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The Secret City puzzle 11 – Banishing the Sharks: Requirements: The alchemy Lab and also Magic or nature faction lvl 2. Puzzle 11 – Banishing the Sharks – Solution: The recipe is different depending on the faction: Nature Faction: 2 parts black orchids + 1 part pitcher plant. Here is your turn to give a test on our strong generator. That is the product code can anyone PLEASE help me with the activation code. Rome is an enchanting city where you'll discover a romantic blend of culture and history spiced up with a vibrant street and nightlife. June 28, as well as virtual walking tours, talk and exhibitions throughout the month. Airmagnet survey cracked software.

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My idea: players can only see each other's chats when they are within a few chunks of each other. However, players can craft a special broadcasting block that allows them to send chats to the entire server
Warning: highly philosophical wall of text
I've always loved how groups of people can form communities via small minecraft servers. The world of a vanilla server is a perfect expanse for people to experiment and show off who they really are! People build their own virtual cities with all sorts of different history, culture, traditions, and politics.
I have an idea for a functionality addition/change that might be interesting for these servers. The goal of this idea is to make minecraft communities even more immersive than they already are.
players can only see each other's chats when they are within a few chunks of each other
I took inspiration from human history in general when coming up with this idea. Throughout human history (before internet of course) different groups and cultures of people live in different places. Societies form and die, all separate from one another. All groups of people, everywhere, develop their own culture, stories, and traditions. My idea with making chat only visible to nearby players is that it would allow separate cultural "bubbles" to form on the same server. You could have two different cities of players on the same server, and they would not be in contact with each other at all. They could develop their own rules, memes, and culture, entirely separate from one another. This sets the stage for cool things happening like: - two cities of players on a server having a war with each other - sending a messenger player to bring news to players that live far away - being able to plot (via chat) against other players that live far away without them knowing - sending a spy player to go eavesdrop on other players talking to each other (maybe they are plotting against you!) - calling a bunch of players together to a central city and/or meeting hall so you can talk to all of them - having servers that have different areas for different language speaking players to chat and not interfere with each other (maybe?)
players can craft an expensive broadcasting block that allows them to send chats globally, as well as allowing them to send private messages to other broadcasting blocks
The idea with this is to have a block that enables communication kind of like how the internet enables communication in real life. We live in the internet age, where data can be sent and recieved around the world, and faster than ever before. It would be very interesting for players to craft a block that makes communication much easier.
The actual block would be really expensive, and would mostly be an end game block for rich players. (Like the beacon) I'm not sure what it would be crafted out of, but it should be an expensive recipe. Players would be able to use this block to send chats that are visible to everyone on the server. (This would basically be how chat works now). However, players would also be able to send private messages to other broadcasting blocks on the server. You would be able to have a one on one chat conversation with your friend really far away by "e-mailing" each other with these blocks.
Some more ideas about the broadcasting block: - you would right click on the block to use it and it would open up a chat menu, as well as allowing you to see any messages from other players. - when you craft a broadcasting block and place it, the block remembers you as the user. Other block users would be able to see that it is yours and would know to message that one in specific.
Please don't take this post too seriously, I wrote it at 3am lol
tl,dr: making player chat localized unless players craft a special broadcasting block
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This is the most wholesome community i ever seen

I am new to this community and new to stoicism in general , i really would like to thank you all. I find the answers to many questions about life in your posts and comments, and that makes me want to be more virtuous in my life.
this community makes it clear why the old stoics envisioned a city where all the residents are stoic, and friends with one another ; i believe that this is like a virtual city where we all just want to be virtuous and help each other become more virtuous and just.
Thank you all
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