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[R&D] Drone Destroyers: China conceives of life beyond conventional surface combatants

Overview: The Plan of the PLAN

The Chinese Navy is divided into three fleets, each with extensive basing, and each with their own carrier, submarines, ships, patrols, and Aircraft. As we emerge to true blue water status, and think beyond only our littoral and EEZ needs, we need to ensure our vessels have the right capabilities, not just in armament, but integrating AI, Autonomous and optionally manned UUV, USV, and UAVs. The current shipbuilding schedule shows how the major naval shipyards create sophisticated large combatants, but China's other major navy component - patrol cutter, patrol boats, corvettes, missile boats, and transports are additional to this (m: sorry, theres just too many!). In short, we have ample shipbuilding capacity, as long as the right vessels are being produced. We must provide a spectrum of combatants, and we are finally at the point where we can build large class sizes in batches, because we are not having to play catch up any more. We can provide our own leading edge.
The plans to build future large conventional destroyers and cruisers will not be discussed here, that can wait as we continue to plough the furrow of the Type 52D and Type 055s up until 2028. However, the innovation of the Drone Destroyer needs immediate planning to ensure that by 2028, we are ready to begin.

Part 1: The Seaborne Drone Control Destroyer (DDD-X)

This ship will essentially serve similarly to a Carrier - its primary armament will be its drones, which will control spaces in the Air, Surface, and Subsurface, from a single Mothership. Part of the Blue Water Navy concept, these are designed to give us a powerful, flexible, stealthy option, which is also cheaper to send than a carrier, to deliver Airstrikes, Air to Air missions, ASuW and ASW from places in any of the world's oceans.
This mobile control centre will be built around a large broad hull, with an elongated flight deck and runway, mounted at an angle, cutting across the main hull line of the ship at opposite sides, at each end. This will allow the DDD-X to be able to house a CATOBAR configuration able to launch jet-powered UCAVs and larger surveillance UAVs, from anywhere in the world. A substantial hangar will be serviced by two elevators, one each side of the runway at deck edge - these will be large enough for a conventional helicopter or a large UCAV, but are not planned for a Jet Fighter.
"The Pyramid", a three-faced superstructure on the Starboard side, in front of the rear flight deck protrusion, will house the small flight control centre, radar and sensor array, and the altitude required to get the best range possible on all sensors. It will be counterbalanced on the port side by the forward deck elevator, VLS Silos, and the fact that the open space for the well deck is also on the Starboard side.
Item DDD-X
Length 190m
Beam 32m, Flight Deck extends to 45m
Draught 7m
Displacement 11,000 tons, up to 19,000 tons full load
Propulsion IEP: 2 x Gas Turbines, 4 x Diesel Generators, 60MW, 4 x electric motors
Speed Up to 30 knots
Range 8,000nm / 15,000km
Complement 70, berthing for up to 120
Sensors and Processing Quantum Compass Navigation Suite and BeiDou satellite navigation will work together to ensure faultless data on surface information is at the pilot's disposal. 30 Sqm radar faces on all three sides of the pyramid provide Passive Array capable of highlighting threats from over 400km in 3D. Quantum AESA will be mounted atop the pyramid, giving multiband coverage capable of highlighting and targeting objects of <0.01 sqm RCS, and at >Mach 10. Fire control radars, targeting radars, and flight control systems, will be synthesised into a single combat management interface, and fed with additional signals from the Unmanned vehicles at the Ship's disposal. Undersea scanners will include upgraded Sonar, Towed Array Sonar, and the UUVs and USVs, which will be able to deploy their own sonobuoys, and retrieve them unaided. Upgraded SNTI and ADK-series SATCOMs
Armament 48 VLS cells will be mounted fore on the port side, with HQ-19T, YJ-200, HQ-26, CY-5 ASROC, and Quadpacked HQ-7 missiles. Single 32MJ Railgun, and a CIWS based 2 x 150kw lasers and 2 x 30mm CIWS. Additional Torpedo defence countermeasures, and electronic warfare suites.
Well Deck Facilities 4 x HS-03 UUVs, each equipped with 2 x torpedoes, 4 x underwater sonobeacons, bow mounted sonar, and towed array sonar. All-battery design using lithium air supercapcitors, is especially silent, and mission time is around 32 hours before they must return to be charged. Can be controlled remotely or pre-programmed. 2 x USVs based on an upgraded Jari, with its own ASEA, SAMs, Sonobuoys (deployment and retrieval), and sonar, with 2 x torpedoes, as well as a RCWS 0.50 machine gun. The well deck can also retrieve Swimmer Delivery vehicles, lifeboats, RHIBs, and other craft.
Aviation Facilities Up to 18 x UCAV and UAV or helicopters in hangar, two deck edge elevators, and a 230m runway cutting across the hull line of the ship. Flight control centre, EMALS and BAR.
Stealth Stealth coatings and hull forms work together to give the DDD-X a low radar and sonar signature
Cost per ship $2bn
Delivery From 2028, 12 planned

Part 2: The Optionally Manned Drone Frigate (DFG-X)

The size of a frigate, this will allow the PLAN to control ships which provide sensor suites, and armaments to compete in ASW, ASuW and ASW combat environments. Why put a hundred men on one of these when you can remotely control it from a headquarters, guided by a single pilot from a control station in China? The DFG-X will be based on the Type 054 frigate hull.
What is of paramount importance is the amount of failsafes required to ensure that the signal is not possible to hack, intercept, block, or deceive. Work with drones in the air, sea, and undersea environments means most of that work is already proven technology. However, it does mean that a skeleton crew of about fourteen will almost always be on the DFGS, but also that they will not operate too far away from China, or at least from a substantial base we were able to protect from all forms of attack.
Item DFG-X
Length 135m
Beam 16m
Draught 4m
Displacement 4,000 tons
Propulsion CODAG, Gas Turbine, 2 x Diesel Engines
Speed Up to 30 knots
Range 5,000nm, 8,000km
Complement Skeleton crew of 14, but can be optionally manned with either a remote control or a preprogrammed mission
Sensors and processing Type 384 Passive Phased Array, Type 346 Fire Control Radar, Type 518 AESA, bow mounted sonar, towed array sonar, SNTI and ADK SATCOM, quantum compass and BeiDou navigational suite. Type 922-1 radar warning receiver, HZ-100 ECM & ELINT system, Kashtan-3 missile jamming system
Armament 1 × 32-cell VLS for HQ-16 SAM and Yu-8 anti submarine rockets. 2 × Quad C-803 anti-ship / land attack cruise missiles, 1 × PJ26 76 mm dual purpose gun, 2 × Type 730 7-barrel 30 mm CIWS guns or Type 1130, 2 × 3 324mm Yu-7 ASW torpedo launchers, 2 × 6 Type 87 240mm anti-submarine rocket launcher (36 rockets carried), 2 × Type 726-4 18-tube decoy rocket launchers
Aviation facilities Hangar and flight deck for naval helicopters up to 12 tons
Cost $650m
Delivery From 2028, 30 planned


Conventional Carriers, surface ships, and submarines, will continue to be the spine of the PLAN for decades to come. Carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers, and smaller craft, will be the mainstay of surface missions for the foreseeable future. However, building smart ships which not only add capabilities, so that we can catch up or surpass the world's navies, allows us to multiply our capabilities, meaning that nobody will be able to stop us going where we want to go. We will be able to send ships into the world's oceans, confident that they possess the power to assert and defend our national interest, and themselves.
submitted by peter_j_ to GlobalPowers


new chapter concept: clocks ticking

new survivor: evelyn jade
in her county which she spent most of her life in, she was discriminnated by the children and even adults for having the dream of becoming a detective, "girls cant be detectives, they arent even allowed in the police force", the adults being more sympathetic than children, so, one day she led a protest, police were called and shots were fired, many people died, including the police, but the totalitarian ruler of the city decided to only present the protesters in the bad light, further pushing the thought of women being bad and further spreading his control, evelyn tried to seek help, so she snuck out of the county one day and went to a friend of hers called ryan cooper, a man who is well respected and is (secretly, only between him and evelyn) trying to make a way to manipulate time, however, when the front door of his home (which was in a clock tower) was unlocked and no one was inside, evelyn enterd the foggy place...
...and never came back

teachable perks:
sneak out: your clever skills of not being seen pay off
after 120/100/80 consecutive seconds of not being in a chase, sneak out activates, while active, if you were to be afflicted with the exposed status effect, ignore it
this perk can only be activated once per trial
if you enter a chase while there is no exposed status effect and hasnt been used yet, reset this perk
"silence is a sound that is hard to hear"-evelyn jade

friendship: you promise to others that theyll all make it, and you keep to it
if you unhook someone, get unhooked or you unhook yourself, friendship activates and the survivors who are within 16 metres of the hook gain the enduring status effect, which will make them unable to go from healthy to injured or injured to dying until hit, their sounds are silenced too
"how do you keep cutting yourself ryan?"-evelyn jade

protest: you want fairness in everything
if the killer is within 16 metres of the hook, get a 80/90/100% chance at unhooking yourself, at the cost of only one escape attempt, if succesful, reciev the enduring status effect for 30 seconds.
.getting hit while this perk is active will not cause deep wounds and increase the amount of time of your speed boost after you got hit
"we are not robots, we're humans"-evelyn jade

new killer: the timer
ryan cooper was a respected man, and a friend of evelyn jade, who tried to find a way of manipulating time, "im so close" he said moments before being ambushed by someone who snuck into hs house by lockpicking the front door, in panic, ryan took an hourglass and smashed it on the intruders head, then, when the intruder recouperated from ryan's attack, ryan went to his grandfather clock, smashed through the glass and ripped out the minute hand, then stabbed the intruder in their neck...
...the entity, seeing how his original choice for a killer died, went for ryan, since ryan refused the idea of killing, the entity sent him to a realm where there was nothing but torture, ryan was strong, and, with the entity growing more and more impatient, decided to instead manipulate him, so it went straight ahead and, using some of its energy, managed to convert ryan into a version of himself, holding an hourglass on a chain and a clock hand, he remembers his past life, but he became a metaphorical monster, a marionette of himself, being told what to do and uncontrollably doing it, ryan then, with the most resistance he can, said "LET ME GO YOU FUCKING BITCH, WHY THE FU-" but his time ran out, he was no longer in control, he saw as the version with full control showed its ability to manipulate time and ryan watched as his own body brutally kills people who he has never seen before...
...he gave up

power: last hours
gain the ability to manipulate time at your own will
pressing 1 (left on d pads) will activate the "time stop" ability
pressing 2 (up on d pads) will activate the "time slow" ability
pressing 3 (right on d pads) will activate the "time shift" ability
pressing 4 (down on d pads) will activate the "time reverse" ability

when time stop is active, hold the special ability button (eg m2) to charge your hour glass (release to send a small bolt of red electricity, which can go further the longer its charged (from 10 to 128 metres)), when in contact with a pallet, make that pallet unusable for 5 seconds, if in contact with a survivor, freeze them for 3 seconds, unless hit, if you hit a survivor while something is frozen, put your ability on cool down for 15 seconds
when time slow is active, hold the special ability button (eg m2) to charge you hour glass and throw it to create a large bubble which makes survivors that run go as slow as walking and slow all action speeds by 50%, hitting a survivor will increase your attack cooldown by 20%, after 8 seconds, the bubble goes away and put you ability on cooldown for 15 seconds
while time shift is active, press the special ability button (eg m2) to go invisible and move at 176% speed for 7 seconds, while time shift is active, any perks e.g. spine chill and object of obsession will not activate, reduce your terror radius to 0, gain the ability to go through survivors too, time shift has a cool down of 7 seconds
while time reverse is active, if a survivor drops a pallet, enters a locker or vaults a window within 16 metres of you, if they performed that action 3 seconds or less ago, use this ability to reverse them back to their position before performing the action, using this ability on a pallet instantly picks it back up and nakes it unusable for 2 seconds, time reverse has a cooldown of 15 seconds

teachable perks:
running out: if the egc is active and an exit gate is opened, if the timer is more than one minute away from ending, reduce the egc by 10/20/30 seconds
"i dont have time right now, ok evelyn!"-ryan cooper

starting time: at the beggining of the trial, slow all action speeds until you start a chase with someone

"ive just started, ok evelyn!!"-ryan cooper

hex: torment: a brutal curse, causing survivors to be tormented
while active, any unhooked survivor will hear a slight heart beat from 72/100/128 metres away from you and start hearing music from 32 metres away
this hex persists as long as the related hex totem is active
"evelyn, im so sorry, maybe i deserve this, wait, no, i must stay strong"-ryan cooper
submitted by theBioBot to deadbydaylight