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CG Community [ PC] 7: by pyromasteromegaz sep 28, 2020 7: 11 pm ZEROSKULL [Trainer] DarkMystic AQ Worlds [ PC] 10: by jooda oct 01, 2020 1: 17 pm lickylick: my acount PokemonLake [ PC] 22: by alihaider112 aug 10, 2020. Governor of poker 2 hacked manager. Governor of Poker 2. After the big hit Governor of Poker, Youda games launched their sequel Governor of Poker 2. The game is very much like the first one where you play in poker tournaments and cash games. China halted the $37 billion listing on Tuesday, thwarting the world's largest stock market debut with just days to go in a dramatic blow to the financial. Download size: 26 MB Most Recent Reviews Rate this game. Governor of Poker 2 is the sequel to the popular card game from Youda Games.


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The tool is sometimes referred to as "Governor of Poker 2 Premium Edition", "Governor of Poker 2 Survey", "Governor of Poker 2 - PE". We offer a Sliding Fee Discount Program that may significantly. Alternate Care Facility 3) Alternate Control Facility ACFM Advanced Certiied Floodplain Manager ACGIH American Council of Government Industrial Hygienists ACH Automated Clearing House AChE Acetylcholinesterase ACHP Advisory Council on Historic Preservation ACI 1) Advanced Contracting Initiative 2) Airports Council International. A supervisor can also be one of the most senior in the staff at the place of work, such as a Professor who oversees a PhD dissertation. Download governor of poker 2 serial keygen crack GOVERNOR OF POKER 2. Poker online, in this Great online multiplayer Texas Poker game.


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Hello kitty beauty salon hack apk. Governor of Poker serial number 1 PC. Click Here to load serial number. Governor Of Poker 2 adalah salah satu game poker offline. Farmville Farming Extreme Manager FarmVille. The latest update to Governor of Poker 2 included bonuses from the developers and fixed a sound issue. Matlab 2014a keygen crack.

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Serial Key 2020 Download How To Get Far Cry Primal Serial Key. Public research, fixed income, FX forecasts and macro views from the largest bank in the Nordics. Crack and Serial Key Full Version is a program used to detect any virus before it has a chance to soil your memory stick. Free governor of poker 2 update download software at UpdateStar - Governor of Poker is a totally different kind of poker game. How Can Online Casinos Earn Players' Trust? Governor of Poker 3 is a gambling game of poker for Android phones and IOs, in which you will need to fight with many players for the best in Texas Hold'em.

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Governor of Poker 2 Premium Edition 2.2. License Types Club (C) and Catering Club (CC) Liquor License. Adlen game over zed key. The simulation part of the game is focused on the underworld where you are to build dungeons and summon new monsters that will serve you. Create account with Social Media. Easily unlock locked files or folders NoVirusThanks File Governor is a handy portable tool that will unlock locked files in just a click or two, allowing you to carry out normal operations on them: renames, deletes, whatever you want to do.


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It is a perfect match for Casino in the Games category. Earn money and stars as you build a reputation as the most feared poker player in the West. The app features nicely drawn animations and fitting sound effects, lets you choose between various game modes, and automatically saves your gameplay progress. Mathematica 10 keygen smadav. The game is a bit bigger than the first one including more cities and opponents. All hotel quests receive a room number when they enter your hotel.

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Governor of Poker 3 is intended for both entertainment purposes only and players over the age of 18. It also will have absolutely no influence on any possible future success with gambling in a real casino, at an actual poker table in a honky-tonk saloon, or elsewhere. Use your earnings to purchase real estate and new hats. PLAY LIVE WITH FRIENDS – Challenge your Friends to a game and Chat to make new friends. Free Puzzle Games from AddictingGames/5. When searching for Poker Office 5 do not include words such as serial, number, key, license, code, etc. Governor of Poker 2. K likes.


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Divx converter with key https://translate-centre.ru/forum/?download=7068. Best poker, no internet texas poker game. Pirate king international hack. Pc omr 9.0 full keygen mediafire. Welcome to Two Plus Two, the world's largest poker strategy resource online and in print. What’s even worse… you lost your title of Governor of. Free.

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Zhenshen - The Rotten Heart of the Frozen North

Zhenshen - The Rotten Heart of the Frozen North
I made a thing for a Pathfinder game (Just think DnD for the uninitiated)! I built a map and designed a city and wanted to share.
Zhenshen - The Rotting Industrial Capital
References to the city's setup below. Warning for wall of text.
Location: Zenshen, Major city
Population: 51 434
Industries: manufacturing, arms industry, strategic position
Climate: Polar
Local hazards: caustic fumes, exclusion zones, unretired constructs
I always hated the cold of this place long before the factory blackened the skies, poisoned the water, and froze the river solid. The people who live here can barely be called people anymore. The light from that insidious false sun hurts even my skin.
Zhenshen is the beating polluted heart of the Imperial war machine. Pollution has long rendered the day sky dead and the air constantly toxic with radioactive plumes that habitually blanket the city, rendering miserable the lives of the workers whom live lives arguably worse than even those of slaves in the other quarters of the empire. The architecture here is a combination of boxy utilitarianism and its unholy combination with the kind of ostentatious artwork of a teenager dwarven smith that would make a master dwarven swordsmith cry tears of blood. Thorns, spikes, horns, flames, and skulls. Can’t forget the bloody skull. The electrical sun rains lifeless blue light upon the landscape, blanketing the city in an eternal false day. Flying constructs endlessly ferry goods and people backwards and forwards through the toxic sky. The forges burn nonstop to churn out weapons to be used in the Thousand Year War against Hell. Soldiers and constructs alike that march across the grand bridge are fated to never see their home again. The centuries worth of industrial runoff has rendered the oceans far too toxic for anything but those disgusting water pigeons, so it may be good that they don't come back to see their home as it really is. Hell was better than this place.
There are engineers and mages across the world state that Zhenshen is a full century or more ahead of any other city in the world. Outwardly that might be true with its streets bathed in electrical lights and its incorruptible constructs patrols that keeps the kind of order that militaries envy. The machine is perfect and flaws are not permitted. The living are not meant to be cogs in this machine and so this miserable hellscape was forged. Forged to repel Hell, they created a second hell with their own hands. An unseen force commands this city, beneath the notice even of those governors, capitalists, and nobles who imagine themselves lords of the slowly rotting heart of the frozen north. The city sits, encased by a toxic ocean on one side and mile high ice walls on the other. The people are automatons, the propaganda is insufferable, and the antipsychotics are watered down and ineffective. Then there’s the bloody pigeons. I hate this place. It is suitable punishment for me, I think, to be made to live here.
-Amephia Wtidykarl
The Official Zhenshen city guide!
  1. The Caged Sun - The eternally beating heart of the city. The sun lights up an entire subcontinent with its light underneath the unending canopy of polluted ash above and fuels an electrical metropolis in a world still in the age of sail. The sun sits upon the tallest tower of the city, showing our emperor’s mastery of even the heavens.
  2. The Mirrored Office - The glittering office, forged from mithral polished to shine and glass forged by hand by artisans. The Mirrored Office administers the going ons with the city on a general scale, dealing with military orders and land grants. The Mirrored Office also deals with judicial issues within the city.
  3. Transcendance - An enigmatic center to be sure. Those who enter leave faster, stronger, and better than they were before. There are rumors of those emerging from Transcendence changed, but these statements are nothing but slander against the city.
  4. The Export Quarter Port Authority - Before the underport was created, the Export Quarter served as the main hub of the city, the main military projection point, and the main port for fisheries. The runoff from the skymetal mines have rendered the fish dead, the military transports now use bridges or flying transports, and the underport now serves the entirety of the Guam-Mairoh subcontinent. The Export Quarter remains however for the cheapest fee or for more cunning smugglers who are willing to grease some palms.
  5. South Zenshen train station - The main entrypoint in the city and the highest transnational trains are allowed within the city. Past this point, only local trains are allowed to run.
  6. Zhenshen Imperial Bridge station - A massive repair and storage hub for trains that run the rail between the heart of the city to the devil continent where the gates to hell stands.
  7. North Zenshen train station - The station that transports mined Inubrix to the rest of the city and a direct access point to the mines and the underport leading to the underocean. The cartographers sent up here were not the creative type.
  8. Attic Leisure Park - Sitting northmost of the assembly district, the leisure parts houses artificial plants that allows workers some calm from their hectic work within the city.
  9. The Peacock Patriot Park - Sitting in the posh Crescent district, the Peacock park allows all members of the city to make annual pilgrimages in order for them to remember the importance of their work and rekindle their loyalty to the Empire. The taken attendance is purely for the purposes of census and nothing else.
  10. The Investment Park and Center of Trade - For those who wish to trade within the flourishing private sector of a city, a single unified structure is created in order to allow more private revenue to refresh the city.
  11. 731 Public Hospital - A massive institution created for wellness. The 731 hospital boasts the fastest patient turnover time in the entire empire whilst allowing not a single soul to leave the hospital before they are cured. The healthcare is automated, quick, and flawless.
  12. The Elysium Experience - A private indoors market which allows those who are in the market for luxury items, which are the entirety of the city population of course, no one is left out. Only those who choose to be left out and we would not force them to come.
  13. The Discovery Mall - A commercial mall with spanning levels that allows for private traders and personal construct artists to set up their own shops to show off their wares.
  14. The Meteorological and Horological Office - To keep the caged electric sun alive and the population safe, the winds are carefully monitored and predicted so that the population is kept always safe and always secure in case the mist covers any sectors of the city.
  15. The Center of Media and Distribution - To keep the city entertained and informed, the center of media and distribution manages the knowledge of the city and what you, our beloved citizens, knows.
  16. House of Common Tongue - The beautiful and unbiased public school of the city where new students are housed and taught the necessity of their work here. Parents may come to visit on the weekend of course, but parents should be aware that they should allow their children to grow properly, monitored by the city’s best.
  17. Bureau of Zoning and Safety Standards - To make sure that the city zones are well kept and the streets are clean, the Bureau automatically dispenses monitoring and sanitation constructs to your house. Please keep your windows shut when they spray down your homes with cleaning agents and please do not be alarmed by the arcane sensors. Those are there to make sure that your homes are safe and free of pests.
  18. City Defensive Patrol Hub - The Patrol keeps you safe and keeps the order in the city. Do not worry, these patrol constructs can’t be bribed or negotiated with by subversives. They dispense justice and ensure that the streets are always clean of criminals and devil spies.
  19. The Underworld Northern Port - The vast port leading to the newly discovered world beneath the continent, the underworld facilitates trade and commerce throughout the entire continent. It currently remains wildlands infested with primitives but soon enough, the fist of the empire shall tame the darkest continent.
  20. The Fresh Air Plant - To ensure the standards of air to the most ancient and beautiful structures within the city, the Fresh Air Plant supplies these buildings with completely scrubbed air and works to bring the air to the rest of the city. Allegations that the vast amount of fresh air is only being supplied to the upper tiered houses in the crescent districts must be ignored for those are nothing but lies whispered by the devils to cause civil discord.
  21. The Office of Water Refinery - Our glorious city bears the most advanced water refinery plant in existence that allows us to transfer the ocean water, polluted by the devils, into fresh water that fills your water rations.
  22. Thesia Business Hotel - The glorious southern style building that overlooks the ocean. The Thesia hotel houses some of the most prestigious chefs that the empire has to offer.
  23. The Marble of Torag - A wonderful 100 meter statue that looks over the golemworks, the watchful eye of Torag keeps us safe and secure.
  24. Locks Vault - The most secure metal storage plant in the entire empire, not once has a single bar of skymetal ever left the Locks Vault in the hands of a fugitive.
  25. The Bull Forge - The Bull Forge talks to the industriousness and bravery of our mages and soldiers alike. Within, the elite troops are forged and made ready for the war with hell. Even a cowardly convict emerges and glorious and loyal subject to the Imperial creed.
  26. Morgana Park - A beautiful part of glass and crystals, reserved only for those with Imperial summons.
  27. The Clockwork Zoo - Reserved for the works of the mages and engineers of the future who study within the Daedalus Institute. Within, creatures indistinguishable from the living roam within open enclosures so visitors may come to face with anything from the dragons of the south to the great birds of the north.
  28. The Central Ship Hub - To keep up with the unquenchable demand for life and work within the city, the skyship docks allows for easy passage between districts that allows for you, our beloved citizens, to cross the city within quarters of an hour to make sure you are never late for work or any other duties.
  29. The Vixen’s House of Pleasures - Popular with both tourists and you, beloved citizens, is the Vixen’s house. Within, indulgence in all fleshly pleasures are ready. What, precisely, we decline to answer for discovery is part of the experience.
  30. The Mage’s Emporium - A regular stopping point for both students and professors of the Daedalus Institute and the construct artists within the city, the Mage’s Emporium provides everything from common diamondust to rare animals and skymetals of every single type or form. There are enough items here for everything from casting simple spells to forging full golems.
  31. The Gingerbread recreational Confectionary - The confectionary of the house delights and flourishes the senses, awakening the mind and freeing the body from the dull sensations of everyday. Everything from tiny candies to indulgent works are prepared here for sale.
  32. Morpork Center of Recreation - For those who wish to peruse the house of pleasure, but would prefer to indulge in lesser pleasures more often, the Center of Recreation is there for everything from drinking processed pods to interactions much more intimate.
  33. The Cornucopia Soup Kitchen - Hardship can come to all and for some, you may wish to save your entire wage for whatever your freed hearts desires. The Soup Kitchen is always open to provide a warm meal for every loyal worker that comes by.
  34. The Daedalus Institute’s Little World - A marvel of engineering, the Little World is an entirely subterranean world made to mimic the sunlight and blue sky of the south. An entire village lies beneath, a place of study of the empire’s brightest and most loyal.
  35. Central Office of Employment contracting - To make sure that everyone is provided with an occupation, the central office of employment and contract trading ensures that the best post possible is available for you. Know that if you are called there without notice and your work contract is given to a new company, work has been put in to ensure that you get the best job possible.
  36. The Imperial War Museum - The record of the bravery and loyalty of those who have given their lives in the wars against the devils.
  37. The Admiralty - The beautiful marble building that holds the head office of the naval office which defends our coasts from intruders.
  38. The Imperial Bank - The nationalised bank to ensure that everyone is given a fair and objective rate most suitable to any loans.
  39. The Old Imperial Palace - A beautiful building of a time before the devils, now a museum that shall make any patriotic heart soar.
  40. Bridgemen Forwards Port - The northernmost port of the eastern city, the port once housed the largest fishing fleet before the devils polluted the waters with their poisons.
  41. Dan Jing Beach Resort - A beautiful beach resort with rooms overlooking the sea and restaurants with locally sourced cuisine.
  42. Papaver Port - A delightful little port that leads into Nook, hosting all kinds of shops to serve interest and pleasures diverse.
  43. Liu Jin Central Bank Headquarters - An antique building from the age of unification is a sight to behold, housing a bank that fuels everything from a child’s first bank account to the war reserves of entire kingdoms.
  44. The Glacial Sledding Track - The beautiful glaciers bordering the western city makes for delightful and entertaining sledding tracks with automated lifts and renting stations to supply everyone from tourists to our own citizens.
  45. The Miner’s Open Market - The Miner’s market houses little tidbits and peculiarities that the miners find within their jobs which they did not hand in to the central hub. Who knows, perhaps your eye is sharper than theirs and you might find a hidden nugget of Inubrix or a crystal of noqual.
  46. The Brimstone Embassy - The embassy of those tricky devils. Don’t wander too close to them and don’t stay long if you need to go there.
  47. The Flaming Poker - An ‘entertainment’ place for devils. The stomach turns to imagine what vile devilry occurs within those ugly stone walls.
  48. Hog’s Hall - A churning hall of revelry and enjoyment. The Hog’s Hall is the buffet of the city and open to any who wish to eat their fill without question. You want to only eat one meal this month, drop down to Hog’s hall and then indulge and enjoy!
  49. The Viper’s Auction - The vibrant and beautiful old theatre is now converted into a vast auction house where anything from artifacts of world changing power to the fates of entire towns can be traded. Even for those who are planning to buy nothing, the atmosphere is indeed something to behold.
  50. Ship Graveyard - The ancient mournful resting places of many constructs that once served our empire well. A sorrowful but empowering location no doubt.
  51. The Lythric Library - The culmination of patented works are stored in the only place where it would be safe, kept from the prying eyes of the devils amongst us.
  52. The Fresh Air Lounge - The latest addition to the city, the Fresh Air Lounge provides those who visit with air fresher than even the winds at the very top of the Mother of Mountains. The Fresh Air lounge brings freshness to all.
  53. The Tower Nondenominational Cathedral - Worshippers of good and neutral faiths may find their gods consecrated within these halls. Worshippers of evil gods are provided with areas where they may ponder their damage and become better and more loyal citizens.
  54. The Citrine Gallery - The Gallery, open only by Imperial invitation, houses artifacts and art from before even the birth of the empire. The treasures of the world can be said to be focussed here.
  55. The Xing Circle Conservatory Aquarium - The Xing druids have worked long and hard to safeguard and conserve what little remains of the natural wildlife of the sea from the machinations of the devils.
  56. Zenshen Cultural Village Park - In order for you, loyal citizens, to not forget your heritages the Cultural Village park is there to detail the way that people used to live and how they live right now. Walk in the footsteps of your ancestors and remember your legacy.
  57. Starlight Cave - A brilliant and vibrant walk through the glowing green corridor within the great frozen continent. The walk will take about an hour and requires a tour guide.
  58. Jin & Zhang Central Office - The office of the largest private ship assembly company in the world.
  59. The Jump Network Entrypoint - The former teleportation circle that linked Zhenshen to the world. The circle was closed down with the raising of the Yangzhi divide and now the facility remains as a monument to the age before the devils.
  60. Firefighter’s Departure Tower - To minimize the loss of life of you, our loyal citizens, we have worked long and hard to create a separate facility to safeguard the city against threats of fire and explosions.
  61. The Worker Processing Plant - We work long and hard to make sure that everyone can contribute. Subversives and other criminals are processed humanely and quickly within the plant to make them contributing members of society within a single month’s time.
  62. The Wilton’s Skate Park - A lovely park created by a foreign southern entrepreneur, the park shows the willingness of the city to integrate useful pieces of other nations within the empire.
  63. Loisir Hotel and Restaurant - The most famous restaurant in the city, the Loisir serves nothing but the most premium of dishes from the rarest of delicacies.
  64. Port Bear - A formerly beautiful isle port, destroyed by devils and left to rot. A monument to, if nothing else, why we can allow our enemy no quarter.
submitted by dasCKD to worldbuilding