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The lead game designer for D4, Joe Shelley, doesn't seem to know much about PoE. Also a recap of the Q&A with him

He came on to answer questions during quin69's stream, and whenever quin brought up anything PoE related he didn't seem to know about it. Seems to me that a lead game designer making a game directly competing with the top contender of its genre would want to know about it but hey it's Blizzard.. reminds me of when Blizzard brought on C&C developer Dustin Browder (terrible terrible damage!) to lead design Starcraft 2, who had basically no idea of what made Starcraft:Brood War a god-tier competitive game
There's a bunch more new info he talked about if you're interested:
  • they're planning on having something that fulfills the same goal of progression that paragon levels tried to accomplish. He said he liked the way paragon levels worked but it wouldn't be exactly the same.
  • world bosses that take a number of people to take down, cam has to zoom out because it's so big
  • Key Dungeons - inspired by greater rifts with essentially endless scaling. At max lvl, you can get a key (i think from other dungeons) that can be used for opening specific key dungeons, that has a rank (that increases the difficulty of the dungeon). Keys also have affixes on it, that adds mechanics to the dungeons/boss fights. Significantly changes the dungeon.
  • games seem really focused on legendary items. There will be set items, but they won't likely be the best or meta items. Purpose of set items are: having a nice unified look, and more like starter gear. An example of a legendary item that can change how Teleport works, that creates a nova on use or removes cooldown.
  • Not going to have items that greatly multiplies skill dmg like D3 did (example: X skill does 10,000% increased damage).
  • They're looking at bringing Transmog.
  • No support for SSF (a mode in PoE called solo-self found, where you're limited to only playing by yourself and not getting items from trading)
  • some sort of leaderboards that track specific things
  • trading: NO auction house! No specific trading system yet. Philosophy of trading is that the main way to get items is from killing stuff. They do want to expand on trading in D4. Current system they're looking at: 3 types of items - 1. Items that can be traded at any time, like consumables or mats. 2. Items that can only be traded once. 3. Bind on pickup items for powerful items.
  • crafting: They will expand on crafting. "A lot of the endgame will be about item modification." Crafting will incorporate the world, like collecting things from the world. Not going to be anything close to PoE's insanely deep crafting system.
  • there will be seasons. They'll modify the most powerful items each season to shift the meta. Most new content will be released thru expansions.
  • they want lots of feedback, particularly in their current iteration of talent/skill trees (which imo look super basic and lackluster). Quin asked if there's going to be anything like PoE's crazy huge skill tree that allows for crazy builds. He basically said no (it's possible but unlikely unless the community wants it) and that those sorts of customization is going to be in legendary items (which PoE has as well on top of the crazy tree)
  • When you level up, you acquire skill points that you can use to allocate or rank up Skills. You cannot respec your skills, but you can find skill tomes that give skill points.
  • Monetization similar to D3: Base game with expansions, but also cosmetic MTXes.
  • Anything similar to hideouts ()? Basically player housing. "Interesting idea, we don't anything to announce on that."
  • No addons or customization outside the game like almost all Blizz games. Probably no DPS meters. As usual they want to ideally just have everything a player would want in the base game (which is impossible as the community will always come up with ideas they didn't think of or couldnt implement).
  • You can modify keybinds (I can't believe we've come to a point where this has to be asked for a mainly PC game).
  • Some standard response about taking cheating and integrity seriously.
  • Nothing new for announce dates. Not coming soon or even Blizzard soon. The world of Sanctuary they're planning is massive and they've a long ways to go, compared to what they're showing with the demo.
EDIT: Now Rhykker's doing a Q&A with David Kim (who was a lead multiplayer balance guy for SC2 As a massive SC fan I'm still a bit salty with a lot of multiplayer design and balance decisions he made for SC2, it should have been so much better) :
  • he thought it'd be fun to work on Diablo 4 and applied and interviewed to join Team 3
  • he's most excited about (for D4): "For me, I'm the most excited about the replayability for seasons. For the item side, we want to make sure the legendary items are on an equal or greater power level compared to set items. That way you can customize every slot. I think we can do more, for example, in a given season: what if we made some subset of legendary items really stand out over others. And also brand new legendary items into the game. So that way each season you have brand new builds to explore, and brand new combinations to explore, to figure out which are the strongest."
  • Runewords: 2 types of runes - Condition runes and Effect runes. You can take any Condition rune and combine it with any Effect rune to form a runeword. For example, say a condition rune is On Potion Use, and an effect rune you have is Life Leech. You can change out the condition rune to have that same effect happen on a different condition like On Stun. "What's the biggest chain of runes?" "Right now we have 2, but we're discussing progression."
  • Rhykker brings up the "are some legendaries going to massively increase certain skill's dmg?" question. "The reason why I think that happened, is that the D3 team didn't want to do nerfs for items. But we want to do nerfs, but strategically so it doesn't mess with the builds. Should make more builds more viable."
  • About key dungeons: "You can see the affixes so you can plan ahead."
  • Skill trees are permanent and unchangeable. Talents you can change whenever. At the end of the tree you can choose one of X (4 for barb, 6 for sorc currently) talents that are stronger than regular talents. Examples from Barb final talents: "Gushing Wounds 0/1: Bleeding effects deal 45% more damage." "Unstoppable Force 0/1: Berserking grants Unstoppable and 15% increased damage. Berserking increases your dmg by 25% and move speed by 30%. While Unstoppable, control impairing effects are removed and prevented." "Walking Arsenal 0/1: Using a different weapon increases your damage by 8% for 8 seconds, up to 32%." "Unbridled Rage 0/1: Fury skills deal 130% increased damage but cost 100% more."
  • There will be Hardcore. Works the same way as always. He personally doesn't understand the appeal, he doesn't want to lose all his progress. You die it's gone, not moved to softcore.
  • PvP system: There will be specific areas in the world where you can go Hostile and kill people. Maybe some objectives that PvE players would go there to do. Also some pvp modes they're exploring. "It's going decently well but we haven't found something they really love yet. They're looking at PvP modes that are mixed PvP and PvE. They feel the core of Diablo is killing monsters, so they want to combine them. They don't have esports in mind for it but it's up to the players.
  • They'll showoff more runes in the panel tomorrow. Also runes are likely going to be more interesting later once they add progression.
  • "So items have Attack, Defense, and some affix/s. Attack means damage, Defense means damage reduction. We want to simplify some of the math choices into these stats, and keep only the playstyle choices and add to the playstyle choices. What I mean is say you have a choice between 2 items, one is I deal 100 damage + 100 damage, and another says +10% damage, I don't really know which one does more damage unless I work out the math problem. But we have more damage affixes like say 'more damage against far enemies' or 'plus to talent affixes.' Plus to skill points as affixes. You can grab one of the Tier 4 talents thru items. They want to add as many playstyle affixes as possible, and make sure they're not math choices as much as they can.
  • He's played D2. Favorite class was barb/whirlwind. 5 Classes on launch. More classes in expansions. Typical style Blizzard expansions. Maybe stuff like stash space or character slots with purchases (really? on top of buying the base game?)
  • Crafting: They want to make sure if you go out of your way to collect recipes and materials, and spend time crafting, that it's worth your while.
  • Max lvl 40 currently. Main goal for endgame progression (like paragon) is players pick meaningful choices when choosing a build, and when choosing a different build, you can change those choices you made with another set of meaningful set of choices that fit the new build better. Want feedback on how long it takes to get to 40. They're not sure how long, but of course it won't be as fast as D3.
  • Five open world areas currently planned.
  • Way too early for beta plans. Effects, animations etc not ready for greyed out skills shown in skill tree.
  • 'What kind of difficulty system? Prev diablo games had normal Nightmare Hell, Torment systems.' 'For leveling systems, they're not sure. For endgame, the key dungeons will act similar to greater rifts. So you have infinite challenge. In the open world, in endgame, we want to make sure there's difficult challenges to add to replayability.'
  • For druid talents, you can attach some bonuses to shapeshifting, where a buff will persist for a few seconds after you've shifted out of that form.
  • Party size is 4. World boss requires multiple parties, and other activities will require multiple parties.
  • Want trading to be a big part of the game but not something where you can get the best items in the game from. They really want feedback for their current planned trading system that the lead dev told quin69.
  • They'll check back with the community with media updates. Maybe 4 times a year.
  • "Would you do livestreams where you can answer questions from chat?" "I'm not sure we'd have to work out the details. Me personally, I love the idea of getting community feedback more aggressively, but that's hard to do w/o a playable game for the public."
  • Shared stash or bank for clans. Clan leaderboards maybe. Clans are a little early to discuss. They definitely want clans and features that promote social play/making friends.
  • Weather system is deep, characters/enemies will get wet. Currently just visual.
  • Rhykker wants bigger clan size than 150.
  • Currently developing for the released consoles. They don't know about what they'd do with the future consoles as they're not out yet.
  • Each class should be distinct from others. Storm skills from druid are persistent effect, so you can cast and do other stuff. While lightning (from sorc) can't do that.
  • Nothing is definitive yet (ofc). Current thought behind no shoulder slot is that visually they want to make sure they've a visual variety of some armor having awesome shoulder pieces but some have no shoulder pieces.
  • Barb can equip two 2-handed weapons, and two 1-handed weapons. He can use more items than other classes. There's a talent that says every time you swing a weapon you get a buff. Allows for cool mechanical hooks that makes them unique.
  • Skill synergy? "Of course. especially with legendaries. Fully customize what you want to do with every single slot, and of course skill slots."
  • "Magic Rare Legendary. I like the idea of rares being possibly endgame items. Is this on the table?" "If many players feel like it's too much choice to decide legendary powers on every single item slot, then that could be a possibility. But where we think we want to start is they want to try giving players as much control with as many slots as possible, but if testing doesn't go well then they could try switching to that idea."
  • Leaderboards: They like the idea of leaderboards where you compete with people you know.
  • Any plan for support builds? Or will all builds be DPS builds? "We want support, we are trying out different legendaries that support Support builds. But at the same time, we want to make it so that you are doing something to the monsters too. So say you pull monsters together and combo with a stun. Maybe we can attach something so that every time you hit with this other skill, it reduces the cooldown of the other 2 skills. So we want to make sure everyone is playing the game and fighting the monsters, but still have options for support as well as damage."
  • What do you think of Charms from D2? 'Well inventory space was an issue, but the upside was that it's cool collecting these cool bonuses to items, that interacts with the item tetris. But not ideal to make a system where you sacrifice convenience for power.' Rhykker brings up in early D3, they announced a talisman system just for charms. Any plans? "No but that's something we can discuss and i'll take back to the team.'
  • Horadric Cube? "Yeah I do want some of those effects. We haven't talked about Mythic items, but we will on the panel. Strongest items in D4, but can only equip 1 of those items, and they have 4 legendary powers on them. The chance of getting the 4 powers you want isn't high, so if you had something like the Cube, it makes sense for that system."
  • Feels like in D3 the devs dictate what the builds are going to be based on the set bonuses. That's not the direction youre taking in D4 right? "We want to create as many legendaries as possible so that people have enough options. And we want to create a scenario where we can intro new items to the game thru seasons. The most hardcore players love to discuss various things, so if there's an idea "this build would be really awesome if there was this one item.." and they can explore adding that. You'll have full customization, and we can work together with players to find what are some new types of builds you can play in future seasons."
  • One thing Rhykker dislikes about MMOs, is running into other people, and there's respawning monsters, and it just feels like a docile world, players run amok, and you're competing the resource of monster kills, waiting for respawns. He likes how Diablo feels like a more hostile world. He's ok with the open world, and he's not getting the vibe of what concerns him.. "Even tho it's a shared open world, we want to make sure to keep that dark, barren harsh world vibe. In order to do that is to not have you run into 20-30 people. Unless like youre doing a specific world boss."
  • Controller support on PC. Cross play (between platforms) they like the idea of. No plans for keyboard/mouse for consoles.
  • Magic find? "Something like magic find or increased gold we want to do. Right now we have them in gems. We don't like when they compete with damage affixes, so you don't have to choose between killing stuff faster or getting more stuff. So when you socket gems in jewellry, those are all utility bonuses, so they won't be in contention with damage"
  • Goal for seasons is to change up the play experience as much as possible. So like items as we talked about, new types of challenges in dungeons, etc. New experience/things to explore
  • So you're aware of Path of Exile? "Yes" What do you think of the magnitude of their leagues? Complete game-changing leagues. "Similar in some ways, different in others. We'll have different types of challenges. It's a great game, many on the team enjoy it too. But I think the most important thing for Diablo is trying to figure out, not just Path, but look at ARPGs, look at open-world singleplayer games, maybe even MMOs, and take the elements that fit and work well in Diablo 4. So that's something we're doing a lot of. No matter what game it is, we'll try to make Diablo 4 with every cool detail and system in mind."
I've gotta go, this Q&A continues for a good deal more here
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