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At least some consistency would be nice, for example John Henson is shooting 38.5% on 1.7 attempts per game and his Open 3pt rating went from what it was previously ( presumably 25 as last season was the only season so far where he even managed 0.1 attempts per game) and its now a 73. The players have more emotions and react differently when an important moment happens in-game. Legend Edition includes Kobe #8 Mitchell & Ness jersey, Kobe USA Basketball jersey, Kobe hoodie, and 2K Kobe XI shoes for MyPLAYER, MyTEAM Legend Bundle (3 packs with guaranteed Kobe Free Agent card), 92 Dream Team playable in Quick Game, and 30, 000 VC. Download full PC game for free. As you're probably aware by now, NBA 2K17's servers will be spinning down at the end of this year. You can then go through a campaign mode setting, trying to get your player drafted by an NBA team. Jurassic park the game pc full crack.

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As players look to create their identity through their shoes, we want to capture that in NBA 2K14. Backgrounds for different devices: desktop, tablet, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Sasmsung Galaxy, etc. Most of the time, it is due to mods that you have downloaded. Setting up mods are simple though, best click the nba 2k14 symbol on your desktop and select 'open up file location'. The latest file additions for NBA 2K14 PC include a FIBA mod, a fantasy All-Time teams roster, High School Hoops roster, updated Hawks jerseys, a new ESPN scoreboard, and retro faces. BCOZ they are SO AWESOME. Changes also can be noticed in terms of graphic design.

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Check out the latest video showing off all of the NBA 2K14 shoes currently in the game. Nba 2k15 Fix my player shoes? Find guides to this achievement here. And different modes than the previous generation versions. Nba 2k14 Shoes Update Pc Download, Wfp File Template Free Download, Ultrasurf Software Free Download Full Version, Castleville Legends Free Download For Pc. PC or Next-Gen] Reflection of body = 50% Like Next-Gen [Not as normal one at PC] Textures = 50% Better Normal One [Normal Textures are x but this mode makes it at x, So it's better] But Texture or graphics on. Debut video capture full crack.

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Nba 2k14 shoes patch pc. Ghost recon online hack deutsch read review. Drucylity2K & MVL Shoes & Jersey Mods. Borderlands 2 sanctuary chest key xbox. All Hello, Sign in. Account & Lists Account Returns & Orders. Includes Two Variants of the Settings (All-Star & Hall of Fame) NBA Main Directory Files Main Directory Files 1 Main Directory Files 7 Main Directory Files 2 Main. Microsoft frontpage 2020 crack of internet read more.




Official r/NBA2K 2K20 Wishlist Thread 4 (will be sent to 2K)

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    Don't submit repeat feedback. Please respect my time by reading over the archive to make sure you aren't being repetitive.
    If something you commented last time was not selected to be forwarded, you can comment it again.
  • Only well-formatted and professional-style feedback is forwarded. Make sure your suggestions are clear and easy to understand (this means good grammapunctuation!!). Provide reasoning for WHY something should be implemented as well as examples of how to implement your idea. I'm looking for thoughtful items where I can tell the user put time and effort into it.
  • Specify which category your feedback falls under. If one of the categories is not specified, I will NOT send it.
  • When this thread is closed, items that were forwarded will be listed within this post.

MyCAREER — Player Creation (Builds/Archetypes)

  • I personally think that we should be allowed to pick 3 archetypes. Most superstar players or players at 90+ are good at more than just 2 things in the NBA. To change things up, we could all start with a single archetype, then once you play more and start leveling up, you can choose your second, and then finally your third when you get to much higher rank. I think this would change things up a little bit, allow us to play with our original archetype a little bit, before we choose our next archetypes. This is a way of implementing a third archetype without just giving three archetypes right off the bat.
  • During the off season I think you should be given the opportunity to grind for a badge outside of your archetype. For Example: I play as a Rebounding Athletic Finisher PF, but in the off-season I'd like like to be able to pick a badge such as Post Spin Technician or corner Specialist since my goal is to have a player that resembles Blake Griffin. The pre-requisites would require you to play X amount of games (W/ No Sim), achieve some form of award or NBA standing that would justify your team placing extra resources into you during the off season.
  • Give us option to choose short length ex: long, short, medium
  • Allow for users to change their MyPlayer's name without having to create a new player to do so.


  • The ability to do something during the off-season -- Ex. winning the NBA Finals gets you 3 practices (12 drills) before the next season begins. Winning MVP gets you 2 practices (8 drills). Breaking the NBA record for scoring should be 3 practices. These can scale depending on difficulty. Other rewards could be VC if not drills or myPoints. These are just examples but I think if you perform very well during the season, your grind should be rewarded and you can actually focus on working on badges in the off-season. You aren't just put into the next season with no incentives. In real life NBA, players grind in the off-season in the gym, whether it's training or shooting in the gym. I think 2K should simulate that and make our season-long grind worth it
  • Get the chance to take control of one of the current NBA players' future, starting with his abilities, contract and history as of today. (this used to be possible in one of the older versions, loved it)
  • May be difficult to do and I don’t know the logistics, but connected MyCareer would be incredibly cool and something that could really drive people to want the game and to play MyCareer. For example, I can play in my friends’ MyCareer games and they can play in mine with me or against me based on what team they are on. This is something I have hoped for since 2k14 and like I said, I’m not sure how easy it would be, but it would be amazing.
  • Start of in high school after high school we go to a fake college then to NBA. Give us the full nba experience ex: Draft Combine/Draft/Summer League
  • Let us preview roster before signing with teams in offseason
  • More endorsements so that making loads of VC (like a top-tier NBA player) is possible and upgrading your MyPlayer doesn't take forever.
  • Bring back the 2K10 idea of playing in the D-League until you prove good enough for the call-up rather than after a set number of games for the sake of narrative.

MyCAREER — Playground AKA Park

  • Please make a permanent tent in Park that matches randoms for 2v2, 3v3 and 1v1 automatically like Play Now Online does. A tent where you don’t have to wait around on a circle so people can run away from match-ups and beat up on scrubs. There was an event called Doubles tournament that they had recently and it’s almost EXACTLY what is needed for random players with out a squad to be able to play without getting destroyed by Elite squads. This will eliminate horrible wait times for games and stacking the odds in your squads favor by running away from good players. Still have Park but allow those who just want to play a way to avoid this.
  • We saw the changes you all made to make games more accessible and not have players have to make a tedious 1-2 minute journey around the neighborhood before they were able to do what they wanted to do. Thank you. Even though everything is within reach the park activity has now suffered tremendously. Last year there was a cul de sac where idle players could stand and not interfere with active park players. This year the neighborhood is filled with idle players and the majority of the playgrounds have only 2-3 active courts. The solution is easy. Allow us to Load into our MyCourt as opposed to a Lobby. Here are a few reasons why this is a more viable solution: 99 out of 100 times when we load into a lobby, it would be a lobby we had no intentions of joining. If we did have people we wanted to play with, we would have to load into the first lobby then join a second lobby. Loading into our MyCourt would probably reducing loading time since you're not actually joining a server. Idle players would be idle in their own MyCourts not wasting space in a park where people wanted to play.
  • I'd like to see a better matchmaking system that places you in a neighborhood that fits a specific overall range. For example, Overall ranges of 60-80 would be placed in a neighborhood an 81-100 would be placed in another. Reason I feel that this is beneficial is for two reasons. #1: This would eliminate the current trend of lower level players being avoided in the park. (Literally had two level 90's squad me up just to pull me off the "Got Next" spot) #2: This would allow for new players to be able to come into the game and be able to play online immediately. My buddy bought the game during Christmas so we can play together, only to find the park is dominated by 90's and we had play solo to level before we can play together.
  • Give us a matchmaking option where they put us in a gym, 3v3 to 21
  • Bring back constant 4v4 courts
  • Give us different courts every court and goal doesn’t have to look the same example: make some courts hardwood with normal nets, make some courts concrete with chain nets

MyCAREER — Pro-Am and Jordan Rec Center

  • “Seasons” that last 2-3 months. At the end of each season ranks and records and reset and players receive some kind of reward for reaching a certain rank. This benefits all types of players. Gives goals for new players to try and progress to a higher rank each season and a “bad” record can be redeemed the following season.
  • Introduce the G-League as Jordan Rec center game type for players under 80.
  • Start a Pro-Am game with 3+ people instead of 5
  • Have tournaments occasionally with the opportunity to win prizes such as: VC, Boost, Clothing, etc.
  • JRC: Let us wear our park clothes instead of uniforms, it would give us the 2k15 feel
  • Add different venues ex. summer league gym, high school gym, proam, etc.
  • Allow for users to join the Pro-Am arena or walk-ons right from the main menu.
  • Add in some sort of differentiation between casual/quickplay and ranked play. Casual/quickplay for teams to be able to start games with a minimum of 3 players with AIs and ranked play for others (ex: Overwatch, League of Legends, and games like those).
  • Bring back 2K18's team-ranked matchmaking; my amateur-bronze team shouldn't be playing against amateur-gold squads and vice versa.
  • Option to wear short shorts on an individualized level so that I can wear short shorts but the rest of my team can opt for longer shorts, a la Chris Douglas-Roberts during his Clippers stint in 2014.

MyCAREER — Neighborhood (including Clothes/Open-World/Events)

  • Allow for clothes to carry over for all of my MyPlayers like previous 2Ks. Tattoos as well
  • Add an opacity rating to customize how dark or faded tattoos look
  • Add the actual shoe colorways for the on-court tab at Foot Locker rather than the model in the team's colors.
  • Tier system for aesthetics. Seems like a handful of games are doing it now (Fortnite, PUBG, Black Ops 4, probably some others that I'm missing) so why shouldn't 2K? Allow us to earn certain clothes and shoes by playing the game rather than having to buy it with VC.


  • Elimination of injury cards
  • Lets us change difficulty on play with friends, it’s as simple as changing the start up screen on my team to play with friends start up screen on play now.
  • Have a rank/unranked mode for the main multiplayer mode. Ranked mode having wins/losses go towards your record & unranked mode not recording losses and doesn’t require contract use or take away from shoe boost.
  • Custom playbooks. With the addition of the 250k tournament & unlimited 12-0 reward system having an option for a custom playbook like play now does would make my team even more competitive instead of it being based off who has the better team.
  • Change the 12-0 reward tiers. 12-0 is a great concept but is unrealistic for every player. I think a lot more people would play unlimited if the reward card was given in multiple tiers. 12-0 being the highest for pink diamond/galaxy, 11-1 for a diamond variant, 10-2 for amethyst & 9-3 for a ruby version.
  • Clubs -- Give you the option to join a club with your friends/followers etc. Clubs could earn rewards though goal completions. Club members could also add cards to the club that can be used by other members. Maybe limit it to a maximum of one club card per lineup or daily uses (like a free agent). Cards that are added to a club are not available to the lender either...so you have to decide whether or not you need that player before sharing.
  • Sim to end options for Challenges. With how tedious domination was, an option to sim to end if you’re up by like 20 or more would be great. I know we’d lose out on MT but I’d be ok with that
  • TTO was a great addition but the higher you’re able to climb the ladder the better the rewards should be. It’s almost no point to make it to the 5 ball drop when all I’m able to get is the same bronze packs and 100mt
  • Show the MT point amounts on the rewards when dropping the ball after triple threat online games


  • Teams shouldn't be trading for players at a position that they're already set at. For example the Pistons once traded Blake Griffin for Hassan Whiteside when they obviously already have Drummond. Another time the Grizzlies traded Conley for Whiteside.
  • Rebuilding teams should not be going after superstar players in free agency. It's always annoying when players like KD or Paul George decide to sign with the Hawks, when they're clearly no where close to contending.
  • How about instead of just targeting specific players, teams can target certain types of players. For example, when the Rockets lost Trevor Ariza in free-agency, they were looking to trade fosign a 3-and-D wing. Or how the Lakers are targeting another superstar caliber player to pair with LeBron.
  • Adding sign-and-trades to free agency
  • New rule changes: Adding a 4-point line
  • 4 team trades
  • For the start-in-offseason mode, there should be an option to use the real life draft order. Personally, I find it annoying when the team with the worst odds at the number one pick ends up with it.
  • Bring back the NBA.com page
  • Having the ability to use park moves and dunks in the all-star game
  • Very minor request, but it would be cool if we could customize our suits again in MyGM.
  • For MyGM, I'd like to see some more new cutscenes and more realistic dialogue when talking to the staff/owneplayers/media.
  • Please bring back the instant replay in the freestyle/shootaround mode. It helps when testing out signature jumpshots/animations for players to see if they're accurate.
  • Bring back FULL G-league teams like in earlier 2ks (I think 2k11 had it). Allow us to sign players to our G-League teams and stash away players there
  • Bring back challenges like "Play a rookie 20+ Minutes per game" and be rewarded for that in MyLeague (get an extra training camp in the offseason, etc). I enjoyed this in previous years.
  • I like the player mentorship idea and it should be implemented in MyLeague online. That way you will have some say in how a player develops.
  • Make MyLeague online playable without bugs. I had a lot of fun in one this year, but there were times when I would try to sign a player and it would bug out and not register. Also, my first draft simulated everything after the 6th round
  • Badge progression needs to be changed in my opinion. I saw at one point in a league MPJ was an 87 with one bronze badge. I found it almost impossible for players without many badges to begin with to gain badges throughout seasons, even if a player had high potential.
  • Easier and more choice in jersey retirements for players. I should be able to choose which players to honor after a set of requirements are met like having played for the team for a set amount time or won a finals MVP, etc.
  • Losing teams need to start considering trading their good players for assets near the deadline.
  • Let us just do a playoffs online. And let users control one or more teams. Me and my buddy in college used to do fantasy draft playoffs and it was awesome. Would love to do this online but can’t figure out how to let each of us control multiple teams and would like to not do the season.

Overall Gameplay

  • After a team scores, very often the ball will be moved by players moving below the basket, sometimes even being kicked nearly up to half court. This causes a painful animation process of the inbounder slowly walking to go get the ball, bring it all the way back out of bounds, get set up, then in-bound the ball to the waiting receiver, all while the clock ticks. Not only is it an annoyance, but not being able to inbound the ball quickly is detrimental to players who's offensive style is very fast paced, as by the time the above occurs, the defense and 3 players of your own offense have already made it up court and to their positions.
  • Right stick needs to contest shots regardless if you're on your own matchup or playing help defense. Too many open shots because the contest doesn't trigger when you try to switch or help on D.
  • I'd like for the animation team to implement more animations for body to body contact, avoiding player contact (especially your own teammates), and sideline/under the basket plays. Too often my own players will just run into each other, and take a solid 2 seconds to break away from each other, when in reality they should just put a hand up and navigate around the player. The same can be said for under the hoop plays, or sideline plays, far too many times my players will just run out of bounds for no apparent reason, can we not add in a few more diving out of bounds save attempts, or a way to stop on a dime on the sideline and try to pass before we just lumber out with no control.
  • Please, no more shot attempts on the wrong side of the backboard under the hoop, no one would do this in the NBA, it shouldn't be in the game, give us the ability to throw it off a defender, or take a heavily contest shot to the basket, not the back of the backboard. We need more animations for these key situations to prevent what feels like magnetic, stagnant performances far too often.


  • ICYMI, Brian Mazique's 2K20 Wishlist
  • Please bring back specific player challenges. Ex. Pick crazy performances from 18-19 and make them into challenges. Harden, Curry, KD, Klay, Kyrie, Embiid, Giannis etc.
  • Let us upload our own patterns for custom shoes
  • Let us please have different hairstyles that shuffle for each player who's known for different styles, like Lonzo's Fro, Lebron's stages of baldness, and Lin's assorted styles.
  • I’d just love to see even more updated player faces (Jrue Holiday!!!!!). Also an updated hairstyle so players can have dreads like D-Lo. One last thing - the new bandana/headbands that players have been tying around the head (Like Montrezl Harrell and Jrue).
  • Allow for users to join All-Star Team-Up by themselves. I shouldn't have to get another person to play a mode that was already in the game.
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