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I'm Gushing Over This Generation's Bug Types!!

Bug types have been my favorite types since about a few years ago when I suddenly found an interest in entomology! This is why generations 5 and 7 are probably my favorite, Gen 5 having the most new Bug types introduced of any generation, and Gen 7 having my favorite Bug designs. But this doesn't mean Gen 7 isn't amazing in it's Bug types - Quite the opposite! I'm FLOORED by the new Bugs we got this generation!
While we only got 7 new Bug type 'mons, 9 if you count Butterfree and Centiskorch's Gigantamax forms, they're all very high-quality buggies and they have some really cool inspirations!
A lot of my friends who got the game weren't impressed, but they also didn't know what they were based on. Most of them just thought it was "Ladybug", "Worm", and "Moth". That's accurate (besides the worm part, it's a centipede), but they're also MUCH more than just common insects! Well... ladybugs are common, but most people don't know about their FULL life cycle!
Let's start with Blipbug and it's evolutions!
Blipbug line for reference: https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/001/626/593/b3d.png
It's obvious Blipbug's final stage, Orbeetle, is based off a ladybug. But what most people I asked don't seem to know is that Blipbug and it's middle stage Dottler are also ladybugs! Which seems obvious in hindsight, I guess. To be more specific, they're ladybug larvae and pupae!
A ladybug larva and pupa together: https://previews.123rf.com/images/flokit/flokit1802/flokit180200113/96324930-photo-shows-the-larvae-and-pupa-of-the-ladybug.jpg
As you can see, Blipbug is the larva, which is something akin to, but not exactly, a caterpillar. Dottler is the strange middle-stage of a ladybug's life-cycle, where it takes on an almost cocoon-like state, becoming immobile as it sticks to a leaf and transforms inside.
But the coolness of Blipbug and its evolutions don't stop there! They're also based on RADAR! While not much of Blipbug's design conveys it, it's name is a rather uncreative mash of "blip" and "bug". As in, a radar blip! It sounds cute, at least! Also, this may just be me looking too hard for things, but I think the "hairs" on Blipbug's head are supposed to kind of make arrow shapes pointing inwards, like how radar has little notches around the circle representing direction. The two yellow "arrows" on it's neck might just be a bow-tie, but I think that's the "blip". Two, brightly-colored arrows pointing at a single spot, as if something important was found on a radar? Okay, I'm stretching it too far.
Blipbug's evolution Dottler actually has a really nice name, that very cleverly meshes "Doppler" (as in Doppler radar) with "dot", since it has a bunch of dots all over it. Cute! And if you weren't convinced enough about the Doppler radar influence, this is a Doppler radar dome: https://media2.govtech.com/images/940*618/Doppler+Radar.jpg
Now looking back at Dottler, it's pretty obvious that's where it's design is coming from! This is also probably why it becomes part Psychic type at this point. Psychic is known for being related to "odd waves" and "weird signals", so it's fitting that the Psychic type was chosen to represent that radar-like aspect of Blipbug's evolutions.
As for Orbeetle, I've heard a lot of people call it's name stupid, because they just think it's a combination of "orb" and "beetle". This might actually be partly true, since it's design is very much spherical, or at least half of it is... But say it fast, and it sounds like orbital! Like orbital satellites! Orbeetle even floats above the ground, just to add to it all.
The part that most people know, of course, is that it's also based on a UFO. That part is far more obvious, it seems. From the skinny, alien-like appearance of it's limbs, to the UFO-shaped "head" (and yes, it seems the big dome-shaped part isn't it's body, but rather where it's BRAIN is!!), it's very much an alien. It's Gigantamax form makes this even MORE painfully apparent: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/VSYWzuvi85Q/maxresdefault.jpg
Wow, this post is already huge and I only just finished covering the first of three new Bug lines! Don't worry, the next ones will be a bit smaller since there's only two stages in each of them.

Up next is Sizzilipede and Centiskorch. Their names are alright. "Sizzilipede" is pushing it a little, I think, and implies that it's a millipede, since that's what it rhymes with. Both are centipedes. But what kind are they based off of? Here's a picture of them first, just for reference. Sorry I couldn't find a photo with both in it at once.
Sizzilipede: http://www.powerpyx.com/wp-content/uploads/pokemon-sword-shield-sizzlipede.jpgCentiskorch: http://www.powerpyx.com/wp-content/uploads/pokemon-sword-shield-centiskorch.jpgAs for what they're based off of, look at this: https://texashillcountry.com/wp-content/uploads/red-headed-centipede.jpg
This is a Giant Desert Centipede! Some Americans call it a "Texas Redhead Centipede". It's also found in parts of Mexico. While these guys rarely get over 6 inches long, that's big for centipedes, and their bite probably hurts as much as you'd guess just by looking at them. They're venomous, and while they're not powerful enough to kill anyone, but they can and will send you to the hospital if you're not careful. Bites can cause rashes that, if you're unlucky enough, can feel like your skin is burning. It should be pretty obvious how Pokemon came up with these guys by now. Oh, and if you're wondering, yes, their undersides are bright orange-ish yellow, just like in the game!
Worth mentioning just for sheer coolness factor is it's Gigantamax form: https://img.rankedboost.com/wp-content/plugins/pokemon-sword-shield/assets/giga/Gigantamax-Centiskorch-Pokemon-Sword-Shield.pngMore specifically, I want to just mention it's G-Max attack: G-Max Centiferno: (Credit to ProsafiaGaming on Youtube) https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/236286515762692097/645912073234284544/unknown.png
This is a very tiny detail, but one I appreciate greatly! Perhaps too much? You see what it's doing, right? This mile-long-centipede that's also ON FIRE is turning itself into a heated coil! Like these: https://previews.123rf.com/images/manpo2007/manpo20071310/manpo2007131000001/23070715-hot-coils-from-a-vintage-heater.jpg
It's a really creative touch, and just works perfectly for a Fire-type centipede Pokemon. Even if the animations aren't the super-high quality we all expected, you have to give them props in some areas for creativity!

Finally on this long journey, we have Snom and it's evolution Frosmoth! Snom is a cute name, I'm not even sure what it's a combination of. Snow, obviously, but what else? Worm? Is it just "snow" with the W set from Wumbo to Mini, because it's a very tiny Pokemon? Holy shit I cracked the code, everyone! I-
Anyways, here they are for reference: https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/001/626/597/0c9.png
There's already a post talking about what Snom and Frosmoth are based off of, so I'll be as brief as I can. In general, they're Jewel moths! It's a somewhat-rare type of moth that lives around Central America.
Here's a Jewel moth larvae and adult: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/ef/0c/fb/ef0cfb1a494462f6e40af9a0df06e710.jpgSnom in particular has this coloration: https://assets3.thrillist.com/v1/image/2534764/size/tl-gif_overlay.jpegAnd here's a silk moth, I'll explain why in a bit: https://res.cloudinary.com/dk-find-out/image/upload/q_80,w_1920,f_auto/DCTM_Penguin_UK_DK_AL557093_rc8bgt.jpg
Jewel moths are perhaps one of my favorite types of moths. I've never seen one in person, but I hope to one day! I've dreamed of this creature becoming a Pokemon for YEARS! I've even drawn my own concepts for Jewel moth-themed Pokemon, and I would post them, if I could find them. I always dreamed of it being a Bug/Rock type though, taking the "jewel" part literally! Even the adult evolution would be part Rock type, either having Levitate to explain why it would have a flying animation, or having a totally different ability and walking on the ground, like shown in most pictures.
Jewel moths also can come in all sorts of colors and patterns. While many are just plain transparent, like Snom, some have lots of colors. Their larval stage colors even correspond to different adult-stage colors too. Neat!
As Reddit user u/KepplerNova pointed out, Frosmoth might be based more on a Silk moth rather than the adult stage of a Jewel moth. Which is, to me, a shame. Silk moths are nice and all, but Jewel moth adults are very distinct from other kinds of moths. Look at those fuzzy legs! It's like they've got leg warmers on! Sadly, Pokemon has always been kinda withdrawn about showing off moth and butterfly legs in their designs.
To me, Frosmoth just looks like your stereotypical "elegant moth", taking inspiration from maybe a few different types of moths, but not being just one moth in particular. Since Frosmoth has semi-transparent wings, it might also have a bit of inspiration from "clearwing" moths, a group of moths who... well, have semi-transparent wings. But most clearwing moths, oddly, seem to mimic other creatures, like bees, flies, or even hummingbirds! And Frosmoth doesn't seem to be mimicking any other... I guess, Pokemon?
Although that would be a neat concept for next generation. A hummingbird Pokemon, and a hummingbird moth Pokemon, neither of which you could tell apart from another until you entered a battle with it. Like, in the over-world, they'd look exactly the same or something. Here's to hoping, since these new Bug types have such cool inspiration behind them, and show that whoever designed them really understands Bugs!
Oh, one more thing I'd like to mention about Snom's line is that I'm really disappointed there wasn't any mid-stage evolution. Just LOOK at this! https://i.pinimg.com/originals/72/15/d9/7215d9614deedbed7f902588e49b693e.jpg
That's the cocoon stage for a Jewel moth! It apparently does that because the cocoon needs to stay cool due to the humid climate it's found it, but it can't just make the cocoon shell thin or it'd be too exposed - so it also evolved a net to hide itself in while it dangles from a branch or something! What the FUCK, nature!? That's SO cool!! Imagine seeing a Pokemon based off of this! That'd be AWESOME! (Also a mid-stage evolution might've meant that Frosmoth could've had a higher stat total because it's stat total kinda sucks...)
ANYWAYS! I hope you enjoyed learning about this generation's awesome bug types, I for one am EXTREMELY pleased with this generation's selection. My only regret is that there weren't even more Bug types this Gen. I hope you learned something, and I especially hope that if you disliked/hated any of these designs before reading this, that this review has given you a more positive opinion of these designs! Maybe you'll even become a Bug-type fan like me?
Either way thanks for reading this far, if indeed you actually did!
submitted by uwuGod to pokemon

Detailed v1.2.0 Patch Notes / DLC #1 Features

v1.2.0 Patch Notes
1) NEW
  • New handgun: Prochnost (can be earned with Total Bounty Earned of 31,250,000)
  • Deathmatch for PvP with 2 new maps.
  • Ability to adjust time limit in player matches.
  • “Accessory Tickets” as reward for playing multiplayer (winning team gets two, losing team one. These can be exchanged for accessories in the Lobby, exchanged accessories always contain at least three memory chips).
  • Three new high-level co-op quests (available after clearing the game).
  • Two new costumes to the medal exchange (Assault Diver M / Filly Pants M,F) and one costume to craft (Rascal Shorts M,F).
  • New customization options (male hair style 41, female hair style 42, eyebrows 37 to 39).
  • New gadgets (First-Aid Kit 2 , Anti-Ailments Kit 2 , Melee Booster Kit 2).
  • New material: Enhance Material R7 (a kit for upgrading weapons to rank 8).
  • After clearing the game, you can now buy an affection increasing key item at Argo (Nostalgic Echo - one-time purchase for 5 million Credits).
  • Ten new items for your Arfa-sys to buy when giving her spending money (after clearing the game).
  • Level cap increased from 150 to 175.
  • Praising NPC teammates will now raise their affection. (default Num5).
  • Raised the maximum to where memory chips could be enhanced.
  • Fast-travel points (different shops and terminals in the city, including the Shady Material Shop and Predatory General Shop).
  • Max weapon rank is now 8.
  • Costumes and Accessories can now be previewed.
  • A terminal to your Home and Kirito's Home (you can accept/access any quests and the standard shops from here).
  • Skills and Gadgets can now bet set from the menu (i.e., you don't have to visit a terminal anymore).
  • An option to accept all available quests at once.
  • New rewards to Total Bounty Earned.
  • Damage limit has been upped to 6 digits (it was just a visual thing, you actually did more than 99,999 but it visually caps at it, now it will display up to 999,999).
  • (SEASON PASS ONLY) A rank 8 version of the season pass weapons has been added to the shops (Guitar Rocket Launcher Kai, Masamune G7+ and Masamune G3+, basically the same but Rank 8 instead of Rank 1, costs 100 Credits each).
a) Hero Battle
  • Adjusted Klein's weapon rank.
  • Adjusted the Weapon Rank (Sword and Gun & Sword excluded) of certain roles (Assault, Destroyer, Sniper).
  • Added the effect of "Decreased Detectability While Crouching" to sniper roles.
  • Reduced the length of the Handgun Weapon Arts to lessen the amount of skills activated quickly after one another.
b) General
  • Increased the Submachine Gun Weapon Arts damage.
  • Increased damage of the Combat Knife.
  • Reduced damage of Nemesis Shot and Graviton Shot.
  • Gun & Sword and Dual Wielding now carry over into New Game+.
  • You can now choose a fast travel point by hovering over it on the map.
  • Recording/Screenshotting in-game on console platforms are now "allowed".
  • A bug where sometimes a stuck dialog box would appear on the screen during online play has been fixed.
  • A bug where splash damage from Launchers affected Guests twice has been fixed.
  • The skill Sword Barrier is fixed; it now doesn't work anymore when the weapon isn't displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where drones summoned by Enemy Caller in the SBC Flugel – Depths wouldn't drop anything.
  • Fixed a bug where during event battles BGMs could overlap each other.
  • (STEAM ONLY) fixed a bug where talking to the co-op NPC receptionist could get you stuck.
  • Various stability improvements (hoping that's the connection).
'Ambush of the Imposters’ - DLC Features
  • New story mode (from the Dengeki article: this is accessed the same way as Kirito Mode; accessible after arriving in the Forgotten Woods).
  • Three new characters (Yamikaze, Dyne, Musketeer X).
  • New movie(s) in the gallery.
  • New dungeon (Forgotten Temple - also the main dungeon for the story - from the Dengeki preview, should be around level 73 on Normal).
  • New bosses (Elemental Wizard, Grim of Doom).
  • Offline BoB mode (multiple difficulty levels; three preliminary 1 on 1 rounds and a final 8 player free for all in Forgotten Woods).
  • New side-quests from NPCs (Leafa, Silica, Lisbeth, Klein).
  • New customization options (male hair style 35 to 40, male face 15 and 16, female hair style 38 to 41 and 43 to 44, female face 20).
  • Three new costumes to create (Western Style M, Raider Suit M, Aramis Lady F).
  • Three new accessories (Trendy Facial Hair M, Standard Ten-gallon Hat, Rare Metal Earring).
  • Four new weapons (HMG Bravefire, East And West, LMG Helical, AMR Breakthrough).
  • Raised Lisbeth's Weapon Modification Level to 8.
Massive thanks to @sao_wikia and SwordKirby123 - GameFAQs, I may or may not have "borrowed" their translations and tweaked it a little bit to make it easier to understand, it's still in rough translations as the NA version will drop at April 25th (XBOX) / 26th (PS4) / 27th (STEAM), I will update this list when I get my hands on the STEAM update.
Also, if you found out anything new that is not on the list, you are more than welcome to comment down below, I will gladly add it to the list to make it even more complete. I'll make sure to credit you!
Here is the original v1.2.0 change log.
Here is the livestream previewing the first DLC.
(there will be another livestream to preview PvP Deathmatch mode in the next day or so, I will update the link ASAP)
Thank you for reading.
submitted by Piisagi to FatalBullet