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The Wizard101 Spring 2020 update brings a lot of new interesting features, mostly impacting pets. Guild wars 2 best class 2020. Reviewed on November 22, 2020 Platforms: PS4, PS5. Hp ux patch bundles of hair see it here. Adventures can be as simple as collecting a certain material and returning it to the quest giver, talking to some of the locals to convince.

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Quest" by Melissa Savage was published in 2020. Mod warfare cod4 hacks. The 9th edition of Himalayan Outdoor. Book early as places are filled quickly. Quest Kenmare is our newest and most exciting Quest destination.


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File view pro cracked feet read here. Check the list of 3, 000+ Free Games Available - SO- Message A Mod. Download our e-books and relive all the exciting adventures from Egypt and Scandinavia! It should give a group of four 1st level characters enough experience points to advance to second level. Use [Up], [W] or SPACE to jump.

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Adventure Quest also includes anniversary events such as The Dragon of Time. Today, during a livestream from Japan, Square Enix announced three new Dragon Quest games, one. One such gaming mode is named Super Guide, where a computer-controlled character will help you complete the level. With Adventure Quest Worlds Hack you can add these materials for free. Quests rewards a lot of materials that can be used to level up your weapons and characters.


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Harvest of Nightmares: Friday the 13th Join us for the final Friday the 13th event of 2020! Native instruments massive cracked apk look at this now. Three Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai Games Announced by Square Enix; Only One Is For Consoles. Ven VR Adventure is coming to HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Valve Index on December 17, 2020, with Oculus Quest/Quest 2 versions to follow in Q1/Q2 2020. Tons of journey maps and locations, awesome graphics and hidden object art, fun minigames, bonuses, seekers notes and lots more.

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The game is set in the medieval fantasy world of Lore where players take on the role of heroes tasked with defending Battleon, the last bastion of humanity, from a powerful evil entity. Awave studio full crack https://translate-centre.ru/forum/?download=5899. Aiprosoft total video converter crack. Download Ice Adventure Quest for Android to yeehaa. Directx 9 0 c win7 activation.


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We decided to create Adventure Quest Worlds Hack because a trusted member of our team wanted the tools to play this game. A free and offline Action Role Playing Game. Why dont you try to get something basic in the. Check out this Genshin Impact guide on Adventure Rank Ascension 2 (World Quest). Adventure quest level hack 2020.

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Repeat this quest as many times as necessary to get to level 9. Level 10-14: Mage Class. One level requires the clicks in a specific. Artix points generator epicduel generator battleon gift certificate code generator free free battleon games points aqw ac hack aqw ac. Important; There are two options available - The general leveling guide doesn't assume much about your character build, stat distribution, or whether you have a house or not - The power leveling guide however requires a strict tested stat distribution, and is geared towards efficiency, letting you get to level 150 as fast as possible and then changing your build to whatever you want. WP Adventure Quest was the solution.

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Oculus Quest; Oculus Rift and Rift S Robo Recall is an action-packed gallery shooter designed for use with the Oculus Touch controllers. King Bobo the Almighty [Named Enemy] Voracious Canopy. Application works on all Android and iOS. Categories Roblox Tags Dungeon Quest Cheats, Dungeon Quest Codes 2020 August, Dungeon Quest Codes 2020 July, Dungeon Quest Codes 2020 Wiki, Dungeon Quest Codes Mejoress, Dungeon Quest Codes Twitter, Dungeon Quest Excalibur, Dungeon Quest Roblox, Dungeon Quest Roblox. These include the famous Goodgame Empire, the extremely addictive Flight Simulator C130 Training, the ultra fun Moto X3M Pool Party and 713 more!


Bugsnax - Review Thread

Game Information

Game Title: Bugsnax
  • PlayStation 5 (Nov 12, 2020)
  • PlayStation 4 (Nov 12, 2020)
  • PC (Nov 12, 2020)
Developer: Young Horses
Review Aggregator:
OpenCritic - 76 average - 67% recommended - 38 reviews

Critic Reviews

But Why Tho? - Eva Herinkova - 9 / 10
Bugsnax has me thoroughly impressed. I have truly, madly, and deeply fallen in love with Snaktooth Island and its entertaining cast of characters. Chasing after Strabbys and Buffalocusts, bonding with the Grumpuses, and uncovering the mystery of Elizabert Megafig is an experience like no other. Not only is Bugsnax a brilliant launch title for the PlayStation 5, but a brilliant game in general that I cannot recommend enough. They’re kind of bug and kind of snack. What’s not to love?
COGconnected - Haley Perry - 90 / 100
The intriguing mysteries, colorful characters to befriend, and overall charm in everything from the voice acting to the design of the different Bugsnax makes this game a true winner. It vaguely feels like Pokémon for the new generation, and both children and adults will find a lot to love here. The controls are easy to master, the gameplay is superb, and there’s a lot to do on the reasonably-sized map. If you are what you eat, then I’m the happiest Cinnasnail this side of Snaktooth Island has ever seen.
Console Creatures - Steve Vegvari - Recommended
Bugsnax captures that Saturday morning cartoon feel. The absurdity that runs through the core of this game is enough to leave a lasting smile on your face. It often borders a line between an episode of Rick & Morty and Spongebob Squarepants. The creators at Younge Horses are off their rockers and I’m glad they have the freedom and drive to develop a game like Bugsnax.
Destructoid - CJ Andriessen - 7 / 10
It's been a while since I've played a game with a cast of characters that was so good it elevated the rest of the experience, but that's where I am with Bugsnax. Because they're brilliant. And the concept behind Snaktooth Island is equally brilliant. It's just the actual gameplay here, catching all those 'snax, isn't quite compelling enough to match that brilliance.
DualShockers - David Gill - 8.5 / 10
With its fun story and entertaining characters, Young Horses' Bugsnax is a charming game that shouldn't be missed -- whether you play on PS4 or PS5.
Eurogamer - Christian Donlan - Recommended
An island filled with critters is the setting for one of the more memorable games of the year.
Explosion Network - Dylan Blight - 8.5 / 10
The whole game oozes charm, heart and playing it just feels like a warm hug from start to finish.
Game Informer - Matt Miller - 7 / 10
Equal parts bizarre and good-hearted, Bugsnax is a breezy sequence of encounters and puzzles, but the continual errand structure of quests starts to feel like a chore
Game Revolution - Paul Tamburro - 3 / 5 stars
Bugsnax is an enjoyably dark mystery that deftly handles mental health issues with a superbly voice acted cast of entertaining characters, despite its shortcomings as an adventure game.
GameSkinny - David Jagneaux - 7 / 10 stars
Bugsnax is memorable for its writing, world, and creative premise, but its more gamified elements somewhat spoil a delicious meal.
GameSpew - Kim Snaith - 9 / 10
Bugsnax is a joyful, lovely experience from start to finish.
GameSpot - Mike Epstein - 8 / 10
Bugsnax' unique concept is so compelling you'll want to see and catch every one of its cute, crawling culinary creatures.
GameWatcher - Bogdan Robert Mateș - 7 / 10
Bugsnax is a feel-good adventure with a lovable cast, a rich variety of tasty prey to hunt, but thoroughly unremarkable gameplay.
GamesBeat - Mike Minotti - 3 / 5 stars
I applaud Bugsnax’s creativity. It’s not the most stimulating puzzle game, but it’s worth checking out if you can’t get that theme song out of your head
GamesRadar+ - Sam Loveridge - 4 / 5 stars
Bugsnax will be remembered for its brilliant crafted world, characters and titular Bugsnax for many years to come, despite some repetition and frustrating load times.
GamingTrend - David Burdette - 80 / 100
Bugsnax is an odd combination of Pokémon, a Cabela's hunting game, and Octodad. It's got a lot going for it in the fun gameplay, as well as a wonderful island filled with incredible creatures to discover. I do think the ending doesn't necessarily fit, and the backtracking is annoying, but it doesn't make the game unenjoyable. If you want the weirdest game of 2020 that's unusually entertaining, then pick up Bugsnax. Now if you'll excuse me, the Kero Kero Bonito song is stuck in my head again.
God is a Geek - Chris White - 9 / 10
Bugsnax offers thrilling gameplay with a poignant story about community and hope that continues to keep you engrossed throughout. The plethora of bugsnax are well-designed and different, allowing you to come up with various ways to catch them. and the colourful island of Snaktooth is a lot of fun to explore.
Hardcore Gamer - Kirstin Swalley - 4 / 5
Bugsnax is a relatively short title, taking roughly around ten hours or so to finish depending on if players go for full completion or not.
IGN - Simon Cardy - 8 / 10
Bugsnax is a puzzle-adventure packed full of charm, mystery and a surprising amount of emotional depth.
LevelUp - Pedro Pérez Cesari - Spanish - 8 / 10
Bugsnax is a charming and creative game that can goes beyond its meme status by respecting the player's intelligence with fun mechanics and an interesting plot. The game makes you think outside the box and let's you have fun catching weird animals. I hope that after its release, everyone starts talkin' 'bout Bugsnax
Metro GameCentral - 6 / 10
An ambitiously odd game that has an innovative take on Pokémon style gameplay and features some of the most intriguing characters of the year – but is rarely as much fun as it should be.
MonsterVine - Joe Bariso - 4 / 5
A weirdly moving love letter to community and found family hidden inside of a game about cute food bugs. I can’t recommend it enough.
PC Gamer - Tyler Wilde - 60 / 100
It's got well-observed characters and some genuinely weird moments, but the actual bug hunting isn't much fun.
PlayStation Universe - Adam Byrne - 8 / 10
Despite early fanfare very much focusing on Kero Kero Bonito's catchy theme song, and on just how outlandish a game the initial trailer seemed to show it as, the actual fact of the matter is Bugsnax is a real success, a game chockful of charm, wit, and plenty of heart - and one that revels in its eccentric trappings and delivers a meaningful adventure that'll ensure you never quite want to leave the inhabitants of Snacktooth Island after all.
Polygon - Charlie Hall - Unscored
Ultimately, it’s that modern-day Mr. Rogers moralism that saves Bugsnax in the end. I’d happily recommend it to any family, and to any parent looking for a few hours to themselves — either in front of the screen for a bit of casual gameplay, or in the next room while the kids enjoy it all on their own.
Press Start - Matthew Zimmari - 8 / 10
Whether it's the super-catchy theme song, the nostalgia-evoking gameplay, or simply the very basic fun of hunting new Snax to transform the Grumpuses, Bugsnax is a game that is well worth your time. Its simple yet addictive challenge of catching the cute yet strange creatures coupled with some wholesome storytelling delivers a well-rounded and fun adventure.
Push Square - Stephen Tailby - 7 / 10
Bugsnax is a strange concoction of elements that come together for a truly unique adventure. Finding and catching the titular creatures is great fun, but the gameplay is broken up by story beats that belie the game's simple, whimsical style. The mysterious narrative and memorable ensemble cast will keep you interested between hunting for snax, too. Despite loading screens interrupting the flow and a handful of repeated beasties, this curious game is an unusual blend of flavours that works wonderfully.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Steve Hogarty - Unscored
Bugsnax is a faintly naughty, but never crass adventure that feels simultaneously like a love letter to, and a sharply observed satire of, the games that inspired it.
Shacknews - Asif Khan - 9 / 10
There were several times during my playthrough that something happened to work out and I just laughed. Bugsnax is a game that challenges the player while allowing them to play at their own pace. Young Horses has tapped into the essence of what made their first title Octodad so special with this second game, and the result is a truly emotional ending to the story of the century.
Siliconera - Jenni Lada - 7 / 10
I think the best way I can describe Bugsnax is that it has strong launch day energy. This is absolutely the game people grab as a fun, quick palette cleanser as they move from, say, a Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales to a Demon’s Souls.
TechRaptor - Cody Peterson - 6.5 / 10
Bugsnax is a very cute game that features a diverse cast of characters, but suffers from very repetitive gameplay.
TheSixthAxis - Nic Bunce - 9 / 10
Bugsnax is a unique and wonderful experience, and a must-play for anyone who can get their hands on it. If you're lucky enough to have secured a PS5, make sure you make the most of PlayStation Plus and pick up your free copy while it lasts. If not, this game is still well worth your hard-earned cash.
TrustedReviews - Jade King - 4 / 5 stars
Bugsnax is a strange, satisfying and utterly engrossing journey into another world – one that is never afraid to embrace its stranger side even if it means leaving your mouth agape in amazed confusion.
Twinfinite - Greysun Morales - 3.5 / 5
Bugsnax is an odd and wacky experience that’ll be remembered as the black swan of the PS5 launch lineup, in the best way possible. It highlights PlayStation’s commitment to having a diverse catalog of games at the PS5 launch, and with Bugsnax being free on PS Plus for PS5 players at launch, there’s no reason not to try it if you’re a subscriber.
USgamer - Mathew Olson - 4 / 5 stars
Bugsnax sees Young Horses building on the strange sense of humor it developed with Octodad while embracing some familiar, less adventurous gameplay hooks at its core. I let out an involuntary "aw" when I saw my first Kwookie scuttling across the ground, but the real heart of Bugsnax is its cast of lovable Grumpuses. It has great characters, an entertaining story, and all the Bugsnak catching is just varied enough to keep the experience interesting to its end. All that talk about Bugsnax over the past few months wasn't misguided: it's a flavor-blasted joy.
VG247 - Malindy Hetfeld - 4 / 5 stars
Bugsnax is a pleasant little gem of a game, but I don’t think I’ve ever encountered another title that came so close to ruining it all for me so close to the finish line.
WayTooManyGames - Todd Eggleston - 8 / 10
There is no reason not to visit this delightful world. Whether you focus on catching every single bugsnax available or mixing it with the mystery, wit, boss fights, charm and an overall system that appeals to adults while accessible to kids, it is a treat. Bugsnax is an excellent entry point to story driven narrative adventures.
Wccftech - Kai Powell - 7.5 / 10
The hunt for elusive Bugsnax is an interesting tale, requiring the patience of a fisherman and the experience of a Pokemon Snap master. This is one delicious adventure, though it might be an acquired taste for some.
submitted by ThibaultV to Games

PokeMiners' In-Depth APK Teardown of 0.193.0

PokeMiners' In-Depth APK Teardown of 0.193.0
Hello everyone,
0.193.0 is starting to roll out and there are several updates behind the scenes, mostly for the searching and tagging features we've been following. Will we finally see these features go live in this update? We'll find out! Let's dive in!

Release Notes
APKMirror Download


  • New app icon
  • Mr. Rime added
  • New Holiday costumes added and Adventure Hat Pikachu
  • Grey Event Ticket added
  • Easier purchasing of remote raid passes
  • Select All button for selecting all your currently filtered Pokemon
  • Several tagging updates
    • Adding the buttons for adding, editing, deleting, etc
    • Show more tags button and showing tags in a row
    • Tags showing the name, colour you assigned, and how many Pokemon are assigned to it
  • Pokemon Inventory display updates, including showing tags, and different transfer buttons
  • Recent and Favoruite searches received GUIs as well
    • Showing a history of your searches as well as which searches you favourited
  • The keyboard no longer closes when you delete all characters from your search
  • POI Contribution icons added (probably for the Image Gallery feature)
  • Image Gallery and Voting system (like Ingress)
    • GUI for these systems is now in place including showing several pictures
    • Being able to vote for images like in Ingress
  • Ad targeting
  • Scrolling improvements
  • AR Mapping and upload progress (being able to cancel an upload for example)

New App Icon

A new app icon is now used! Get excited!

New Pokemon

Get your Galar on (well at least one more Galar).

New Forms

Get ready for some new Holiday costumes!

New Event Grey Ticket

Grey Event Ticket
This is another ticket (like the pink ticket) so they can sell more overlapping events at the same time. This might have a specific event in mind, but that's not something we can tell.

Easier Purchasing of Remote Raid Passes

As announced in the release notes, there will be a button that seems to take you to the shop to buy Raid Passes when you are out. This goes with the texts we found previously.

Select All

New bar with Select All button
ClickSelectAllButton pokemonIconWidget oldRatingLabel IsDisabledForMassTransferSelection 
A new select all button has been added once you select at least one Pokemon. It does what you would expect, select all the currently filtered Pokemon in the list (minus ones it can't select like shinies, favourites, etc).

Gen 6-8 Reporting

ReportPlayerKalosDexCount ReportPlayerAlolaDexCount ReportPlayerGalarDexCount .get_KalosDexCount .set_KalosDexCount .get_AlolaDexCount .set_AlolaDexCount .get_GalarDexCount .set_GalarDexCount 
Reporting back to the server what your dex count is for each badge.


Tag Icon
Add a Tag to a Pokemon
tagDetailHeader tagTitle tagColorDot tagPokemonCount editTagButton editTagButtonObject titleUnderliner tagDetailHeaderRoot tagPageTitle tagTabRoot createTagButton tagButton tagButtonText ClickTagButton 
Tagging might finally be ready in this update (I said that last time too though, so what do I know haha).
Icons for adding a tag to a Pokemon and the tag itself has been added. GUI sections for Tag title, colour, count of how many Pokemon are tagged with that tag, as well as edit and create buttons for tags. Seems like 191 added the backend for tags and 193 added the front end.

AssignTagGuiController pokemonContainer assignTagCellPrefab addTagCellPrefab maxPokemonSprites deleteTagButton doneButton warningText toggleGroup CREATE_TAG EDIT_TAG 
And of course the buttons for editing the tags.

TagDetail ShowTagInfo .get_InventoryContext .set_InventoryContext GetCurrentInitializationData UpdateDisplayFilter AddPokemonToTag EstimateWidthForTag PokemonInfoTagWidget 
Looks like tags will take up different widths (probably depending on name)

viewMoreTagsButton maxNumTagRows 
Sounds like you'll see some tags and then by clicking on a button can see more.

Pokemon Inventory Updates

regularTransferButton regularTransferBackground regularTransferText activeTransferButtonColor inactiveTransferButtonColor activeTransferBackgroundColor inactiveTransferBackgroundColor activeTransferTextColor inactiveTransferTextColor 
Lots of talk about active and inactive transfer buttons, curious. There was also referencing telling the difference between Let's GO/HOME transfers vs regular transfers. Perhaps the button changes colour for that.

tagIcon pokemonSprite RefreshStaminaColor PokemonInventoryCellView 
Looks like the stamina colour can refresh on your inventory screen, and also what the tag will look like on your Mon.

holdTimeInSeconds favoriteStar ViewAllTagsGuiController headerDynamicHeightController tagDynamicHeightController 
Sounds like they can change the time you need to hold for a selection now. Also how the tags will appear in the header (that blank bar we think from the Select All screenshot).
There were also several updates to the way gradients, shadows, borders, row height and spacing, and other GUI items appear, presumably related to tagging.

Recent and Favourite Searches

ManageFavoriteSearchGuiController allSearchIconsGuiControllerPrefab recommendedSearchIconsGuiControllerPrefab manageFavoriteSearchGuiControllerPrefab 
More information has been found regarding the recent and favourite searches. Looks like the GUIs for these things have been added.

ReportPokemonGuiSearchFromSearchPillClick ReportPokemonGuiSearchOnLatestSearchEntry 
Some telemetry back to the server.

AddRecentSearch AddFavoriteSearch RemoveFavoriteSearch SetFavoriteSearchTitle .get_RecentAndFavoriteSearchesBase64 .get_RecentSearches .get_FavoriteSearches RecentSearches FavoriteSearches 
The ability to add recent and favourite searches. The recent search we would imagine is for the game to automatically add them, but we'll see.

ProfanityCheckOutProto .get_AcceptAuthorOnly .set_AcceptAuthorOnly 
Author only is interesting. Not sure what this could mean tbh. It was found in the profanity check though, so might be an override to allow your username if your name has swear words in it?
Also in addition, as stated in the release notes, the keyboard no longer closes when clearing the search text.

Menu Flags

StartOnTagPage .get_TagDetailFlags .get_StartOnEggsFlags .get_MainMenuFlags ShowPokemonToSelectParty .setPokedexEntryToReopen 
Some new flags for starting the Inventory screen at specific locations, and toggling showing specific settings.

POI Contributions

Camera Plus Icon
POI Device Icon

poi_contrib_limit_photo poi_contrib_limit_ar poi_contrib_unavailable_disabled 
We threw this in its own section from AR Mapping or POI Submissions because for some reason they are called POI Contrib instead of POI Submissions like the others. So they may be different. One theory is this is the service that allows you to add additional images to the Image Gallery (below).

Some values/states the contrib service can have.

Image Gallery and Image Voting

A new library was added for the Image Gallery. The Image Gallery is the previously announced feature coming to PoGo from Ingress where you can have several images per PokeStop. It appears they are might be using Ingress' library for this (or maybe a Niantic Real World Library).

GET_IMAGE_GALLERY_SETTINGS OnScanPoiClicked OnGalleryClicked scanPoiButton galleryButtonObject scanPoiImage galleryButtonImage 
These were added to the full-screen view of a POI. So looks like you can access POI scanning and the Gallery from new buttons (instead of them being hidden away) in a sub-menu.

.get_IsPoiImageGalleryEnabled RequestSettingsFromServerOnce IsPoiImageGalleryEnabled PoiImageGalleryInstaller poiImageGalleryPrefab poiImageDetailsPrefab imageGalleryScrollerPrefab imageDetailsScrollerPrefab IPoiImageGalleryState PoiImageGalleryStateShim PoiImageGalleryState ProcessGalleryImagesWithMessage UpdateAddPhotoButton StopLocationUpdatePromise IsAddPhotoEnabled EnterImageDetailsState HandleAddPhotoPressed EnableBackButton .get_MaxPeriodicImageLoadedCount .set_MaxPeriodicImageLoadedCount 
The actual Image Gallery installer and GUI service including how many images can be loaded.

GalleryImageSelected imageGalleryRowPrefab GALLERY_IMAGES_PER_ROW IImageGalleryScrollerCell ImageGalleryScrollerCell imageDataList imageIndex OnDragSendMainImageIndex ImageDetailsScroller currentImageIndex OnScrollCellInitialized WhenScrollerIsMoving ResizeAndPosition 
Viewing the Gallery, scrolling through it, and how the images are re-sized to fit.

imagesToVoteFor imagesToUnvoteFor .get_UpVoted .set_UpVoted .get_VoteCount .set_VoteCount .get_HasBeenVotedOnInThisSession .set_HasBeenVotedOnInThisSession notUpVotedTexture upVotedTexture voteButtonImage voteButton 
Just like Ingress, you can vote for which images you think are the best, and the image with the highest score becomes the main image (from what I understand from Ingress at least).

addPhotoButtonImage addPhotoButtonEnableSprite addPhotoButtonDisabledSprite addPhotoButtonEnabledColor addPhotoButtonDisabledColor PoiImageSubmitter PoiImageSubmissionTime PoiImageId PoiImageUrl PoiImageIndexNumber 
Buttons for adding a photo, and then how they store that photo.

Ad Targeting

.get_AdTargetingInfo .set_AdTargetingInfo AdTargetingInfoFieldNumber 
It appears ads will start to be targeted either to you or a stop?

Scrolling Improvements

keepPosition _Resize _UpdateSpacing _AddCellViewSizes numberOfTimes cellCount .setVisibleCellViews _RecycleAllCells _RecycleCell listPosition TweenPosition cellViewIndex insertPosition scrollerOffset cellOffset useSpacing 
Several updates to their scrolling object. We won't copy everything here, just some highlights but sounds like smoother scrolling hopefully?

AR Mapping and Upload Progress

Some updates to AR Mapping as well. First up two more errors/failures for bad scans.

.get_IsPlayerEligibleForGeotargetedQuest .set_IsPlayerEligibleForGeotargetedQuest 
Under the Pokestop checks, there is now another check if the player can receive an AR Mapping quest. Unclear how this is different than the current system but we'll see.

UploadsInProgress CancelSubmissionUpload doUploadNowMessaging NotifyUploadNowStarted NotifyUploadLaterSelected UploadNowStartedHasSubscribers UploadLaterSelectedHasSubscribers add_OnUploadNowStarted remove_OnUploadNowStarted add_OnUploadLaterSelected remove_OnUploadLaterSelected OnUploadNowStarted OnUploadLaterSelected 
A whole new section for upload in progress has been added. Including cancelling a submission mid upload.

originalFile CopyFileForSubmission MoveFileForSubmission GetSubmissionType WasSubmissionFound GetExtensionForType IsCorrectExtensionForType EditImage FILE_EXTENSION_JPG FILE_EXTENSION_JPEG ArScanV1 ArScanV2 ImageNomination ImageEdit 
It also appears they have a new File service that moves files from one directory to another before upload? It kinda looks like they are using their AR Mapping service to do the Image Gallery upload but we'll need to spend more time with the APK to tell.

ITitanPlayerLocationService GetPlayerLocation LOCATION_CHECK_FREQUENCY locationUpdatePromise 
Additional location checks and location frequency checks specifically for AR Mapping.

Player Save Data

SaveBattleParties SaveRecentAndFavoriteSearches 
Two new values being saved back to your Player data. Your battle parties (previously announced) and your recent and favourite searches.

Excluding Badges

.get_BadgeTypesToExclude BadgeTypesToExcludeFieldNumber 
A way to exclude badges. Unsure what this will be used for.

Generic Colour Updates

rgbColor RGBToHSV dominantcolor colorone colortwo RGBToHSVHelper 
And finally, their generic colouring object received some updates. Perhaps this was to fix the Meltan candy issue.

submitted by martycochrane to TheSilphRoad