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In three Months, Five Young Girls go missing in Jacksonville, Florida. What happened in the summer of 1974?

Background & Disappearances/Murders
Jean Marie Schoen was born on January 15th, 1965 and was 9 years old. She went by the nickname Jeanie. She was staying with her uncle while her mom was on vacation set to return in a few hours. On July 21st, 1974 Jeanie Schoen went to a local store 2 blocks from her house called Hannah’s Food Store to get cigarettes for her uncle. She asked her brother to come along but he declined. She forgot the cigarettes at the store after purchasing them, came back and told the clerk she was going to a place called The Hangout to play pinball. The owner of The Hangout said he saw Jeanie and told her they were closed because he had just cleaned the floors. Two friends of Jeanie said they were at a laundromat when a man on a blue bike came and took Jeanie inside of a bathroom. When they came out of the bathroom Jeanie was crying and the man rode away with her, her friends attempted to chase them but could not keep up. They said Jeanie did not attempt to call out for help or fight off the man which was odd since she was described as feisty and knew not to go anywhere with strangers. He was described as white, with light colored hair that was styled like Elvis.
Lillian Anderson was born on March 2nd, 1963 and was 11 years old. She went by her middle name Annette. Mylette was born on October 18th,1967 and was 6 years old. On August 1st, 1974 Annette and Mylette Anderson vanished from their house while home alone. Their mom, Elizabeth Anderson, left them by themselves when she and their older sister Donna went to visit Elizabeth’s sick sister. They left at 6 pm. Their father, Jack, was on his way home from work as a commercial fisherman but ran into boat problems slowing him down. He called them at 7 pm and heard the dog barking but was told by Annette it was barking at birds in the front yard. He called again at 7:20 and no one answered. When he got home the dog was locked in the parents’ bedroom and Mylette’s favorite doll that she carried everywhere was missing, the girls were nowhere to be found.
Virginia Helm was born on April 28th, 1962 and was 12 years old. On September 27th, 1974 Virginia Helm vanished while going to a store to get soap. Her father got worried when she did not come home after 45 minutes and went looking for her but never found her. On October 25th, 1974 Virginia’s body was found in the woods shot by a .22 and partially buried with only a blouse on.
Rebecca Green was born on October 22nd,1961 and was 12 years old. She and her sisters had been molested by their father growing up. On October 16th, 1974 Rebecca Green was walking home from a store only 5 blocks from her house when she vanished without a trace. She at least made it to the store since the clerk reported seeing her. Her skeletal remains were found 3 years later off Fort Georgia Island near St. Johns River in the summer of 1977. They could not figure out the cause of death.
The suspect who took Jeanie was white with light colored hair that was styled like Elvis. He was riding on a blue bike. Pam went searching in woods, parks, under parked cars with officers looking for Jeanie 2 hours after her disappearance.
Volunteers and officials spent days and covered over 138 square miles searching for the Anderson girls. Witnesses claim to have seen the girls collecting bottles in a schoolyard while others saw them in a pickup truck. These sighting were only 2 days after they vanished. Neighbors have said they saw a white car in the driveway of the house around 6-7 pm. Donna has stated that whoever abducted the girls would have to put up with the dog because it would eat them up since it was so attached to Annette. She believes the killer planned this since the house was on a road with only one way in or out.
For Virginia, witnesses reported seeing a red Volkswagen Beetle in the area. Three days later a couple came upon a red Volkswagen Beetle on the side of the road near the Nassau and Duval County borders. They saw a man and approached him to help. When they got closer, they saw a girl matching Virginia’s description in the backseat with her knees on the floor and her hands on the seat as if she were just standing up or forced to crouch down. Her pupils were dilated, and she was looking back and forth rapidly as if she was scared. The man yelled at her to get down and jumped in the vehicle and sped off. The man left a bag behind in his rush and it has been tested for fingerprints and will be tested for DNA. The girl did not say a word the entire time. The day before Virginia was abducted a friend of hers named Mary Ann was accosted by a man in a red car. He told her to get into the car or he would kill her, but she ran away to get help.
Rebecca's father was investigated and lied about ever molesting his kids and denied having anything to do with Rebecca’s abduction. He later passed a polygraph test and was cleared. Hair was taken off Rebecca’s remains and is going to be tested for DNA. A detective has said that if the suspect has handled her head in anyway then they hope there is DNA remaining.
Paul John Knowles was a serial killer who was suspected in the Anderson’s case. He wrote a letter (other sources say a tape) about some of his victims and claimed he was responsible for what happened to the Anderson sisters. He said he buried them in neighborhood called Commonwealth. No bodies were found there and Knowles passed away while attempting to escape prison so he cannot confirm if he committed the crimes. Knowles was known to lie about the amount of crimes he committed so he may have lied about this as well. The police do not believe he committed this crime.
Ted Bundy was a suspect in the Helm's case. He was known to drive a Volkswagen Beetle and did kill a 12-year-old girl in Florida later in 1978. However, in 1974 he was in the state of Washington and there is no evidence showing him in Florida at that time.
Charles Wesley Jones attended the same church as one or two of the girls and was known to frequent the store Rebecca Green was last seen in. He helped children out in church activities and worked on bicycles for them. He happened to be in the area around the time of her disappearance. He was charged with lewd and lascivious assault on a minor around this time too. I cannot find a follow up to this so it is safe to assume he was either cleared or they did not have enough evidence to convict him. If they thought he did it but could not book him, they never said so.
Pam Schoen put out an ad asking for Jeanie’s abductor to give her back. The ad said “This is a plea from Jeanie’s mother to whom ever has my daughter. I know you have her because you wanted a little girl to love, but I love her desperately, need her returned to me. Please.” She said she was living in a nightmare having to take medications to calm her nerves and having emotional breakdowns. She ended up in counseling which she said saved her life. She had bought souvenirs for Jeanie but hid the fact that they were earrings to surprise her. Jeanie was excited to find out what the souvenirs were. Her brother was distraught about the disappearance since she had asked him to go along with her and he turned her down. As an adult, he takes a photo of Jeanie with him whenever he travels. Jeanie's father lived in Minnesota and called twice a day about Jeanie. Pam has since passed away.
Elizabeth and Jack Anderson lived in the same house till they died in case the girls ever came home. They both passed away without ever knowing what happened to their daughters.
Virginia's parents have both passed away without knowing what happened to her.
I could not find any info on Rebecca's family.
Investigators now believe the crimes may be connected but did not believe that at first. The attempts at finding DNA in 2018 have not been followed up. There was an active investigation in 2018.
Was it one lone killer taking these girls? Did Jeanie know her kidnapper? Could someone close to Rebecca have killed her? Was Paul John Knowles the Anderson’s abductor? Are only some of these cases connected? If so, which ones?
Random Interesting Info: A lead detective on these cases named Lester Parmenter had a daughter who was approached by Bundy. She was 14 years old when she was approached by Bundy in 1978. Parmenter’s son went to pick her up as she walked from school and saw her talking to Bundy. He claimed to be a firefighter but Parmenter’s son felt something was off and wrote down his license plate. Bundy abducted and killed his final victim the very next day. The license plate ended up being linked to Bundy.
News Article with newspaper clippings and pictures of all the girls
Resource Center for Cold and Missing Children's cases
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