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The perfect spin

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[OC] Punt Rank 2020: Week 9 - new punters doing bad, old punters also doing bad, a beautiful fake and the worst punt of the season (by the same player!). All the best punting stats, analysis and highlights from around the league...

Welcome back, Punt Fans, to your shamefully delayed edition of our weekly hunt for the King of Punt – it’s /NFL’s own Punt Rank. If you haven’t been here with me before, the concept is both simple and fantastically over-engineered. Lemme break it down:
Each punter’s performance against five vital punting metrics is ranked against every other punter in the league.
Those rankings are combined into a weighted average ranking – the 2020 NFL Punt Rank.
Punt Heroes rise to the top; Punt Zeros sink to the bottom. Last week’s post and Week 8 standings are available here for the archivists, and all of this week’s stats analysis and highlights and lowlights in video form are just moments away.
As always I’m excited to get your perspectives on your team’s punter, and you can point me to things that I may have missed or overlooked, so please hit me with your feedback and questions in the comments!

Week 9 - Punt Rank Standings

Punt Rank 2020: Week 9 Overall Standings
2020 Week 9: Punt Performance Summary

All change!

Hey everyone - Ryan Allen (TEN) is back! Long time Patriot, short time Falcon, recent time Free Agent and now a shiny new Titan. An injury to Brett Kern meant Allen has stepped into the breach and… well… it wasn’t great. 8 punts from a fairly hefty Average Field of 71 yards meant finding the Bears 20 was a challenge (one he robustly and repeatedly failed to topple) – and even harder still was keeping Dwayne Harris from bringing the ball back to him like a faithful Labrador. Dwayne Harris return yards – 62. Total Bears rushing yards – 56. Ryan Allen Punt Rank – 33 of 34. It’ll get better, Titans fans (maybe).
Hey everyone - Hunter Niswander (DAL) is ba... er... here! XFL stalwart (shout out Battlehawks – kaw kaw!!), model of peak physical perfection and immediate Top 3 punter nickname guy Hunter the Punter takes over for Embattled Chris Jones, who was so chastened reading my data led evisceration of his career in Punt Rank last week that he admitted himself to IR with a bad case of Sadly Irrelevant. And was Niswander a sweet sweet upgrade? Um. Not so much. Chris Jones – 58.2% of Average Available Field covered through 8 weeks. Hunter the Punter in Week 9? 60.8%. More of a Gatherer than a Hunter so far...

Good Week for

Logan Cooke (JAX, +10 to #3). There are tons of Aussie punters in the league and somehow Mr Very Australian Name Logan Cooke isn’t one of them. That said, Flamin’ Bonza punting day for the cobber, NAY of 46.7 yards, 3 of 5 punts Inside the 20 (two inside the 10!), no returns and 73% of Average Available Field covered. But what I really liked was four of his five boots beating the Punt Expected Net Gain (PENG) – a measure of how many net yards the average punt achieves based on where it is kicked from. Logan added a total of 28 yards above the PENG – the highest of any kicker this week - to help the Jags try and slither past the Texans in the battle to not come bottom of the AFC South. Of course it didn’t help at all, but it’s not Logan’s fault that the Jags D followed up this awesome punt to the 2 yard line with a 50 yard DPI facilitating a Texans TD just before the half. Also: the disrespect on this CBS coverage, not even a replay.
Let Logan Cooke
Sam Martin (DEN, +8 to #22). Sam Martin has had a tempestuous 2020 in his new home in Colorado. When he’s featured in Punt Rank, it’s been in the context of his hilarious muffed snaps, his hideous blocked punts and his wildly unfortunate touchbacks. But not this week, oh no. This week he shimmies eight whole places up the rankings with a five punt, 80% In20, 42.5 NAY day – with his boots covering 71% of Average Available Field, well above his season long average of 62.1%. In fact, with no returns and no return yards given up – Martin improved his ranking in every single Punt Rank metric this week. I mean he’s still 22nd. But we’re moving here y'all, we’re moving.

Bad Week for

Britton Colquitt (MIN, -2 to #31). One blocked punt in a game will hurt your stats. Two is Miley riding that wreckin’ ball right through your shit. Britton took a spin on the Cyruscoaster on Sunday as the Lions ravaged their way to two blocks on his five boots, wiping almost 2.5 yards off his season NAY and giving him just 39% of Average Field Coverage on the day – the fifth lowest week of the season so far. A sliver of heartening news though – Colquitt still hasn’t kicked a touchback this year (one of the three remaining Touchback Survivors for 2020). Having completed a full season without one last year, Colquitt is now approaching two touchbackless years. His last – December 30th 2018 in Week 17 against the Ravens. Question is – will he last that long if it carries on like this?!
Jordan Berry (PIT, -18 to #21). Ehhhh, for the most part, Berry punted fine. This is just an excuse to watch this absolute hilarity again. The sell! The lateral! The bobble! The return! The being tackled by a dude lying flat on his back! Purest carnage. Also I will never get tired of the shadows and the sun coming through the window at AT&T. Spiritual.

Punters doin’ shit of the week – Week 9

Joseph Charlton (CAR) got dem stones.
Look how close this thing was to getting tipped coming out of his hand! Cool as a cucumber. Though on rewatch, the nervous drying of hands on his towel for about two minutes before the snap should probably have been a giveaway…

Punt of the week – Week 9

We’ve already seen Logan Cooke’s lovely punt to the 2 yard line (96% of Available Field covered, +30% or +11.4 yards vs. the PENG), so why not switch things up and use this opportunity to take a look at the worst punt of the week. Nay – almost the worst punt of the season! It’s Ritz Charlton again – this time inexplicably kicking the ball less far than he threw it in the clip above. 21 yards, a duck out of bounds, 38% of Available Field and -48% worse than the PENG (an average punt from your own 44 is expected to net 40.6 yards). Got carried away with his throwing success didn’t he. Embarrassed faces all round.
Not Sauce.

Egregious touchback of the week – Week 9

Ryan Allen (TEN) got a stinker here. He’d almost made it the whole of his (actually less than) glorious return game without a kick finding the Bears end zone, then with just two minutes to go in the 4th, he lofted one high into the sky and Wide Receiver Nick Westbrook-Ikhine forgot he was playing special teams and executed a perfect over the shoulder catch at the half yard line and toe tap in the end zone. TOUCHDO… I mean TOUCHBACK! Less good.
Nearly.... nearly.... nearly.... ah fucked it.
We’ll wrap up the Week 9 coverage there as due to my tardiness Week 10 is now almost upon us – and I look forward to seeing you back here again next week for more stats, analysis, gushing tributes and borderline libellous personal attacks. It’s almost literally the least I can do.
Yours, puntingly.
submitted by erictaylorseyebrows to nfl