Dragonfolk is left after Blood's T5.
Speaking of Blood's T5. The match history doesn't help us here. It's safe to assume that he goes face with the already evolved Metal Gargoyle. Dragon HP: 13
This ominous second Blood Wolf, though, apparently did absolutely nothing, but dealing 2 damage to Blood. Blood HP: 14
He should have 3 more play points to spend now. Maybe he played Hungering Horde and the one we see later into the match is a second one. Or he played Vampiric Kiss to...do something. That would explain his Blood's HP in the battle log. Or they simply forgot that Blood Wolf got killed and it's still the same.
Fact is, I have absolutely no clue what's going on during T5, so let's look at the stats. PP are at 5 for both players, so I'm absolutely convinced that the T4 match history is just a coincidence. Let's do this!
Dragon's HP: Is correct if Blood went face with Gargoyle.
Dragon's evo points: He definitely evolved something, but what happened then, I have no idea.
Dragon's cards in hand: Is correct if we assume that he played two cards on T5.
Dragon's shadows: 5 might actually be correct this time if he evolved a follower on T5 and traded it away.
Let's check on Blood now.
Blood's HP: Is only correct if he played Blood Wolf and Vampiric Kiss or he didn't play a second Blood Wolf at all which doesn't make any sense.
Blood's evo points: Is correct if something was evo traded...I guess.
Blood's cards in hand: Okay, he either played three cards on T5 to get down to two cards in hand or he really did play two cards on T4, but then it doesn't line up with the stuff I've said so far! ARGH!
Blood's shadows: Only makes sense if 2 shadows were generated during T5 completely unrelated to Metal Gargoyle. So I guess Vampiric Kiss and an evo trade? I'm so lost by now.
You know I just had the thought that maybe they skipped T4 instead of T5, but then we'd run into even more problems and I'm not going through all of that, as well!
T6 Dragon: Hey, something that makes sense! He plays a Raging Ettin and evolves it to trade into Metal Gargoyle. Dragonfolk trades into an unevolved Blood Wolf. You know, slowly but surely I get the feeling the battle log isn't even correct all the time. Mhm.
Also note that both Roc and Imprisoned Dragon aren't in his hand anymore, so they must have been played (or transformed) somewhen in the game. Whenever that was.
T6 Blood: He only plays Blood Rage to destroy the Dragonfolk. I guess he could have played his Demonhand Assassin, as well, but oh well, go all in on your Vengeance plan.
Actually I'll stop with this turn by turn description here, because the rest of the match actually plays out rather normally. Apart from the Blood player still doing his vampire-glow-spook when going out of Vengeance again, there isn't anything too nonsensical to point out. Not that I'm asking for more nonsense!
You know, for some reason this episode didn't break me as much as the last one, but the battle log sure will be my worst enemy if I continue doing this from now on. My nemesis so to say (Portalcraft confirmed).
But yeah, I hope you've enjoyed whatever I'm doing here and tune in next week when we find out if I survive this anime's character introductions! Take care everyone!
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